North Carolina Newspapers

Volume Twenty-Two
Durham, North Carolina Saturday, June 21st,
Number 26
Nationally Known Woman Honored
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A.&T. Prexy Files
Denial to Teachers’
Damage Action
Bluford Answers $35,000 Actiori
* Mis. Mary McCrorey, Counselor of Woipra, ffdhit*
son C. Smith Unilrersity and nationally known Nerro woman
who W1M hoiiMMl with the 4e|rree of Doctor of PedatFogy by the
Tnutees of eBnedkt CdUege, Columbia, 6. C., »t its Mpfal
CQi^iaenccnient held Qn 7ue»d^y> May 2?th. Standing with
is President Sftarks of Benedict College.
Ikgro Affairs
Commmittee Charges
IRalcigli — A gronp of citizene, three other demands of Negrocfl
representing The Durham Coni- regarding faicilitiea. The plane
nrittee on Negro Affairs, race’s had been altered to inclpde a
mo?i. militant otfanization in lounge Ifor Negro women, restau-
Durham« appeared before The rant facilities and a newsstand.
Nortji Carolina Utilities Com- .1. M. Edwards, Jr., Rilei^
misflion, Stanley S. WinbomC) architect who is in charge of the
High Comml*«ioner, in Raleigh plane., told Commissioner Win
Monday J?, m. ^and, demanded that borne that a passageway frotn the
the stieet enirande t^jditor*8 front of the building to the Ne-
Note:—present plants for tbe new gro, waiting rooiu would cost an
bns station in Durham include
an entrance for Negroef) on Dill
ard Street near the rear of tfee
structm-e) be eliminated from the
plan&, ajid that new plans provid
ing an entrance on Main Street
be drawn up.
Citing, le^al statutes guarii;tee
ing Negroes teparate 'Wt* equal
status in public transportation
facilitie. M. Hugh Thompion>
Durham attorney ^ representing
the* committee, declared that the
entrance now planned for Ne
groes on Bniard ‘ Street is “ de
finitely disorminatory.’*
Commissioner Stanley S. Win-
bbme and his two associate com
mit ioners, Fred C. Hunter and
»iT7 Ttwker, agreed to take the
matter under advisement. Win?
bornp, who ia chairman of the
commiseion, stated 'that they
Wonld come to some decision “in
a few days,” '
Attorney Thompson ,told the
corpmi'sloa {liat the Carolina
Coach Company had agreed o
Greensboro, (Special) ■—
President F. D. Bluford of A and
T College filed an answer in
uperior Court,of (Juilford Coun
ty here today, to the $3j,000
ant brought against him by Mis»^
Ejt(jlle L. Lingham, iartmtr fac-
i|eii;tber of '
lufwir^enffw in his answer
that^hje had ever made improper
advances to Miss 'Lingiiat.^ or
he dischaiig^ hfer from the
faculty because she did not stub-
^t to bis desires.
President Bluford also con
tends tbit Miss Lihprham’B't'aaee
^f action, if any, came one year
before she iiKitituted action
Ugainst him on the' 191b of May,
Itnd tbat the etatute of limitation
ivhich «nowi only one year* for
such wqnld bar recovedy.
The defendant Bluford futther
answers that he ' did noit malici-
oiisly ''cause ' Miss Linghim to
lose her job with the cdllege.
Because of the prominence of
both per.tons in the caseithe
charge'biade agaiast the college
president have fairly rocked
educational and social circles of
North ' Carolina.
* TO DI3JYBB Aim- *
* Chief Joyner, head of The *
* Charlotte Police Department •
* will deliver on Suniay, June *
22, at 9:30 a. m. the fourtli *
* in a series of five “CRIME *
* DOES NOT PAY” addresses •
* sponsored by THE CABO- •
* UNA TIMES over Radfio *
* Station WSOC» Chariot tee. *
* Gbiei Joyaor^ who w»s elevaj^ •
* ted ta bi? position, near . tbc *
* proven his worth by Viialw* *
♦-ally rfeHneitrf tbat'city% bi^.*
* crilne rate, whiob a«cordii^ ;*
* ing to statistics f9r 1040 re- •
* leased, by Wie Fe(\^ral Bareaw *
* of JifTQitigaticm |r«« one of *
* tbe'bigb^ in 4be entire,ua- *;
* :^i(mf iand ba» eyidi^ced jeyice *
* taking over tfce cbief'^ mw, *
* a willingne^i to coppBrate'te'*
* any endeavor to rid his eity. *
* of it^!^ crimriuHals -el^en^'*
* and to reduce, crime; *
extra $3,000. He also said fhat
redrawing the plans would cost
an additional .$1,500.
W. H. Johnson of Raleigh a
rupresontative of. the State In
terracial Commission, ap|jeared
before tht comipis^iion in "support
of the Durham . Conuiiittce. After
the bearing Johnson hinted that
if the commission refused fo
grant the Durham Negroes their
deniands, a te^t caae might be
made out of the matter in the
'‘There’s, going to be * tost
e made oqt of one of these bus
stations enmetlme,’^ be ijitd.
Among the speakers for the
Durham Committee were Dean
James Taylor of thei North
C^mliipa Conege, George W. Cox
of the North Carolna Mutual and
W. D. Hill also of the North
CH#olina Mutual.
Dean Taylor commented that
ijt ia “hard to keep yoiingstcrs of
rf ’■fi e fii-If I'esptwting and
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Future Theologian
■ ■ ^ra^u'atifeg C«m ^ Laude
i4 the 1!^1’ol&&) ‘«t' the'North
Carplinai College ' ,for N^oea,
Miouias D. I^rhjumj^ also the
recjpi'erit of. the ■Yolkaiucnia' dub
Prize for excellency in English
for the enfiref four years. Mr^
•I^arham is a hieittber of the Kappa
Hig-hest percentage of *fitWBM) Alpha. Hd fraternity •«,nd plans Ho
forUe’ Army in' 1^-25 ?aBe tbeblogic^l sthool rn_the
I : I' - i'fall.m pro|>aratipn for tbe.minis-
: I •• ■! *.#«;•“ • -.try.' ' '
Roosevisit Urges Office of
l^roduction lianagement to
iscf imination
In Texas
Co^rooffl Stir^
National Interest
'flnr mi* ntmHltdnni roim
iWUie^ot l‘r«*lneff«^
^i^iyiday, .luiie 1.*?^ JVesi-
dent. Franklin D. Roiniievelt ni^-
eil i ^'ilHaun S. KruNWii, director
of O. P. 'M> and Sidney Hillaiuait
his as>iociate to deal ‘*Eft'e*tively
‘•('^I'jpl^iiat.-* . have rep^ate^r
Ix-en broHjjht to my sittentifw
that available ami raach n(^e4
worker.-s .are l>eing barred
irharlotte Begins
Fight On Crime
By a A. IRVIN '
dh^irlotte, N. C.—^The first
quarterly Bulletin, isstied by
the Federal Bureau of Irtvesti
gation., United States Depart
ment of Justice discloses that
5 murders, 19 robberies, 71 ag-
gravat«l assaults, 174 burglar-
|lea, '470 cases of larceny and 75
l^to theft cases have been
brought to the attention of lo
cal police department daring
the period.
The consolidatad 194& report
of the department shows th^t
during the year the number of
offense known the Charlotte
(police were:
47 murders 95 robberies, 318
aggrayatM assaults, 721 bur
glaries, 2,0(^ cases of larceny
and 310 auto thefts.-
It vwU be observed that if tfte
report for the first quarter of
the current year be used as a
barometer, and with the var
ious agencies interested in the
reduction of crime plotting
their courses accordingly a sub
stantial lessening of the of
fenses committed during 1941
will result.
The governmental report ob>
The amount of crime commit
Cimtinaed (m Pag« 7
or Convefltioa
Headquarters For Pivliiion '*B*’
«To Be' Set Up At Hillaide Pu4
, High School . , • •
Durham — A veritable horde,.€>f
race members of The Ameriean
Legion are expected to invade the
city for the service organizatidns
annual state, convention to held
here on ^une 22, . 23, and 24.
Chairman William Weaver of the
local post promisee a full sche
dule of activities for the three
day meet, and has designated the
Hillside Park School as official
hfadquaMer.~ for Division “B'’
the Negro Division.
Following is a bri^^f outline of
feficheduM activities:
At 8 o’clock in the evening the
annual memoiral sftprvice will b^
held in the school auditorium.
The Race division, will take part
in the' street parade at 2:30
o’cl«Bk Monday afternoon. The
Hillside band, local Boy Scoate
and the safety patrol wilj .a]^
take part in the parade.
Immediately afterward, the
divbkm*# n^usieal unit w}ll eon-
pete for prieee in the drilk which
will be held at. th^ athletk park.
In the early evening all regiw-
tered Legionnaires and members
of the. Auxiliary will be ^rved a
barbecue dinner at Hillside
School.' Following the dinner,
from & p. m. until 1 a. m. the
anuual Legipn ball will bo held in
Koyiroft’)/ Warehousse.
At 9 a. m. TAesday, Jane 24,
the business seasiiOn will be held
in iiillsid^ School. This sK-aion
will bo- pretsided over by the D^
partment Vice Commander,
Ormond of Salisbury. Election of
department officials for 1&42 will
take place at the meeting.
New .lYol^; ^ The eokl blooded
mutdcr .of Bok White in a.court
room in Conroe, 'Texasi, June 10,
ats he was about to be tried for
the third time on a criminal at
tack charge has tensed tby at
tention of the nation on the 32nd
annual ,cqnferencjg qf the National
‘Ass^iation for the Advancement
Qf> Colored People which ineets
Jin Houston, June 34-29 - inclusive.
White had been defendwl since
Au^st, 1937, by Ijfwyers. engag
ed by the NAACf*",., a^d' his con
viction had, been reversed twice
by higher courts. , .
The legal work of the asstK'ia-
tion will receive prominent at-
tcntion^ during the conference
sessions, but the sjwtligbt wi'l
be ui>on the Negro in the nation
al defense jn-ogram. One evening
mass meeting will be devoted to
this topic, as well ‘ as an entire
day of discussion.
with the ♦‘grave” situation pre-^ defense jjrodaction *iolely boeaase
riH’i*, r»%ton, or ir^icnal ori
gin. It % .-laifi . that at a tSUe
when labfw -(trinSs'neifs ar?« -n-
j.eariug in many art*a.«. .
iliijjlificd workers* are bring ;
^d from the trates pf indu^
specificntious ej^ircly imr
to eflieieney - a*d pri.dne .
iAfco that Ai^rjmihation *
Xegirp jn ^rkcts; hu • hr«i nat^
wide, ami other minority rae^^
na^oiuiL aiyt r feli^irftis .grqng^
have t‘el> its ^ffei-ts .in.
JucalLtws- • . Thb* sitiutfioo
matt»*r >f grase iiatioijiil ,!5
aniH> and
Ple«t»e Tujrw To p«?e Eisht t
Rvrrtet^ by •difir^Daiiw^i»y-ill
f^nse. ; agaiiwt ew-tain
4'Horiean yiti^ni* on the gronund^
of “rffcej, ^ j-e|ig[i'w, oe ndt^»ii«l
orig^n^’j JTbi* J*’.a‘* Hot only an
pffort jto!; hffjire / fuH u^e of th‘
>uiti«H'!^ j rwhiftive capacity, in
the ^e^yt-to'j' ani} ^xpencl
defeJjsf qutjpiU^ jbnt a^> OPi', u‘-.
,tend«;l to eontribiite to the d*-
flopine^ of a sipirit of nuti»nuil
uaity ►ii^ tke? fniergepc^.rlt was a
diceet, ap*«(er to. tjhe efforiii
«nl^versivel grauSs* tbat .have lieen
/ dis^*riminati«>B in the ai-
teiiipt .to, di^upt pboductioo aul
foster, .(^sunity. ;
Mu^al Prodigy
• 0. 0, sPAULWira ahp de. •
• C. C. Spaulding,, president •
• 6f the North Carolina Mutual *
• Life Insurance Company and *
• Dr. James E. Shepard, preei- *
• dent of the North Carolina *
• College for Negroes were op- •
• pointed members of the *
• Council for National De- *
• fense by Governor J. ■ M. *
• Bronghton this week. A meet- •
• ing of the Council was held in '
• the House of Representatives •
• Chamber at Raleigh, Wednes- *
• day morning at 11 o’clock. *
Ginning the conference Tues
day night_^, June 24, will be a key
note address by Editp Roseoe
Dunjee, member of tb*^ national
board of directors, and editor of
the Black Dispiteh of Oklahoma
City, Okla.
The other princi[>al' address of
the opening night will be on^ the
Negi'o and the franchise, by l^r
bert Agar, editor of the Louie^
ville, Ky., Courier Journkl. Mr^
Agar, an outstanding liberal, will
deal with the white {H-imary, the
|)oll tax, and other topics^
The treatment of the Neg»*o in
national defense will be the sub
ject of two speeches Wedn»*sday
night, June 25 when A. I^ilip
Randolph, international presid
ent of the Brotherhood of Sleep
ing Car Porters, and W. Robert
Ming, Jr., of WaybThgton will be
the speakers.
The temper of the NAACP
branches on the national defense
que^ion indieates that on Thuis-
dsy, June 26, the del^ates will
have some sharp qaeetionB for the
various government administrai-
tive aSstants who will be pr»-
sent to tell what the goverament
Turn To E tfbi
Plifbipt Sekaylw. dmrktcr ot Qo^fm
umuAt ^
Will mCfBOlt ft CMiCgrt 9i |gv
«lussiai at the K, N. Dale
of The Nttrth CSmlieB Callif tw i
JfWM 2$ 8 iMtk. Utth
«■ wiBmr ^ ugr SMulter ^ i
of Om Manli7> ■■rtrt?

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