North Carolina Newspapers

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Itfiai-Wi!.- ViSfeiW trails' -fe TiaiiSb, V
mftm iS yyv
Wrfk , 1-rMSr
v y V" ? vv v a J
PBiTti asu i'i;(aiBiii,)i, kvrnr fi KMtv,
JSr lllNCdlAU h W !!ll'K.
The subscription to the W'i.sti;iin C .ttnu. i
K 77in-e Z)Wr per annum, payable hull' yearly
in advance.
(0 No paper wilt 1)u disenn timed until all
arrearages are paid, miles:; at the tllsrrtition of
the Editors; and any subscriber failing to give
rioticeof bis witih to discontinue at the end of a
year, will be considered as wishing to continue
the paper, which will be sent accordingly.'
Whoever will become responsible for the
payment of nine papers, shall receive a tenth
AnvKnTimiHENTH will be inserted on tin; cus
tomary terms. .Person sending in Adver
tisements, must specify 'he number of times they
wish them inserted, or they will be continued till
ordered out, and charged accordingly.
No advertisement inserted until it has been
paid for, or its payment assumed by some person
in this town, or its vicinity..
(fj All letters to the editors must be i's!-;mid
or they will not hp attended to.
I ITAVINfi purchased Doet. Ccc!:-
3 CZkm I I jtl, Medical F.stahlishliiettt,
'' . J hns settled himself in Salisbury, and
ofler li'm Her. ices, in tin1 v:.riiiui
branches of his prof.- sion, to the
citizens of tlii; place and its virinitv. Ilis shop
one door east of Mr. Slaughter's tavern, on
X.lidury, Jun. 23, 1S23. 'JStf
FIMIK subscriber oeing alxmt to remoe to
J Huleigh, reqnestt ti oS ' who ai-c ind. bled
to him to call ami wide their accounts. I l.oac
Vbo have claim vi!l please to nres-.-nt 'In ni.
SaUduty, Jii. 2$, lH-'l. '.H
lhcts. VrnnkWn L'arsun,
1 I AVINti united their interest in the prart'ee
J I of Pin sic, respectfully lender tin if vrj-C-i,
in the drfl'i rent tmnHie of tlc-ir proti smoii,
to die inhabitants of S'atcsnlle and it vicinity.
Th.y tK-. upy the s'and fonnerly occupied by !
j ,i win it m iiinin "in in j iv ni in.i II t
eralb be found, or by inquiring at the house of j
I Ifobert Simonton or IJube-t Worke, F.sirs. ; ami '
1 t prompl utimliou to mitnicu tl.ey lio;,o M
mrrit the confidence and gain the pa'jotiagv f
i the public. .
.SVumiZf, Frb. 3, 132.3. tt'U
.,' Unraliilnn, .V. C.
ME subscribers respectfully acquaint the
zcus of the wesieni part' of W!i.f!aro. I
lit.... the contigumi. partaof South-Carot.ia. ""V ,",., 1 . '
that the. have commenced the above mentioned ' "'' .'r 1
b.isines; which they will earn on with pencil. ,,nc bc TtVi i
ali.v and despatch. " .and execut, d on a shurl nel,ee. IVople who
I hev flutter the-nselve, that. In their nssid... a' in7' X T'' T, 'l
ity and thev will be'er-bted to d"',v'"-' ''"'T t!,,,lll iXU mA 81 m ,
ample justice to their rtnpliivcrs.
M All UN C. 1'HIIF.K'.
AVM. ft I.YF.KIIOt Ml. i
N. H.. Sig'n-lloards neatly ortiatnented, v. ith
guilt or paint, exeruled at the shortest notice.
j!iff.i', re. 31, 1822. lJ-.vt 16
StV TWff.
rs .'OI.F.V f.-tn the subw-iiber's
in ti
t-mf-ifiim. nil tli.- ii, I iintcf
of Wavluw Creek, Meclih-iiUuig
.'' i couu'v, N. C. two n;..iu!.
asro, a reii wmi iiuur, me vcar ui. nx
alMMit 14'h, heavy made, WOiA! v. 1 11
III harnet.) am knldi lias no White tmrK on
him ; racks a.. 1 trots hot more ge:i:-;lly the
first; and was lime ... Ipw'.l orJiT. Any;
rrsna c'viiv; v,.t-ci- of fur above deribnl I
lor, so that the o ner can get him a,, shall
he rewarded for Lis '.rouble, a, I re t.un:ii ,c
txiiinscs p.'n.!.
.KfsF.ri! YAlU'.tiOt'CM.
January 21, lU2.o t-:i
SUxAfe ui" XovWi-V-'twiAiiitt,
?t F.C R 1.EN BU UO COt'NTY.
ri'F.KIOi: Court of Law. Fall Term. IRJ2....
llivurre ami Alimony. It aiitiearintr t-i eour, .
that William Keir n sides VMilmut the b.-iits of ( n .a'e.-ials and having, fur a inm.ber o! years ia,rnlton llanis is charged witb havitiij com
this state : OnA-ivif, that itiblioation lie ill j.., ,t, devoted ahi.osl bis win U- a't.-ntinn lo ae. ! mJtt,.!! raic.
th Star and Western Carolinian news papers , tjuire a competent knowledge of thi branch of A rrward of S100 will be piven for the ;ipre
for three mouthy that unless the said iili.un ' nmines,s he feels confident uf being able toive ) u.nion nf Curtis and 25 dollars fr the aipre-
Kerr .to make Ins appraraur? aUlie ik-xI
lirr Cc'.:r? b" held fr d.u ; of
Mecklenbnrg. at Ihe C.mH-lbKise in I'liarlotte, 1 ;,1 (;laiti(j vsill also he everulctl in a uem n.,u.
tm the full Monday after the 'l'.h Mouibiy of I m-r, and on reasonable tern s. He alsn keeps
' March, 1S2.5, and ansa er, plea-!, or tic mur, hi ' 0ii band, fr sle, cipul anil Japan 1'tirnii.h.
sniil tirtitiop, the same uill he hi an I e parte, ! WuutetL as an niiprcntiec to ll.e above busi-
and sentence and a decree made aeconimL' lo
(lie pravcr thereof, -
- A copv, test. CI.O. (.UAIUM. Cik.
runt' Vr. Price adv. Sb '
fttc." V Xoy-C'.viAu,
ieiTFiHUm Court of !., Fall Term. IK2.
C5 Sarah ISradshsw, r . I'.'.'i lira.l!iav....lVliti.ii. I
for Divorce, hied nt spring term, 1 i22. It ap
pearing to the satisfaction t-f the court, that the
defendant is nut an inhabitant of 'h-i ta'c :
rtr.f, tl.t i rlbre, that puMieathm U- tm. Ii 'i i the
Western t I'n-lii.ian, ;,l nalei;h Itrpisitr, fur
three months that tin defendant f.ppenr at the
next Superior Court of Law, to hi held Sir the
county nf Cabarrus ' on the Tth Monday after
the 4th Monday in March next, then mid there
to plead to said pttiron, otherwise it uill be
heard ex parte, and decreed areortYinrlv.
J. M. lit TCI1IS0.V. (Y V. C,
rt'it4b I'ricc adv. 1.
Clfcrtll"-i',""TM"iJ 1 ifrTBfi1 ti. .im tfliflrtfttf fi
.?.V.S7f V lVVVllt,,
.nmvs Wuvv.
f JX'JIS 'fgant estahlisbmen situated at tlie
I. north corner of the Court-House, is now
fitted up in a new and superior style, for the
reception of Company. The greatest pains ha e
been taken to prnc.urc for this estaldiiihmimt,
furniture of every description, neix iary for the
comfort of Travellers. The most approved ser
vant!) have been selee.ed, with great care ; the
b;r stocked with thu'w e liijuoiN, and the triable!
atU iuled by obliging and a'tentne hostU-rs, The
eoiivenie.nre of this situation forbiibineM in etmal
to any in the place. The house contains a num.
bcr of private rooms, well calculated for the sc.
coniinodation of Travellers and lionrdi rsi at.
taehed to which there is ft Dry tiood and Hook
Store. To those ho may ph ase to call on lliui,
he ussures them that no pjiins shall b spared
to render their stav eoud'ort.ible and plensiug.
J A MliS IIl'IK.
Octr,!,,;- 7, VP.Z '22'-
fVunus . nnunw,
II KSI'F.C'I Ft I.I.Y inform, the public, that he
l has established himseli' in bnsinfs.4 in this
plate, in the house lu t door to Mr. Slaughter's
tavern. Orders from a distance will be prompt
ly attended to, (Jeu'hnu-n fawning him with
their c ustom, may e peet their work done in the
neatest ami moM fashionable st le. Hit luo. made
arrangements regularly to get the l .s.nons liom
Philadelphia; and sol., its a hbareoi pubbe pat -
ronage j and, by his as..idmty and attention
to business to phase all who may lav or him ui'.h
their ciwfoin.
Siilubury, r,h. 1 111,, H2X Ml
.. r" ij .
rUYC WUUftl'S ll) UC!lf
IN (III'.I! A'.V.
flTlF. wihsfriher roo. to rent two Store !
' I (Poses in l,;,.tv., Miuaudou Ma! ket,
r . . I .. ... .1 . ..; .. ...e; ,i .. 'ii. .
lew il-'ois triil. tlie conn r ,J rnilit..'!'. -i I. I liese
houses were olam.c.l atul eonmueled under the '
direction of lui e.:.e',," uei il lit -ic'i int, and are
well c..h nl.itei! ii r tii bunni m of Clu raw, be-
ing in the ceuire of ll.e ee!n! n.firkft.
For trrii'S, i.pply to tin- subsi iiin r, at Salisbu
n. N. t'. t-r to .Mr. V aid Cow iii,r...r to Mr. il-
son, of CIic r.i.v. I
J. .'. PF.AKSON. 1
h n. 1R, l-'l'M. M:i.-t?nt
l. S. I'he Hibse. ibi r ill sell, en accmmmL- j
t in ir- terms Hther or tm'h !ie houses anil
,,,,,'j,, ,!lt. ,ow , , ,..,,,
He alxi oilers tu tub; stier..! uiii.'noroveil
J. A. I.
. . - i i i.
Vvo V V tv'lU" t'tf
the pu
MF.H It. MAMflOV ri-niM-tridlv informs
blic, tliat lie i-. the old shop '
formerlv ov. ned In his f.itlur, on Main-street,
a evvd..ovS H.,u!l.oH!,eli,urlJlouse,Sah,bn.y,
!"'lX "m "' ;;ar;!' :,h " K""'1 ,:t ,
tools to repair all kinds ot
lie assures all who mav f.,vor him vith their
CUMotn, tliat their work shall he exeouted in as
s! ,c aa' '".'V "I"'7'"'! '"' lt,; P irt !r
; v the old e-t:itil:v ie". -s'-erv pr.ei Ciargea. '
i ,, .: ,. . i.v t:i.V ' 'u ' I
i ' , .- t"-, - ;
i t .!
hutVl ,',IV t tvl;i.
m-Ji-. ,d scriher re specif, llv 'their
-..i. i, n,wl ti. ..,..,!, y,r .i ".r.... iii .iih. e
l...... nil.), .p (, . . r I . , ''
r. , i.. i i- .I,,. miMnit . nl i im ',,,. ,, it,,
bx ;-;ess in sll its Tbrv sr.- well pre-
i to make all k - t ttiiniMir and F-iieV
fli.'rs. ..,, CI 2 to C12'J Per m-I. ; iillenu n i
w Uhieg eh--tnt clui'.i. or si !!ei s Um.v rely up
f ... , ,
OH l.avtl.g 1?m as Hi ;..l.!iv Miatu1 aI toe s..
of the M.hsrr.hcrs ." at anv i.'hvr in the ' te
ijj. fS;;,; amJ M-ttces repaired, at n reasoiiabl
Tilt- wibs.-rih.-i-s are also r.m:pett-!v t.eia
,,,( ,t,)c ti.r, to nV- call 'miU of
y ,.., ,', a( frum 5 3 to Ji.
td.ii. Y. t.UIMF.'s
.!. TAYf;.
' f i F.O. V. Cl'IMI'.S begs 1,-uVf to inform 'he.
I X cit.eti, .,t ali urv, an.t tn-.- sitrroumlmg
citizen, if al
etmotrv, that he lUdl eoniiiiues to e.eeu',
hi.nse, sijri., co..rb, ami ,m...mmtal
I'ain'iu-'. Ihn iuir procured an ample snniilv of
nie-.Mu!,r.ietnin to those who may oc pi. ase.l to la-
i ,.r him with orders in the nbnve line, t.ilding
- ness, one or two la.iN ti"i a ikl 4 ' "ge,
Inf sleadv and industvinUS Iwbi's : ft whom, if
, u v prose '
.. .1 . 1 1 '...-..... ...wI
enan. i-e-
.;:.'.....', t,!. . I3.J.
Su'i'liuri; et. 14, If:??. .
ETTUliS atldresswl to the ShcriH'of li' ail
count v on t.flicial b.i-uit ' -s, i...i-t her. alter
I... ,..,.'. op tlw v will net he ntteu.h .1 to. As
therc are ereal numbers nf letter adi'.res.ed to
f.fini other comities ' have louti't tt ne-
ces arv to tiis course in oi d ?io
sel! the csjieitse of payinj; l-.i'hcr an
le sum in the course nf a ear, to the sole h. iv
tf.t of other pt tilde's pi', ki ts.
samit'.i. joxes, av..-.-.: i
.MiViUyv ,Yaccuhs, '
I yoli sergeant of n.aViM'f an approved,
arc kept fir tab nt the d 'i ."' Office.
f jlllK stdscriber olli-rs for bale, the plantation
I on which he now lives, lying on the west
side of the main Yadkin, w t II known by the
iMirie of Kiddle's ferry, and containing between
f mr and tivi: liundred acres. It lies on the main
road leading from lutein to Cieorgiaj is well
watered, and has good improvements thereon.
The land is of uk good a quality as any in the
Forks of the Yadkin, and vell suited to the rais
ing of tobarco, wheat, com, &c. Any person
wishing to purchase, would do well to make
immediate application. The terms will be fa
vorable, ail will be made knounon application
to the subscriber,
CO' A good boat belongs to the ferry.
H ovian Vuviity, Frb. 24,
n virtue of an order of court, obtained at
February term, 182.1, authorising the sale
of two of the negroes of the estate of Hubert
llaird, deceased, I will sell at a credit of twehe
months, at Francis Neely's mills, on Saturday,
the '.''Jlh of March, 182.!, one negro girl Ks'hrr,
about 12 years old, and one negro boy Joe, about
10 vears old. Attendance, he. by
A Vivr;uu.
Tjl'IK subscriber being desirous or removing
I to the. W estern country, oilers for sale the
! ,,;itati.n whereon he now livn, containing GOO
, ;ri 0f MVt 0f there is cleared about
, s ..rt.s 5iJ arre, f wj,icn art. fn. Mu j ;,, j
j r,Urfor cultivation : it product s corn and wheat
I u t. a, aliy al)j ; h neighborhood ; there are
j,,,, (le an,i ltni. comfortable dwelling house,
barn and other necessary out houses; als, there
are two o - client grist mills and saw mill now in
complete repair on a never failing stream. Afur-
:""" " uu,.e.,
!"J:r T."M ",h "W1'0 l,nmM-f' ,l,0'i",d
I" s u iiuwau coumv, 1 1 nines uon. vsi uuin
... . !. .. r .. .
! Statrsvillc.
" .-,..u...K ... .-u..,
1,'iman Comity, rV. V. Feb. 17, lij
! 4 t(',I.K man, well recommended, uhonn-
li d
1 d rsiands the culture of corn and cotton,
and the management of negroes, ill Meet ith
fl"t lo ment; Apply at this ollke.
- 182J. '40
fl, ... t
ri'IF. subscriber respectfully inform the citi
1 2en of Salisbury and its vicinity, that lie
carries on the TAII.O'MM; lltINFS in the
ktr. Imtitn rf Mr 1'tmrtfi I rwtit If U ill unrlf
. rt.Jm:Me tvrm that can be ,lrsir.
td, and hopes by doe attention, neatness and
((. ., )a, ,L. wi nicri1
patronage, lie also flatter, I
. fcH,fi4Ct;(m to 1(m. tha,
nt a share ot public
himself that he can
pot KHtisUctioli to tliose lliat may please to call
upon hint, at any time, with tbcireustoin. Clean.
; and repairing old clothes v, ill be duly attcml-
. i ... .. . i,n-t . . ... , ..
v .,,, ',, , f, ,VM.t
a,',-orn', flour, pork, bacon, tallow, beeswax, but-
Ur. " such assuits the market, and a generous
pricC given. Wi7
' h S AMI F.I. FlilCF..
V.Stte Ot W,V U Wo1hsIU,
llftVUlV Ul A , '
tR II la
th ise persons who have lawful demanils
against the estate of Woodson, sen.
h ceased, arc herein requested to make them
known to the administrator,' on or before the
21st d.y of Mav next, so that be may be pre-
pared to tiiakc . ttl. nu nt as far as the estate m
liis hands n.v be sullicient. As be wishes to
make a final settlement of said estate at nct
May court, lu. hojies all w ill avail thenuchv of
J- W- WALTON, It :
.. . nn fQ.Tl
i in. u, I rr
I l! KF Anson jail, on Friday, the 7th instant,
1 Amu Cio O ami llauullm iiiin. I lies
Cur'is is bet wi-rn 25 sod years of a;re, about
5 feet 9 or ') im lu shigh, ;ian- made, ilaiklu i,
long tshaip nose, s-miewhal dark (.kiniied, pa'.e
' blur, or rather prev cvi s thin visaged, slow !
siieeeh, down Ink, and is fond of spirits; Ins
knot on one of his lingers and ' believe i n the
i left hand, which i a little crvkeil and s'.iff.
I llaindton Harris is a tolerably large bodied
1 man. about 5 feet l'J or 1 1 inches hifh. vc rv .l -rl
im..ll(), wtwcn.J0 and u5 vearsof a sc. Il..r
r;H ;4 mriecl fellow f.; breaking jaiU and h:
broken several in the western uni t o tlu s' .l''
i1m,.:ih crti is charted with the ii.ur.Ur.-f
; Thomas Cash
1Cf1Mt,n of Harris so that I pet hol.l ot tlieni.
trfruory , m.o,-
te oV XnviAi-eiwuVvim,
("IOC HI' of I'leas and stuiirtrr '.. J-t.ii-.
arvTerm, 1823 t.uev livrrly, t -. I'l.'.litv
(; .and llarbara his wile, tii-or-e Ken). -y
all,Uv.y his wife, M.mhea Collins and Cbruiiiiu
... lfc ,M-ltim fr Dower. It appearing to
the aatisfaclioil of the ronrt, that IMiibp (ianincr
' land Harlmra his wife, tU-orire Kepley and Cat v
- wifc Mordica Collins and Ciiristina hit win-,
! an- iubnbitantt of another slate : It is therefore
(h,Uil, tlial puntieaiion ne maoe tnree
w e. ks in the Western Cam!uu.-.n, that the .lc-
fctulants appear at the nest court to he hi I.I for
,s..-l countv. ontlie to.irtn sinnuav m rtpmncy
tin n and there to i l. a.l, answer or tltii.u-
e.l w isc thr petition w ill be heard x parte.
' A copy from the miiiut. S. . 4
u. auii.iv, i. i . c .
3wt'44 . - .
Y'.tbe tlnxcn, or single out-, for n.ile at tbe
office of the Wt stern Carolinian, Nul iburS '
'' " ', 'VlTT't '
Hail ' first of Arts, source of domi stir, case ;
I'r'olc of tins land, awl patron of the teas.
run thk itii.iuiiH inr.u,
We ate happy lo have it in our power
to state, that Jas. A, Buchanan, Ya. of
this city, has. imported, through llic me
dium of our worthy Consul at the Isle d
I'raticci Martin llickham, F-sq. a bag of
cotton seed, upecially picked and prepar
ed for tlio purpose by a planter of hih
staiidiuj;, in that colony, who has kindly
furnished some interesting remarks upon
the nissi improved pltt tif cultivating it.
Wc utitleratand this seed i- dcpostied at
the store of the Warren Factor., No. 3,
1 1 jiiover-sti ttt, where all applications, ci
ther by letter or otherwise, for tsinal! quan
tities, will be graitiitously attended to
while it lasts. Ve hope the disttibutioti
trf this truly valuable aeeil will be judi
ciously made by Mr., for it is
well Known, tliat the cotton of the Isle of
Fi ance is superioi lo any in the woild,
with the exception of our very best long
staple Sea Islands. It behoves our most
active planters to follow up this attempt
to introduce a new desctiption of t ottoti
into our country,, and we entertain the
most sanguine l.oprs.'.hat the issue oflhcse
exertions may realize the expectations of i
the KeiitiiUian with whom they origina
ted. We shall of course expect all thoc
who may receive any of this seed, with a
view to make trial of it. to give us, from
tiine toiime, an account of ihcir p-orcss-
It is plante.' heie in trie months of No
vember and December (our spring,) tnd
the trees last three or four years; after
the first year they are cut off nearly even
with the earth, and they shoot up sain to
neatly their usual height, when it is ne
cessary to turn off their tops, and keep
tbeiii id the height of about four feet and
a half. 1 hey are planted in rich ground
a 7 and 8 feet distance, one from the oth-
cr; ant! in poor ground, at about 5 feet
distance) only two plants are left in the
same hole, and the seeds are planted
..bout one inch under ground ; it is neces
sary to keep the f.elJ very dean, and clear
of weeds, and let the cotton be pcrfcctlv
c'ry -before it is collected : the plants ought
to bo heed, and their toots well' covered
when wunLr. After the cotton is collec
ted, it is passed llifou jh a mill, and clean
d by means of cylinders, after which it
is picked l v l.;l)rf, and frrcd of all dirt,
and impuiitics, then sent to the press to
be etitbalcd.
I.rxingt'.rt, Kij. 1 4f A Mv. iS22.
Sin If a receipt fjr cut ing horses of
the Potln, will be any acpiikition to the
rentiers oi your vciy usiim p-i-m v. itpcit the following, which I can
vouch for, by most successful cxjieri
incuts. InJcetl.Idojot know, nor have I
beard of a caue in which its application has
not accomplished a speedy and pcrfcci
Drench tho horse with ounce e-f salt
pe'.rc dissolved in common water, and in
ubutit I minutes ui viich him with J ounce
of alum, dissolved in like manner. Ii is
recommended ttiatlhe horse have no wa
tcr for - V hours after this process "
The cTrct produced bv the prescrip
lion. is this: The salt pctrc forces the Butt
fiy to rdioaf his firm and buried Jiold in
the muw and stomach of the horse, and
the vdtim destroys it. -
A pint of molasses, mixed with a like
tjuantity of sweet milk,, will be a gooi
substitute for the salt petre, if the lattei
ramn.i bo had, I he molasses and milk
eii'ifc the fly to quit its plucei that it may
partake of the grateful repast. The salt
pclrc forces a itka'se, hv the pbin w' ich
it infikts. I5ut in either tae, the ahirit
destroys, jet this would le inopeniiivet V)
long as the fly cic cult cfiched in the
birotij; fortress wi-id. l.c tnukca tit the
maw and stomach,
Wry lioprrifullvt
H. II.
To J. S. Skinner, Kditor Am. Far m,
l'rorn the Albany Daily Advertiser,
1 a jf.MKur.yox.
On the farm of Isr. e' l-oomis, sen. iy
the town of Wanrn. Herkimer cotn;tyi
N. V. about 65 miles west of , 1 1
miles souUt of the, and half milo
north of the third great western mi i.,'uo
road, is a small spring or run of w-if r,
which, to all appearance, necr ahf is in
(uniitity, either in wet weather or in dry.
The watci is prtfectly soft and is consid
ered the best jn the region.
Now to the phenomenon, Always, in
variably, befote a north east storm, this
spring becomes turbid. I hi mu.uliiiess
commences about 24 hours uelore tbo
storm, and continues from 4 to 10 hours,
affording to the power of the storm wttit Ii
is coming : this invari .bly takes plce
ptevious to the north eai storm, and at
no other time. Previous to a moderate
storm, however, this ntudcliness of tho
water does not continue more than two
hours, and then runs clear again. ' I here
can be no pos.iblc error in this statement.
The w ater is now conducted in aijutdu. ts,
and the spring is coveted, so that no pos.
sible external cause could prouure this
effect. I hiive now sta'ed ficls as they
are. I be respcr table agt-cl people who
have used the waters of the spring more
than CO ets, tell me that thev can pre
dict a north east storm r.s certainly as they
can the nsingor setting of the sun ; ant! that
when ti c weather is prrfcc:ly mild, and
the wind in the south or in the esi. and
no prrc eptihle signs of any storm at h-nd,
still, if their spring becomes muddv, they
are prrfecilv sure tint north-east storm
will commence within 24 hour.
This spring is situated the north foot
of a small hill, which is ihe most north
wardly spur of that r ne of hills whoso
waters feed the Susquehanna. The hill
appears to be composed f clay and tx hist,
and the spring pours out its water near
its north foot, about to rods above the
plane, where the iimesione region com
mences. This water flows toihe Susouc
hanna. Although, in a direct lint , it is
within 9 0" 10 miles of the Mohawk ri
Whether this does or does not Cvor
captain Symmes theory of the earth, 'I
shall not attempt t deride but h ving
stated farts as they are, I shall leave their
cause to be decided by men wh know
more about subjects of this nature tbati
An t'l.'romrrf fravtltrr.
Roads form an index to the character
of a people, and the condition of the one
is never at a great distance fram the con
dition of the other. If the former are in
a ruinous sta'e, the latter are sure to be
ncarl so. Good roads are a source of
constant incormc, to every class of citi
zctia. The fatmer reaps his per centaee
in the safe cxrursiens of hi family, and
in marketing his pi rehire -the mrrrhant,
in the prices r iraUHportation ; ai.d no
one, even down to the old bachelor, g urn
blir.g along in his sulky, ever found him
self a loser in consequence of his expen
liiturcsoa the road Clruvrtod Herald.
.4 t'-rx?irn:iotia .aw-yer Edward Bid
die, of Reading. Ta. was a lawyer of em
inence, and a decided friend to the liber
tics of his country, home time previous
to the revolutionary war, he was especial
ly engaged to defend a cause in the lower
counties, n jw state of Delaware, and bad
received his retaining Ice, twenty half
joes, an extravagant sura itt those days.
After attending ome time tethe evidence
and arguments on the opposite side, he
was so fully convinced of the unprinci
pled conduct of his client, that he left
the court) and returned the fee, telling
him that be must una anoiocr ..:.
as he cctild not for any consideration con
sent to bo n instrument of injustice.
On the 2d inst. the Board of Man
agers held their meeting in the room
appropriated to their use in the new
building erected by the Society in Nas
sau street, New-York. The house af
fords accommodation for the ktrpcr
..nil his family, for the Agent. Secre
taries and Committee!, with a large
..pace for the depository of Hiblet and
Testaments, tlso a rtom for the use . f
die Managers, besides apartments lor
the printer and hook bidders -The
- tection of this building augurs fjvrr
ibl v for the permanent prosperity of
I the institution.
- v.w" &-y ;' . .-,,

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