North Carolina Newspapers

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nt at liutUiriore So much for war med loins.
L'houi taxes. - ; . , ... -tr."-f;."V... :
To gentlemen arrived iri lovn last night from
x anhy' and' bring the imp irtaut . information
t (ien. Hainson has goni on to MalCen with
I-',.3 m?n 10" lnc purpose i .utauujiMK iuc
h , tn Charlotte, and oher vessels there, wme
K . lvA K.iilrlinn..' ; ft Bffef4j4
; v i I Cll a" s,i,u lu uc. uVui''5i -
itpi lif'Bni wun sou regulars iorms me
..j ... l,',c I'-.rr ? m1 l hat M orison. cimiHiB(ids
.'i:;nnu ' c '
L-rsni and has taken a numbc-rcf his cannon
Vtfn. .The Kll in. question,,, not gVirt for enough.
TTrvtfpd Sates .Sitrv . vnicn- wa aeuinciwut M .reKardefUbv" ureat Britain, as concerns
' ' .,.;, ,i..s -j.t i a! 09'A'o.lOO. is nnvt nn. ! wiiTkniit n hun.'Rr intrntn-in. '.A. f-irtirai at
kiih him..
ChUicothe fiaier.
Ii-h very confidemly asserted, from various
-arters, that W the miming after Winchester's
1 au tin Indians wee permbtTd by the British
U ia chcr and cal? ,Uit wounaeo mtncan
nUont-rs. to. whom protection, ana jenci nuu oeen
hom will still have room tp say that the war is
wagea lor ,th privikge ot naturalizing .British
seaineTv, and the public in gt fera!r not leelir g
tlfe motive for war strongly, will no feel it lung.
But, -if British searntn ie altogether excluded,
the battle will thtn be, if continued, literally and
truly for, ,4 he jrotectin r of mi-rican. searntn
Kvery body can thus ; understand it. Two ; n,
tences will then ,txlain our side of the tM'f:jn
Bri.iitFi seamen $ e entiiely pw out of (Ac dia
j)u'ej alive Americana only are to bt qua-ded.
Uion h h a ground,' we vcnOire to.say, tiii3 na.
tion will make war forever. Qjn the alien him
self seriously object? Heoiht hot', Jf he doep
notiinjoy the htnifii, Jii,;jrUdrrn will. At aiv
rate, an entire exclusion of British irruiners can
riot be more objec4on Vole , to thai, class of rhcti
than the provision in the billj which dooms them
to Jive year residence ashore bt fore they can be
en ployed in our ships. ''onsidt ring he habits
of seamen, this i". a V r'u U exclusioji. Let us,
By Ms Exrelk'Hcy n'Miim 'lUinhin, Enfh r (i'i-ertivrt
CujitiUu-GctraltinJ Commmlerhi LhaJyAtid
( t. tkt State ufireLMt. "
- ' a pnacLAMATiox. i : ,
t sintdar t'hit GiOral Winchester should not then, ao at once, and i.pei)ly, hat is attempted to
be clone in. suostance. , , '.
In tffect, the causes of the war 'have si chan
ged, that it xqu'nes agod deal of reflection to
l;ni'll KJll'll. Ill Ilia wm'-mi -'i'-'v"-- .
tary at wz.r.
Sintriifor Lottery' orcurreHce. The two 30,000 bring ourselvt&o tix Un reqijxao.i But it
.tr.iwh in Baltimo 'ilmosi at tnc same mo shouia oe nxtau:i'n.
WlTKIiRAS J fiuve- thi day, .e n uifiri)ied thav tu
. inurtlk-MoiuUv in May next has been nxed on t
than the prescribed by law
i NOW THEKtFOKB, by virtue of the authority in tiw
vested (y an ut't parsed t thlast Sesnion of the Oeneral
Assembly entitled ' An Act dividig:thts Stale into Din-
tricis tor electing Representative to CoiigTeas and to
tin; end that the Frwcmtn of this Si kt amy ba represented
in ttie next Congress, at its lirst Session commencing aS a
Pjre'uHid, da issue this tny J'rDclafriiition, hereby com
manlinj7 and i equii inij the's or other returning of
ficer of the sever! Counties composing each :Distrif;t, to
cause Poll to beopeiie I an.l kept, and flec tions held for
Uepresentativts to thi; Congress of the ynited States on
Friday the thirtieth (3Hli) day of April next, at the places
established by law in their respective r.otiiuies t andfuf
tber, to nieet for tiie pui pnse of comparing the Polls, on the
Thursday next afier said Electing, at the places prescrib
ed by the above recited act of the General Assembly.
. ii Testimony whereof, 1 have caused t he (ireat
Seal of the State to be 'hereunto iiffixtd,
, and signed the same at the City of 1U
t. t.y, leigh, this eleventhday ot Marchln the
Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight
.1 Tundred and Thirteen, and of the Inde
pendence oftfie United States ike Thfc-ty-seventh.
.' v --fi.
' . V r. - ." -
ficer ,lall1je teNsireA wr Ae iSky f?TloW?nff j ancl : t ii-v .
Sheriftor otlicr 'rctuyi'm? "ofliof r UjAhif. to 'aturndat djs i
timf and piaeabove mentioned, ahull brfctfand payth t "a
9tim',ol :.lillyoands, to be recovered for the u&e of the ;.
sUie, npon dua po)f thereof in any Court of Ltiw within '
this states by n action Of debt in the name of the.Trtant
er of the State, Cor the time Ix tng : And when the SUet iM7,
or other returmngothcers snail be Hivened'M ;doreid,
-m .. II . . 1. i : a' . .. ' . ' i i . . . . t-. ....
as was the 10,000 (!ollr prize in tht Union j tfh- whok of h: ques'ion is, notwithstanding By HU Exeeitency's Command,
CulUge Lottery, No. 4, drawn in New yk;
c s tf R WAiiii i he Tiumi'eir which or -f
thv -ixi ihousanu uoiiars whb, anu smu in
two tickets totwoaifvereflt persons ; and thejjU M
itfr whics waj drn the ten ihoiatid aollais w.s
iV7tiO and vi sold in shiisot tickets.
k the qnestinnof war n;is imried itself down
o thi o'j point, U becomes mote yian ever
worthy of an attentive and dispassionaiexin
itiutton. Instead of jbuhmitiing, at this,
any of our--,wwn thoughts on th subject we pre
"iT'Wr'Tea'd'tTa' " withbc"f trtlowmg from the
Virginia -'Argus; a paper whih '13 djstio-
'guished for ii'S-WArm and determined support
cf the adminisiration.
As the, session ,oi' v-'0gress draws to it close,
lie National. Legislature is pressed wnn im,.)or.
U.. nnCnK. .., ti.u Iv. I ... IK. II I1C.. t;.fU mltfll
I lr jjaan c w is . j j . u . -v.f ... j
'i the mud TUfiu lSn hnn n'r dicd a bill Of,
. levtn stctioi'S fit- the Senate on the sam'1 sub
jertj which vtry confused in .ts delads, and
rore xceptinble han tnat whh h wtnt from 'he
Ho se ' hai the Snue will do is doubtful.
They my pov-iblj he fender of touching tht; topic,
bcciUHtit is hv oiii' re girded as inter! ring with
thtfir ptcultar ftiiic ion1
for Electing
The f-Mowing !;:lt 1
'' last wt' k, and whu
Drof.ainar.i'o;, of the
btive to, licenses
. . . ra'i.AR,) . . ,
S,r I have rit (.'.o-.' ot'iin."j an
cou U nicn n.i ni n juge.i t-x,ieui m
An Act for dividing the (State into District;
- Ren?8ehUtives to Congress
BE it enacted bit tlie General Jiamnblu of the State of
JVorlh-Ciit-oliwi, and it is hereby epacted by iJie autltotity ofl
tfmvime, Tha". tl.ia itate siiulftie divided into Thirteen
Districts as follows,-to wit-lie Counties of lVrcmmoiisr
Chowan Currituck, Camden, Gates, PasqitutanK and
Hertford shall compose one pistrict ; The Counties of
Vni" RtMri-T. 1 1 j 1 1 f v anrl 1 an in sliull corr.nose
i - -V nmtht emitted by us SCCOnd nisfrlc.i The counties' of Ikaiitbrt, Edge
h ,iir l.i have follj ved the combe, Ilyd6Pitt, I'yriel and Washington shall compose
(Jo hoi of Uermuda re the thirH)i9irict . the counties of Lenoir, Craven, JoneBj
Carteret, Wayne, Greene and Johnston shall compose the
. f.urtU District ; the ciiunties of New-Hanover, Bmnsi
wick. Onsiow. Dunlin. Sainnsons- Bladen and Cofum- us
1 8 1 1y 8haU compose tlie tifth District ; the counties of Franklin,
order of Granville, Warren and Nash shall compose the sixth D.s-
o issue, trict j the counties .of Richmond,. Anson, noore, Cumber-
land, liooesoaanu Montgomery, snau conijiose uit sevi'inu
District j the counties of Orange, vvake and Ferson shall
in cooseq'-itnce . t xiving hobtiKies .e Wten
his m iwsiy and j ,itul Na-es uKMntri' a . fly ef)mD,.ge the eitrhth Disirict i the counties of liotkiiiir
this order vmi are authorised targranr licenses tor ham. Stokes. Guilford afrd Castt'ell sha'l compose tlie
wjiere thegna meet for that 'purpose?!' examined nd "
compareii, aiia 'pertihcaU under the lunds and st-aisof t
faidretUCTiingorfe,. shall (be given to the candidate tit i
each district for WKmi the -greatest number of votrg hali
have been given in district ! But if two vr moi-e run- .
didatCT shid! have-an iq,i number of vole-,, ibe (.aid itt
tuniing officers shall deterv,e. which 'of tlufm shnlt fee
the rcpitseutative j And 1119 Hecision is l.y thlm mjAe
then they shall decide the same drawing in like to jt
ner as the Grand .Inn isdi-aun for iii the.Suix r,or rou. ts. '
VII. ifnrf be it further eiiactrdbv tlte .ualnniv nfre ,rt
Tlmt each and e'ery person wmi s : .-i f.r do y - iecled
representative .under this act, shal1, upw, ''tn cer.
tificate ofliis t lection- acr-rd''ig t.'- i.e div, ciion .-h.'e
mentbnod, obtain from Y. .y... -be C-j-.f fi.or, a "
Commission cenifying Itis a,.p,iiniStrnt a a'.eivA-huVive
of this State, wlik'l' cc-l-i ficijjKti.- r.,-.crnoi- i hert 1 em.
powered and f.-tjui ed, (jych c,;iTilicnte Ikm, pidnc
ed to mm. '0 is-i-?
irtii y.i .1 ..
viii .ina oe u partner en terra, 1 t cf . , of
other ret.upiiinjCnv r holding eluctioiw in' pursuance '
of this act, gjj(H 4 'eiw'4 die -Mini nfj-,i., i. 1,1.
lings forivery thirty n. .ts travi.'lhig4r'd reun g
fromtliefilaceof couiparingth" poiin in-ttu. district ; d
Uiemtne sum for eWry (Uiy he slull 'n'eceasarily attri-.o f p'
the purpose of comparing said polls jfuad al,v he amount "T
of iij ferriages, winch shull h- paid y the T-' .s.t er ou
affi -b.vit'if the Sheriff or retunsirjf ofTu- r s-foremiid.
X.:-Jn4tit futr enoktetU Tii. .! in the . u.iit 1 f li e
death or resignation of any representative 'r ipn scn.
lives .of this Slate, in the present Congress of 'li. r
Statevthe vacancy 'or vacancies so orrasioned. slia ! be
supplied hy the suffrages of theelectovs from tiit. name
district by which the deceased or resigned representative
was oi-jjjin-.lly elected. -Read
three times and flatiftedin General Astetnbhj,
, tte22d.dayof'Diaiinber.:L!J.l' y
"4 . VM M1LLEU.S. II. C.
vf jTW Copy, ,
Wm. HILL, Secretary-
,vM propositions. The bill for the exclusion- of ; mpoFtati mof .certain articlesenumt i-itedin the or- ninth District the counties of Randolph, Rowan and
T " . )A . T . .1 . r. .. -X . 1. rii-it .i.m-ultll Afr.lVtQii 1 A Iftlt 1 lllfitlrrl; I l-H . IIMIT ICS
orein seamen irom vessels t me u. . is tnc dci,unc utr tne t jfp.rwroi 01 ccr'a n articles in
ao-t promih n and certainly tiie most inrcst the s.,me order, i,i Mfsht6 in Which the impor
ug It hvi bn our intend m to present the tatto-.i shall !e -
readers of the Argus vvdh some remarks oo that .This infeicoir-ie is to be sublet to the condi.
Was ire $ bat t!ie tur.i which the que -tion has tion statcdVin the order, and s-icii iostrdctiitus a
aken, the $filittih Which it has occasioned you miyuom time to time receive from one. of
in ;ng rejxubdcnn as -veil i (e Jet -lists, has maite ( his in4je8'y'-pn"icipal secret uis 'f nat-:. I am
Vs reserved,. lest, upon a subject iitpeifectlyjun. cj?mmanvted by this royal highness tin pi in re
det 0)d, the fut'emarrty f our opinion militei.t to signify to you--hat iti graiitini: th. iicen
only ten r to distrac. a. a time tfhci every tnaix. ses for unixi.'ta ion of the above er:ume-ated ar
ahoul i oe mide to tui m. ,ac VVs wb merely
iak;the hberty to put upon record oadiisent to
h creed that the bill, as it ha- gonextri ltm the
House to the Senatv, will se'tletne iiifT-rencts
h;tveen this coun.ry and GyC-ut iJrilain w.iich
h-ve grown out of" the praice of itnpiessmcnt.
Nor il i sve .beli-jve thatiie proviiu of that bill
as they now stan I. gfrtfF cmally to the jath of the
(ipui.e. . As theblrsU oV uiese seinimcnts, we al
so 'k i 'hi iiocty of statinj; ' "" ":'
" I. Ib tn ngh. of a a.riaiort is a qael
tides, you nke care that the artidt-. so to be im
ported be severally enumerated m the iooy of the
license ; thiit the por or jSlact- from ivheiice the
importation is to be m Jlt, and the p to which
tfu veist-U is 0 urtd is also to be inserted in the
body of the license.
That tfxht person applying for the license sh dl
hot be able o state the name of the e stl 01:
board of which ill proposed importation 19
thide, the condition of the license should he. th'.t
the name of the essel, the nam j of, 4 he,
. - - 1 , . 1 ... .
Sim bejweW a subjict nct ins govern i.ent,' aad j her toiin .ge and her n tional . character be endor
Suectwen) n.-itioa and nation." . ':" , fted on the license on quilting her port ofcleai-
f 2. Ana ion Ira n poll... , may hgnt turthe pn-, ance, and that the (oduicion other license should
tileu'if imoji liii.ig fveigncr i out.if shu. docs also be "thatahe proceed direct "tor the port ot hti
o, she fi jjiustorh? policy an I not for a right ; destination. ... '
fend the lppviiiig na ion vuh equal justice m.y , hough the order In council auth jrises you
fiht. against it. ' to permit the importations" of he eounirattd ar-
. 3-' Ijhat the ocean is a comma. ,ovtr which there tides in any vessels, not 1-ttnch. you will not grj'ht
is no spaid iu' isdiciion , these licenses to any except to vessels in amity
4. i'hat everv inciepc'ndant nation has an abso with his majesty, unless you are co .vinceu thai
iti'e right of transit for lawful things on the ocean, 1 the island mil be exposed to seri us tmban.ass
because it is a cummoiu ; j men's b so coulining iheinipoi-iaiion in qu s:iun.
S: That the ft ,g A ev'.ry independent nation has i. Whv.evtr i;por..aiions 'a.e.;no;o,cd to b.: mTe,
! eif.ct.iilu to protect on theocean whatsoever under the' order, from the U-Buu: .uuiica,
M wuty .eprcsetitv" A snowh be by your licensc.uih'Tea to he - por.s hi
ihe Euafern Stages exciusivdy, unkss you haVt.
reason to th.u 11V o ject'ldf the orutr
would noCbt luitiileu il liceiuts are not also giaii
ports 111 the
4 Thit thu mtricao fljg therefore, ought to f e ve y thi g .hicii is Ynieican.
7, that a Inaui'.il.z d ct.izco is jrPy-i citizen
wrftjr,':aiU.i;. gfi i.k Ues ot .iw.U.-i. ua-.-ttl Gri1in.j.,huorta Irwin tn ottocr
tuya.ixed liiiu, his original' sovcre ga utvcrielea- (Ji;c0 S uies. r. - i
8 That auhouyru the V nerican Ibir has a De ¬
fect light to protect whatever is American, it hu
1)0 right at all o protect what is tiruisn
,9 That tlie ris'ht of traasit for otrr vessels,' ovt r
tbewatery common is li oie to vt rup.ion fiom
me iircums ance 01 tne Amtiican tl
English subjtcts
W-uii lpeHlO-iheJiceiists tor exportation oh
bOciid me Ve- els III 'whic.i ail iilioilaiioil shall
have bee. pieviaSiy in . it.-, you , viil oo'. rve thai
tne order does net 10 Jire. Uidi vue poi't'of'dcbtih-
ad'ni in sUottcuse so .u oe the same as that Irom
w itnce, 1 tie' inip n ia'ivh had iiieii jaoe,.you i.l
l6 8'CoVcriiig"taA2 'care that in the body of the license be instr-
te.i toe atiie ot the vessel, iici- toim .t, die n tiAe
Chatham shall compose ihe tenth Distrfct ; the counties
of Vit cklenburg, Cabarrus and Lincoln suall compose the
ekve.ith District j the caunucs of Burke, Rutiierford,
Haywood and Buncombe shall compose tlie twelfth Dis
trict, and the counties of W.Ikes, Sui ry, Iredell and Ashe
snail ei.niposc the thirteenth Disirict Each of which dis
tricts shall be entitled M ch ct and send one Kepresenta
tn e in the Congi ess of the United states.
II Jnd be it fiirikr enacted, That the election shall be
beta on the days and at the same places a are now
prescribed by L;w for honing elections, for Members to
l- i renent the several com. ties in the Uen rai Assembly
of Has Suite, 10 tne yc-ur one tiiotisar.d eight hundi-ed and
tnii'Uen, and at me sanies Uine and puce evu j wu years
uiereafier ; at of which elections are to be conoucicd by
the SIki-iHs or by ooier persons tcgMiy aj pi'iiued there-'
for, 11) wile manner as the aiimai ticeuoiia ol uie MemOi-rs
ol'm iute Ltguialure, eXCC. UUttne lu.-ptc,oiortlie
K.ecuon and C.eriis ot the Foils suati be -sworn or afK. iu
ed 10 acw wail jusikc and niipai-.iii.y, whicii oath may
be ad. in iisii.reu oy iiy Jusocc ol Hie Feace or any other
per.:0.uneieu.o diiiiTn'; and to at ean quuneil vo-io-suli
ov '8kiir.ud ,0 give bis auUjeoiuy to vhecoun-
J- Wjc.U'i .'. IvS-Ol-S . 1
lit lie tLjia-thcr cmcted, &c I'liai if any evmt shall
ajji-.i u .vadei- .iic -i vi.. oi ni LSs ntcessti.-y .tier 01 Mau:h n.-xi, .tiiu otfuie tne tiine nerui'ii n.ieu
tor tui. ensuing eiwt.1011 of Reptescutauvca, or it atei: .oie
.expiration aiiy.- tuture Cong.ess ano bclbt-c ti.e lane
hvd tor -tiitf election .hen next o ensue, u ncvy- Congress
snau" eytied, ias li2.eellc1.ey tie ; CoVon.oi', on l ect iv
lli lufofDlaUoll -t.0 dial efltcl, is l.t e. y .lUuienscd to
. dcnarfc' tlit' by Frociaiuaooii, aiiu .0 tne
teiiiew ol una a.a.e to liicttiii nu ir respective counties,
ut Hie Lime or waits laeiei.i loot iiDijOniled, ana at dn.
piates tsubiisata Ly Uw( Hit 11 alio diere to yive lacil-
votes lor liepre eiinuVcs ; vtiac.i 'elections a. lie 1.1 ui
pUVsuance ot the prociaiuauoa ol Lite Governor, Mian be
couducteu in like luoiiiici-, aliU .0 ui. inteius aim ( uipos
es bo as It tai iiii vaad s it die alne had Octii aeiu
at toe .one vf uiaer'picaeiibeu in Uc piectuni secuoti
ot' das .jC.
t V vind be tt. further enacted by the uuihuritj iforesuid,
Tuat a any p-.:s il wiuia..evei ailali vole lnoiv i0ui oace
m ny e.eeuoii tor 14 ttepiestii- alive it, Cojibt-es ipr'lu
tlisu .ct, ne snau turl'eit aau p,.y tiie sum 01 twenty pounas,
to uc reeoki'icalJeloic.L sia.e .l.Hs.iCe'oi die i'cate; one
ll.ul to Ulv. ue ot Hie peiSnaBUiil0 tor tne saiae, and tae
Olllel u.ilt 1& tlie Use of tiie CWiuy ,al v taCi difc.otlelice IS
coiiniii'-iei. Ana iii-e.jUiiae . w aere s.'paraie puce yl
e lCUoi..i'ave Oeen or oe estabasaeo i;y t.a, .ate
e ei.uons jjireiea oy una act sauli oc eanUa. ieu ia the
sa.;ie iiiaiei' as e.eet uas xor'Mv;iaOcrs ol lit Otntia. As
Stniti.y aelCiOt jie h 1, eaeu Oilier' presiding at an e tc
Hon u.aKiiiif I'tiUiiioi ne -Foil, whie.u lias uecii iiaU. Jtioie
THE nex'. Grand Lottery to be drawn in Phil.
delphia will be the 1
;, ,!Pl'vyAvI
Internal Navigation Lottery.
It ba- 1,511 F. vt. , i hv tiuni.ic. ! Crtpital,
prize3 are ftreat, and oti'i-r to adventurers of a M'i 'j
fling sum a greater chance for a fortune than any n
other Lottery. - Prepara ions are mking for the ,
drawingas soon as possible, the ticketi .being ;
nearly all sold. I he scheme Comprises -t-hc iwrf
lowing eopiuH r ntca . "' ',T
'1 price Vf ,50,000 dollar ,
1 do. .of 20,000 dollars,
3 '" do. of 1 0,000 dollars,
' 10 do. of; . 5,0;Q' t'olls, . ' -
6 more of 5,006 doilm'i in 500 Tickn ,
ets eachAlso 12 of 1 000 dollars, and a g eat '
many of5C0 200 coll, rs Sec. &i . l iektlsglo a0
The Baitiraore Hcfpital Lottery.
Is to n.iiiiietu tliavti., ami eontmuea tor th
present ot ice - week. 'v j e
.1 p:ijL of, '
2 k,riz sol' ' dollars',
6 d-. of 10,000 dohar ficc&r.J
Tick, s 810 50.
Trinity Church Lottery
Is commei...t oi . ., :. .i, ,.
1 prize of 3t;U0 dollars,
2 do. of 20 000 tfodars,
1 d of 10,000 dollars, ,'
2 do. of 5,000 doilaia, &c.
. .Price ol; Tickets 8 dolla s.
i l
-' : . ''
Union College Lottery JNd. IV.
-'' ' - t--.-- :t ) : ' V S
Cemmences di u wisg m 4s e Voi k 1st or OcLwber ;
', " , ' ; ' next ' - . v',:-';.. .'- '
i p .ze ot 25 0;O.'(io!lurs, . 4
' 1 tio. of 20 000 kdhrs, : ;? V
1"" do. ot 10,1'Ou dollars ; t;
1 oo. of- 5'ooodoiiurs, See ''
Price el 1'ickets $7 50. , , : ,
Tl KL t . AND oil tHE.-i -in the- ubove LtrCc
(eiies ait tor . -t . ,
G & R. WA XES ? ;-
10. interruption only becomes anabso-V ae master, aw hrliiaoT.al7cli-i jictci-, the port
ol Clearance and the porvot 'destiiiatioii ; .uiu tiidt
jht: caigo be lltscnbed in the body ot .he license,
accruing to the words of the oratr. viz juin, mo
lasses, or any Oiher goods and oomino iitus, wlial.
1 .
lute wrong when uriiisl b n subjects are exelu
Qtu eo'ireiy nom our ves els.
II. That, oi couis.;, the bid. which has gooe
wp .'nm the House to "the Senate, dues not pio
ide the cuuse ol qLiir I, oe'-.iusen noes
fH excl'hJe foretgneis Ae-ea;cr o or ui.u aLzed,
frrn em I lyineii i.n boai j ; tin . rkan ve'ssctsj -a id
thai it will not induce a at t dement of the dis
puted". .. ' ;- , : '.'
Ad this soun Ii very lurs i : II a it is our opi
wool,- colKe
sot er, txc p. sugar, niuigOj cotton
a-id cMjoa. . !
You wdi 'tike care that the term of the
license dots not exceed ihetenn of the oider
j which u is granted, do oof issu
Ijruly Jronuuaie Loiteiy Offices,
... Ut .6, .Hill. Cli Ldl... ..- It.liv, T
N 75, ChtsTut seet, Ptiilatitlpiua,
Comtr of at. Paul'S'iane and Market street, BaU
.. . timdre, ' : j.-.y' . t
And No. 28, ataie-street, Albany
Note. The puulie will please -l to take notice
that G. -St H. AVdile will guarantee the payment
nitias shalt oeoy the in .pcotors iiied ntuiv; Com "oi Fkas iof all p.izes sold l eitlier of IheirvitTices, or 4jy any
and Viiaiter btaa.ons io. Said Cyaiav, at tr die s.. i.e la e 8)renSf hot 110 btlurji. -aid adV4Jilurers cart)
iaia, UiHo na olKl dl oi otilti' ivtui-llin oni-el oi las owmii- .
tv, at lilt iliitol, on oi oeloie Ulv Moiiuy I
iiiuneauii -y iu..ovti .g Jit- eitcdoii
V A ldue it jiWJier enucitd oy due authovily ujoreinud, '
JUat fullieaia cly up . .at t woe ol iiit eit uo.i i-. eta
county Wliti e latTe ia . u , one pia .t et eit c lo.., tiie ine
iill orodier re u nnl' ofrioc. snau in ina preseiive ot .he
Jiii.pteib:s ot ittt ciefiiOa, cas . upAntstio.ia aim i.i.uie
on. i'Ocori-e-ei'li.sot tiie .llinijli oi auiiias giv
en 1:1 'ills county to taCii Candttluic , oi.t- rrr Anita siaie-
?: ou.y eerunou by tuiaiU letunii.,,, oia -J j ;nuisr, their ,lca from b'. he. a by observing ' ..'
import viul . inspect. -i S aim til. Miei iaoi Otner itturia.ib oihet . b . ., .r i, . '-
der u, oy nnaself or Deputy, snau atWnu w.u, ait o ner o,, .ine, ear .u ine bo the Uck of each ticket ld 1 by themj r
Ui any day and af die piavea Herein at ge. Ami in , At Wane's offices have been sold, for, man ,
a.. v,5 ve.y uxnn : iyjyn I$ our opj- lltc(,1 iov CXporutioii underbills order, after that f"wna e' -'VF
Tuon that we ought iij da a. awhat we njy. ! er od n 1 ' ' ' ' ! j sidanifrJer at eiaon pwet ot ticcaon, suait ur,iHt,tiuu;iy .
iih. great eoW of Veason l,o .it.liir-d to do at i V. iiT r r 'Liv' ' Mipone cioselH .e FoaV in Uie prtaciiv; ut me l.iap-c
lay t W i.. ; A, Auhiert W, ' h 1 ,,c ke 1WM ' each license IS not in any l0iS, cast up the Seiods and uiuxe out iwo coi.-eel atate-
Zi ' , , K V MU d Ul -n at u!k 11 ase to exceed the sum ot one p und .one shilling, ' n.ems ot the numuet- of sumacs g,ven inereai lole-ach
T-!b'i t ' lvilt'' l'i,0n on p nti "yl to i T have the honor to be, sir; your 'mo.i obedient i .Candidate ; eAte of woith '.V,i.t.. sb-ti be by the la-
neshiiken ; and that n;lnr,ig siiuulu b left for fo4 hnm ,i, scrv .'in ' - . , - - Ul'tctors of said poi., tnwd in tae otlue of the (. it-i k. ot
- '.: . - Notice.
THE Books and fund ic uslonRine to the laU
tn'js a' brenchyah. Wnen ' 'Wa:At Troyy willbe sold duriugfthe Supuror
: nut at war, ihe'y genei ,Ily ip?u,ri ?l tiwjn, which will happen -tin th first
roam abroad, and seek in- 0"dV of' April.-, The, greater part 'of t'de furnt
Yej. h Hvcver luirh, it isliiot degralingt' AH
th .gove-iovie.ns of lai i pe '"claim the perpetual
fdeguue.. i.f thcir.-iuuive botn su jects. '" i ranee
n a speti-l ;oa-iner, e.y an imperil decee, has,
twtwo years ago, pfocTaim- ! the maxim, that.
tc U rrenenman aiwuut
those ro-erriVun.S lit c
! w.fft'rjheir ft'ulT2cis t'o
ploy meat where they may. ;
i; :'ii. Unreany ming ; Contrary toumani'tv.
the : doctrine; of excludtgUritish suoie;U
om , our Vessels ; for, if an ylmn Irvm op
Pressiotf .. be all that they-seek, lAaf may be
i ur.d m the .bosonv'bf the iand, w here foreigner
"'ay stUtbe naturalizea,: and wUl ,e always pro.-
These ideas arJ the result of ' mature rcflec-
. i big .ed,
'TMr- C6l g)i Ilircjurt t3c ' &c.
Iture .w s. made in t Philadelphia, and .
c cotli'l Of picas -at quiu-ter btss.oasot liie couiay, al
r the same lias leu uv certified. by tiie1 said ie olu-
ing oth-cr ajiti t majority of the li.spectois, and tne Uer
shatr. oe UeCjy tred to the aneriljor irtacrrtturiMiig tllieCi
lot Uie Caiu.y asprescnoed m the preoctin.g secooni auo
ia ".'sheriff, or other i-OLni-ningonxoer as aioisttio aaa
'jub.icly,'aCthe CoUrt-llOuse atoieaaid, aseeivaai by ta.r
addition of the sutti ages' returned, tne wuoie'nuuiber re
ceived for each candiuale in die coiiiity, and theteot shati
make: two atatemeiita-under'iAa hand,' ; one ot wnicn lie
shall uie m the odice of the Clerk ol the Couj-tof Fieas and
Quarter Sessions ol his county,' aiid' the other by hunstrll or
eriii. lasniou, cnx months crp-... .uk ilfc-i,iitvstnrrr attend on Uie dav and at tne place nerein ai-
and bond aim approved secuti.v will befereouiredi lcr nieimonedi.;' " . " . - ; . - - '
V : '' (i ENU Y'a vi '" ' ' VI :htd be -uurther' enacted by the authority aforesaid,
Vff Starch" if 18 li' ' n r : That the Slie-ritfa or oinet returning Omters ot .tae-couii.
r-. ,. ri-z . ' Ues ot each uutriet BliaLb meet ot ,iue auuiiaiay ieat
J Executed at t !-
s-oflice, VMtlr'rcatpess and the ut:
mqist accuracy; l:v,;V7-l J
years pas:, niov. oi tne cap iat piiits in me tcf .
Yvrk and lil.imote- L'-ttericS. among them are V
the following', diavviv within one year : ' i,
No 4892 a piize of g6t,.'00 m the-55 is-, '
q-iehitin . O.hijI Lottery,' 20 clu,-sv o. 4ii a
prize- d' 60i,X) dollar's in thsatne lottery
N'o. 3, g oOO . Fii ct'a;5 cf WiarnTLot.-:'
.. 1,027 .ro.oj u;y' ; -.
No l iti - S o.O .o i , the 4th Union ColUge Do. ?;
Mo,:l'i533-S3IfUt.01 tm;l Unam College 7
317U " '.10,000 J - v ' V a v
Be?HeH others ol Sj.-.ooO; Str,p , g20 000 ami ,
glO.000 in the former Y? ,K o i baltimo
tiesof each diitnct shall meet oa the l iaii-sday
eachelecuon, at the Couri-Uouse of tacTi , e, ouoty r & st nir n
tiooed in the'u- resrctiyisjrjcts; jil'ruvidedxdwdy'iKt
if anyjuscideat sliaif happen to euher bf the t'eturoing of.'
uce, whicht may prevent any or either of tbcni fioiiTTiK el
ng on the, day aforesaid Uie returns of efach and every of-
i.6i itfiel, many of which they. i4i4. a ,.-s ' -' ."'.-: . , ' :n; t-.
' ' " .-."''I..- -i...'..-
ENCtCuu at vats ontt ;
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