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Tuefday, November 16.
MR. M'Howell prcfenred a bill tn
' continue in force, an aft palled.
Fayetteville, in 178, entitled, an yft
.for giving longer time for the registering,
proving, and recording grants, deeds, or
mefr.e: conveyances, end other inftru
mentsof writing, which was read the
rlt time and paifed.
Mr. Macon prcfenred a bill to carry
into effect the ordinance bill, wh'ch tvas
read the firft time and paficd.
The bill to amend theafr, entitled, an
adt to nroint commilTioners tofuperin
tcr.d the building a piifon ard Ptocks for
the diilrifr. of Fayetteville, and to lew a
tax in the counties within the fame, for
the defraying the expence thereof", paifed
in 178?, was reari the third time, amend
ed and pafTcd.
The bill to repeal part cf the fecor.d
ard fifth feS ion of an a cf t.e general
aiTe in ijM, enihled, an aft
for railing a public revenue for the fup
prt of government. Sec. was read the
third t-me and palled.
The bill to Alter the mode of fwearing
petit jrors, was read the third time and
' Mr. Janes prefsnted a bill to cftablifii
the town of Naih, at the mouth of Cape
Feariiver. The bill to facilitate the navigation of
Cape Fear tiver was referred to a joint
committee of both boufes, to be reported
- The bill to amend and alter the ac! for
the benefit cf infolvent debtors, was read
the third time and negatived yeas 25,
sxy$ 48. ,
Wcdnefday, November 17.
Mr. Caldwell prefentcd a bHl to alter
tie time cf holding the courts of picas
. . and quarter fetEons fn Iredell county
read the rftttrc and palled.. !
Refolved, '. that r.o private bill:" be
introduced into this houfe after Satur
" day ntxt r ;:"
Rece-i-ed from the fena a bill to, al
t cr 1 1 1 e 1 i me of hold ing the gen eral af-
fembly of this ftate- read the third time
ard palled. I :-, ,
The bill for catting a navigable canal
from the waters of Pafquotank river in.
this ftate to the waters of Elizabeth river
in the (late of Virgin 13, was read the third
init and paffrd yeas 54, nays 41.
Thurfday, November :i8.
Mr. T ay lor from the joint balloting
for a governor, treafurcr, public printer,
and place for the next fctting of trie-general
alfembly, repor fed, that his excellency
Alexander Martin, efquire, was elected
governor John Haywood, efqurre, trea
furcr, and MefTri. Hodge & Wills, print
er? 'and that no place had a majority .
of wites for the felting of the next af
fcmMy. Mr.jjonesi preferred a b:ll for levying
a tar. snd appointing ccmiruflloners for
the purpos e! building a diftri-ft j ccurt
houfe for the difuift of Wilmington.
The bill for cre6ing a ccurt-heufe in
the town cf Hi.'lfborough was read the
third time, amended; and paffed
Mr. Smith from the committee t
whom was referred the bill for making
. Crofs-Crcek navigable, together with the
memorial of Mark Rufiel, reported, that f
it i the opinion of your cemmittee tha
na igation propofed, when, completed,
will be cf public utility, and 'having con
fideied the petitioner's objections, aie of the fame sre net well founded.
But the committee recommend, ; that a
provifion fhonld be added to the bill, that
unlefi the; faid navigation 1; rendered '
ufeful within three years from the paiTmg
of the bill tnto a law, the privilege grant
ed therein1 (ball be void which was
concurred with. ,--
Friday, November 19.
The bill to cftablrfh the warehcufes
now building in Fayetteville by James
Ritchie and John Winflow, and to em
power tbej county court to appcir.t in
spectors td the fame, was read the third
time and !p:;ned.
The bill to carry into efiec! a resoluti
on of Cocrefs, palled the 2vth of Sep-
. tember, 1789, was read tlie tliird time 1
and ordered to be eagrclTcd.
Thr bi)l to repeal all atfs, clanie, ::nd ,
parts of acls of the general afiembly of
this llatt, as relate? to. the clsiTir.g of to
bacco, was read the third time, amerced ;
and pailed.
Saturday, November 26.
Hill frm the joint committee ef
balloting for councillors, colonels of ca
valry i for - Salifbury and ffillborct?nh
diftrijs, major of the cavalry for the diF-
trjr. oi"Edentbn,.and place for the next
getting of the general alfembly, delivered
in the following report, viz ; i j ;
That Charles Brtice Jandi Phiiemoa
Hawkins, efquires, were eleclcd cbmn
ci.llorsl rAl-' ' ,-
i Samuel iBenton, colonel of cavalry for
Hiilbprcugh diftricT:. j ; ; ; . f "
i 'i Robert Smith, colonel of , cavalry for
Salilbury ditlricl. ? 1
Thtmas Harvey, major of cayalry" for
Edentoa difrrict. f , T -
Anid that no one place in nomination
for the fitting of the general aScmbly,
had a majority of votes j ;
Thekoufe refelved, that they do con
cur with this report. ! -. i 1
Adjourned till Monday.
J Monday, November zi.
Mr. Mathews prefentcd tbe petition
of fiiudry inhabitants of). the counties cf
Burke, and Wilkes which being read,
Mr. Mathetrs then moved for leave and
prefentcd a bill to annex part of Burke
and Wilkes counties to Iredell county
which was read the Brfl time, jpafied and
feiit to the fenate. j.
Reteived from the fenate a till for al
tering the place of Itclding the ccui ts in
the county cf Randolph, and for erect
ing public buildings therein, endifed, .
.read the ferit.time, and paf'ed. 1
Mr. Folk moved for leavp and prefent
ed a bill to repeal an aft paiTed at Fay
etteville, in 17S6, and to alter the mode
of Dunifliinei' hcrfe fiealine which wa:
read the fli il time, pailed-aafiTent the
. - - " ; . . s :
Tuefday, Ncvember 23.
. The bill to incorporate the phyficians
and furgeons of this ftate, L the came
of the Ncrth-Carolir.a Meiical Society,
vhich was read the fecend time, paCed,
and fent to the fenate. f
- Mr. Jcnes pi efeuted the petition1 cf
fundry inhabitants of the .tcv.jj ci Wil
mingtcn, which beisg read, Mr. Jones
moved for leave and preferjted a; bill
agreeably, te the .p,rayer therccf, enticed,
a bill to rAablifh a towr. at Fcit john.
ficn, n Cape-Fear river, v hic was
lead the fiifi time, palled, and fect to the
fenate. t.
Mr. franklin prefeme a j petition
from divers IrihabitftMs ci Wilkes cfun
lyi '.prajirjg to lc added to the ccurty cf
' MS V.
It v-x!
; k V i .
1 I
S I. :

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