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r Vol., VI.
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y Friday, jan. 15. "
i u;d 1 c i a r y 3 iX l
- MrvW right of Maryland, obfe vert.
ebae i
be had t'en called forth, eary in irm
tatter to detenu he Ma c ne nacKtnc notiur
yio reprefent, f-orn ihft.nnkindrmputaiion of
'':t-vioUfion of her onfli:uji,VXil whiclvbe
flattered himfelf he had jIcceeled even to the
f4tiiftft'on of the bonVab'e gen :Uroan himfe'f,' Drefa'itedf'Otn mifi-ifurma'ion. had
''been induced wrmake it,) .than ffonr anv de ,
jire ar thatfme, to enter into the difciilTion of
ihe metifs of 'he reiobition before th'cm,.'and-
al hodffh it bad already ciccui-ied fo much of
Te . ti ne of th? feni e, arid had" been fo .'ab'y
.and fo fully difcti (red, by houoiable genlcmori
of grea abilities and e-x-rrience on both fide',
yet he fhould prefumc o ca! tht-ir atieniio'.i
to fuch ornminent features of ihe cufe as had
been itnp'rr Ifive on his own mind. "
Ihjslubictt na ben rou;nr oerorc lis in
tk imno in ihio? nt a recorti uendauon ot
, the rrelulent ot the Unileu states, itij national
the condituiional orgn of the government, in
his official tneraT$ u cortgrtfj on the Hue of
the Union ; a duty itnpoled on. him by t he
fxprefs !ener of the ronHituiioii, a duty he was
- bound by the mofl loleintv- obligniutts conlli
.u'ionaUy to dii'chargs, a duty that renovated
and snlighteued America had too recently fe
. l.a-l Liim to litfc-harec, to readijv . o. : believe
- he would uhconftiiuiioiu I.) aljuVe
Sir, this fubjeel U. ben (u1 miited to.jhe
"ccn U Je ration o THii ic o n g ie fs 'of the "Uni ed
Siat:?, a'..bpJ'y..JelcCteii. lo. their priotifm,
their wifdom, and their virtue, the conflitti
tional organ of the lfgfli:ive will of ihe na.
tiuiu in orile'r to inform iheir mxis, and point
their attention o o grca f-and important fub
.... iKv ue;t convened toH libe. lionetl J.fchargs of which every
ihing valuable." o America, depends. .. Thi,
fabialhadV..' beenBrAHgh bef-re hem in a
manner to coc ce a hatl;.-or ait t.Tima.ue de
cifion on the Uijstf, nor had i b-en left on
ihe vague oundition of lugellion or con.
jecture, bu it had b-cn brougi before -hem
in a manner that impofcd dcliberaiioo, and had
been fupportcd by documen t ilu had paraii.
xed and a moil fealed the, lips of Oppofi ion on
the point of its expediency.
liiit, however impoliog the mannei, or how
ever iucoturovf r ible the matter on whschthe
ttfolution wis predicated, ye , h. notable gen
lUrien are tound on his Moor to oppole it as
- ...r.tro f ilit adminiClraiion hev feeliti-
Arn(cAa fuoDo t. oarticularlv as u imp i
titr the no icy of ihe la e adminillration, and
. inde.d a m:afure whiih was ihe work of their
wn hanJs. whiih mankind at a'l limes hate
Wr. inne io admire, and however convinced
olihererro s, have with g eat been
brought tocoi.fifs hem. .
Sn. it woi;id fcem by the couife of the ar
frumewi on the ptefcu ejuedion, iha'. we bad ii
in con'emplai.oa 'o Drea oown mc icuvi
iudicia v al o:iher, an'Lto lubvert ancient
fo.itidatio..-, ard ji'if the agents or perpe rar
li. t fiibe 'en leman from Connfthcu has
noli eW tal'.cd them.) w ilh polluted bands, in
tend'd o dcflroy ilui conllituiit.ii, they JuJ
fwrn o f.ipp til. a'td ir leave ihe co.nrnaoi
iv wiiSoui a jud.ciary 10 enf. ere btd:cnce 10
Ihe laws, wbertfcy he llrorg m.i; g vc law
'to ihe Acak. ilie f.choppieO the- p.Kc, and at'f il ai'J wtckeTHmroU' vn be weak
ind i n'.i.fctined ; .nd all with iinpumiy ; and
st.tirrj wovk'd mducr a uslief, tha,: lUy alone
hid rJt'irr i.ft. iler y.'Jr p.opcriy f be pro.
L'jI the fact .1, ilia: the O.J j-idiciaty
flSem, that has anUeied eseiy rccrli:ry
d. ifufs f om ih: Cfmnienceintni of ih.' go.
effi!rn'.etnaius inviolate. It ,H ihe new
fftlfiii ell.iltil!id at he Uil prod of ihe
it (ii.w of c ne tf", 1 ( ll'irt whe reby fix
new j.tdjjes wrre itii'odaicd at vircuit juagt,
t-efif t i lKin hf'.lern promo cd to te c t f
nt ud;ri from diflr fl judges 10 tliake ruin in,
(He iiilltiil fouits. fo' gen Iniirn o! trrgtef
wh., (.UiSlrd 10 fllthhlli ! ttrw fsilciri, and
v. bo iloMf fme were by the rundiiutioft d;'jua
lilie l to atifpolut iiflice, tiea'ed durii.g the
tune for whuh iby wee !cied frrve in
' ctgtc f. a..l as he lnJ faid, btTorf, iherrby,
"iiiJirtfi!) mi! t-H i.flice f.r llirinfe,'vei and
t!:e faoMf ( an fxptung admmillialion
a nviltitf iclirtrd, by the refill tans i:i boih
f inite nfthe n I'lt aHr.lU-tire, a meafuM sai iitrieJ i"o ptt4Vn.n by lh-t(r litnn
wh im he pfy'' rive itvoke 1 ihrif cotihdente
... ...
at ir.e rron enl r.i? y' w VJ""44 a, a
a time ben ihe Inline fi in ihe Icdrill
cour t had rlrcunrd t)cir!y vt h.lf, ind
wl.r ti iht (edition law ld cf ift I be an en.
.i f lo rrllrtin the tbctif of (he l ien, i.d
st puii.lh nt: n for lU f np.tll.jr. t .t.t hjrefl jever
polkal opinions' wai a'l that was in' ended
toK repealed'
Here let -me call you 'attention to the let
terot iho rd"lu'ion, wnicn en rcauing is win
- -i 11 j: ..n-
bs found toex c-fld no f'U her than to - the re
peal of the aff of con efs ot the lalt lelhon,
by which linteen. new fedetaV judges had beca
created, asd a lyllem eitaaMihetl at; tne annua
expence ol" i qo.oo dollar. 1 We arc now
epieK-nta iv.cs o tuc nuur
the orea'o of their leg'rfla'ive" will, to determine -
on as
wtiether th s law, wincn na- dccii rvcr nuiouj
in the .light f th; pcop!e, and whole birth was
not entuclv iegmma e, man oe rtpcatea.
We are infoimed by the Prefitlent himlelf,
that it. is uiir.eceirary, and that .facT has been
eflablilhed by thi document fubmi ted to us
on the f.i'ojert of he judiciary courts pf the
United S ates. Vc ae -informed alfo, that
on' the repeal of This law, and the making fome"
ictrcnchinents, i:i ihe naval and mi liary el.
tab ilbnien $. which nave
: been already pro-
the repeal of the odi-
K'cliea u
is predicat
ous internal taxes ; ana in tins manner ana
to eifsf-l thi debrablc purpofe," this fubjeel is
i .1. . j
befoie us. Can we men hetitate to
teli. ve our oeonle f:om the burthen ot their o-
'dious, by the repeal of this ua-
necrflary law r V")'nu'd p-elume not it go. tney be entitled to hold h?ir ftluci as j.ud
verned" fingty by a regard to 'he public wel- ges, wlen in the eye of ihe conlli ii ion mere
fare ; but we have notwtthilanding been told was no luch olfice ? N'o cer-ainly !' The
by honorable gen ienten, on tne . o.i.ner,ae.oi
the houfe, ihit this law ought, not. lo be
pealcdk -
Ik-caufe it is inexpedient.
Hecaufc it is.unconflitutional.
Upon the liiil point, that of i Yexpedicncy, .
he fhould not d;iain the fenate longer thsn to
Lobfcve, ihat ihe dv-cument on our able fli;ws
lha: the o'd judiciary fyltem, which had beep
coeval with our government, and had been in
operation from its commencement, has been at
I times lullicient to ne . f anUUioti-ot all
the judicial bufinefs of the Uniuu ; thai ihe
if: r : . i . . - . u.j - I . .1
0 nil ik 1 in t.c iuui 1 iug d ic4ur utkiuicu
'-i.. ....Jl.ii 1 . .1.- jrr..n.n,
ntariy unc uji uhili iu ijiuvm, nni
the momrn' of 'he tfl.'bli'nmerit of the new
. t 1 II
re ; alio tha'. it wasconte piatta to repeal
he odious in cmal taxes, a confidtrabie
ou'.'ce of litigation ; and bar the more odi
ous fecition law had expired, which they" all
knew haa been a fouice of conlidcrablc litiga-'
tion, and he was for'ry to add, had not placed
he itidiciary ab-ve ihe reach of abulo ; ou'
whether dclervedlv or no, he dared not to
flion : and iVat ihe peace we bad lately ef-
lablilheJ wi h France had put an end to ano.
ther f.urce of luiga ion, that of admiralty
caufeson ihe prize Ude of ihe dourt of adtnt -
iliy, Frutn this view of ihe fubjel. he him.
lelf was entire')' faiisfitd 6i the expediency of
the repeal, ar.d had lnile doubt that, every
gentleman vts equallj fo, that any evidence
cou'd convince..
As to the poinl of its Icing unconRitutionit
It wiir be iccolletled thai ihe l'fclidenl him
frlfhas retoniTicuded the repeal of ihi law;
an rvideiire rrf its coiill.itutionaliiy of fo high
am'.i') i) witil ihe enlightened people of A
iter ca, ilut if n flood ling'f on that, it would
u'qoi e ia kd.'ia' hod o Uia'.e u,bul we know
1 he e a ii houoiable gnilcmen on this floor
n t dii'ii!i d iu tonUI's heir re (pec t for that
audion v on thu occafioi . 1 hole gentle
men i will refer to ihe con Hit ution iilelf,
j from whence I ptefume ii will appear that the
power now pit'Dof:d to be exrcilfd u "cleat
ly dsiePaied.
In ihe I.h feciion, o:h ariiclf, Congefi
lliall have power ioc nllitute Inliouali infe"
nor iq lie tupieni? n un. in we 7m article
Co igrefs Ciall have poer Us rllatiilli roH-
icliicet and nofi-roa Is. Thrlentethe piecife
icap tiTiool ly which
r J 1 t ! . i r. " .l
Con ref
ri'iuc inc
laQ power over the fabjetls of the inferior
or con
fen and U ihe pofl,.Ficri ; there 11 n o;hcr I'w
11 1 ir w. .t
tno.tty given iliein 'ut uy iscte niu.o ; tner;
it no exprefs authority 10 atoUfli'eithtrcnuct
1 1 1 r -w. . 1
or poIUvllitf. .ui lite laUietis ate
1 ate
tfe (Letr Irjif.
nef as fliouM
Iy given i LunjreU 10 raerttl
lative will uduo. m luch niaaner
bed tromotc the public flood. 1 would afk
gro leaiets if tongtell harr not tO'blithed
ptid-4-fucel wiihout amnber, & abol.lhed ibem
at their w.l ind plfal re, by trirtue ol Ueir
au'honty ui.drr the 71b ante c, above llat
r J ; aid 1 Oiou.J be g id 10 hrir f om
whence iht ivhoruy io, abliOi poH.nflicet
it dctivfd unlclt frcas the ar icte (bat on y
rxprcdly it'ihoriiet ihtir nb!tibninif tad ihf auii.oti.y gitenottr ihe lut jetl
has n.i in all pad time bre rt l f!4 .iriue r.i 10
f .!. fVii, c at eilaLlifo.
mrnt ttf lod oificfi. He then called
the cfi.ilfrofa tit ihe ocpoiihon 10 po:oi
,ileice Ifiween the powtu .f Cerr eft
t the inferior cjui;i and ihe pQ.o!hcett
and to the w how irwas that jConrefs could a-
bolifh" ihe ofl offices under an authori, y to.
eftablifti the, and no to abolilh-ihc infrior
courts unucr wic u-.c auuiony -io vciianitin
I...U. i.l . ? n . n: n
them, & how the fane phrafeology that is u fed'
V) vetting die power in Mongrels over the poll,
offices & inferior, cour'jj can be ro"ued fo a4
to authorize tne aooiiuung poit.oinces cc not to
au hofizc tlie abo'' idling the inftfrui; courts
n iyc occnum nm uy mc in tctiion
of 'he d article this bufinefs is to be explairi'ed;
us emmnc u.- me juaictai power or ms
Unite! Sia es (half bVeiled jn one - fupreme
pcurt, and in l'uch inferior , court's as. Con. ,
Lit V i
ituv trom time to time, omatn and el-
;U lih. : The ludgcs of .he lULHeine and infer
rior courts lh?.Ii hold their offices d.irinjr, g-iod
ithaviour . By this it has been infilled, that
he' iudgei of the inferior, as wtll as Uic fupe-
tior courts hold tbeir offices during good be.
hiviour, and mar we nave no power :o . pals
this rcBealing law, bcaufe it would opetaie io -
difisifs the judges.
ii. .l.. ' -..r. l... ...f .j
uic iam uiai wungiti uy on ex' ao-ainary
lejiflative ait with the concu rence of 10
thirds ot the ilAte, had a power 10 bli !h e
ven tae fun. erne court. He alkfd in fuel) vafv
whatwould becom of the judges'? 'Would
toniiitui.ioa racanr, ana cou a rrr.-au ,no htr.g
te-iefs than a y.icige oiider tne conMitunon, and
.tne...raornea.trie.conitu,ton - feitcort - 'inncd -the
i.iTice, inejangc uncer me cur,;;iiu-ipn ceati-a
to ha e a political exilfence. iTc would not be .
known to the con.lif.ition a. a - j, i.lgi. So he
conc'tidcd by an cvdiitaty aft of leglfl uion,
ihe Congiifs might repeal he law e ctling the
mteuor cour s, and on ihe rep?al ot the law
fiom whenre the legal exillence had been de-.
rived co.illiutting ihem judges, he fioold he
f'aa lo near now- mey could b
rhow ihey could be judges j ihat
cd by the law, they drtied their
fnun the' Uw, and could not
heug crcat
. . Li .. n . ihh h a i j . .
vitii.ih.w u"iu nit irr, auvt iuuiu nut
;.i..i r.M,;.,. . iU.j;.it... . -
5' , . wuuu. um incaui a
jadge known to he law. and not the man who
I. 'I rf' l- 'l'-lir
naa rxen a ju ige, aner ms political cJUlou-,
tim. II.- infilled haf Congrefs can 'HabliUi
legllatively, a court, and iheicby' ceate a
jude ; fo ibey can legiflnively abolilh ih; '
cou- and eentualy annihila e the officer. .
iha'ihe infcrioi cour's are creatures of ihe le- i
gills uie, and that ihe creature mult aUays '
be n the power of the creator ; iha' he who .
ctcai-ih Ui deftioy. llirt we are afked by ,,
the hon-is ab'e gentleman from New-York, in t
aalvr to Uns, "has a nun a righ: to dcllroy
1 his wn children." Mr W ighifi d he had
i beet laugSt to beliee tha1 irwn had nm been
tin own ciearor, but he happy inllroment of :
crecion But ibis power'hat is now it
cd 'ous, had tea excrcifed by 'he
ten le-
men tbamftivct. in the ver. law. ihat it now 1
in ended tnbe lepcaled. You will fee by ad. i
ver ing 10 taat law, the dillnfl couiis of Ten-!
nellee and Krn uckey annihilated.- . Bur we
are lold by honotable gei.t'emen, thai here
wai a ciicuit court. cllabliliei, confiding of
Ihele two llatet and another llate, and t;at
the judges, of ih didrifl courti wee appo n.
led judgct of .his ciiCuM tourt'j audaicepted
iheii commilhons at furh, and ihcrefo e they
fay that ihey did not deOioy the office of the
dill ifl judget of TenncRce and Ktr. uckfy
lie afked if each other date had not didritl
cour'u ;he afked inhere had not been ciicuit
coirti edabhuSed in all ihe dates by that law.
tad if ihe dillrict count of the o her (la rt had
.1 a a .irla
notiicrn continued ; and can 11 be laid wit a
Jillnft court compofed of a fing'e III e at in
ihe ta.e vf Tenneliee and Kentuckry, it not
anoi Ihfd, and ihe oilice i t a dilltui judge
- J.n a L . : . . r. : . 1.
1 uio 'tv, "'v'ii 14 ms
fame law a circuit
ii'couii 11 cltilliflird, an
d ihe dillricl iudei
' appointed (iccuii jadg't ? Can i; be laid m
. l .:. r .it. ..l..l. i.
ia .1 .;. . ,i. r .. .it. ..1. .1 1.
mi tnai n 1 me lame ouur, rcn mc an
' I'tt are extended 10 three da es, lo fit in three
putet, at 11 wit wafniiniii'ed-io one line
putc wofn-iinni'ta-io one line,
and one place ; or will gentlemen if il as' thai
if ihe j'id2fi'of he d.ftfitlfwur had re fu fed
o act as j idgetof ihe circuit cour 1, whe her
ihey would fine b'fn dill judget of the d.f.
iittt count aler ihty hid been alolidied ? or
will :hft uy, tnii py icommimon 01 a
- , 11 ift jdg lunming his junlditlion to a Hair,
it ihe lame at that i l a circuit judge cilend.
ii g ii ovff th-ee Qaiet ? And wheiher ihe
' liw iu horiiing the CPtnmiiriun over three
fla tt tVfit t.oi 10 pre c Je ihe ccminifTion
ycfltrg that luihoiiiy
1 Mr. V tigh! tfk'tl if Cor-greft, when aa.
fcilir ihnr avi hiufv inlhf htl inlljr.ctw 10
00 alUblilh ir.ftn)i twt t, had not the eight
oat nmii ineir cununuince io-ny pcriou, una
that at iheendofiKit period,
cot tonttuti, what would be
if the liw wit
the C.uatito tf
ihe judge appointed under the, law; would hi1?"
authority Continue? Certainly no A'td
will any gentleman contend on, this floor that
n a rormer congrew liaa a rigm to give
:r r ' . . t .
mi a ion to the continuance of,, a law, tbar the
prefent Congrefs have not the fae au h jfity
to limit or difcontinje. Honorable gentle-
men, however ing;rwouj, will bad tbemleifea,
he prefumed, unable to folve ihefe difficult
lit - , or 10 reconcile ineieincoTiunencies : tor
his part the auihori y by which this fubjeel had
Deen orougnt DCtore tnem, tne rtcommenJa
lion -of the Paeiiden',' had' been powerful -
The let tir 'and fpirit of the conftitution, whea
had eftablifltud him in hat opin
ion. iba1 thev "were iullified iii the meafufe
now propofed, and the praflice of Coogrefs ia
aboliihing: :he dillri courts of .Tenueifee and.
Kent uckev, fatisfied him that it was no new
idea, no new exercife; of power, and further
'hat nothing in the form of a conlti ution cart
be - gurrdedly' that gentlemen 'may
no be. Vou'nd io differ on i s true confl bc ion,
and even, as in the prefent cafe, at differenc
limes and on differen' occafions, differ them
fclvas in the conllruction Xf the fame i i ll ru-
men . If all thefc confiderations weie not
fulfi cicnt to faiisfy gentlcmeri, and we were
oMigid io recur to the principles on which
this inllroment muft have been ellabbfhed,' we
(hall .find i bar we do not in any deg'ee violate
them, bv the confl ruction we put on them.
If he Ii itith government is recurred to, from
wheoce'eiie.1t:'te' cover nmen ' borrowed their
pnncip - cs or it the Uate conilituttons are re.
lorted. to. we fh -all find thoroughly incAmora.
ted, the p indoles for which we contend, that
the judges ;a e ind oendent only of.the Execu.
nve, bu never above the law giving them
their political exiflence. He admired with
the g n leman fiom New.York, tha' iudees
ought .'o be the guaidian of ihe conlliiu lotf:
io far as qurftions were conflitutionally fubmit
ted to them; bu'he held the'legiflaiive exec.
live, & judiciary, each levetally ihe guardian
t . .. . v. i t .
iiv, oc tuuiciarv. eacfl level IV Ihe OUX
c i. . .n- r r i ' .
ui hc ion una. ion, io iar as tney ware cat cd on
in 'hrlr leveral depariments to adl ; & he had
f r . .
luppoled the judges were intcndtd lo decide
quellions r.ot judicia Iv lubmiiied 10 ibrm,
or to lead the public minds. in leuiflaive or ex
ecmive quellions ; and he c.r felled'- he had
g cater confilence n ihe fcctniiv oftus I her-
iy in the ttiil by juty, whuh had in aU time
been confideied a ihe palladium of liber v
than in ihe dccifion of iudien. ho had at for..
ime been tor up . Jr'ui bis par lie did noc
wifli to bieak down ibe jiljiciary ot 1I14
juJge, or o violate ihe conP.uuiion, thougli
he contciTcd he Ihould feel a fiture in he de-
cifion of he ila e judge in cvn fedcra quef.
lions, wi'h an appeal lo the funieme federal
cotiil, as in ihr prefent judges, and indeed
it s .
Hie conuitution in the a h ar . ad. fee. which
impofes all fla c iude; the oa h to ibffv.
ihe coiidnution and lawt of ihe Uoited S a es,
a'wayt fcemed lohim 10 cdndder the Rata
cour 1 in a certain degree ju Jt ei jf federal
quellions. Nor bad he ever been able to
taife a. doubt in his own mind, at 10 ihe pro
; pn ly of iruflmg date j idget to decide federal
. qucfliom, with n ppeal to a ledeial rourl
when he confideud that date juriet had al.
! ways been trolled to dee'de all.qucflions, from
', whofe dec fion there was no appeal ; and in.
; deed the da e count ai all timet had been the
or y judic al guardiain of our rights, whofa
( inirgri y fcad never been impeiched. Tht
gen-leman from New-York it fo careful of the
, condiiution, ilut he wifl ed it fecured by walli
r a - 1 a a
1 ol brat. AJoes he ipptehend othcri w.fli to
violi'e it, :md himlelf i t exclufive gtiardian.
: ar J th it oihcr gen lemen do not hold them.
leivct eq u ly bound 10 pro ret i'(or hive no-
thing wo th p.o-ertin. For hit pan he had
fioin lofuui on it ; tSji he believed that n,
- iunfurt iovei,in-n cooldmake il mote fecure
.i . r.i i ti. t
nun u was, aepoinra iq mat naiiowrd mn.
pie, &. locked .y ihe key of our holy id gin.
.i -. r i i ti. t
4 .
V V youth in his l"Jb year, abfCtimlcJ
of,vvjs i'lvcaglcd away tom my houftj
on Hockey I'oint, on the nth inlt.
in company
with a yuung nun a.
til ave named ILSSE
MOLl'ASS.. AH re,fur.""fe hetc.
by forwarnrJ (roin harboring vt cairy-.
ing the faid Chailes awiy at their peril.
1 wilt uivc ten dollars u any retfuu who
will bnrchim home, or iwtniy JuMarj
in fur any informaiion o( his beirv bar
. uourcti or intue 1 a way
RocLey.l'wint, Feb. acth 3W.
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