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World's Fair, N. Y.: Miss Anita Screen, 21, a New York secre
tary, decorates the setting of the Florida Favillion at the World's
Fair here August 29th. She is one of the ten contestants in the
Miss Photogenic Beauty Pageant who ware guests at the Fair for
the day. The finals of the pageant, sponsored by the New York
Photographer’s Guild, will be held November lit at a hotel here.
Thejvinner will receive a Caribbean trip and a movie screen test.
More than 150 girls from the metropolitan area ere entered frt
the pageant. (UPI PHOTO).
Rape Victim Says
Adults Heard Pleas
A sad atroy of declining morality
in thia city waa related Saturday
night by a woman who bad been
brutally raped while several teen
age boys allegedly looked on and
even adult people living in the
neighborhood, hearing her despe
rate screams for help, refused to
The raptot escaped, but was
located ever two mile* away a
short time later.
Attorney On
Legal Staff
Attorney Eugene A. Solomon,
Jr., a 1037 graduate of Saint Au
gustine*' College, Raleigh, who
practiced law here for 13 years,
has joined the legal staff of the
Prudential LUe Insurance Com
pany’s Newark, New Jersey corpo
rate headquarters.
The lawyer, who msdntnlned of
fices In the 100 block of E. Har
gett Street until thh summer of
1003, and later moved his prac
tice Into his & Bast Street hone,
received his law degree at Wash
ington’s Howard University in
During (he first few years
es hte practice. Solomon sup-
BLOODY AMD PARTIALLY BOWED— AM m riot, continu'd intommoondnod in tim
PtßnUpUn rr*r timUm away wish m bloody Quaker City Imt week. ( UPJ PROTO).
Mrs. Auto Eet Curley. N, es
103 1-3 N. State Street, reported *
to Officer B. G. Parker, Jr., st
t:l7 p. m„ she was walking
south en S. State Street when a
nun, later Identified as SC-year
old Hartford Tun*tali, jumped
from behind seme hushes.
keeking es alcohol. TunetaH,
reportedly dragged his Intended
victim sense M feet west Into a
vacant lot, toe*ted on 8. State
Street and Cotton Place, tore
off her pantiei, hit and choked
her, then placed his hand over
her mouth and proceeded to
rape her as die continued to
scream and vainly fought htan.
The bruised and beaten woman
wae taken to Wake Memorial
Hospital, for treatment es facial
Mrs Curley described her attack
er as being about 9 feet, ten inches
tall, weighing between 190 to 155
pounds and wearing a checked
shirt, khaki panto and a brown
cap with a rain cover over It
A short while later, while an
swering a call to pick up a drunk
in the 1000 block of S. Saunders St
officers found Hartford Tunatall. of
1104 Alston Street
His shirt was torn around the
right front pocket and three but
tons were missing from it
Tunstet! told the eepa Be was
front Alabama, but had heats hi
kaleigh for fear weald, work
ing at the Cary Beefing Cam
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Local w oman Raped As
Youths Stand Idly By
VOL. 22, NO. 45
Takes Nat’l
Council Os
Church's Job
NEW YORK. N. Y.—Dr. Samuel
D. Proctor, associate director of
the Peuoe Corps, has bom named
general director of lntgroretatton
of the National Council bf Church
es. It vfi announced this week by
the Council’s general Secretary.
Dr. R. H. Edwin Espy. IDs appoint
ment becomes effocMve ftspt 14.
Dr. Fl*#or oaanhe tuthe Na
years. In hit nesTpaatlle Sue
reads Dr. Murray S. Stednsan.
Jr., who has resigned to jdn
the faculty of Trinity Ceßsge
In Hartford, Conn., aa hand of
“The National Council to happy
to announce the appointment of
so distinguished an American and
churchman as Dr. Proctor," Dr.
Espy said. “His experience as a
leader in the chcrch, the Negro
community and the Federal Gov
ernment, together with hto yeans
of service in the field of educa
tion, eminently qualifies him for
(COUTH* CUD on ra os s>
'' ’ VII
/a mCLjJt
North Carolina ’« Leading Weekly
LOOTERS CAUGHT IN THE ACT—Wholesale footing in
Philadelphia is taking place in full view aa mobs of Negroes plun
der stores in riot area. UPI staff photographer Frank Johnson was
injutad by a flying water hydrant cover while making the above
photo last weak. More than 145 persons had been Injured, and
the list was continuing to mount, until a curfew was put into ef
fect by the mayor. (UPI PHOTO).
‘Back To
Africa * On
Rise Again
taw YORK (NPD A “Back to
Africa" proposal, similar to that
espoused by the lets Marcus Moriah
Garvey beck in the 1030 s and TOs,
was made here last week by a local
African nationalist organization,
known as the African Nationalist
Pioneer movement.
The argaatmariaa. wHb head
quarters te Harlem, dispatched
a latter to fruilint Johnson
asking the establishment es a
federal rsssttlsmsnt bureau to
saad to Afttaa all Aasartoaa
Negroes who nlshsf to go.
The letter explained that Ne
groes da not enjoy all the righto es
citizens in the United Bute* and
“will never be able to as long as
whites are in control.”
The Into Garvey, founder of
the ailgtesl “Bach to Africa"
asovcment, died te 10M te Lou
den. Though he never realised
From Raleigh s Police Files:
Man Admits Three
Unsolved Break-Ins
floyd Peacock, of >l3 S. Beat St.,
informed Officer* E. L Barham and
E. L. Randolph at 11 p. m. Monday,
that after talking to James Linneli
Copeland, he admitted breaking in
to his store. Peacock's Grocery. •
Walnut Street several weeks ago
aad stealing $34 worth es cigarettes
and dgars.
oops revealed that Copeland
waa alee the thief who brake
late Larry's Cat-Rate Grocery.
mu * a- es* . -a M WO
If e 9N “saw, SeW
■ay's Reeaty Parlar, 3» W.
He wgs arrested Cor the Pee rock
lahbery and petitions were drawn
Wdnal Mas Cor the other two.
SCLC’s Bth Annual Meet
Planned Sept. 29-Oct. 3
ATLANTA. Os, The Eighth
Annuel Convention of The South
ern Cchrtotian Leadership Confer
ence to scheduled to be held in
Savannah, Georgia on September
20-October I. it was disclosed re
cently by Martin Luther King, Jr,
president of the civil righto organi
Theme for this year’s annual
moating will be “New Directions In
The Quset For Freedom.” The topic
will be developed in workshop* and
Whites Cheer As Two
Ga. Klansmen Freed
“Humftn Ilfs baa toss value Hum s
box of snuff . . .” prosecutor Jeff
Wayne warned an, all-white male
jury. If the wanton slaying of
Lemuel A. Penn, an Army reserve
lieutenant colonel, was condoned.
The Jury deliberated slightly
more than three hours Friday
night then acquitted Joseph
Accuses, Then Cuts
Woman In $2 Theft
Mias Oretha Jedd. M. of IM4
Mark Street, called the ’cepe at
Ustt am. Mso day, aad report
ed Jamas A. YeaagMeed. 4d,
aoeaaod her of stealing tt frees
Ua An organs sot enseed. she
staled, they begaa te fight and
ah* orao eat with a packet
The woman said she was wound
ed on the left hand. However, both
parties were hauled off to Wake
County Jail, charged with engag
ed in an affray with a deadly
waatinn and booked under S3OO
Motive Still
Mystery in
Knife Death
NEW BERN - Local polio* au
thorities are bolding a 39-year-old
Craven County man following
the butcher-knife slaying of one of
his neighbor*.
Daniel RIB was accompanied
te psUee station by hto tetter
■0 he suit sat den ( to efftotate ,
Jam ft trite, It d led in a local
' Brum Phillips, a aharriffa depu
ty. declared Kill admited Bubbling
Battle In the chest and back.
The incident la alleged to have
taken place la front of a small
neighborhood sweat shop-store.
Both men were neighbors of long
standing and, at CAROLINIAN
press time, no reason for the fatal
knifing was available.
Pending a coroner's inquest,
young Hill to being held as ha was
booked-on an open charge-by order
of Craven Coroner R- Clyde Smith.
maaa rails* In yhlch soma half
dozen nationally!, known speakers
will appear during the four-day
Among them will be such noted
civil rights leaders as A. Phillip
Randolph, AFL-CIO vice-president;
James Farmer, national director of
the Congress of Racial Equality;
and former Brooklyn'jDpdgtr base
ball star Jackie ftoblnSoßT"'^
Howard Shad, 41, and Cecil Wil
liam Myers, ss. both admitted
members of the Klu Klux Klan.
in the nlghtrider Maying of Penn,
a prominent Washington, D. C.
Cheers brake osst la the
courtroom when the verdict
was announced. The prosecu
tor had sought the death pen
"When Ood to ok pour aide, man
cant’ harm you.” the sister of one
of the accused men declared.
Both still face federal char
ges of reuepliing to injure op
press, threaten and intimidate
Penn aad two companions.
However, they mast first be
Indicted hr a federal grand
Jary, which dees not normally
meet aatfl early strut year.
Beth are uuder IMAM heads.
The masfassam penalty an the
federal charge, fas addition to
a If AM flat, la alt-year pris
on term
The national soptUiht fell on
thle tiny Oeorgif. town when the
trial opened here last week
Chief prosecutor Clcte Johnson
had told the Jury early In the
trial that "the honor of the state
of Oeorgia is on trial."
After the verdict waa delivered,
he reportedly shook hands with
Sims and Myers, declaring: "Th*re
Is nothing personal In this ” The
klansmen were escorted to a near
by law of floe tor an impromptu
A key witness for the state had
contended that the two klansmen
‘Whiskey Was
For A Party/
Says Campbell
"When the officers stopped my
ear last Saturday night. I was not
the only person In It," claimed
Ralph Campbell, 40-yoar-old mili
tant president of the Raleigh
Branch of the National Associa
tion for the Advancement of Col
ored People. "They merely asked
»*•*- - «.. . v.ti —<« end told
. v l .
ENFIELD John R. Salter, Jr,
official of the Southern Confer
ence Education Fund, who was In
Raleigh at hi* home Tuesday, stated
racial tensions to the first Inte
gration of Halifax County Schools,
which opened Tuesday, are now
somewhat eased.
This replaced a tense situs
a ilea which prevailed ana weeh
age when Mr. Salter called ter
Stale and Federal aid In pro
toetlen es Negress In this area.
Claiming things are still very
tense, the militant white Integra
ttonist, added, “Things have only
nutted somewhat*."
Last week, several crosses were
burned and carloads of white per
sons rode through the predominant
ly Negro neighborhood*.
More than nine children became
the first of their race to attend pre
viously ell-white schools In this
rsclst county this week.
“We are net tee apprehensive
ever the children enrolling
Tuesday si Walden and Wad
needs y In Enfield, hut wc ere
werrled a beet the night-time
hoodlum stuff," stated Balter.
The quiet-spoken Mr. Salter has
been working in this Halifax Coun
ty area for over five months.
He formerly taught at an all-
Negro college In Mississippi.
Temperature, far the five day
period. Thursday threush Monday,
wilt average »*« normal or seat*-
what ekeve normal, with UtUe day
I* day chans*. Sams normal hifk
and low lompernturos sre. Outlet.*
and Rsletsh area, *1 and «. Ealn
<all will average around one Inch or
more In Uir western portion of
North Carolina, hnt las* tkn an
Inch elsewhere, oceurtlnt Tharaday
and poaolMa Friday.
■■■!'. - BU* FROM THEM
race t
Marten's Cask Bier*
PAGg 1
Tits Sales t Service
Mechanic* aaC farmers Bank
James Bangers TUe Ce.
Jckn W. Winters aaC Ce.
Stesbau’s Appliance Ce.
Tbe Remnant Shop
A rase BeaJty Ce.
Baleifb funeral Heme
PepH-Coto Baulins ce.
Jesse Joaes Saeease
Me La aria ParbMg Ce.
•Segue- Davis
Sacter-Saatfers Tractnr Carp.
At SaHtfc Bsdck Ce.
Wage's Ante Sale*
Bawl* Meier Ce.
him ha could go,” QMBflHai said
Mr. Campbell, who 'whs In
terviewed Monday by Cneriee
R. Jones es (Be CAROLINIAN.
wiKiiihftJSi ys**** *
adwttknLtol peaeeaatonef
Mnnlnnllnf HmBMP iPtttMNßMptm
When queried si to why he was
transporting 04 pints Os tax-paid
whiskey In bis IMS OldgrncSle.
Campbell, of 104 B. Edenton ft.
said, "It was for a party that our
dub wae apcneorlng."
Making the arrest won Detec
tives A. A. Bunn and O. & Gilbert,
of Vie local Police Deportment
Trial is eet for Friday, Sept IS.
at 2 pa. In City Court.
He said he was not sum how
the oopa wen mode owin of the
amount of Uouor In ett* ante aa
both be and the other gcairln hie
enr whom he ldcnUftcdTilH
mnoher of the board of diisotom
Hem** ff
: :/jSr
Hto bond of 1404 wqs glgnad by
Bansom, Jr.. vh»» pgnldent
ty. " ' '
Mr. Coomben la expected lo he
presented by Attomeylomuei
8. Mitchell.
M. M. Feaeeek, general,
mernlng (But pellae may
charge a psreaa with Bnvtag
Honor far (be pnrpesi eg ante
If be Bus over five fifths sr
debt pints an Bund st saMh.
en time. However, Be ntoe nM
It then beeemss tße duty es
the arresting ettteen te preZ
the whlakey wee for (he por
peee es resale.
<coimNCTP~sr ram »
Lawyer Is
Jailed In
NEW BERN- Craven Couniy Su
perior Court Judge Chester: Morrie
ordered a Negro eourtemmlnted
attorney jailed Tueeday afternoon
for M hours for com tempt of court
In a peeping tom earn.
The Coinjoeh jurist cited Attor
ney Reginald Frailer, local lawyer,
to Jail shortly before 4 m m. as
Frexler was representing Sylvester
Hanks. 40. es nearby ikrrt Barnwell
r* ■<ge | ||Msr f to Ipgltil
gesstlsnlng* es n IhywrsM
white gtri Beaky Berwick. and
“failure (a east htoseelf after n
peetog InutoneMene to de ee
frees the haneh."
Be further stated. "I fed that
the attorney wae delaying and
obstructing Justice sad , (has (a
rentinee the trail after our ex
rbange of words would be un
fslr to the attorney's ctteuL”
He then withdrew the jury and
ordered e mistrial In the- ease that
(rosmmiKo on r/ eg t>
Ceteelal Stores
Heal General Tire Co
Haielth Bestaess ftfltii
A, as* P, r
M. C. State Pair 555=
leases OH c*.
Betates BeUgsts CM
aaHr ■***■"»
Kins CM* UsM .

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