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"I .
THE fubfcriher begs leave f Inti
mate to thofe who ft and indebted
to J AMES G AMMELL, Co. former
. lyj of Wilmington and Fayettefille, mer
chants, that the bonds, notes, and other
fpecialties", belonging to that concern,
are lodged in his hands for collection.
He at the fame time is inftruclei to fay,
that all kinds of country produce be
received in payment, at the highefl caih
price in Wilmington at the time of deli
very, and every indulgence granted to
thofe who ihew a difpolitton to pay as
they are aole.
! NOTICE. , ;
THE Publit is hereby informed, that
agreeable to law, we the fubferi--berslarc
appointed infpeSors cf beef,
pork flour and butter, lor the town f
Fayettcvilie : All perfeas offering for
fole in this town any of faid articles, muft
have them put up as follows, viz. Beef
or pork in good 33 gallon white oak
bairels, hooped with twelre good hoofs,
the heads doweled, and 3-4 of an inch
thick!, and tljje-'fl arcs half an inch thick, :
fufiicienrflMtight to fecare the pickle,
aatPto contain 2 20!t. or cica, wc;i cuicu
;Part Djvment will be expecTed in .l.f u 7'm,r.fn nnt in -Grand
1 I - , Lti.t V 1 1 tyt'iJV. jl -uui -v. tw f 1 - -
courie ot tuc prient crop, an iuuii Sufficient barrel- , fit tor
tn nffrforrn mar eiDect to-have
0 7 1
their obligations placed, in tjiehands of
an attorney, on the firjV'day of April
next, without any fartlier no'i.'e.
Wilmington, Sept. 16, 1790. 54. 51.
TN purfaaace of an act of Afleaibly,
X pafled at tayettevillc, JJecember
1789 : Will fee fold, on the firfi; Monday
f November next at the court-houfe in
Xljfabeth Town. A. houfe and lot in
faid town, being No.. 1 13 ; -wish all the
anprtenances thereunto belosginji:
Alfo five hundred acres oflastd, fituated
oniBlack River, and a tract of land on
Black-R iver known by the name of
Shaw's Id Field ; the whol in Blarfea
county, and being of the e'?ate of the late
James White efquire, decerned. Six
months credit will be given the pwrcha
fer ivingbor with reproved fecuriry.
Bladen A;:gu3 10, 1790.
ARE taken in at th:v oilire for a
work new printing by Fibre's
X tvier Marfin, at Ne .bc-r-, entitled,
The Vjfcs a 'id Authority a Jt'fke of
fbi Peace, ai,d aljo c-t S':er:jTs, CcuKtrs,
Csn'sl iii.s Ifc. according' t the laws of
th-CiTOm, c- llrTrd from diiTrrcnt
mnchritts ; but chicfl from a work of
this kind, pubUfheW in 1771, by J;inic;
?JaTi", e.uit. It wnl cor ain i'rorn 4
to $00 p:es neatly hr.n.' and )e tred ;
price ?fMop.idon iu'iiVribi ali.i of
fubferihtrs will be lt:uni in the bock.
A ''pecan f-irci' tiie v.v k ir.iy be feen.
with eiht rood ho.-ips, and to contain
1961b. of ood mjchantablc flour; the
length of the fraves ought to be twenty
feven inches, and the iJiamcter of the
head; ferenteew inches, r Butter to 'e
put in good, tight firkins, that, will hold
pickle. . : ' .
john WILSON, rIpfpca
D. C W FO R 1 , Anlpea
ravettevjne, ept. 10, 179c
. t" ' M
T idli. fubienber informs the public,
that he has removed "to Fayette-;
villc and opened a koufe of entertain-i
mcntiand ioardinj in tke houfes lately!
occupied by Lenvh Barg; ; is now ready 1
to accommodate thofe that .favour him
with their cultom, and his beft es-j
deavours will not be wanting to give!'
fatisf'acticvn, having been happy in that
refpeil while living in the public way at j.
Warrenton ; flatter mylelf I . fh ill
now have it in my power to pleafe inl
jencial. ' r 1
Auuft 50.
" Cj A Sorrel Marejlcltn,
r N' or sbcut-tae iSrh of Septerribef,".
ywTi (ln-fim the fub'cribef, a
Yj ' I C liV SO R R EL M A U E, having
a Aral' white fpot in her. forehead, forns'r
'!!'.e .p"ts on her hjick, fh; is abut
r eer. h j nJ s and a n half high, five ycats
Id, ha a very hih rump, 'and had no
l ive pounds rer;ird
brnd v.'lv-r lo:L
iv e
oiircu t aiiy one who lejures
1 n
1 Tame Crow,
Tyrrel'i 'creeV, Chatham co.
iepr. 30 7 9c- : 57.
(bopper Still
r AliTK fubferiber informs tKcnublic,
J that he has eitablifhed a COFPElt
in this town ; where may hi had
STILLS of all fizes. Alfo-Al Jtxnds
-of COPPER and TINWARE lhick
he Will difpofe of oa 'neafanaMe teinqs
for balk or produce.
Old Stills repaired on th ktrtiil nr-
Cafk give for old Copper,
and! Pewter
1 ' '
JlayetteTiilejMay 31
1. 1.
V BE fiibfi t ibei s plantation id
I! dfa couaty called SummertjI
tht W;t tide of the Wa'ccamawfesu
about fie hundred
wirereon "is a ffood two-ftory dwlllirg-
houjc, kitchen, and other eut-ljoufo.
Ci.tli, negroes, or anerchantable prices
dclifered at Wilmiagton, 'will be rcpei ved
in payment.. f
If the faid olantation is 110 f fold
fifft of December next, it will be. rcitci
jetft yearly. -
fcf tr.e
Ftr .printing, fry fubsripiio.
Bafon Steuben's ''Rcffwli
for th Ornlcr and DifcipHne
Troops tf the United States. '.V
I." The book fliall be printed
neati typ;, on good
in blue covers, and
120 pages.-, I
II.- The PTjce to fubfciibers wi'l 1
FlViE SHILLINGS, the 'pre!eJp
currency in money t beuepc
the iime of fubfefibing ith the
who receives the fuicrijUion; -
lL Thoi'e -h lliblcrib for
copip. fcall have a thirtetpth pra
Iv. I 'he wot & to be cut to pi
as 600 copies iar.c-fubfciibc
1 e-.
. a, 1 1
paper, Jiua !Utea
w tcontain about
finifhed with; all pcffible di
atT R A NK L.I N Tt !vA'D; Gts-Ssr, where E fit s A rt icies,of Intelligence AdrmiiVmekts, 6kc. are:
tiunki-iUy receive l.-: J3.iCtli?f lONii for &h pvaer are fa ken in at Tfikii HAd Dollars P?r aj!atn, or1 iiuy
tT7a pa:rj Iix.i to be fabkubm-, or.c rtiartcr ia fix raaths, aad ths jcjthsr quarter at the eaa 0f the year.
, : ' ; . ! ' , f ' - j' !, J ; !.;.!. j - :: - ' 'f ;

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