North Carolina Newspapers

A tli.k ttd Iraki In the time if atom,
tm'd WiinJtjf to come brpw
8j mu f.r tile, be J-y ih-dicrM knl Tint,
It ijoictly K!i'J L'.m la sUcp peace.
Jte t!iU are I1 attr'Jj the UvU are at
TL hcr p (4 Lt pasture lueSo'd 1
But Ui r ;i ti.rfVrt U) I10U of lu !,
fl4 coat U left forfeit behind,
Vj Mead, ba the U.kk t of U sever tryM,
Coawkr before yoa gel In 1 side,
' TW j'k!gmtnt n4 arntenri ar pueM M jour
... H) Java, -ail WItMLl4 ju Ua...
Tiir, wish.
- - fn ftes wWd M UN s frienl
W ilk bote any cboeeet hour la spend,
' Tt UoA I etftly BMgtt Impart '
t , wieli and weakness tat iy heart I
llki wout l in mry euerow cheer,
And every joy flak doubly draff
for ah a alone, I'd wiab to be,
Ad ! WlluU Skylit! fofBM
And U secure sr.y bUas fr tf,
Vi wwls tUt fhea4 te be s w IfE,
Wbea fortune kbIi aid look serene
l "ia bir, bo do do f
Tour family are will, I hope.
Cm I srt them or jo f
jBut turn tli cl let fortune frown,
And ill and r 0 I'ye 1
til tLtiv " I'm aorry for your lows,
lial tin are bard gvl by t're."
Jfo awr shall copy bad perpUi asy brmin 1
Ko Bur aLidJ tjpi'i small foce awy eye ball
Kraut 1
ft 0 mure the prooTi foul page ereati my trouble,
J errors, trsMpoeUiona, out, and double
ha more to tfinu shall I begin 1
2o rnof be driving out, or taking in j
. Tic itulboro Pre aurln't Crown be-acvfTi
JUriscd, corrected, finally orbed ofl.
JuK Au like, together crub4 iJ brviwM,
Btrt like Die ctrth, bnnotiioulj contut'd.
. . MAP OP urn
Having cait our c) c over the pa.
gf of a newtpapcr, we, coulJ not but
be atrutk with the variety of inttlli-
Jence conveved in 1 ingle ahert. It
utiutci ibc holcjalc wicea currcnL
tjrhich bring to view the buttle of mer.
- chtndize 1-thn followa a half c lumn
if applicatUma fr Uttcra of adminis-
-trativr-irircioiy renainaiDo; o, tnat
piMjoUhjit htely-actire individuals
are no quietly reposing to the armi
ml utth, juid ihjit m juv cUmonma rtl.
ativci and friends ire thinking more
"-, of their property than of their ahea.
The intelligence now takes a bolder
well, e aue informed in what ttate,
ft fcumher. a large cooorepation of
theie transitory mortal, are doing in
.. . . ; .., ., w
their dignified, executive and lrgisla-
-ttve-capatiiy meo-wlu) talk about
(heir right as if they were of an eter
Occur, showing how thcae important
characieia may hasten the approach of
the king of terror, aa if death delayed
bis advancea.too long then we have
an account of a penitentiary, explain
ing the, modes adopted- by aociety to
aecure the possesiors of property the
'nienna of enjoying it during the regu
lar advance of death. Then cornea a
project of internal improvement that
for the little time we do remain upon
earth, we may be allowed the use of
internal canals j that we may divert
river from their ancient courses j e ve
ry particle whereof reminds u of the
,flow of human existence j then come
advertisements for builder, stone ma
thru tenant rf hotir must huilii hnn.
, r-r aea for their : rt wde tj jhail w HI I l:if
pern mansions ir otnera to innaou.
At last, in a little obscure corner of
the 'iiempapcr, we find an obituary---
passed over at. an ordinary event to
remind us, after all, of how little con
sequence we are.
" Ustful rules Jer tundry torts of pevple,
1, When ypu are walking to Church,
rtalkarlotitjtyBsyotr cart f to that oth
ers may know yow are in the way of
3. When jrou are fairly seated, at
galiolicr-Tiow partic ular
irienuil tnia- anows gooa maancri,
and kind feelings. ' vj -V
3. If you are a singa sing a little
after (ht test of the "singers because
; hemcre the it of a good thing, and
!the longer it lastt, ihc better,
: ' 4. li the seats io the Peui arc on
hinges, the moment prayer Is ended,
;:; l'r"i Ju:nt aal male & sv:tli
r-oiic b ai d ing you t un. It will tip t!iot who art tlrwwiy ami
q jicktn their attf ntion tt the itrmon.
5. When you alcrp at tnertir, do
it without dWgu'ue or corset atmrnt,
A Church ii no plact fur hypuc rity.
Ueaidri, to alcrp at your eatc on auch
occaiioni, ahewt that your ccmcicncc
ir t t. Af.ced btiinci aitm, intending by the
Church, go lo Droad'i, or elatwht re ; 10 m,ake 1 ,0"hcr
in the country! you will ool then I j d'"Ml h,t ct?!ln?: Sa!'
annoytd by team. ' . ' ' .rnon,,d,9 ,ef e 'JP'll "lUstUl
7. If you meet a chaii or liarr., io aUe U accomplUh hii iihei to.
ocefuouUrourOT charged hi
ahow your apunk, aad dah almr, and h, n,l Ororge, n df h
drivaf)t-thif-wii;:l'-?ou,J uictrd w-.lhe buat.
teach folk, good maooeri. f ,hfr wrr,f eol5ed ,n l0.crrJr
S. Wbeoyou dtamouat rrora your
chatir, leave the rem in the bottom of
the carriage, and they will get under
the horio'e hrtJa with perfect eaie,
0, When you are apeaktng earnratlr
a nan or woman, get your mouth
at near aa pon.Ue to hii or her face, i enditort, th-t the pr.ncipali determ.n.
and then the prrton thui apoken to!fd Prcent lh,e 1 "
w,ll certainlr Jtti the force of your,"'n? 0.kcB of Ppr" lhry
10. When you are telling a atory,
k-ep laoghing your.elf , and then, by
vmpathy, the company will be inclt.
ned to do ao too. It will be well to
praiie the atory aomewhat, before you
begin t it will awakes attention.
1 1, when you gaip in coropanr, do
it fairly ami bove board : and not be
to clowniah at to cover your mouth
1 tli your hand.
12. When yoa are in the company
of your t'.ipenort, or of tirangen, lit,
atand and talk with vour hat on; ihm
provea thet you are a good m thry j
are, and that you are duly se.nsiMr cf
13. At awetrinp is rot o grenf an ,
accomplishment aa it wa. aome vrnra , it o,.!y on part.cuU ,k.
V4Wl wurr . T ti. tl lll. VHtBI tiV if. I Ul 111 C I
company requ.rea t.
14. Aa the beauty and comfort of
,r .... . . . ....
He connit In vartrttu pav hut Utile
attention to the old mnxim of doinp at
,,. , . . , . .
vou would be done by : it would make
' .
he world ttupidlr uniform and mo-
' '
notonou. '
1J. When you have done
your dinner, alway. puk your teeth
wukyour uri,!. a proxiigxoua aa-
10. When eating an apple, or vour
common TTTerals, da the liottne effect
ual,nr; Ict ,!,c..iwf twnd f club .lut the tree he tlw.y, codcIu
Mr.rAflcaplima-wilh thep-ancf-farj bor- ,j fruiJ
uown operation 01 your iccin ;
hows that you are,mfA0jW,-and in
earntt to employ it many of your fa
ctiltie at the tame time as you can. .
17. If you carry a while poiket
handkerihirf, pin it in your pocket and
let half of it hang out.
18. If you carry a silk one, never
ue it : only draw your breath more
suddenly and powerfully, and it will
aniwer all purpose, and ave a deal of
washing.- . -
19. Always take a few drams in the
morning: it helpa the revenue, and ;
... a
make one tcel clever : nut in tms ne
t i . i i i
veru moderate, .lo. Tipler ued to
ny, that eleven glasses of sling before
breakefat, were as good as a thousand.
20. If you have occasion to speak
11 of anv one of your friend, do it be
hind his back: and then you will ne t
wound his feelinr.
2!. If vou ae invited to dine with
a gentleman to-morrow, and are enga
ged, tell him so; bit that you will
dine w'uh him neflff day. Thi will
snve him trouble, and make all certain.
22. If you wish for advice, don t
j.k it till you have made up your
I-wUlv i aryirvg ptnioivajj' .v. ,.w.
more such. poor riciiard.
In the reign of Henry VI If. thrrej
did not grow in England any vegetable
or eatable root, such as carrots, pars
nip?, cabbage, 8cc. Turkeys, fowl,
Sic. were introduced there about the
year 1524, The currant shrub was
brought from the Island of Zante, A.
D.1 J53, by'way:tjf FtsnrJeTr.- - Porkft
watches were brought there from O r
many, A. tt. 4 577. Aboit the y tr
15SO, coaches were introduced. t A
sifw witlwa fretrdrsrjLi
1 6357ut ' aftVrwarjrcle'rjiolishetl, that
it might cot! deprive the laboring
poor of employment ! Tsa was-Jp-troduced
intoj England in 166C, and
soon became a fashionable drlnkVit
soU. then for 60s. per lb." It was boil-
eu nr a targe iron pot until it wa ten
der, and was then sauced with butter,
and lervedlup in a large deep dish 1
a: ttcAKL trr.p,:rT.
MiiuhtitcrfKoiliit.,) G'JjrJi-
s i, ft
ltdt a inisaaie ol crnmcr
cul it.
rhich i eot Jen lionor
tile t
Ihe panic than rtraiTkic io
the hilorv uf nankruDte'ici. Sit f
even Lara ajo, Mr. (iters? Woo J,
a caliL rrintcr. a unlortunate ia
tiuilncl, and hoooraU obtained a
crrtiSlte of bankructcr, an-l comram
' ") -
W and rood management they hive
laely been enabled to divide 3CXJ
puoda mongat their fathera credit
or. Thia act waa ao unexpected, and
eicited auch grateful rmetiona in the
acciramgiy got up puouc umner, ano
I nC(1 the two young men, together
I " great number of other gentle,
Oo lhi occa,ion the Meiir.
tfuuui were preicncu wmi iwg
ganttilver var, with iuillle intoip
tion worth 260 guinea. The Chir.
miii observed that at thrir rcaprctrd
moihtr muat have had a time in thr
Work of intlilling into thrir rrvndi the
excellrni principle! whith govtrnrd
them, the committee lud erj id the
gratih afcm of waiting upon htr with
the pfrmnt of a ailver tea and coflet
nu"lI,C r thc c.f fifi guinea
A gentleman riding tfrour.h Went-
j -t , Mtn , frf (, h hr fr . r,rr
, f . .lirtd wh(,
Drf4chcd in thi thMrrh iut in n.chr .
, uif 4.. u
Q , ,. mmm . ,
. I wo kll'jwt.Kiio had brni
. r r , ,
. ' c u
v lent attack cn Mr. Si charactrr.
- i t- . .
I lit- crtftilr nian litrnrrl rrv aflrntitr.
.. ..... . . , ,
Iv until t hrv had rxhau&trd ihtir lund
of defamation, and then obterved that
Mf s ,rmm of
crcfU chjfBCt t
qilUfdTow he cou!(J draw 8Uh a eo, .
elusion Ircm what hp hsd heard. He
jjf phed, that when he an or.
r-Kitrrt V r4 at 1 tar m nnmKaiw f ? n.i
,m va, awiata W UUIU'ltl VI Villa! ltu
- r- TAI.Oh9 WORK.
Dr a statement fiom a tailor, in Bos.
ton, England, it appear that there an
25,243 stitches in a ceaf, viz. basting,
782 stitches in the edgrs of the c ai,
JJQQdutOf felli. g the edge, f.ceSj fvc.
7414 ditto nut of igh in the pink
et, ik( . 1982 ditto j in the collar al ne,
3036 ditto j st ams, 5359 di(t ; holes,
1450 1 the coai, he ss, a nude ii
two day j.urueymao houis. We dL
not kno how much a iourt'e man tai-
0r is allowed forstwinc a coat, but
iccording to the above statement we
'should icarrely think tht the prirt
charge cLy tot merchant was enough t
compensate foi the labour of so many
atiiches and team. Fr our part wr
ahould not undertake to count them
for double the um. Evening Post.
To te intruded upon by visiters at
unseasonable hour, and to have their
visits protracted to unreasonable
To hear long dull stories upon sub
jects which'. ou know nothing of and
Uarx-kiis., . '. : :..
. , . -ii --i.itm Ljj-.mihiw''i
by persons asking impertinent ques
tion?. To have an impertinent rntruder
prearnt when you wish to converse
with a friend, or anv other person,
upon confidentiid subject.
We understand that Mr. Slaughter, of
Salishniy, N. Carolina, has proposed to
Mr. Hunter, to have his taje prrneed
from (iodfrev Ferry Jo Kocky Rier.
there to jjiceTa line from Salisbury to be
esUblUhed by .MrS. .. 'I hi aTrangemient
w'oujd not accommodate' the S. W. ec
tirin of North Carolina, but will be-of
comidetaWe benefit," both to Cherts and i
Salisbury, l o etlcct the object jn View
by the citizens of the W. section, there
should be immediately established a line
fpreliaps a two horse stae would answer
at - first,) from Lincolnion to ; Wades
boron gh ; this would'mske a beginninjj,
whidh woUkl soon he extended each way,
and finally tfTcet their object, and enable'
Mr. Hunter to be punctual on hi part of
the line. ' '' Char Gazette .
i). PAHtsn h C(h
W S,f S,rtt, (Vw -A Si,
t eitfa, a, r.
Hvr. er' '. "1 M I1 ,l
550 Packagn VIIV GOODS,
iDirtiD to tua t0 till
ii balrlfitnai-! eupcf CUIfH-.
do low priced
to aaatftad rr.w do
d4 S-4 IKffl.!re4Jnrj " "
it uper nd uUhf Ca"1
do cofumoa
d auoee atrlped rwl r'.lleil do
10 c.fcii-rnl bumubj Banin -
3 do a-ipc r Valenri TV.!fljS "T
4 do toitnm Tonet and ewanaiiowa do
.2 UUluMtiry.l1ubiiK
JO do whiu Plain
di blic, drab and mist !
do' fteen Haliea
do aaaortrd I'lannrla
do lrmli.n I) ifftl Illankrtt
do Hrntol do b
do 3. IJ. 4 and 4) point do
do 7-4,H4,V.4,l'i-4,ll4ndl2-4noKdo
do black and colored llmt U
do do do f p rd !
do do nn'rd lo
do acarlet nd onngt printed lUttioet "
caact Caniline I'laida
do woraCrd IJ narwl Slripr .
black llini,lirrin
tper Tartan Plaid f'l--.a
Mtn'a aaorted Uit li'a W'x.l FT
do do '!' to bail do
do do WtirVed do
Women's b!a k do !
do bile do . do
M'rino Mantlr and hln!l
4-4 a'nl 6 4 Cii'iirre do
7-4 and H-4 pUtn fyirt Lawimert do
W ontt d llnu ri
C'io.frc t'oiit.
corroN coons.
10 ctr 9-M ml ( 4 i ait l.r
9-4 anil 6 4 J oi-ri
H atd r 4 Ix'tn td To''fl
y and 6 4 H .ok d
4 4 rich t4io.itiiri-d do !.
44 Janrd do !n
y.H a"il 6 4 n'lln'and fi.;':r.l Mu!!do
9 8 ImuIii an.l tm!iureil i tin
co ii oni. i, t anil u red ami Kob. . I
airrd I. ii" m
!o 3-4 and 4 4 i'd Cr.roes ao'l fli.iitica,
HHic frfkhioiublc an. I n I l palUtui
do ii :cr ai.d common turuitiire tio
do (i .rnirul and Camlir.c iLmi y
do niC" Pur iiture "lo
.lo 11-4 am) i: 1 Mirci:i(i.ii!
To 4 i I'iiiiiii HtrijM-
do !r!i Conttilutionand Danip Corll
do riper un I common Ucdtick
bain DtirchcaUr do
cr Hritaoiiia and Dandaiiita llJkfa.
do ladrat do
do I'ullicat and Mtisulipatam do
toimuon and I'lpi-r blur liomal do
4 4, 6-4 and 7-4 Clnntz Miawl
7-4 and M-4 Imitation do
biu', too ud and checked Crarata
SAonitn a white t.'otton Hoae
do iirer black do do inKTained
Gini'a white do
do- - -
t?olton Rracea, assorted
3u bales brow n and bkac!;vd Wattham Cottons
15 do rominon Shirting untl Sheetings
6 caac American Plaid, and Mnpes
1 do do Cliecka
2 do 4-4 do Imitation Caroline Plaids
4 do 3-4 and 4-4 steam loom Shirtings
3 do 44 Long Cloth tpalterti
1 do 4-4 auprr plaid Ginghams, handsome
1 do Turkey Yarn
5 do three cord Col! on Ball
2 do Spool Cotton
10 case 7-H and 44 Irish Linens, whole and
2 do Lawn dena piccca
2 do I. men Cambrics
1 do do do iiandkercliielS
2 do sasorted Tsbfc Diapers
1 do 34 bird eye' ' d '
1 bale Itusaia do
5 catei brown and b!ark I .inert
1 bale Imitation Sheeting
4 do Osruburg
1 do wiper Linen Tick
1 case white Platillas
3 do aaaorted l atent Thread.
case green, pink and btuc Florence
do tg'd. Florences, Lt-Taiitine and Satins
do ' 54)lack Sirgc
do do Levantine
do 44 figured Mlk llandkerehicfi
do black binchews and Sarsneta
do tdaid do'
do black Canton Levantine
do do and colored Canton Crape
do do do Nankin do
do Crape Drcssc
do rich satin embossed do
do super and con.mon btatk Silk ITclkfs,
, do. 44-im1 7.AmIiw1I
do bird eve llandkcrchiels
jSSZ ip aa liBS1daelriiw-ef
do Hat Crape Silk ilosc t
do Men's and Women' black and white
do do do do do - do Gloves
1 Jo 4llllt tl)lf If flit l """""""""""itj
3 do Iulian and India Sewing Silks
1 do assorted Twist
1 do do Silk llraid
1 do black Silk velvet
2 do rich figured Uibbons, assorted do.
2 tlo asa'd. fringed and plain taff eta and satin
1 do black Galloons
1 do do Velvet Kibbona ' . .
5 do super and common Flag HandkA.
4 -do - do tierrfcair- --r -do '
2 do black silk Florentine do do do rich" figured. .
cases Meh'a Beaver Gloree
do Uog-skuv tio-. . , . .
do super Woodstock do
Habit Woodstock and Beaver do
do assorted Kid ' ' - do
. do lined do do
super and common gilt Ccat Buttons
do' Pearl ' 1 do
ilkand gingninlJttbtreII ..
do T ladiea Leghorn RaU
do Tpes,;auorteaV
9th(r 27, 1824.
Btatc of Nortli-Carulirji,
fill couaft.
Irmtirf Trrrn, 1K.M. JilinC. ISlum, Art
of lh Hank of f "a I rf kl al m, , ,.
ttaiilry and othtrti J id rial Al'a'hfwtil, 1,,,
r I on land. It a: fani'( 10 a.i,.f'
the coir tint M.Mitvl IUtU m al'inlif
Conceal l.imarl lhat Ilia f'fd.iiarr pmct
Uw cannot be rr-d opoa Inii, It ii tln-rrf
erdrml, t'ut pu'4i aliua b niile U Ui H,fc
cm Carolmtan fr tSrre mrtlt, gmg aout
til the a'l drfcndllt. lUl t in d IWmUi, tq ip,
pear at iL nnt CmiM cf l b dml t4t,n,,
iieaiioti to be bl I f.r the -! et4;niv, oarU
areond Momlav in lfc-it.lM,r neit, trpit
Clai. or ib ni'ir, rdirroiae jadiid iil f.iuj j
C entered ajr'iMt him. WJ
l A 1 1 M I. V H. IO0E R, eft.
Ctrmnn, V.3, HiJ., m I'i' J. (1 U .
Htato of yorlli-('firclina,'
aTotiVcPUwTr. ' " "
(tOUHT of I'lta m tiuanrr It'-aslons. Irj.
J tember 7rm, IS.' 1. Jbn t:, IU im, Apti
ffihe Unk 4 ape Prar at H.btn. . Fbi
Itrader aad ndiera i Judicial AttarHn.tiit, ki.
ed on land. It anpearinif In tbe il af
the roirt, lint Pilmund Itralrv an a'onU m
rnni:aal himarW tbal tl orlioary plvtrai of
Uw caonot e wred upon Mm, it t tlictr(iif
orilrred, that pnMtrvion imkI tn the Wra
trrn Carolinian for tbree weeka, K'iUi autice
to the aid lrfrndaiit, P.lniuixl IKab jr, to tp.
pear at the tu si Ourt of I'lcaa and 4 nrj,
b uiont to he held f ir ttid cmint, on toe
eond M'fiday in Ilrcemlicr nctt, and rrplrvj,
plra l to iMtir, or demur, oihrraiaa jdtriucat
final Will be rntrrd ajfainat tsj
MAmiKW tt. MOOHr,fTK
Crrrminton, A'tv .1. lii.'J. Pr Ce a!r. gl J
Htnti of North-Carolina,
troaei coi'ktt.
ftnt'llTof Pica ami Q iarti-r Hrrgor.1, lep.
J It-m, 1821. John C I'.iitm, A rent
ol ihr lUnk of (a(ir Prar at Kh-m, r t. Mraoad
Hi ml older: Jidicial Attacbincn!, Irri.
rd on land. It appearing to the aaticfartioaaf
t!ir cmirt, tbal Yulmun lleaaley o alucmibor
roficcal himarir that the ordinary ptore of
Ij runnot be -rrrd upon him, it it then f fi
or!, rid. that pMhl cation be made in tbe M'e.
trrn f.'anilii'ian f'.r rhr' week, (pvire no'ict
io the tai'l dc r-n lj'i', hdmumi Hiklrv, to an.
r:.r at thr nest f'nutt f Pica ami Qoartrf
I v. .. ..... ... I. I. .1.1 f. . ...A . .1
cmi(, tflUy , ,.rernter nti ,
i fcl to ivir, or ikouir, other lie juilrntat
tiiml a ill he i-ii' rt d iii him, tR.)
f;.(;n, ,v: .1. 1H23. Price
State of North-Carolina,
(101 'in of Pit and Cluartcr Pen'cn. Sep.
' trmber Term, 1823. John C. IHnin, Ajreot
of t!.n llaok ol ( ape Pear at SaJim, i, lulmunj
tclry ami oihera: JikI cial Ailucliiiirnt, levi
rd on land. It apprarii'f; to the alifactioaj of
the court, that P.dmiind Itcazley o acWondt or
conceal himtclf that the ordinary proceai af
hr cannot be Bjcrvrd npi n him, it i therefore
ordered, that publication be made in the We.
tern Oroliniau for ihrve week, fpviiijr notice
to tbe aaid defendant, F.d'Tnind Ikadcy, to
pear at dir nest t'otirt of Pica and Quarter
Heaaiona to be held for laid COtiWyY oh the "
rood Monday in December rtcit. and replcry,
plead to iwtie, of demur, odirrrie Jdjrojent
final i!l be entered sifainst nim. 183
Gsrmanhn, J 3, 18J3. Price adf $1 3f
Htato of North-Carolina,
( tOl RTof P.quity, Sept. Term, 1823 1 Billfcf
J alimony i Nancy Cox, by her neit friead
Tho. Tripli tt, against Uraiton Cox, and Jas.
Wellborn, a Imimatralor. It appcanns; Xa tbL
aatiititction of the Court, that the defendant,
Prsiton Cox, is a non-resident of this itatej Hi
therefore orlered by the Court, that poblicatKH
t h DiaiIii ill tli . it r n rTapnliit'i. nw tl.MMI
m':nth successively, jjiat unless tbe aaid defee
daiil appear at our next Court to be held for thai
county of Wilkes, at the Court-House in Wilkes
born, on the second Alonday in March next, the
ami '.here to plead, answer, or demur, or said
bill will be taken pro confetao, and licard ex
parte J. GWkN.jr. C.M.E.
Price adv. g4. 3ort89
State of Nortli-Caroliiia,
PF.RIOR Cotirt of law, October Term,
d33. F.lira Bevinn, te. Simeon Bevingai
petition for divorce. It appearing to the satis
faction of the court, that Simeon Bevings the
defendant, is not an inhabitant of this State, it is
therefore ordered by tbe court, that publication
he made three months io the Raleigh Star and
Western Carolinian, gising notice to the defend
ant, that he appear at the next Superior Court
of Law to be held for Lincoln county, at the
court-house in Lincolnton. on the 4th Monday
lifter the 4th Monday of March next, then and -
uenieron. c era ot said court, ai ohic, um
4th Monda of Svptembet ,.,
A - 1 -5 and in the 48th year of the lndepen-
dence nf the United Statea.
State of Noilli-Carohna,
IN Fquity, October term, 1823 : Jame Bainl.
Mary Sweet, Washington Baird bv hisgtiar
dian James Baird, William Crook and Rebecca
his m ife, John Ag-new and Catharine hi wife
James Thompson and Margaret, hi wife, Joba
S-eel, William Fullertpn and Catharine his wiftr-
Ict, Thomas; Steel an infant under tbe ..!
tenty-ono y cars, I homaa-and John Baird .
farit under th ag of twenty-one: Tear
liam Baird, Peggy Baird, Jane Baird, and l"hoj.
mas Adams and wife : Petition Cor sale of real
et!ar9earmf49 iaiaTrifei."f I'lr.
court, that the. defendants in tbia case $xts&'-
tens of another state, it fs therefore ordered
that publication be made for three mqntbs uf'
cessivelyin the Western Carolinian, for said de
fendants to appear at our next Court.of Equit)f9
be held for the eognty nf Rowan, at the court
house in Salisbury, on the second Monday, after
the fourth Monday in March next, and pled,ai
swer or demur to said petition, otherwise it .
be taken pro confeaso, and beard et parte.
. ' GEO, LOCKE, C.-C;
- 9et. 28, 183. (Free adv. g4 75 )

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