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TOESpiAY, JUNE 17.1879.
r -
Everybody thought a, week or
ago, tliat he could seethf resultjof tbej
. deadlock at Washington, js qw, ie w
profess to know what the upshot will
berand fewer still do know. The ad
journment, which has been fixed by the
Congressmen and the wise-acres for
nna Ant a after another, is not even in
sight- The 101
draidedf tioon
,hdav,ftrat sderonly
pasi' and! the17th, the fecotdjday
fitfi h4 dajvnel a&d J5on;es ii still
in session and likely so to be for some
time to come. If the 1st of July catch
es it at Washington the fact need sur
prise no one. This is all right of itse:
n It Congress wants to keep in contfri
ous session we suppose it is nobody's
business but its own, and yet we do
want to know what is to be done about
the appropriation bills. Next to know
ing what will be done withtthem theJ
next most interesting thing is knowing
what has been done in other words
' knowing the present states of affairs.
' Xest some of our readers may have be
come confused by the devious windings
of some of the bills in dispute, we print
Jllitdi93S concise statement of the
present positionof all of them, copying
from the last Issue of the Washington
' - X . .2 ft" f'.i V
Sunday vazeite: r, y f" v Tt 3
The week closed as follows : - AX.
three of the appropriation bills have
been passed by the House, each in the
form determined upon-by the Demo
crate. .The legislative bilL passed .by.
the Senate with some i anieddmenti
which rhave sent it back to the'Hofise
will not reach 'Hayes before Tuesday.
The army bill is in Senate committee,
and the judicial is pending in the Sen
ate and is vigorouslyiopposed by the
"stalwarts." Debate may be protracted
some days. Hayes may sign .twq of
these bills. It is asserted positively by
Garfield and other prominent Radicals
that Rutherford will veto the judicial
bill. It is an unsettled problem what
will happen if he does. A member from
Mamachjigfitta savs he was assured ves--
teriiy by si ifroraiheht .Democrat that:
li it is vetoeu, a new urn wiuiout re
strictions of any sort will be passed with
the aid of the Democratic Votes. Per
contra Judge Buckner, who is so con
servative that lie has been accounted
weak-kneed, said last night that no
Democrat will get a chance po vote jpn
such a bill, ana lie don't believe any
Democrat wants to. He was opposed
to adjourning without making appro
priations, but holds that the House
must maintain its right to say how
money appropriated shall be spent. He
is willing to stay here all summer to
maintain that right, and thinks the par
ity Is unanimous on that point.
ThiwVJo things "present 'ffiiemselve'saT
the presents Unae. , There is hardly any
gessilgfwlialt'- the President willld
Withereiied to wny of the bflli
Broni whatwe have been able to gather
from the sources most credible, we in
dine to the opinion that if he vetoes
the amended army bill, the Democrats
will remodel it to meet his views and
then pass it again. This we believe to
be their duty in the premises. In the
other cases, if he vetoes the legislative,
executive and judical, and the judicial
expenses bills, the likelihood seems to
be that the Democrats will make an ef
fort to adjourn without parleying with
him any farther. Some of them will
-oppose-this-policy, and- these, with the
Republicans and GreenbackerSj.mayjJe-
ieat it, but tms seems at presenj w b4Jeniieirrrf8iher nnrl Enstiifn- ct
the policy of the majoritv'f fem5TTiaTigftnds,fA.supp
crats. WhaterTBTNimty 15&their
howapOTir th wcv tatleriSi
Ho eawnobpoBlnthat theyr.w
adfcun fthont voting aft needed sup-
tyhte td-the armyr .They cgnld to feomCT
ugi ce-iuuuv-fTt;siueni ues laiMB up
on himself he 'responsibility for main-'
tainining tbJL&gisltive, executive ajidj
judicial departments, but it would not
be good policy; in th; Democratic party
to have even ih4appearance of having
an agency In crippling the effectiveness
of the army,
' ShebmanjGixixo 'Albivsfien
WmiaarTecumseh JShermah hasTwfl
advising the young men of the South to
i keep out of politics. sOh,yesJ,CBrtahily.
Gen. Sherman's idea is, that the darkies
ought to run the politics of the South :
the white people, that of theorth, and
theJlepublicans that of the whole coun
try. The South would have been in a
fiiee pickle to-day if its young men had
kept out of politics since the war. And
by the way, since we come to think of
it, if GenTSherman can get along wTED
Ota gift37rttmegnth nnv,adrice. the
t iCouth ill by io 1hf! mailumVhiU
to know whether it will be proper and
expedient for it. to withdraw from noli
tics, it . wflKieki chteti ! trori s4me
other source.
It is represented that there is no man
In the United States Senate who has
theHMUna talent for clearing the galle
rierns Mr. MoiTilUof yermant hen
he rises to speak te'ple iAcotitHienU
lyflee. The newspapers relate that a
Teptoteff going up tbtepsof the cap
iolJew days agoTmet grtat crowd
pwppTe comirfg i fdwn. jani eposting
f riend$skedluinlJ(! jrijr speak
3ngTlTbiWcelebratM ntAtw capacities
f CEe teroit Seifatottihedlrection
; 1 2 ' X)hp oompleGon jtffj Ue.workt New
rtaington; .Ctriistthai4ntex
cellwit city ni'yreallze toSmtltlall the
: Deueuis ujat .naYf KYvegn expected
rliierMUoiaJ Ut! Uatl la Loadon
7NDOK, Junel5.ln thecontest for
rth4ong diaUnet bamplansblpxjf the
-world belt, fcegtti Utgricultn-
ralHall this morning, the sceres at 9
.. a. m. weire: Brown 68 miles. Weston 63,
gnnis 45. and Harding -L2H. Harding
off the track and believed to be play-
urer has received his new bonds for fund.
0 ing the recognized debt of this State.
It7a Imnnrtant for all holding these
: lxnds tarpresetni theHtothe State $rpas
' mer for redemption at 'as' early a day
. ps possioie, tne ume oeing uuiiveu. ;
Views of
trdi & Co.on
: Prostoecf ohtUjfirket. fft 'M
Thfl following view oi me prospects
of cotton at .Liverpool is irom umj
monthly circular of Smith, Edwards &
Co, of that port i " -
In considering the prospects oi pur
( market, tjtfe ter$at rise that has already
occurred is ine cuiei puim w uo w
into HCCouilL JTIIWUS' nix ijijuj i
hiabor than tha averaee oi J anuar
Febrriary and March,imd 2OverGie
lowest point torched tmDecember. i
A rise of price is the natural way of
solving the difficulty of a short supply.
ana ine question is ua w uccu
sufficient? $4 far as can be seen on the
fiiirffiit is somewhat doubtful wheth
er it has been. There has been no check
to consumption so far, ana tne aencit
in the visiMe supply for-the. world is
still m000S)al4s?as;!onft)aed itlast
vear. aatf 960iW0 Walls. twrjpafed fwith
compared with last year, but the reduc
tion is partly owing to large shipments
of Bengals, and this cotton is of little
use inrtakinfif ithft-plaeft, oi?; American.
fine Sdefifclt in the fcuppW .MAnencan
tlor-WssthahDO,TOO WHaifti consid
ering the great scarcity tnat occurred
last autumn in spite of the continued
depression of trade, Jhe large failures
and tne extensive stoppage oi uiauum
ery, it is difficult to see-tow we can get
wiiiesnreiiu swjuuiiiic ui iwiua aiiu Dwin
dles. No doubt the invisible stocK or
cotton in the world is larger tnan last
veat. Drobablv much larger in America,
Where spinners have taken to date near
ly bales more, than last season.
and also much larger in Russia: but
from neither of these quarters is any
mitnti likelVto come to us. We doubt
the Continent, excluding Russia, ,U.oia
nincu inoru mum itusb yoai. vl" v
splnfiers were xtjpipejy bare at the
end of last vear. Since then
they have taken nearly 54,000 bales per
weeK. At tne very low estimate oi
50,000 bales consumption per week, they
will .thus have added oaiesto
their stock ; but if the consumption has
averaged 52,000 bales per week; ail some
think, this surplus will be onlv 40,000
to 50,000 bales over what they held on
January . 1st, and probably is no more
than what they held last year at this
However we look at the matter, it
Apmn r fir t aid tl4t an e-JccessiveScarci-f
ly has to be faced, and th present scale
ot consumption must De reaucea Dy iu
or 15 per cent for the next six months.
Tne supply iortne uoniinenc (leaving
Russu out pf account) threatens to be
soon is about to break at Bombay, there
are no reserves to draw irom whereby
this' deficiency may be effectually re
lieved. Under these circumstances, the early
maturing of the next American crop
will be or 1 urgent importance, and it is
unfortunate that owing to si late spring
it is reported to be a lortnigut oemnd
last yearj which, it will be remembered,
was a very eariy ona i ue area pianiea
is penerallv thouerht to be about 5 uer
cent, larger than last, and, barring the
lateness; the accounts are favorable. It
must be remembered, however, that
last season was very favorable; and
"BeariHgthlS tnlEtoavwe doubtrvvh ether
estimates tor the next crop will run
alve & to 5 .millions. ;-
There ,seth0refore little prospect ibf
art abundant supply of cottoti in the
more distant future, and the weather
for growing will be watched intently
this summer, and any untoward event
will quickly stir up speculation.
booking 'broadly Ht the state of the
case, it seems that nothing but Jntenso
and prolonged depression at Manches
ter can keep the market tinder 7d till
next crop arrives. That depression may
be accelerated if the Americans push
on the mailce t large quantities of next
crop at below the price of the spot,
as they have been doing lately. Such a
state of things operates as a great clog
to business in goods fordistant markets,
for the merchant knows that he will
not be quit of the operation till the
clieaper cotton has lowered the price at
honjA.-On -the other hanttue rising
Mclrw tesrardr aa tnevltable, : and
which jRlOTewiltgnfficientiy check the
vonsumpHon of cotfoTrr N .
j, -Full reixnts show that at the election
of jCjrQuitndges in Illinois, on Monday,
the Spaiuist 2CvBepHblJins iwl :18
Pmocifaiiosenr"-iJut they did
;.Two41iicil60l3?rofiiMrtheRev. AK-i
juiv a. 4MU1UU, a xiapiusv uiiiiuier, nave
beenrseizedvreeu ftcrents in'. JalK
Uon county; Ata. Tflie reverend gentief
j. uiuu vofhjq-. uavuir UllUSCli. uy
xuiK, uiia ueutiiecteu io T)reDare the
report for the minorityif the judiciary
ilt.Vrili be submitted nbef ore adiourn-
&:(JIllIIllLLn 1111 l.IIH IirHKlflRllT.ini VOTADQ
Jiient. -. t :
Six steamships which sailed from New
York for Europe last week carried out
over 500 cabin, and a large number of
steerage passengers. Five steamships
were to have sailed from the same port
aiuruay, carrying iuii passenger lists.
Alr.Wm. E. Chandler has issued athir.
Jy-twopage pamphlet against Hon. Bain
bnde Wadleigh; with the view of pre-
wmpsnire, mwenuges itlWadlei
with being a tool for certain cornoi important votes.
senator Hpmpton says he is opnosed
U the1 Warner silver bl wabdi wMvote
against it should it come to a vote in
the Senate, He claims to be a consis
tent hard-money man, and perfectly
willing to-have a bi-metallic currennv
wueuevera proper ratio Dei ween gold
aim suver can De estaDiisned
A Mmlter ff interest to
dgninte and mariner thai Hsi
SrTOrach'Jfttefylj K medicinal safeeuard
against unhealthful influenceaiTtponFhtoef-
ean impuolty rely, since it prevents 1
arpinlKtftblllpMt?Wato' 3,1.
sustohieaorlinwholeiome diet, bad wateVf
conditions Rn(aorabJe to health,5 would otherv-s
produce . ollosg voyages) or Journeys bya?. l !i
latitudes adjacent to the equBtorri1t Is esbed
asM tf fevenlMe of the,4abille. corrtr' )
and'dlsordenTof ter stomacbi 1. t arSf. r,,
MptkareAPttoattaek wWfavJ''"'-!
zones sojourning or traveling in spch regid). ,, fir.J
Is arl excelleiit protectlbn against the Jnflfcr- of
extreme cold, sudden changes sf? temperate:,
posure to damp oT extreme fattguaIt-ftot '01 .Is.
prevents. intermittent and lemfttantlever. fthd cli
r disease of a mbtoftat type, kAiteradlcates theml
a fat which, has been notortoJv rs past
North and South America, Mexico, rheWe"s
dies, Australia and other countries.
Ease AtutasUe by lk Rkeassatlc
Yes, yithougii -hey may aesparr of relief, It U
attainable by rheumatic sufferers, for there is a
remedy which carries off, by means of Increased
activity of the kidneys -important channels for
blood purification the acrid element to which
patbologtsta the most eminent attribute tbe painful
symr om4-a . y ot pletlf orie C' py arlfli
ary & ala&i f j t ar . pf this rad VPWent t
smtUMM9ai;a ptvixuuMMH UKewuM tmutuwwu as a
remedy for oonsdpation. which causer contanina-
tion of the blood with
the bile and a certain
means of relief brw
ilft. ieypr and ague, and
nervous ailments. It is,
maps, the finast tonia
ttant sad Is hlgMr rscomniehded as m4(otnaV
4 sOmulant bynlsnnealBheq Physicians and analysts
wno pronounoe it to be eminently pure and very
beneficial. The press also endorseslt. v
LLA I If '
iff- IV
TIL ; JOr.ifc BILL
I r , R1I.IT
New Bills in the House The
During the Session.
Washington, Ju
16. Senate.
The Senate ftook iip
by Mel
cFhersouto ai
td enrol
gaged in the coasting trade
avis, of West Virginia, from the
ftnimmitteft on annronriat.ions. statrtl
that in consideration of the preserit!f
state oi Dusmess neiore tne senate xne
committee were unable to concur iri thls1
House joint resolution, fixing to-moirpfw 1
as the day of adjournment. They hoped
to be able to report this resolution SObnf'f
and ax aa early dayio&adjournment.
Tl s uppsme&al judicial approptia-
tioui being b&orej&e senate, Dawes
opposed was. themosternicious of) the
DeniocrafticJmeasuresS and tending; to
shake the confidence of all justiceiavn
mg peopie in our juaiciai system. i s;-
Hill, of lieorgia, believed that Hie in
tent of the existing law was good, and
if it were properly administered nanew
legislation would be necessary. j Bu:
Federal judges depart from State meth
ods, and under the rules of their, court
introduce politics into the jury system;;-
He regretted the necessity ot recogniZrit
ing political diflerences in this bilh put
the disgrace rested upon those who hrst
brought them into the jury system .not
upon the supporters of this bill, "which!
would partially remedy an established,
evil. ' ' ; :- -
CJonklrng thought the proper-fcure f or.
the abuses mentioned was. to rescind. tiiQ
present law; not to pass.,.. new? onji.
which does not pretend to abolish the
evil. 1
Hill repliea that he" telievedthe wracr
ticaji egejt of the bill would be to com-!!
peLatejsii to the State system. : .
4W4tgQif pain no cubciiouicu a ucijci,
that a radical reform was required la.
the Federal jury laws. If the court was
satisfied with the action of its officers,
there w as no recourse. The courts con
sist not alone ot judges but of judges:
pa jmi?a ujgeuiHr -ie juoge is ap
pointed under a -well defined law. and
the independent factor, tbe jury, should
be selected under law-s as carefully; out
lined not by the ungoverned choice of,
a marshal. In 1862 the government
thought it necessary to introduce
politics into the qualifications: of
Federal jurors. Leaving the ?jques-.
tion, whether that was right or necessa-
S' at the time, a general amnesty , has.
noe gone out for all political crimes,
and there seems to be no reason for.
makingTthe jury box the only place
whereipolitical pfeabjilJtyis ,to be per
petuated. On motion of Wallace, the words "ex
cept as provided for in section 3132, of
the Revised Statutes" were inserted af
ter the clause prohibiting the incurment
of liability for future iiavment. (so-
tioh 3732 ''alldws incurment bv the; war
ana navy department ror necessary r ex-.
pense). uat ot . tne clause "but nothing
herein con tained shall be construed to
prevent any judge in a district in which
such is now the practice from ordering
the names of jurors to be drawn from
boxes used by the State authorities. "
Mr. Hill, of Georgia, moved to strike
out tbe words Min which such is now
the practtcSTlo atOTiraketne provis
ions universal.
Wallaee 6p$ise4 thl amendment. It
would ; destror the lAiiformity sought
bf thebHU -. f
(jarpenter said pe vrould vote for the
amendment. He would at the proper
time like to unite with the lawyers of
the Senate in framing a Federal jury
law ; at present there was no such thing
a trial by jury in j tbe Federal courts.
The trial was by the marshal ajid elerk
and they could pack a jury 16 convipt or
acquit as they pleased. . IJe wished the
matter to go over until December. Six
months more would not , make much
difference and it was impossible to ma
ture a good system in the hurry of the
close or tne session.
Hill's amendment was adopted.
After further debate the bill was pass
ed Dya party vote.
The army appropriation biTTwas takeu
up and the Senate adjourned
house. ihe House is engaged in the
introduction of bills under the call of
Atnohg"tke bUls introduced were the
follQWteg;- Os. x
Byewmor.W South Carolina: To
reest4bli8h thje office o assistant treas
liver iitCharlestoi. ;
By AcklenfElani jind Gibson, of Lou-
tionahconvention.torthe establishment
of a judicial district for North 'Louisi
ana" and for the cession of the ' military"
uarracKs t xjhioii nouge to ine Kiate
for edoational purposes.
The tolal number of bills thus far in
ixouuced. this session is 2.335.
iringer.of Illinois, moved to suspend
ythe roles and pass the bill prohibiting
uuwiHX lH5?iierence ai ine pons. Josc
by a smctTparty vote for want of two
The Stsatarkr Cannot be Vrelghtta
With greater trash than a violent drastic purgative.
True, such a medicine relieves constipation for
the time, but at the expense of great injury to the
intestinal canal, which it both inflames and weak
ens, thus unfitting it for performance of its proper
functions. Widely different is the action of Hos
tetter's Stomach Bitters, a tonic aperient which
produces effects prompt, indeed, but never violent
and convulsing. TJie purity of its botanic ingre
dients, Its unobjectionable flavor, its genial in
fluence upon the mind, and, .the thoroughness of
Its rewdM.acjtlflnjiu;ase8,9f consipatloQ, liver
complaint and dyspepsia, combine to render It a
finosHeMeaiBcfflc. Wncreases both
OQUlllzes and hv
vigowto ttte Mmmi leM.SiamglTes ah un
wonted relish Tor the food. A wineglass three
times dally is about the average dose. :
Junl7 lw
r- t J TTI
ess Han who Hast Succeea.
In several of the large cities of this country there
are a few business men who. for mvrr raiuona.
have been kept constantly and familiarly before.
m(cuisj ujeu wuuw (uvu uouics navcnoiai
ways been sufficient to protect them from business
adversity, but have repeatedly-assisted them to rise
again from - conditions of jolslortune. , Among
these men Horace Waters, Iong-idenOfled Vrtth the
music trade, is a"xonsplcuou--examDle. Horaee
.Waters ft SofiS. On MaY- Vl , tar nulmnunit.
ii.r.iueir cremwra, awmg vo losses ana neavy ex-
Waters believed luaore honorable to make an aa.
J signment while he. could pay 100 cents on, tbe doi-
c jTomlse wlth-hls credltoti- He .does not ln
t a to let circumstances keet. him down, but he
' riwri up all his. property to his creditors, and
4 while Satisfying their demands, seek to retain
t jmatofn whJclUie had axguired by 80 years of
: .eryriwj tuiu fauxteaing. f9Qasmade arrange
ments to act as asrent for a nevahh who haj7ni-ni?h:
MMpttalAo doa eashbusinesa. He wlUf furnish
r casn lastruments or preciselr thfl- same onaUtr
"srto sold by the flrm of HorAce Waters ftSorisL
Seu ng them at a great redwtloiv from former
IT&l Tb those-who send their orders to him, at
I X ias m 55eetrr0.t fioxoSO, he glyes a
1 -fcpes iai theiipi bfl cgeerlujly and taithnjUy
e sated. aa ftat au. wjio desire--to make pup
' !e may depead-npon seowring bargains, i Its.
sters nag Dusinesa experience and integrity, and
J with these
riLw!W,lbi,s old bnsiness friends, and
ouu tnovuiivauieeitfgy ne wui assured,
sold business friends, and tmtatiiv
trtJjllshhlsaffaion-ft Ann basis.1 Mr. Waters
nas aiso signea over nts pnvate property to be held
t.Ht if Ui
i Thousim Use it, yQff Hesitate.
It is adapted especially to tlfose eases'wbere the
Wprab is disordered, and wlU cure anvlrreirarftritr
of the "menaea." Dr. -a, Ttnwf VBirH tanii. nunj
later acts like a charm in "whites," or In a sudden
.hub A II I 111 II 1 . 7 . .
of mind, or Uke causes, by restoring the discharge
u nq lusuiuce. bo aiso ia onronie oageg fs ac.
Hon U prompt and decisive, and save theeonstitu, j
p j.vui iwiuuen cviis oiiu prematura aecar.
Asryocrflrtgfclrlari ;
1 .fimliAllsai:;'..',:
- ireaiun Tilnf t t
" This is one Of the .'Iniuinitahin -:tni
Hysterics of
I proyiaence.'' it is araucruur to know, however,
V that crof ua can be eaectuaQy eradicated bi tbe
msf 01 nosadalis, the great Southern Bemedy.l Its
reputation la world-wide, and it always cures.
Junl7 lw 'v, .
-l-law, 1 r. Li
mx oer ithy, sua ila'-y Amn
rter, idowof tt la
) Ct , James A. G ir, c I Wau axi
ir- .sjr . s I v a
j.aran? J eoctr. i j.
Kary Iitrcl. ceeea'1.
Southern Home aad Democrat please eoy. ' -
When tt became known that om of the richest
California bankers bad left tne Pacific Coast and
transferred nlaJMse of ODeraUons to the New York
ouiex. nucutujFB, mi in9 sorewa nnaoaani wafcqes
his course wi:
lewitn keenlfltereat o seebow m Hooks
The result has em
hatteailT Droved tbe
wealthjr Danker saeacttr.!
wider and more Dromisinir field to onenta In. be U
known to nave been in ae vanl stock combinations
pthafc paid .Immense, profits. By the combination
jnetnoa ot persuing in stecu Messrs. xwrence ot
aauMuois, r. i,, xmis orucra oi noasanas oi
customers, tn different ila; InfcJ'ona fast eanltaL
an operate; them (a a jnlghtTwhola dividing
pronta pro rata . among shareholders every thirty
days. Capital to 'any amount from sit) to $100,
OOO can be used with jrmalsueeeaB In these dooU.
2o;$l00 profits i $500 .would make
$6,000 or 10 per cent on the: stock daring the
mooui. juessrs. ljawrence ac wrg new areolar
(mailed free) gives "two unerring roles for success,"
and full particular, so that any one can operate in
stocks, and make money. ' Stocks 'and bonds
wanted; Government bond supplleoy.v Apply to
Lawrenos A, Co.. Bankers. 52 ,, Excharara Place.
Y -7 --- ..-.fs t-i 'jij"- '
"I'' tkaflns fi4er Dfsftwolattteat;
It, Is said thai the reaiaon why 'Suaei' sought the
gubfematorlal nomination was because be had not
been talriv treated ilr the Eeriublicana.'.! The best
mrea for chafes of all kinds la Henn's Carbolic
Slw.Tfiti9ieonaie wie of ooun-
im if h i u-At Time HbMKd CnstDjn, ;
TS'oVthe' 6eThmT(4ied rahd tenib'tlrhe the an-
nous cement la mala that, in anortianoe. with its
vested rights secured by an inviolable charter, the
Louisiana' State TottArv Comnanr wfit as in iU
regular custotn, proceed on the Second Tuesday of
next and every month to have, Ul the city of New'
OsHeans. Jt regular .monthly disuahution, when
liUyiuuwm do divided lairiy among me pujk
Chasers of the' tickets.- The nriefr.' Two Dollars:
halvesi One Dollar eaehJTFor farther information,
aaarass. at pncOfji. 41 Daupmn, r. u, vox tjyz,
, iwi !-.,..
For onwards of thlrfy.years Mrs. fWlnslow's Sooth-
ing Synjp has been used for children.. It corrects
acicuty 01 me stomacn, reuevea windcouc, regulates
the bowels, cures dysentery and diarrhoea, whether
arising from teething or other dauses. An old and
weuicnownrenjeay,;iKocper ootue. if
On Thursday or Friday of last week, a Newfound
land dog, answering to the name of "1100118," Jet
black color, with the . exoepthm of small white spot
on bis breast., . A reward will be paid for his deliv
ery to me. j , . M. K PEGEAM,
. , , ; lstmanonamanK,
June 172L Charlotte, N. C.
T OST. On Saturday evening, a White Satin
JLi Fan, "with spray of flowers -painted on it.
Finder will be rewarded by leaving it at this office.
June li-rtit . 7 ' .;
lid) :
Authorized reprints of
. The EdmbuBch Review
The Westminster Review (Liberals
The London Quarterly Kevlew (Conservative,
The British iuarterly Review-tEvangeUcal),
' axd .'.. .: ; t. .. . .' ' j .
These reprints are not selections: they -give the!
irbdnals in fuu. and at about one-third the nrioa of
the English editions. ' '
No.phbllcatlon? can compare with the leading
British periodicals above-named, reprinted by the
Leonard Scott publishing Company. In respect to
fidelity of research) aocaraey of statement, and pu
rity of style, they are without any equal. They keep
paoa jHlth modem, thought, discovery, experiment,
and achievement, Whether in religion, science; lit
erature, or art- The ablest writers fill their pages
with most interesting reviews of history, and with
an lntelUgenfnarratlon of the great events of the
Payable strictly in advance.
For any one Review, $ 4 00 per annum;
For any two Reviews, 7 00 "
For any three Reviews, 10 00
For all four Reviews, 12 00
For Blackwood's Magazine. 4 00 "
OTUiacKwooa ana one ue view, 7 uu
or RiacKwpod ana two Reviews
and three
"or Blackwood and four "
This item of exnense. now home by the publish
ers, Is equivalent to a reduction of 20 per cent on
tne cost to suDScriDers in lormer years.
A discount of twenty per cent will be allowed to
dubs of four or more persons. , Thus: four copies
of Blackwood or of one Review will be sent, to one
address, for $12.80, tour copies of the fouT Re
views and Blackwood for $48, and so on.
New snbscribers (applying early) for
the rear
1879 mar have, without chanra.
ie, tne
numbera for
lh& last quarter of 1879 of such periodicals as they
may suDscnoe lor.
' Or. instead, new subscribers to anv two. three or
four of the above periodicals, may have one ot the
',' Jour Reviews" lor 1878: subscribers to all five
may hare two of the "Four Reviews," or one set of
Blackwood's Magazine for 1878.
' Neither nremtunis to subscribers nor discount to
clubs can be allowed unless the money is remitted
direct to ihe publishers. , No premiums given to
cmbs.' " ' ' . -
1 "To seoore preminms tt will be necessary to make
eariy application, as tne awes; avauaoie ror tnar
purpose lsumuea. ; , .
uepnntea Dy
, 41 RaroUy Street, New York
' 1 8 7 9.
The Wim.T nanabu csaOi at the he.-ul of Ulna.
trated papers by its fine literary quality, the beauty
ollts type and' wcwdcuta, Springfield Republican.
' ' Its Dlctorlal AttractlODB are superb, and embraee
every variety of subject and, Artistic treatenenL
uorrs ueraia. isoswn..
The wrxltis a potent agency for the dissemi
nation of correct voUttcal DrinclDles. and a nower
ful opponent of shams, frauds, and false pretences.
.Evening jsxpress, ttocnesier. ,
Harper's j
agazine, one year,.
..$ 4 00
... ..4 00
.10 00
i v 7 00
he Three DubDoaaons. boa rear:
any two. one year., v.. i.i... .1.
Six subscriptlonsj one year, ..,......,
Terms for large clubs furnished on ap
jrostage ires w au suoscnDers in ine ui
The annual volumes of habpxh's Wksxlt. in
neat cloth bmdmg.-wni be sent by express, free of
expenses' (provided ihe freight does not exceed or j
dollar per volume), for $7iX) each. A: complete
OOt. sVUnnriainff irttsanttJtarV AriivnAa eant ATn &
wwf wauvauuw nvM V rVHUUVOi SHJSjISj - UA1
eeipt-of the cash at the rate of per volume;
Cloth' Cflae.3 fnrwach vorhlnm. .littahfa fnr hlrunnr
win be sent by maU,- postpsidV on receipt of jtf.QO
eaohu nii .tf ?; rt ., '-
- tAMlMnw.a .V.U I j ' . .B ' .
iBuuHuwa nhmu uo " ui povwuiao mouey
order or draft, to avoid chance of lowt n- s
-Newspapers are not' to copy this advertisement ,
wanout ue iexnresa oraer rj arner x Kmtnflrs:
Addresa.,, ., . , ,;, HARDER k BROTHERST '
deeir,, , ' . . ' New. Yort33J
14 ;i , 1- ,XJi &. INTERN AT, RTirVTSNmB
Collector's Office, 6th District North Carollni
' .OHMesvwe, j.u, May 38th, 1879.
Seized TOF VlolftHnh of InUHiaf 'romu t
on May 26th, 187:r Seven packages of whiskey,
"nedbrWfl.; Selgrlst One barrel of whiskey,,
owned by Wv A. Bailey. . , '
Notice is hereby given to the owner or ciaimahtt1
of the abow-desoribed property to appear before
JKiXLT ;0ID(X tesvme, and make claim
wtoiruj ociyre wje expiration 01 thirty days .from
9?S. S?01 01 the same wlU be forfeited to the'
.1 i I'aJIoa. ....
. .. . , I II.'.! I i J I 1
11 Li t FVV
i.iJj j f ftR ,tiiljj
- muyzo irtinaoari
THE HOUSE WlFErSs i -uinx- ii.-a
- . The latest and most, complete invention of the.
.aay urocger s irawnsworurs luong ana smooth
vera -task, of standing ver a hot. fire join toning
days. . ; , r-'-.r.-.-A j i"b-jrvii
This Iron heals' itselfc'aha; wiRiav IU worti to
Wood mhAnmfMt 'Under 4h Oki DTOeesS in a ihmt
time; to W iiothlng of,toelwaltb of those who do? j
na, ana we propose w wmiiieuw-.M' - w m
Mecklenburg.i Gaston and ..IJneoln eoutitlea iat
once, Any one wishtog to purchase tee tight to
all in other oonntles in the State .will do well to
apply at once to tti "PJfJVT0 W
Tne sample irons navy wriT t,
Butler's hardware store. a $JWs,f agent
for Mecklenburg county. ) ...
May 15, 1879-d3m. , .
15 00 of r :U! . 1 1 14L.V T lAi i r V
V-iJiXmYc' T.tiTKri fatiiM ButAi a&XaiBdWB wnuon xiea. xney,,-np, nave an TOaerodlblMr tw ...
tecaoa without cost or necessity of Tjr Jncreases
machine sewed Shoes. Also, a roil unroi uents-
t' l TT
U i J k.l l. J
Jane 8, 187&-
fill t,:t UUU Mt.'i
vi l..
'ju jtto' jeii!iT lit, 10
.--ii Hf.
.'A'W.Z isflK'
;' r. t risv o- 01;r. ; .SIi t :
: !- '" -ti s' : A-y..- : ,:d
Wiiav just received a nice Hrte of .
is.-',;-1 h ii.
it :;:!
trf'dio ii; t
1.1 !'
ii ' ft: ;!V Mint
-. ui A
1 -X..C) 'J.
sf"U Ja4 1
Also a beautiful lot of '
Gaitei, Oxford and Strap L
1 f
Which we are now prepared to offer at extremeiy
1 low prices.
, Thanking our .friends-for past favors, and wish
ing to merit a continuance of the same by keeping
the largest stock, best assorted,
And strict attention to business, with polite young
men to show goods without trouble.
'- 1
W. S. FORBES, Agent,
Smith X Forbes' Old Stand, Trade St
June 18.
1st National Bank Buflding,
Have now in store a nice and complete stock of
Hats, Trunks & Traveling Bags,
With them you can find
Celebrated LadJes'; Misses and Children's Shoes
They also keep Miles', Burt's, Holbrook'it 2 i
- - 1 1 . . :
low's, and otteftbest brands. Gente wQIJ therB
the 'ymier, MoCullough'' & berv Canfleld, and
Maes' hand-made Boots and Shoes. Also ,
the' celebrated xppptitf1
' ' -iliiirq i.) -. j .li( :-)S ; -, i 't
aaflure before baying. Orders lywe 4jdbs
attentjon, ' ' ,
t f . , I
' April fi, 1879.'
1, ::
V 1
Gbkmbbobp, N, C,, May 31, 1879. f
i j -j j , I propose to give, Jo irhe patrons of the
Piedmont, 5 Nurseries,
The benefit of the traveling agents eoromtashM on
my nursery sroca conBJswng or jtuu xrees, me.,
and have reduced the price 50 per cent Apples
and Peaches, 1st class, 8 to 6 teet; fine Improved
Fruits as are grown In North Carolina, and: ready
for lnBpeetioh.S Bef erenee givenr to any Nursery
In Guilford county. ? ; Peaches and Apples running
from the earliest to the latest varieties. Trees wul
be'nacked In eood 'stronc boles or bales.- and de
livered to railroad depots or repress omasa without 1
anv extra oaaree ior Doxea or aeuverr. lwuiiur-
nlsh at the following low rate: Peaches- and A.D-
pies In any quantity, imp
Pears; Plums, Aprieota,
Apples, Figs,!-Cherries,i
unprovea rroic, iu eentseacn.-i
neetannea, uaince,uraD
Apples, Figs, Cherries,!. 83 cents.- Oraamental
xrees, noses ana
Flowers will be sold cheaper than
can be
sold by any nursery In North- Carolina
to accompany the orders' An one not ha.
iy uw
ing easn may nn oui soce, 'signed VS purchaser, to
be paid when tree are delivered at depot specified
by purchaser. Note to. accompany trees and paid
when trees- are delivered, purchasers paying, all
freights ov same, j Trees will be shipped lriNo
venber and. purohaseT notified when to meet them.
Persons ordt wiif state plainly where to ship.
Name the depuiai '.Letters of- inquiry answered
cheerfully. Orders solicited and satisfaction guar
anteed, mdtaordereatonce!
Jo :i Jo iTer7 Pectfully'; J
wear of sole 80 per cent., naro. ine onwfrm
ii&na anu uumn hwip ..
1.000 Reams Writing Paper,
irenca, jjtrigintn an msh
Letter.' tetter Hea. Note He
Paper from 10c. to So per box.
r. ; . i.ooi'- x,iihtjis o im.u -,i! n.
Of eifTecripdon. u Memorandums,' Records,
Day Books, Journals, Ledgers, Composttton Books;
Blank Note, Draft and Receipt Books, Copying
Books of the best make.
r.i! :niAj
We have the largest stock of Ink. both writing
and nnnvlniF- thnl hua snr haan tn
-",, ... . v.. W.VM&UV W
izdc&nr nrrn
1 i t,.lt. - . uiJ .J-jjiiu-jl in ,
200 gross Crayon Chalk Just received, and will
be sold cheap.
;i ifi r:;i
A full line always on hand. We, have Just re
ceived a lot of Pressed Paper Batter Plates, which
are used by grocers tn putting up butter- Sold at
retail at 40c. per hundred. TIDDY ft BRO.
; " ; and
' 1 flfKAT'l
Pound Sponge, Fruit, Jelly, and all kinds ot Fancy
Cakes at PRATHER'S,
May 22. Trade Street
' We have on hand 95 of tbe Celebrated
One, two and three horse, which we are anxious to
close out, and will sell
Or on time tfll November '1st,' without interest
Every Wagon, warranted1 for months. Come
and see them. '
Democrat and Home please copy.
Jur aT-i
0UT8 I 3R3H3A3T
a. . i i. . . . , "
Keep constantly on hand
nana :
OiES,AP- .
i I-,. . , Sicloafve Dealers m
- ' LVOBJr& vartol lsilM liUXODR.
Oil .31
a r-Aiaq.i
or m
fi50 WWi.
t dwrjsv9 &i
Terms, Per Day
-tisreaf todbcemeffered to table board
ers; f or terhis see theproprietor. .
t9"OmnIbas andiCajxiasiat ptraln.1
FIELD BROTHERS. ....jpromfetori.
iMt ttiS. WIMOH Z4UW.im8urjertatendents.
I Pmivr Vn.wnra. i l.fc
ISrA vMaiai i tTrtfeA
nw i . .. ...r . .1
I iiHtfUr Ml
,SUA "5.-?
o u
a."H. LUCE. Proprietor, i
si -
K l ., ......
refitted sdw!ly fnrntaufet
ut aw ai .w4Mtiiii .
oil fsliai (h oa 1 -'fiiH
JU; to tmJ tj UOOOlBiKm, kh? i S.'uii. 'Itil !? rf'
.-('r ... T ' ! idJrw 4Wlt?i H--J.i ,l-tjfl.
it-u.' .i'f i
nanMiaoasnoes, rand cost ni than 014
TOrarJv'yiiT p ohi or hnx
Long and favorably known for their anti
tic ana alterative tonic waters. openednhIsff
1879. Board $2 per day. and uced r
a longer time, and families. InvaUdgWni P'68 ,0f
advantage of four different mineral Watp Jli'Je
addition, the Turkish hot-air, vapor aT mJ
baths, if desired. yaPr "a medical
Springs situated 7 miles north of Hin..
the Western Nortlr Carolina Railroad 00
finest road in the State. For f uXr1nfnSIerMth
address the proprietor, lnfofmation,
may25 3taw su to thu 0' ELLI0TT' M
WitM Sl'Rl.(;s,
HOTandwW unsurpassed mouutaln hi
mate, unequaled scenery, and magniuZ ff"
tel accommodaaons for eight hundred l,J
aouauous ior eight hundred m1M. n
baths, in conjunction with ciimjiti in- nu
most speciac. tor .rheumatism, nei1raic7 nm0;
and couat.tuQoiuU Olseases, dlsiases of the X
kidneysand bladder, and malarial disorders S
for descrintlve drrailnr ' nd
Wm. H.
HOWEBTON, Proprietor.
LOCATED ten miles west of Taylorevllle, on tbt
Lenoir road, hi Alexander county climatei,
healthy as any where to North Carolina. Room!
fmh v orthrwd at low iX
Provisions Cheap. Xor fojtherarttcuiare addreS;
Little River P. O,, Alexander co.,'N.Lc.PAlIiH
may 281m
Clearelaiid Minfral Springs
-Xi!i ;
These Springs are 2 miles from Shelby N c
and one mile fsjm C. C. Railway. Hacks will b
at Spring's station on arrival of every train.
Ba4d-of music- and other means of amusement
for the comfort and enjoyment of guests.
will be furnished with the best that tbe market af
fords. , -Rates
to soft the times.
S. MO. POSTON, Proprietor,
Shelby. N. C.
L. S. Wn.LiAMS, Superintendent
May 14 dw
Invalids or pleasure seekers, wbo desire to
spend a few weeks of the hot weather in a most
desirable locality, are Informed that the
Is now open to the public. Situated on the Spar
tanburg and Ashevllle Railroad, forty miles from
iburg. only a few miles from Flat Rock anil
rounded by splendid mountain scenery, few places
can offer more attractions.
The table is supplied with the best the market
affords. Terms low.
A. TANNER, Proprietor.
June 3 lm.
r t j !
' I' t i
Ladies buying Parasols a&t $uo.dahr.s will
find the best assortment at the lowest prices at
They will also find other goods to suit them upon
which they can save money. Our stock of Fancy
and Staple
Is now complete, among which may be found a
full supply of House Furnishing Goods, Sheeting
and Pillow Casings in Linen and Cotton, Linen
Table Damask in White, Slate, Red and Yellow;
Napkins, Doylas and Towels In even variety; Car
pets, Bugs, Mattings and Oil Cloths.
Our stock of Embroidery and Trimmings is large,
and will be found very cheap. So will our stock of
41 . I
AAtojseerpwrjJrrnts Linen Cambric Ban
Ikerehlef an-2 Sua Umbrellas. You will w
ft a ; '.i t HA 1 k'A a rs intjf m
them cheap, and everything else In ibpoton'
Call and see as. It will pay you
i tv"a T j oivnd wa a .u&Hvsi- :
. tr reeerrea a iuu line YSIS nd
CJWto ErssKh WjeWnxCANPlESJ Choice jenk
Mustard and Canned Fruits, and, jhckles of every
a rresn. supply oiAiRAHAJi riAua,uAA
andtAstiQrackt0 o every description.
- -v,i uVM 'M
J1' iSfoi h&rt,i. ,y.. ,
- -
!it.t.i. !.'-..;!jIi,-l. -, ... .
aUA . ttuu-z-iiX v.
-. i:ytei-ji.i j t.f f
SagftW Coffees and ahythlng that can be found i
i)ivorif v firatialass Grocery House.
id t.'.-a ',5 c.'Vi,h(
Jr;Ut if ;W davidson.

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