North Carolina Newspapers

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The Surlli-Corolina Wldj- will lie afforded lo
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l0 l)OI, I. Aits a.mi nn i is ii pay.
,,i hi uiliycd l"f tunc moii'iia ui.j iimi.l.
iniXAKS al the end of tho year. No pu-icr will
,- iii'.inliiiiuu uniil on arrearage art pain, cx-i-jil
dl Hie ojtlion of thi! llditora.
VJit rtineinenta inac rlcd at One Dollar per square
lli Jiiii it or It's, tliin ailed type) lor the lirut loser,
nn.iiid centa tor eiioh ciiutiuuancc. Court ad-
list'iHtiitH and Slierilf'i Salca chargi-d U prr
ait. lui.'hcr ; and a deducliiiji of 3.'ijJ iht font, will
. luiili' from the regular iric.a, for udverti-cra hy
ie v'-ir. Adverti-iciin-iita inserted monthly or
jirt' rlv, nt per -H-uare for each linn. JScini.
,.,ttilily V. cents per aijii ire for taoli tunc
2 g All V. Il - - l-umi- .-- ....... .-4 .
. Keillor. I-etlcra must be post-paid or they
, not lie attended to.
J r ravniriits can 1m- intnlc l.iiillu r.
I'uhtiuavteri are autlinriied lo art as agrnti.
From the V ..shiny tun ItYpuhijt-.
itho Death cf the Hon. Win, P.. King.
, Si il. -oi n sleep, alel Al ihaliiil looufl.s !
..'ii.lfl'i . I.'.e Ii i'miii - to nn-t hi f (JEnf,
; -..rr.iwio te I e,rui' Inniitl.i li to 11 lit
i ii tin' lolfc ol wix: til t lii'Wa ler,
iluW. TV v.tleii win re he h in sliuk to rest.
i ii.,1 ttUii drum iiiel fih lhi ' rr. w sjitaks ;
marital inllmi: Initial. -s Willi lie: Sieli
.1 yuiie il'illl t!ie o : I lie" ii'ir 01! ;
'. 111 the iioiIit, pun r, hnhi r sir in
,:ei p 11 Ifn 11 n, won hy p- ai n.l d- o,
. S ,c and i.. untry I. re ,l:n ir si I. i,t em I !
In hint, rren iihiii: 11 lili ami lii.lh ;
. ; . v h mined iil.H: l.right eari ir,
,1 ifinliv lipKd, h t he hoiild rooiiy hnak
1,' lit oi fro iiiUhip or seine (herd ol iee,
iiln-i the tin n-hed rihu of olh. r ini n
.11 hi -1 lita ue d Inn i ll anmio! I!.i ln..rt,
: g.ini a the hiyin st frirndmnp of tne
:;. ti.,iilp frhiell llluim d the pith el hie,
! Iiolilid t'rn the pathway I" the RruVt !
i urtin-ii won him all of pitvatc tevi- ;
1 ('Iran m earned hllll all of puUie praii ;
r 1. II iloM-aiH. could ls.-ar lino int iU i:r..sp,
' i.e'll' hilll ir Ihl- (i .rk and ilrralol- .s l.-iuh,
I.! in cniitilry, ti v le r iiii-hl) un e,'
il rn nie toa memorv 3"'i hi 11 .me le own !
one, lo hilil, wan 111 e lh t w I'll - .j I n J
villi il he yweij hm in ti'O ami his h,rlii ;
1 in r it riioae 110 Irem Hhn h t.i soar
.r from eartii, to bn'hliT re. him,
it own rherislled, dear and Ii ,ll.' l.l.l.'ie,
nil' It had learned the hss.ilin of the (rie ;
irf lile had dawneit, aim tmpi s had i iiistiri t
il y.nith and inanhnoil 1 o r v luuior fomn!.
t. a !?ii iifaf, hv flleliiliililp'ii j.'- IH'il elnth ,
finii a refuge in a Ion i"li elime,
.. '.iin-e eluile the threaleli'd erin-fi of ieath,
1, h tt hit naiiii aliore !
i ini 1 rid fa's.
r the
I al!
upon the eomilry thai he I .1. .. '
1 III th .1 eoiililry, trein Hie i)l-l 11 t .ir.ri',
I'.'i'iSv enileri, HlUl till that lll.if!'' llM l!tf :
pr'-si ul, inst, and fiitnie. all h r. !h ri '
"itihi the ktndlima of O'e strati"! r's le-art,
u .im- Horii of ymi..tliiili Irieiuis,
lint lite rt?ilen mnr.t, an It i.l.i...(,
!f, ni'itn Ihe c-t 11 111 1 -1 1 1 vi r-e ol tin.e,
1:1 nviilly ran Ilic wasting sin Is of hie,
ililinily hufiied tiie fet.i'pinnc lamp,
'iilij. tie fe, liilt the I r-. 1 1 1 r' mil,
l.iir ill Ihcht lo lli- 1 I'To I hi
!l li.r, e Hiiiijn t lile ill ir.-j si . 1 1 iiean efirO
' f.iiiUv wait me lo my tt. Iiv I.iImI !
rr I am loved ! tin re, i.lily, 1. - 11. e ijir !
r.riet'i pra VI T waa In aril ; I in' 1 mis ohej, , .1,
i nt: v him o'er the 1 illn ir d. . p.
"r 111 .re ill fiKjHt. p pres. il In 11 ilio' m! I
' iii.irt If 1 tt ivo Ik hilil Ins lialm l.u.d t
" I leu. m of well-nine Ii 11 ti;ioli Ins ear,
,r I' iM!lt Iih)rs f.llllli ii hi" ! send hrnw I
linn aerem ly took 1 1 H'fht.
: ii It il. Ii hemcot of 1 lav III ! 1 p
all thai stream, whilut lialin- la " II. re We
j:. si : I-. 1: H.
iti; ! i! i in 1 . TiiC
nn tin A!jt 1111 riu r.
!, i-J it
'.'nit- nn amusing allair came uf nt one of
la-hioiiable hotels, a few days .since. A
long Voting merchant "ho has long been
"'eh i,t of liie liotel, and who is ictod f-r
li iie souled hospitality, had been teas
It -oinij weeks by a number of female
: . liiitaiie-s to givu an o -ter-siipper to
Iriends of liotli sexes. Ile did not reli-li
;ie,i much, particularly as be believed
with tlie oy.-ters, ;Ui,l ,t hiui that
i-s were so ovi rly anxious to spend
niii, Hi: at last, however, coii-eu-L'ive
the litr, resolving ill his own
t 1
I to te.-t the Imci
-hip of hi- guests,
a-hing voting fell-ins
is one of those
lie mt do things by halt
and a- hi-
I'iui wa-i know n, there w as no little aux-aio-ng
his female acipiaiittaiices to re-
tl-ttti.ri'uiis, or in more common par
'.''an invite to the fandango." " I'ick,"
lUtit the familiar name, by which he
'wn, ihul-d about forty couples, and
"' 1 very arrangement to " do the thing
Itiwii." 'I he largest parlor-, and the
' h-ivi- dining hall in the house were cu
'I ' xpn ly for the occasion. Those
tt,,re invited, considered themsidvcs
ularly fortunate, and Pick's oyster
i' t was f ir many days, the main topic
'"Vi r-atioti in certain circles of Ion ton.
invited to .111 oy-tcr supper! Jlow
aiitie ' how re hem: '
i I CVeiiifur nmiiit t I'nrriinfi- nflere.'tr-
Ti f'tuipage after cpiipage drove up to
I'fH ate entrance of the I! Hotel,
' tmitied, at the door, precious loads of
""I "landing collars, diamonds and kids,
"and iroatei u. 1, raced 1111 beans and tiou-
"'' ''elks. )ick was at his post, and re-
"i Ins guests with ah the politeness of
J'"'! ladies were in an r-xocedingly happy
"'"i etwed no doubt, ,j 5-rigiit anticipu
I f niyriads of oysters lricd Mewed,
"I, frn-liPri joiiped and acollopcd, n ht
moth. Tlio gchtsi with tlie prospect of tho
enjoyment of a good supper directly before
tin-in, mid surrounded with the choice of
dashing Pick lady friends, tould not pos
sibly prevent being elated into the most joy.
fill mood. Not an invited guest bus absent,
to anxious were the Indies to partake of
ih'ck's oyster;-, and the gents to accommo
date the ladies !
The parlors worn brilliantly illuminated,
and at a given, delicious music from
a choice hand, charmed the ears of the
guests, mid sent them whizzing and hkin-
ping through the graceful puika and the
, rapturous mazurka. l)ick-H inuiiilicent hos
pitality was loudly praised, no charmed
; were all with his grand preparations for
j their enjoyment.
11.. -HI- W..
-v- ; i
'to the ho.-t. whom he had iust led tliroiil;
the inaiy w altz, " reu'ly I did not anticipate
I such a brilliant evening. I presumed that
'you merely intended a social gathering,
! that we might be permitted to enjoy your
; company and "
"Oysters, interrupted Pick, with a
"(lh! lie, Mr. , I have scarcely
thought of ' oysters' timing the i-vcning. To
! be sure the gathering of ladies to an oyster
' nipper is a novelty, but then the novelty is
lo-t, in the pleasure of meeting so ho-pita-;
blo n friend as our ho-t on this occasion!''
j " Voll would flatter me, Miss , and
have me believe that 1 am indebted to your
company this evening solely from the pure
1 prompting of friendship.''
" Indeed you are, Mr. . and I war-
rant if oy-ters had ir
one of 11.1 w ould have
I " Vim romii'iiiiii nt
i) i;n -nt
been absi nt this eveii-
il.'lllV, IllUelil,
replied tin., lcr-t.
I At that iiioiin nt st.j per was aiinnue.eeil,
1 by tin- band- planing the .'iw-ian March.
! ith I'll ei-e slip an I military exaetin ss,
t!ie gay and b."p V coin any proeeided to
: the supper ronin.
! I bnv their delicate heart- throbbed, as
they beheld the table, filled with com red
i dishc-, all, no doubt, full of o-fi-rs ! How
the ladies almost lanced wiilijny, as tin y
In held miiiiilniitli vases, Clled with t ill and
graceful stalks of celery the in li-peii-able
accompaniment tt the s.-uury contents of
: Iialtiuiore shells ! They were about to re-
' a!i.-e the 'utig. wished for :liilcee if j-arla-
king of an mit-ami-out oier Mipper; an)
' as m.i-t of tie 111 bad not 1 atdi any thing f ir
twelve limns, (ti.iir :nitietpati"U were so
strung.) it may lie imagined that they al
ii, o-t (.iceiiily took their m ats. That his
gue-ts might inat sutTer any " vexatious de
lays, " mini; i ,,.t had been can ful to have
a sen am at every scat, and no snuner were
the company seated, with Ihck at the head
of ho table, than tin- regularly drilled wai
ters ci.tiiiiiciiccd their bishimia'de luaiiipu-latioti-.
i "One!" cried the steward, and every
ser ant stood erect. '-Two!" and each
exti tided a hand aon-s the table. " Three !'"
and forty haul", frmn a mativ waiter-.
t iin-lii il the i '.ii-r -if a dish upm
The anxiety of tin; laoics to lo
dainty ea-tein luxuries which
j-repared for thi ir dainty :i p
:.oW iiid n-e, and f r, the that tiie ll-eless tat le ei r
fa-liioi, n.ight l e iii-p. ned with
the tai !.-.
Uj on the
had beell
tites, was
set neol to
II ies of
" l'".ir !"
-limited tin stc ard , a
1 r-, 11 'lick a- li.-htnii
1 aw ay lb w the eo
, di-pl avir.g I 1 the
h n-.ii'g i)is
ircnaied it 1 - la
.!' ti
ts 1'Uty carcluily
t o '.'' 1 Ii t sr '
I lo re wa- cm ry al ii ly
llett cln esc, crtlliit'led e!iee-e
luiid i In esc and biting i hei -e
li'.-ton, but-
t. r, s.idu, pilot,
kind 1 ol" crackers
wild, red To tl
w ait. r, "Will ile
de sliei d 1 In i -e
igar, and twenty nthi r
, ct the gin -I- l i.'ki d be
p.'lite .j'li -tioli of the
id v Lab de ci unified or
no an-wcr was u-iieti,
while " What crack
j.rel r '." wa- a-ked
I . iked M the !..
r will dc g, i,ti, man
11 vain. 'I he gne-t-at
. .u li otl,. r, .'" at
ho-t who sat at the load ,.f th- table,
.. -v, r,..l, ee-tiue pr-oioly tliiillil.t."
In sini pe ai.i! ee
I Ihck pretended u d to uh-erw- the eonfu
si hi of lo- gui -!-. but ill the lit- -1 happy
manner ordered two slice- of cheese with a
Il eton crack- r m il buttered 7 While a
servant w.i- lining the order. Pick talked
jilea-iintly t i those upon hi.- right and left,
and urged ail present lo " make themselves
lit home." With the hope that the uv.-ters
notiht n pcai in the " second course, some
who Irnl aliuo t starved tin m-elves to give
the vy-t. i- r- m, called f ir a cracker or a
1 it of cheese. Pick eat heaitily, and hav
ing satisfied his appetite, ano none of his
gue-ts appealing willing to indulge in his
" magnificent repast," he invited them again
to tlie parlors to resume the merry dance.
Hut the sen ices of the niu-ici.-ins were no
long' r needed. Some of the ladies were
.suddenly seized wiih a ilriadful headache,
others .'1 1 1 1 : ' 1 1 1 )i i- I that they were .-tillering
from 1 .id colds, nod other- again were very
much fatigued. In fact finding that no oyster-
were to be bad, the Indie- .on
thein-i Ivi s and b it for home. It i- said that
some were in such a hurry that they Would
not wait for their carriages.
j Alter the ladies were gone, Pick, with a
'few friends, indulged in the oysters, which
had been prepared, but were kept back for
a second supper. The hurry of the ladies
to gi t aw ay alter the first supper sati-fied
hiui of their " strong attachment" to his
supper and while enjoung, alter their de-
'paiture, the oysters and champagne with
his male I'liend-, lie avowed himself a tie-
: voted tli-ciple of bachclori.-m.
j How the allair "got out," we don't know,
but certain it is, that no lady can he found
jwho will acknowledge that she attended
! Pii k 's, oyster supper at the 1!
m:vi:h ;ivi: it.
Si fir fire n ; for the wi-c.-t is boldest
Knowing that Providence mingles the cup;
And of nil maxims the best, as the oldest,
Is tho true watchword, nkvkii tilYK I I'!
He who does evil that pood may come,
ys a toll to the devil to let him into In a-
Census of the United States -1850.
Condense J from the report of Mr, Kennedy ,
lute &nj,ieiiitentieitt oj the (.'eiisim.
One of the most interesting results of tho
Census is tho classification of inhabitants.
according to the countries of their birth,
presented in on authentic shapo in No. 5 of
the accompanying tables. We are thus en
abled to discover, for the fir.-t time, of what
our nation is composed. The investigations
under this head have resulted in hhowing
I that of the free inhabitants of the Tinted
States, 1 ,T JIM , 'J'i are natives of this toil,
and that were born in foreign
jcoiintri s; while the nativity of U'J, 'i'i'i could
i- tie tyttw.uiuia.- l. w .ihoT, n oLBt iyuoo,
, of1) of tho whole number of foreign born iu-
habitants, were residents of the li ce States,
'and yj.,:U0 of the i-lave States. It is seen
that tho persons of foreign birth form 11.00
i per cent, of the whole free population. The
(counties from which have been derived the
largest portions of these additions to our
population appear in the following statement :
Natives of Ireland in Hie f. S. in lf.'i'l, !lfi.!l
" lorninny, " " y,:i;Jur,
" linu'hnii, ' " yTs-, 1.7.1
" liriOsli America, " 1 I7,7ei)
" Scotland, " " 7o,.7.'ii)
" I ronce, " " fl-l,iiti:l
" U..le, " ' U'i.m;.
" All other countries, ' il.i.nji
, the several couu
?n:itiiiniteil to the
ilation i- show u in
The ireponion in w hi
trics aliuve named have
aggregate in.u.iLi'ant pop
the suS'j -jined statement :
In rntaliy,
1 .lie 1 .l.n,
l.I.e pi r ct nt.
Itriii-n Ana ro i, . il i;- '
Sell II :, . - 3.17
l r io . , . . M I I
Wal. s. . . 1.31
Mis.-ei Jl , neo ii , . 4.17 '
This view of the living immigrant popula
tion is impoitant as serving to cornet many
extravagant notions concerning it which
have attained t-xtciisivc currency.
It is found that out of l?,7:'lfi,7!l-J free'
inhabitant-, 1,1 1 l-'Hi have immigrated and
settled beyond the States of tin ir birth.
liii.ijOOO natives of Virginia, eipial to "ti
per cent, of the whole, have found homes
outside of her own holders. Saiiili Caroli
na has sent forth 1 OH, .'1)5, which is H'i per
cent, of all citizens of that State living in
the I nitcd Mates at the date of the cell -us,
and tonus the astonishing proportion of .":j
per cent, of those remaining in the State of
their nativity. North Carolina has lo-t
"01, o'i.'i free inhabitants, cipual to al per
cci.t., by i i.iigi j'.ion. Ai.i log the TV rtbt rti
States, Vermont and Connecticut have con
tributed ino-t largely to the settlement of
other parts of tlie country.
hK.W AMI litJMll.
' Of our total population, the -of nml
Jlinnl, are !717 ; the lfiind, !'70g ; the ':'.
sane, .",7(Ui ; the Miotic, l'i,7(ui. I If the,
the ('..:, oired Pi af and jtiimb are but (!'.'- ;
Coloured Jtlind. 17 1-1; Cobi-jr.-l In-ale,
Ol'.'; Coloured Idiots, 1110. That i- to
s,i, the Coloured persons atllicted with the-e
various inliriiiities are J'inr in rnjiui ttut
t-f th' ti h ti ml'' ii- firm th' ito.'M.
l-.M rt.r.s
Of V !'i j i-1 s; the census rep art only 1 :i f .-17-
as having rieeived public charity dur
ing the year preceding June, I """, and ou
lv ."ill,:t."i.'t as actually receiving a subsistence
from the public on the 1 -t (! June in that
v-ar. Of the-e, nearly three-fourth-', "0, -nl'iwcr-
native-. '1 he aggregate co-t (
siippjiling paupers during the vear afore
said w a- n p-iitcd a- only S'J.O-1 1,-0 I, w here
of New York paid t-l'.o.tO, and Ma a
chiisi tts, f :i;'.',7fi.1. I'enn-ylvaiiia ranks
next but di-bur-cs only ?'J3'.',I3- in public
charity, and new 1 1 amp-hire fourth, paving
out M -17 .3; 1. irjii.ia and Manic areju-t
V AI.I K o F flti'l'l.tiTV.
The lb" nnil Veiftjitil jjftutt in the L
luted M ites all 1 Tel'iitorie- is returned as
of the actual value of 67 ,1 ::,: it ,7 -M.
The '.);) .. 'As oi the Cuit-d States
are set down ill the cen-il- as am juntuig to
1 1 -, 1 17 ,ii"."J acres of improved, and 1-1.-0'-'l,3
I- of I iiiinproved ; total. 303,07- '7 0
acres, worth, in the avarage, 10 per Here.
'I'he avarage value of tin- l'urni Lands of
Massachusetts, lihode l.-iand, Connecticut,
New York, New Jersey, and Pelin-ylvania
is about fltoper acre, (New Jer-ey liighe.-t,
Peini-viviiiiia lowest;) while Maine, New
Hamp-hiie, and Vermont average about
f 1.1 per acre. We are rather -urpri-cd to
see the farm lands of North and South Car
olina, Goor-ja, Alabama, Mis-i.-ippi, and
TelHicee valued, in the avetage, below -c-1
per i- re.
Of liomi.'.tir Annuals, this country had
an early supply, and has always been pro
lific; and the number continues to increa-e
steadily and rapidly. The iuct ca-e ol Hor
ses, Mules, and A-es, from 1-H to 1 -.10,
was .1.111. 0.13, although the number ha- con
siderably decrea.-ed ill all the States liber
ally cheiplered with Itaihoads. New oi k
has one hor-e to seven persons ; Ohio one
to four, and the whole union about one to
every five persons, or a little over four mil
lions in alb Of Nest Cattle, the number in
1 -.111 was 1 -,3.1,1, '.'-7 an increase, in ten
years, of about '.'0 per cent. Of sheep, there
"was an increase of J,.'10!t,l0- between 1-fO
and 1-.10, notwithstanding a diminution of
(ill!, -.1.1 in New Kiigl.iiid, and 1,701, !i. I
ill tiie Atlantic Middic States, eipial to 11
per cent, in the former, and "'-'A in the bit-j
t, r. Sheep Husbandry is tending rapidly I
westward ami .southward to the nnhU r
slopes of the Alleghatiies and the Prairies
of Illinois, Missouri, aud Texas.
Of iiiiritntts "'it Molt Li'Hors, (he an
nual product reaches the enormous aggre-,-ato
of r.ighty-six Millions of Gallons, (six
gallons to each person old enough to drink,
or to know better,) our imports and ex
ports just about balancing each other.
Wme. Of Wine, tho prodution is stead
ily increasing. Our importation amounts
to Six Millions of Gallons per annum ; our
tcju-umj'ti-ju u at T..'-fy Xlli'.-'jj of
Gallons; so that our home ) . ductier(
must not bo far from fourteen M l' on Gallons.
t tuor-
time of
The following ore the ratio.-"
tality, disregarding the age at t!
death :
nmml drnth?i J.
jirr cent.
New England Sti.len, 1 :ii
Sliddle Slut. , with Ohio, 1.311
Centr.; Slave SI ,c, 1 ,3r)
Coaal riaiiling Slalin, 1.37
.Noilh.w. stem S1..1 tt s , l.!i l
L'mlt ii St.. tea, total, 1 .38
. 'to in the
..'I, tirluir.
1 10 i;t
'I to 7:!
I to 73
I to 7.1
1 lo Hi)
1 to 73
it will be seen, that the value ol
I OOs. o.o- f uuniu.aiiii.i -iJig-i--S I i,t.
by Wcb.-ter for iiif.-tior towns in 1-0.1
" The annual deaths," he observed. " amount
only to one in seventy or one in seventy-live
of the population." Tim enquiry might n-ri-e
in examining the preceding abstract,
why the rate of deaths in the north-wes
a H,
tern States would be so much lower than in !
Jt will he seen, tiiat the value Oi ,.n- three I """"-iicy, i ns no iil-mi:uioii an raiw,
middle divi.-ious, strikingly a-ice ,,'tb the ! ale iull ' s-ustaiueil by my ov pi rsonaVif
avtrago of the I'nited State- hole. ! l,",gf i "or have I any doubts that the con
representing cue death to scjja."-" ' ,v.ld,"t lhop Ives, m his late d.J etion to
the Middle States, and especially New Kng- ' from Pi Ives, i published iu the ''Gnardi
land, lu reply, the mere ratio of moi- 1 an," an Ktigli.-h paper :
tniity an; not conclusive upon the question j .Sjrt. I have read, v illi e.iia! pain and
of relative longevity, without taking into ae-1 .surprise, a pnragiaph in the Standard, co
count the proportions of and aged, vur j,.,.,-, which compels m,- to
and the merea-e of population. correct certain grave and iojorious mi.-t ate-
KIH'r.TKi:.'. j lliChts.
It is stated that near l,00tr,0i)0 youths ' 1. It is. no' true, as there Mated, (thanks
were receiving instruction iu tho various, cil- ' be to God's j; 1 l'rovid. i.i c.) that I have
ueiitioiial institutions cf the country on the ever, except vv hen under the imineiliat-:
fir.-t of .June, .10, at the rate of mu :n eve- delirium ot nphtis fever, bei n deprived of
ry five tree pi r.-uns, 'J he teae!. ei- number the u-e of that measure of reason with
more than 1 1.1,0:. 0 and the coil
cs and
scl.ooi.- near 1 00, Odd.
The whole number of persons convict
of crime iu the I'nited States, for the year
ending the fir.-t of June, 1-.10 was about
J7,ooo. Of these 13,0u0 wcrt. nt.livcs, and
1 1.0.J0 foreign born. The whole number
in prison on the first day of June w n about
0,700, of whom -1,300 were native, and
100 foreign.
TllK I'lL'.UIM MOTIII'l;...
W'c are indebted to a friend iu Califor
nia, siiys the Louisville limes', for the fol
lowing. On the occasion of a (oii'n
bration of the last annivi-r.-ary of the"
ing of the Pilgrims," Captain Char!-)
horn, Mayor of San I'ia:iei.-eo, r.:qi.
r cele-Land-Breti--ted
talented lady friend of to 1 .rni h him
a suitable toa-t for the m -a-i .
ceived the following note in re-iy,
we think, knocks I 'a tiny Fern jo-j a
.-l ed
ImnP.rt. Tlie gallant Mayor prt-e
d the
to;,-t suggc'.-tcu, reading the laity licit- also
to the company at table, and "The Pil
grim Mother-I ' was drunk in elthu-ia-tie
bumpers and amid clamors of applause :
'' I am surprised that a man ' your gal
lantry should be at a loss for a t :a-t on an
oeva-iiiii such a- this I .-ay '( oi, be
en, e I l.iiaw that you arc i.jt -ucli a
humbug as the-e Puritanical. -'! -ait-laced,
hypocritical, Psalni-singing Pilgiiniif'
whom 1 hold in utter i!etc.-i..t n. You
came from the South where we do -' honor
unto whom lienor is due," 1 ii-an to the
n oi.iri. For more that tw" hundred years
this flagrant act of iujustie to tic geiith r i
sex has beell tolerated and c uiii'i-tialieed '
by the men until it has ceased to appear ,
an injustice to them. For two hundred I
years men have uii-urpcd o qiuutly all the J
honors of Plymouth llock given1
theiiisc'ves dinners, and tuutte thiinsclv es,
tin ir dangers and persecutions that aj
stranger never lor a moment vvoild .-up-
po-e tiiat there had ever been a I'-oinnn '
within a thou-and miles of Ph-nc at'i Koek."
" The Pilgrim lathers !" lor.-. .. 1 1 ' Vhat
had t In ; io vod ur
in eouijiarifou v
ith tin
" ) iigiiin .1 t'li'is : It is t
that they hunger, and cold, and .-icku.
danger f es without .Hid within
unloi lunate Pilgrim 2lAU(r. ! ll
nit only all these to endure,-.'' '
the Viirim i'others olsn ' and ;
names are never mentioned.
heard of the " Pilgrim
ever gives a dinner in honor of '
Who ever wiites song-, and iliii.1
and luiikes siiciches in recollection.
but the
t had
- I. hid
. t their
lei ever
' Who
. .,
t ',
; them
1 hi- si a-sufticielicy on tne part ol the men
is lieyoiiu ail endurance, tne, io near
thtri, would actually suppo-e t! at N. vv
Mugland had been colonized entirely by
nn a an ji'istirtii provided by n sp-cial,
act of Providence! Only M Motion, .
has ventured to insinuate that there t e r
was a -woman in the ea-e that the May - ;
flower oil' brought anything but i t" a-I
cross the Atlantic. 1 assure you. my .bar
friend, that I am perfectly .ii-gu-ted with the I
siil-coiiee.t ol th- nun they appropriate i
ri'i i ijhi ni: to themselves ev en the s.ttle- !
meiit of a colony, and the peopling of a
w hole coiit in. lit. 1 did In ye that there V w
one prerogative they w ould h ave the women. '
u' submitted ouietly to their invention
sci-eK-eiling us in many things to tln ir
sew ing achiues and other " fixing." but
we will not tamely allow ourselves t be
deprived of this one privilege ne will
not allow ourselves to be deluded into the
bvli. f that New England was settled and
peopled int hi lii by "Pilgiini Fathers"
ilovv eonltl they have been jailors if there
had been no mothers .' And I hope, dear
Captain, that I have sun ta iled in convinc
ing you that oii will be lending yourself to
an act of great injustice tow ants hi il'vou do
not propo.-e for ) our to-ist,
"Tiir. l'li.i.lil-i m.-tiikrs; .
The New York Post says that several
gentlcineii of opulence, who are in possession
of several works of art, have tendered the
use of them for exhibition in the Crystal
Palace. Among tho-e most worthy of note
are Powers' Kve. the Greek Slave, and the
r;.l,..r ll,v , th.. I'l.-r i ,,f Craw fiird. .-iinl
Chaiinting'Cherubs by Greenotigh. These :
specimens of sculpture are among the mo-t '
beautiful in the country. The splendid icr-
vice of plate presented by the lio'di-childs ;
t a fiiend of theirs in thi county v. ill al-o!
l: Cilititgi. '
J11- IVES.
The case of r. Ives, the abiurant l!i.-lmp
. of tip- I'ioccse of this Slate, continues to
1 excite, ilitere.-t in both hemispheres. On the
subject of his al'.-gi-J in-auity, Judge Ives,
of Connecticut, his brother, a man of .sound
1111 nt and iutergritv, writes thus to the
litor of the " Church iicview :"
" Silt Th Statements which you have
read to me, and which you propose to
publish, of a constitutional tendency to
mental derangement in my father's family,
and i.lso of certain facts in proof of such a
: tendency, I have ho hesitation hi saying,
d etion to
l-'. t u'tvi inted. at -;,fc-a aat.
to that sanit caue, viz. a hereditary ten
deiicy to mental derangement, ajreravatcil
by disease and by very great excitement.
1 am, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
ki;i:m;;i:ii ii. i ks."
The fallowing letter, purporting to l e
. which God at !ir-t was plea-ed to endow
line. J' is true, however, I have had n
j brother deprived f
time of that blessing.
l l.ut
Iiovv thilt circuiii.-taiice should he w-it-
upon me as a piiiiishmeiit firfillowing
li.-iiiaiids of my coii-ci.. nee, 1 via leave
it with yours
J. Niithcr
jl'.-t before b
mi it for, ami
if to del
' , as ynu Stat-, that
is it ti in ,
av ing in v oi
, t urevv II.-
d in
i in it, a yeiir &
."'.', under a I'nte inil' ine. It is true
however, that before baying my former
fi' l l of labor, to gain, if po Ibb-, relief in
some way to a di-quictcd mind, (the .v.ic
of uhth 1 hotl cum in f n fiih il In a rUri
col mt nit tr nt ,,, y Sooi'g Cttui hi ittie,)
I received an udvance oi'ii.t' Mouths' salary.
And it is "so (, th:it my arrival in this
city, my conscience, under additional light,
would not allow of longer delay in my sub
mission to the Catholic Church, and before
making that submission, I wrote to my di j
cioc a letter of re-ignation, of which the
following is the concluding paragraph : " In
cotic'usioii, as this act (unexpectedly to
myself) antedates by some month tha cx-
pii ation ot the time for vvnicii i a-iied leave
of absence, and f .r which 1 so promptly
received from meiiibcrs of your body an
advance of .-aiai) , I hereby leli niliee all
claim u;"'ii the same from this date, and
io !.,.,, !, ,!
the intiuiati
III f Ii1'1! L''lt ion to
ni ot v uir wt.-li
w li:. vi r y iii
the -J-'ii dav of
may have aovpnee
'. cvoinl
P n,!.. r 1 -"-'.''
i shall n.o.v oiily id I, th; eyes ol'Gjd
and of Hi- Chur. ii are iij' m oii, waiting
to see whether you will have ttie magnani
mity to do .-in act of simple justice, and
fcib!i-h this contradiction of the -tauim nts
ju have sent abroad in -our I
cry respectfully.
Your obedient -crvant.
1 Si I.I. I AM I VMS,
I. ate Protestant lilshop ofXortii Carolina,
lb'-li-;. March 7, 1 --13.
NKW TKIAI, i'nll IlAKI'.oinXG Fl'CI
In October last, C. Oliver and other--, of
Marv land, obtained, iu the L". S. Circuit
Court in Philadelphia, damages to the a
moiii t of S'-'.-oO from Abraham Kaiiifan, of
Pi mi-ylvani.i, on the charge f harboring
their runaway slaves. Step!:, u Weakley
and Philip IJreckhiil, charged with the same
ollciice, were iit the same time declared not
guilty. At the ; :.-i;,i tiiio of tho eouit a
new trial of Weakiv and ll.eekhiil was ap-
plied f-r the plaintiffs ; and on Wclnc-day
- titicr i. lu-, I the motion fur a le w
if liivchl.iii, I ut granted as to Wcak
n th- ground that, at the previoii-
ti i.d
by, ,
tl ial.
court, t i contradict tho evidence
if liinry
Stnue. a witness
a l apef luirtiorting
lor plailitifl's,
to be a lease
.,,;, ;tte'l
ol a li -i-e irom H ealiley,
iiper, it has since been
fraudulent, aud that "lli-:
to Still e, whiili
a-eel -i i i.i J, Vva
s. Wcaklev and
Ivl vv a ri'i Wc.nkh v sw ore ful-ily in swearing
that Henry Sniue did not live iu the tenant
bouse of Stci hcii W cakh v in the years
1-17 and 1-1-.
A lady ol Cioclnnati, wh i h i I i ecu e er-pei-ua
ieii by her parent- and her lovar,
whose affection .-he did not reciprocate, to
approach the b) Mem a I a. tar,
liav evening, Aiu'il 7, plucked u
I ioir.-
eoi, rage,
ut to her
r when the in.poitiint , ic-llon wa-
by the olhoiatiiig cli rg man, ami rc.-,,mtcl y
answered " n ,' w lien, by tin- riibr-e, the
p roller rel-'v would have In ell
1 sa lilt blli-ll,
a soft si-h. and a whisinrcd ves. the
coii-fci'iiatioii of all jo.rtie- may be imagin
ed, but i:-t ile-eril cd. Ib iiioii-tratieo wa
in vain. A" said the v-nug lady, and 'oiit
was. 'I'he -wain v. as embarrassed but net
di-couraged. Ca-ting hi- eves about the
it. he ciMi'iirnl, i- tin re any lady hue
,. will have me 7 if so. let her make it
Known. One aro-e and declared her
j vv i'i!ii.utie-s t utnlergo the intlnti-n. A
.bargain was instantly struck, the l.n -t
! was tied as quickly, and the parties have
'1 -'y.' '- ,,jr '' ;.'
Nivv oi,. t i. -'.'; tin,.
i : . i. an ui
Spiritual manifestation seems still to be
progressive in its-ad and unfortunate influen
ces, judging from tiie freipiciit eases of in
sanity produced hv this cail-e, and reports
i of which daily meet our eve. I'he Albany
llcporter of the Kith in-tant say-s : "We
have all seen, within two or three day-, in
our exchange papers, notices of the insanity
,,f no less than seven persons in .Ijll'ereiit
plin-e- iifoiind the cou-itrv. cans.-,, ii, ,-:-h
-- '; I :' i-: - '
Vii'C'I'n'siilciit Kiiij.
After announcing the death of Vice-President
King, the Washington l.'niou makes
the follow ing remarks :
The public career of Vice-President King
is familiar to the nation, and a brief recital
of the leading events of his life will suffice
to recall the many and important services
of the statesman whose loss wo now deplore:.
Colonel King was born on the !t!i of
April, 17s(i, in Sampson county, North
Carolina. After completing his education
at the Cniversity of his native State, he be
came a student of law in the oflice of William
Puffy, of Fayetteville. At the age of twen
, l) 1
ty ho was elected a representative of bis
ve coivity in tho Legislature ot the
Sti'.e. A; twenty-tour lie "as cno-i a
representative in Congress from the Wil
iningtun district, and of the party which
advocated and supported the, war of l-l'.
he was a zealous and con-i-tcnt member.
I il the sliirng of 1 -1 (i lie re.-i-ned hi- scat
in the liou-e of lb rc-cntativc-. and ac
companied William I inekncy, ol .'larOanii,
as .secretary of hva!: ut, lir-t to Xeple- and
then to St. Petersburg, to which court- Mr.
i Piuchhoy was sent asniini-tcr plciiipoiemi
' ii ry. On his return to the Initcd Stat ,
j in the w ind r of 1 -1 --'1 0, Mr. King t,:;ed
jl.i- residence in Pallas county, in the then
Territory of Alabama. He was elected a
i member of the convention to establish a
j State gov. riiiiic.i.t, an ! via- appointed on
j the committee to train.-a constitution. With
the Hon. John W. Wall;, r. b- wa, ,1 .-...-.l
'one of the lir.-t two Settnt.-rs who n pre- iit
ed .labania in the Cougi'e-.- of the 1'nil. I
State-. Iu 1 -'-'3, in 1-J-, in 1-31, ,
'in 1-10, he was re-elected to the S. mat-,
iln 1-1 I he accepted the mis-ion t, I'l.-oic-,
! with the especial object of facilitating the
annexation of Taxas. Ile wa- reinarkaldy
! -nt ei s -ful in his mission, hav ing l y his ski.l
and prudence entirely prevented the f ;-..-!
ti o;i off he l'reiieh governmeiit to that inci
sure. In l-H he was made Senator from
I Alabama, by appointment of the Govcrn
- or, to fill a vacancy occasioned by tli- re
' siguation of th - Hon. Arthur P. lbigbv,
: M-nt iniui't) r to l'.u ia. In 1-10 he wa-'ect-d
by the Legislature for a term of
six years. In l-o0, on tin- aei -.--i"ii n
Fillmore to the Presidency, he was unai i
in -in-! v cho-en Pre-ideiit of tin- S rial .-.
P.y the PaltiiiiOii- Conveiiti ,ii ,f the '-.'d
June, 1-."-.', he was mad" th- democratic
eundi-liite for tin; Vice J're-idetiey, ati-1
w;i- eiected to that i lli-c by the p- iple ill
th- eii-uiug November. In the winter of
1 -.11- .1- Col. King began to ,-ufh r from a
Iiiilinotiary affection, which gradually grew
no alarming in its syniitoms that he was
ndvi.-ed to s-ek iiilcv iatlon in a tropical
climate. Accordingly, i;i the luoiOii
February In- sought rvpn-e and relief in
the i-land of Cuba ; but ili-eoveriug tlmt
hi- di-ca-e vas fatal, he det nniin d tjuie
iu bis o vn bind. In vj- i-s:ie of yester
i';iy we gi'Vc' an of hi- return to
, M .1 ile. His wa-tiog -tr.-iigth bandy survi
!ved t ';i- j Tiriiey to hi- home i:i the eoiin
ti'V. Scarcely had he crjie.l tiif thresl.liold
lot his hou-e when he tank in th,
of death.
l't po.-e
Colonel King was never married,
throughout life, as in the struggle with d
lie eiiioved tne a ii- i ti vnate ng: ru atpl M
,1 ki-,1
liiinistratiolis of the most attached fiieud
' and relatives. He wa-of a nature to win
'the warmest regard of his per.-, ma! friends,
and to command the respect of all. '
'sound judgment, magnanimous heart, i:i-
trcpid courage, a
or, be wa- the
,d the liici -t setise of
n. odd of a g. ntl-i
Ju-t iu iill hi- relation- wit'; the --:l.i.
courteous and conciliatory in his manner-,
generous in his impid.--, he lived a lile of
unu-u:il length and responsibility, without
incurring the bienii-h of a soilitary re
proach on his hon-r. The country ha- iro-dti.-cd
ne- man wh i-e character can l etter
bi :ir the si'vci'e-t scrutiny. A- a stiitcsiii.aii,
hi- ipialitie- were rather safe and solid than
splendid and darling. Soiin lii-- ofj-idg-inciit,
fertility of resource, a penetrating
sagacity, an inH-xible fidelity to principle,
pr i b in-
and cauti m, gave hiui tha' weight
an! that oiitrd of others which
brilliant, but h u-efttl. intelUct
in coiin-th-
ni"i-' Io"..
r couiiiiaiiu
nib lie
vv as
an uninterrupted scries ol siieee--c. No
man enjoyed iu larger incisure the e.m
iidelicc ol tho.-e who were capable of ap
preciating his worth, a-is attc-ted b) bi-repealed
eleelioii to the Pi i-.-ldene I'll- - I . ol
the Senate, and by the high esteem ol evel'y
cminelit .-tatesiuutl of every party 111 tlie
country. When a man of such un-uilied
character, of su-h so!: 1 v. yrtii. and ofueh
great influence with the country, fall- in the
hi-h function of ice Pre.-i.lelit. tlie hat: m
niiiv w i ll mourn its lo--. Ofgcniu-, capa
city, an 1 expelience in the public service,
the country u.ay fee! no want; but while
shall we lind another iu whom are united so
mu-h of integrity, honor, magaiiiinity, ii.--cri
tion, sagacity, courtesy, ami so' a! i i
tv a- vv. re bleu led in the character an 1 ii-
lu-trated in the career of
llN.i the chiviilioiis g
- oiless patriot.
Wn.i.i.vv; Ki i r.s
iitlemaii and tno
A scientific gentleman iu l!v:insv ilic ;
Indiana, has be. u engaged during the la t
two ears, pirfeeting an in-truuicut to li
able "the -iglit to j cuctrate through fh- hu
iiiiin I odv, and has alieady brought the
w-rk to a point that guaranties him ultiniat
siiceo . l-'le-h, viewed through this tele
cot c, i- ni.ilelii'i ti aiispiiient a- gl.i , an!
hi- a pink ling-. He turn, i hi- w.v, to
thi- pr 'Jed nineteen v-ar ago. -i'.e. wloih
time I- has dv en il nliuo.-t con-taut to eight.
Now, savs the Athens (Ah:.) Herald, on
ly see what that mall in Indiana has done.
We hone his - instrument wen t letanvone
' see through a body s clothes. Any how, the
Junior thinks he will git one of the tl.ii.-,
that he may look iu and see vv hen it i- time t
.quit eating. Some people would i'.- well
t) take a lk and see when it i- time
to qii't tli inking. A true knowledge of the
idi-cit-ed condilioii of the stomach might
'induce many a ro.o. .! ,r di hiker, to say
' n iihing-l'i oiitimi -il - oaUors. to quit a practice
I is r ' i .'- to ! '' is - - '.'
The Ship Tno';- Wind which took fiio
on In r pits-a.e ffoui New-York to Sail
Fraiici-co, h id among her passenger-,
Mis.-ioiiHi ic- and their families, sei.t out to
Calif , i iiia and Oregon, by the Home Mis
sionary Society. One of them writes houiu
the follow in ' deseriotioii of the scene on
I", 1
board :
On the "loritiu.r of the i.ty-f.r-t day
of our pa-sage, vv hen in lat. 1 tcg. 1 1,
and long. 11- Ocg. li.iu., one id the sailors
came running to the on the qii.nter
deckjCrving out. '- Ihe .-hip is on lire I '
'Ibis ofincr went forward, and .-aw tho
smoke coining out of the chain loekv l's and
crevices ol the die'-.. lie 1' .cl'.;d llie foleO
pump to be inititi' - ', and vi-nt I'icii to the"
cabin, where v apt. vv . mid the a--engcrs
were at break t a -t . He colon moi i.ieii Ine
1 1 -4t-t to the Captain, and tie v 1 to b it v.ilh
I out any .-a -pn ion- being eveited a- to the
ciii(-e. Alter i went upon duk,
: ..le. the ll u ll - u n 1 stir uli the lu! i castle at
; l fact ing ii.y ntijii, I i ht loiv.ard, and
, soon li : I tn-.S the cau-c the. -hp Was Cil
lire, in the cargo, -iliio-.vl.cie il Was slip
I o-ed between toe -, colld iiiid third dicks;
I ut I...-.V (XMl-ivc the 1.1 e Vi,- could not be
immediately a -co A h-de was cut
through the deck, and n -li, : ni ol Wiiter from
I he loi ce pump, w hie h wool, I tio u about live
barrel- per u.iiii.t-, wa- thi-wii upon the
burning ma-s. Several other jdacv-s weiaj
cut. ami line- ;...r p.-t.-.-ing bin k. t- were f i ui
i d by the pa-.-t ngi r.-. We t .died on in
thi- way tor some three hours, but could
li t see ui lil'ih Us that Ve V. i le glltlllg
the lire under. 1 he . i ntiiat. l - .-c med
rather to show thi t it was .-pivatliiig aft,
under the c; l ill, v.b ch vv il- then
10 be filled v, ii!i gas and sin lie.
'J he ship was I hen tin lied hi a 1 to the
ialid ; we wife -IVI miles from it. 'Ihe
maga.ii, c v. as bo-itcd i.joiithc upper deck,
aud placed where it ould be ca.-iiy thrown
overboard ; the lii'e-boiits got out and ihe
provi-ions and water, and the ch thing rea
dy. At thi- time another large opening
v. :i-litii-le, ill, 1 a b ,x, on lite, wa.- 1 r olo u np
into piece-, an.', il - i . ;.i, : I - passed up on tho
deck. An 1 1,, r a n 1 iii.-nhi r w en br, k. ii up lu
tin! same mai.i.i-r, lid a 1 1, . e v. its made 1 an, e
eiioii.'h t i admit n- of the all",'-, w h- I, ..oi
ly went , lov.ii with the 1. . c iu l i- hand.
He dir. .-ted it against the burning mas-,
till I,.- 1, I! , x'.-i-i-ted upon the j! ...r. lie
w as hi :tg. d : and neither, a- 1 old ;-s
be, culm- 1 ' I i - p.i'i; '. In a i.i uii-i.t or two
he 1-11. hi;- hi- eoii p:t!:ioii. iiiid wa- crag
ged out ili-.-li-i!.li-, cil lied up -ti the !i k.
A.ii'ither iiiid ::i.i'th, v t hi- laic, and
-lo, i en ll- i -.. , I I, I s it v , i r - o -ill
-II- ot ,;r ixt) . lii.ois i,a I t.ihi -i i.i- tiiili.
At one tii. I c i.iv.! -::;t. c; ,.f ti,..-e
gei.evo.i- I j; ov - h in. t 1 ! la r mi th" il i ri. ,
'ihe hoii"- c.iniv tr-in the eat iu ;i:i.i lo, til
ed their heads with camphor, V.lich Would,
in mo-t t . bring ti.viu I in a s-Loit
t, ue. As -o -i a - o'n- was r. i . . i , 1 sullicl--l.t
y t wal v he would - i back fi'cr
his si r1, iies agaiii. S. vcr. il of the men
were brou-l.t up out of this p!::e is many
a- eight times. (In the mo-t of tln-ni tho
-as which th.-y iuliiiled .secni d to have an
- tt c t -oiiicwh-.: ilk- that of laughing ga-,
i!i liciiliii I) w lo n th"v were J artiaiiy r-S'l-i-itai.'
1. It was ni .a-y matter to le--traiii
tho-c p--wer!'il tiieii when they en
ih iiv eid t o li.iovv liieui-elves overboard, or
do tiieiii-. lve- -ir tl- s s:i,e 1 1 r-'icii harm.
For four hours ue labored n this way,
air! you may i;iiii :,:i;e the t, rr i - of oar p
ti ui. We e ould Int fear that the strength
of the m -n, self siicrilicino a- 'hey Wire,
Vi'-i'd n t ho'i-1 on till t!;e llaia-s were i.v-tiiigiii-lu-l.
Some of theiii could do in
more, and these the hardiest of them all.
We toiled en, hiw-vcr the pa ciigers,
gcuilclneii and lii lie-, worl.iiig the pump
far ale-tiler h-if, w hen th- j y 1 ill news
eatoe that the lii- was oat. No more tlauiei
could be .- , ii. no m .re -ni 'l.e aro-e. We
hi -an to breathe lie-lv, nod b-pc that
,!! e.'.ii.Cs- ha! t ; i ot t u-. AiU i
the re-t of an h-.t.'. an cxiiioiiii.tiou was'.e, i.t.t ho -igns ot 'lire w as di -covered.
W e i ll la v ,.j..ii up ,ii ll.- dick (it vv is
wry wain,, iio 1 pi---i the night. The
next liav w.i- the .-a..-l.v!i. ii i i never .1; I
a iioie -la'.clul, a it,-..iu .ivvoat a--c:uolv,
c jiiie tog. tiu r 1 il to- w )i -hiji of . 1 j 1. ihe
in . -t liaiiiig in; 1 wickc 1 among the s.i.l.iri
c-,;ii'v-si d lint! ii' led ha I let have helped
them I--)' ---1.1. 1 n-.t p,.t .sat li.- tiro. ' iu
of the men ha I said when luj shin v.'.is oil
lire, " You see n ivv !i nv li'ilo u-e all this
praying i-, which we ha.c iiad alt. Tie.-re
never wa- a .-inn that went o.;l of New
York that ha- had much of il on baa;-.!,
a;il et, h. re .-he is on tire." And yet,
thi- same man, w In-n he. wciit d aw n i.;t the
lo! 1, an 1 -aw what the tire u.i i done, said
Willi a great deal of cm ii -i, " if prayer
ui 1 not ke p the shi,- b '-iu g-ii'.ngo.i lire,
it uiii-t have hid s jii.ct'iiii t.i.'.j vv ;tli pot
ting it oat."
..-: kk:: accU'Iin r.
The Paris ,-. ,n id. t of the Ya-U-iitgt
ui lb ; -ni. lie, t. a- the f ywxu-:
" A shocking aeei haypvii' 1 h.'i - the
other night under mo-t extra -i- :-.;.arv or-eiiiii-t
ii.ces. A y; laiasj. :: il eii i-r
partv, emb av-raig t i di i.v t ,e e no; of a
ii..;t. ,.f v.ii.e, lii, -ii:- c 0 l.-ci, vv iii the
lui hi'-. II.- then tii- I a nt. th ; n m
loviiiii the Siii'iho- fu-ein; r-lV.iet n'y
e-O K-. Ile up t i- !i '11 ).v at the bolt. nil
i f the I itt'e w ith a i: hio, an 1 tiv.-n -truck
it v i m .:!;. v. i ' 1 1 hi-iiau.1. As thisp'o
uace i tc i'l '. i.c -'rack toe b 't'.jiii a-o;h'.-t
ih- h-r. 'I 1rk n.ovcd sh! t
iv. aid he stork a:all: v. lib glcil'ir lJ.-e.
ii,,. 1 tile fell ta pitee-, and two the
sphiiUts the t elit'.citiau S L :. i aid
wri t t- the bone, scvcri.ig tvo ;.::..!
coii phtcly. lilj id e-'.-a; e d g- ,:;. I n.t.y,
and h -fore tb- -i r s o; a :.-;, :. t
be pro,' lied h- io. - - i ' ' ex-
hiiii-tioil. He di i d iiia ; ihe i.e. ' .
j The llvpre-s 'i :--..i iVoii X w Y'.l. !
j All.lilV. p..-.-e 1 l.V.-r tin- I'"-! I. o I Mo, 1 I
iln-t. lu 111 i.. ...o- " - : " '-. -
. . d -i - : - o- 51

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