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N i $ of Vol. II. j
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DECEMBER 6, 190. Total ;
( Cr.tinued. )
IHAVE already obferved that the
.Auinipoils, with a party of whom I
Tic here, arc a revolted band of th Nau
cionefliis ; who on account of fome re
al -r imagined grievances, for the Indi
an in general arc very tenacious o. their
liberty, had feparated themtclves from
their countrymen, and fotfght for (ree
do.u at; the ex pence of, their eaie. For
tn- country they -mow inhabit about the
bo-deri of Laic Winncpeek, being much
fa; herjnorth, is rot near' io fertile or
agreetble as that they hve relinquished.
They flill retain the language and man
ners of their former aflbciates.
The KiliilVmocs, now the neighbours
and allies of the xiflinipoils, for they alio
dwell near the fame lak and on the. war
ters of the river Dourbon, appar to have
ibcen originally a tribe o? the Chip? ways,
j as therfpeak their language, though in
j a diffeient dialed. Their nation cbn
JUis of about thtee or four hundred war
! 1 iors, and they fecm to be a hardy brave
people. I have already given an ac-
eounti of their country when I treated of
j Lake Winrjepeek. As they refidc with
' in thelimiuof Hudfon's Bay, they gene
'. rally trade at the faaorics which belong
; to that company, but, for the reafons be
: fore mentioned they frequently rome to
i the place where I happened to join th m,
in order to meet the traders from Mich
ills mackinac
The anxiety I had felt on account of
the tiaders delay, was not muck allevi
ated by their arriyal. I again found xny
expeaations difappoimed, for T wa no
able to procure the goods 1 wanted from
any of them I was therefore obliged
1 to fiveovti my defigns, and to return
to the plac frrim vrhencc 1 firtt began
r.n extenfive" circuit. I accordingly
! tcck leave of thdold king of the Kilhfti
l r.ces, with th? cjiicfh f both 'bands, and
' dfprrted. This prince was upwards of
1 fis v years of ae, tail and (lightly made,
U He carried "himiclf yrry ere. 'I. NHe
1 y : ofa courteous, affable difpcfition,
! akc treated me, as did all the chiefs,
with great civility. ' 1 . ': t 4L
I ouferved in at people flill conti
nued a cullora, that appeared to hare
been univerfal before any of them be
came; acq :.iain:ed with the manners oi the
European, that of complimenting than--'
t"Ters with the company of their wives
amd this is not only pia51ifed by the low
er ranks, hut by the chieff themfeifes,:
who elteera it the greateft jproof of coar
teir they can give a (banger. ;
The feeginnfe-'of Oaober, after hav
ing coafied rouad the north and caGj bor
der i f Lkc Superior I arrived aV Ca
dot's Fore, which adjoins to the falls j cf
St. Marie, and is fituated hear the fouth-
weit corner ot if. j r 1 '
- Lake Superior, formerly tenr.ed the
uppe? lake from its northern fit nation, -is
lb caiied on account of its being fuperi
or in magnitude to any of the Likes on
that vait continent. ; It J might juitly
be termed the Cafpian of Ameiica, and
is fupocied to be the largeft body oil frclh
water on the globe Its circumference,
according to the French charts, is about
fifteen hundred miles; but I believe,
thai if it was c aJled round, and tlie ut-
moll. extent of every bay taken, it would
exceed fix teen hundred. " !
After I drfl entered it from Goddar J's
River on the Weabay, I coaftednear
twelve hundred miles of the north and
eaft ihores of it, aadi obfcrved that the
great ell prt of that txteniive track was
bounded by rocks and uneven ground.
The?ater in general appeared to he on
3 oed oi rock. When it vyas calm, and
the fun (hone bright, I cul4 fit in my ca
noe, where the depth- was upwards of fix
fathoms, an-' plainly, fee huge piles of
(Uneat the bottom, of different lhapes,
fome of which appeared as if they were
hewn. The water at this time was as
pure and tranfparent as air ; and my ca
noe feemed as if it hung tefpeaded in chat
clement. It "was impouTele to look at
temivtly through this limpid medium at
the rocks below, without finding, btfore
many minutes were clapfed, ycur head
fwjm, ad your eyes noonger able to be
hold the dazzling fcene
I di:covcred alfo by accident another
extraordinary property in the waters of
this lake. Though i: was in the month
of July that I naued,OYer it, and tne fur-
face of the water frq the fuper-ambient
air, impregnated with ho fmall de
gree jof warmth, yet o letting down a
cup t;o the depth of about ft lathoadi the
water drawn from thence was fo eiceT:Te
coidj that it had the fame5 effect when re
ceived into tfae mouth as. icer 1 1 pIP4",',
I Tte fitilationbf this : lake is varifjuflf
laid tiown ;. b-ut ircmhe Wioftl exak ob
iervaWns I could make, It lie? r between
fbrt-fix and fi degreei rbt north j lati
ludel and between eihty-fb'ur and nine-
ty-three degrees ot weit longitude irom
the tnendian 01 London.
Tiere - are many iOands
land of them is proper i'oi cultivation,
there appears to oe lurncient 10 1
eacli a conAderable provincje ; cfpecially
on 1 lie ivoyai wmcu cauui wc itxa tw.
in this lake,
; and if the
(hundred mile lonr, and ia many
iplace forty broad. 15ui tnre is no way
latpfrefentof alccitaining the exact length
(or breadth of either. Even tie French,
iwht always kept ,a fmall fchnei n this
llake whiitt they were in pofeffion pCCa
' lnada,by which they could; have mads
i!thi difcoviry, have-enlf acquired a
! flight knowjedge of the exteriarparts bf
ithejfe iflaads ; at lcaft thej have never
publifhed any account of the internal
j pans of them, that I coud get inteht-
I geiice -of . . '. ; ' . i-hi I 1
I Nor was !I able t difcoter.; frdxi any
i of !the cohverlatiohs whicr I! hed with
! -'thi neighouring Indians that they had
I ertr made any fettlemeHti op them or
evtn landed there iruhfKnticg excur-
ndns. From what I cp&iaj gather, by
ifrrtmfe. thev fuTsoole thtm to have
I beer, from their fir fx inforhrriatiqri, the r-
I: fidence of tlie Great bp:nt ; a
: tniitiY re dicnlous (tones or enc
add'magical tricks that had Nen expe
riericed bvrfuch as were oblige through
! ftjfeft of weather to take (Beltfr
One of the Chipeway chiefs
f their oeopleibeine
; vn on the ifland of Maurepas, which
I lifS on the north-eaft part of the -lake,
! flA nn it larce ouantities oft a heavy
I fhlinfng yellow 'fand, that from! their dc
i fciiption mua have been pf ld uft; B,e
i irj ftruck! with th? beautiful pp-arance
i ofit, in the morning, wcn ;tK; re-en-I
tcred theif car.oe, they attempted to
nd relate
baiu ment
on'" them.
told me,
once Bri-

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