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Bcfvre Tin? Ei>tm
a. r. mur wi top. ^ ? THE COUNTY, STATE, THE UNION - SUBSCRIPTION $Li9 Hr Tm
ff rowaii cwtt rimi g
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Fi Mm tlmi Jnr Brp?rt.
Jonih AlTord waa acquitted .Friday
ot Um chart* of murder,
against him by the state tor
killed a colored man at his
several years ago, alter the ne
gro had attacked him wltfTSFRKTISJ
tor the term. The.
on Thursday and on
?scout ot the heavy snov that fall
tkat night the Jurors were delayed In
? ilf Ing Friday. At the opening ot
(he evening session It was found taat
aB the Jurors bat oae were present
ad upon agreement the case was cou
<MM with eleven Jurors. The Jury
W out only a few minutes before ren
?teriajc their verdict of not guilty.
. Daring the wait on Friday morn the
both sid?k took up the
Ball case tor manslaughter.
It before the Judge tor
rwltng that would determine wnat
should be taken. After
the arguments of fco<? sides
?s Ooart adTisegtiK Solicitor to ac
es**. a-nol pros, which he did. This
case was the one which jrar out of
the setting of a trap gun in the second
ot his store and In his bed room
ky 'oseph BalT at Alert, which killed
a r- - a by name of Chambiey' who .vas
atx-n-t-ag an entrance throng*! a back
tjro cases were the last tried
aad the work of ti e Coilr;.
firaad Jirj Rfport
The following is the report of the
Morth Carolina.
Franklin County.
To HoaoraMe W. A. Devin. Judge
katding the January Term of 1922 ol
Ftanklin County Superior Court:
We the Grand Jury for the January
Term 1U3 of Franklin Oounty Super
Mfcaaft the tallowing report:
W? have passed on all hills which
hare been given us in charge, and have
examined into all matters which have
been brought to our attention and
which have come to our knowledge.
A committee visited the Home for
the aged and infirm ed and report find
teg the same In splendid condition, the
teaaa fes well cared tor and satisfied.
We have visited the County Jail and
ted the same in excellent condition
aad the convicts satisfied and well
for. We find tha? the plank en
around the Jail will need re
soon. We recommend that
the plank enclosure be taken away
aad be replaced by a wire rence and
tkat tke Cuwaty purchase a bath tub
ter tke Jail. '
We have visited the County offices
aad kad tke same In good condition
??d books aad records well kept and
properly indexed. ??
Respectfully submitted.
Grand Jury.
In (pit* of the distance through ttr?
snow there m not a word ot regret
trom tfc* member?! of the T??day il
lernnnn lUwtk Club *ru?r ?ucb a. 4*Ught
fol meeting with Mrs. W. H. VS|IN
son on Tuesday. Jan. 21. 1922.
The president Mrs. S. J. Parham,
called the meeting to orner.
After the roll call and minutes ot
the last meeting were read and ap
proved, Mrs. Parham read a letter
from the American Legion Auxiliary
asking oar club to become God-Moth-,
or tor one of the soldiers of W?rd N-2
Oteen Hospital, recently adopted by
the Auxiliary. As this
dear to the hearts of all of us, the club
entered heartily Into this worthy cause
being glad of the opportunity to show
our lore for our soldiers
The subject ot the,program for the
ansruixm was Ireland
Mrs. R. F. Yarborough's imaginary
trip through Ireland was beautiful tn
deed.? She %nrn us ? vivid description
! of that country as a land of poetry, le
{gend and song, and told us the story
of Irish nature with Its langhter and
tears. ?1?
Mrs. Parham read In her charming
way a beautiful description of What
Ireland Has Given to the World.
Mrs. E. 8. Ford's paper, Irish Mel
odies of Moore, was thoroughly enjoy-'
led.- Miss Williams added very much
'to the paper by the melodleB as Mrs.
Ford described them In a beautiful
i way. ____
| After reading Moore's Believe Me
' if all Those Endearing Young Charms
Miss Williams and Mrs. W. E. White
i concluded the paper by singing this
j much loved melody.
-i?We are always glad when Miss Will?
iams Is on for a solo we are proud ot
.this artist In our club.
-|?Miss nuth Hall elosod tho musical
: program with Mother Machree. Ruth's
.charming Voice 1b perfectly suited to
this type of melody, and she was heard
jat ber best in this number.
1 The Mgmn concluded the hostess
j assisted by Mts. Chas. Adams served
a delicious sulcd course, coffee and
]sf>I,?d slmondi.
. Thfl _C.l?b_adjourned to meet Feb 14
> with Mrs. E. S. Ford -
>t We arT requested to anuouncettnrt
there will be regular services at the
i Baptist Church both morning an3
. nisht next Sunday. Everybody is in
1 vlted to attend these services.
A tariff with strings ljjis its draw
t i Date For J. C. Tucker's Biff Auc
tion Sale.
Attention ot our readers is call
ed to the error in the date of J.
C. Tuckers bte sale published In
our last issue. The Sale will t?ke
place on Monday, February 6th?
First Monday?instead or the ISth
as stated in the display line. We
renrret this error which was typo
graphical, and hasten to call the
attention of all Interested to the
correct d?te.
?O*. W. M. PEB80X
"*" *f Praakll*.
qmlt* extenalrely In connection with the coming
to Hoa. E. W. Poo, member of CongreM from the
T 'y ?
fty Ftnnr |
San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 31.?t
ogak? ?hocks were (elc ?*riy
along the Panlfla wml f
^1... ??^ ''mafl'Mi line, accor
to reports received here.
wa? reported.
In 8an Francisco the oscillation j
faint and continued tor sen
onds. A pronounced shock
at Eugene, Oregon, at 6:30 O'C
Dishes rattled, and persons who
awakened reported feeling slight *
bration. At the same time an e*l< T
tromoY was reported at Eureka, Call-.
The seismograph at Gonzaga Upiv*rt
ley In Washington, roco^*
ed shocks beginning at 6:19 o'ci
and continuing until 7:05 o'clock. '
heaviest shocks were from 5:21 to I
O'cluck. It was estimated the she
eipanated 700 miles south east of
kane. I<lt. ?"
_____ ' i7*J
Earth Slipped
Berkeley, Cal., Jan. 31.?A slip ?f!
1 1-2 millimeters In the earth was tit-'
dlcated by the earthquake recording
machines at the University of Califor
nia today, the center of the dlsturbaii|Se;
probably being 600 miles northW?HM
and on the floor of the ocean.
The "strong motion" machine at tfe*
university which registers only the
heaviest shocks, recorded the quake,
while the recording pefls on the small
er instruments were thrown off the
drums. The shock which began at'
6:18 1-2 a. ~m: and^ continued until 8
a. m. was peculiar, universities au
thorities said In that it began abrupt
ly with a sharp shock Instead of mln
or preliminary ones. ?
Friday afternoon, Jan. 2T, the snow
was deep and stiH falling, but that JjKt
not deter twenty-eight of the Tfidiea
whom Mrs. F. B. McKJnne had invlt
*" ht *iar gi'i'it- ?' " mating at
Current Literature "Club.
The president of the club, Mrs. M.
[9;- Davis presided. After a few words
of welcome to members of the clu^
and Invited guests she announced the
subject for the afternoon to be George
[Bernard Shaw. _
The program was varied and of un<
IlHOSl Irtfwwt. The first number nas
a paper by Miss'Mary Yarborough on
-("The Life and Personality of Shew."
Next was an instrumental solo by Mis?
'Lillian Howell. Her rendition was
very much complimented by everyone
Misb Rentz held her audience spell
bound by a dramatic reading, "When
the Mopn Rose," a thrilling story of
Revolutionary days. Mrs. Davis then
gave the plot of Shaw's play, "Candida"
with a critical discussion of the chief
Miss Petty sang a solo and Miss
Stanburg rendered an instrumental se
lection. The president read a letter
from the Jambes Post Auxiliary re
questing the Current Literature Club
to become godmother to one of the sol
diers in Ward N-2 at Oteen. Mrs. F.
B. McKlnne. Miss Sallle Betts, and
Miss Mary Yarborough were appoint
ed as a committee to take up the mat
A communication from the Federa
tion was read, urging club members
to try for the silver cups offered for
the best original poem and short story.
The program closed with the reading
of a one act play by Miss Lane.
Misses Lillian Howell and Lois Cuf
fey served refreshments consisting of
delicious chicken salad on crisp let
tuce with thick creamy mayonaise, as
pic Jelly garnished with stuffed olives,
beaten biscuits, coffee and salted al
Each guest felt amply repaid by the
very pleasant afternoon for her trip
through the snow and agreed that
those who were absent had mlBsed a
great treat.
The ladles of the Baptist Church ob
served the week, Jan. 22?-25 as the
week of prayer for foreign missions.
Monday afternoon the meeting was
held at the residence of Mrs. E. ('.
Allen, Mrs. Underbill conducting the
service. Being the opening service
the subject chosen was applicable' to
mission work In general, Laborers la
the Harvest.
Tuesday the service was held at the
residence of Mrs. J. S. Howell, Mrs.
L. L. Whltaker leading on the subject.
Mexico. Wednesday the meeting wns
held with Mrs. F. W. Whetess. Mlf<
Sallfo Williams lead and her subject
was China.
Thursday the ladles met with Mr?
James Collier. Mrs. E. C. Allen lend
on South America.
The closing meeting was to have
been held with Mrs. C. A. Kaglaixl
and Mrs. J. O. Newell wns appoint?'*!
leader, but this meeting was not heM
on account of the bad weatner and fJu
distance being so great for most of the
- These meetings were exceptionally
w*U attended, there being no less than
sixteen present at any meeting ami
many more at some of the meeting*.
This week of prayer was very help
ful to the society and an Incentive to
larger and better work In the future
Now the stingiest mah In Loulsburx
Is oollactlng Christmas Seals for next
?'Whereas, there 1? a gTeat suffering
among the Jewish people of Europe,
thousands of whom are reported as be
lag entirely deetltuto and In a dying
-condition, due to the lack of food and
eUier-nacaaaltlea^ and.
'Whereas our OW nland has been
blessed with a prosperity that pot on
ly guarantees onr own safely hut which
enables us, and should impel ua to
share our bounties with our less for
tunate fellow human beings in other
lands, now,
"Therefore, I, Louis L. Joyner, May
or ot Louisburg, North Carolina, do
hereby set afrart by this -proclamation
the week beginning Monday, February
(th and ending Sunday February 12th,
as Jewish Relief Weex. I ask that all
sj^Sliclty possible be given to this
?<ek, devoted to such a worthy cause;
ifllil I espwlaH} ask thai on Ounday,
February 5th, notice be given in all
the churches that the following week I
will be observed as Jewish Relief |
Week, and that the ministers, Sunday;
School superintendents and teachers,
and others, urge their people to seize
I this opportunity of helping the suffer
[ta* and contribute to tne relief of
t he so worthy, distressed people so far
aa their means of relief will permit."
Mayor of Louisburg, N. C.
The social evening at the Jambes
Eost??lub rooms, Wednesday^ Jan. 25,
proved to be very successful. Mes
dames Adams and Ricks were hostess
es for the evening.
Miss Lane gave a reading, "Lady
Uisula." which was greatly enjoyed.
The remainder of the evening was ta
ken up with games. At tome tables
Ruuk was played, al utheis midge and
at-others Set-back. While the gamea
^?ere In progress refreshments were
served, chicken salad sandwiches, rai
sin sandwiches and coffee with whip
nril iTfiim
Those who were present were Miss
es Lynn and Ruth Hall, Alice Harris,
dred Scott. Sallle Taylor, Jessie T.
Harris, Susie and Lonle Meadows; Maj.
J. B. Thomas, Messrs. Bill Spivey,
James King. Charles Adams; Mr. ?mi
i'Mrs. Homes, guests, Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Ruffin; Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
Malone, guests, Mrs. S. J. Parham
W.. E. White, guests, Miss IdaTMae
Vow and Lola Jacksoq, Airs. G. A.
: Ricks, guests. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
i Mann and Judge Devin; Mr. -and Mrs.
| K K. Allen, guests, Mr. and Mrs. T.
jw. Watson; Mrs. H. A. Kearney.
I guests. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ragland
and Miss Adcock; Mr. Blair Tucker,
guests, Misses Babbie and Mary Turn
er and C. K. Cooke. Jr.; Miss Onnle
Tucker, guests Misses Florence Eger
ton, Lizzie Stuart and Carolyn Lane.
Quite a number of new names was
added to the membership of the club
and it was decided to repeat the enter
tainment in the same or a similar form
Wednesday, Feb. Sth.
All those who wish to reserve tables
for themselves and guests may make
reservations by phoning to Mrs. H.
H. Johnson, Phone No. 10. All res
ervations, however, must he made be
fore twelve o'clock Jan. 8. Admis
sion Is twenty-flve cents apiece which
also includes refreshments. The Club
will not grovr rich at this price, but
neither wfll It loose anything, and the
main object of these social evenings
Ib to cultivate a community spirit and
stcengthen Post loyalty. Come out
and help by your presence and your
MIsb Tom Ogburn entertained the
Thursday Afternoon Book Club In the
parlorB of the Franklin Hotel, Jan. 26.
Members present answered to the roll
| call with Borne current event. The
, question was brought up aa to wheth
I er the club should become affiliated
with the North Carolina Federation of
[Women's Clubs. It was discussed at
| length both pro and con but was fi
nally loft open for a definite decision
at some future date when more exact
Information should be at hand as to
the cost of affiliating and the advan
tages to be derived from tc.
The literary program for the after
noon was "An Evening With Mark
Twain." Miss Francis Harrow read
the life of Samuel L. Olemmons, bet
ter known by his non-de-plume of
Mark Twain. Miss Babble Turner
read some very abusing selections
from Tom Sawyer. Miss Petty sang j
two solos.
A salad course was served with {
pickle, olives and saltines, followed |
by a sweet course of pineapple bisque,
then coffee and Raited peanuts.
t;. i>. c.
The Joseph J. Davis Chapter of the
U. D. C. will moot at 3:30 on Tues
day afternoon, Feb. 7, with Miss Lola
Jackson. A full attendance is ur
gently requested as business of Im
portance Is to come before t ho Chap
ter, It Is also hoped those who have
hot handed In their yearly dues will
do so at this meeting.
MRS. C. K. COOKE, Pres.
Looks as if the "far-flung posses
sions of the British" should have been
flvng a little farther.
Farmern Get Mot* In AItidc? Than
? I^gxlngton, Ky., Jan. ^tTr?four
million pounds of tobacco were
dalfrered to the warehouses of the
Bui ley Tobacco O rowers1 Co-op
erative Marketing Association
when those outside Lexington were
opfened today (or the firs: ume this
season, it waa announced at head
quarters tonight. As was the case
when the houses here opened last
week, it was said that growers re
ceived more money in advance for
their crops this year than they sold
them for Hat season. No reports
of dissatisfied growers were re
_ cairtd.
Tobacco buyers tonight contrast
ed conditions as they existed today
with those of the opening day for
marketing the 1920 ctuj?. Low
prices paid for the weed then caus
ed so much dissatisfaction that in
several cases the warehouses were
closed for a time.
The Information received in Louis
burg Monday of the death of Mrs. W.
O. Stone, of Cedar Rock, brought sor
row to her many friends and- acquain
tances here. She was a most excel
lent lady, a true Christian and a neigll
Ibor whose generosity and unselfish
I ness will be greatly missed in her com
jmunity. She was about fifty years old
land leaves one brother, Mr. J. R.
I Earl-and one son, besides ner faithful
(husband and many .elauves and
I friends. The funeral services were
held from t.ha homa on Tuesday, con
ducted oy Rev. .V. J3tamps. Although
fhrv "?" i a v* rp ?v "'<? Kn?| n 1 rC0
crowd was present to silently express
their love and esteem lor the deceased.
The Interment was made n the family
ly made mound was covered with the
iuu?v nowers.
j The bereaved tamily has the deepest
? sympathy of the entire community.
f Trie Voting Woman's Auxiliary of
the. Louisburg Baptist church met with
uary twenty-fourth.
The following program was render
ed .
| Song?Let the Lower Lights Be
; Burning.
1 Prf^er?by Mrs. J. S. Howell,
j The roll was called and the minutes
of the last meeting read and approv
j Scripture lesson?by Mrs. J. O.
Special reading?by Mrs. J. O.
Talk?Bible Reading, Prayer, Giving
?by Mrs. Wingate Undernzil.
Solo?"We've a Story to Tell to the
Nations"?by Miss Sallie T. Williams.
Prayer?Sentence prayer by each
After the meeting delicious refresh
ments were Berved.
The following were present: Mrs.
J. O. Newell, Mrs. L. L. Whitaker.
Mrs. J. S. Howell, Virginia Perry,
and visitors. Mrs. Wingate Underhill,
Mrs. R\ A. Bobbitt and Miss Sallie
Similarity breeds contempt.
AKoot Twelve laeftes Peep?
Wnrk Piini?r?Trtt Twe Bt?
This community was visited by ?
snow the post week that In all proba
bility was the heaviest seen here
twenty years Although It
much It would make an averager <
of about twelve Inches. AH toy
Thursday of last week It ra Wlfctt
that a snow was brewing, as it tried
to snow ?11 through the day. At about
10 o'clock that night It pot ta for good
and when day broke Friday s tniy
white blanket covered the KTMlBd. It
continued to snow all day Frlday,."*rJ-_
day night and Saturday. mo?t of whteh
was a fine snow or hail. No damage
to property resulted that we iM been
informed of. The awning on the Main
street side of Hicks store was broken
down by the weight of the sno-w
was thrown from the top of the house.
The Louisburg to Frankltnton train
loft here at 10 o'clock Friday morning
and arrived in Franklinton, so we are
informed about 3 o'clock that after
noon?the snow being so heavy in the
cuts that It had to oe shoveled out.
However it missed only one trip?the
mid-liny trip Friday *
Yesterday the snow was almost all
gone it having been melted by a slow
warm rain the night before.
To Succeed Hon. H. E. WorrU?Am
Able Lawyer" and PraetlUoaer.
Sinoo loot woclta irniue carrying the
I announcement that H. E. Norria
1 would not be a candidate for Solicitor
to succeed himself, inquiries from all
sections are being made as to whether .
or not Ben Holden. will be a candidate.
Mr. Holden when approached tlkli
week by the Editor stated, "I have re
ceived many expressions of confidence
and assurance Gf?&upport, tor which I
tam deeply grateful. It la my purpose
I to be a candidate for Solicitor."
li is current opinion in Franklin*.
, shared by many leading citizens alt
,Wake, that Fraklin Cdtiili^Aro faff-'
ness and justice is entitled to one of
the Judicial officers of the. Seventh
| District. There are only two coun
ties in the District and out two Judic
ial officers. Wake has T>oth Judge
'and Solicitor. By reason of her lar
' ger population Wake is ante to retain
j both, but it is the expressed belief
(that she will not be willing to resort
to her might in order to defeat that
which must appear to be rxgnt.
Mr. Holden is well known in the
District and has many warm friends
in Wake as well as FranKlin. No one
can question his ability as a lawyer,
his fairness as a practitioner and his
honesty or Integrity as a man. He is
recognized as a hard fighter in the
Court House, yet he has a heart that
is commensurate in size to that of his
body. Franklin has a splendid op
portunity to win this honor, and in be
ing able to offer Mr. Hoiden as her
candidate for Solicitor gives Wake an
opportunity to express its fairness
and willingness to divide Juclcial hon
His many friends are confident that
if Mr. Holden should be nominated he
will do" credit to this important posi
tion and to himself.

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