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Volume No. XXII •
Durham, North Carolina Saturday, Februarv 15th. 1941
Number Eigrht
Principal Pleads For Vocational School
Norfolk Teachers Vote
Down Compromise On
Salary Discrimination
Anxious To Sene In First All - Negro Air Squadron
NORFOLK, Va. —At a meeting
called here on Tuesday, F«bmarjr
4, on petition of certain member*
of the Norfolk Teachers Aasooi*-
tion in an effort to foree the Teach
ers to accept the form of decree
fcff final settlement of their
their sahirV equalization case
drawn by City Attorney Alfred
Andersoj^, the teachem ^yoted un.
Aoimotasly to , Buppopt
WA^CP «tofl»«ys utii decree
drawn by them.
Following the failure of Judge
patched to the scene. When they
arrived they found the membatrs
of the Teachers Associaition wait
ing in the . auditorium While
William Cooper and L. F, Palmer
of the Joint Comnyittee on Teach
ers’ Salary case in Virginia were
in conference with City Attorney
Anderson and City Manager Bor
land in an upstairs oIRce. Th^ir
presence was greeted^y the tefioh
er« with eb«ec» and then tlwyl
were oshjrred into ‘ the”
tive’ huddle. Maintain that they
would only discugB the form of
Principal Urg^
Consideration Of
VocationM Needs
“Birth of a Nation Senator Lodge Cites
Closed Following jDisfranchisement
N. A. A. C. U. Protest Present System
NEW YORK — Follo^ving vi
gorous protest by the national
DURHAM — On the weekly
thirty minute radio program en
titled “To Durham City Schools”
Wednesday night,
Pnincipal W. M.
In introducing the program, ink and handling’ of woodwork.”
Superintendent-W. F. Warren (rfi McElrath Pleads
the 'Durham City Sohools express, For Opportunity
ed his “sincere” hope that in the I In the nuain address of the
future, there will be more and evening Prof. McElrath statediin
Way last week to effect an agree decree which,they had prepared fpur vj^rTVRo, TirpxT. t>T/^rprTrri?ir» u * • n. i,- . vt
j r- j lu • j XL InE yoUJS'G'MEN-PICTUREiD here are anxious to serve in the first all- Negro armv air ^auar
T ^ don to be be-established at Tufike gee institute and have already met the physical requirements for
i«.on and Aiu™, OW H.n,Oty Attorney .nj «y Man.^r, Anericanh -flas. Th'y ,,a ,ho,„ \,ith Col. jin
Ih, latur the teaeh- Manarer that fnrth.r d.«u..ion i„ da/rk wit J. cap, who di«ti,«»i,hed himself fishtL for H.iU-Sela«i, i„ the
ers, he recused himself in open wa^ uslegs and these two indivi- W „ ii. iaa * j i. ^ » -r ,•
. _ , j. a ‘ ■ n- -i. ,1 mniopian-italian war a few j’ears ago. There are more than 100 student at Robinsort s Institute,
count and requeste Senior Circuit duals soon left the premises-
Judge Parker to assign someone! Returning to the, auditoium
else to hear any further proceed-1 Forney Ransom made a report
ings. The difference between the had happened in the up-
two forms of decree, as described gtaii^ meeting with the cdty offi-
by NAAOP Attorneys, is that the jiaig and urged the teachers not
one proposed by City Attbmey surrender any more of. their,.
Anderson i«, in effect, an crder rif^iits gained by the deiiaoiu
for a dismissal of the suit, where- haj been won. Winston
as, the decree drawn by the teach Douglais, member of the Joint
erfe’ attorneys calls for a deoiara. Committee, who h»d been the
tory judgment and injiin(»*ion'p,ov,in,j force in the calling of the
forcing the defendant to carry out i^eeiting presented the aa:^unients
the terms of the agreement. .tfor oompromise and after a brief
When word was ’received at'requital by Attorney Hill a ballot
the National Oflhce of the NAACP| .^g taken on the question as to
in New York that Melvin Alston,' i,.gther the teachers would sup-
President of the Norfolk Teach-'port the decree drawn by their
ers’ Afw^iation and plaintiff in naAOP attorneys or would ac-
the successful action against the gepj. the proposal of City Attorney
Norfolk School Board, had been Anderson. When the vote was
forced by petition to call a meet- counted it was 132 to 34 in favor
iner of the Aseoeiaition on Tuesdov the NAAOP aittorneys. Dou-
Attomevs L. A. Ransom and OH- gia^ moved that the vote be made
ver M. Hill were immediately dis unanimous which was done.
Negroes Placed On
New York Blue Ribbon
And Grand Juries
NEW YORK — Several hund
red Negroes have been called by
the New York County Jury Com
missioner’s office for examination
ag potential Blue Rd'bbon Panel
jurors and members of the New
York County Qrand Jury, a« a
Extraction Of ENDS WORK
Negro, To Georgia IN GEORGIA
NEW YX)RK, Special to the.
result of efforta by 4he NAACP, CAROLINA TIMES >-Wrhe follow
its became known today. Ij^g tele^pi;^ jni on February
The-i&ue w«^*“Wiised when fc 4 to Qovenior I^man
Blue Ribbon jury waa sought for by Walter W^ite, executive seer*'
the trial of Morris Preston, Ne-'tary of the National Association
gro, chaiged with the murder of for the Advencement of Colored
his wife. Preston and his wife People:
were two of the seven persons j “National Association for Ad-
manhandled by a mob in the \-ancement of Colored People
famous Crambury, N. J. potato respectfully urges you. as Gover-
piekers, case in 1939. nor, to deny extradition of jay
When a Blue Ribbon jury was Gould Cotton, fifteen year old
sought Morris Shapiro, Proton’s Negro lad asked for by Georgia to
counsel, raised the issue of the odmplete ' barbaric sentence of
absence of Negroes on such juries -from ten tp ^ twenty, years for
New York County. ■ At Mr. alleged theft. No- civilized State
greater opportunities for the Ne- that while the Negro teacherg ac- ghapiro’s request a brief amicus i would impose such a sentence on
gro youth of Durham, to get the cept the ta»k and duty of aiding curiae wag field by the NAACP juvenile even if ^ilty. Cotton
proper training in vocationing students in the selection of occupa and hearings were held on the'aHege,«^ he wa* unmereifally bea-’
fields 80 that there will be more tions whi;h promote happiness and.y^jjjj^ tying* Preston before ten before‘being griven a summary
chances for employment. jsuccess, “the public should ac-^hite Blue Ribbon Panel trial and convicted. He aL^ alleg-
Citing the progress made ini®®Pl^ that our education-jju^y before Judge Jonah J. »3 that he was cruelly treated on *
the Home Economics Department, Process must change and im-jooldstein of the Court of General the notoriotus Georgia chain gang.'
re. I. E. Colmfin said “ag late as Rrove if it would continue to ser-'ggggJong
19^ the department occupied two ® w’ell the vital n®eds of the nia-(
ATL-IXTA, Ga. (Special) —
Mrs. Nell Hunter, ct>nsultant in
rooms. There were tw o teachers,
one text book, five sewing mechi-
ne». Today we have four teachers,
It is oor , Opinion that a cruel i • ■ • » x- -« ■
. • _*.• ij V .V division ot Negro affairs,
travesty -OH justice would be per©e „i
At hearings before Judge Golds ^^^^ed by returning Cotton to ""n t n r- .
He pointed out that since 1935 tein on January 30 the NAACP’s Georgia”
the peir cent of bovs enrolled in secretary presented to the Court ,.
Bill Robinson,
two general and two vocational, '‘^^tion work ha« decreased from a list of 159 Negro residents of j, P tf
two clothing laboratories, one ^ Manhattan who had qualifications sc^^r on
labortories, one lecture roohi, 4(14 there has been a similar decreiase for Jury service. Deputy Com-
by posting the
Admin istrattoof
pleted a month’s .-tay in Georgi*
tamous during which time she visited
release niany Negro NY A projects for
required $1500 the purpose of assisting in th®
text books, 75 library reference.®'™®*'? g*rls. The decrease i» imissioners
James McGurrin and BwxAlyn a^ creating of organized choral pro
books and eleven sewing machines ®nrollment was stated as being Thomas F. Kane exi>re8sed will- office of th* NAACT\ grams, William H. Shell. Georgia
- and other interested groups and XYA admi'histrative asmstant in
individuals *re exerting ewry ef- Negro affaifs, revealed this week.
—two of them electric. The food.s inadequate space and ingness to include on the
laboratory consists of three units,' rather than a lack of list all Negroes who met
fort to prevent Cotton’s extra di-
two gas and one electric including among the students jqualifications and who were will- .. ,, j- * i
a frigidaire. As far as facilities I “We, therefore, urge that our ing to serve. Judge Goldstein ad- ^ **** ii*g ®
will permit, all phases of home.|vocational needs be fully con- journed the hearing to FeJbruary S^i’ams, letters etc., to this cffeet
economics are taught.” jsidered in order that the program 11 to permit the NAACP to pre-i^° Governor Lehman.
Mrs. J. A. Nelson defined thej^^*^^ already been set forth, ipare an additional list of all
duties of the vocationad hom« be complete for the city of avail persons. j
February 5th, economics teacher as including thel^^^®"^-” I I
McElrath, of carrying on of a community pro-|
Hillside Park High School whs pram of work by means of Adults OFFICERS USHERS
WASHINGTON, D. C. — In a the main speaker, and three teach- classes and
the .supervision of,
In addition to
Arthur Crump,
Greensboro Ushers
statment read into the Congress-1 ers from the vocational depart-projects ^
office and New York branch of the jgnal Record of January 31, byjment of the sahool also made work dealing with problenss^
NAACP, and other interested ^isfiranchise the Negro. Under a short talks. The theme running personal, home and family life Vj||^TAfn IJIJD t
groups and individuals, the show- Repiiblioan from Massachusetts, | through all of the s.peeches was projects are sponsored in jWRW I HHK / ArQ
ing of “The Birth of a Nation",gupport of a joint resolution|the conditions to be found in the for better hotoe liv-
at the Ambassador Theatre here .introduced by him calling for
was terminated two djiys ago. iconstitutional amendment to pro-
Hillside departments of
Welcome Address. T. E. Hum-
mons, secretary of Hayes-
Taylor YMCA.
Response, Mrs. L. B. Perkins,
recording secretary,
^ injr or for employment. , . . . _ .
, „ . . ‘>»>iiv')>e liniSfruction is the main ' ^ joint meeting of the Board Selection, South Choir.
T*. pi.t»re .ck«iaM for .'via, for n, p„p„tor .l«lion orgT "Z"Z ’’f"'"" NorthtoSJ InteSomint G.^nnell. CTair-
prevue benefit performance for the President and Vice President L^^^tional needs be fully ionsider,''*®® tional Ushers Association will
Bundles for Britain on Febru- of the United States, disfranchise present program H. R. Nan«e pointed out to be held in Greensboro, Sunday ,
for all the stu- the radio audience that: afternoon, February 23, at the Call and readinff of the
majority of our boys leave school Hayes - aTylor eMmorial Y. M. j nwnutes.
Reports from the supervisor
may be complete
dents of Durham.
Mr., I. E. Coleman, in.t™clor f »«»’' " ‘'"■y P»" tl-o W l™il C. A., it WJ» Mnounced this Rei^rte from th* suMrv.^1
■ Mi>s T F Tsr 1 on of compulsory education. It is week by O. G, Donnell, chair- of Western District, C. R.
man of the board
Craig; BJastern District: J. Wy-
of Se^ying; Mrs. J. E. Nekon of - .
ii. n 1 • i * J -vr from thw aroup that the 25,000
the ^king pe^rtment, and N. The meeting is scheduled to lie Thompson, Supervisor of
Nauce, instructor
ary, but upon the urging of the ment of the Negro is cited as one
NAAGP and other civic groups, of the defect in the present elec-
“The Birth of a Nation” was toral college system,
not show’n, and “Four Feathers”i , » i. •
was substituted in it stead. 1 ® ®
Walter White, secretary of the present system, * -At •■■•...-i.iai me uumw*!n. — - ’ t • ■rw' ‘
National . A^*socitaion for the Ad- following,R. Nauce, mst™ctw m Auto ^ promptly at 1:30 o’clock Junior I^partment. Mw. L. A.
vancement of Colored People, was VIT s7h^^ of First ibd
informed by a telegram frorn^ “The eigTith defect is the ten-l“*‘" enourfi for only thirty in the all ^^rtment, Mrs. Fannie R.
Bundles for Britain, Inc. that it dency of the present system ^e- Vocational Department which Diyision-of Orri Hygi«e,
had cancelled its acc^bance*^of disfranchis the Negro. Under a speakers. The Hillside chorus trains in auto servicing a n, d jng will please be on time. ' J. W. Doak. After which the.^' State Board of Health s
sang two number under the direc- soa'e enoue-h for about seventy- program, for the occasion State President, Pr«6ident L.E. ,*»*«' conducting a mouth health
tion of' Misg. T. H. Claggett with .eight in the industrial arts de- jg as follows: Austiug will offer -progr*m in th« publia sahoola oif
Miss D. V. Croom at the piano. 'partment which trains in^ the mak Selection, from the Soutk Choir ^tions. Ithe City and Coooty.
James Melton HoUowar*
prominent farmer of Cionnan,
died at his home Tuesday mom*
ing at 2:30 after a, short ijlnnni
Mr. Holloway was 81 years of
age at the time of his death.
Thd deceased had lived ia
Durham county all of his life
and was a succ«asful fanaer. .
Although he was not ft meynfaer
of the Mt. Calvary Baplirt
church, he wfta active in all of
its works and served the
as one of its ataunchesfc anp*
porters for many years.
I la addition to hii WidkMr»lfR.t
Tmma Hollowajr Mr. Bidlowaar
ia survived hgr six daugtdwt»«>^
three sons. The daughtan are
,lirs. iavirft Reopen, Mnu .de*-
ys McNeil. Mrs. Olpha F. WXk
i^Misaee Sudie, Eva and
this benefit showing “because f system in which no minority votes
itg sympathy and respect for the are counted, there is scant incen-
Colored people of Amerlc*i.” * tiye to bring OTit the Negro vote.
2!!.*^“^ .BoUowftjr, ftll of DoMham.
sons are Willcgr, (Mear and Af
vid. Wiley reside* ia
Pwuasyhraaia, while tla
two aooB are rstiifaatg «t

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