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? ?
? Published by PuplU of '
? Kpsotn High School *
Community New*
There ha? been much slckneas
In our community much to our
regret. Two of the. faculty mem
ber* have beeu sick for the paat
week. We are all wishing them
happlneM during their Illness.
Mr., Crawley returned to school
jtaj " Friday, Mtaa Cooke la atlll ,
sick. 01
We are very glad Indeed toi
have Mr. Carl Ousley. pastor of
Corinth Baptist Church, to fill
the vacancy of Mlsa Cooke.
Mr. Oualey haa been conduct
ing a B. Y. P. U. Admlnlatratlon
courae at Corinth during the past
The Athletic Club met last
Monday and elected th? following
officers whom we are looking for
ward to do some real work in
conducting our athletics this year:
President, Claud Dlckerson;
Treasurer, Evelyn Ayscue; Busi
ness Manager, George Eaves;
Manager of Boys Team, Edwin
Pernell; Manager of Olrls Team,
Hllla Collins; Cheer Leaders, Ed
gar Edwards, Elaine Weldon.
The teams of Epsom had two
games last week which war* suc
cessful on the part of the girls
but hard luck on the part of the
*? " ? ? ? ? nr.j
we inei duiiu m ouuu uu nou-(
neiday night for a double header.
The acore of the girla waa 26-6 tn
favor of Epsom. The acore of the
boys waa 18-14 In favor of Bonn.
On Friday night we met Youngs
ville at Franklinton and the glrla
acore waa 31-11 tn favor of Ep-,
aom. The boya acore waa 15-21
in favor of Toungavllle.
Dramatic (lab
The Dramatic Club la contlnu-,
Ing lta amateur program. Although
there wasn't but one on, the pro
gram was very enjoyable. Two Old
Maids came out and gave a good
play called "Sara and Sally." The
old malda were Madolyn Ayscue
and Chrlatine Eaves. They were
busy looking for a sweetheart.
More people proniiae to be on
program for next time and we
are looking forward to the next
amature hour.
LouiBe Dickie, Heporter.
(iirl Scout News
The girl scouts have reorganlx
ed under their new leader. Miss
Vernelle Frailer. The troops was
divided into two patroli, with
Virginia Perkinaon and Elaine
Weldon chosen as patrol leaders.
Virginia Perklnson waa elected
acribe for the troop.
We cho3g Mrs. D. T. Dickie. 1
Mrs. T. H. Weldon. and Mra. T.
C. Gill as avconimlttee to help the
girl Scouts.
At the meeting laat Tueadifr
our regular meeting hour, bual
neaa was diacusaed and patrols
met to discuss what project they
were to take up. The 1st patrol
deciding on signalling met Wed
nesday afternoon, worked on
signals and had supper In ihe
Seoul Hut and remained at the
school building for the program
that was given by the Oxford
Orphanage singing class.
Sidney Lanier Society
The Society met December 6
1935 after the minutes and roll.
Evelyn Ayscue gave a very In
teresting scripture for the devo
tional. The program was centered
around "Public Safety." Our spon
sor Mrs. Bartholomew gave us
an Interesting talk on "Public
Safety". Every member of the
society learned many points on
public safety from her talk. Oth
er members who were on program
gav? their parts well also.
Fannie Pearl Ayscue, Reporter.
O'Hrnry IJtrrary Society
The Society met Friday Dec. 6.
After a roll call and reading of
the minutes, we sang "Silent
Night." Then a play was given fcy
Aunt Martha and Uncle Jerry,
who was Elaine weMon and Ed
win Fuller. This was enjoyed by
all very much. Then our sponsor
Mrs.* Journlgan told us the pur
pose of Societies.
In the business meeting, the
president appointed a nominating
committee which consisted of
Mattle Leigh Dlckerson, Annie
Roberson, and Virginia Lasslter.
The Society was then declared ad
Mattle L. Dlckerson, Reporter.
A careless bankroll has the
happy faculty of hanging on Just
long enough, to get its owner In
a bundle of trouble.
Mothers read this:
tkiii mn
A cleansing dose today; a smaller
quantity tomorrow: less each time, |
until Impels need no help at all. ;
Why do people come home from i
hospital with bowels working like a
well-regulated watch?
The answer is simple, and it's the
answer to all your bowel worries il
you will only realize it: many doctors
and hospitals use a liquid laxative.
If you knew what a doctor knows,
you would use only the liquid form.
A liquid can always be taken in
gradually reduced doses. Reduced
dosage is the secret of any real relic]
from constipation.
Ask a doctor about this. Ask your
druggist how very popular liquid
laxatives have become. They give the
right kind of help, and right amount
of help. The liquid laxative generally
used is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
It contains senna and cascara ? both
natural lazatives thaV can form no
habit, even in children. So, try Syrup
Pepsin. You just take regulated
doses till Nature restore* regularity.
* <
When Your Head
Feels "Stuffy ? . |
nppiy Yi-iio-nui
...Juat a few drop*.
Va-tro-nol pene
trates deep Into
the nual passages,
reduce* swollen
membrane*, clear*
away dogging mu
cus, brings welcome
Two generous sixes
...30* and Sty.
Under and by virtue of the pow
er and Authority contained In
that certain deed of trust execut
ed on the 2 day of February. 1931,
by E. S. Thomeraon and wife, re
corded in Book 299, page 7. Re
gistry of Franklin County, North
Carolina, and al*o under and by
virtue of an order of the Superlor
Court of Franklin County, North
Carolina, the undersigned trustee
wllH on
at or about the hour of 12:00
o'clock noon sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for
cash the following described tract
of land:
a certain tract or parcel 01
land situate In Frankltn County,
Youngsvllle township. State of
North Carolina, and described as
follows: Bounded on the North
by James McOhee, on the East
by James McOhee, on the South
by Mrs. W. H. Frailer, and on
the West by N. J. Hart, it being
the Identical land on which the
said E. S. Thomerson now resides.
A deposit of twenty-five per
cent of the amount of the bid
will be required at the time of
the sale.
Yarborough & Yarborough
Attorneys 1 2-1 3-4t
! Still Coughing?
No matter how many mcdiclnea
i you have tried for your cough, chest
cold or bronchial irritation, you can
get relief now with Creomulslon.
Serious trouble may be brewing and
you cannot iHord to take a chance
with anything less than Crcomul
slon, which goes right to the scat
of thrf trouble to aid nature to
soothe and heal the inflamed mem
branes as the germ-laden phlegm
is loosened and expelled.
Even if other remedies havt
fallM, don't be discouraged, your
druggist Is authorized to guarantee
Creomulslon and to refund vour
money If you are not satisfied with
results from the very first bottle.
Oct Creomulslon right now. (Adv.)
Make a Cash payment and we will keep your purchases till Christmas
$1.00 up
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Skates *
Childs Rockers $1.25 up
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RIFLES $4.00
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Gunn Sheila, . . 65c Box*
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Pocket Watches, $1.00
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Aluminum Percolators
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Oook Stoves - Ranges
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best range on the mar
ket. Come and see them
The New Model Alad
din Lamps, the pret
tiest oil lamp you ever
saw and it gives such
a fine light.
And lots of other things
for Santa Claus.
Come to my store and
let us show you, and
you can stop worrying.
Bed Room Suits]
Walnut Finish
k.OO and
Living Room
$jg.00 up
Breakfast Room)
J.OO up
Dining Room
Odd Chairs and
Wool $4 IJ.OO up
Linoleum Rugs, ^Cc
Linoleum Rugs, $0.00
6x9 ?
Linoleum Rugs, $^.00
9 x 12 U
Mirrors 50c up
Phone 305 Louisburg, N. 0.
Be Master of Your Farm
The McCormick-Deering Far mail
' I "HE owner of a McCormick-Deenng Farm&Il Tractor
and the equipment that goes with it ii ready (or every
power job. Ha b master of time and aeaaoo, broad
acreage, big crop, and low-coat production. He has '
put the labor of many men into the hands of one and made "
it far easier.- He has made the farm interesting for him
self and his sons. He is using his Farmall Tractor to
give him leisure and profit so that he and his family may
enjoy the1 good things of life. ? *.
The Farmall is the all-purpose tractor that handles
row-crop planting and cultivating along with everything
else. It produces liberal power at drawbar, belt, and
power take-off.
You haven't seen anything in power for the farm until
you have examined the Farmall on our floor. Also, ask
us about the economical McCormick-Deenng 10-20 and
15-30 Tractors.
It Isn't a FARMALL
This ?Uw (howl tlx
F?t flexibility of Um
McCormlck - Daulni.
Put Your Heavy Loads on the
All-Steel, All-Purpose Truck
THE McCormick-Deering All-Purpose Truck is a re
markable unit for hauling farm loads. Built entirely
of steel, for use with tractor or horses, it has a capa
city of 2 to 2V4 tons. Two roller bearings on each axle
assure exceptionally light draft.
Unusual flexibility is made possible by the steel
swivel- reach coupling. Front wheels have the auto
steering feature. The track is standard, wheelbase is
adjustable from 84 to 126 inches. The truck will take
any box, rack, or other standard equipment.
It will give you many years of good service ? come in
and see it now on our display floor.
What a Line -Up!
? . Every One a Home*Run
Profit -Maker for
Livestock and
^ Feeders
No. 1 -A
TUN* ?
Ubu UI.U.U
ntly low - pmtd
?In ?
of from 1 500 to
4200 pounds of
okollod corn an
M*. 1-B. (MMh) Although ?mall in rnim
d* mw No. I-B ii I |iut ia capacity,
.rinding from 3700 to 9700 pound. J
akaflad com or front 4000 to 1 I ?0 pouad,
o I wkaat am kour . . . and othar grain* and
ranakagaa in proportion, lu big capacity
and low prica make it tka rnal lammar
null bargain of tka Hour Tka No l-B ia
a%nipp?d witk an *ugar and a biawar fan.
Every farmer
with livestock
or poultry to
feed should
utily ?' in tanhiuiion. An kIm till for -l i
have one of these efficient mills,
will solve your feeding problems,
arranged on request.
. V +-? s-t
We will (how you how it
A demonstration will b*.

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