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GEO. S. BAKER, Editor and Proprietor.
TERMS: $2.00 per Annum.
NO. 4.
JUL IW i vA:-1 1 1 P?1 t'-i V Rf j ! L
Professional Cards.
-- -
OSers Ins Proiessional Services
the public in
livery department or
IjAiiisbun? at Warrenton over
- o
h nts Hotel, Norwood & Davis' Store
Will practice in the severil cowU o
Oranvilh , Fiankliu, Niuh, Warren ami
Prompt attention paid to tb
colli etion and remittance ot money. .-,
July 15, i7t.
Will practice in the courts of the 6th
PKlifMlll fllctrit.:
I'ro'upt nttmtion n'lven to the oollec-
- . V.. EA P
M'" I I CHUM. i'U -H
C. M. CflGiB
W. H. Sracc
Will -i'U' (1 the Courts o f Na, Frank
lii,, J::r.vilW', VYarren,and Wake 0oin
ti s. the Supreme Ourc 1 North
t arolimi ami the U. S. Circuit and Disr
i( Couits. No. 7 -tf
A rainy day in the country !
Drip, drip! soundcl the water in the
barrel undjr the rvcs ; patter, patter !
tinkled do vu the raindrops upon ilw
leaves of the seringas and lilac Lushes
and Lucy Darl, sitting si the window,
her round chin resting in her hands.
and' her eyes, fixed dreamily on the
woods, half hidden in vapory mists, be
gan to feel the least bit inthe world
bored. .
An open letter lay in her lap- a let
ter to which the referred, every now
and then, with a pretty, hal-puzzled
contraction of her b:ov.'s.
Wash and wear !'' she repeated to
herself: ' I wonder what aunt Judith
means ? 4 She hopes that wbiehevar
of my suitors I may elect to prefer will
wash and wear ? I'pou my word, that
is likening the lords of creation to a
pattern.. of calico, or a gingham sun-
bonnet!" '
And Lucy 1 ughed a little - very
becoming process, which brought out
the dimples around ier cherry lip?, and
t'h.; dewy sparkles under her long au
burn lashes.
" I'm sure they are both models of
amiability aud good temper," sxid she
to herself " that is, as far as I know."
And then, .11 of a sudden, it oeeurred
to ier how lit lie a woman could' rea'dy
know of the actual boiii llle habits
and i i;:!i:;cter f ' a nan until she is mar-
t: Ah, if one .-;,';:M only take ft M?ep
::rii:g Mrs. Fo'. iott, bringing
'r;:v of toat and tea.
I wouldn't wait on a man so," said
Ilij -y, indignantly.
I're.-eu ly poor Mrs. Folliott return
id. vi;h the tray scarcely touched, and
stoppct) in Nell's room, to relieve her
mind. - ;
lie wont touch a mouthful, be
cause it isn't smoking hot," said she,
with a sigh. i; He's crosser thau one
wuuld th'nk it .ossible, and''
But here she cheeked herself abrupt-
tied on 1 is best neck-tie, and pinned a
pink Cjiriiati-):! in his butt'jn-hole.
" I think I'd go over to Mrs. Ihrl's
for a little while," said he.
4 You net iu' t," said the ;istute Nell.
" Why not?" ,
' Because Lucy warhere th;s morn
ing, and heard you scolding at poor
mamma ; and because I saw her i'o bv
just now with George Haven ; . and
th -y'ro engaged-'
" How dj you know ?"
" By instinct."
Mr. Foiliutt made a " grimace,
Cinai tl Your Coiiverxa- va dcu't tcloLUe. Vou'ra nni t. I t,. r tl ft,. ,.r
I blame for it. But if rou could iuit 1 tlmnd baring Lsn lfrnrl V ,V
- e . 4
action of the dime. th tins U now
If yna say auyth'mg about a neigh
bor or friend, or even a stranger, say
nothing ill. It is a Christian aud
brotherly charity to suppress our know-
pare 'em down a lit'.le, 'twould be a
great 'com ui odat ion to the traveling
The lady was pcechless with indig
nation, the passengers" were convulsed.
u.pendi bj tbe cuhcsiou of the par
ticle of rait.
leice otcvil el another unlej-sa n-gticr -t.,i ti.e r,.!-.,.,,, .tui
public duty compels us to bear accus- jy to lllC Joor to ti,e gr9unat
i ig witness . s; and if it le tructharity anJ im!nediatfly sat down. As the
ly at the .-ight of Miss Z;rl.
" I beg you pardon, my dear !' said pinned the carnation, aud stayed
she. ' I did not see you." Loiec.
" Oh. don't mind mo," said Lucy, The engagement became a publis af-
oloring. " I'm going over to Mrs. fair the next day, and Lucy Pari wrote thou.h we felt that by pushing our
Haven a lew minutes, to see about a back to her aunt Judith that she had fellows down or back a peg, we were
root of fern she promised to get me accepted a lover whom she could war
to keep our knowledge of such evils
to ouraclves, much more should we re
fuse to spread evil report of another.
Discreditable as the fact is, it is by f.r
the commonest tendency to suppress
the good we kuo.T of our neighbors
and friends. Wc act in this matter as
behind the scone. V raid L'v.-y. '"if
oue could put a lowr on trial i r a
month us aunt Judi'h takes a s rvi nt
girl, and dischar;
from the Hartford woods."
For it had occurred to Miss Lucy
that this was an excellent opportunity
to test the ' washing and wearing' qual
ities of the second of her lovers. Fol
liott had been weighed in the balance,
and found want in r Now let George
Haven take his chance.
The Haven cottage stood about an
eighty of a mil further tluwn the road,
pretty littht h'--aey-sueke-gjr!anded af
fair and Lucy Kail, Arling rather like
a spy, crept up the stairs (no'. ody chan
ced to be in the hall), and took refuge
in Mrs. Haven's own neat little bou
doir. Mr?. Haven had three or four un-ruly.i'l-dsei
li.u-d children sta nig with
hevr th;.t sunnner the children of an
-itivftbd sifter ni:d Mis. Haven was
,not iu ihi world's gnods, like the
As Liu-v
rant as an articl s that would " vash and
wc:tr.": Sa unity Night.
There can hardly be a greater sign
of prosperity in a community thau a
disposition to help-one another lift a
lifle when a neighbor's wheel gets
Stuck in the muJ.
We know of a place where a man's
barn, with all his winter's stores of
car moved aaj. ho arose, examined
his clothe, looked up and dowu the
stront, waved Ids band iu an uncertain
manner, and walked away.
n Novob
A paper in Portland, Maine, has a
putting ourselves up or forward. We singular story iu regard to a family
arc jealous of commendation uulew named Rodman, The family consis-
wc get the larger share. lcl 0f l,u,band (John), wife al two
Social conversation, as knofn to children Charles and Jlarj. Thej
veiy observer, U largely made up cf ere burned out at the time of th
what is understood by tbe tern. scan- I nre Q Portland in 1966, after which
dal. It would bo difficult to find a I they removed tollajlen), New York,
talkative group, of either sex, who Soon after going there Mr. Kodman
could spend an hour together without bad a chanco to go to Valparaiso, lie
evil speech of somebody.N BIfc.-scd Mcft his family with" his brother wheu
arc the peacemaker , is not tha max
im by which we are chiefly governed
in our treatment of personalties.
Better a thousand times to stand or sit
dumb than open our lips evcrsoelo-
Hot ice.
Building Contractors
in the WKlit. Immediately all the I quontly in the disparagement ot others.
men of tho country side mustered and
him if ho u. n't give
s:;lisf.';;-t;.:ij ! And then the wash-aud-
-at tln re. wouderiu'' whetl
r a
ii-'r as ;t had iei'rt
hi -h .-a
s. ioui.h tribulation,'
Hcirho!' I b-!"u-v.
J uuirh
i easily
I shall
huve to draw
i: : .-a
53 r 53
E. It LOU T E It.
Watchmaker and Jew
tier. KISK Wattlics and Jewelry of the b's
l:itiuf:u t(.isand at the lowct p ices.
All woik personally attended to and war
tl r3 Syi-amore St., Petersburg, T
V' i
We have added to our etock a len
did JOB PRESS, with an elegant day?"
flection pi type ot tue latest styie3
and wc arc now prepared to do
ois which" I will
tt. or Geor ge HaVen.
Bur there's no Mse wrinkling upj my
forehead with it i:o.v; time will decide.
In the iiicaii'.iiue, I shall be hopelessly
wear'fxl if I sit'he.-e staring at the rail,
any Lv.ger. I ii put on my things and
run over to Nell Folliott's, Kuirene
will have started fur thi city long ago."'
It was a pretty, shaded road, deli
cious iu the fr.;s) uess of a sunmier mor
niug, but rather .-drippy and dnurgly,
just at present, that led to the old Fol
liott .niansiou a sturdy creation of grav
stone, with half a dozen honeydocusU
keeping guard ver it like a band of
Lucy D.-.rl, a privileged' visitor, did
not rii.g at the from dor belJ, but
slipped quietly in at a back door, aad
ran up to Miss Full;, it's' room.
' At home, Nell ?'' she cried, tapping
softly on the panels of the door.
" Of course I'm at home," Nell,
brmhtlv, oieuinr it. " You dear little
rosebud, you've come just in time to
help me about tbe pattern for my new
cashmere polonaise. Isn't it a wretched
y chance was ab rat t befriend
l ru htr boliire. a
elieeiy voit-o s HUiJ-rl Ini-irt. ie.r-j;e
hadjut .i it;, dripping but cheeriiii,
fVoiu the post oliice.
" Hello, ir.other ! what's thj matter ?
Crying, and discouraged ? Why this
will never do in the world ! Come, lit
tie folks, run o'J tu the barn, every .one
ot'you, and plav. The fire smokes.
dow; it ? If 'ell, never mind : III have
things all straight,- in a mir.ute, with a
.few kindliugs. The fact is", mother.
y(.iu st at home too' much. You get
ucrvuus I must contrive some way of
taking vou out to drive everyday."
A sly, dimpled smile came into Lucy
Par's face us, s't e heard the strong, ea-
i s.jiag voice of her lover, bringing hope
and courage with it, and reflected that
he was cerfainly of a different stamped
from Eugeue Folliott, whose dashing
ma unci s and citv airs and oraecs had
so nearly captivated her.
It was quite evident that he would
' wash and wear,' according to aunt Ju
dith's theory.
'I suppose I am a little nervous at
times, George," Mrs. Haven awswered:
but I never feel it when you are here.
I don't know what I would do without
a son like you. But if you ever get
married-' "
But Lucy Darl could not stand this
she felt like a little Innocent eaves-
hauled up timber for a new barn, and
then a big raising came off. After
that the soMid of twenty or moreham
m?rs were heard until the whole was
shingled ai.d sided. But their deed!
of kindness wa not done yet ; one uf-1
ter another offered to take a head exL
his stock and w inter them fm- him,
thus greatly reducing his h.-s and as
sun.i heart of the more durable
n-.:!ie.x ' f bnithetlv love ?nd ntiirhborlv
tf w tf 1
r-o 1 wiil No o::c can compute in
iioiiev tli va'ueot' one such ex:im-lj
"f noble til.Giaiity in a community.
opecially in its iiifluence upon the
young. .
Where tliis spirit prevails there 15
ure to be progress in a place even if
all the improvements a?c in their iti-
Peopli will com'? and settle in
e which bears such a g vd name.
What we sho ild do in this, as in : 11
other human relations, is jto practice sea. and the vessel wa lost", and it was
the golden rule. If we would do unto gupposcd that be would never be heard
others as wc would that others should
do unto us, tve should be exceedingly
careful not to. volunteer ill words
about them. W1cro other than, a
good word is to be spoken, let it be
spoken to the person concerned, that
he may kn that your motive is not
he started, and for soaic time he sent
money to them, but at last letters
ceased to come, aud the brother having
died, Mrs, llodman and ber two chil
dren returred to Portland, and she
supported them with ber needle.
som. t-.M .bot 1871 chiient to Xonque and Groove floor
MADE to ORDER, and all kinds ot
Machine work done at short notice, oa
as le&sonable turns as elsewhere Id th
S'.atr. All grades ot Coftini, Fa milk
ed, with besxse.
from. So:ue tinio ago Mrs. Hodman
saw uti advertisement in a New Yjrk
paper stating that if Mra Elizabeth
llodran, wife of John Hodman, of
Portland, Me., would address certain
New York lawyers she would bear of
something to ber advantage. She at
ing and ceiling, a
Lathes always
Mle, cowardly and sinister, and that be once started for New York with ber
u ay have a chance to defend himself.
TIo -wcir-i not X)iiiiil.
r as wee
in the neatest'and best manner.
So you need not send yonr JOB
WORK North, for we will do itiust a
well and cheap as you can get it elsewhere.
Whitelaw & Crowder.
- i
, Marble & Stone
Raleigh. N. C.
Pe'rsons wishing to purchase Dead
stones nr Mouumentt", tan se aad con
sult with our Mr. WhitUw, at Mr.
J, A. Stunt' boarding bouse.
Aug. 13.12sib.
And the two girls were presently
deep in the mysteries of ' bias folds,'
knife-plealiugs" and ! side gores,' un
til, all of a sudden, a surly, masculine
voice roared down the hall :
Where's my breakfast, I say ? 1
want my breakfast 1 Confound all you
women folk-, why don't you bring me;
my breakfast ! Am I to starve to death?
Nell ! iJother I Come, wide-awake
there 1 Bring me my slippers ! Fetch
the newspapers, somebody ! Aud look
sharp, do you hear ?"
And the doo. was banged, shut again
with considerable emphasis.
Nell looked at Lucy with a crimson
ing bro x. Lucy opened wide her in
quiring eyes.
'It's Eugene." said Nell, in rather
aii embarrassed m'auncr. ' He was out
late last "night, and he overslept him
self this morning.'
" Oh !' said Lucy, beginning to be
conscious that a flaw existed in this
patern masculine diamondthat this
pattern of goods 4 washed' but indiuer
eui'y. " '
At this moment footsteeps burrk-d
by. It was the patient aud mueh-ea-
a plae
Now, if you desire to see your phuse Iignity with which he commanded a
growing popular, do what you can to
show yourself a good neighbor, es
pecially to tuose who need a little
extra help.
If a man starts a tin-shop or a black
smith's srhop in your p!ac don't har
ness up and drive Sve miles to
buy your pane and get your hor e
shod, just beca sc you have been in
the habit of doing it. Patronize the
new corner when you waut anything
done m hit liue. Speak encouraging
ly to him to your neighbors. Little
words '.of approval or censure go a
loi.g way, and when ouco you have
spokci. them you cannot call them
Help the sick, especially if they are
poor, for poverty and illness are in
deed a heavy burden. Perform all
acts of loving charity which fall day
daughter, and learned there that bar
husband had become very weaPby,
and wa3 soon to arrive in New Orleans,
He had not r.'ceivod a letter from ber
for a long time before be ceased to
write, and supposed she was dead,' bat
inserted the advertisement to see what
he could bear. Tho mother and
daughter started for New Orleans,
where they arrived a few days before 1 ormer
Atlantic ' Hotel.
A few days since a man dressed in
good clothes, an eye-glass and a gold
mounted cane, and possessing alto
gtl cr a rnther clerical appearance,
hailed a passing street cr. There was
nothing unusu! or particularly notice
ably iu this except the air of lofty I the vessel which was to bring the ab
sent husband and father. One day
halt, and t!i desperato effort which be wl'le Hie street they vrere insulted
iiad made to maintain his centre of by a young man, who was promptly
gravity as he parsed to the car, and to knocked down by a young eaiLr, rb.
cj::ccal the f..ct thit he was slightly proved to be none other than Charles
ft. B. D0D30X,
dropper, as she was, and hmrieddown by day in your path, remembcrin
it is who has said, " Ye 9 alt iu no
rr to lilt
inebriated. Arriving at the door, be
solemnly raisod his right foot to enter
but not raising it quite high enough,
ho fell heudlong oti the fl or of the car.
Haisirg himself up with difficulty, he
cat a severely reproving lck at the
ohl gutleman who sat near the door,
and .'-aid
"Sir; what d'ye lift up this car foi
just s I was going to get in !'
'My dear ir, I didn't lifi the car
replied the old gentleman, meekly.
Casting as stea l a gaze upon the
old gentleman as he could uuder the
circoTii-tances, he replied,
'Well, perhaps you didn't. I won't
'tempt to argue ith a man la your
condition. My amiable friend, it's
Hodman, ho bad been saved from
the vessel which was lost. On the ar
rival of Mr. Hud man the family were
once more united.
"You here, Lucy?" cried Mrs. Ha
ven, who was busy at her stockiug-
. You here. Miss Darl ?" exclaimed
George, who . had just brought m an
armful of fresh kindlinjrs.
wie lose your rewrd.'
A citizen of Gratiot Avenue called ou
the Chief of Police, tbs other day, and
" Icouldu't find any ne up stairs," without any skirmishing round ho en
44 Isn't dere some law about dot ?"
44 What is that?" asked the chief,'
" an aot bo dot a . vellor shall call
hb dog 4 Bismarck Y replied the man.
44 Why, a man can'give his doj any
name he wants to, I suppose.
He can?''
The Dki-tii op Meanse s. The
Washington Gazette ba-s found him
we mean the n canest man in Georgia
a young man in Wilkes county, who
confessvl to his sweetheart to whom be
was engaged and who was anxious to
have the marriage ceremony consum
mated, that he bad not tbe necessary
amount (1.51.) to purchase the liccusc
The poor girl raised $1,55, wlikh she
had beeu caiefu'ly, with whkh
to buy a Christ ma dress, and sent him
Til mtgnifint IIOTIX, sftr bsrlnjl
beu tht roaxbly rtnre'! wid reflud, U
uow open for tb c raiaoAatioa cf gQMt.
" Board, flnt ad second floor, t3 pr dJ
Third and fourth floor, 12,5') P' J
ULcrtl una to prmnut UoJeTt
I have four fine fat beeves wbica I
wish to sell on the hoof.
Cedar Rock, N. C
oojx jmaxziiT
Exemted la th vry bert ani latest lm-
SruTed ule. W bTe 11a oulr c.,3t.irvj
THE UTT Or IlALRKilL and tLa
LKWTT K3TABLlaHMr.NT vt the kind
IN THE STATE. Orr rnoting, tocloiitt;
huoplot aad books, a Un cxumlrdy
rltcJ by Mi Trt Sonkmnd Pmlh. tmy
B. BarwrO, A- IL. Tc-f )ntlln(, IU.
Irfti: " I mt aerrr aJ dkt. k h any
Printers who do bttter Wfk. t. P. liotn
rood, Prtodral IUifUh t SrralRsry:
- lXn all toy lrlnling tt tM lMt twt
rear do m Cd work xA on a rroiMtl
aid Lucy, bl
painfully conscious. 44 1 lo,.ked all over.
I've just come to ask if you got the root
of Hartford fern you promised me, Mrs.
Haven ?'
4 It's set out in a flower -pot, vuder
the back kitchen window,'' said Mrs.
It'vven. ' But you'll stay all day, now
that you are here. Lucy dear ?"
Miss Lucy did not refuse.
Mr. Eugene Foils, it lay in bed uu
til eldvcn, and rd novels. At noon
he came down stairs.
: Confounded dull here, without a
mu1 to speak to,' said ue. -
Of course Uis mother ai;d sister were i
outside the aie of tividz nl huuiauit .. 1
And at -u-. set; 'whea the crim '
beams ot the devliuiug ort of ;av broke
radiently out turou-h joruu,; clouds, he 1 w.
" Aud dot man schall call bis dog
Bismarck T
4 Yes.'
44 And zjlaw Lsh no good?
' lit t !
'I :
yes ! I shalt tj mit my
luui. n:y do ihorge-
Staer-d-'j rant-Iiofetmas-
1. wus re4 in
Serrna aa air PabOstlnz !ias North or
South." Ma). Kott. fcincktn, 8upt lilrtic
tiam tV-bof 4 : We ttyw of do tw-ttcr boru
In ttv ir Un.m FrrVUnt and CwhW Uti
trw' N lvml Bank, of Ealeih : We know
f no EataMKbtnent to mine ont mtirr or
more aatUfaotory yA. Mart of thrU-rtat
to town to procure tbenecesary licwe.
my calm and uelibera e ' pinion that He invested the nyrnej ia license to
that you have been looking upon the """J tr girf For raal, unmitU
wine when it is red. Vry sorry to sa jpted tucanB-AS, this ejo is without
it iu a man of your age. Wlat d'you Fkrauci. so tar as we know.
sicse your mother would say if she
should sea vou intossicated? Mv Sozplk Experiment. Puce a to-
fricud, I've wept many bitter tears I " in such a rositioo on tbe
over such cases as yours. Yes, - eon- j the tacls that, if it were left
tinned he, in a faltering vcic. and unsupported, it would fall to tbe
Lullincout bis handkerchief, "and I'm ground." A.-poker may aow be su -
d-d if I ant't weeping now, as you'll Tded 'ion, tbe pipe io sod, a manner JSSt wST-
i- I that the weight of tha l o';er will be I Our It L. A ti.fl Cor IVtLl drrtiT, Rrr-
ICAUtif uvawiiv. I o 1" . , . . . . -- A
the hrat lo the tnarkxt. tor eatalojrc
Hfjrlf yoo want fwd work ait Uiw
VrZc. for Prtnttne DOOK.S, PAMFIILETT4,
tTTlf rn want IXDGT23, DAT-BOO
t.Ijla)kd pxxika ecaAP uooKa, old
roor-Bnronra or A5T nsD,
8cn4 your erdrr to ;
OrtfX ut N. C KapJt. P-:VLe3
rrrry wrrk at titO ir annfim. Ooo t the
Whereupon be wir ed bis eves with sustained by the pipe. The looped
a grand flourish, blew bis uoe, and tring on which the polker hangs
navigated to tbe o'tber end of tbe car. should be as close as possible to tbe
When be reached bis domination, be bowl of the pipe, and tbe end cf the
pulled the I ell-strap and started for porker niut fall under tbe edge of tbe
the door. Wbou bo got about half- hle. The centre of gravity in tbil
way. and just as bo got in front of a se t below tbe ce-tre tf
lady, be tripped and fell at full lengto suspension, and tbe pipe cong
ou the floor. lUUing biuivelf to a 'iucntlf supports the icr;
rrneudicular. be turned to tbe ladv. If a little thread be well toaked in
i r - y
aud iu a tone of miuglci severity and
hiky, Sail,
"Madam, you've certainly pot the
bigg-st ftct I - frsawia my life."
a strong solution of alt and water,
and then dried and tied to a rirg
not ipuch larger than a wcWng rinj.
vou may apply the Same of a candle
the thread, which will burn ta asbe?.
6h,doa't 'pologizi, madam. I beg 1 i jet it will loitain tbe ring. The
uUcU !U iiKa- Papers la the Pooth. A aa
dr.r,-ui mMlam n tv ni-j d , "7 1 ,
the .A'f. Adlrwa. EDWAJO, liUOLOU
TON o; CO.. Balrlch, S.C

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