North Carolina Newspapers

T. i. HOLTuri,
n. G. wiLuAtflSOH, Eu,tor-
Nortli-Cirnliiiii Whig will be afforded In
........ I in..' :.. -.1
i ,-riiiiTS tit IWli in aiiiume, vw
-cyy.) pol.l.ARS AM) HKTY CENTS if pay.
l 1). 1 . v l for three months, und T1IK1.K
IHil.l.Al.S u.1 the end of the year.
V-'w rlisi'l.ienis wsenen aiimc 1wu.11 (nTtiuHit:
, .; Iine-i it less, this si?''1' tyw) lor Die first iiim-r.
j ami '-.i ccnl for ennll otuitiiiiiOKT. Court ad
wt'..iiitiits und Sin rilT'a Sales charged 2.- per
P. lii'-lt.-r i 'Hid a deduc tion (if 33J mt crut.'will
b i t'ruiii tin1 rcgulir prices, fur iiilicrtin-rs by
..." ic.r. Aitv.-riitu-inciiis inserted monthly or
, -i -! nl si l r aiu.'fr fur each time. Semi-
manner " He will be, Alieo ; something whispers: of the company l.adetired.Mr. and Mrs. Lee fit v. The columns of Quitman and Worth where lie has since remained, and where ' always to sulmi) them as coimlrjm .
rsuppli- t wt it wilt be so. (), if sister's untiring1 nml Aunt Mary lire-red awhile to consider were ordered to movo forward in separate lie may now be daily seen m the liidustri- home. .
strength love if a hirer's watchfulness and prayers! upon the prnposiiHiieh James Klwood had detachments. Worth's devision became en- ous discharge of its multifarious duties ; a , 1 remain, dear mr, vim gita ,.
llin. lilt I'l "1'orini liu vmui:-. umuii'i uuia mhui-iiiiiviii.'. ... ( - r- i I ' I
made for the bambf their beautiful Amy." gaged in a street fight in the suburb, but , constant in Ins atlendanee at business hours yours truly,
. . . . J . . .. i.i I..l, ..f il... A. ......... .....,t I
distantly to Alice. Her haughty manner
sent a chill to the heart of the poor
ant, and she could scarcely- summon
to speak, but the remembrance of ber ehil- can avail, they will be his."
dren pave her courage, and she. pictured j '"And my efforts and prayers shall bo' " They love nwanotlicr let them mar- forced its way and took up its ipiarters close
forth their situation with all a mother's elo- united to yours, dear Mary, and may God ry," said Aunt upon tho city. Quitman advanced still fur-
(iiicnce. and humbly reuuested the loan of erant that t ho husband and brother nlav be! ".Lump is t.lriil'teiniierate. and his thcr on another road, and after bonn- hard
a few dollars, promising to eivc herself no reclaimed !" I iirinciiiles are villous." observed Mr. Lee. fighting, encamped within the entes. On
rest until it was repaid. fireat was lleury Lee's surprise at meet-1 The mother sal nothing, but there was a the whole of this eventful and glorious day
as any clerk of the department.
PKItSONAI, (' II A R A I ' T KHIhT II' . j
Here, at his place of, vinitors.
from all parts of the counti y thronj; to see.
Wm, K. lloiujssox, Ksip.
iNi: or Tin: womkn.
The l'.hode Tiland Temperance Advocate-
).. ilirc c tnl In Hie r.iotur. Aim nil n l
, i hn-im-f" I'T Job Work, vV e., inui-t b direc
, the l'ul.lislii-r. Al' lelu-ramut he punt-pui
, v will net Ik- atti'tnli d to.
I'ihii' IiIh ran lit- m.nli- to either.
IV-'iiii'sl'Ts r.rt- aulhr ried to set an agent.
Mrs. Harris heard her in siletice. and af- lnir his lonir absent sister, but ho could nleasmir , xnroxsln in her soft eves, which Scott had displayed wonderful activity, and . . ., . ,. , irives us the loll. iwni" ineiMcnr, wiucn 111.17
I ter the recital stood a moment in thought. i not manifest much joy. He felt so deeply j did not speak of isnpprovul. ' had been at all points when! ho could bet 1 le receive all m me mo.-i ira ih, t u, . wcl, , (i il!llt.!t,. j i,y Ill;1y in our own State,
I "I am very sorry for you," said she, ashamed of bin appearance of his bloated! . . . 1 give directions, animate the wives, and
" but really it is not iu my power to grant face and tatering step, that he wi.-hed she ,.,,. us voll .... . ro. ' in the conllicts of his bravo comrades. In and del.ghttul cordial.ty ; v in.u at i.w iu In(jlR.r ,, sist,.,., of Us will
your revest; I have just 'now absolute bad not come to lJ hi, degradation.- J, 1 0 he exhibited the coolh-.t self- dwe 1,,. n d.,,-. , b! as 1(t(ivo itl 0,.r Ju election, . tho
need of everN- dollar that I can command." Mury, however, appeared ,0 notice the HV 1 ,m . e ' command, united with the greatest vigilance f '';: '" f. n ' 8 rum will be in deceiving the ignorant
'V'!i '"'.rc wnil(lorcd to the half-open door chaise in his look' aiiil 11 ,,, She greU- tl p'es order. And now as herctof,,, in all 2' "'i ."
VI I lie Ul iw Ill-r ruuill n ill 1 v pui a mei (.Hunt cu in in w nil inueil a liei:il(ill. a nil neiiiinii HIT- 1. L I u ... .. 1....I . ; 1. -l.A 1 1....1.. ..I WIO hi'm. mvun in ,i 11 11 11 .- , . . . , - b m. ......... -
am tliev associate in seem ing
ills r square fi r em-li time.
1, tt-rs rehtivc to tbf I-.iiitnri.-i! !i p-ri- waiting her leisure to examine some spien- set! Iiesule lnni liegan talking
did shawls which hung graeetully over the days, and bringing to mind the
sofa. " Ik-sides, Mrs. Lee, I make it a rule their childhood. She pictured out
never to pay for work in ailvaueo. t ro- ny uui-nde, where they gathered nuts
gret to say that I cannot assist you at pres- and fruit the stream where they had float
tut." ed their tiny boats, and the forest where
She turned away and poor Alice, who they culled the wild blossoms iu their iuuo
stood as if spell bound, heard her expatia- cent glee.
in-' upon the beauty ot the shawls, declaring "I , those were happy das happy day
o 11111 iwv n 1 1 .1 1 111:111 11 11 iiiir.i in tuu ihi-juv. .... 1 1 f I
ofby-gone Mr. nud Mrs. J.e, and their sister Mary.- i ''' f;llU '"- grasp, he manifested
scenes of TllL, olhvt M , ta an,l f,.,..oned prudentia care, a sagacious toresight. an
ut the sun-, , , flowt. U tll(. Ui.f j .(Uil. KUoo j nud unconquerable '.eroi.-m, us w -!1 as the high.
Vi.... fin.lhu' all P'TT? .,urvc,,u"V' ri',':",'1?1ei"K',"0ri ' ! by every danghterof tempc
M ew " c km mud 'b!,'8 .'"""" '" J'y i"-, every wife and mother, vi :
itiiiirtw i lie rem , ,,.,,,, BI(j HU.,,.tiim on all eolloiiiual to- ' , '
est limitary genius.
During the nig'd, Santa
further resistance vain,
li'l4 I'illinr hl-tiln
Luey, now that It aged li -ne factor ba
pone to his last reiitie. six-nils n.Mch time
with b. r friends at e village, and tlmugli limit of his army from the City, and on the.
' lis whi. in-red that he is soon to become .1: morning of the 14th, our troops entered the
bride, thev enti rlai no fears of losili!? hcr.,Iraiid I laza.
pints, unsurpasseii uroanny, anu u geuei- , .-, i
ous and lofty tone ot thought lie is opu- ; (i f mi.'ml)U 0f the Maine,
lent of story and anecdote, iillluent in Ian- ,
guage, singularly accurate ot statement, . , fo(Jwi nij),i0 ttl t i,u (;lliulat.-d
itranee, aua by
The American Hag was bois-
that they wire cheap at fifty dollars. Slow- said Henry, musingly, " then 1 knew -no grief, fr hl'e declares tht if slu ever marries, I ted from the top of the National I'alaee,
l'rrmi. tin' I)'l I'arf Journal.
Ti;SE " Will' for tlir Wi"'."
TI.e t .enl'oro pirty, I" ys.
Are er.iwin nni;l ly ri. r.-t',
S un- iht y li;it n'!! ,i
Tin lr "I ft m m" li.iitr..! Pi.-rnf.
Tin v s.iv l.i-'M Im-.I. .i.!.
In i il-Ii'.-i " iify-i
And m-rrli into t ; i - Ih il-e,
Put (hit In- will i:.. i!-.
i iji) k i W itt t;M .vi r,
W a t till vi inbiT,
ait Mill NoM tnLtT,
Ami tin 'II a!i tarn blu-
ly did poorMrs.Lee retrace her steps. She because 1 was unaipjaiiiUid with sin; Mary,
felt as if there was no heart to pity her liok at me now. I an you recognize the
no hand to extend relief. In lu-r sorrow glad hearted boy who went singing from
she forgot that God was ever nigh that morning till night in the drunkard before
Ho would not forsake her entirely. Weak : you V
from w ant of food, and trembling in every " I recognize my brother still," she on
limb, she was forced to paue and leaned swercd ; "though somewhat changed lis
against a tree for ret. Her eyes were true y t the purity of heart and peace of
cast down, and she heeded not the sound of conscience may be regained the dark past
-wheels. .lie whicic wiileli was all lorgivcl. ami buried in oblivion. ill
intaitied two ladies, who, at
by her appearance, paused to en
wlm alll limn D null.'! lie-ir tli.-im. A .mill II lid lit the SiHllH, ViCUlTal f-colt
aie the smiles of ntum- I etwowed upon dressed iu full uniform, ut the head of lm
those who ,w-re so ireiehed and heart bro- JstaiT, rode through the vietmious column-,
ken, and tliev bless he hour when the light , amidst the vociferous acclamations of the
of Temperance disfialcd the gloom of de- eouijuerors, while the band of the Second
lie;lllieltl OI I', ugoons urm k u iiio iusjm
rill:? air of Yankee 1'oidle.
Th-' W "liiu't liave mttl. il nn a rhoii'e
'1' i. ;m (iiit- Will :;-;trovi
(Ij.t Snrr an'i IIrmmm are I'n- Is.yi
'I'-- make t!us n. ti-t.i in.. ii- ;
Th' !... -h ?-ay llev'll I'o -r thi in,
I u l'iit. t ii liny tii 'i.
A-..I in in-. i n.t.i I" W hit- Il'.iisi-.
H it '!e.t I In- v" 1 i" r ilo.
Clio, i Wait ' N ivenibi-r.
It ...-;ti.- ; ' mji iiiv til nil tx-ys
. ii sl.out a I .oil hurr-li,
-.if enr i h iii.i.iiiH,
1 Hr .if (,1,1 I liiiM wa,
T .. .. t r.s timik they'll him,
I. i . ijii.t. . u Kf-y tv o,
A i-i rf'i li.t't l:ie While Iboise,
II. .t l:l..l t:tCV'll 111 UT '..
Cii.iri VV .ui 't.ii ,i,vt nihi r.
I i e.. T ih,. !,.,y mv h.-artus.
'1! !n'A-n (.'.i n L-aiee,
II- s s.!- 0) ln-.t . I'l Pierre and htl.e,
I ,r U is lo name.
'1 .'i v know tin v ci,r. .1 crush turn.
(i . lei.i..,.,, n:1v-t.w'.
I. n ii" 1, in.' re . i " in ' i t.i- Willie ll-ew,
1 r Iti .t i.i 's hi, mill I do.
1'nom-s Wait 'till Nnvi-inU r,
U ait 'til! Vivetiil r.
W ot 'till Ntivemlyi-r.
A;. I til-'s .ll put Im" lliron tli.
juiro if she was ill.
Arc you sick madam," asked tbeyoun
it, a blooming girl enveloped in silks
.Hid furs, as she sprang tjwardsMr. Lee,
" Surelv, soim thing must be the matter or
von would not stand here iu the piercing
cold wind."
"Sick at heart!'' au-iM-red Alice, iu alow
moiiri.fiil voice, r.ii-ing her eyes to the sym
pathizing face of the maiden.
"Ah! I see it all; you are poor you
have no money to buy food is it not so V
" Yes, I am poor, but I can bear hunger
and i .Id and never complain. lis u .t for
in self that I weep to-morrow my children
yuu not tiy, dear Henry, to con. pier your
app. lite ami l.e free and happy again? '
" lint you know little .,f the force of ha
bit, Mary ; you know little of tin- stri-n.ili
of a which has been chi ri-i: d 1 r -o
many years."
" Yet brother, habit may 1 1 1 ... 1:
lie firm be resolute, liur-laway i. li t 1 r. ;,;
forever the chains which are h -: im.' "i
down, and rise a man, will, all the u ib!e
feelings of a man '. ou, Henry, were never
designed for a life like tins; y oil hae a heart
which ran throb with the lu l l. -t iu.ju'ses
you can be happy, and impart happiness
around you. l'lonu-e me, my broile r, that
you w ill be free from the tyrauy i-f Alc,.,..."
She had ela-ne l hiin in In r anus and was
will be exposed to the pitiless blast without gazini; iu his face with In r beseeching cyi
I oj I.I Pi le I
HAT I I.K OHIoltlMl lift. IIIV. 1
Snt.t.i Anna had ii"W stationed biuisilf'
with hi- reiiiainitij ''irccs on the outskirts
. ! tie- city, at .T i nr the hi 1 of (.'hapulte.
'1 Ins hill very str-uigly fortified.
a:el i oi.,i!i:iic!cd t).- ei'y as well as sew I 'll
of its principal apn oach.--. Iti sides werj
craj-v and pre. j itous, excepting the as
cent from the t-it v 'n its summit stood a
stone fortres of in:i.cii"c size and strength,
called the ea-tle At its foot wire strung
deft-nee Anioij them wa" tie- " Kings
Mill," (Moliliu ,1 Key.l a large ,to!l.- buil
ditig, wilh thick und hi.h w alls, and tri-r
at the em I.. .Unit ii'l yard-di-t u.t 't-.od
aii 'lh. r thick-willed st..tu- building, ealb-d
foin the N.w York llri;an.
resolitir.r; Influence cf Intemperance,
ii v i:.
i nN i.r-tuv.
i'.-r s line luolnciits after his departure
a tiidi avoring to lliink of some in a li
re r ,ii v.hi h tie: reUiaiiiiligsuui c-oold be pro
'.11.. !. but in vniu. She had not hing of a
! i- !.-; that -he co ild dispose of. At !a-t
. i to g i 1 1 tin- lady who furiii-lied
i. r w -:!; and s -licit lor t advance tin
:. '! -ring i . toil day and night until it
v.i- p. ill. Throwing on h'-r cloak and hoo-1
'. i. it tl,.- hou-f, and walked as rapidly
.-. 1.- r !' !.!e -trei.L"!i would allow. When
'.. ..: ;!,..- di-tiiiee nee .niplish'-d slo- met
A-i v i!e was returning wiile ut the
u ; .1 -up' I .- of work. .stn: bnr-t into tears
j -Ii.- - v.i Ii- r mother.
l i, !'" -ai-l .-he, " Mr-. St-iTil.-y ii offctid
( ' . rv i.i'i' h off. tided, an-I she will not
- :. i ; i i:.y v. -. r k a; ain."
'Vha do .,u im an Amy' how have I
- : I h-.r ' ' a-';..-l Mr-:. Lee, earnestly.
.b.- - .'.I the dr--- wa- ruined, mother.
1 1 t v . I r- 1 1 1 1 . r t!i it w li.-n voii w as -ew--ii
it lie: other iiighf. fatln-r came iii,
I h" i angrv, aicl
! ., ti. it tin- fin-!!'
.' I ; i:ig to -ave the dp
... 1. ,1 hurt, but to-.
' ;! 3 of glea-e alno
ii-: w ill not let me h:;ve any
Is. ii i inured Mr-, lee, then it
t , app.-al t j Ji r for help.
1 1 'I he clouds of de--
' . g.'M 1c f ing 'i'. iT Hie.
t 11:. d t l retrace ,( r stepa, but ud-
:-,;;,. I,- a we.-ii!iv widow whohad
a- i-t ! h'-r. 'lie- ili-taii'i- was long
.- af , 1 ut -h'- d'-tt-niijlie'l t'l see J,er
i ..-.'l i , Lot- f . diiiL-- W hen at la-t
e . tly in ii -i ,ii , h'-r tre-.ib-c.iic.
l v Mi-tain her. She
i.i I liiiliii.' up on a chair,
ir.H.c- of t' bo! v, w Ii i wa 1
( I conic, come with me," cried the young
girl, seizing her hand and drawing her to
w ord the carriage.
A lady was reclining upon the back seat,
dressed in deep mourning, her face conceal"
ed by a thick veil.
" Pear Aunt Mary," said the girl, ' here
is an opportunity for your bein- oleiit heart
to do the good it so much de-iies; I know
the story of this poor woman is true." j
The ladv removed l""- e. -l ..! pees
met those 'ot Alice, ls-th uttered aery of,
surpri-e, and the next moment tlu-y wercj
locked in each other's ariii".
"Mirv, mv sister! O, why did I di-tru-t
eoodlies!'' "aid Alice.
' I ear. dear Alice !" iiiurinured the other,
"is it thus I find i-i ! Has sorrow graven
thi se lines on your brow and dimmed the
lu-tre of your eyes ? lias want paled the
ehe.k that was so ro-e-ite witii health when
la-t I beheld you ! t, why is this! Are
vol a widow ? Is my brother dead "''
" No, Mary, not dead, .ut "
" Ah ' I can imiigine hat you Would say.
Then my fears are realized, and he has fal
len a victim to intemperance !''
Alice was silent, and Mary prc.-ed her
clo'cr to her bo-oin. " Thank lb o-n that
I have found you ! how I have prayed that I
might di-cover your retreat, .-ime last Wi
lli, t. rb-ar Alice, I too have known sorrow.
Mv hu-biiiid has been taken from me, und
in v po'-r bleeding heart turned towards ..ii,
niel I. ,ii -ed to hear vour swnl. utilizing voice.
I have found V Alice. I have en
this World':
and smile
was w ei -pin
roiled over the lace ot the u rill, k - tli
1 a sweet thrill of p. rv.ided al
.in of Mary "lie will be . !.'' la
e," " that' tear ii a l.arbin.i r of I.
lit v
A tear
aril, ni
the bo
said she,"
It w as ci
the events reci
J une sunet w a
ne-s over a rich
which i-ible
of a fine in ati-i. .ii,
,,f , w- K ,!aU !.
lady enj.-ige.l i ii r
a till, sen b r boy
lull- id ell.'is, A y
f '
Hit tie-'
the army
in rril Sett
.1 .
Mr. I
lit-, in 1 I.- t.
tS n.t.i Anna. 1
ll-e-nmig that tin-
ars from
d.-l aboi.
easting a
fl'.'lll tl;
I'l-oii a ;..
.-il:i,g. .Ni
u - 1 1 1 g thr
iiiiig - irl s
In- t ilne in v. hii h
. oeeuir.d. A
subdued loeli-
.f bill and dale,
open windows
iu a r. liri d pal t
r In r -t
iii.h n:i ae
at at an . i n
d at an I
ell tl:. In,
:! -tPUig.
K ing's
l-.r the
1 in t li
littnk iictiiy's
to the orinitig ol
-. I. lit as intr-.i t. d to
acioitipli-hcl it iu the
n the "th of S- pt. i.i-
t'u! I. . I h. I1
j III a few days, -tu-h was ticti. Sett's j u
. liicioiis e .iidti. I. 'iii' t was restored in tin
("uv, und all da-, s resumed their wonder
ful aw. cations, rep. .-ing the fullc-l coiili-b-liee
in the security atlorded by ..ur troop- under
their humane and ehi i-tiaii commander. ' "
the iii-tit. iti ii.s ..f religi ui. i.-iieral Scott ;il
'was piid in M. xic i a profound re-peel
Though hiiiiseil a 1 'roti slant, he ni vi ill.e-b-s-.
enjoined upon all under hii command,
a de eel. t ali i respectful demeanor towards.
all the tuiiii-ti-rs and eeiciiioiii. s ..! the 'a-th-die
Church, himself sitting the i xatnp'.c
up Ii ail pi. -per ni ea-ioiis. lie in ted upon
the rule of pi-rfei t to!, ration (..ward - all w ho
wish to engage in the Wol-liip of their M.l'.e.
The losses sustained by the various, m.
gageimt.ti of the army alter h aving I'm-b-I.i,
ha liiow aiiioiint. d to J.'Ui) men, b av-
but -.ii.ill "t rai-K an 1 tile uinii r arms
source ami suggestion on an cohoimu-
jiics. With one of the finest physical organ-
ir.ations ever given to man, he bids fair to
attain great longevity. He has always lived
a strictly tempi rate life, and so far a regu
lar one as could coiisi-t with his arduous
and exposed public services. He suffers
somewhat from the severe wound ill bis
shoulder received tit Lundy's Lane, the lur
king Lritish lead in his body being seeming
!v uneasy nt not liming yet performed its
intended work. Yet he is remarkably hale,
vigorous, and active, ami may :j seen any
Iu Foster, there ivas un iiitem'ierat'!
mull who bad promised his wife that he
would voto for the Maine law candidates
for the Semite and House. In the morning
of the election day he was enticed into the
tavern, and treated by liU nnti-lavv asso
ciates till he was drunk. His wife beard of
it, searched him out, mid got him home.-
Here she gave him an emetic, and. got him
sober, and then borrowed a horse and wag
anil drove him to the polls. Ho voted for
the Maine law candidates, and his single
i vigorous, an-i acii-.e, alio may uc m-en ii , . .
'morning at sunrise making the daily pedes- vote prevented the election of a run. .epie
'lliau t'oir of the Ci.v of Washington, and ,-U,.a.,vc. J he result of it is, that we go
I prov iding at (he market for the daily nee. s- "". !"-"' '"""'' hlW UK' ,U""
Id. May be long live .
country, an example of
-t genial qualities of
d bv the blainlishinciits
eine.iuor. an 1 dignified
nor.ili and an
sities of his liou-i h )'
uu ornaiii. lit to bis
tie- highest and m.
uitiiihood , euibcl!i-h'
of a geiitb manly d
by a bd'ty t "f n
lien ,rf ( hai Ht.-r and habit-, that
lint i veil lb.- tongue of calumny litis, tver
dared to a-sail.
! i.CVIK.ll, Si'lllT AVI'iMi lllf si.l.MKIts.
lieu. Se. tt wis alwav a favoiit.- with tie
oldi rs ..f (he army iu Mexico. Tin y had
uiiho iii b d ciitidciii e in his military ki.-.w-1
IciIm.- mid -kill. Mil fully believed, what
was the real truth, that h- restrained him
self with treat difficulty from more oil. n
mingling in the dangers of the strife ..f arms
imrclv from eoii-ideratioi,s of duty to thi
ll. Hi
a f . Hi.!
11, to he
rmiii. d
,k ni. tl
piano arranging p
niing a gay air p. le r- !t.
" I-u t latle r very late,
hov, " I am w eary !' vv ai.
" No, Ib-r!.. rt: it i- only
in, patient that tie- tune -.-i
t music
nn 1 Ii nil
' a-k.-d the
f r h
m are
Tin r. ,
image s
! cousin
Ii i xpr --ion.
lit Vo'J were
goods f,r us all
again , my si-ier."
tears of joy.
..ugh of
si look up
Hut Alice
( IIAlTKIt X IS TH IK. HI .Tl' llrriM
-ii i,,ir,t tin- ilark fillers iii v lir..i!i.r: 1- fr
I hi nr-1 heels ; y , ., the e
ing up the sir. it. O, I h
is with him."
" And Jamie, too," said lb
up iu her fa' '- with a roeaii
"now in know ledge. Amy, I
thinking of him a- w-il as Lii'-
" What a t. a.,- v ui are !
laughing and Id u -lung
hound, -he sprang thr.
w un low into t he pia7?.i
shrubs and vines wl.
selves over ih'- pillar-.
"Ah! but I've eiiigl.t y "I ' i " I i.e '
iii.-iiilv tone, " you vver.- ie t ipnt. ,
niiiigh in voir tlinht . that i- a eharn,
hiding place. Ie, never; I ain halt temp
to share it w if h you.''
' Win re are the naughty truants
a sde, ;' voire, and the 1 , 1 1 g 1 1 1 lai
Klwood peeped through the v I in s .
Mill"' w a- i up v e d a-purp.-e
of i-i-t ng i inn
ib tenre of the it ., ib
and destrnv it, and l r.
po -iti. ,ti, pr. prratory
Ch-ipultep. e Tl..- a-
I heral VV oi'ii, u
ino-t gallant (ijiiiii r i
-sti'ins at the Knur's M.,1 an 1 '
l wi re del", ided Wll'i idtstiMate
and only viil'. d t b ngt!: P- th.
our troop-, wb poured in under
tempi--1 of I .lb-Is mid su'ph'.r. ai
the w .., (,-.
! The victory, though rlori.-u' a
' ! pur. !: i-- t ut a r'.ni-'iis s.n
W I-. Iiet t i bll.'lv's I..1II. , 'U
' do -t battle- rn orded ill Ann
, .Ve-.rly ui.-. forth of Worth'-
wi r.- eith-r 1. iled '-r w 'ind'-d
l- in f -r. e i ngi-. d wa- I', I I
f .
I H th. -c
s.iii at tl
il.liiiii tr-iops er.
tt hi., and I;. Id
with only thi
Scott I.Tlllliil
tai.t-, ai
try c..nt
id" so ul-.
.f a Ie
ind in
re sick and in the garri- t
of Cln.pult. p. e, so th.-.t .
all that Were ipiarti re I
i-ses-ioii ..f the City. Y.t.
handful ot mcll J I t I " neral
ill l-oll-i i nil Scclll My in lie-
til. City ..f -gi.ll.llll i" itihabi
he heart of an enemy 's enm
a p ulation i,f eight milliom,
arm V Hrl lii-" coin. try ; a inny who u n"i-ou-lv
deiiiaailed of him to rc-erve r-
lioni all uiin ees-.-iry ip.-s.irc i'l
i v.
I rav
valor .
I. id. ..
t an I-
as it was,
sacrifice. It
of th- bloo.
iern hi t .rv
whole eorp
'I I,.- Ann r
I i 1 l.lntil ..I
v n many
'li.t v w a
n.. dir. -t -r !
r in I.i. h i i
I t!
p .-
my 'Mi- A
d liaiid. II kill
sale til." till
then, wilii ,
I..- ! m l
bid among tli
w n at! d tl.i in
1 1 a v in
,1 Sett
t. 1-, and
ot the i UV
-It.- of the
' iii'iirir-'li-.
illrl 1 w
pr. p. r.-d
bv the
iu. ri. al
.-.I and
i. d I.i
, tr .o,
. I'll. l
, fire
W o'lllO.
i p. tin i
I the re
.f llnir
ll- ii.-r-'
r T';,r'i
din tell
M-xi... 'II
I,.- b. ' am-
-p .ll-ll'le dull'
live liiolillis at!
I vhlbll. 1 liilll
the dl hai - e
ma!.-!:.;. Hi-
i-u.t in t!..- elr
I i lie- demands
(h- complicate I coin
ed his Iltt' lltl . W t!
di-i r. tl -,,. Alolie h,
of ( '. 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 I -ill' h
count r v, an! S- ei.-t.i
no r. -p. ct !i 1 In- t ill
did he eome sb-rt '.f t
d. and
coi, o n t
p ildic alfa.fs
'ifo.-liied the r
that di-V-'lied up.. II tl I III f.
r his I'l, tt nin e into t he ( 'it
i a man inn pi v o i. ill lii d tt
' highest dllt,
1I..II w a- ii o ,
1 . t
did ...iv in a ii f. el tie- tirm. -t and nc.-t un
ib.ubr ig as-iiraiiec, that if . v.-r the tune
should cine v hen it w is tn ies-ary t-.r the
i-oiniiiandnig li tv ral to lead his in
pir-oti. in s .tin- dreadful Clin rgi ney, that
hi. w.nild rinl raee the occasion with joyful
alacrity, and cheerfully " b ad .. forlorn
h .l.e lliroii -li n 1, reach spoiiiiug vv illi lire.
that tow in'
i. dial am:ci)!iti:.
Ii i- -aid t'.i.t Judge T , formerly
th: pic-i iing tli- j-.isiU-e o! (.'oi.iiiioti i'.ea-,
uii'ier the oi I i i : 1 1 -. wai engaged El olio
time in trying a criminal who ha! b-.-n
st. abng the goods of a merchant. His ii'lt
was i i. al ly e.-labli-hed, but a ipiiv-lioti iil'o .
as t i the v'uliie of the stolen articles, and .ui
the .'.i ti riuiu.itioii of lln ir value depended
under the statute the fait whether it was
cr.iiid larceiicy. puui.-hable by impiisoiiinciit
in the peiiiieliti.iiy,or petit laieency. pfir-isb-aide
by confinement in the comity jail.
' The jury sitter being out for some time
came into (,-ouit for spenial iu-Criu timi, say.
iu-r. it the va'.O" .4' lii" g-ls were found at
llicir wholesale price, ur w bivti they were
i , ,i .i i.i r... ...... .
purchase. 1 i y lln ir ovwr.-i , u n.-u-i m "
to p. fit larceny only; but if found at the
p tail rice, it would In- grand larceny, and
;!iev wished I" re iufoimcd aa to their duty
in this n-spi i t
Judge T
C .r.vlciloii tlial gave
' -.ii- troops, and toiin-
.1 his
f stales.
.-el and dilh-ro-.-
sup. t i..r
and treated
ei I.- tliat now engross.
con--t:i,!iate skill and
- p. ! f 0 111.' 1 t hi ll 11 1 1 e s
i, f, l'r. -id. nt of the
r v of the 'l'r. a-'iry. Iu
il. and In n . re-p-i t
.to t 1'i 'IiS .,( his
1 CI
f tin
v . n.'u
,r i n vi-t i
r from lae ilefiliis r,f stliiln.l. ami li..ine
n, re II. f ii ha jipy joyful i. '! -
tin.. i nrove In v " It weril'V
: rick-
- I : i
he pushed the
v. as uv erturned ;
- s a u l we t bought
i.iv Mrs. Stanley
ig the folds."
b-t me
i r-
, an
il l n
:int- pa--'-at
: viahd
rv side
,f. I,-: dl-tuibed.
I lill'l r. pa--ei
upon sil'iii,
I lie tokens ef
; I " i -.-. a ii-ep s..;, came Irotu In-r
' 'il .!, ,-o-ild n,r forbear contrasting
!', ihaif f the owin-r of the sump-.-
'Iv.cli;.,. . for a lu'.ineiit she f'-lt in
' I i-. pirn- lit I'rovideiice, but the feel-:-
ti-.iu-i.-lil ; si, me sweet pas-ages
- i i :r" whi. h Amy bad r-ad to h-r
' ii. -i lung, cam- to her mind and ban
I l.-r r. piniiitfi. tiay bur-H of laughter
from the I i-i ul: fa't room, and ihe hap.
'-list. - sM-ui" .1 to have torgott'-n that
il.- or et, row e-sted in tl
d -' I
,1 ,
T r
n r
Ol .:.
I I. ir e liieri
Ii n nil .
When the carriage stopped at U,.
1,1c abode. Mary looked out upon th
ety tenement, with its liing.-b-si doors and
broken windows, and ulo red an expression
of surprise.
" Can "iicli a place a.-. thi," said she, "de
serve the sacred name of home '! Here
take mypur-e and satisfy the unfeeling land -lord;
but you shall not pass another day
beneath that ro-f."
Amy and Herbert who were w aiting the ar
rival of their mother, had provided the on
ly comfort in their power, a bright fir" up
on a ideanlv swept hearth. Around this
they all gathered with the exception "f
Mary's young ni'-ee, who had accompanied
her. She went gaily out I . ord'-r food, and
soon a sub-tanti.-il rcpa-t was spread, of
w hich tin- half famished mother and children
partook, with thankful hearts. There was
joy and beneath that lowly roof,
alihoiigli ocea-ionally a thought of the
wretched husband and father would cau-e a
thrill of sorrow.
" All'-c," raid Mary, as they drew near
the hearth, " I foretell many happy hours
for you and Ib-nry. Park and gloomy as
his case appears, it is not 'lopch -s. Have
von in t heard, my "i ter, of tin- ircal tein
,i ranee movement which is agitating the
bents of so many thousands- of the noble
I'M'ut-of the band w ho call themselves the
Wii-hitigtoiiiuns '!"
" I have heard nothing of it, Mary."
" Indeed ! tlnii I have joyful news toim-p.-nt.
Many who were sunk to the lo..cst
degree of intemperance, and rendered loath
some and vile, have been rescued, and are
now respectable rind virtiiou,. 1 know a
hundred happy homes which one year ago
were miserable iu the extreme. 'I he plcdgts
has proved an iti-triiiin-nt of salvation, and
to its magic influence and the untiring .' al
of its advocates, we '.we the blessed changes
which me da'ly wrought.''
I Von sun rise me. Marc. 1 1, il llcl.rv
f Lin y
- in r. ,
llcib'-rt, come and help me to capture these
two runawavs. Kor shame Jamie, you
haven t even greeted 1-0.1-111 Alice.''
" Forgive in.-, si-tir, but I will make im
mediate .unciids," and with a -rie-fiil '.ow
he cnt-rcd the drawing room.
Mrs. Lee aro-e to welcome him w it li heart
felt 11IT1 ctioii, and In: seated hiin-elf oil tic
sof.i be-ide h. r, and Conversed with case
and fluency upon a variety of subjects.
Soon a gentleman cnt-rcd accotnpa-iicd ,y
' S-e here, mother," cried the boy, look
what father has brought Wont I have a
feast for a month lor me," and he di-plav-ed
a package of elegantly bound book",
w hose contents he w as auxiuos to devour.
" You've one of the be t of fathers in the
world," said Alice, tenderly laying her hand
fin tie- arm of In r husband. He looked in
her face with an 1. fh etionate smi!'-, and it
needed but a glance to assure the be'tioldi r
that tin y were happy.
" Why don t Aunt Mary eotne V cried
Hcib'rt, "she ought to b- h. r. ; it seems
as thou-h soim thing w as v l ong vv In u she
i-i gone."
" She vvill come s,,on," answered bis mo
ther, " no doubt her pre", ih-.i is a bles-iug
iu the cottage of Widow (ircen, and they
will detain h'-r as long ns possible. Hear
good Aunt Mary !"
" lr we all love her " said Herbert.
" And we have reason," ob' rvi
father, '-toller, ill a great measure, w
our happiness to night."
Herbert looked up impiii inglv.
"She lias been a good angel to me," eon
tinned .Mr. Lee, " her efforts have snatched
me from a drunkard's grave. May Heaven
reward her!"
" She is already rewarded," said a voice
near, and then Aunt Mary came forward
with h,i benevolent face lit up with joy,
" ye-, ilei.r llenrv, the rniicioiisncs that
III the
in I a I
rn s,
-ow l.e
S. pti ml., r, :
- In ivy I at-ea-t!e
th it
.1 Chap. lite-
.1, and
w itlmi the woks,
ram-on ts. Tin fire
I his
y.ui are restored to a lite "I temperance,!
and your family to peace and comlort, is a
source of the purest lm pines -. My prayer
is that you may never fall hack V ,
" A men !'' i-esnonded evervhciit. 1
4 : . .- 1 .1 ... M 1 Ml't as it
.V 'IV 1 .'veiling was linn. .'i.iny neie - . . , . . , '...,1
J -J e. i,,l,ii.,. ,0 . ,., ,..,.iii'in nl lhni.,s ilet, rili'r'd
I t,t,..l. V N, Ml, , - - , -
I!.'VI1.VIU'V.-.1 AM. -I.'l:vil.i .
Till .
tuoriing the 1 '. t !i "t
-ott,ll ilillg plae.-d hi
lied them 1, poll the
I the s. n.iiiit d the hill '
im-. vi liili.'i' te 1-1,1 rn v, had p treat
W hi I e he vv .1 -II- !V po-t-d ill full f'-ree. ,
U n!i tin- -a j Pr- i-l thi. strong and com-!
man. ling po-it..n, the city was d. -line. I to
fall. 'I In- 1 MP-liny was occupied ill aire
un caiiit.n nil- on l oth sides. 'I In
sp'.tnl.. w a-, earful. I lur heavy ordnance
iiill.di led tltir p .il.t-hlalik shot through
the -.v ails of tie c.i-lle with amazing lop e I
iiiid precision. 'I In- mortars and
belehed tle ir '..triutive iiii.-ih s upon all
if tin. tiitr-ss. Iiombs l.i. r-t 111 lury
Kvery -hell (op. up the
if the cm my e c -c hit-
ly b'-s I'-ii ion 1 N'gli' clo-ed the -ei lie
Karly in the iky ol"the 1-th the signal for
1111 a-au!t iii ho del a' hn.ei.'s nlp-ady de
tailed fur the 'irviee, was given, ami our
brave tr iops inied forward to the attack.
The stony and precipitin- ac'-liviti-s were
but sPjv.Iv in.juited, y.t the advaiice of tie
e ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s iva, utwavi ring, (hough made un
der the holies ili-eharge of cannon and
mn-kctry. 'I In, first redoubt was cariicl
ami I loud :n-f:,iat n-, Pressing it.-adily
on, our li i .ps iicreau.- the 1110-I determin
ed r.-si-lauec doiO'lged the 1 111 my at cury
point, and nn l up the hill with pr ebgiou
cm rgy in tin- lie of a desolating lire Sur
rounding tin: I'l-tie on it- crest, was a deep
dili h, an I stole walls I I to 1 .") f.-i t in
height. Scaliie laddi is were planted, and
over thc-e ('.,!. i. lal.le rampart-, under 1.
she. I of flame, Mir nun pour.-. I wilh thi.'
intrepidity, tiling th- .-a-lb; und owrwbtl
luiug its del'ciih rs. w ho steadily and fierce
ly re-i-t. d to te- List. 'I he stais and strip.
Were (lung 011, tr.'ln it- lui-.-e wall-, wluh-oiig.c-uitiiiu,.,fd,iii,ts
and eh. evs anno. nice. I
ifi fall, and th.: intiaii.c ..f the Anul iein
iiliny into the legal llalb of the Moiitc.u
111:1s In Ihe language of licneral Sell,
" No scene coijd have been more animating
and gli.ri.uii." Yt t was the victory dcinlj
jiurchased, by 11 furtlnr lo-s from our gal
lant corps of SKI kill, d aim wounded.
KMIt.VN. II IVT.l Till. 1 ITY .' tirNP".
The .-hunts that rent the air carried con
sternation to 1 1- enemy, and announce. I the
impending fall of the city below, ticlu nil
Scott had iirriv-.d "ti the walls of the castle
had been carried, and niter 11
an-, man I.
Se'.lt b.r
a ft- . tli t
P. V- I.
I 111 tl,-
: I- v V ! i
gl it prai-c t
iii.'inagemi I t
riiilii.'.tioii of
d-tli. i!t I i
,011 i .Iu- t
f M. xh-an
his iinl-.tar-.
, .v .-
. 1 ;. 11
aff iiio
It was thi- universal
peril , t c llfldell.'c t-
i d ihe eorncr-'tone i.f hit unbroken sucres-
sis in Mexico, b in-piring the courage and
mniiitainiiig the spint of tin; army up to the
highest pitch. I'liit-.l to this feeling of
coiifidi lice in the comiiiaii'ler-iii.chicf. was
that .. love and aiTciti .11 ..r his s-rsoii.
The net touching evi.b ii'-p ,,f the atta. li
iin lit of his co!i.ia.!.-s in anus was given on
numerous oeea-ioiis. licm ral Scott was al
w iv-, indeed, agieit favorite with his sol-,
diirs; and h- h i- those kindly feelings for
all, which n.-vcr fail to tom b the chord of
the human heart, and deeply endear him to
all with whom he comes in coui.n.-t. Many
a P ar ha. fallen at his mectini.s villi his
..Id comrade ; and many a firm grasp o)
the I'-nnl given, both "il the field battle
and alter the peril- of war liaveb.-eu fd
-I ly t
, who was eminent f.-r hi-
. i' . 1 . 1
prin I., al con. moil sense, r. nm ior 1.1s -.n
attainiucnts, 1 harg. d the jury as follows :
Considering the way in which the pris
oner ol taim-d po--.--i--Ul of these goods, I
do m-t think tue Slate of ihio could well
a fiord to jet have tin m at less than tic:
retail price."
The result of the -barge U1.,y be rta 'i'v
lildiiood, the lo
I he nn inories oi ciiii'iiioo
aw. -iv ilavs of toy hood, tin
and prayer, the voice
l I, s.j
Ills to
gtl of
all a. -I
I - I-
Al l.He
th- M-.V.
A f.-vv days
celled le.tic
in bis eoinmaiid ol tl
itics at Wiishin-toii.
iliiu-tiee I .1 1 11-11. I al .
I I'l II 1 1
at li'.adilu
Alneriei'li I
a t real V I.
Ibd.llgO b,
inuiis-ioni i .
m;. im.-i y. 1 til I V 1 ti.k
i he Pillowing ant licntn
barge ;,t i
1 Mil T fcW A.
lute ii l-dd .
pewa. When the llri-In-d
within about H"
i wards, 1 iein ra!
It he had be. II f.
arm v, b v tin
'Illi- pl.'l.e
.tl had loin
.tt re-
pen. led
:iuth"l -f
done by
, an order was pti.n Py the litfjr-W Ig ii l t n Un. t .pr,
aii'b r I . charge oncts," 1 r,rlr ,, v. t , , 1, p. , e
I.I I ll 1B iw II .1- I e
Hom1 (ohl 3iii.e,
I'o Ik "11 the I I
the administration "I M
fiivolous roiled- A c -uitof iu.piiry was
culled and at in M. v;co to inv e-ligate the
conduct ofecitain ..ilucr.s of tin- war, and
al 11 lo i-oii-idcr tin- complaint against m 11.
Scott, on account d' w hich In had been stis
peiided. Ihis court alp rival. I- a Ijoiirned
to Wasiiii-P,ii, and there, a'.t. r a brief sit
ting, finished its iiigh-i iou- labors, (iener-.1
Scott patiently ill. del wi nt the examination
,,f thi 1 body, "iiii. I ilbi-trated by his whole
conduct before it, I i strict obedience to,
and ib fi reiiee fur the laws and the consii
tuliouiil auth'.i i t ii - "f the country. N -thing
was developed bv tin- iiepiiry to su-tain
ill the least the premature an I iiieieu-able
action of the cabiui t in su-pcii ling I ieii -ral
Sc., It and the emit adjourned without do
ing any thing ex-ipt t- order the public...
tin 11 "f the proei citing. 'I l.e vvhob' tr.nis
aclion wore sin h an o Ii a -p. ct, and ex
hibited sudi an p-hiiii I nvards
a triic-hcait. d and galla; t oil';. . ! , who had
shed unexampled lu-tre iip 'ii mr linii.
. f Ihe catiliii't s ion l.e
t tin- wide pp.c. eding
It w as an exhibition ..f
t a brave oilici r. which
.I ju-tiee, and shocked
u art It vv as a iv rnig done
..f tin
Il 1. line had
v aids of our".
Itriti-h eoinm
afcoinpai:"-il by the aggravating remark.
" (he Yankees cannot stand cold iron ! "
lleii'-ral Scott heard the remark, and rush
ing at on.-.- to the front ccntro of the brig
ade, exclaimed ' N.ldicrs ! ib. Voll hear
that '' Show tin 111 that you are 1 ll I K Y.VN
hl.l.s. Shoulder 1111 wnit for the word ! '
And when the enemy had approached with-!
iu thiitv I. aces, he u.ivc the order iu a loud!
and distinct Voice, " lieady lii
bavMn t ard !"
mother s love
f a departed play
fellow-, tiie ancient church nud n-ho.d-hoiisc,
in all .heir green and hallow ed associations,
eome i.poii the Leait in iha dark hour of
sin and sorrow, a will as in the joyous
lime, the ay-age f p! asantly-r. ineiiiher
cd dream, and over that heart they east a
rar of their own purity find sweetness.' l'roci t - llio IJcc.l
(oIil .flint fr jac.
BY vii.inrf alriti Tmi-i, ursuit-d hy A.
IP llirtcl r.nd I' v l.ird. IW (,ui.ritii
lOfn 'a 1 wf H' l. 1 vv 1 I s. .1
I I'u-i'r.. .Vie li. e. en t'o
,1. e't. (se lei I ilL'-qiV, lllc -' .s,..ii.
th.-.t tie- 1,1, n.bel s
came ativioii to 1
drop into oldiv ion.
"11 TV gelli I'.U-
t, In in i ll Seotl. whi. !l the public voice
univei-sallv eoiidemiu-d, and will, ere buig,
petty niaiiet
,,b li b d th.
i ttt Al" l-ici. rllll.v l.nrt'ns ik.ivi
Wasiiim. T..N, May 11.
I'l vlt Slit : In reply to vour him letter
of the sth instant, I take pleasure ill saving
that, grateful for the too partial estimate
von I'lace on my public services, you do nie
no more than justice in assuming that 1 en-'
i tai 1 " kind and lilerat views toward
mr naturalized ciliz.ciis." Certainly, il
would be in, ible for me to recommend
or snppoit nnv measure intended tn exclude '
them from a just and lull pal tieipatioli m
all civil an'1 political rights now
them by y..ur repul lieaii law a
tioll -.
It is tru
citi llii lit, :
I, inn in I a'lils eill.l-li . N"t ' 1 sreliiu
wjlirsnl VI, atl i I "ill, ,-iSi.ul I I illdi-s S, iiUi.i-ns.
, ., e.rtl 'I Ii M.i.e vi.s i,l' Us li'st d ..'.J
; in tin: V no il Sijii ,n il t in of e ied in tit-Id
j li,e ri-i'csi ai n-.'l idee a' Vila nr. lurniii; em
I'ein . 0 mi.. li t . Is' ti-r tm -I i i w IU si Lit FP q I-, ti
ll, i!.- t,. e ( ,:d fcift: aUavs b.i-n i tt ..I mi
In- suil' er ti-ri nl-" (j Ihe er-e-ursi i. 'fhu tract
ntiiti.nii T 4 icn , nit vi ins at 0 ii nH oilier orss
,.i-li. lliroiujll t. ol ll N i d-ui.l i ls. m l.nlie
.iein n- ul Un- i.ii-s. tint the I'.iins l J value nt ll
.im r ; a .ni so Km( t.lH c-ayi'ml ' nei-dtd tn .t
lu ll - rprry ii Ihccuunlry. C.OiU'S-ismerar-
n i ly ii tjiie-it-il lo c-t-ftmie -.
Tin-li Ie is on li.ulit il; mill Ihp'nla will crrntii.ljr
lalis Trinm, pj inmiilia' ermitl wilh iiuoicb..
Ale., s llt.i.all ai.d lie- wr'l .k.w'Ihtj Al-w to
pr.Mins ivisl.lnif In pun-hunt. K.r I'm 'Iter purlieu.
ml li 11 'u fi" ts ct r. 1. , . m " "ie '" '
TIIOVUS J llll1,Tr.l-.lle.-
Ci n-i.r.i, Jiry 1J, it?, xi. Sa l
mr., i
i cured to
id iits t it n .
lalicahv P
S.l.TTS 1 Illi MI'll VT PI'.TI its.
till the ,,'-,'l of May. I - i-i, I ielieial Scott
from th
York, a
III. Il-opt
ail'!, cm
w i ing
. that in a s-.-ion 'd liniisual ex
nie years ago, when both paili. i
of fraudulent practices in the
n iliiraliatioii . t iLp igncrs. ami wiu-n inei.
secmed t-. be danger that native and adopt
ed f iti-ens would be permanently arrayed
against each other in In-side factious, 1 was
inclined p. concur in the opinion, then avow
ed I v in. m v leading statesmen, that sonic
modilicali hi ..f lite nat ti I ali.utioti laws might
be ncces-nrv iu older to prevent abuses, al
lay strife, and restore baniioiiv b.twci lithe
dill. I retil classes of our
and rcttcction have
ew Sadler's Miop.
LL -in. i n.
tin- liMi.mj .it Utf tsl ci'tl V
Ut iii:iMts v -tfrj i.-g un tt o
, Biiti:.! iniiTtn ru. inert
rpinT'iNv. -lilt lilt 1 ;i k 1
keiV t! .-tl, tin
re i nit-
pSaddic; ami IJai
at his bom.- in Mlizal.cthtow I., cw i
ii..... i .... . I... ,. C.iioiiiii.... ; e.xperifiic.
licit lie ,i ,. s ittt i i'l ti . ,
livil lllllho, itics of .he litv of New i "" l'"!"'"". '
1 invited t . a public dinner itl that j -.I'l'.cl.fns.on-.
lis lie accepted the itivitati.ui. j In my ri .- nt campaign iu Mexico, a very
til'1 lll.'HU"
r, .... I,i
.-us-cd arid the plans for use-
.''b- II "I t 'tiugi'l- nie'-bi -
I 1
.iteil by a vast ninl iiuposing eav- large pp.poiii"ii
amid the roar of ruiiinni and the!mand were vour
.f flags, and siirr nnuled by deinst
all. ! enthusiastic masses ol its tellow -ritueiis,
entered the city and partook .if its bighe.-t
honors. For a while In- remained at his
heM.I-ipia-1 r in New Y.-rk. In 1 Im
was transferred to Wash'tn-toii, ari l t -ok
. .,( V- ! -I' ''. !; ' if-
"t the nn li Hint, r my com
coinitrvnun (Irish), Ger
mans, ,ve. I witnessed with admiration
their i. al, fidelity .ind valor in maintaining
our flag in the lace "f every danger. Vv
ing with cm li other, and our native-born
soldiers in the .nine ranks, in patriotism,
eomt, and heroic daring, I was happy
ji. all p. Tarn. fa I raneln e
Hut later Spanish, Shivftcc, Sun::aorgctl StLadtes
. i.tir. iy li --sipnted
in rvny vsns' T.
lie w i.i m.l (iuro any i.a.n In t"'1" i' " "
He BOlllil Ii ipeC fully i" vile all anil I Trry Inn.
tn c V" Ie... ' nil .m.l ' '".'- '"' " .i'" !i,.-i
il All aimi.i.l 1.1 lAllilM-.i-.i'" i.i. in mil. ..
anil .1. a"!.-!.!'!! .
li-AI ....!! f'L'MliV fU'dllCklth.
"' "'k '.V j rirHMER.
(h,lolfr, V--V I'-'. IS- 16 f
M l !..".-' I

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