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Ms?e Roe l^>cklear,CheirmmmofLumber Firer Electric Mtmk rrthip
Corporation's "Help a Nee* Friend" program, presents Toby Ferris of
Pmlctom with en electric berbecne grill mm In emmdngheUDocober 5.
Mr. Ferris' name was selectedfrom co-op mtmkerswho signed op during
the months of October end November to portldpat* In the energy cob
Umct prognuit.
The Qvatra Indtan Voice Newspaper
Con nee Brayboy
P.O. Son 1075
Pembrok*. N C 20373
(910) 521-2820 (919)521-4011
OKice Horn*
LRDA Re-opens its Enrollment Rolls
L iimbee Regional Development
Association Board of Directors voted
on December 3,1994 to re-open the
Lumbee Tribal Rolls on January 2,
1995 until June 30, 1995 This six
months period is to allow for eligible
Lumbee descendants who have not
enrolled in the past, the opportunity
to be certified enrolled in the Lumbee
Tribe by December 30,1995.
This is the first time the LRDA
Lumbee Tribal Rolls have been
opened since 1991 Ifyou are of Lum
bee descent and maintained Tribal
affiliation with the Lumbee Tribe and
not enrolled, you are encouraged to
apply If you know others who are not
enrolled who may be eligible, inform
them of the LRDA board action to
open the Tribal Rolls.
If you are already enrolled and
have changed addresses or moved
si nee enroll! ng, please call the LRDA
Lumber Enrollment Office and give
the staff your new mailing address so
your file can be updated. If you move
in the future, remember to update
your file with the new address
Where to apply? LRDA Lumbec
Tribal Office Union
tions with instructions can be mailed
to your home.
Pinewood Derby Winner
Shown art Isaac Martinez, Wohati Rereis, Stephen Charts and Ray
Cab Scant Pack 327 haU their 1994 Pinewaad Derby aa Satarday,
Nareatber 26th at the Fint MethedbtCharck in Pembroke. Waif first plaice
winner was WakoU Rereis; second place winner was T.C. Qaeimnt. Bear
first place winner was Stephen Ckisris; second piece ninner was Marcsu
Seals; third place winner was James Charts; Webeiee I firstplace winner
was Isaac Martinez; second place 11 inner teas Dastin Sam hail, third piece
winner was Reeky Key Lower*; Wtbelee Ilflrat winner was Ray Johnson"
second place winner was ChruMmynar. All first piece uinaers will compete
in the Central District Derby in March 1993 at the "Scant Shew " Lather
Brkt Park in Lumberiea.
Mt. Airy Church to Present
Christmas Cantata
tmm (tJuStmmaSmgN+tQ m f^rmLtr UadM 7pjm. ami
Drctmbar2Stk m il mm. ihm*?mh<i? Thagramkmbaam
nwrm4 by Mr. Lmmam Ltrkitar Ml Atry Bug**
umalibbttaib mk MtSkdbaLmm^Ffar aMbarbariwarb. (v
First Lumbee Tribal Council and Chairi
Working to Establish Tribal Government
The lint Lumbee Trib?J(?ouncil
and the first Chairman of the Lurn
bee Tribe, are working diligently to
establish the Lumber government
under the authority of the Lambee
Constitution which was adopted by
the Lumbee Tribe July 4,1994. Pres
ently the tribal council and the chair
man are meeting every first and third
Monday night at the Resource Cen
ter , the former Pembroke Middle
School, at 7 P.M.. The council en
courages tribal members to attend
these public meetings and become
informed about the tribal govern
ment operations
Amorlg the ordinances (laws) that
the council haveenacted is the estab
lishment of the tribal enrollment of
fice The tribal office will soon open
in the town ofPeiribroke The enroll
ment office is extremely important
to the tribe because tribal members
must be enrolled to participate in the
tribal elections which will be held
every July. At this election seven
tribal council members will be elected
or re-elected.
Lance Harding has been elected
by the council as the Speaker of the
House. In this position, he chairs the
meetings. Other elected officers in
clude Guy Locklear, Vice-Speaker,
Emma Lee Locklear, Secretary; Dr.
Sam Wynn, Treasurer, and Rev Jerry
McNeill as Chaplain
The tribal council is comprised of
21 persons who have been duly elected
by the Lumbee tribe
Al the Monday night mooting of
theTribul Council, i report wmhtaad
from the Chairman and the SooAer
relative to their appearaneebcKXtthe
North Carolina Commission on In
dian Affairs on Friday. Harding re
ported that he had been informed by
the Chairman of the Comminion.
Paul Brooks, that the council won to
appear on the Commission't agenda
after 2 P.M. When they arrived.
Harding reported, the meeting war
just before adjourning Harding Mt
that the Council had been inanhed
and that the "??iff was
ally adjourned before their arrival.
The original purpose in attending
the Commission meeting was to
present a resolution to the Commie
sion asking them to recognize the
Council as the official governing body
of the Lumbee Tribe. This request
was made in response to the July
election which duly elected the first
T ribal Council for the Lumbee peopie
Prior to their arrival, Harding ex
plained. James Hardin, executive di
rector of Lumbee Regional Deveiop
ment Association, appeared before
the Commission and told that
LRDA was the official governing
body of the Lumbee Tribe. He made
his assertion baaed on a referendum
that was voted on in 1984 by Lmribee
people This referendum gave the
private, aofeprofltLRDA the author
ity to represent i umbee people oetv
fin fisVral irsnaa till ifejEt "TV
^iuk rcucrdi recognitionenori t we
as i ml
tribal officials were in place Hardin's
argument was that leas **>? 30 per
cent of the tribe voted ia the 1994
tribal elections to the oonsutuoon
and the tribal oflkaala. Hardin failed
according to sources, to report that
leaathniooo people votedoa the ^
referendum and more thanSOOO voted
for the Lumbee Constitution Voting
for the t?bet Co?thntiennudths
tnbal chairman and council were elec
tions that could be woo by o simple
majority There is no law that states
tint tribal election* must have 30
percent voter participation. Although
30 percent was not required, mora
than 30 percent voted in the election
for the constitution.
While the question of who repre
sent thul nmboe Tribe as governing
body keeps arises, the issue was settled
w ith the adoption of the Lumbee Coo
stitution. That vote was a mandate by
the Lumbee people, as wall as the
election of the tribal chairman and
the tnbal council.
According to Harding's report,
however, the Commission referred
the question of leoogaialng the
tribal council to recognition
committee The wad mea^ter the
(\xincilis busy with the conccrna of
csiitoi)shiii|^ tnbftl government
It seems that LRDA'a board of
directors a^wdl ^^tbeir ^weogae
mate foaoa to he apprehensive of
the Lumbee Tribal Council It it a
fact that the tribal eovcrnment will
console with the prtvuc, non-profit
corporation for Indian set-aside pro
who administers each pwpwa as
JTPA, Energy Assistance, and Other
federal sad elate sot-aside prog rams.
One thine is certain. according to
members of the tribal council, they
are abt going anywhere Andobvi
ouaty the administration at LROA
will straggle to km administering
theee programs The decinorts on
who will administer the programs
will eventually be solved by thafhnd
ing sources themselves. It is fch by
Reference toTdSjTe^ctcd' "inLd
council over a private, noa profit
The Lumbee Tribe has always
beea in a petition to adopt a consti
tution and elect a tribal council ht
any that tht people so choose. They
choae todo ao in July 1994.
I ?
School News
Mrs. Doares' first grade doss of Rowland Narnsent Elementary Schoolcelebrated Thanksgivingatthe school
by decorating the tobies in the cafeteria. The third grade parents paiticipatod by having e mooTuhh their ckiidrau,
During this season for the Fall Festival PTA decorated \tables n4th beautiful aeeteipieeas aba.
To celebrate "Indian Heritage Mouth" also in November, Mrs. Rend'tthlrdgrodeiUidoaisoloogwkh cafeteria
staff made the very special' 'Indian Frye Bread." Great things ore going on at school by Involving the students,
staff and parents-' 'Partners in Education: narking together.
Once a mouth, RovAand-Norment has Students Choice for lunch. Mrs. Read's third grade does mode the first
meal choice-chicken nuggets, com, applesauce, cinnamon raisin rolla end aaoottodetllt Some vary wise cbticot.
Amanda Pfttman a fourth grade student won the Hattouman Contest bo gtsttshtn the number of seeds In a
pumpkin. Amende received SXOOfrom the cafeteria. The cafeteria roasted ike pumpkin eoedsfor thefisuth grade.
tchooifoodterticifw^ioyttm ItaiAMfAtaniMNf
m fmmtiumt -* mam an wi^S^r Art^Tinr
^ * ,//*:.*' St^/ZTSL^l
?-'?/?? fL/T'/ Mt%u JOt 9t%ff \HtT\JJ f \FJJiCGT I.MMH E#MfBiL
Mr. * latli ikkMf<~ff)mUm4 i III. nrfifcwrWw
j*" wekj w? t vyfierw wfr wv ? KWVMI W?? mnm^Hi
miiahptkmattnmrtemmmtmdml jortmr tmffmim?4bm4wmkkt
<3Ll|ia *4f mufrem mtd tut dag*.
em?a hmmmmtdt, MM<wwwMwr?r/ifi?>yiflril>ifc^
ApAcm9 Cnm^i It A#mpi
have a
Connee Bray boy
Carolina Indian
The Christmas Story lo
be Presented
Tbe Christmas Story will be pre
sented by the children and youth at
Union Chapel Baptist Church on
Sundav mofatatTbecembet 25, at
10:30 am. The public is united to
attend. The pastor is Rev. Jimmy
Housing Authority
Seeks Families
The Pembroke Housing Aii- "
thority is seeking families for its
housing units The Authority
cume^ ^ and
uy recave? tree water am a
monthly utility aUowaace. The
i^y |f( convenient^ located
within the dty Umitsofthc town
-just a few minutes from the
hunks, pott office, and grocery
stores The local police regu
larly patrol the developments,
thus, providing 0 high level of
If you are living in substan
dard housing, pay ingal least half
of your income fcr rant, or invol
untarily displaced, you may
quality fbr a special preference
For more details contact Rliondn
Ifyou wish toapply, applica
tions are taken on Wcdncsdavs
from 9-11 AM and 1-4 PM at
the Central Office in I iwHtar
Court Mease bring a birth
certificate and social security
card for each member of the
household Priortoadmission,"
the Authority conducts a thor
ough background check of each -*""
personage sixteen or oldci who
niav reside within the unit
The Authority does not dis
criminate on the basie of race,
color, national origin, religion,
creed, sex, aa*. or handicap
? tfyouihould need additional
or for TDD (910) 5214765.
NASF Presents Educational
Award to Elementary School
The Native American SchoUr
?hip Find (NASF) announced re
cently thai the winner of it* Exeai
plan Progaani in Indian Education
(FPfE) award for 1993-94 n Gaaado
r nmary acnooi, ax
Staring ia I9tl, Principal
Slgmnndnnln t iailiainl tlx Panada
Learning Arte DcvelopaMat
(OLAD) protect Under this pro
gram. the 4 V) madams ia the school
hat year read over 40,000 books, or
90 books per students
la addition 10 the intensive read
ing program tor even Undent, the
?c noot tea emnowerea he individual
teachers ia sending. Each classroom
now haa its ?wa library, with over
1.000 books par daaamom
The echoal toao tave 137 cont
dannatonmhatoo ha? an hmrnc
saadtog program, and sovesal other
"'tL ie the toarth pear sf the
EP1E program, and Qanado to (be
fourth winner of ourSS,000award."
mid Dr Dean Chevera, NASF Di
rector "In the current year. 1994
95, we will have oar lUih competi
tion "
?? injvidual r*rr>l project
program, college or tribe citable
to win the award, he continued
" And there are ao etrtagi attached
All that ie required it that ihc winner
muet have done some exemplary
wort with Indian itudenti over a
1- -e ?# , ti
pen(xi tn uvnc
NASF ia a national tchoiarahip
program for Aawrican Indiaa ?tu
dents U i primary ftmction ia to
Se2mmtaeaf|5.^S per year are
due May 10 of each year
The Pand ia located at S200
Moootaia Rand, NE. Suite MS, Al
hagnaagnt, NCtTllo
?? ? i it ?

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