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    Franklin Courier
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i Geo. 8. Baker,
Feidat .. June, 11 1875.
Col William t. Green; the gentleman
to whom the Convention in this place
on Saturday last coqfided the duty of
carrying our banner to victory in the
Campaign thin summer, noods no In
troduction to the poopleuf the Umnty
.f VninVlin at our hands. e I
known to them, well and favorably.
In every contest that has been made by
the friends, of purity and hooesty In
the management of the government,
and of tho lovers of Constitutional
liberty, against the opponents of these
elements in our government," he has
been heard advocating the claims of the
cauo so dear to our jcnpie, and carry
ing ,the war into the camps of the
enemy with an ability that has always
made him a favorite with the Citiaens
of the County of Franklin. Always
on the side of bis popple, he needed
hut to know his doty to perform it with
alacrity and teal. When we say that
he is one of the best Informed men as
well as one othe m at effective speak
ers on the hustings In this part of the
Btate we but utter what is in the minds
of all who know him, and vho have
heard him so often, when pouring grape
and cannister . Into tho ranks of the
enemies of honest government, ..
Our county should be proud of the
honor of sending one to the illustrious
body that the Convention bids fair to
be, that will reflect so much credit up
on hia Constituency, and give the
County character, as will be the case,
when Wm. F. Groen enrolls hii name
as a member of that body, and assumes
the duties incumbent upon him as such.
It is the duty, now of every man
who loves hia country, and who has
the local pride about bun that every
citiien of tho County of Franklin
should feel, to lay aside all other mafr
ten for a short whiles and devote their
time, their energies aud their moans to
V i 1 3.
mat nas Dorno u aown so long, ana w
plant our gallant little couuty firmly on
the Bide of the mends of Constitutional
liberty, 8o that the fruits of the vic
tory of last summer may soon be gather
ed. Let us all go to work and con
tinue to do so until he shall be triumph
antly elected. We raise bis name at
the head of our paper.
The Democratic Conservative Con.
vention which was held last Saturday
was largely attended, and it was indeed
gratifiying to soe the perfect harmony
and good feeling that prevailed. A. C.
Perry was called to preside over the
Convention, and it Uidreoly look like a
start bad been mad to get back to the
good old days of good government, to
see this venerable old gentleman, who
had filled the seat so often in other
and. better days, presiding, Kvery
township in the County was largely
represented, and the delegates after
retiring for a few minutes, returned
having unanimously agreed that Col.
W. F. Qreen was the man to carry the
Democratic banner through the cam
paign, Col. Green responded to the
call of the Convention, and stated that
he had not sought the nomination, but
now that ha had been nominated he did
not shun the responsibility and work
imposed upon him by the party, he
spoke for about three quarters of an
hour, touching the several points that
would be brought to the sonslderation
of the convention.
Messrs. Davis, Mitchell and Thomas
were all called ; upon : and responded ia
abort, speeches. The KUowing resolu
tion was offered by T.;7. Mitchell and
was adopted without a desentlng voice
Ilesolved, that' w reoognixe in the
Franklin Couvier a scaloua and vigi
lant scnUbd ou , tho watch-tower of
good honest and pure government, an
ardent supporter of the principals of
Constitutional liberty,, and cordially re
commend it to the support of the Demo
cratic Conserve t Ire rotors of Franklin
County. Tho Convention adjourned
an well pleased with the nomination.
and with a da termination to work for
the elcctiou of their nominee.
Aouou oxT ti&0 OomxnLsv
aionora tux SXoiulay
The Board of County Commksloners
at their session held on Monday last,
very properly rccnrtfldered their action
- taken pt Uieir,Vv ui Ting, in refir.
ence to the account of the Snperior
Court Clerk, for expenses of his office
The following order rw passed." "Or
dered that tbi two order Lamed to Pr.
IL H. Timberlake, f isy 3rd 1875. ope
for $93,54. and i one .for
rescinded, and that Dr. R, H. Timber-
lake bo notified to appear before Board
on the 1st Monday in July 1875.
For tw Couwee.
Mb. Kdxtob.- It is iot my pur
pose to write you a long letter, tut
simply to congratulate jou" on tbe
bold and able manner in which yon
have brought to light and exposed
through the columns of your most ex
cellent and valuable Dane, some of
the rascality tho4 stealing that has been
practiced upon our taxburdened peo
ple, by those in antbo ity. Tne peo
ple are with you. go ' on, don't atop,
sift the whole matter, and let the
eitixens of the eounty know who the
monudrcls are. that thev may be
there is oni matter, about which I
w juld like to inquire, it is in regard
to tbot County bonds which have been
changed. Posh not the Regie' er of
Deeds have charge of the ooflks, that
were tampered with? Are they pot in
his possession? Then is he not re
sponsible for any and all fraudulent
entries made in them? ; If ha is inno
cent, then who hut his deputy,' (if he
Las oue could have done it? IFho
but the RegUter or his deputy had
access to the books. $lr. Kditor these
are plain pointed questions, but pert!
nent and proper. I hope Mr. Editor,
that you will not relax your efforts in
tryipg to find out the guilty party or
parties in this dirty business, but that
you will soon be rewarded for your
labors by seeing them brought to jus
tice, wishing you and yonr alu-I
able paper, ( 6ich should be in every
household in the County) that success
which your efforts iq this matter de
serves.'"'"4 ' ! :
I subscribe' myself
Yours very truly,
Rooms or the Democratic Con
servative Cen'l Ex. Com.,
Raleigh, June 1st '75.
To the people of FqUi Carolina t
The General Assembly at its recent
session called a Convention of the peo-
I pie to meet at Raleigh on the Cts day
, . r.
suggesting sucu aiceranons in our or- I
I ganic law as may bv deemed wise and
expedient. I
necessity FOR change. I
Tbe necessity for changing many of
the provisions of the existioc Consti-
tution is generally admitted, and is
too apparent to require extended ar
gument. -It is tlma that some of our
prominent men at ene time opposed
the call for a convention : but tbeir
action waa passed on prudontial con
sideration, and not on an Indisposition
to have the Constitution s thoroughly
revised. They feared that our pur
pose in seeking to reform our Funda
mental Law, might be misconstrued
by the violent and. illinformed men
then controlling Congress, and tbe
prosperity of our people checked, and
the peace of the State jeopardized by
nie harsh and unconstitutional action
on the part of the lhitcd States au
thorities. That fear no louzer exist.
Wo now have every assurance that tbe
Constitution of the United States will
be obaerved by the ofSeers of the Gov
ernment, and feel a satisfaction in an
nouncing to you that the time has at
lart arrived when the officials at Wash
ington City concede that the people of
North Carolina have the same right to
manage their local concerns which the'
eitixens of other Statss ' eniov. Y
can proceed without apprehension to
perfect our Constitution and remodel
it in the interests of our people.
This Constitution, the eivature of
Military dictation, waa born in the
throes of a Military reconatrnction.
Its authors were mainly Seiolists and
adventurers, who had lived among us
without preferment, or pmarssed of
qualificiioAs entitling them to it; others
were our reoena slaves, who had known
no law save the will of tlir masters
and wthera still ware carpeUbaggera,
both black and wU to alieb in feeling
and Radical in education who s.ught
positions iera that were denied them
where known to dospoil and humili
ato us And when their work waa
submitted to; the people at the polls.
tbouMUU of our beat citibena were de
prived of the right of voting upon it.
and over, eighty thouKand ignorant
negruee were riven the ballot to secure
ita adoption.;. It is no exaggeration to
say that not one perseo in ten who
tot! for it could read the instrument,
and not one ia fifty had read it or waa
even moderately familiar with its pro
visions, aud many gave it their sup-
port believing it would be merely tem
porary, and to escape further agitation
and retention, it is natural there
fjretbat'a Constitution thus formed
and adopted should be found t-twuitee
to our ' condition, and thtt we should
embrace the earliest opportunity con-
tistent aith reason ana pruaeuce to
secure such changes as time and ex
perience have shown to be necesraiy.
Our organic law should be expresed
in lai.guage clear, simple and perspicu
ous, so that nethingmay be. left to in
ferenoe or construction; our rights, so
precisely defined as tola comprehen
ded by all men of ordinary intelligence;
and eauh department, of the govern
ment should b so restricted, that
while left free to discharge its appro-
pria t duties, it cannot by unwarran
eacnaehmenU embarrass the proper
action of others.
th ooysrrnmoH vbsvttej) to ouk
That the Constitution contains some
good provisions no one denies, it
rould be singular it it did not, but
its abominable characteristics were so
manifest that not a single Conservative
member of the Convention that passed
itcculd be induced to affix his signa
ture to it, aa a fit instrument to be
submitted to the people. Indeed its
provisions are so loocelj worded and
so badly arranged as to constitute but
a medley of inconsistencies tnat difics
the successful construction of the
court j in fact, to reconcile the difficul
ties arising from its practical workings,
the court has in some instances been
driven to supply omissions, and in
others to introduce a new principle,
hitherto unknown in the juridical his-
tory of State, distinguished aa "judi
cial legislation," an innovation anti-
republican in character and invasive of
the righta and duties of a separate
department. Its provislona are soob-
acurs that within the brief space of ita
existence many more decisions on con
stitutional questions have been deman
ded than In the entire previous history
of the State and of late we have
witnessed the extraordinary spectacle
of two sets of judges In both the 2nd
and 8th Judicial Districts, contending
for the same position, one ot which
claiming to bold by an appointment
from the Governor for a period of ten
years, an office that the Conaiitution
seems to say is to be filled by the peo
ple at the polls, and whose term is ex
pressed to be only eight years.
In many coonties, tbere is a practical
denial ol justice, tbe courts are inade
quate to the public demands, and thus
they are driven to resort to ep cial
term, which are expensive and un
satisfactory, and persona accused ot
criminal offenses are often confined for
montns wituout trial. . We reed a
m . a .
speeaier justice ana. a less i xpt naive
judiciary system. We should abolish
every useless office, which is n.w fi"!ed
by a mere consumet : lor onlv bv u
rigid and prudent economy in our pub
m -
lie as well aa private affairs, can we
n0P o restore tne ute to prosperity
it U believed that -the laws ' will be
more impartially administered by a
return to the old practice of a rotation
of the Judges.
It is alto hoped that a greater incen
tire U honesty and a purification of
the ballot box might result lrm de
privmg thoae who are convicted ot in
famous crimes of tbe elective franchise.
The matter of tbe Penitentiary which
already contains mote than six bun
bred able-bodied men, also demands
careful and practical attention, to re
move in some measure that burden
from our. -shoulders. Most of our
private legislation should be excluded
from the General 'Ascembly. How
ever, our limited space does not permit
us to catalogue the numerous delects
and imperfections of the prcstnt con
stitution or to enumerate the remedies
to be offered.
There should be some genera! ordi
nance adopted in relation to private
enactments, thereby reducing the ex
penses ot the Legialature, and in or
derto prevent bastv and incortsicder
ate legislation, that no new matters be
brought forward within- days of
their adjourning.
As to the specific changes that ought
to be made, these are to be conaidered
by the citixena of the varioua counties,
who should be careful to select as dele
gates those who will properly reflect
their wiahea. Mao ef - enlarged and
practical ; statesmanship, spotless in
tesritv, representatives of
all classes of aodety, and whose
positions among them will entitle .their
labors to confidence and support and
la their hands they certainly can more
safely confide their righta taaa in the
Convention of 1853.
i Of the two methods prescribed for
changing the Constitution, that by leg
ialative enactment la expensive, uncer
tain and dargrrour; the eeveral amend
menta recently submitted to and: rati
fied by tho people encountered the
greatest diQculiiea in tlxlr passas
and even aftr the will of the people
was declared In their favor by over
40,000 majority, aerioua appreheaaiona
were entertained as to whether they
were properly adopted; again, leglsla.
tors when possessed of qualifications
for such duties, 'are encumbered with
oBiawwua uaitoa,- aau cannot Diiog
thatatteatba to each provision pre-
seated for consideration, wiSjout meet.
ing such criticisms as may imperil I
their labors. I
The Convention method is speedy
and conomica', the body Is composed
only of tbe same number of members
aa comptlse the House of , Representa
tives ad tbetr minds are directed alone
to constitutional reforms and their
work may be completed and raified, if
necetfarT, ia six month. As to the
expenses that will be Incurred Jt la be. I to
litved tb-y will be more than defrayed
. ?K- .-r. .v.. In,
. I
M - "J 15 I
be inaugurated, ; I
The restrictions imposed' by- the
Leg-'s'ature, fatly and , amply secure the
Homettead, llfcch'anica lien. Rights o
married women, and Personal Liberty
and should quiet tbe fears of the most I
timid, for they are recn$olxl as of
binding efficacy and are ci.letly enjoyed
by tbe frieada of cons titutionai reform.
Indeed fhey were incorporated . ia tbe
bill maluly to remove partiaaa clamor
and anticipate unscrupulous agitation.
They are not the property of a mere
party, but had their origin in thj ne-
ceaaitiet oi civil u.a rociety ana were
found among the statutes of raiious
States prerioos tolbewar.
quALiricATioNS or dklxoatx.
It is useless, howevtr, to seek to qui
et the mere caviller; the keeu opMcsof
some persons defy all law. The mere
tact that the h-jnor ol the best men in
the State is pledged to their preserva
tion, should satity every reasonable vo
ter. This Convontion is called in pui
auance of lw, and each delegate be
fore ube shall be permitted to sit, to
be entitled to a seat in sid Oonventioa
or act aa a delegate . thereto, shall
awear to observe these Testrictlons,,
(see acta 1874-5). Should a part com
ply and part refuse to take this oath,
1 i
oniy inose wno ooey uie uw are mem
bers of the body, nor are we without
precedents; simlr oath was required
t the members of the Mrlsiricted Con
Yention" ot 1835, the tame
question I
was raised, and alter debate all tbe
memberstook the oath aod observed
tne resuictlons of high paity excite
ment. In that ditcussum the diatin
guished Judge Gatnn . nstd tbe fol
lowing lagusg: Tbe 8tare Legisl
ture had indeed no authority to impose
aa oath upon the member of the Con
vention, but the people had ratified
the act of the Legislature by choosing
delegates under It. It we transcend
the limits or refuse obedimce to the
conditions therein prescri!ed, we are
not ti.e CouYtsutioo called by tbe peo
ple, but a self constituted bod;" these
views were concurred in by Mcon, Ed
ward, Morehead, and others. , We
will dismiss this subjec', h wver by
calling attention to the able wot k ot
Judge Jamis o on 'Constitutional
Convention?," where by argument and
tbe ca? ci eil by h ui in elation to
this mat er, he demonstrated that Con-'
vention? uro Ion ad to obey tb te
btr.ctioLs iioposcl b tbe Legislature
in tbe Act by calling the Couvtution,
In ou. last election it was gratifying
to see Republicans who had hitherto
submitted to the control of unscrupu
lous leadtrs under mistaken belief that
they were promoting the general wel
fare seeing tbeir corruptness as demon
strted by the "Credit Mbi'ier rcva
lationa," "Sanborn ContracU" and
oth.r frauda and defalcations, aud their
vindictive and relectles policy, where
by they sought to degrade the superior
raoe by this iniquitous "Civil Bights
Bill," ov rcome their party prejudice
and give us their cordial support.
To them we extend an invitation to re
main and continue the work so auspi
ciously begun. . To those who opposed
us under the delusion of their leaders
who assured them this bill would nev
er pass Congress and it it did would
be vetoed by the President, though I it
now has his signature; and who have
witnessed the earnestness with which
the daorerous "Force BUT' was urged
upon Congress, we say no longer re
main where there ia neither safety nor
honor to a North Carolinian The bat
tle tor eivil liberty Is not yet oyer.
"Civil Rights" is still a part of the se
cret carpet-bag programme for this
8tatr; though driven from the hails . of
Congress it will be renewed in the
Aoutbern States. We therefore iavite
their cooperation. The Contention
owes ita final success to the sqpport of
some of their ablest representatives ia
a a a a m . .
um uenerai Assemoiy ana ' tney axe
doubtless aware that the visa provi
sions introduced into the Convention of
1863, by their ablest native rrprerenta-
tivei were scoated and defeated by that
aanse element that baa brought ruin
npen their party sad coniusioa to eur
State, , -
- xxcxasiTT of omQAjrrzaTTo.
The frieada of Coaraatioa aheuld at
once pet fact ' their orgaaixatioa . aad
bring oat their 'beat taea la erety
Ooaatyin the BtaX. The leaders of
the Bepublicaa party know that by
their reckless violations of tba coasti-
tuUoo aad efXbrta to centralize all
power iathe hands of vhe Federal
Government, they hare justly forfeited
the ; confidence aad support ot the
people; they therefore trust not to their
owe strength but to our apathy, aad
will endeavor to secure our detect by
dvlaioaa aad false leaders. T7e there-
I respectfully iaviU their attention
to the following resolatioai aduptcd
aad aueceasfully followed ia our last
caapain: " -,
.-. -
UXSC1X.TKO, rnat wa earnest ry re
commend to the members of the Demo
cratic Conservative party to dlacouraw
I indapeadeut eaadidatea, aad all other
disorganixers, that ail support bo
1 promptly withdrawa feocx every ax.
pliant fer office who shall oppose the
regular nominees of our Conventions.
fnr Penary county Ooavtntioes
be duly advertised and see that the
people hare a full opportunity of at
tending and expresains their wiabes.
Tho ccateet ia important not only la
ita tmme?iats tcects but ia suoeeqoeut
results, Tbe Ilrpabltcan party. umjar
the leadership of carpet-bag irs still
remaining among us, will advocate tbe
election of delegate, who will agree
meet and adjourn without holding a
a mie in
tbewisbes of tU peopU, expressed
- f l.t I
through a two- third mi tort tr of tbeir
chosen Rrpreseatatirea, and alter a
considerable . part ot the rxpenaes tor
mileage and per dita is llncnrrecV
we Lelier, however tne promise ts
but a delnuoo and saarr. for should
shey ascertain they have a majority la
the body, it will be aa easv matter for
tbea to evade their promise by the
rtfasol of a few to concur; as.thry do
ant acknowledge the 4restitctionsi' as
binding, they . will resort to the moat
revolutionary measures to sustain tbeir
desperate for una, and iathe end will
fail to submit their work to the people
for ratification or rejection. .
Let us, tneretore, present a united
front, and with a general advance
along our lines Radicalism will not
only be routed but overwhelmed, and
a victory for Civil Liberty assured tor
Wh. B. Cox, Chairman.
B. H. Battlk, Jb,
C. M. Busbxx,
K. B. Hatwooo,
J. J. Davis,
W. H. Joins,
W. N. iL Sicrrs,
8. A. Asks,
O. P.Uearxs.
Executive Committee.
J. J. Lrrcxrromo, Secretary.
Raleigh, N. C.
in the South. . Eight pages. Forty
columa, . Containing more readlog mat
ter than any Weekly published in the
South-- States. Tm first number of
will be iasaed on
Catvrlay, 23th day of Juae,167S.
Tbe PublUber intends mak ng it aa
Dluit rated ro d of the ttmea. It Will
treat of every topic, political, Histori
cal, literary, and Scient fic, which is
o current ioieiest, and giv the beat
illustrations tbat can be obtained,
original or fort-tra. " ' .
AtiS will lie printed u bw typ-, aim
heaV book paper.
Oi its Iie tf enfnbotnr wll he
found ill name of mi;y f tba lat
'arret in the rii'h ?eria nal ! l
atrie, poeioa ami sketch-, ,and a el.
n imIuc cd d paiiiueu j;iviag
the i at est ptraoutl liteiarj, ac: u I tr,
Mtitical rrli nu au I coiiiiercinl i..-t-l'Uenc
, will fur i It very weik an
an.a int c r adinf n at cr ur.vura-Mfd
ly-'tbiT pup r, in rxee l -iceand bari
ey. ! : n.Ui.-e.l nuke the
)uru l ut tht- fi.ritiili; several co uuin
a Ih? u.prciwi J l v eil t a I u j Cla
I r n.u'njj ttiurs it'itud ci l lite.
f laiul y bu'tit artliMjt i .
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iuT. FU .tatiTM. Edit- r.
KM h, N.O.
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ss reasonable terms as elsewhere In the
State. All grades ef Coffiinr, Furniah-
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Lathes : alwajs , on
5nn oasoit.
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XXorsaa Streets.
Baleign; N. O.
And Dealer la
- ..
AQ kinds ef Monument. Tombs.
Ilaad stones aod Gartea Statuary rf
to oracr oo reasoaasie terns.
Orders from a distance Dromstlv
filled. Call in person, or addreaa
JOHN CAYTOH. P. O. Box. Ho. 503.
Atlantic HoteL
iftke .
ToxxsTAia ucrrzL,
' -' "' - ."- - '.' ' t . aVeprletac.
This msci2Bi ZXOTEZ. sftsr navtaa?
baaw taroal7 raaoratad aad rtffttd. U
now opea for the M-nT7wTtlv of guaata.
Board, first an! asrnn 1 fioor. t3 aer day.
, Taird aad foorth floor, t3,& par ar.
TTavta!? been . appointed kArut, for
tbe Kentucky- utnai P cue fit Ak-
clatlon of hy-Wan for Fmnklln
and Wake CMti:tles, 1 Respectfully
Informs the rii siclans of said counties
that they can procure ertlflcatca of
life Membership by applying to me.
LouUburg, N. I .
- T
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X. C. :
: ; Lou:sburgvn. C.
A. D. Green.
PxoraiE.oa. '
Tbo present proprl tsr has leaad
the Zajle Hotel, (formerly occupied
vj James Lfenx) ior numoer of yeara.
no is prepared to leefimmu
regular and transient boarders, has
nice rooms, we 1 furnished, and fitted
np In tho beat style. He has also larjra
and convenient rooms for Pa3esoe to
display, their samples. . The table Is
uaur atrppued with the beat the m r
ket affords He wm s(re no pains
In niakluz hi boardera comfortable,
and hopes be will reerive a liberal
patronage from tbe public
Jan. 8U 1875. r
W. H.' Llorris 4 Sons.,
Commission LTorchanls.
23,25 and 57 Crniraeroa St. ;
- TToroEfc, Fa. :
WTT make libera rnrreney ad van
ceson proiluce or bill lading In hand.
Mr. A. If. Soble, of IT . C, Is con
necied wtth or bocse, and will be
pieaaeu to reoelre the patronaga f
(us iricuus.
Professional Cards.
,lr. X. E. KEV'G
- Ofiers his
ha public In
Professional Servicea to
XTrrry dtpcarlxatnt or
orncca, .
Leuisburg at - Warns ton errr
Dents IToUl, Korwood & Davis 8tora.
' luoinssoa,,0
Win praeJoa ta tba rnl CMrta of Oraa
villa JTraaiiia. Raaa, Warraa aad Waka.
ia, Raah, Warra aad Waka.
ProBDi attaatioa paid to Ul eollaa.
Urn aad mnittaae. ot xnosT.
Jatjl5.1STU ... , - : . - 1 j
Fajuncxnno, N. C
Will practice la tha eoarts of the llh
Judicial district.
Prompt attention given to the collect
tion of claims. No 50 tf '
C. n. Cccle, ; . V.H.
cook &.cj?euoi:ii
. 'AT LAW,
Aad SsUpltusa ia
Will attend the Court. ! Nash(Frai k
fra. 0anville. Warrenaxl Wahf
t'ua. !the8upr-rae dart t N rth
t.'arolna and the U. 8. Cinnit and ul
Coufts.' Mi 7 -tf
a. r ir m ss
- - MENT.
' o- . - ,
I'havr Jart j'rm! a h a rr eas a r
Kl.lle th. in Lnilit-t I shall,
krep r la ai fa hard a kI troek .f
Maihin nid Parr- and 8aldl.
1 en p'y rtd ar. . x'Vrirrrr wrrr
ttier, and f aarfrt aM the work put up
hj m ; ail kinds nf r;lrii In nif
line rbne on al orr notr and on rry
raronaMr ft-rtsp. ly hHp oTr Mr.
T. N. Osrli!ef sjtnr. m Main Wrwt.
I licir tle palruna ot th
p'piatl Franklin.
At my Gallery orer Mr. T. X. Car
tile's Store can l-e found a all time,
ruad, sQuare and matin frams I ana
alo prepared to take Oera tTpee, r4
and cabinet aire- Photographs.
When jou want a good plHo n
yourself and faallv, callat ray Oalhry.
Very Res pec U oily,
."... j . . .
you nxocxo mraa nr
LIFE - riSUslMiSE C0L!?A!iY.
1st. Because It is one ofthe oldest
eocapaales la tbe country, aad past Ua
day of experiment a.
td. Because every policy hslder Is
a member of tbe Company, entitled to
all its advantages and privileges, bv
Itg a right to vote at all electtoas for
trusteea, aad thus has aa iafloeaea la
its management. , , . .
Sd Lrcauas it has tho Isrrest scea
I l fatd of say Iils Lunraace
l.vompaay to tne Diaia.
io. iccauso vj eccBaxz.)cai cts
agemea'. l!s ratio of ezpenata'to totU
inonrae la far Krlow th averajrs ot IAU
Compaaiea, (Sao OSdal Iaszrxsca
rport.) ' '
5th. Cecasso ft his drclartd
dividaods ta auciber, ead of a lartj
average perceatajra, thuaay Coapaay
In th railed Ftale.
Fnr example; PoHcy 2to 16, foo
fvCCO, has bora paid to Its widow of
a Philadelphia merchaaL epea whlcb
tweatjthrts diridrads had fctra da
claxed, ave scj . tttj aerea rcr crtt.
TT aVrl flriovo A I rllsf a Kfa aal a Wv
ehase additions to this policy, C3.CI J
mote wocld have beta rrtllrdcxsJc
g thopc4'y wcrlh Cll.CiS. -'
Ctb. Because it xs liberal ia its cut-
a - 9 . .
unsni. Twrau in. lis friuwrnn
sate beyond a coatiegecry, aad its rates
are as low ss any Cnt-clxrs .Cwaptay
la the cnoatry. "
' Principal yeatarev. Email expenses,
ahao tats seca r i ty .tarpa ret ora pre mluma,
prompt paytneat of loaacs, aad liberali
ty to tbe iaured.
TT. IL riNCIJ, OcaT, Uasarr fcr
ITorh Carolias.
7. D. BrnUTXL, , CeaH. A-rif,
Frasvnztca, 2T, C,

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