North Carolina Newspapers

    . 11 ' i n rr
No 3
- .Vol. XV1IL
- . . '
- rV-i
TERMS. S-..-
1 .V.V
W U pant in k
, and bo '-.
twacd. kul at the oy " d trtlrt. J? J
. 1 - ant M.
I I1IIL1 .-- -t
Mrinc tlW laws, iaaerted three tunaa tor one
jn 4 ft.- ami for aik mliati
aa. Ail letters to U town
01 At jJiutant Gtnerol of North Ca-
. 1 , toUnm.
Adjutakt GMuu.f Office.?
RddgK January 170 1827 J
JVaT - -
o - f litw. fka Kaiiap frt aiiKmif the
folio in pafrtt marked f-oro A to E,
a . 9 I
information in relation to Vle ajattw 01
jo lw(0hq8l7-mortcd frowthta office.
!tti i iaw 'nf tk arniiivatinn and
rrnnirf'n iF (ha Militia th number an. I
various description of arms, both in the
possession of the troops and in the pub
lic arsenal. V -:
. Tie paper marked B contains a Ilos
ftf th Oenerat Staff. J. '
lhe paper marKea u, a nejnster or
l!ie General and Field Officers, accord
ins to the returna ol lZ3. vy
. TliA t finer nmrlrpil H fiirnUtiM a rfp
hailed account of tlie arms belonrinr to
' . . . . - . o o .
I the state their number, situation and
I VVIIUIIIVU . V . , - -k. " -
Tbe r per marked E contains a list
of deficiencies in returns. '.'.-- , ' 0
- From these papfrs ou will discover
(bat th officers havebeen faithful and
prompt in their returns, enabling mn to
'present a satisfactorj-account of the
. it - r .1 : .... u nA . t . i a !
j1 'finder the Tiecassily of noting man? cle-
i .ir.ipnpips.
v T Nearly the whole of the arms now in
f 'the depots will be found, on reference
:o the detailed account accompanying
:fiis communication, to be in good order.
. i adhering to the course which hfti
rw!been pursued with your sanctibn for
nw fjmetim'e refuMinrfiirthpritiittri.
uiion oi arms among tne tue voluateer
umnanies. wilt enable . th Stat : itS.
I W T v Vi -
in a few years, (with those which will be
L - l . it .i - . 1
ar4 Cavalry tactic nd also a sriten
-fimcnon of Ceid ar.
iacl jJiaa,noBqvrea for lirht
artUlvy .rfa wjillery toother
wim f. t a new ortanoation of
the M.tii. were prepared and repott
ed; and art HOW under th enni!raf inn
of Conprr. Tae arstems of tactica
-ii i 1 1 i . . . .
fiii pn,. ,jiT oe adopted by rtia present
tMiofs " I tibtriboted to the-Militia
within i tours ot the year. , ,
Should Cor-TMlruM .hilt U"Vnn
fortuity to 1Kb plan of organization re-
iwi ini. it win nrraflr lhim a ink.
ject of Iegilation by the State: I have,
wici t ivi v, uivogiu ii oi gome importance
to present tou with a eonv ofth rnnrf
together with all the communications
"iwu "tic iaiu ueiure ma mum nnnn
which it was predicated; and shall also.
i ram me ism rofiiiiTrtifin fut-muk
, vavav-My VMS 911
each rneiuUt r 1 1? th f.resent AssemblT
with Cin r fflHl:? .ort alnne fin
relerebMr to "i e cemmunlrationa , an
nexed to . r :tr?. .it wili be aeeo.
tbat the W7 L"" i. n. t ever aet!iin
pfthrUnu .t fctafo ara beoomin? too
munitv to be sustained atnch lano-pr in
their present stat; and anticipation
of an entire clan in their nrtmniil.
tion, hich wilj probablygrow'ouof
mo report ueiore congress, l roroear
invifinff von r attention at tlua i ma ffA
any of the defects in the $ listing; laws
ui.uie oiace, reiauve totne annua.
I have the honor to be; .
J : very resppctfuHji ;
isir.gfour obedient servant,
-t' C.
Legislature: of Ni ('urolina.
Thursday, Jan. 18.
Mr. Matthew, from the
vorce Mid Alimony, reported a bill to secure
to MiLtred M'LiUev. nf lUllfnT
property as she may hereafter acquire; which
Mr. BelWtll nrpRntprt iKa n;inn .r T7lt
zabeth Roberuon, of Wake, praying; that the
rrora hia wife; the bill to prtient tS
falling of timber in, or wbfnctir the
raa of Abbot's creek, tn Davidoa cooB.
v; tbe bill to alter tlie names f John
UapUst Vv m. Cook aid Marv F. l ook,
anu legitimate themt tbe bill ; to
establish a poor and work house ia Pin
cotnty, the bill to esUblish BaUheJors
AcadrlBV. in Mai-tin iauiIt iml to
j . - - J , ' .w
incorporate the trainees thereof; the bill
I J : n' I t m a .
iv uivorce mary r terns, 01 AMte, train
her husband: and the reia'ition ?t fn
of Elizabeth Uerves.
' The bill ta nrevent fr nMrm r
tiour irom migraunc.inis iqis Mate.
r t. i . .
iur me foou rovernmeni oi aacn per-
- t ... ... . .
vol id- roe nine, ana lor otner nur.
. . .7. . I 1
poses, was reau tne mini time .ana or
us ocuaic rraoiTca Hseii mio a com
mittee, of the Whole.' Mr! Seawall "ia
the Chair, on the bill to alter the tirtie of
the annual roe tin? of the LrrisLturri
ana, aner some time spent therein, ttie
committee rose and reported i!l
with an amendrncuf, to ctrik wiTliia
WOrd " thlfii Mandavin NnrAmlu. V?
and insert "second Monday . in De-
cpmtipr' Mr. Sn;lit tS nn
..... -f-'n i vv.iiv,
moved that the bill and amendmept be
indefinitely postponed; which was nega-
iithi yeas xa, uays na. t ne amend
me:it of the committee of the Whole
was then agreed (a:: and the hilt riiiH
the Sid and 3d timer aud ordered to be
engrossed. .-' :i.r
Mr; Stokes, front the pommiiton nf
Finance, re nor ted that 5
leaner me nuie ior collecting Uie pun-
.On motion of' Mr, Spaitit. of Cra
ven, ins COmmitte nf lhvnr n,l
- ; - v w ar ii
Alimony were instructed to inquire inta
the expediency of extending the juris
Uicfion of the Sunerinr Court nn
subject of divorce, so'! as" to embrace
cases where either of 4h-na-t
abandtnied or separated him or hcrgelf
i uhi me tuner. ; ... " . - v -.'. ' '.-;
Mr. Montsomerv nrcsentpd n'hill n
establish Cedar Grove '.Academv-in
wrrv Utl rAjf Ik ur.ul mr.A . I . ' ' i .
time, and ordd to be entroMed. - Mr. SneI presented .bilfin
:M,llh.w-fwMn Ihasanw com- additional plicity to mortea-ea sa l
becea r 11 . w "VI ..." w m,,l "ou Iortf ' purpoes
nroJrt. ? uf !,''Vf" C,0,,Bt ucMrLh wrea.l the first time .Tre'
PPrty at she mit hereafter arnair. lr,rr.I tv
it ". iiwi Macivi swiii uuams, pravin tnata law
lect eoramittM tn. ... r 1 It j J V . w
bill fr .k. i- V r " pcu i auer me names 1. and to
a'wt K;ti Z'.i "t irpwticu. we m anu jonn o. Kenneday, of Uran
oitaB I - BrocBJ'neDt' to strike nlla, accompanied with a bill to carry
,W tl27? ? W0,: A H"'? Petitioner into effecU
S UJbsU,te bJ l'1 hmitted; whiiVblll waa reaJl the 1st, 2d andM
S h;n!n,7'Bt WM '.5 f, J tmn' and ordcre tobcenrrossedt 1
-" ui mi- muiee, 10 wooin was referred tlie neti
?Lmn"t. "PortHl a bill to a- tion of sundry citizens of Iredell coun.
rVhich n.I.ijiVJ . w; y. piaymg mai ra powers or con-
phich passed it. first reading. stablesmay be confirm to thalaotaina'
nir. w ar fuaaat.j l . 1 . - a
thmrtTsi -mvmi? imenu u,stncu a wbicVr rewde, in all
rior cLt nf grtn,m.S t0 ' 'c.renorteduiatlvi.ineipeIient
norcourt of ntunswiek nnrrin.l n.ittnalt.. tk. l.J.Jl J-
. . . . - o I " "'"'"ij iu uiai mu-.
uivucriT wiucn uib nuv ttoi . . . i' . .
carry Into effect the Waver of the nMlV rUstew hereo': Mr. Hawkins, b II to
2J'll.;.efr'ct the P1""" of tLe petitioner,
Whir.h Kill w.a akan.T tj.. . ' a
red to the committee of rjiiorce ami Alime-
! Mr. Forney, from the ciimm'if t nf i.
sitiont and tirievanCea, repotted a resolution
... ui ouervooq rvrtj whicD passed its
first reading., , i -'.fB.A-- .w,.vr.A
.', Mr. Pilrott' f. 1.1.1!.;' . ... "
ecejvea.annoaiiy.irora the general go-j ncaew rrora tne Judiciary committee,
on of Conareas:. to armi whef on. '"L. 0 "' .tbf ,pediency of,
' l
f r
iy u
1 I'
1 1.C
Ion of Cougres3) to arm; when an oc
hsion may render it necessary, ?' an v
iree which may be required for its de-
nrfl anil irntitf.inn '' ' '
However desirable it ma v hn tn sAvn
ucuunment to vnlnntpor ramMtii.i
Heading to them the public arms,,yei
Iperience lias shown that , the State
Just sustain sacrifices under, such a
position. lint wairanteil hv nnv Kpn.
ts to bcdived from the ordinary , use
J m tic (iicoillis
lit are 1 distributed and never returned,
! remain in the hands of our permanent
izenshere would be' tut little loss
heir iot being returned; bat,' bwiiig
.he strong current jwf emigration now
.ling irom ine-state,' the arms of the
.cnption 01 mose Belonging to the
fe. when once nut aflnnt in Ka
itj; soon find their way to a country
ric ney are. ior. common nap mnra
i rf, - ..p .UWI V
uame than ther are in th
nder an act of ih'p A cmi,l r
.1 1 ' J-'i ! . .
iicie were uisiriouteu among the
u musitets, wnicn were re
a.I 4A U II . I .
upcmieciea "gain, under a
mtion of 1818. Measures were ta
by the late incumbent f thia v,ffiL
I . w wiid UMIVVi
i appears from the files nf th nfli
Ave made every necessary exertion)
arryj into effect fully the object of
esolutionjyet, notwithstanding, on
38 were recovered out of that num--nie
.State iustaining ' loss f
muskets; and exclusive of the ex-
of distrjbufing and of collecting
'Llesa;than 1200 has since
pad repairing and leaning
hat were returned, i. a-r
uoard. comnoKod r r. rr A i
. ; " ur me
par army and ornhe. Militia, were
ciiyneu al Washington by the
tary of tWatv for th JL 1 r
inns- the nvstpma nf .
T S resolution of Cnnoroao . .U-:
.session, for the use of the Militia.
'ng important that? the systems of
to be prepared should be predica
pon some fixed plan of organiza
01 the Militia, frtd as the present
COlMered : inrninnMs .r.,1
: .v ""percect, tne attention of the
f was, therefore, directed to this
.'-l "ISO.
,!)3d Collected tha V1PW nf pIiIIoI,
I citizens of the different sectfons
i l!ml.J o... . . . . .
. mcm oiates,on this subject,
? were laid before the Board at tbej
pawing a law empowering the justice of the
"1J, uurw 10 esiuonmi poor and work
bouses in their respective counties, reported
that it is inexpedient to p&s gi-neral law on
the tubject, wliich report waa concurred in.
' Mr. Fickstt, from the Bame committee, to
whom was referred a bill to amepd the act of
191?, 10 prevent the fraudulent trading with
iHves; andah'il foe the. relief of securities
and endorsers ift certain cases, reported the
' itout amendment, when thev
were laid on the table - ..
' Mt Croom, from the cbnjmittee on
Cherokee Lands, reported a bill pre.
scribing tbe modevf igurveying and
selling the lands Jatply acquired from
lii. fK.. 1 V Vlt . . . ' .
L "c,"Keei. 'imiansj-wmch. was read
a 1 time antl ordeml to be printed.
' Mr. Lock presetifeil a fcTH to alter the
time of holding tlife County ConHs ii
Hrunswirlf. A ' ll ;v i.!i' V.
1 ; ' 'toiji . ;"! nror
B 1 ji me 1CinC!) in Montgomery
county; Mr. Ward, a bill td repeal part
HccTien 01 ine act H to20,
extending the jurisdiction of justices of
th ne'jc -..nti AAir r.-J k;n ...
D'H iLaner late sheriff of
iMiiiiuina eonntT tn -n lor-t ir.F,..
ot taxes; which billa wr rpiirt th i first
time, and the last mentioned referred
10 tne committsA nf Pu..,c',t;nn.:.kj
unevances. . .'w - 4
A messaffe from th othor"' Units
proposing that -select joint committee'
TH"ieu 10 prepare a memorial to
t-0HSieS8. askino-that an nn!,f,n
be made by therteneral government for
lh. rtinn..: ..k.. . r .i .. ....
-(."Mguiaumcoi 01 me inoian title
to such lands in this State as ire yet
rr.x vj lue inatans; wntcn proposi-
t,L Kreca ro, and Messrs. (Jroom,
-ay;.King, Love and " Beard of
tee on the nart nf tkMCno,! . .j .,
I'te"? e-petitipq bf
wiaw r WUIIIJI. Ill YW ttlTA I a- IU . ft .
gon.ery.the petition of Rachael Dickey,
V- ? Paying nat .th property
which tliey may-tereafter acquire, be
wnicn were relerred
i me committee fc Divorce jirid Ali-
s lhe bill' tn i...j ';
SnrS?t AD directi"S the Cbunty
The Secretary of War' arn. n -,r c,ertain far
toa plan of a new onnizai blJl USf 003 coun Rafter havwg
Hected th. vl J.YfSl IW. "tion of Messrs.
was referred to the
Judiciary committee, with instructions
Ppn?ni bill on the subject, t
'..'1 he following bills nd resolution
were lead the sernn.! n.i
i i , . t ' -'" "iiiu limes
and ordered to be, engrossed; viz.1 The
"pnuice Vttfc-the' insfwtlona
"J'lema ot itiantry Wl to divorce John Cib;on; of gt,kel
incoTporafe the Warren Acadeinyj Mr
lloberts, a bill to limit the County
Cnuifts of Surry in making allowances
to their coonty officers; Mr. Sneed, a
bill concerning the entry of land in this
State; and Mr Miller, a biU .(o'licnt'e
tit Marr W'ftllfr. fif flyntin
wrtyJiijjlii! tsnjj. .reafter -aeqnitje,
yV hich bills passed their first Veadinv.
aim inejasr mentioned wa9 relerred to
tne committee ot Divorce and Alimony'.
lhe re-wilution,4 froni the House of
Commons, in favor of Francis Morcao,
of Wilkes, was adopted and ordered to
, be enrol led .; : 'S, ' , ' -: '. 1 1 1
v The ; following" bills from the 'other
House passed their first readings 'The
bill respecting the County Courts of
MoorY; the bill to divide the 3d regime'pt
of Burke xounty the 4iir jtethorise
the County Courts to permit ate to
ber erected across he public tfoatls; and
the bill concerning net 'stakes in. Pamfl
tico Hiver and Core Sound, i Cartert;
county, , . . .,
riMjrSI'Kjy presented a bill to require
defendants.1 before ' thpv'. ata mi....r. .n
J , J ' i 1 'l. VJ.WU
their, trials t Except such matters iq
uig iuiiivHiitui iuigiivaiur conviction
be absiffne.d a'reasnniu in'nrroct rf
juogmeut wmcn passeu its nr6f Tead
ing. " 'V -- 'ijW'' ' f !"':'?.
'rL . f 11 t a n a is- '
ine loi owino- di is and rPAoti.tmn
were read the M &ud 3d times Bhd or-
I .' 1 . a a .... ."
aerea re ne fnnrnsswi: - 1 hi hi i n
secure to Mildred M'Lilly suchpropcrty
ww tiiuj Httjuucf tut; uij- iu
validate all orantR Uqiip! hv thai Soo.:'
farj of $tate from the 29th of Nov. to
4k ATWk kf r I. " (l: .t ' t -ll.
sKTiu ui jjotciiioer, iou; me Dill lo
alter the time ot holding' the County
Courts of Brunswick; a bill to provide
for free feiries,in Montgomery county;
and a resolution, in favor of Kheraunnd
Fort. ' " ';'f'Jy '.'S;-
The bill for the relief of seenritip
and endorsers in certain eases, tvna rpnd
the 2d time; when MrJ'Uill of Franklin
moved ' to amend the bill by adding
another sections whirh ; waa nnt ncrmo,
to. T'he bill Waathpn rpffMrrsd tit a Ztar
committee, consisting of Messrs. Hill
of ;. Franklin. MKay;' Si'awell and
V M r. Pickett, from lhe iudiriarr
tnittec, reported the following resolu
tion, which was concurred in:
A HeulveiL Thafrit
the .'nrtrsent donsttintinn aT c...,.
Court, requiring ail the ' Judees to hold tbe
tkt sV teg-it
a pe, engrossed bi 1 1 concerni ng - net
stakes ia. Pampfko River and Core
pouiir- wM, reaa me ui ana va times
and ordered to be enrolled, s '. i"
.f Saturday, January 20.
' Mr.' Matthews, from tW
ol Divorce and Alimony, reported the
i o tetire in Mr ivmi.p i 11,1
piin.and Elizabeth Robertson, of Waker,
aucn pjopefty as they may hereafter ac
aaa II itrinn J.. .a I ' f . B
hie rcmuuiinnr v . i a rrt. . ..
Tk :7K" ........;..'5 ' : v . u:. wumerrea
Cummih. .. . .u"c,"nf " ro a select joint committee, and Mesirs.
rfKebroarynext ; i - ' T ? nd Gilchrist were appointed; the ?
uii.c uioveu mat tne resoiutionlc, w i me
ie on tne tab let wlrwh . nn enate. . . . I
t0,ff , The resolution was then adopted 9 Wowing resolution, submitted
andordered to be engrossed. :;! "T'' hy Mr.MXay, wasadopted and ordered
The followin ivantntiAn. knk.:j to be engrossed: .'.( '
by Mr. King; was adopted and tent to Rtd, Thit Archibald t. Mrphey, of
Ihn .lltjC. 11 ' I liwa .Mini. I.. 1 . . I . - I .
T uuicr uouse ior concurrence: . ' " "6 ""ji fu w nav. mt use
ti,.i e . , f 01 uch nooks in tne rubuc Librarv a ho
the S ffouS of ?KlUo:LriTgnek.t' .tblnk willaidbinfia eompilingAiV,.
winnTLr,, 1.i5I0'",A!??,y orytnic.8poi,.'fcvhVto.
which ma; h. rr"u f.r"L 'n-: f r it
- . e JIMUVjV. HI UIC IfCIiCB t ' IVI a II.tiul x t 1 . . r .1. . 1 , a t '
and fie 4 officer, of the militia of this StatV " 1VUWBU me select
.1 " r "1 s"t comnuttee, to whom wis referred a bill
ne uouse oi uommons having conv to? establish t'Medicul Board and to'
wuiicu in ine HmPTifimontd K M i aAA.iJ.1. a. a?
trosaeirhill t . ti:Z:lu"VTl'i
-""""b nictoiomia- iuriery wimin in is state reported thej
sioners of Favettevi lie tu pW . --.l5i;.T- I.;ii:K-'..i-.-r.. .L!.t.c
V'.u. lunilLC 111! HMIII IllWn .fill I,I. ...1,.... 1 . A. n . n . . - . I J , . I
. iv" '" vuicrioiiicuuiiieiuai were ;agreen to, ana UK
Pv..,iUBe,me su mil was ordered to bill and report ordered tflbe printed. .
ue enrouen. ' . u i ii!ii .. .1
- lhe Knpakpf low! tU e.. . r r t ij T
i j-. me ocuuteaiiavur 01 janies urimes; wnicn was read
COmmiiniratlnn fnm tl.A rl.:f t...! j lit. J C . : l-'.r . .. .
, uaiicc 1 me uioi nine sun rcierreu 10 tlie COlU
pt the Supreme Court, accompanied bvimittee of Claims; ; i
a Ke visal of the Public . Laws far the Mr. Pickett presented a bill to ameo,l
la at hva ouimi nki.L ..... r.j J i I .t 1 - .' . .1 . . . ,r .
. v-.o, omul wasreierrea ton me laws respecting tne sale ot land and
- --- r.....v, wunmuji; ui njf Si s, i slaves uj Biimus ana omer omcers; afld
Forney, Sneed; Hill of Franklin; Haw- Mr.' Foreman. ; a bill concerning (he
kin ami flilkio S' :in n a . R..X
7 . , ,. - - .1 oun7 courts v oi nyaef also a billlto
vi twri untiaie, tne judi- estanusn two separate elections in Hyde
quire into the expediency of amending readina, t
the act of 18I8eutitl.t t An i. . f -'i?ii: t. . -
. . . i( , - ---!-,T71i.---aa, yii-ici'ictt, lint. iieilllOIl OI ...
iiimise tne county tjourts in this State John M'Rae, soliciting a loan of mowy
"r ia,lc" UP ouu connnea in otate; wnicn iaa referred to a select
Ijailasa runaway after certain length of committee, insisting of Messrs. ElliotS
imprisonment and nuhhr nntirp onlflilrhnct i ..i,'u..rj r t, .s. it
. r , . . i j . on, ucmmii ivuwm. aaa"
w as to lessen the time of imprison- Wilsojif 'Ed-econibe: ,'.-'
menMieforehe sheriff;advertise to .Ma Bell, presented the petition '
"i;'-':tt -V& citizens f Pasquotank countyf'
; i Mnyv ilson, of Edgecomber fr,om tlie praying for authority to set fnni in tha '
committee appointed to conduct thi Yinar nii
u-uuiiiittior, rustees ot tne univer&fy-J the destruction or bears. Referi ed to '
reported that Nathaniel Macon. Challes tlie committee 'f
Blount,' John R. Donnell arXThoroas MriPickwf. froin the Judiciary com-"
HPttlP. WPr'ft rlulir oluflo.t. tk .l i.:u i.- J '
- - . r ..v. ..UHI, .iv i vw. vu uiii' luaaniEf coilipen-' ' '
otner person in nomination had receivMsattom to coroners in certain raap.t
h .1 . ! . j" 4- .1 . .... , . I ' . . fc . - . ... . d:
' J ' v yoies, wuicn xepoiT WHicn asseu k urst readings
was coucurreu in. ;v & r ?v Mr. rickett, Jrotn the same cOmmU-
Mr; JPickett, from the Judiciary eomV lef,,to whom was referred a bill further
mitfee. to whom was rernmihittpd thp to'smpnrl fh art nf .L-'.u
. ... ... . . .. . . , fc : fc - - , " v. . ....til" mt;
bill limiting tlie time wiihin' which er protest of a notary public evidence in
taut i otrences shall be prosecuted, and certain cases; : reported ' the1 said bill
r'vowiuMPjj iireuyncs i vjraiiu rforors t wmiour amenument. It was thtfn read
iciauve mereto, reported tne said Dill
with ameftdments; all of which;fwidi
the Vxeeptiott one, were - conco rred ii) ,
l . -II ' A .. . , . .. ' KT
i ne uin was further amended on nfo- nitssionrs o ay off a road in Lincolii
!6! MrGilchristf ead the thial coun tf& was.' rejected ? oo its second
we, and ordered to be engmssed ''i.. reading. ,f - '
ii The bill tn nnitn tli nfiiro nf flaL V Wrf -. .1"' . '
Maste, in Kii S StTbSn &
"Krf for theacconmodaSof
ed 1 " ;8"Jf wa$ read the aecond and third timea,
"Tk-li fn ' ii ' amenueu on motion ot Mr. ForneV. and
'. lhe following hllla rppivart lUt. tr. I. x-.-.t- . .. vmr, anu ,
veral rpadin. rZ nt i tnouyir tiouse torconctirrenceV
engrossed, fOlie tiill suppleniehtal br"8. ,SupHtf.
to ahe actM tl825;vauthwisiD2 the
County Courts of Beufort to abt5n "7 w" wonigomery, jaid 09 the, " .
committee of Finat,P?:hp bill iA, -Mi l ,aD'e '" ' !'' VI j
- f Villi f I , ' - " fc . - .J" -i -..'.!'. 1 '
me vonnty courts ot, Surry Jn making V e.. 1 ,ecre w itebwea KntKn,
nf r4iUanosi a lKn!M Maniv A!nA-i 44. r I Of II ail fT blink ' nrnnni'tir' 4a ukA.
bill to establish Cedar Grove Academ vY herer acquire; was read the second V
ii vuaiuaiu couiuy, anu ,jo incornocau 1 (;." UM. ruere to oe en
Corporate the Warren Academy. ;t , j The . folIoMring ; (engrossed bills were
. llie bill resnectini the Count Pnrto 1 cerni flip sprnn.l nA k;,i .1 .
j . 1 r " J ' o 1 . --. u.ivm vim u viuirBauii nr.
ot Moorej and the bill td divide the 3d dered to be enrolled: The hill
m i - . -. I . . - niivi
" i-i L I 111 ifl.iuiici 11 I it! ilUI
The fn!1nwinr hllla frAm-4l, .k-l?all.turv to Linr.olntiin: ami lU kill
House, passed their first reading: Tie aI)P01Dt'ng commissioners to lay out a'
bill appointing commissioners -to erect ffom LincolntonloRutherfordton;
ivi;iuin ior me acccp--i j, i"; amcnu ine act fir 1BI9, to
muln linn nf .Turnra. ilia k!ll : ....:..:..lnMARi .Jili. r....l.'.l a. i ... . . .. '.'..
commissioners to lay out;a road from Iavea,J !.was amended otr motion of v '
Lincolnton to RutherfordtonJ the bill MesrBM'Kay and Picket and boat-
to legitimate, and alter the name of Ien- poned tiatil to-morrow.' '
ry,"i3rown, of Robeson; the bill aniioint- Th r.itl 'v
. ' . rw. , 41m viii ,u repeal part 01 tne 3d
Hn-commisfcioners to layout a road from sectum tif the act of lg20f, extendi nr
i Shsbury to Lincoln toP; and , the bill the jurisdiction of a ftte of the peace '
appointinir eoninussior.era tn ta nfT a ...j t j s . ,
toad in Lincoln tountv. - ; l,ui k A
s 1
4- - '
4 i
, ' ti 1

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