North Carolina Newspapers

SATURDAY, JAN. 21. 1882.
Phaulwx Lodge No. 81, A. J. A. M. -Regular
meeting every second and fourth Monday nights.
Ktcslsiob Lodsx No. 261, A. F. & A. H. Beg
gar meeting ever; first and third Tuesday nights.
raABLOTnt Chaftkb No. 89. R. A. M. Begular
meeting every second and lourth Friday nights.
meeting every first and third Thursdays.
kmghts ov Honob. Regular meeting every
,econd and fourth Thursdays.
jsssssi ssadwasss.
Bonlc Temple Hall.
I. O. O.
Charlotte Lodgk No. 88.-Meets every Men
day night.
Meets every Tuesday nlghL
Drxnt Lodg No. 108. Meetsievery Thursday
Catawba RmtR Encampmknt No. 21. Meets
lrst and tn,rd Thursday nlghta In each month.
index to New Adveritnerocii
9 M. Howell Dressed Poultry.
rorty Tears' Kxptrleiee of an OK Nine.
Mrs Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup Is the prescrip
tion of one of the best Female Physicians and
Nurses in the United States, and has been used
for forty years with never-falling safety and sue
by millions of mothers and children from the
tleb'le Infant of one week old to the adult It
'Erects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind
fti ic regulates the bowels, and Rives rest, health
and iomfort to mother and child. We believe It
the best and surest remedy In the world, in all
(vises of Dysentery and Diarrhoea In children,
whether it arises from teething or from any other
Tmse Full directions for using will accompany
each bottle. None genuine unless the fac-elmlle
of Curtis & Perkins, Is on the outside wrapper.
Sold by all medicine dealers. 25 cts a bottle.
Hayesvtlle, Ohio, Feb. 1 1, 1880.
I am very glad to say I have tried Hop Bitten,
and never took anything that did me as much
good I only took two bottles and I would not
uke S 1 00 for the good they did me. I recom
mend ttiero to my patients, and get the best re
sults from their use. C B. Mxbcxb, M. D,
Bedford alum and Ikon SFBisea Watkk ajtd
Mass. The great tonlo and alterative contains
twice ss much Iron and fifty per cent, more alum
inum than any "alum and iron mass" known,
just the thing for the "spring weakness" now bo
general. Sold by all druggists of any standing,
prices reduced one half.
mayll- t
"I have used In my family Simmons Liver Regu
lar, prepared by J. H. Zeuln & Co , for the last
dgbt or teli years, and fonnd It to supercede any
thing recommended for chills, fever and ague. I
iiavti given up calomel, quinine and all other mer
ciMiil treatments I give it to my children, from
ooe year old to those of twenty-five years old. It
is all you couli wish In a family. Please use my
name as you wish. Very truly.
Crawford county, ta."
A Ken Haven minister of the gospel told one of
his deacons that he was constantly hearing a loud
sound, which kept him awake nights. Since using
Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pills, hi
hearing has become normal, and his nerves are
steady and true.
Coughs. "Brown's Bronchial Troches" will
allay irritation which induces coughing, giving
often times immediate relief in Bronchlili, In
fluenza, Hoarseness, and Consumption and Asth
matic complaints.
Rheumatism In Its worst form, has never been
known to fall to yield to S. S. S. when taken as
directed. It never falls to cure.
You are sick; well, there Is Just one remedy that
will cure you beyond possibility of doubt. If it's
Liver or Kidney trouble, consumption, dyspepsia,
debility. Well's Health Eenewer is your hope. 81.
Druggists. Depot, J. H. Mciden, Charlotte, N. C.
To promote a vigorous growth of th hair, nse
ii r-
color to gray natr,
tchlug cl the scalp.
remove dandruff, and cures
Dr. N. L. Galloway, Monroe, Ga.. says: 8. 8. 8.
stands without a peer, the profession will have to
acknowledge It a specific for blood diseases.
Hero &&vtZKtiszmzut&.
tiST, Another skating rink will 1)6
opened next week.
1ST Court house circles fail to far
nish news items or amusement to
court spectators.
IW The text date taken at the opera
house is February 3d, by Oliver Doud
Byron and his company.
ISFSue Adams, the colored woman
shot recently by Martin Orr, is said to
be suffering very little from her
tW Miss Carrie Watts last night gave
a german at the residence of her father,
Capt. Harrison Watts, complimentary
to her friends.
tSPMe&srs. Brem & Mdbowell axe
having a handsome sign painted on the
side of their hardware store, which will
add much to the appearance of the
VST Remember the meeting to be had
this afternoon by the relief association.
It is very desirable that a good attend
ance be had. A notice appears else
where. tW The Home and Democrat of this
week contains a communication on
theatre-going that is full of good sense,
the writer of which evidently views the
subject from a practical standpoint.
tJTThe superior court yesterday was
all day engaged on the case of David
son vs. McArledge, taken up day be
fore yesterday, the conclusion wf which
has not yet been reached.
tSFNIght before last a thief drew
the staple of the stable door on Mr.
Walter Brem's lot and carried oft a
sack of corn. Nothing else was dis
turbed. The loss is perhaps 92.50.
tefGood Health" for January, a
neat little publication containing much
valuable information, edited by Dr. H.
P. Gatchell, of this city, has just been
issued from The Observer job rooms
tSTThe city has been on its good be
havior for the past several days. In
fact many of the old "disturbers" that
in bygone days gave much trouble to
the guardians of the peace have disap
peared from the community.
KW A "young blood" from the coun
try, mounted on a fine, fleet-footed
horse, yesterday afternoon gave an ex
hibition on the principal streets of the
city that surpassed anything in the way
of horsemanship and mud-splitting that
has been seen here lately. He made a
tour of the city before being captured,
but was finally run in.
The Skaiiug- Risk.
Messrs. Hargraves & Wilbelm have
become the owners of the skating rink
in the basement of the Smith building,
and have decided to make it a perma
nency for the winter. A large lot of
improved skates have been ordered, and
the hours for skating have been fixed
as follows: Every afternoon from 2 to
4 o'clock, and every Tuesday and Fri
day night from 7 to 9, for ladies and
gentlemen. Ladies are not charged for
the use of skates. The rink will be in
charge of Mr. B.F.Tipton,
Reported Engaged.
A correspondent of the Greenville
News, writing from Baltimore under
date of January 15th, gives the follow
ing bit of gossip about a young lady
well-known in Charlotte: "Amongst
the rumored weddings soon to 'come
off is that of Mr. Frank Baker, -son of
the wealthy glass manufacturer of this
city, to Julia Jackson, daughter of Gen.
Stonewall Jackson. It is also rumored
that they will reside in a handsome
house purchased for them by the father
of the reported groom, on Eutaw
Xlarrlage Thursday Night.
Night before last, at the residence of
the bride's mother in this city, Rev. Dr.
Theo. Whitfield, assisted by Rev. Mr.
Nelson of Shelby, united in marriage
Miss Lila, daughter of the late J. M.
Springs, and Rev. Theo. Ebbletuft, pas
tor of the Baptist church at Fayette-
ville, N. C. The bride is a well known
young lady of this city, where she has
a large circle of relations and friends,
the good wishes of whom she will carry
A Successful Debate
The meeting of the Library Associa
tion last night was one of great suc
cess. The debate which waa looked
forward to with much anxiety by the
participants, came off with scarcely a
flaw, in spite of the large and imposing
audience, and the difficulty of talking
on one's feet, which always confronts
the ntvice and pats him to it to collect
his scattered wits. Much of the credit
for the success of the occasion is due
to the skilf ul manner in which the
president, Rev. J. T. Bagwell, manipu
lated it, and the sympathetic bearing
with which throughout he inspired
confidence in the young orators.
The committee of judges appointed
to decide upon the merits of the discus
sion, consisting of four ladies and four
gentlemen, after a spirited consulta
tion, took a vote and were found to be
at a tie f our for "Eloquence" and four
for the "Sword." A deadlock ensued,
and the decision was deferred to the
house as the last resort. After a rising
vote it was found that a majority were
in favor of the sword, and so it was decided.
Rev. J. A. Hartman, of Chambers
burg, Pa is in-the city, and will preach
at the Lutheran church to-morrow,
morning and evening. He is stopping
at Mrs. Shannonhouse's.
Rev. Joseph E. Carter, of Wilson,
N. C, arrived in the city yesterday and
will preach at the Baptist church to
morrow. Capt W. T. R. Bell, of the King's
Mountain High School, was registered
at the Central yesterday evening.
Mrs. G. D. Bernheim, of Mount
Pleasant, is in the city, visiting her
daughters Misses Lisette and Florence.
While here Mrs. Bernheim will undergo
medical treatment for an affection of
the eyes, from which she has for some
time been a sufferer. She is stopping
at Mr. W. H. Bailey's.
i I m I i i
Pal Ice Heaqnarterat
Why is it that Charlotte, with a pop
ulation of nearly ten thousand and a
fine police force, to look after the inter
ests of the city, cannot afford to have an
office for police headquarters, where at
short notice an officer could be secured
for an. emergency V In every city of
Charlotte's importance this is consider
ed an absolute necessity, and it may be
considered as such here. When an offi
cer is wanted it is never known exactly
where you can find one, which is no
fault of the police, as they are left to
hang around street corners at their will
when not on their rounds. We would
suggest as an improvement on the
present condition of things that a slate
be hung to a lamp post on the square
where calls can be left, so that when
the "cops" wish to know whether all is
quiet along the line they can just step
up to the slate, strike a match and in
terview the entries.
Tile OvfpnJUaa va.ifr"e;vi,
The Orphan's Friend says that the to
tal number" of orphhM admitted into
Oxford Asylum to December 1st, 188L
was 528 ; number reported last year 138 ;
admitted since last report 60 making
188 present during the year. Adopted
during the year 4, died 1, dismissed 43?
leaving on the roU .140. Of the total
number dismissed -about 80 per cent,
are doing welL prospering in their la
bors, and useful to the State. Those
who fail to do well art generally , those
who ran away, or whose relatives inter?
fared with their progress. The general
health of the children has been remark,
ably good.
List vf Latter
Remaining in the post office at Char
lotte, N. C for the week ending Janu
ary 9th, 1882:
Albert Adler, Miss M. N. Alexander,
Mr. Mill Berpire, Anna Burgan, Miss
Hattie Bennett, Learj Brice, Kizzie
Banks, Miss Altie Brown, Prof. J. W.
Beggs, S. Bacon,. H. L. Creighton, J. E.
Carpenter (2), J. H. Cautrt 11, Mrs. M.
Canthier, Mrs. M. B. Coleman, Miss
Lizzie Davidson. Joseph Dickson, Miss
Maggie Davidson, Amos Goes, Cbas. A.
Green, Miss Galway, colored, John
Goins, .Miss M. J. Galloway, W. H. Gra
ham, Anna Hanson, Jno. R, Hood,
Green Icard, Mrs. Matilda King, Miss
M. J. Keener, E. H. Lee, Jno. A. Lefler,
Jno. Lone, Anthony Morris, . James
Marks, Minney Moore, R.M.McLure,
Caroline Neeley, Mrs. M. E. Oliver, B.
a Pegram, A. R. RatcliffeV Chasi1 1.
Rogers, Mr. Remsen, attorney-at-law,
Elam Roberson, Henry Sanders, R, H
Shields, Martha Tune, Bishop Thomas
A Blch Gold nine
Border.; '
We learn that some northern capltaist
and A. W. Graham and Capt. Jones, of
Hillsboro, have opened a gold mine' on
the lands recently purchased from Rev.
R. -A. Patterson, .who resides, near:
White Cross, Orange, county. Some
time ago they purchased a small piece
of land from Mr. Patterson, for which
they paid him $2000, and agreed to pay
him one fourth of the proceeds from
the mine. ' They went to work , and in
a few days they discovered that they
had a regular bonanza on their hand.
The ore was found to be very rich, and
the company then offered Mr. Patterson
$c00 for his fourth interest The offer
was refused and. the company are now
digging up the yellow metal in large
1m a perfectly tenable and economical remedy
we cordially recommend Dr. Bull's eoufh syrup.
Price 25o a bottle, lor sale everywhere. .
Coffee drinkers should read the 'advertisement
H another ootnmn beaded "ood Cofflee."
When the avatem has hum fined with Mrenrr
a 8. & should be taken to rid the body of Its every
, effects, tt la a complete antidote.
1 ' .
TP i Jfl&ifj o I2E STOCK
decSO lm '
Turkeys, Chickens, Docks, Cranberries,
an21 .
EmilineToms, Jim.Thomasson, R. C. 1 T rTMTtMV II 1. 1? I
T..l. T;mW.A;n. THi&a XV Ttmiio u " U il 1J Kl I 1 u U U I
Lizzie Young.
"JTer chants Leaving Cbarlotie.'
"We hear that there will shortly be a
heavv desertion of Charlotte by a num
ber of the prominent merchants of that
place. Wittkowsky & Baruch will leave
for Baltimore, where they will open out
in business, while Messrs. Brown &
Weddington. SchifE & Grier, Morris
Bros, and Latta & Brother, will go to
Richmond. This will be a,pretty sharp
thinning out. but there will still be a
few merchants left"
The above item is from the Concord
Sun of vesterdav. and but for the fact
that the firms mentioned are among the
most solid and successful in Charlotte,
we should not think it worth while to
give a contradiction, but the matter-of
fact manner in which the statement is
made is calculated to alike in jure Char
lotte and the business interests of those
Messrs. Brown & Weddington, when
questioned about the matter yesterday,
gave the reporter to understand that
thev were negotiating for a honse in
Richmond for the purpose of establish
ing a wholesale hardware business in
that city, but this would not necessarily
close their business house in Charlotte;
in fact, it is our opinion that these gen
tlemen are doing a business here of
sufficient magnitude to warrant the as
sertion that they have no intention of
abandoning Charlotte at present. So
with her to her new home. 1 far as Messrs. Wittkowsky & Baruch
The couple left on the 10 p. m. train concerned, the report is simply ab-
When calling for any of the above
please say advertized.
W. W. Jenkins, P. M.
At Haae avud. Abrwad few Febnutrr
The February number of this first-
class Southern magazine has just been
issued and is, as usual, well stocked
with original matter, in prose and poet
ry, from the pens of some of the best
writers in the South. This monthly is
now an established institution ; and we
are happy to state upon the authority
of the editors themselves that Its pros
pects were never brighter, and it is con
sidered a financial as well as a literary
success, we trust tne igooa people or
Charlotte will come forward and do
their part towards increasing its cir
culation in this city, which wB hope
will long be its headquarters. Below
we append the table of contents for
February, 1882; from it the public can
judge of the literary treat placed before
It. The story for St Valentine's Day is
written by a lady of Charlotte, and is
well worth a careful perusal. We are
also requested to state, in this connec
tion, that the recent election of Dr.
Bernheim to the Presidency of N. C Col
lege will in no way affect the interests
of At Home and Abroad, with which
he will still continue to be connected,
editorially and otherwise. His work
for the College will not commence un
til June next; meanwhile he will take
an extended tour through Georgia,
Florida and the Southwestern States,
canvassing for the magazine. Even af
ter June, he will travel and work for
it, in connection with his presidential
The magazine will be found on sale
at Tiddy'a and Eddins' bookstores, in
this city.
The Forecast of Patrick Henry ; The
Frozen Heart; You and I; What is
Love? or, -The Angel in the Cloud;''
In the Highlands; "Walk in the
Light;" "Judge Not;" Florida Sketches
Tampa ;" AuRevoir! The Cherokees
in North Carolina; Across the Atlan
tic; Necessity; Ethel's Stratagem;
Oceanside, or Life on the Southern
Coast; "And Days and Years Come
Back No More ;" Religious Department ;
Current News; Choice Bits; Editorial
TX7I intend selllnc Acid and 6nano. which we
TV havs on band, and will try to always have it
so yon san etfme and get it when it snHs you. We
will have four or five kinds, so yon can take year
choice. We will be glad to ship to any station en
the road. Send In your orders and renumber one
thing, we do not Intend to be undersold in the
same brands or same goods, and don't you forget
it Kespecuiuiy,
an20 !3t wSt Hnntersvllle, N. C
But a limited stock of
mo mm
Parties who wish to procure their supply win do
well to call and make arrangements with us as
Rochester, NT Y. ' -
Not Amateurs, send tout name
and address to o. wuimuw,
Absolutely Pure.
Tin powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomeness More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only In
nov23 New York.
LeRoy Davidson. Sole Ajent, Chart otte, N. C
ON Monday, the 18th day of February. 1882,1
will expose to public sate at the court house.
In Charlotte, an undivided half Interest In atjact
ot land in Berry hill township, adjoining tends ol
Dr. I. J. Sloan, a 8. Hoover," W L Hoever and
Others, own as the McConnell place, now the
vru,pe'iy or i. jnonroe imwu. uowowu. -
uapt contains one hundred acres, well watered ana
Improved, and produces good cotton, corn and
Terms: Fifty dollars cash: balance of purchase
money on nine months credit, purchaser giving
bond and security for purchase money.
W. R. BER.BYHILL, Adm'r.
anl7 w tds of L Monroe Reed.
-To Owners of Mineral Property.-
pARTiaa owning lands on which Gold. Copper,
1 siwpp nr Mtrei u found in Daying quantities,
communicate at once with the undarslgned. par
ticulars as to locality, situation and transportation.
Bend average samples by mall er express, pre
paid, to COLORADO,
Central Hotel. Charlotte, N. C.
ten 17 8t
caljsbury Watchman copy.
over the Carolina Central for Fayette
ville, which place will be their home.
New liodge Knigfeua of Pytklfuu
Thursday evening Col. Chas. R.
Jones. Vice Grand Chancellor Knights
of Pythias, in company with several
other members of the order in this city,
went over to Salisbury, and that night
instituted a new lodge of Pythians in
that town. The lodge commences
work with seventeen charter members,
with good prospects for an increase in
numbers. The following were installed
officers for the term :
P. C L. S. Overman.
C. C E. B. Neave.
V. C.R. R- Crawford.
P. J. M. Gray.
M. E. J. D. Gaskill.
M. F. "VV. L. Rankin.
K. R. S. R. M. Davis.
M. A. C. E. Mills.
I. G. W. H. Overman.
O. G. J. F. Pace.
Corner of College and Trade streets,
(Wilson A Keek's old stand.)
Parties desiring Fre& and Sellable Drags
v ill do well to give us a ealL
Jin4tf 0DC N GHUB, HAND 4 CO
Mice to'k Public. .-.
THE existence of small pox as an. epldemiojn
many sections makes It my duty to agato uirge
upon all our citizens the duty of vaccinating, our
daily intercourse with all sections of the country
exposes us to It contact. Don't watt unttl tnu
pestilence Is in our midst to take steps to prevent
its spread. I have ordered vaccine matter and
ask our physicians to use it In vaccinating those
who are not able to pay. Let this matter nave the
prompt attention of every household.
F. fl. DeWOLFB, ,
lanlO lw Major;
The OperaHooie.
We understand that Mr. H. McSmith,
of the McSmith music house of this
city, has secured by lease a half -Interest
In the Charlotte opera honse for
this year. McSmith has had some ex
np.rience in this line of business, and
we have no d.Qiib,t wtU do, what he can
to have a superior class of companies
appear here.
In this connection it is aue me man
agement to state that they are in no
wise to blame for the manner in which
the Markham company cut "The Two
Orphans" Thursday night. It was un
derstood before the performance com
manntA that the company intended
leaving for Wilmington at 1030, but a
promise was exacted by the manage
ment that the piece should not be cut,
whieh pr emise was. not Kepi. xk
fraud ou the audience to act thns, and
but for the miserably poor rendering
we have na doubt the company would
have heard a protest. As it was, every
one was glad to escape.
a. a B cored me of Catarrh after all (otoer trea
rnenthlaUed; rou can recommend Was sure
SJoT a a Bun Greencastle, ind.
surd. No other house in the State en
joys a larger tradelor better reputation
than theirs, and they understand too
well what it requires to gain the ground
they occupy here to abandon the field
after they have reached their present
success and prosperity.
Messrs. Latta & Bro. have no inten
tion whatever of leaving Charlotte, and
so far as we are informed have never
expressed themselves in a manner to
warrant the statement made by the
Run. Thfiv have established branch
houses at other points, but Charlotte
will continue to be business headquar
ters for the firm.
fiMessrs. H. Morris & Bro. left Char
lotte the 1st of January, not for Rich
mond, but Tarboro, where they already
had a successful business established.
The extract from the Sun conveys
the idea that there is to be a general
stampede of business men from the
city, when nothing of the kind is
thought of by the parties named. It is
rumored that Messrs. SchifE & Grier are
considering the feasibility of a transfer
of their business to Richmond, but we
are not at all certain that this moye
will be made.
Some of the members of the firms
mentioned feel that an injustice has
been done them, and it might be well
for th San ta be sure that such state
ments are correct before giving theni
nubllcltv. The party giving the infor
mation was evidently ignorant of what
he was reporting, or was actuated by a
desire to injure Charlotte's reputation
as a business centre.
'gov fpttt
TEX Ben and commodious residence
boot by H. T. Butler, on Tryoa street,
mat beyond the track of the A. T.4 0.B.
B.OO. Good bargain. Apply m
Jantatf Aseot-
A. Six room noose.- with
rood yard and
weill at water, and a two room kitchen;
4n mlnnlM mllr ot t.lia IHlhltC HnilAre.
decSO tf
Ajrresure of Peaelosisw
To the Xdltar ol The Observer.
That crmat ininnitv the Act 01 Con
gress granting arrears of pensions was
not paasea wiliiou ypputuuuu v. m
careless ignorance,, as seems to be
thought by some wno are now discuss
ing it in the newspapers and elsewhere.
It is true that nobody knew then, or
indeed knows yet exactly now many
millions or hundreds of millions will
h A-rr.rnfttAd from the Treasurv under
iv. sslsh firaMfta for sale or rent.
AA AO IK. USUU V v va J auwaa " .
. m v w a I
rlea away dv puruiiua aemagogism.
It was rushed through the House under
a suspension of the rules by men anx
ious to pander to what they supposed
was the soldier sentiment. The vote
upon it will be found on page 48tf4 of
the Congressional'. Record, 2nd session,
45th Congress, where it will be seen
that myself and colleagues from this
State in the House all voted against it,
except two who were absent. It also
appears that the Southern Democrats
&-&pbuSas 2riirto?a Fqr sale or rent.
or aoagea; uiat uie uui; jnuiiuwu
members voting against it were Demo
crats: and finally that of the majority
who passed it me larger pan were re
publicans. Whatever Senator Beck
may say of the careless manner in
which this bill was allowed to pass the
Senate, it was strenuously opposed in
f ho TTnna- narticularlv bv the Southern
Democrats, who predicted then that it A
would be found m the end one of the
most recklessly improvident and waste
ful measures ever passed by the
American Congress.
Kespecuuiiy yours,
Wm. M. Robbins.
SUteaville, Jan, 19th, 1882.
We Pay Special Attention
And have a large and well selected Stock adopted for this
To which we give our personal attention. We have received a full supply of
TWO houses, one on Graham street, the
other In rear of my residence. Xacb
Kay be entirely prevented by the use of BUB
NITTS COCOADW. No other compound pos
.uMtha Mcniiar DroDerUes hlch so exaoUy
. v. rinm Mwunthms of the human hair. It
HIv T t
ufunatTiA hnlr when harsh and dry. . It soothes
the Irritated scalp. It affords tne ncneswusH. m
nrevents the hair from falling off. It promotes Us
tiMitriv. vteorosi erowth. It Is not greasy nor
sticky. It leave no disagreeable odor. It k
Burnett's TlaTortoa Extracts arwtnwnto oe hn
on Mn attnnid read the advertisement
j in another column headed "Good Coffee."
has four rooms, good garden and well of
water in yard. Both comfortable ho
Pnunislnn ImmAdl&telT.
rrax honse And lot on B street formerly occu-
X pled by Thos. J. Sprinkle, is for sale or rent.
ily to TrJ
Which for mrrity and excellence cannot be surpassed, for pre
scrtSion puwes, and wiUbe used exclusively for this trade.
WILSON k BURWELL, Trade Street
jama n
Charlotte Belief AawocAavtlwn
Thfl members of this association will
meet in the Young Men's Christian As
sociation room at 3 o'clock p. m. on Sat-
t,tAv the 21st (to-morrow.)
There' IS aesuiuwou ana BuixciiUK
among our poor whicn calls for aw
from our clt&ens, and the Relief Asso
ciation having m past years rjeen me
medium through ' which i it has t been
contributed,' reorganization to- meet
present necessity is now causa ior.
This call is an invltattoh to every,
charitable citizen to meet and partici
pate in the organization and work of
the association. - -: '
- wespecxiuuy,
: i - - - ' John A. YouQj
. ' i. Chairman. ...
-January V188i. vMt . v ' ''
Kdne'Wert-MCfes : thef bowels ittg"?.
eteanm the bloodv and radically eoTesTrtdney I
dbeTKweLlpubUlOus neadache. and pains j
wWeareomsea byWdered ttvet and Udaeys.
ThoBBda bare been cured why should yoe not
?J:t!ZxZZZ3 mm tan , n that it is one of
old iLnboth dry and llQald form, and its action U
boeltrre and sursln eUnex.-Ilas Texas Herald.
Is two stories high, with seven I
rooms nn stain, and basement,!
tiitAhlA for residence as well as I
business. Matthews' is one of the growing towns
tn tne State, and has lost now a flourishing school
and good churcn privileges. , .
This property will be sold at a bargain to a bona
4Sj4a wtmvihssun
In the store house Is a stock of General Mer
eBandlse, purchased last fall, which will be sold
wl h the premises. w .TT
JanlS dlt w2t , Matthews', N. a
-Prof. JULIAH 0. 80HULTZ,
Lately a Prof essor of the
tfew York Conservatory ot Music, will teach a
seleCtass of . . . .
SpwcUl. coarse forliaW , SSSSS1.
reiereoees, jumbwj uuu mm -Music
Janllw ;
CrorJythe bxai Wcco known as The
OldOaken Bueker
rpHl old Oaken Baeket,
X The Unbound bucket.
The nwas-eorered backet,
-i ... , Tbatntmgmtteweu.
& . " CSAR R. ions.
, , V Charlotte, N.C8oleAgemV
IV Liberal terms to oeaiersi , ,
of 9K.k7?
Ask y our Stationer
or send 25 cents
in stamps for
box contain
ing two
Of Assorted Pat
terns, la a icktV
r ioted Match Box.
Sold by nil Stationers.
iYison, BMemafl, Taylor k Co.,
Sols Agekts, New xokk.
1 R VAWOB. W. tt UIUI.
Attorneri and Counsellors
ftaeoee tn Supreme Coot er tte UrJtedStates.
DUDreme uoun os iwn www
v Courta, and eoanOea of Meeklea
burg, Cabarrus, Union, Gas
ten, Bowan and De- .
tar Office, two door east of Independence
ggolre. mayw
IHO8tata and DnUed 8tatea Coorts. Collee
lOomL Home ead .Verelgn. soUetted. Ab
eta oi nun, qui rcjs. iwnm w w
POwrasrH. I. Comer Tr,
Chsrtntte, M. C.
and see what
He has for New Teai'j DiBnersCand how very
cheap be is selling
Toys and Fancy Articles
dec 81

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