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LOUISBURG , N. C., - FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1875.
NO. 31.
" OltTBcnool FttnishmeHt.
Old Muter Brown brought bin forole down, '
Andbis face looked angry snd red.
"(lo. seat you thero now, Anthony' Blair,
Along with the girls," be said. . , t ,
Then Anthony Blair, with mortified air, ,. ; -With
but bead down on hi breaut,
Took hit jxnltnt wat by the maiden sweet,
That he loved," cf all, the bent.' ' M
And Anthony Blair seemed whimpering there,
"1iC the. rogue" only made believe; ' '. '
Tor he peeped at the girl with the beautiful
i : burls, ; ' ',-'' ; '. .
And. og?I them over his sleeve. .
' ... 1 T : , : . , , , . . '?
jTrifles "often lead to great disasters,
and it. seemed. but a trifle to me. when,
on November morning; a telegram was
put into my menu wuus nands as we
ceased, to linger like the recurring nn- J ancTleariifg me once more in ntter dark-r
dertones ?qf some monstrous passing- ness, both outwardly and in my heart
bell, I am- not superstitious! bnt it I Worse still, as I turned the lamp I felt
seemed just as well not to be ringing my the precious drops of oil pouring ever
own knell; so I determined to waste no my fingers. I would then have wiLingly
Tho French In Mexico.
, The. Princess Salm-Salm, in her
V. Recollections of .Mexico," says : The
French officers treated the Mexicans
with the utmost insolence and contempt.
more powder in utterly futile attempts to J given all I possessed for another match. I Gentlemen whom they met on, the street
over which I had wandered was honey
combed by the operations of the col
liers. At all events, this was my only
chance, and it seemed well to keep up
were preparing for a day's shooting.
His presence - was demandedjin London
oii some trust business, and he had lm
mediately to give up all idea of report.
He bogged me, however, to take Rover
and the keeper,' and pursue my ' recrea
tion as if he were with me. I was hot
f)agerto make a large bag ; "so T deter
mined to discard the man, and take a
Jong rainblcoa ,the lonely.- hills behind
Jlradfof d, in the-hope of .-picking up a
fttray woodcock, as well as a brace or
two of; grouse. Perhaps r.was at little
v tired of partridges' amongst the turnips,
and wanted an excuse for a walk as much
as anything- -The day was "Somewhat
gloomy. Torn;wispg of, dark cloud hur
ried Wer1 (lie hills "at 'the pack)f niy
friend's house, but I did not mind a
wetting; ' so 'started 4 with Rover, my
pointer, whb frisked about'in as exhilarated-
a state as his master. Soon I
gained Baddon Fell, the highest 'point
in (ho district, and turned to look' on
tbQ tall chimneys and smoky' pall of
Bradford. Thence' my cburse;lay over
hill and valley, . succeeding one another
in gentle . acclivities. Neither grouse,
which were very wild, nor woodcock,
fell to my erun. At noon I rested, and
ato a couple of biscuits, by way of lunch.
Then on again ; and on rising a slope, 1
beheld a small scrub of brambles, spruce
firs, and larch,-with a holy or two inter
mingled, surrounded by a dilapidated
fence. It was about a hundred yards
across, ana none of the trees were mpre
than ten feet high ; but it was in a shel
tered spot, and was just the place in
which a woodcock would rest a short
time after its flight. Rover divined my
intention, and pushed on a few yards
before me. No one was in sight. A
few sheep dotted the face of the oppo
site hill. Rain had begun to fall, and
the whole landscape was cheerless to
degree. I climbed the slight fence, and
followed Rover into the brushwood.
dozen steps, and I suddenly felt myself
slip forward. I "caught the stem of
larch,' i and, to my horror, glided down
with a crashing of sticks and a howl from
the terrified dog glided down as it
raighjt be for a moment or two, through
v ' imsir ana brafco
oij uu. After f this , disappointment. I once
- r
A Jow moan. of Dain at my side now i more beiran td despair; and yet, deter
ma le me start; Jbut on calling to Rover, mining not to give in without another
I found it proceeded from him. He had great struggle, I went on, blindly hop-
fallen with me,,but. less fortunate as I ing to light upon some clew which might
lound on BCrambling to where tne moans perchance leaa me to a wonting stiu
proceeded from had broken his back in actively , prosecuted; f fori 13 knew that
the descent. It was piteous to feel the much of the-district underlying the hills
poor ahimaV licking-my 'hand, and to
know that he was powerless to drag him-
self ajrard. TEyenln Ihe upper-world
there would have been no cure for him,
and sorry asI was to lose his companion
ship In the utter 'darkness whidi envel-,
oped me, I knew it was more humane to
put an end p his sufferings. . There was
agony hi 'the thought, but what conjd be
done ? Immediately, the faithful crea
ture was no more, and now I was left ab
solutely without a friend Itt' the 'bowels
of the earth. I in a measure encouraged
myself, however, by thinking that after
dinner had waited an hour, Mrs. Willis
would probably beooma alarmed, and send
out to scour the neighborhood. But who
would dream of looking for me in a de-
were insuitea ana maitreatea; ana tne
ladies dared not venture into the
street, from fear of being subjected to
like indignities;' Their rapacity was un
limited, and their conduct, when they
were on any military expedition, equaled
in horrors everything the old ' historians
have recorded. . Wholesale butcheries,
the execution of innocent persons, nd
the plundering and burning of houses,
were r not the ; worst , of their crimes.
Their treatment of women, and that,
hope to the lastr All at onoe, I fell over too, in the presence of their friends and
found it was an iron chair yet in gitu. I nished facts, would , not be believed.
Thnntrh th Tails and transoms had Vm Their name will be forever held in exe-
removed, here was a discovery (though, I cration in Mexico, and their recent dis
T nnM Tint hnild too mnoh on it which comforture by the Oermans has, l am
serted coal pit ? and who could track my a frequented pari of Ihe pit. The most
steps over the barren moors, to the point intense listening disclosed no sound. It
"where - the earth subsided: under me t was quite possible, I thought, if I pur-
And then once more hope awoke strong sued this track, that it might bring .me
kindled hope, and I felt in front of it
till I kicked another, and then another;'
These sucdessivbi chairs showed that I
was on a track, at all events, along which"
I could hasten without constant fear! of
running against the walls of the pit, and
which, so long as I was careful to keep.
touching these chairs, might lead me to
sure, rejoiced ever true Mexican heart.
liazame earned nimseii in Mexico as
though he were the emperor , and Maxi
tnillian only his under-strapper. Every
body trembled before him, and even
the. - French despised as well as. feared
hinar-et least every man of them did who
possessed a spark pi honor. . . ; '
; His brutality, arrogance, - and cruelty
re well i known-to the world;! not so,
liowever, his : treason and intrigues
against -Maximillian, whom he wished .to
8mm the (VHeiu Result the
. Work ofthek 8wrgit. ,
The power of the lower forms of ani
mal life to withstand mutHatioD.' sayt
the Scientific American, ia well knows.
Cut an angle worm in two, and the tail
end, will reproduce the head and the hed
a tail. Other worms may be cut into
many pieces ana eacn xragmenK wui
straightway develop . a complete worm."
A polyp will endure decapitation a score
of times, a new head growing on every
time. In like manner, the stomach of
one of these creatures is capable . of de
veloping all the other parts. , Still lower
in the scale, the normal method, of mul
tiplication is by division, and elementary
cells of more highly differentiated or
ganisms seem to retain more or less of
the primitive character. By virtue of
this inheritance, spiders reproduce their
lost limbs and crabs their claws. In the
higher forms of life, the power dimin
ishes so far as complex organs are in
Tolved; still it is retained to a-much
greater degree than is commonly sup
posed I j
Pull out hair or a finger nail, and it
will grow again. 'Removes portion o
the skin and it will be . renewed, unless
the wound is . too broad or the life o!
the surrounding parts too feeble. Even
then it .is possible to transplant .to the
denuded, surface minute particles o
o y.W , . .- "-. iw,. 1 .Vin vnm -vtVioy narta n.f
and irrepressible within" me. ...ii to a level entrance into the pit. I must compel to abdicate, because , that better, T 7 ,
I 1 - 11 ' t J cmit-aA h tut in f V.nAlsnn III I Un I Jiv -" w.v..w
Being greatly exhausted, r I could ho I nwfW
onger resist sleep, and when I woke and
then,' with- an awful
plunge, wo all disappeared into dark
ness, while, bushes and earth rattled over
mo for another Afew 'seconds. To this
succeeded a crash and a stunning blow,
1 nnd I kiiew no more" ' t p
" .After what seemed' an age, I came to
'myself, cak and Bprely numbed; every
limb achiiig, and my Iiead splitting with
agony but without any , broken, bones,
as L discovered when able to stand up
again. The faot omy having slid down
on the mass of debris had providentially
saved my 'life, but (the xrisentangling
. myself from the bushes and briers which
, had almost smothered rne, tookof, itself
somo little time. Slowly recollection re
turned with the flow of blood in its old
I e '
channels, and after having .-been frozen,
as it wero, by the shock. It was pitch
I dark, Tond awful , silence reigned around.
High up, I could discern a patch of gray
sky, but itj was evidently j the- hour oi
' V n llJilt, unu nuuu xv, w luucuvuh i a
length, I gathei-edU my, senses, and thV
'convicriou'ther floshe"d Vpon that J
had fallen down the shaft of a disused
.such an out-of-the-way valley over the
Weakillsiaes; hh "rescue1 extreme
" ' V nnprobarilo. WillisV Vnotm-
, , foo a w clays 'agO and liad told iap that
. . .scrub and brushwood were usually , plant-
a ! ed ovtr tho sicrht of them ; or some roufjh
Jlank and hurdles loosely thrown over.
struck a fuse, I "found it was again six
o'clock;, six a. m., I supposed, of th day
after my accident. Shortly after, the
watch stopped, and I-was far thV future
obliged to guess at the lapse of time, ; as
the watch key had been, left on my dress
ing table at home.
Energy returned after my slumber,
and, together with' a burning thirst,
drove me to leave the mouth" of the pit,
and search for water. I left my gun and
pocketbobk DetiindIffe, having first
scrawled a few words on a page of it, in
case rescuers should descend in my ab
sence. . I walked on boldly, from the
mouth where higli above, the,, circular
patch of sky was once more i appearing
with dawn, and affording me aj ; ray of
hope; . When fairly in the darkness, I
stopped to listen, and. the silence was
awful. . Again I pressed on through
what seemed light sand, but which I well
knew was dry coal dust, which invaria
bly carpets a pit, and extends up to the
ankles of any one walking in it. At
length v I heard the pleasant sound of
water trickling down, and immediately I
was on the edge of a rill, at which I had
a delicious and refreshing draught. I
lay for some time by the rill, and left it
invigorated, and1 once "more," strange to
say, hopeful. I .
How to find my way back wa$ no my
difficulty. Hunger admits of no parley
ing, and ,1 .was now resolved to appease
my appetite on what had before seemed
so revolting, the flesh, of ; poor Rover.
Staggering back to the spot where he
lay, th re was a hurrhjd rush past me of
ari army of small 'ardmals. The truth
flashed upon me. Poor Rover's body
was being gnawed to pieces . and ; de
voured by rats. . - ' !
f i !
Strength of mind almost again forsook
me. These frightful creatures, I thought,
were waiting in , the gloom . to pick my
bones as well. Though this were a dis
used working, the presence of rats, I felt
assured, pointed ont that there were
worked portions of the mine at no great
distanced If they, did not, .muster up
courage enough to " overwhelm 1 me by
numbers, I miarhtyet be saved. Now I
my monotonous task, of kicking .these
iron chairs, which recrularly succeeded
each other at intervals of four yards,
till, to my great joy, I reached a rail
fixed on the chairs; and a few yards fur
ther, finding the rail continuous, I began
to feel 'certain thatjl was n'theTright
mode of escape. Taking the last
draught of water which remained, I
made a mental vow not to lie down, j for
I felt I should never rise again if I didl
Fortunately the "end was at hand, i :;
Was I dreaming, or oat of the body in
Hades? Did a dull -knocking strike
upon my ears, or was it the labored thud
of my heart's slow beating that I heard ?
I shook off fancies for a moment, and
realized as I stood there, leaning against
the wall, that repeated blows, smothered
v. , 1 " i i --l. . .
Dy xusiance, were,oeing struca peiore me.
The knocking continued; two or three
blows being given, and then a momentary
halt. I recognized the sound of colliers'
picks, and thankfully strove to penetrate
to them, butmy. knees would no longer
support' me; I staggered on, and fell
prostrate. ' Still, it seemed so awful a
death to die within reach of succor, that
I shouted as loud as I could, and was en
tranced when the knocking ceased, as
thouglj the colliers were listening. The
revulsion of ! hope-was too much iny
faculties all becama dim and hazy; I
fired off in succession the two barrels of
my gun. ; k
My "next recollection is that of a knot
ef colliers, in semi-nudity, who had just
suited, the policy of . Napoleon HI.' ; He
even furnished the Liberate' with muni
tions, and surrendered to them cities;
yes; her even went so far as to offer to
surrender the capital to Torflrio Diaz,
which' ignominious proposition "was re
fused. ' Porfirio Diaz, who is a man " of
honor and incapable of telling a' false
hood, told Prince Salm-Salm this him-
Self.' -.' " 1 r .n ' '
I have said that Baza ine was low and
avaricious. To justify this1 accusation I
have only to cite what, was well known
to everybody in Mexico.. There was
nothing he would not stoop to to enrich
himself. Among other things, he had
in the name of others, of course two
stores in the city, the one a grocery, the
other a draper house, in which were sold
French stuffs aim ost exclusively. - In
this manner he grew rich very rapidly,
for he found means to avoid paying any
transportation or duty.
In order to account for his rapidly
increasing wealth, or rather to conceal
the means by which it was' acquired, he
gave out that the Mexican lady whom he
married was very rich. This was en
tirely false; the girl he married, and
who is now his wife, was poor.
Jtnetlrml IIntj
The strongest aids of a piece cf timber
is that which in its rut oral position faced
the north., . .... ;t - ;-
iToremare the rUina on poons caused
by naing thera for boiled eggi, rub with
common salt.
. Oak timber loses about one-fifth of its
weight in lessoning, and about one-third
of its weight in becoming- perfectly dry.
. .Tp-dinnfect, moldy 'caAkVf'flrst wah
for 'about fire Vmrrulea with an alkaline
solution of soda, and then aoak for one
or two days with a . liquor addulsted
whydrochlorio acid.-; , :.
A.woond made by f keif e r other
sharp instrument is -- best healed by
bringing ths edges .tORvthfr sd putting
on a bandage which will not exclude the
air. . Nature will work the cure, if the
person be healthy, much better than any
salve or ointment. " '
An ox will consume two per bent, of
his weight of -bay per: day1 o J inainU la
his condition. -If ptittd modswte labor,
aa increase of this quantity to three per
cent, will enable .him, to perform his
work and still maintain his flesh. If he
to be fatted, ho require about four
Frtfh Cheimtwt Pweeeed tm T ru
in m Ctfm tmtm Silh, nn4 then
Mwmierfumlv llmymr9 . ' .
A few weeks ago there arrived in New
York city from New Orleans, the World
ssys, a dapper little Frenchman named
Paul Msgner. He had l-n a practicing
chemiMt in New OrUans, and claimed to
be the discoverer of a wonderful process
by which, flax or cot tod fiber could be
converted into silk, or into a texture so
nearly like silk as to defy all ordinary
inspection and tents. The results of this
process of which the Frenchman alone
had the secret had already been ex
hibited bv sample to a limited circle of
. ...... .
manufacturers and experts at the boulh..
So thorough and deceptive was the
change which it accomplished, that the
majority of such persons ceroid, only im
agine a fraud. They smiled, with In
credulity at the assumption thai the
specimens submitted to them by the
Frenchman were ' other ' than genuine
silk, which, they insisted, he .must have
substituted adroitly for the fUx and cot
ton yarns that he professed' to have
transformed. "But Paul Magner was a
cnemist ox some rrpuiuuu. ' uo mmhhhi . - - . , . . , . . ,.n.
that he' had devoted lopg,. ItientM of U. Veight daily
ii.. ..riT,; in nutntioos food. t-
U1UUUXV W Uio eaAi ssaj mm v. mv . v
fibers. In the cocoon of the Rilkworm
he had identified certain elements which
were wanting in the fibers of the fiaxaod
cotton plants. These" elements, chemi
cally obtained, he claimed -.ta be able to
apply to the latter products in such man
ner that they should be . converted into
an article which must be regarded as
ilk in all that the name Implies. Parcels
crest care of the bValOi
cannot be exercised." r Because a
in a snort
epidermic islands will extend
their borders until the wound is covered
and the sore heals with scarcely a scar.
In like manner a severed finger may .be
made to 'grow -together again, and an
amputated nose built up in form with
live flesh, from the cheek, . .
In such cases muscular fibers as well
as Klein are restored or reunited bv inter- laboratorr , bv the - dozen, and within
" . . . -
nal growth. " TW may be observed also I fifty, minutes he bad returned corre
where a deep out is healed. It has been sponding ones of lustrous silk I 'The 1st-
at this
tew days are open, .bright and warm, all
the windows in the house should not le
thrown open, the fires put out, or flan
nels thrown aside, Tt is better to err on
the safe side, and eii dure the trifling dis
comfort; than, by free exposure, to in
vite pnenmonia and other dUesees com-
of cotton and flax yarns, -accurately I mon' during tne damp wcaiaer pi a im
weighed, distincuveiymarasdanu ower-1 spring.
, wise identified, had been passed, iato .his j
found, too, that the .muscular tissues
which perform involuntary motions in
the interior of the body possess the same
power ef self-restoration. .It is tins re
cuperative faculty which enables the
cattle of Abyssinia to supply their bar
barous owners with steaks without losing
their lives. The hungry savage throws
his ox upon the ground, makes a cross
cut in the skin of the flank, lifts the
skin and cuts out a chunk of beef for his
terliad even been 'analyzed by expert
chemist' and 'certified not to be real
ailk, but to be : veritable cotton and Jyix
yarns aforesaid. ... .... .
Magner made arrangements with" a
silk house at PaUrson, N. J. A quantity
of chemicals, prepared for the transmu
tation of cotton, flax, etc, into ailk, was
soon in readiness. A small parcel of
flay yarn was operated on; woven into
ribbon by the machinery; came ut as
' t ; A Defaulter' Gold,
Ten years ago Charles Windsor was
cashier of the Mercantile Bank, New
York. He became a defaulter to that
institution to the amount of , $160,000,
and fled to Europe, where, it is believed,
he still remains. Previous to . his defal-
dinner, replaces the skin,' and drives on j glossy as the purest silk. All concerned
were in ecstaaes. " There s millions in
it" was the unanimous cry. and it was
thereupon .baptized, and it was to be
known in commerce by the name oi
tolcne. : ''
But now comes a most singular story
from Paterson. Suddenly the French
man disappeared. The friends of Mag
ner could not account for his absence.
The proprietor of the factory, still main
tains perfect faith in the Frenchman's
process, aud tho integrity of the man
himself. He thinks that the latter was
left , their .workings; -and oome through cation and flight he lived at Factoryville,
tnejoratuce wnjcu. oiviaeg ineir portion
of the pit 'from the disused partj and
were standing round with their safety
lamps. They had fled, they afterwards
told me, at first, thinking an explosion
had r taken place in the abandoned
workings;! , was , longbefore the
butty" could persuade "any of them
to follow him. But when they once saw
owning and occupying premises now the
property of Mr. Albert BodineJ and
which, for.( eonsiderable pf, the inter
vening - time ' have been - unoccupied.
Recently Mr. Bodine.made arrange
ments to have the place put in order far
a tenant, and while three men were at
work clearing out a . cesspool they '; came
upon a large amount of gold coin, vari
ously stated at from $20,000 ,tp $30,000,
reioicincr. trust in a: to internal growth to
restore the mutilated part to health and
InjBvery wound of the skin or muscle,
nerves are severed. The restoration of
the functions of feeling, and motion,
with the progressive healing of "the
wound, shows that the nerves are like
wise capable of reparation. The renewal
of nerve connection has been watched
in cases where, as is sometimes neces
sary, a section of a large nerve has been
cut out. In a couple of months after
the nerve is cut, a gray lump appears on
one extremity' of the severed nerve.
Growth proceeds towards the opposite
nerve end until a new connection is
made, at -first more slender than the
original; but by degrees the nerve ele
ments increase .in' size and' whiteness,
until, in from four to six - months,- the
nervous cord is fully : restored. The
process, it is said, goes, on, even when
two inches of nerve has been excised. 1 -
The 8tveple
It is singular, says the Dmbury Xctci,
the influence a stovepipe has, upon r
cnarried. man. There is. nothing in this
world he respects so much. ' A pawing
load of farui.uro may. in its general sp- so grotesque as to rail forth
the merriment of tne thoughtless young,
but if there is a piece of stovepipe in it
no lanrcr a hat, he will not laugh.
We don't care who the man U, how he
has been brought up, what Is This posi
tion, wealth or influence, there is that
about a length of stovepipe which takes
hold upon his Very soul with a force that
he is helpless to resist. And, the mar
ried who can stand within reaching
distance of a stovepipe without feeling
his heart throb, his hands clinch, his
hair raise, and his throat grow dry and
husky, is aa anomaly which .does not
exist. . Stovepipe has only, one in
gredient, and that is contrarineM. It is
the most perverse article ia exUtenoe.
It has done more to create heartache,
embitter lives, break tip homes, and
scrape off skin, than all other domestic
articles tocether. The other domentio
-V i i f -rrrv. 1 screwdriver pales its ineffectual fires ia
iha niwwnmi oi m BWJvriniT-. uu
, . . .
came entirely crazy, and fled to Europe
to escape imaginary evils."0 Ajbox of
ribbons, woven from common flax yarn,
but brilliant as from the looms of .Lyons,
at his office to testify to what
might have been.
About a Diamond., j
presence ox a
family hammer just paws ia ine aust
and weeps. We don't care bow much
pains are taken to remember and keep
in order, the links, they will not come
together, as. they came, apart. This is
not joke, this is not exaggeration; it is
Kimnlv the solemn, heaven-born truth.
If we appear unduly excited la this mat
my deplorable condition, agonized, with
huncrerand thirst, crimv from head to which is doubtless rart of thd S1G0.000 subject to the same laws. The cartila
foot with coal dust, thin and cadaverous taken by Windsor from the bank and I ginous tissue of dogs and rabbits wss
witha$xiety,"'nor sisters of charity xuld 1 placed "by; hiai in the cesspool for safe- j divided, and at the end of two months
-nave oeen more xeiiuer in uieix mmiBira; j aeepmg. ujn.ii. sucn ume as jie migni
took up my gun as a. protection, and re- a -wagon, and drawn by one of the
solving to give up. what" I had previously pit horses to the pit-head.
regarded as a . treasure , of r inestimable
value; the rill of runningrwater, prepared
to strike boldly into an opposite . work-
inga Uke-lmychancei 'My flask was
might sup-
days, if the
the yawning mouth of tho ;v. Aast
List ctutioM8 h'al heeu Uirown. away ! Ul
" St .-iking a light with a f ase! I fouid
ing,"ana tate my cnanco. my m
tijh 'pt onct ' with iff I rAig
port life ' f orT couple 1 of ; days.
tions. Warm tea and bread in spare
morsels were given me; and then I was
raised, and carried to the working, put
Never shall
I forget the delight of beiijg. brought up
to " bank," and once more feeling the identify it.
blessed air of heaven blow on my ' hag
gard cheeks. And if any day my resolu
tion not to shoot again on a Yorkshire
moor were in danger of being shaken by
hive the opportunity . to secure it. . The.
matter was kept quiet - until the bank
officers were informed of the discovery,
and have,' it is understood, made arrage-ments-to
claim the gold, although there
some doubt about tneir abuitT to
nightly dreams would soon force fnetp
abide by my vow.
inking a light '
. - .it was nix o'elockt so that I must have
,. : been ciaconscicras foroxne.htrar8.-it X b
'gin te-" moyo' nftouVfor; though mjaeh
1 '6rmrpsseif witri th hbrrdr; of : mr'situa-
tion, I wanted to circulate my blood, and -aloned.workmgfrom;the main
v ,: sevueu st pnoo tnap it was no use 10 give
in and lie on the heap which had fallen
wst etiwiorsl,! 'gtened 1 itah1e invitations of Willik, my
my waisf panJr-f a , piaui: w . pp
cravings Of hunger rwhich :I had lesrned
fsls6 frdsr thepRedj Iadiahs-ahdidrpping
a finger oFmyC kid 'glove in the'flask, by
dint of chewing iv, riladV'a sorry meal,
batet tone ."that greatly relieved my
pangs, ana openea uiesauvarv guyius w
my wonderful refreshments My new track
Trtrt . tn a fl.Tor of vnrv tiupvpti nntriTt.
and "ve ,waiciu' 'he roof couldibe felt, vet coat nmtched weU. -
iW u fnr. Supposed to be," was the answer.
ht w v w-v.. a f w w A .
hsnken working . than! a. -thoroughfare, so h And yu owtorbeu ma peace I in
L'tAunV nt MTtriri-kfi'frt rtn Ma Cothex Vords, you galloped into a saloon,
- - r. . i - ' . . ;
side, where the roof ain'rose,"cChis I knocked a man down, Kicaea over ine
supposea w do uie passage icaoing w
Hint a to Economist.
:. Old ingrain carpeting, carefully washed
and dried, .can be put to many uses.
From he ' larger pieces pretty rags' may
TLa old Princess DcmidorCT tted to
fur 'it. .but we cannot
a i.'l ' T 1.-,1 I V" 1 ' I a Tt-. srn'U nnrTt tlaiv sttlll
. . - m i ine iiiiv ana wwnn r -vx i is sister iiiihi isviaaa suiu l nss ti ilj aw m iiiuus w mi m . .
S -n to .visit Ivre, and Ject staUwiutfeethebW tingle
to be incapable of renovation, ; was -also taking off her shawl, becaus I the gallery at;our very fgers .ends. ,
fi,. TTTrl nf fr. Elisa Ford, a lady
VT.. . T.1 neW between fire sad six bun-
astound 'to be completely ' stored. MV rxrands, took pW' (he 'other dsy
irailarly th tendons by which' muscles ?e ? WJ?i " lieVJ , la Ih2adhU. Her
are' attached to bones are able to reunite .? "".TT TLlZ fcSrv ha. been very pacriiaT. Seven-
when severed or torn out: a fortunate ww r T " lt i Thanksririntr dsy
piece of glass. . Ua geiung mio per car- j - " Tv' .
riage the princess asked for jhW shawL Ford, who then ret Ixrbr.
burforgotW inquTfore diamond; was engaged in rnS .
and drove off. , The next W. she sent guests wto had J'
around to Janln for.her precious stone, jooa .with her.. Buddly J.
but no diamond was to he found. . The lr nns dropped to Her stl, and from
!l !, nnfl the wash tint time lo the preaent ah has beea
circumstance for s prominent clergyman
of this city. . whoso tendo achittii was
suddenly snapped while walking along
the street one day last winter, thus
making his foot , temporarily, useless.
Thanks, however, to iha gradual reunion
of the tendon, the crippled limb will in
time bo be restored to usefulness. . .
Still more remarkable is the reeto ra
te ade,rand the smaller pieces can be rf Win in nbnomll rnontlona bv the
caaen u cover Doxes. a. long pox
sndwithit IheSancy. Offwnl Janin
in tVepidatioa' to the domicile of his
washerwoman. : In onlef to avoid sa?pi-.
dorChe askea her quietly - if she hai
lil Reference. j "
"Your name is Jack Leonard, is it"
asked his honor, of the Detroit police-
court, as he looked down upon a young
man whose short hair, black eye and vei-
tion of bonesj and even the development
tol Z!J-rJ: fVB" -fm- ly found any thin gin the pocket of his vest,
hold woodsy ;the kienVraftting-rbom kembrahe sarrouudin bony structures ' No," ud she. Qcute sare asked
frre;r.tto Vfi and the principal agent in elaborating h;&xn, rcoming lividly pale. 'Ah!
ia usedr-are comfortable aeata, and really n-- Formerly, in "case of a badly yes, I did, by . the way; -a btg piece of
ornsmenKu waea , wiereu . wna wptv, khattered or diseased bone, the amputa- I e1 i "lv,
" with mo, till death came by 'inches.
! Terhaps, if I tired a shot, it might at
t tract notice, and enable ine at the same
. ..time to sec, for a moment where I was.
Accordingly, I took ami ia. the direction
0 J. . I conceived the shaft was, and drew the
- 'trigger. I shall uever forget the result.
For an instant the vast caverns that
seemed to yawn on every side around
1 : "nie were lit up, and I could catch a
'cUmpso of huge buttresses reaching up
on high, like the arms 'of Atlas.. The
. r.viC T .nnLl nnf Rfifl. owinff tO'the mO-
was appalling. The explosion echoed
4 and reqehoed round the dark vault, and
' ' then fled away in muttering tiiunders
into the unknown, darkness, seeming to
' be caught up, "and buffeted between the
buttresses, and, for 'several moments
after these repercussions of Round had
andusty jftoor, rh"ereackemcthing
which sounded metallic, and picketl up
what I rnadf out by feeling to be ajold
safety lamp. The padlock was still on
its side, and the ring at the top was not
eaten away or rendered less easy in its
plyll)yirust5i: Clearly, the pit had net
been many yeais abandoned. And then
brilliant " thotfght BtrucJt me. w un
hands-, trembling from excitement, I
opened my pocket-knife," and forced off
the 'littles padlock - with some' little
trouble; ' The 1 1 urew out my fuse-box,
scarcely daring to allow to myself that
there' might be sufficient oil left in the
stove, hit a man from Sandusky on the
ear with Ttarnhler andjbeld aSosh hand
fOfKerime4Anf r .O A :JL '.
' I have references as to my respecta
bility," replied the prisoner. !
Nate them." ; f .,,
V " WeU," there's v Chicago'' Bob, the
Cleveland Infant, the Toledo Masher,
Buffalo Giant, Cincinnati Joe, and
ing. v xiia 1 na ox - snca a dock aaouio, ne
enshioned by placing upon it a layer of
hay -or straw, and then alajer of cotton
batting, and tacking tightly over this a
covering of" old drilling or stout cloth,
before -hearpeting is tacked upon ' it.
Smaller boxes are very convenient for
holding' the slippers and rubbers of the
family, and serve, jalso, as ottomans or
small seats. .Others of the same descrip
tioni lined with old calico, are nice re-
ceptacies for the sewing or mending of
the household. If neatly cushioned and
covered, these are handsome additions to
the furniture of a roorair A shoe box is a
very good size to cover for "holding
wodd. 'Soap, starch and salt boxes will
t ion of the limb was the only . resource.
Now the skillful sareeon excavates the
damaged parts; and in a few months the
,lirab, which has never lost its form, re
pairs its losses, and regains its .strength
.Attempts iisve also been made, to, graft
healthy bones in place Qi diseased, ones,
but they have fallen short of perfect
success. - .
1 , 1 i "
- A Tcssua--Two aational- banks, one
waa At . . A 1 . . TP
ia . iiiinois,- ana me ouier xa Asnwns,
he is
plsy ing with it- in the yard,, and Janla
rushed out to recover jthe gera
brilliant colors of . which wcr? delighting
a batch of dirty urchins, who wVre even
' A man who is recommended by suck a serve for ottomans; all the expense will
list .of distinguisned genuemen is en
titled to the best I can do, and I fine
voa twenty dollars or make it three
lfnx the.tackaandlungee, and. for the
smaller boxes, stout leather may take the
place of hinges to hang the lid. Cheese
boxes, OT. anyjmall loir .-box, cushioaed
as" mentioned above, and "covered with
'That's what I said, and if. you leok carpeting, make ptetty hassocks or foot-
up at me that way again 111 have ttrjah j stools. - -
mentariness of the flash, but the noisellawftnit of my obtaining a light, if
it was but for a short time. There
but'one fuse left. '-' All my hopes, almost
my existence, seemed, centered on it
At length 1 plucked up courage enough
to '? try to strike it. n It, fizzed for a mo
ment, and then went ' irrecoverably out,
comb your hair with a hanging basket.
Go ia and sit down on the saw-horse and
repent of the. error of your ways.'
A lawyer ia, Corinne, Utah, advertises
in a Chicago paper as follows : Divorces
ypbtainadm forty-fivelsys ; no pubUa
i-'-Ufrw in Mnm - !ial everywhere,
Smce ice has'dssWesred f roui Mjt-Mcffve in advance rgal everywhere.
flreat South bav. L. L. it is found that residetfceTla Utah, not required. , An ex-
about halt:theoystirs left on the beds tremely liberal divorce lawv Jncmpab
. , u A ntinr the winter are dead. 1 buit V SUSde&t cause, ICXmS mOOeraU.
flgpiTigji mj mycuumwiM nw ub imwimwi o -
claimed the same lot of cattlea herd of
seven hundred head.. The directors of
the Illinois bank proceeded to the
prairies where the herd still roamed.
took possession of the property, built
fortification, and intrenched their force.
The directors of the Kansas bank, head
ed by their president, sallied forth from
the board room, charged the works,
routed the opposition, and secured the
spoils. ' Several shots were fired, but no
one was seriously injured.
It may be interesting to know that the
people of this country consumed last
year 1,636,335 pounds of arsenic, 783,
737 pounds of -camphor, 116,053 pounds
of jalap, 2o,201 pounds of ipecac, 237,213
pounds, of rux vomica, and $333,333
worth of vaccine virusail of which was
imported; "
powerless.: 'She then took to her bed,
nd has; remained there until he died,
requiring as much attention snd care as
aa infant.? To maieratters i Vorse, she
began to Wcotae exceedingly wteut, and
ter weight Irjcreased ttniil bet arms snd
xtreraitiee Iwsre said .to be, double the
size of those f an ordinary person ia
good health,, Ehe. weighed at lea five
hundred pounds, and requireu xour
cien to llTt her from her bed. With ex
treme aifleulty ihsoorpae was iTonght
down stairs and. laid out ia ce meaa
nrinir thirty-six inch scros. There
r"-,PIw.W- rr r Mmorts suCdenUy strong to
the jewel into a tnousana sparaung xrag-r f . . rrrcin lhm
m'nU- k'" i r . - bear ua weijht, it was laid cpoo Uie
The Ptmrn-m of Buffalo Cnmtti
A letter from Mempius. Tena. asyf :
Complaints are rxmrinjr iafrora all the
surrounding, counties of Ihe fearful de-1
struction of horses and mutes cry uunalo
gnats. Many small planters, especially
colored ones, are ruined by having their
only horses or mules killed, sad being
unable to replace tnera at a tune wnea
they are so badly needed. The Ledger
publishes a letter from a planter near
Macon, Fsyeue county, which says :
Not tens than two hundred horse and
mules have died daring the past three
days withia ten miles of this place. I
went down to my farm yesterday, diitrnt
six miles, and counted thirty-eevea dead
on the' way. I have lost four on my
farm; and Dr. Hunter five on bis, while
some planters have lost as high as thirty
head. It looks like starvation to a people
without money. Borne of the farmers
will be compelled to turn out part' of the
crop planted, as they have no caooey lo
rtplaot tl stock
fWr nd al tLo f unertl lae case
placed sideways orrroCerl, and taken out
through the. front-door. .... . u
irmskimm Xot token Mm.
hlgooloU minUter cf'a'New Eng
land Baptist church was- agreeably
surprised by the inteliigeaee from one of
his flock, that five individual had ex
pressed a desire on the next- S&nday to
have the baptismal rite pexioroeu upon
themselves. After its performance, now-
ever,-he was somewhat chagrined that
only cao of the five Joined the society of
which he was pastor.'
v a few Sundays after the' same worthy
elder waited on him with the intelli
gence tht ten mora desired immersion.
. And how many of Jthera will join the
society V, queried the tainUter.
Two I regret to aay, ars'' a?l we can
depend on, was the eLlerVreply.
Very well,'' ; said the fcobd old man,
you may as wH fcorritha other eight
that this chsrah doesal take ia waah-

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