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Volume I. —Number 2.
lines To Postpone
Opening of Gum
Pond School
Board of Education met Mon
torning in the office of Super
ent W. J. Taylor in the Citi
zens Bank building. Members pres
ent were Chairman Thomas S. El
liott, S. E. Morris, L. W. Belch and
W. D, Welch.
The minutes of the previous meet
ing were read and approved as well
a3 the report of George Hoskins,
county treasurer.
The Board heard the report of the
Gum Pond committee relative to
opening their school on October 1
rather than on September 10. The
Board and committee, however,
agreed to open the school at the
regular time, September 10, in order
that this school could be included in
the report to be made in applying
for additional teachers in the Cho
wan /unit after the first two weeks
of application for extra
teachejs will be based upon average
Thew&oard offered the suggestion
that the school could be run on a
daily schedule beginning at 8 o’clock,
thus enabling pupils to be dismissed
at 2 olclock. The committee thinks
this benefit school patrons in
harvesting their crop.
It was moved and seconded that
the publication of the minutes of the
monthly meeting be discontinued.
John Darden was awarded the con
tract to paint White Oak and Center
Hill colored schools for SIOO.
Three new committeemen were ap
pointed by the Board, as follows: E.
G. Blanchard to serve on the Cho
wan school committee; John Layden
on the Beech Fork school committee,
and Jesse Bunch to serve on the Cen
ter Hill school committee.
Superintendent W. J. Taylor was
asked to have state officers inspect
*he Chowan heating plant.
Ernest L. White Buys
Bay View Barber Shop
A change in barber shop owner
ship was consummated in Edenton
Wednesday morning when Ernest L.
White bought the Bay View Barber
Shop which has been operated the
past 16 years by Pugh Roberson.
Mr. White for the past four years
operated a barber shop in the Hinton
Hotel building and prior to that time
worked for S. C. Mills. He has
been in the barbering business for
nine years.
The Bay View Barber Shop was
just recently moved to the building
next to the Western Union office
Mr. White seeks the patronage of
his old customers as well as Bay
View patrons in his new location.
Mr. White took charge of the Bay
View Barber Shop Wednesday morn
Value Os County Bonds
Has Increased To $97
Citizens of Chowan county should
be gratified to know that the value
of bounty bonds have increased.
A year ago the bonds sold for a
round $50.00, but at the present they
have jumped to between $96.00 and
$ .0J asd are reported to be hard to
a lure at that price.
•The reason given for the increased
value of the bonds is the fact that
the county has caught up with all
back interest.
$ Chowan county commissioners
met in monthly session Monday morn
ing, the meeting being carried over
into*-»the 'afternoon until after 4
All of the commissioners'were pre
sent, who 0:e: Julien Wood, A. D.
Ward, W. H. Winbome, J. B. Webb,
and A. C. Boyce.
iy subscriptions com
ir and far, the Herald
owledge the first sub
rid for a year’3 sub
jr. Campen was the
hand over 75 cents
lbscription at the re-
ces are being held at
it Church this week.
Jt'fte pastoAKev. A. A. Butler, is be
■jgfl by Rev. Mr. Harrell of
Services are held twice
BHSioons at 3 o’clock and
The publishers of the Chowan
Herald are happy to have so many
folks stop in the office to wish us
well in the publishing of this new
newspaper. Especially are we
pleased to see the number of
country folks calling around to
get an idea of how a newspaper is
Generally visitors are not very
much desired in a printing office
but the Herald desires to be an
exception to the rule. We like
to have folks come in to see us
and become better acquainted;
we would like to see our office be
made the headquarters for the
country people when in town —a
place where crops and other mat
ters of interest may be discussed.
So to that end we issue an invi
tation to come into our office, and
feel at home at any time.
■ 1 ■' ■" "JCT
Total Appropriation For Mosquito
Elimination For Chowan County
Fixed at $6,600
A county-wide Malarial Control
Project was gotten under way in
Edenton 31onday morning. Fourteen
men were employed on this job at the
start but it is expected that at least
30 will be needed tr complete the
For the present tie workers are
cutting weeds in vacant lots, along
ditches and anywhere that mosquitoes
are likely to breed. A dusting pro
cess with Paris Green has also been
adopted. Drainage will also be start
ed as soon as an engineer arrives, in
an endeavor to stamp out the mosqui
to pest.
C. L. White, Jr., an engineer from
the Public Health Department was
sent here Monday to instruct workers
in the use of the dusting machines.
He will have general supervision
over malaria control work here, as
well as the malaria control project in
Camden county.
Workers will put in 30 hours per
week and it is approximated that the
project will require three months to
complete. The total appropriation
for the project is $6,600 for Chowan
County. The own and county to fur
nish material costing about $300.00.
Sewerage Project Now
About Half Finished
The sewerage project in Edenton,
which has up for a week
due to lack of funds, was resumed
Tuesday morning.
It is estimated that 30 more men
will be added to the pay roll due to
resumption of work.
The project at present is about 48
per cent completed and by the end of
the week it is expected to reach the
half-way mark. It is hoped that this
project will bg finished by Christmas,
which, however will depend upon the
funds received from the Federal Em
ergency Relief Administration.
The hold up on this particular pro
ject was due to a reduction of funds
for the work, which became necessary
when the allotment for the state from
Federal sources was reduced.
Annual Red Men Fish
Fry September 17th
At Monday night’s meeting of
Chowan Tribe of Red Men it was
definitely decided to hold the annual
fish fry on Monday, September 17,
at the Fair Grounds.
It is planned to have an interest
ing speaker for the occasion and lo
cal Red Men are looking forward
with interest to the occasion.
The committee appointed to ar
range for the affair is as follows:
Joe Habit, T. J. Wilder, W. A. Mun
den, W. J. Daniels, Harrison Spruill
and J. Edwin Bufflap.
An invitation will be sent to the
Elizabeth City Red Men to attend.
It is also ligely that the committee in
charge will arrange a street dance to
be held after the fish fry.
Chowan tobacco farmers having
signed 100 per cent on the tobacco
contract agreement, have received
marketing cards and are now selling
their tobacco. When these cards are
checked and sent in farmers will re
ceive the parity price of 12 1-2 per
cent « to 21 cents per pound.
Edenton. Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, September 6, 1934.
Mayor E. W. Spires Ex
plains Game With
Plenty Fun
Mayor E. W. Spires will present
to the Edenton Rotary Club at its
meeting today in the Parish House
a proposition presented to him to
play a game of burro ball. This
new game is played along similar
lines as baseball, only a soft ball is
used and the players ride on burros.
The concern sponsoring the game
furnishes twelve donkeys and also
three men to handle the game, which
lasts about one hour.
There are a set of rules in con
nection with the game, several of
! which follow:
The team shall consist of nine
players. All players shall be pro
vided with burros, except the pitcher
and catcher.
The batter shall take his regular
stand in the batter’s box, the same
as he would in any other ball game.
After hitting the ball or if the pitcher
throws four balls he shall then mount
his burro and proceed to ride to first
If the ball is knocked to the out
field, the fielder must catch the ball,
if a fly bail, while mounted on his
burro. If not in position to make the
catch, he shall ride his burro with
in three feet of the bail, get off his
burro, get the ball, then again mount
the burro before throwing the bail
into the infield. He. can also ride
the. burro to the infield and make the
putout by throwing or handing the
ball to the nearest player, and he
shall touch the man out (touch the
man, not the burro) unless it’s a
force out. -
After a ball has been hit by the
batter the infielder is allowed to dis
mount his burro to catch a ground
ball, but must again mount his bur
ro before making a throw.
All fly balls must be caught while
sitting on the burro excepting by the
pitcher and catcher.
If any fielder shall throw the ball
while off his burro the runner shall
be declared safe.
At the time of going to press no
information was available as to
whether the Rotarians would put on
a game, but it should furnish plenty
of lughs should they decide to play
a game.
Methodists To Hold
Quarterly Conference
J. H. McCracken, presiding elder
of the Elizabeth City district will be
at the local Methodist church Sunday.
The presiding elder will preach at the
11 o’clock service, and immediately
after this service the fourth quarterly
conference will be held.
All members of the church and of
ficers of the Sunday school are urged
to remain for the conference.
Edward J. Weber Dies
Suddenly Saturday
Edward J. Weber, 42, died sud
denly at his home on Carteret street
last Saturday afternoon about 4
o’clock. The cause of Mr. Weber’s
death was cerebral hemorrhage.
Mr. Weber formerly was manager
here for the Rose 5 and 10-cent
store up until several months ago.
Shortly after arriving in Edenton he
affiliated with the local Methodist
church and made a good citizen of
the town. He is survived by his
ycife and four children, Rosemary,
17; Edward, 15; Charles, 6, and Ruth
Anne, 5.
The body was sent to Jonesboro,
Arkansas, for interment and the
family will move from Edenton to
make their home in Arkansas.
The county commissioners at their
meeting Monday ordered the payment
of county coupons on bonds due July
1, 1934, amounting to $6,917.25 and
interest on past due bonds to July 1,
1934, amounting to $1,075.
} Special Price Subscription Offer (
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE; I Year, 75c. 6 Months, 50c. j
• Enclosed find $ for which you may enter my subscrip- j
j tion for years months. j
I i
J Name j
• Street and Number |
I *
j City State P. O. Box Route I
PleM|fcrint name and address plainly to assure you of
your paper promptly.
Large Crowd Witnesses
Martins’ Triumph
Over Colonials
Before one of the largest crowds
ever seen on a local ball park Sun
day afternoon, the Williamston Mar
tins, winner of the first half in the
Albemarle League, again defeated the
Edenton Colonials, second half win
; ners, for the league championship by
the score of 7 to 3. The game was
: played throughout in a drizzling rain,
, but the game went the full route of
nine innings. The victory Sunday
made the fourth for Williamston in
. the 7-game series. Edenton won
two games.
“Hootchie” Richards, Louisburg
. College star, started for Edenton but
. was chased from the mound in the
• latter part of the game, being re
placed by “Hoot” Hoens.
Slim Gardner hurled for Williams
ton and held the Colonials to five
hits. Aside from pitching air-tight;
ball, Gardner hit a home run with a j
man on the paths to put Williamston j
in the lead in the fifth inning. He!
also connected for a double.
Edenton was the first to score in j
the first inning on a single by Par- !
tin, a stolen base, infield out and a ;
passed ball, but after the fth, inning .
they never threatened very seriously.
The game was well played despite '
the rain. It was understood that
Wiliiam.-ton would . play a series or ;
, games with the winner in the Cons- ;
, all Plain League, but current reports
here this week were to the effect that
, this series would not materialize.
Achievement Day To
Be Celebrated Here
I Achievement Day is being arranged
by the home demonstration clubs of
Chowan County for Saturday, Sep
tember 15. This celebration promises
\ to be very interesting and Miss Nelle
Caldwell, home agent, is working
hard to make the day a complete
1 At_4 p. m. on the Court House
Green a cotton dress review will be
1 held, at which time a prominent
' speaker will make an address. Mr.
1 Pat Alderman has been secured to
lead in the community singing.
Fourteen window displays in win
dows of business houses will be dis
played, showing the different phases
of the club work.
Mrs. .T. M. Glenn Speaks
Speaks About Chinese
Mrs. J. M. Glenn of Dawson, Ga., j
' a sister of C. P. Wales of this city, j
gave a very interesting address in
the local • Methodist Church Sunday
night. Mrs. Glenn was a missionary
| in China and used as the subject of
her talk, “Roofs and Homes.” She
spoke of the habits of the Chinese
and brought out vividly that not all
roofs cover homes.
An interesting feature was her ex
planation of Chinese characters and
the formation of words in the Chi
. nese lgnauage.
A large number heard Mrs. Glenn’s
, address.
R. K. Hall, building inspector for
Edenton, this week condemned six
buildings in Edenton. Five of the
condemned* buildings were dwelling
houses and a colored lodge hall on Oa
kum street.
Inspector Hall said the buildings
were aelapidated and unsafe for oc
J. Cantwell, white man from Nor
• folk, was arrested by Officer A. T.
, Spivey Tuesday night, charged with
driving an automobile while under
the influence of liquor.
He will be given a hearing Friday
in Recorder’s Court.
Rocky Mount, N. C. I
. Sept. 4, 1934. I
Mr. J. E. Bufflap,
Edenton, N. C.
Dear Bufflap:
1 have just noticed your issue
of August 30 of Volume 1, No. 1
and want to take my hat off, for
it certainly presents a degree of
perfection that I don’t think I
have seen attained with the first
paper before in my twenty years’
experience. You have certainly
got enough business in there to
make a lot of us turn green with
envy, while your news coverage
is certainly as complete as one
could possibly expect
I will be very much surprised if
Edenton fails to rally to a news
paper of that type or to accord
support in its every undertaking.
I am happy to see you start off so
well and hope for you a full mea
sure of success, commanding me
for any assistance that I can ac- j
J. L. Horne, Jr., is publisher of
The Evening Telegram in Rocky
Mount, and the publishers of The
Chowan Herald feel highly flat
tered at the receipt of such a
| compliment from a map. so Well
known in the newspaper field as
Mr.. Horne,
Police Department Given Instruc
tions to Arrest Violators of
Traffic Regulations
A stop light was installed at the
corner of Moseley and Queen streets
Monday afternoon by C. M. Hicks,
superintendent of the Electric Light
and Water Department. Several ac
cidents have occurred at this inter
section and due to the heavy traffic
on the bridge road, city officials de
cided to construct a traffic lights as
a precaution.
The light, red and green, changes
colors every 30 seconds and was pur- j
chased from W. S. Darley, of Chi
cago, dealer in municipal supplies.
The police department has been in
structed to see that this new traffic
rule is observed and arrests will be
made for violations. Citizens are
asked to cooperate and observe the
Chief of Police G. A. Helms re
ported Wednesday that by a check- [
j up he found that the rules were be
ing carried out.
A caution signal was also placed
j at the corner of Granville and Queen
Sheriff Dismisses Idea
Os Illegal Burying
What appears to be a delusion on !
the part of Maggie Lamb, colored
woman living on the Hertford road, j
created quite a stir in town Mon
day. Maggie reported to Sheriff C.
A. Boyce that a man was illegally
buried, having died in the home of !
James Harris Saturday night.
The sheriff and a party of seven I
went to the scene of the supposed
mystery burial, but upon careful 1
search in fields and woods for quite <
a distance they failed to find any
trace of a newly made grave or a j
Further investigation failed to re
veal that anybody had been missing j
in the neighborhood. Nothing could ;
be found to substantiate Maggie’s j
contention, so Sheriff Boyce has dis- j
missed the entire matter.
Dance Tuesday Night
Attracted Large Crowd
One of the most successful and or
derly dances of the year was held
Tuesday night in the Edenton Arm
ory. The dance was sponsored by
the Edenton High School Athletic
Association. Music was furnished by
“Amos” Griffin and his college Club
Orchestra, and was said to be the
best dance music furnished in Eden
ton in a long time.
Ambrose “Amos” Griffin is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Griffin.
It is expected to purchase football
equipment for the high school foot
ball team with profits from the
j dance,
Solicitor Herbert Leary Tuesday
received information that the Oc
tober tern of Superior Court foj|
Tyrrell County will be postponed
T> i m Tor the postponement™!
j an
l l court .Jg||
This newspaper is circu
lated in the territory
where Advertisers will
realize good results.
'hi iir jiHdiTMiinM—r
$1.25 Per Year
Coach Henry House Ex
pects to Have Plenty
Good Material
In an interview with Coach Henry
House of the Edenton High School
faculty this week, he appeared to be
very optimistic over football pros
pects at the local school the coming
fall. He was unable to say whether
the school will enter conference foot
ball or not but feels sure of having a
very strong team to represent the,
school. A practice will be called
shortly after the opening of school on
September 17 and plans laid for the
coming season.
The squad this year will be minus
the services of William Sexjon and
Lloyd Hobbs. Both boys added great
strength to last year’s team,. Sexton
in the backfield and Hobbs in the
line. Air. House was unable to say
this week if Tom Hoskins will be
back to school or not this year. If
| Hoskins fails to return Co-vh House:
i will find it difficult to replace him,
1 New equipment is expected t;>'v ■
| purchased and everything points to
ward some good football for local
fans this year.
i Among these expected to r-- pert
for football are: Edward Wozelka,
Melvin Layton. John By mm, Vernon
Spruill, Raul Spen.ce!', J;.-k Satter
j field, Richard Rogerson, Worth
! Spencer, Bill iL.nvß, Clyde Cates,
| Calvin Sexton, '-Lance- Baffla'p and
doubib'-s pinny i.tliVp s as-or school
Teachers To Meet With
Supt John A. Holmes
The Edenton high and g:aded
school building is now being condi
tioned for the opening of school on
September 17, All teachers .have been
notified to attend a teachers’ meeting
Saturday, September 15, at the
school building with Superintendent
John A. Holmes, at Which time the
organization will be perfected and
plans for the coming year discussed.
Every teacher is urged to be present.
Mr. Holmes is very well satisfied
| with the faculty, it being the same
as last year with the exception of
Miss Carrie Mae Hooper (now Mrs.
Meekins), who resigned. The local
school was allowed one less teacher
this year, so no teacher will be se
cured to fill the vacancy caused by
Mrs. Meekins’ resignation. Prospects
appear bright to have a very success
ful session.
County Commissioiuprs
Postpone Tax Sales
The Chowan county coimni .-.doners
Monclay ordered that .Sheriff C. A.
! Boyce advertise ..all; property for de
linquent 1933 taxes on the first Mon
; day in November and sell t' • -ame
| on the first Monday in Decemln «■.
The regular time for advertising
j delinquents on June 1 and the sale
on July 1. was postponed as the com
missioners desired to make it less
; burdensome, on the. tax payers, and.
i held off the advertising and Sale un
j til the first of' November and Decem
ber respectively. '' / "
The commissioners had intended to
[advertise October 1 and sell Xovem
; her 1, but due to the large number of
suits , now pending for unpaid taxes,,
j they decided to extend the time limit
! one month in order to allow some re
i turns on the peanut crop.
The sale will positively not be post-
I poned any longer.
Methodist Revival To
Be Held October 8-18
A revival meeting at the local
[ Methodist church is being planned
1 for the week of October Bto 18. Rev. ‘
C. D. Barclift will be the preacher
and Rev. C. E. Vale will lead the
singing. Rev. W. F. Walters is very
anxious that the congregation and
friends of the church prepare for
the meeting and attend as often as
Charles F. Homer, Special assist
ant to the NRA administrator, will
speak over the Columbia Broadcast
ing System, Friday, September 7th,
from 9:45 to 10 p. m., Eastern Stand
ard Time. His subject will be “The
Greater NRA.”
Everybody is requested to tune in
on this program.
Ederton Fire department will
, jAnr monthly business meeting
ifaHijiiSrt: 7:30 at thefire station. ,
1a i flHrcpi v t every!

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