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i GEO. S.'" BAKER; ; Editor and Proprietor-
: vol. v.
TERMS: $2.00 per Annum.
Professional Cards.
171ie lii-rlit Way anl tli
"YVxvuo- Way,
Oileis his Proiessional Services to
the public in . '."'.,...'
Ettrf department or
Loaisburg at WarreDton over
Dents Hotel, Nor wo oil & D hit iy Store.
. , : jj :
Tr O T T A TTT C? i , , v
Will practice in the several couits of
Granville, Franklin, Nath, Warren and
8f$. Prompt attention paid to ti e
rolhction ntvi ftniiitauce ot money.
July 15, i7l.
;The right way and the wrong way
They nest'e side by side,
And one i3 narrow, straight and rough
The other smooth and wide.
Poor weary burdened uilg. ims,
; The weak and oft the strong,
Turn from the narrow path of Hight
; And follow in the Wrong,
(And we as christian watchmen
And pil glims of the day.
Slioukf take our brother by the hand
Andead him in the way ;
; Should furu the wavering footsteps
Toward thelites of ; lit, l .
.From journeying m the path of.wrong
Jo walkhig-irrthe right.
liut that unamiable damsel seemed
to take a malicious pleasure in crossing
my path ; and the next time I encoun
tered her, .he looked as though dispos-
eu to maKe a lace at me. 1 cknow.
from liei expression! that Annie had
repeated what I had said : probably
with some additions !: and as sho lmd
iot regarded me favorably - before, I
could scarcely look how for any mani
festation of pleasure at niy ''appear-:
anc-Ci ' . . . I
Jf'e passed each other in silence, and
I wended my way to the sitting room.
TirtM-e. I -iwuiid SUterihe stout
motlieylbf uiy. " charges f iiaflsh .was
graciously pleased q$ite,-sociable,
hue was.not on Very " good terms Avith
the English gtaminaiJmdsh used
some expressions that wereriovelty to
lny Attention.
Whatever you are about, pay atten
tion to it. Keep Tvur wind on what
a small borpiet, marked rith her, or a week afterward, really thought
llis, name. the maa was craxy: the way he ranted
' It always slcmcd to mc a kind of round about that fjokuy. as sc-n as he
comfort to tako something home from oould get me aluti, as a caution!
a party," remarked the good woman, Aud when I told him who fixed it, and you are at. " Think of what you arc
"and they can have their bokays, you that you was m the house then, he 1 doiug. Close attention is very much a
kujw, to keep. '
She gave me the list of names, and
I was hot lon in finding that of M r.
Middleton. It wa,s Mr. Frank Mid.,
dleton, too. lie ought to have what
ever expressed Cckleue!., I thought ;
Tle ight way a. .u the wrong way,
So very pla'n to see,
That e'en a child may choose bet ween
The two, all will agree.
May angels fair attend us
While journeying along,
i Aud lead us thro gh the path of right
And keep us from the wrong.
X Y. Wefki.y.
IJnlvv-. . -, , :
We hate it for good authorifjliiat
near this, city, few days aa gtme
of "seven-up- was. played, little girl,
of five summer Wing the prize." Tho
father had played and lost everything
he had, and, while uh-It th'c iu3ucucc
of liquor, propel to put up Lu little
girl against a certain amount of money.
The proposition was at - once accepted
nd tho game U-gaii. At the last band
the game sUhkI fater, 5 : opponent, 2.
In tho deal the father received the fol
lowing trurups : King, then, scrcn' and
tray. His opponent received ace, jack,
four and ceucc The father begged
and was given one, which madahjnj
I . r : nc l l.ti
When I asked Frank why he had ber of the volume, the name-of the "7." . h"'' vuw. ,ru"uT"7
not founJ me in all that time, nor case, the names of the counsel, the I ? ... i
mien uunu mc tkiuii auairaT. cx-
just dashed after tou aud there you matter f habit; and it is a habit
was, a runnin' up Ftairs, and acting as which should bo diligently cultivateJ.
contrary as ever yu could. And to Take, for instaucc, the habit of
think that he was your own sweet- mind in reading. One law student
hcart after all ! Mary Jane's ns mad has a geueral idea that he has ccn a
as hops, for she'd quite set her mind I case reported somewhere, in which he
but; ?hvol ntarily, I found myself on Mr. Middleton. But she ain't my rather believes a certain point arose
own daughter, you know: and I don't . he is not quite sure of that which
care much, only I've got to have her was decided one fay cr the other, he
around all the longer. I hope she'll don't rcmcm&cr which! ' Another
go off one of these days.' student who had the same book in his
I hoped so, too, though I pitied the hand the same length of time, rcmem-
man she went off with. bers what Ileporta it was in, tho num-
FltANKLlNlON, N. C. '
Will practice in the courts of the Cth
judicial district. 1
Prompt attention given to the collec
tion t claims. jno ouii
C. M.Cook W.H.Sjencer
i hut esms q a 38
A.'. 1. KolicMos tm
Will atlend tiie Coartsof Naslt,Frar.k
li i, Ornuville, Warrcn,and Wake Coun
ts s, k'.so the Su)rcme Court i t North
Carolina and the U. S. Circuit and dish
Cou.ts. No. 7-tf
Several years since, and on a bright,
crisp autumn morning, I rang the bell
of the-palatLl mansion, for the first
time, whery I was going as a governess.
The neighborhood was in a nc" part of
our city, and peopled by a new aristo
cracy, and tUe dwellings and .sidewalks
glistened with pretentious newness. '
The inevitable colored man admitted
rislted me, r.ith a bow, up
mansion, it struck meliatj!
wore a restive air, l encountered
a sharp sorrow tugging at my heart :'
but I had resolved not to be a blighted
being, and I think I managed to escape
it. Had I beeu Ariadnej-L would nev -er
have called- Tjic.seu3 .back, but would
have bidden him a happy voyage.
One day, .on my arrival') the Slater
the premises
air, l encountered a
huge epenjne being ', carried 'through
the hall by a man from the confection
ers: the sitting room was in process of
a grand sweeping, and Mrs. Slater and
the children had their hair in crimping
Mamma is going to hive party to
night.'' called out the little ones in glee.
JFe'il have lots u' fun, and ever so
many good things.. Are you coming,
Miss A nvers?
he innocently replied I points that catne up, the view of the I , . . , , n Jli
that; with its fleetinc. beaut v. had thnt n T hA nnt' mn ld-n ..1- A:rm. ;n.1 ;f I..,. CiUUJll,' "-u.0 tnal lor. higU
Sht me ail exceeding haDDiliesS. I dri-SA. nml ' hm tnontinnV V I ftf Anlninn i,Tn 1it-i m-nA nrcWe 1 U ?U"
It was a common-place story enough; three different cities in which I might what the decision as. He even . C?U J ' ? , : V i,t
. ... , . '. . 1 I I hand. nd riainipil hnri T.oV rv.l
uaint, uttie cw inland town, epend the winter, he did not think members the part of the book, the 1 , w. .b vV'TTTr
me, and tlo
one fiiirht of stairs to the
room.'' . The .children Were- there by
'themselves, two frightened morsels of
seven and nine; and I was obliged to
devote my first efforts to the task ot
convincing them ttiat I was
twisting some violets, Mid ferns, and rosebud together; the rose
bud in the center; and a double row of
violets aruuud it, and the ferns form
ing u lovely fringe-like border. I
would not make a duplicate; aud as I
fastened on the name, a few hot tears
mc: but she evidently did toe best she I dropDed upou the dewy blossoms. I
count, and tried to make mc comtorta- was living over again a nuuuuer pas- eTen written.
ble and contented. 1 tnrnl
The children were quite l.vable : and j brou
I thought I had been rather fortunate 1
.v : . 'r . i ... J
man oiuerise. xu ue sure mere was inn
where L spent the sumuer, quaffing this was to be wondered at.', I hung very number of the page where it it
large1 draughts of health from the my stupid head in silent humiliation : found. In his mind' eye he can see
Strang, breezy atmosphere; a chance and when I was informed that, the the lines, the words, the letters. He
acquaintance, a warm friend, a devo- slandered youth had been reduced to has the habit of fixed attention, which
ted lover, all developed in the space a state of despair, on his return from all students should strive to acquire
of thres months ; a favorite walk past trouting, to find that I had departed The opposite extremo of looe read
asaw-iinii, a bed ot tor-get-me-nots without leaving a trace behind: that ing and listening is illustrated by some
growing by the roadside, and the tall he had been on a hopeless chase for amusing aneedotes. One is & man
Dgurc bent humbly to gather them, ruC ever hicce: ar.d had followed several who said he had recently read in some
turning back to me with laughing eyes, y0ui.g ladies for. a mile or two, from a paper, he couldn't remember where it
is l demanded more and more, aud fancied likeness of myself: I felt that was. of a man named Johnson he be-
would not be satisfid , wild roses and only the most abject submission would Iieved his name was Johnson who
delicate ferns growing farther ou ; the ut0ne for my delinquencies. had raised a thousand barrels of pota-
invariable bequct I twisted together "Had it uot been for this dear little toes to the acre he believed it was
of forget-me-nots, stripped of their coquet," said he, tenderly crossing barrels, it might possibly havo been
superabundant green leaves, a border- the object in question, " we might l.ushels; he was quite sure it was po-
ing of fern, and a deeply-tinted wild i,avo continued wandering in space, tatoes, though possibly it might have
rosebud in the center : how vivid it all like two lost planets, without ever been apples; it seemed a good deal
seemed ! coming into collision." for an acre, he might bo mistaken
I never sa.v a boque' like this be- "What wonder I call mv story -What about that reallv it was Impossible.
i nere w-mt no enough white graphs, fre, my companion once said, "and I came of a boquct." Waverley Maga- it must have been more than an acre ! gHEEE & EE&GKalU
m..y.,, awumuc- i "oe. .v o evmoii l- (U) not suppose 1 ever shall again, un- z. lie. Another is of au old woman who
the game.' The claim was denied, tVe
father hoping that he could take the
game himself. The game went on, re
sulting in the succcai of his opponent,
who secured the game by two poinii.
The winner still h-a the clili, and
states that he intends keeping it, un
less the father uses the . law to regwxa
his loss. She b in good handaj much
better, than those of her father, who is
a widower and a man of dissolate haiita,
although the possessor of a loudly
hcait when not under the influence of
liquor. Council Blvjf Glcfje,
Hot ice;
1 did not relish any unnecessary addi
tion to the iruests.
j " I know who's cotn'!ig," continued
Annie, looking very wise, " Mary Jane's
nm a" i beau,- Mr. Middleton, Mary Jane said
ogress come to devour them. They j shcM m.llcr mvc llIm eom if a1 ie
looked delicate, poor liitle things! and
I felt like takilig them into my lap, aud
ctKldling them.
While engaged in something Very
much like this, the tallest girt 1 .ever
saw. swept through the room,, in a trail
ing dress of jibe, richest silk, overloaded
wit b-i, trim)niag She was exces4yly
urlv. with' a IdoiidhV so t of face:' and
a. very "supercilious ""expression.
This expression became a positive
sneer, as she regarded mc and my
FIN F. Watches and Jewelry of the bes charges ; and I felt myself eying her
with a defiant stare, as the angrv blood
53 -53
Watclnnakcr and Jeweler;
VI miirii l. 11-:111(1 :it t ;o luwe.t ! ice?
All woik personally attended to and war
lanteu. - ...
il 53 Sycamore St., retersourgr, v
rushed to my face. Never a word did
rest stayed away."
Mary Jane's beau. Mr. Middleton !''
I repeated to myself. Could his name
be Frank? I. wouldn't, asljJjut X-hat
there treml ling all over, while the chil
d fen jrattlcd oh. He had acted strAnge-
ly enoughj io be sure : but " I couldn't
f;ftcf him descending to the luVel of
Mary Jane Slater, 1 1 UiX--.
The lessons were quite set aside that
day : for Mrs: Slater suddenly appeared,
in a state of comical distress.
" Isn't it too had ?" she half sobbed.
That wretched Allen, whom we prom
ised to pay cxhorbitantly, the only man
.101. OFFICE.
Wc'have added to our L-tock a splen
did JOB PRESS, with -an elegant
selection of type of the latest styles,
and we arc now prepared to do
in the neatest and best manner.
So you need not - send yonr JOB,
WORK North, for we will do it lust a
well and cheap1 as you can get it elsewhere.
she speak; and the children looked in th(J citJ who can give cut flowc:sjust
; awe-stricken, as she rustled out as si- the ritrht look, and who always orna-
lently as she bad come in. I mcnts the supper-table so exquisitely,
That's iIjuy Jane," said little An-, j)as deserteti ,nej aml goncorcr try Mrs.
nie, the elder of the two children, as Parkers, who also gives a party to
. though she expected me to be very mvlt She belongs to the very cream,
i'luuch impressed.
' Well, Mary Jane's :i very disagree
ablcdooking person," I replied, with
j out a moment's reflection ; " and she is
dressed in a very vulgar manner for
this early hour of - the day. Who is
'i Why, she'&frsister 1 ' said both of
the'cliildren together . after staring at
me in -amazement. "-
you know: and I suppose Allen thought
there was more to be gained in attend
ing to her though not in the ay of
money, I'm sure. We've gat about two
bushels of flowers down stairs, and no
body to fix 'em."
less it comes from your hands."
"Then," I replied, gayly, :if we
should he separated, and get lost, each
to the other, if you see a boquct like
this. 30U will know that 1 am near."
" You will not forgei?" he asked,
quita earnestly, for such a thing
might be, and in that case flowers
would have a language more beautiful
io ine than they ever had before,"
I laughingly promised, au 1 here I
was, with a boquet as nearly like the
old ones as possible: and yet assuring
myself, all the while, that the man did
not desci vo it. ,
: 1 had not, until then, the slightest
idea as to the quartor of the globe in
which he might be. He might now
be a pirate on the high seas, for all I
knew to the contrary although he had
given me the impression that he was a
gentleman of means, traveling about
for pleasure.
, rt had bjeen obliged, through the ill
ness of a relative, to leave Maplewood
very suddenly, while Frank was absent
on a two days hunting expedition, and
never from that timo to this, had I
Ireard a wqrd from him, or received
the least clue to his whereabouts.
1 thought, as I tied my boquet, of
Blondel, who found hisilion hearted
Tlioi.jjlit ior rntiiil
If you always live with those who
are lame you will yourself learn to
limp. .
He is alona wiso who cm accommo
dite himself to all the contingencies
of life.
Men resemble the gods In nothing
so mucu as in doing good to their fel
low creatures. .
Wo are never rendered so ridicu
lous by qualities we possess as by
those we affect we have.
The superiority of some men is
merely local. They are great because
their associations are little.
To know a man, observe how he
wins his object, rather than how be
loses it: for when we fail our pride J cj0,ey
supports us : wuen we succceu ik w
trays us.
Don't bother your head about po
ple who are going about trying to take
away your character. Very likely it
will do you good. Men aic very of
ten like a pair of boots the more
sail slrr had lt-arnt a sure ,ay to tell
whether an egg was good or not: she
heard a great many before, but this was
certain, and it van 10 simple, too ; it
wan to just drop tho egg into a pail of
water, and if it was good it would
either sink or swim', she really had for
gotten which ! .
It is very good practice aft?r laying
a book down to take up a pen and sec
how much you can write of what you
Building Contractors
have read. After tiying it regularly
for a week you will be pleased to find SASH. BLINDS A ND
bow much more you can remember
than you could at first. So rapidly
docs the habit of concentrating one's
thoughts grow with cultivation.
Think of what you are doing and
you will remember what you- have
MADE to ORDER, and all kbds U
Machine work done at bort notice, cm
as reasonable terms as eltewnere 10 tot
done. Cultivate the habit of keeping sute. All gradea f Coffllns, FumU.
wide awake, and fixinff vour attention I vrita "eaxse.
j w m
! i
A. UIllot-TDoiix:.
Tongue and Groove floor
Tho Detroit Fiec Press says: , ,
" The other evening a Detroit joker
slipped a little pink love letter into the
pocket of a staid old citizen as they were
(hey arc blackened the moro they I . .. rr
y nd:ng on the street car. Of course,
"Whitelaw & Crowder,
Marble & Stone
"W" O EKS,
Iialcigh. N. C.
Persons wishing to purchase Head
stones or Monuments, ean see and con
sult with our Mr. Whitelaw, at Mr.
1, A. Stoat's boarding house.
Aug. 13-12-U).
They evidently regarded 'Mary Jane' 1 cntVv
as the glass ot fashion, aud tue mouia u You think it presuming in me,
oftorm. J Mrs. Slater, hut I have had sojne expo
1 ins was pleasant, certainly, ior every rieQce in 5, flowers. uind if vou
word I had said would be repeated, but win aecept mv rv'xces you arc vory
1 naa to mate the Dest 01 it. welcome to them.
m. war 11 1 T 1 ti T" . I
- v en, never nana," 1 saiu, 1 want pm you're very
to see now 11 my litue girls can read.
Begin with that picture, Annie."
Such books as those children had I
So elegantly bound and illustrated :
primers and ''helps," such as my child-
NVw T felt renllv sorrv far thLs roor I . . . , . .1 .
, - ,i-r f T I dear to Dot ti 01 tnem ueior the ius-
woman, wiiu. uiu nyi. - oeiwg wfue 1 . i:W.t.: T
cream, anu i waspaionatciy ioua.i
wbrkiug Avith flowers : so I said, pres-
, i
could not be at all cure that mj master
was worth finding.
Mrs. Slater had exhausted her ex
clamations over the "bokays.1 when
the old citiacn'i wife made a dive for
his overcoat pockets as ahe parsed
through the hall, and when she bad di
gested the love letter she determined
to commit suicide. While going up
stairs to get her bonnet . she got mad
and changed her mind. Walking into
the room where he was sitting before a
cheerful file, she exclaimed :
. M Loves you better than her own life
eh?" .....
. Who what 7 be enquired.
And she wants to know now taai
ing . and ceiling, a-:
master singing a stare of the ditty
Think bow much happiness you eon
vey to, each other by kindljjVotice
and a cheerful conversation. Thiak
how much sunshine such sociability
lets back into your own soul. Who
docs not feel more cheerful and con-
Mary Jane bore down upon us. more I tcnted for receiving a polite bow, and a
supercilious, if possible than ever. I ceni4i "good morning with a hearty
"I should say you had mistaken 1 shake of the hand? Who does not
good," replied your calling ' she remarked, after a make himself happier by these liUle wif(J of
poor Mrs Slater, and I shall' be ever critical inspection 01 my nanaiwora. i expressiona oi xeiiow leeungana gooa j j.i
so much obliged to you1- ' -"- 1 iOU migm awo jwr i wiui oueuoc, u Mi.,uuu5uu6 . . tt really-"I canW
" Tlien you 11 come to the party, won t I uowera. , reteruMB cmwmii.j i-
yon.r said Annie, .:tk ' Perhaps I shall J replied, buoy- I gar. The generous ana pouw man
" And I guess there'll le enough antly. My littU bouquet was a fragile baa pleasant recognition ana cnecriui
hood had never eveu seen. An aurif- white grapes," whispered Belle. I venture that niicbt come back to me -I words for all he meet, lie acattera
erous atmosphere jervaded the whole I 1 was busy during the rest of the I laden with happiness, tbougn I dared I aunbeams wherever he goes. He
house, and I should s-aiely have been day. I seemed to bo needed every- scarcely to hope for it. j Pa'e lb Patn of ohera with smiles.
surprised to see the tempting luncheon where.- Great taskets'of: Xloo tu, de- The party was not to be a crash, or I He mkes society wn genial, and the
that appeared before my departure, j serted by Ihe faitldess Allen, were I a jam, only a choice gathering; and at world delightful to thosa who would
served on plates of cold. enittied out upon the dinnincr-room I Mrs. Slater's Bolitittinn. I ttved. I else find them cold, selfi&h and forlorn.
Atlantic HoteL
XL8.D0D302, -
And she wints fifty dollars to buy
hex a act of furs, docs the ?
CaIUsacr KA,
Tfcis oacniaeeal nOTTL, aiUr hrzi
" Wbv Mjutv why, what arc VOU I Uea tboroably raoraUd and ntllX, U
talking about?" I ' " " .
Eoaro, first aad aseona Coor.fJ ft oar.
w Oh! its come out, I've got tho
proof! she shouted, miking a dash
lor his hair. The worthy man has
sworn the most solemn oaths to his
innocence ; offered to let her employ a
TLird aa4 fourth floor, tlO pr day.
libers! Unas to parmaast Coardtf
I was quite pleased with the first table, and I reveled among tea-rose- just to look on from a secure corner I And what he gives is but a titae of 1 detective to shadow him ; accounted for I T. f - f. . y .
day's experience: and I beiran to think buds, violets! feras. aBd' all "sorts of I I felt that I must see if Frank Mid. what h receives. Be social wherever "T oour. 'r .,"! T . w
year ; and furnished fifty theories in I wish to sell on the hoof.
that if ' Mary Jane" could be chained floral beauties, to my heart V content, dleton was my Frank, and If he cared jou go, and wrap your lightest words I yjjj k-Uer ; and yet the wife
up while I was on duty, the teaching It was a fancy of ira. Slater's that for the boquet. intones that aro sweet and a spirit I Idly remarks that she is staying there
solely :n the children s account.
would be quite endurable.
every lady and gentleman should, have I " Dear meT said Mrs. Slater to me that U ge :iaL
A. E. COBB ITT, : . c
' Cedar Bock, N. C

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