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nr ^ouisburo
A. F. JOHNSON, Editor and Manager
* t
i '
(10 Fagot)
r-'- ?
$218.73 Received From County
Home Crops
Mrs. Grose K. Kearney He-appointed
* Court Stenographer; Many Reports
Becelved and Mneh Bontine Business
Disposed Of
The Board of County Commissioners
met In regular session on Monday
with all members present. After ap
proving minutes of the previous meet
ing business was disposed of as fol
Mrs. Ellen Carlisle was placed on
outside pauper list at $6 per month.
Mrs. Sallie Collie was allowed a
draw back for $18.32 special school
dux error In listing.
Report of John Hedgepeth, Super
intendent of County Home, was re
ceived and filed. He reports 6 white
and 11 colored Inmates.
Report of Miss Daisy CaldweU, home
agent, was received and Died.
J. W. Rogers was allowed draw-back
for $2 dog tax, error In listing.
Returns of the Epsom school elec
tion were received and filed.
Land acreage of C. F. Best, was
corrected to read 520 acres instead of
It was ordered that the county ob
tain deed for Isaac Cooke lai d that
had been sold for taxes.
Israel Perry was allowed a draw
L-ick on $250 valuation, error in list
. .jport of Cole Savage, farm agent,
was received and accepted. He Intro
duced Mr. Harris to the board.
W. J. Foster was allowed draw-back
on valuation of $440, account house
being burned.
Road reports were received from the
following townships: OedarRock, Cy
press Creek, Sandy Creek and Louis-1
burg. |
M. D. Wilder was allowed $10 tor
turkeys killed by'dogs. i
A check for $218.73 was turned In!
for sale of farm produce at the Coun
ty Home.
Report of Dr. J. E. Malone, County
Health Officer, was received and filed.
It was ordered that Clifton Dicker
son he allowed the full statutory time
off for goof behavior. I
Mrs Orace R. Kearney was re-ap
pointed court stenographer at the
same salary. I
It was ordered that all teams at
the county home be disposed of ex
cept one pair of mules.
Commissioners Strickland and Dean 1
were appointed a committee with au
thority to select and purchase a site I
for a new County Home. I
A recent resolution passed by the
Board making the Farmers and Mer
chants Bank, the'financial agent of
Franklin County was amended so as
to read "financial agent for Franklin
County as to Hayesvtlle township on
A special tax election and a special
bond electloh were granted for Hayes
vtlle school district '
The Jurors for FsbfusHy term of
Franklin 8uperor <Tbort Vere drawn.'
The board received a check for $26
from P. B. Griffin for stable rent (
After allowing a number of accounts
the Board adjourned to Its next regu
lar meeting.
The following la a Hat of Juror*
draws for the FeBrdsry term of Frank
lin Superior Court:
fnl Wttk
Dunns?B. M O.
Harris?O. H.
Youngarllle?Lather Chalk. ?
Franklin ton?C F. Nowell, Grady
HhyesrlUe?H C. Laaaitec. L. G.
Frailer, H. A. Faulkner.
Jai4r Oeak Wiley Faulkner, O. 8.
Cottrell, J. 0. Wester, J. H. Dicker
Gold Mine W. M. Thompaon. W. D.
Fuller, C W. Oupton.
Cedar Rook?8. 8, Insooe.
.... Louitburg-^I. W. Weaaon, J. B.
? ? Week
Harrla?J. W. Clementa, W. C.
Holmes. * l '?*
Fnankllnton?Henry Fuller, Vassar
Brown, A. J. Frailer, W. H. Harrla,
H). B. Brans.
Bandy Creek?John Parrlsh, Ferrell
Gold Iflne?Alex Wester, Peruy Gup
Cedar Roek?Z. V. Wheeler, M. R.
Cypress Creek?J. A Boone, H. J,
Lonlsburg?F. H. Allen, a M. Oat.
M1N Montagresa StaUlngs entertain
ed a number of friends at bar home,
Roeedale Farm, Thursday rrehlng, De
cember tlat ta ^ deoora
to the
nd music aftord
until the ?n hour
year wag rung
'Be '? ? ' ??'
Special Tnx Election and Bead Elec
tion Granted For Epsom School Dis
trict) Other Kovtine Matters
The Board ot Education met In re
guar session on Monday with A. F.
Johnson, T. H. Dickens, W. A. Mullen,
J H. Joyner and E. Oreen present.
The minutes ot last meeting were read
and approved.
A i special School Taxing District
known as Epsom was formed and the
boundary lines of said district fixed
ae follows:
"Beginning at a point where the
Alert-Henderson Road crosses the
Franklln-WarTen County line, corner
of Gold Sand Special Taxing District;
thence in a southerly direction along
?aid line to O. Z. Edward's mill on
Devil Cradle's Creek, corner tor In
gleside Special Tax District; thence
up said creek to Dement's old mill at
Wilson's bridge, corner for Ingleside
Special Tax District; thence southeast
erly along said Ingleside Special Tax
District to Tool's Creek; thence down
said creek to a point where said creek
crosses Hayes vllle-Frankllnton Town
ship line; thence In a westerly direc
tion along the said line to Vance
County; thence along the FrankHn
Vance County line In a northerly di
rection to Warren Connty; thence
along the Franklin-Warren County
line to the beginning."
The Board petitioned the County
Commissioners to order a special elec
tion in the Epsom Special Taxing Dis
trict for the purpose of voting upon
the question of issuing $30,000 bonds
and levying a sufficient tax tor the
payment thereof.
The Board approved a petition from
the governing board of the Epsom Spe
cial Taxing District, asking for a spe
cial tax election on a 30c tax and the
Commissioners were asked to order
the election.
I The Board pledged Itself to locate
the new Epsom High School building
on the site recently purchased from
.Mr. O. T. Dickie.
I A petition signed by Wm. W. Neal
and others asking that their property
be transferred to the Bunn District
with the understanding -that a truck
be provided for this road (from Hall's
Cross Roads Ferrell's Bridge) to go
down as far as Ferrell's bridge, was
I not approved or accepted. The Board
agreed however, that It would trans
fer this property to the Bunn District
and furnish suitable transportation for
all the children In this territory re
siding 2 1-2 or more miles from the
Bunn School, this being In accordance
with the Board's policy In regard to
After allowing a number of accounts,
the Board adjourned to meet again
ths first Monday In February.
Some Grades Higher Than Before Holi
The Loulsburg tobacco market open
ed on Tuesday after having taken
holidays for about two weeks. The
bad weather prevented heavy sales.
However the sales that hare been
made indicate a better market?some
grades being reported bringing higher
prices than before Christmas. The
buyers were all*on the market and
everything is getting started off in
good order.
Bring your next load to Loulsburg.
Mr. J. S. Lancaster, of Vass, who
has been visiting his people in and
near Loulsburg, gave a moat enjoyable
bird supper to a large number of his
friends at tha American Cafe on Mon
day night. The birds were especially
well prepared which added much to
the splendid occasion. Many compli
mentary toasts were offered and re
sponded to. Those invited were Dra
8. P. Burt, R. P. Yarbo rough and A.
EL Fleming. Ben T. Holden, B. 0,
Holden, Q. & Leonard. P. B. Griffin.
MaJ. 8. P. Boddie. June J. Lancaster.
James J Lancaster, Claude Collins,
Jake Priedlander. P. W Hicks. A. P.
Johnson, J. W. King and A. A Clifton.
?. A's. MEET
The G. A's of the Loulsburg Bap
tist church met Tuesday afternoon
at I:SO o'clock'with Mrs. HowelL
The meeting was called to order by
Mrs. Hopell and the following pro
gram was rendered.
Hymn, "1 Heard the Bells on Christ
Scripture Reading,. Luke 1:1-14, Al
rite Smith; Isaiah (0:1-1, Mildred
Cone; Isaiah, St:?-10, Willie Mas
Sentence Prayers, Mrs. Howell be
ginning. Viola Black closing.
Topic: "DM the Christmas Bells
Ring Hound the World?"
the Christmas Bell said, Viola
Temple Bells In China Alrtta Smith
and Mildred Cona . .
Prayer by Willie Mae Plana
? What Miss LotUs Moon did to make
iristmae belle ring in China Abets
What can we do new?'
What a pur rimaui
winter ?nd winter In
Several Continued To Janu
ary 25th
Others Let Off With 8nail Flies or
Suspended Joddments
Judge Beam had quite a busy ses
sion of Franklin Recorders Court Mon
day. when he disposed of a docket
containing twenty cases as follows.
State ts Herman Darts, secret as
sault'with deadly weapon with Intent
to kill, probable cause found, case
sent to Superior Court.
State ys Herman Darls, J E. Stall
ings, set fa, discharged upon payment
of the cost of set fa.
State rs I. N. Staunton, resisting an
officer, continued.
State rs Walter Haaklns, operating
automobile while Intoxicated, continu
State rs D. L. Smith, assault with
deadly weapon, continued.
State rs W. T- Ayscue, assault with
deadly weapop, continued.
State rs Tony Yarboro, assault with
deadly weapon, guilty, Judgment sus
pended upon payment of costs.
State rs Victoria Jones, assault with
deadly weapon, gmlKy, 4 months in
Jail, execution not to issue until fur
ther order of the court, upon pay
ment of costs.
8tate rs Phil Nelson, violating au
tomobile law, not guilty.
State ra Phil Nelson, assault with
deadly weapon, not guilty.
8tate ts H. C. 4rscue, assault with
degdly weapon, demand for Jury trial,
State ra Harry Lee, gambling, pleads
guilty, fined 16 and costs.
State rs John Johnson, gambling,
i pleads ghilty, fined $5 and costs.
State rs Waddell Dent, gambling,
pleads guilty, fined 45 and costs .
State rs Ben Johnson, gambling,
pleads guilty, fined $6 and costs.
State rs Willie Macon, gambling
pleads guilty, fined 15 and costs.
State rs Frank Macon, gambling,
pleads guilty, fined $5 and costs.
State rs J. S. Perry, unlawful pos-,
session of whiskey, pleads guilty.
Judgment suspended upon payment of
State rs Major Stegall. gambling,
pleads guilty, fined $5 and costs.
Fran kiln ton, Jan. A?At noon yes
terday at Frankllnton, occurred the
marriage ot Miss Eleanor Venn and
Mr. Robert Jordan Rose. The marriage
was solemnised in the stately Vann
home in Frankllnton In which the bride
had spent her happy childhood and
grown iifto a splendid womanhood and j
where wtth beautiful devotion she hadI
done so much to make happy the last
days Of her father add mother, Mr.
8amuel C. Vann and Mrs. Betty Hen*
ley Vann. Owing to recentbereave
ment, the marriage was a very simple
home wedding with only the two fami
lies and a very few Intimate friends
In attendance.
The house was beautifully decorat
ed in palms and ferns with, abundance
of lilies, roses hyacinths, lilies of the
valley and other cut flowers. The
wedding room Itself was a dream of
beauty. In the recess of the window
was a mass of green palms and ferns,
against which gleamed the stately
cathedral candles, and bloomed the
great vases ot white flowers.
Music was rendered both before and
after the ceremony by Ray's Orches
tra of Raleigh, while the wedding
march Mendelssohn's was beautifully
played by Miss Delia Dowell ot Wake
Forest with orchestra accompaniment.
Promptly at the appointed hour the
groom ettered with his brother, Mr.
William Rose, of Frankllnton. The
bride's only attendant was her lovely
little niece. Miss Elisabeth Vann Moore
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Moore,
of Rosemary. The little maid of hon
or wore a pale pink georgette trimmed
with rosebuds and carried a colonial
bouquet of vastel flowers. The bride
came In with her brother, Mr. A. H.
Vann, ot FrankUoton, who gave her
away. The full ceremony of the Me
sa the
thodlst church was used, and
earnest words of the officiating min
ister, Rev. Dr. N. ft D. Wilson called
forth the simple and reverent respon
ses of the vows and the troth, all
present felt that divine confirmation
had been Indeed added to bless the
highest hopes and purposes ot the
The bride was exquisitely gowned.
She wore tvoty satin, trimmed with
point applique lace and embroidered
with pearls. A court train fell from
her shoulders and her yell ot point
applique perfected the oostusM.
The bridegroom Is tha son of the
late Rev. W. W. Rose. He hae slnoe
boyhood beea a resident of Franklin
ton and te one of its most successful
in, being
business men, being president and gen
eral manager of the Sterling Stpre
Company. x
OMWijfcr oct stock
. *? -1
Messrs A. L. Prldgen dad N. H.
of Norllns, haws purchased
?took of goods of J. W. Perry, and
same out Aa will be eeem
advertisement elsewhere
offering some exceptional 1
Former County Agent Cole 8arage
writes bis appreciations to the people
jf Franklin County in the following:
Dear Friends:
I want to take this opportunity to
thank you for the whole-hearted co
opreation you gave me while repre
senting the Extension Service In
Franklin county. I hare never had i
better support in any county than that I
which I hare just received in Frank-1
tin and I want you to know that I
appreciate It more then I can ever
express. There is a tender place you
have won In my heart and It will
always remain there.
I thanked your Board of County
Commissioners in open session and Ij
wish to thcak them again here. As'
guards of your county treasury they
are close watchers and that is as it
should be but they never refused a
single request I ever made of them. I
ttmsk them for it.
I wish to thank, the County Board
of Agriculture for'the help they gave
lu making a program of work for the
county and for their help In carrying
it out. It was through their work
2 tests were made possible,
hanks to the Lnuisburg Ki wants
b for backing this program and
paying tor its publication and for the|
one hundred per cent backing they |
gave me in everything else I under-,
Thanks also to the County Council
of Home Demonstration Clubp and the
Home Agent, Miss Daisy Caldwell, for |
the Interest they have taken In the
farm agent work. They have been |
an inspiration to me to do all I could
to organise my work. |
Thanks to the Loutsburg Boy Scouts <
and their leaders, Prof C. W. Hook1
and Prof. W. R. Mills, for the oppor-j
tunity to . know them and work with I
them. If there is any. work I ever
enjoyed more than working with you,
Scouts, I do not remember it.
Thanks to the Loulsburg Baptist
charch for the church home provided.
And thanks to the numerous farm
ers and business men throughout the
county who did their part In making
the work possible and my stay pleas
Last, but by no means least, I thank
yoa Editor Johnson' for the unqualifi
ed. support you gave through your
?r, your office and your influence.
earnest hope is that all of you
. continue the same cooperation
your incoming farm agent, Mr.
| A. H. Harris, that you extended to me.
I wish tor Franklin County the best
Earnestly and sincerely,
Mb. and Mrs. Glen Turner, of Stan
field, spent the holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. R. U Hayes.
Mr. B. W. Stalling* came home to
be with his parents during the holi-1
days. Mr. Stailings hap been in Phila
delphia, Pa., for the past year.
Miss Clara Hayes, who is teaching
at Potecasi visited her parents the
parf week.
and Mrs. E. B. Smith and Mr,
Coleman Porter, of Baleigh, were rls
ltors in the home of Mrs. Sarah J.
S tailings the pest week end.
Mhw Belle Hayes rial ted friends in
Spring Hope during the holidays.
Mr. O; B. Fleming, of Pikerville, wae
the honor guest at n watch party
Siren hp Miss Montagress 8tailings
on New Years Ere.
Miss Clara Hayes visited friends in
Raleigh during the holidays.
Miss Maude Stalling* will go back to
Raleigh Monday where she has been
attending 8t Mary's College.
Mlaees Ruby and Vivian Wheless
left for school Saturday. Ruby la a
student at Mars Hill College and Viv
ian is a senior at N. C. C. W.
Mlas Montagress Stalling* returned
to her work Saturday at Raleigh where
she has beast teaching plaao.
Coo Sty Agent A. H. Harris haye:
' The annual Couuty Agent's Conrea
Uan will be held in Raleigh. January
Kth-lSth, inclusive, daring which time
I will not he In the County. It iu my
plan to line up with the various Spec
ialists with the Department of Agrt
cultare while there and secure their
assistance In the promotion of the
County Agent work In this County I
during IMA
"Immediately upon my retorts I hope
to get a plaa of work formulated sad >
beglu^ the development of same at
JDOi," '
3h, Mr. Teacher man
I beg of thee,
re teaeh me gdlck the language
X this greet oouwtree.
Ill when some big Irlsher
Pontes up to ute and grins,
tad ,saym. "You're Toby, the Wop,"
IU give him n punch
tad say, "Who me. * -
i pee you're very mistaken al* .
r# Anthony, '
Henry Ford 1* determined to Had
.at something about the north polfe
.at no one has suspected Mas of try I
as to oontrol the lea market.
V! 1
The Main Need el the Firmer Instead
el Lees) To Discuss Fertiliser at
Night School Next Toesday Night At
Franklin tea
(By C. R. Bohanan, Teacher Vocation
al Agriculture Frankllnton Public
The second meeting of the Agrlcul
tural night school was held In the
community room at the school build
ing Tuesday night, Ja&nuary 5. Bad
weather prevented a large attendance.
The topic (or discussion at that
meeting was "The place cotton holds
In our system of (arming." We are
hearing and reading a great deal at
the present about cutting our cotton
This might be a wise thing, but in
all probability It would not, unless
there could-be a money crop to take
its place. What we need most of all
la cheaper cotton. If we can produce
the same amount at a cheaper cost the
low prices will not hurt so bad.
Tor the next three weeks I expect
to take up the production of cotton
and the various problems we are hav
ing in making it a paying crop.
On Tuesday night of next week,
January 12, I want to discuss the fer
tilisation of cotton. This Is a problem
that la of interest to every cotton grow
er. Our soils are not rich enough to
grow crops without fertiliser and so
it Is a necessary element, bnt how
many farmer* know what kind to bny,
I do not believe that we are spend
ing too much money for fertiliser, but
11 do believe that we are spending too
much for the money kind. It is this
problem that I want to discuss Tues
day night
I I would like to urge all who are
interested to be present Tuesday night
at 7:30.
I "
Majority ? t Growers Who Meat la
Sooth CaroHaa Locals Sifa Tobacco
Coo tracts.
(8. D. Friasell)
South Carolina tobacco grower* are |
signing the now five year cooperative
contract aw they face the qnestioa
whether they will return to auction
market prices for another tire years
or protect their tobacco by am asso
ciation of the farmers.
First reports to arrive from the com
munity meetings and local units of the
Tobacco Growers Cooperative Associa
tion in the Palmetto State show that'
a large majority of the farmers who
attended the meetings held on De- [
cember 34 and in some cases one hun-1
dred per cent of association members
at certain locals, signed the new five
year contract designed to protect their '
tobacco prices for another five years, j
Extremely rough weather prevented |
the attendance of. large numbers at
the first sign up meetings in the South
Carolina Belt, but the tobacco farmers
who have leas than M days in which j
to aecure <5 per cent of thetotal
production of the South Carolina belt
ar e waking ap to the fact that unless
they de this job now, the catastrophe'
of low prices which was threatened j
this fall at the opening of the auction I
warehouses in their state, appears
certain to become a permanent re
The figures from thb United States
Department of Agriculture show that
for ten years before the World War
South Carolina tobacco farmers re
ceived a gross average of 14.1 cents
a pound. For the ten years before
coperatlve marketing. Including the
high prices ef the war years they re
oeivwd an average ef 11.3 cents a
pound and since 13m Tobacco Growers
Cooperative Association was formed
they have averaged 19.8 cents a pound.
Of the 500.000.0(X> pounds of tobac
co received by the Tobacco Growers
Cooperative Association daring the
past three and a half years the South'
Carolina growers have delivered 98,
*99,999 pounds
Within the peat three sad a half
wears the Tobacco Growers Coopers-j
tive Association has paid Its members
In three states 88*999,999 tn cash, an
average price of tobacco each season
which is greater than the average!
price for any five years tn history ax-1
cept the World War years.
Tobacco growers Is every section
of the Carolines and Virginia, except [
Batters Carolina, are now considering
the question as to whether they will'
return to the pre-war prices or con-!
tlnue the protection et
marketing by signing mp with the larg
er b?lt pools proposed in the new
marketing contracts. Plans far the
old belt sign up have sot been com
pleted by the organisation committee
representing the growers.
Mr. C. A. Ragland Is entitled to
considered Leulabiug's i
tar as he has nine
of birds to hit credit
Christmas holiday*.
Perwul Items ikon F?lki
Their rrkaO Who Travel
And There.
Mr. E. H. Malone went to Raleigh
Saturday. ,
* *
Mrs. W. B. Joyner spent Wednesday
in Raleigh.
? ' ?
Dr. A. H. Fleming went to Durham
? ?
Supt. E. T3. Perry went to Raleigh
? ?
Mr. A. F. Johnson went to Durham
? ?
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hudson visited
Raleigh Tuesday.
e ?
Mr. E. F. Dement visited Raleigh
and Durham Wednesday. - '
? a
Mr. F. A. Roth returned the' past
week from a trip to Ohio.
? *
Mr. A. W. Person returned the past
week from a visit to Miilikln, La.
S a
Messrs. H. C. Williams and Sidney
Place went to Raleigh Wednesday.
? a
Mr. F. B. McKlnne, of Goldsboro.
was a visitor to Loulsburg yesterday.
1 a I
Miss Winnie Garr, of FarmrlHa.
spent Sunday with Mrs. 8. J. Edema,
a a
Mr. E. S. Pearce, of Spring Hope,
was a visitor to Loulsburg the past
a a
Mr. W. H. Cates and son John, of
Durham, were visitors to Loulsburg
the past week.
a a
Mra E. O. Ellington and daughter.
Roena, returned Friday from a visit
to relating at Oxford.
a a
Mr. E. A. Kemp returned the past
week from Baltimore where he has
been receiving treatment.
a a
I Mr. A. J. Jarman left Sunday for
Baltimore where he will receive treat
ment at a local hoepitsl.
a ?
D. O. Allen, of Farmvtlle, is
spending a few days here with her
mother, Mrs. S. J. Edens.
a a
Mr. Thomas B. Wilder, of Aberdeen,
was a visitor to Loulsburg the past
week, guest of his brother, Mr S. T.
Mrs W. B. Joyner and children
spent Friday and Saterday of last weak
in Henderson, Waiting relatives and
? ?
Mr. J: S. Lancaster, who has been
visiting his brother, Mr. James J_
Lancaster, near town, returned to his
home at VMS Wednesday.
? ?'
Miss Daisy Caldwell, Home
and Mr. A. H. Harris, County
Agent, left Monday for Raleigh to at
tend a county agents convention.
? e
Messrs. Wm. H. Law-son, Jr., ant
Singleton Belt, of South Boston, Va^
were guests of Mrs. W. P. Nasi the
past week end.
? e
Mr. Wm. W. Neai motored to
hurst Saturday to attend a
party at the Plnehurst Country Clnh
given by Miss Emma Williamson eC
Wilmington, N. C.
? ?
Messrs. M. S. Darts, T.
W. E. White went to Durham Ws
day to discuss Franklin County
with Mr. John Sprunt H1U, Highway
Commissioner for this district,
a a
Mr. H. H Hilton left Sunday lor
Littleton where he has taken
with the Royal Feed and Grocery
pany. His many friends in
regret to sea htm leave, but
him success ha his new
? ?
Among then* who left tor a trig
Florida yesterday were
Mrs. Bs N. Williamson. W. B.
W. E. Tucker. C. K. Choke. F. IF.
and eon. Fled Jr.. and
They wore
Mr and Mr*. C. 8. Williams.
e ?
Mr. N. C. Phillips toft the
tor Littleton to take
the Royal Med and Grocery
Mr. Phillips made quite a
friends In
here a few yean ago
to know thid
Mm much
rig sinee he cans
go who wttt regret
has left, hat VM

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