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The "Smith 1 Pre rnier
Tbi Big Granite
'7"! -,
7" -
41 : PATTpn .-.AVENUE.
Tpyewriter is endorsed , by the U.S.
government. What more do you want,
the earth? If you know any thing at all
about it, you know its the best.
L. B. ALEXANDER, Agt , 50 Patton Ave.
30 Patton Avenue,
Asheville, N. C.
it. m,
N -
Will surely come. If well
clad you do iiot shiver because of a dirop
in temperature, v There has already
been a big drop ia prices t the " . v
Root give end aciiyity to the kid
neys the cause of the trouble, but by
treating the kidneys it acts as a tonic for
Personal Notes About Home Folks medicine take Swamp-Root it cures. Sold
and Visitors by druggists, nrice fifty cents and one do
llar. rbv. sending Tburdre nl fha
R- R. Rawlskas returned from Union, name okthis .paper to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
' !C. Blngbamron, N. if., you may have a sample
, ' - , - r - J - - ill . -
uow-ie 01 . cms greax discovery sent to you
;J. L. White of "Chicago; 4s at the Swan-I free by iniail. - r u ;
nanoa. , U . ' ' - "
W. C. Hough of -Franklin, -was Here yes- A OTED ATLANTA CASE.
terday. . ' . For fouT yeans I lhave been afQioied with
, James A- Sanders of aaltfimore, ds at the '"t .7 7 C irrr TJT
ClreSS SUltS t Berkeley. ' - rible (has its nature been that when I blew
1 . . ' 1 " "' ' 11 i I .1 my nose smaxi pieces of bone would fre-
3,nQ OVCrCOEtS tO SeleCt trOm IS Still VerV lS-rOre. I W Rieynol(Js of st- 'o, is at the quently come out of my mouth and "nose.
-r -,.'v -, ... J c I Berkeley. - . - 4 The diRfthars-A -was nnn'imis arH at timM
YOU Can Sa.VearOm tO $C OnVPrV Quit in w -r, T v. ,rv . . very offensive. My Mood became so im-
A 40 CVCiy bUlU ln MWrE. Jenkins of New York, is at the pure tbot my general health was; greatly
ing irom jusC ' Oalh and price our cloth- 1 ' . j , SSS'SS?1
-1 r - i . . - " in . umuiu ut.imuAiius, wauiowt reiier, untu I began the use of Bo-
1112f DeiOre VOU bUV, and' VOU Will He COn- Stay' . tanie Blood Balm-B. B. B.-and tbree bot-
o ' J J f , - J M . i-v-. vvii . ties acted almost like magic. Since its
WE are selling., the . best clothing on the
market for men, boys and children at
cost without' -reserve . V : . ;
Our stock of business suits.
.rlnA fKof m oll 4-k Ui. J. J Lff Merrick ias turned from- East over a year,. not-e symptom has re
Vinu ruiai wv 3U1 :XHC' UCbl iCclUy maue 1 esse turned, and I feel in every way quite re-
clothing in town tor the least money.
RtrwrewT in TlKXalltitl T am an rM nUiiron nf A
. W. S. Fish-burn , arrived last night from lantA. ana rfAr tn imm.t an-o- nvm
CbarleStOn. I (in Rllflpr fitrt flTul mnra rkarH-vvii.liaiH-ir tn
Ir. li. -JfM. fI liarri irnhn Irnnwia ' .m-v na aa
H. Cohn-of tCSncinnati, arrived yester - mrs. TCLTZAiRPrrw tojot-t
day afternoon. ' ' Atlanta fi
'Don't b(V;SllhRf-.i(tlllts. smirl tn ht "ittat 4a
J. -M. Stoner has 'gone to the eastern srood.7 but. buv the old reliable .anfl Bha.n-
part of the state. , ard Blood Purifier of nee R -R R
S1.00 Tfr liarcft hftW1. TPnr .aalo -hv Tal
(C A T J n TT t . . r 17 - .
o. j.. jvua auu o. tiasiings ui umsooro, ham's Pharmacy. 24 Patton AveniM.
andno'w is your opportunity tO prer,
pare fori the cold day, by at onie tak-,
advantage as many are doing, of the
bargains offered in Men's Underwear
and Sweaters, Mens and Boys' Suits
andO vercoats, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c.
5 I ! -
w r
R. H. Cilchard of Phiadelpiia, was a
mong yesterday's arrivals.
."'Moments are useless if trifled away,'
and they are dangerously wasted if con
sumed by delay: in cases where a "want
ad" inserted in the Gazette will bring you
lAir . iJarnara nas returnea from SNew wnat you want immediately.
York and will resume practicing "law.
EMPLOYMENT f or j-esnectable and in-
.'.. Wbite of IBaltimore, and E. Poole dustrious nersons can usually be secured
of Louisville, -were 'among yesterday's ar- in Asheyille by the expenditure of a few
rivals. v cents for an advertisement in the Gazette s
People's Cklumn8.
verv well for a-Christmas eift. althoueh Nrs. m. ia. neniyer ji ii,iiza:oeiu, t-a.,
it Is vpt-v Tiiap whpH vou -want , it TTVir I anu jmliss ma xt. uaann -ax uoiuwoia., are ai 1TJ UUKiU A tXM-i'U 1JN UJNUJ 1JAY
your wife, sweetheart, daughter or listers, I lre fwannaiioa. Take Ijaxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
ndthing -will please them bertter-than one j rrT"t. n V am. ' druggists' refund the, money if it fails to
of n1.r thi-Do rvr fivc.iviiind hnTAs nf flp- Ui"lca v. ixaaiiicii, uxi.y -cu.iwi vx (inrfi. 2Kf. Thfi ?flnii np hs T,. K. O. on
lidous, rich and finely-flavored mixed" "ie aiumore un, is nexe wnn nu eacm tablet.
chocolates. French candies, .marsnmal- I.1"7 aic ttt OWi,UU4UU4-
lir liT'ioil'maa wi-tnont l I xrypairi n'p- rf flip minstmn of rrifi nnnTra.
ivno.-wi xiuv v .w-.- " I n r -. tf -i ? n j t. . 1 J..M I r "
plenty of conifectomery wouM be like mf- Vaivm "118 .,.ulB uu"x tion-of Hawaiiwhich will ibe one of the
"borne without a mdther.'" r. LI" , SrrrrJ "t. ;ri:i" most important , to become (before con
KIH PI lilt- 1 V.' IIK 'Will IIIIIMV Kll I
m !Pia,ant wha i.a-viii ae-mo. n gress, the Knoxvillo Sentinel says: "AsJ
duties df storekeeper and gauger. - J 'tnrs annexation is a tning "we can't cjQ ana
then at the next congress, tundo, as is the
AshevillG Candy Kitchen,
,L M. Theobold, Prop
9 " V THONE 110.
case with tariff land (currency legislation; it
fL.ii A iAb- .ft nf hoai'h l is, a taatter which, in importance trans
electric ,
cabs pass
Calsine and
. Unsurpassed
Location Central.
The Berkeley is an upWate hotel. Has all the comforts of a modern home
and is Equally Desirable for Families and Transient Gnests.
are like the carpenter who neglects to;
sharpen his tools. People axe1 not apt to
get anxious about their health soon enough.
If you are "not quite well" or "half sick'.'
have you ever thought that your kidneys
may be the cause of your sickness?
, I.t is easy to tell by setting aside your
urine for twenty-four Hours; a sediment
or settling' indicates an unhealthy condition
of the kidneys. 'When urine stains, linen
it is evidence of kidney trouble. Too fre
quent desire to urinate, scanty supply, pain
or dul ache in the baclk is also convincing
proof that the kidneys and bladder are out
of order.
There is satisfaction" in knowing that the
great remedy Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
fulfills every wish In relieving weak or dis
eased kidneys and all forms of bladder and
urinary troubles., Not only does Swamp-
of these Jines. Tt involved, itoo, a vital po
litioal primciple; it means in all probability
imbroglios with foreign- governments and
the maintenance of a dependency It in
dicates a further course of territorial ex
pansion and aggrandizement; all. of which
will without doulbt redound to the greater
centralization of power in the federal gov
ernment and the weakening of state lines,
or 't?he shearing of the state's rightist 'But
considering--.the' question .df annexatioajr
respective of .any questions of political prin
oi'ples; laying -aside for the once the warn
ing of Washington to beware Of foreign en-j
tanglements and keep our attention whol-f
ly occupied with local affairs, 'the ac-j
quirement of the Hawaiian islands would
toe of extremely doubtful expediency. t
.When we. put la cM"p Cn our bat, as
Hawaii would be, there'll be no lack of en-f
emies -to knockv it off. It wilj invite at4
ftack and be a source of as little -profit
and as much vexation as Cuiba is to Spain."
t 'i
A. Slocum, M. C, the Great Chem
ist aaid Scientist, Will Send Free,
to the Afflicted, Three Bottles
" . of His Newly Discovered
Remedies to CureCon
sumption and All
Lung TroQ
t bles.
Don't delay until it is too late. Con
sumption, uninterupted, means speedy and
certain death. Address T. A. Slocum,
M. C, 98 Pine street. New York, and
when writine the Doctor.- eive express and
postoffice address, and please mention reaa
ing t'is a tide In the Gazette. '
Nothing could be fairer, more pnuan
thropic or carry more joy to the afflicted.
than the offer of T. A. Slocum, M. C, of
New York City. " t
Confident that he has discovered a re
liable cure for consumption and all bron
chial, throat and lung diseases, general
decline and weakness, loss of flesh and-all
conditions of wasting, and to make its
great merits known, he will send, free,
three bottles to any reader of the Gazette,
who may be suffering.
Already this "new scientific course of
medicine" has permanently jured thou
sands of apparently hopeless cases.
The Doctor considers it ihis religious
duty -a duty which he owes to human
itv to donate his infallible -cure. -
He has proved the dreaded eonsuinption
to be a curable disease beyond any doubt,
and has on file in his American and Euro
pean laboratories testimonials of exper
fence from those benefited and cured, in all
parts of the world.
scarets, Candy Oarthartlc kills Yellow
Jack wherever they fmdhimJNodne who
takes Casoarets regularly and ystemat-
icallv is in danger from the dreadful dis
ease. TCascarets kill yellow fever germs in
the bowels' and prevent new ones from
Just try a box of Casoarets, the finest
liver and bowel regulator ever made. At
Pelham's Pharmacy.
Hides, Skins, Furs, Tallow,
I will pay the highest market cash
price for the above articles. - Ad
dress me at 50 Bailey Street,
and I will call. 05-26.
NOTICE to creditors of Western Carolina
Bank to make proof of 'their the
cause entitled below:
State of North Carolina, In The
) Superior
Buncombe County, I . Court.
Battery Park Bank and Others,
Creditors, vs. ) NOTICE.
Western! Carolina. Bank.,.. .
In pursuance of an order made in the
above entitled cause, by his Honor W. I..,
Norwood, judge of the superior court, on
the 3rd day of November, 1897, notice is
hereby given to any and all creditors of the
Western Carolina bank to make themselves
parties plaintiff and make proof of their
claims in this suit within the next forty
The petition and order on which above -notice
is based are on file in the office of
the clerk of the superior court of Bun
combe county, North Carolina.
Depositors of said Western Carolina bank
will please present their pass books, re
ceipts or other evidences of indebtedness to
the undersigned, receivers, at the office of
said bank, and -have same compared with
the books of said bank. Blanks for prov
ing and filing said claims will be furnished
to any depositor or creditor on application
after Tuesday, November 9, 1897, to the
undersigned receivers.
This November 3, 18?7.
It. P. MoLOUD, V
II) The highest endorsement .given
The popularity of
- The Swiannanoa
is due to its central location, its home- j S; .
Ht atmnnhere. the excellence of its
cuisine and its very moderate price, i
Steam heat, gas Bnd electric lights, J
T.ovrvo oftmnlA rooms. F " !
P. A. LINCOLN & CO., .
Asheville. N. O. . A Proprietors.
Main Street On Car Line1
of -
1 . -
ft.:.:- iiTtiiiiiir1i'r'f '""" - . . , ,":w"s-" ' '.fv.r;:.-"". -. ; -. r
by conserva-
Select Board. Northern Cooking. Large
Airy Rooms, Newly Pumished.r--Moa-ern
Improvements. Steam Heat. .
Shady Grounds Fine Location. , '
Near Oar Line. ,
217 ui-TW-obi)1 ST.
' ASHBTVTLUBS. N..C. 202-28
Furnishings almost-entirely new. TaMei
supplied? with the heat.' T " ' '
- Mrs. Mary;Si Sevier. I
1--.- nv
BO ARD Two desirable rooms 7rl$.?K,d:
ma, be had at Mrs. A.X3. Bay's, Bamoth
' ' .
Have yoii a house to rent? Try the peo
ple's column.'
Mrs. L.: E. FREEMAN, Proprietor,
.: No. 646 outh Main St., '
'Asheville, N. C.
Centrally located, on St . Car Line,
. Bates, $1.00 er JDay.
Special-rRates by Week or Month,
. -a1lr0Te street. AslTllle, N. C. ,
- House -ntW Pa-Pfn? " SSS
ttrotfglout. :,HiU8 well Heated. : Bata, tot
;5l iold water. ' Modem cMwmteocM.
Northen-JMOlilng.- .Near street carUne. . .
1; Universally acce
i Itive, discriminating
l .They know the great i
1 ! of -wholesome food; they:, realize
i the risk of the packing house lard.
-'Four refined, Valthy boarders Vith vlg
orous appetites, lor tne wuiuu. - f":
r;nw Tsrt Gau. situated amidst
Se finest scneVand climate on this con-
tinent.-JiinnaH AU51 - ;
Refuse worthless imitations
The genuine is sold every wheredn : 3 y ,
tins of one, thre;e land five pounds,.
with trade marksCW.d;;:
cotton-plant "wreatk-CK ..every tinvts
tine"; oawjllat" V"' f--i:.;.:'.-';' r :'''V;.
1 c
Blade s only by
--i " ei) -'ti8, " .CWcisia.". New 5leaM,Baldmor& -" .-;3
. f

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