North Carolina Newspapers

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TW mnonl of U lnjua1o uf kuujt liuu
tM tittilf pmccedinp of thi U. t. m tf
ftom!ntM tt Uinlrtert to P anuria, Km throva
. vpu a tjtianU of autur, Lkl It J Impocubk
to 14 ivoa fori a fk!v vtptpr.'. Wa
kJuIK m apact aJgiiu. (irt aurh hraia from
. ihce jtraccedinp, aa will aflord our mden a
bir He ortiie muter. . . ' .T.T .
. Wc Simtlci) aa artidatn 'our iaat, from tba
. . Vilai IU jier, atallng lLt. tba taail viudi
" f r Jon la ibe Cap ftir. rirtr a few wwki
aSnce, between Rilci id Fijette?ille, had
..'.U a ChiuJi iLfi Rf'gnVer TiiC iUIc that "lL
- lofannaiJua a pKiaatoiwfA&tlf'ftirnt
"let been fawd-- t ,;j
:; ;V,4w oftuzsovtb.
TV a hava been requftud-ta aute, that a
aetnlnonthl rvliroua aewtpaper, under tht
above tide, will be Irwed on Ibe firat Saturday
la .May" next, at MiUedviHe, Georgia." Tbe
. paper, a ifl be priatod-la th,duidcuna form.
13 ptta eack narnber, and ieud etery other
. Saturday, at gl. 50 per annum in advance, or
1 if not in adranee. The character of lha
paper may be Inferred from the following ei
tract 1 v ..-'."4 -.-v 7vl-f,.vf,
il!?.7V Star tf the South; will be 'derated
10 the illuiuailoti and defr nee cf the In
lerrittng doctrine of the Univertal hoi):
nesi, and eternal hapineai of the aouta of
M the ituioaa LaUraod Ihc .Unit jr. of
God. By aocictf of Believer on u Christ
Ibe Lord. - . '. 1 - '"'rS: ''
If there be any truth in the. following article,
the much-ado, in ourConjrreaa and elae where,
- about the mat on?reM of Kepublica at Fana.
tna,ia oT no more effect than a puff of empty I
1 v:..r ... II T.7rrrr.TAj-! am '-..r-r-r-.- J-i
A mere tlaai ', I " mm- .
Atc6uRta bir the ship Fi tne IrriVed W
Providence Uhode liland) from South
America, on the 19th tilt, make mention
a that the project forja Cqngrea at Panama
had been entirclf abandoned, that the
i k'eew the cifficik! -ulle;t.toacontiji-.
log e invitaiiun.fronj Colombia to Chili
Jo join such CooRreaii and the gnawer
of the latter government Pent bad alto
-wence of thivthe jrojtcrlfa
i tn npwlJh0lS. ihipPococfc; apoken
by the Tame, Jefi. Lim the 7th Decern
"be r1,: and "kfte noibingof ibe aupposed
Cohgreaa. A letter, ;4th "of Kovembef,
from Vo official source at Santiago tut-
faint the abofe bjr Its toral silence on this
; subject, sov Interesting here, but wbicb
vas not thought of there, then, nor at any
f time, a having any reference to this GoV-
trnmeny " -
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L.m, vl fta.' V f Uabl4 mi f Wn4y. TUa
'J a-Tt J aM-niMi aJ mt!Ur a trtiba
f 0 U.!Uj C1wrt(aai, CUrtV, 4 Faetla
tt.. Mr, DiSt f tgmt aW thUwul, .
rtat4 ttKiiWa, J'a fc VrfMJ -i t
fMrt WJk mUmmmmm;
Lr ta ti ilia SKtUa aruiy. TU
wle roai L uOxrarf It $ U fatU.
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W t a'. Mr.' Vi t!tt b rowJeaa-
flu ai'aaJUf Ua u-L frwaa CWtotu
l WJkorw,'Ua dw WU hUaranty
aearjr foe m te aun; 14 r raWrs (ha
Tt at covtuUtxa aa4 b(U tW weuU a
tne la tbe (IiImm lUttmry al IM
wet foustry, by tba etiabtVAfaaaa ef 14 af
tapa (rw Uv te WiTirjore' f ett a
IttrafrfMtUU, ar. l(ta4alGe, ae aa U Uwnect
ibe Km tr UUn to EMtvHW. ir. Datia
aaaaired M tbt M wwaU, if a auWHptio) af
XX) were shade ep, eiUd bU etaf aa above
MoitrMMd. Tbe tit Jtaa of Cm raw raW4
by aobMrtpikM, to aU U tbe tebbe
aaewt of tbe atipta frwa tbeaee to tbia ta
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li t 1 I? ..: K ff Rl I ) ,
f!i i tr c 1 1 ) a 1 i i f! .r 4 a T i Ii' t t a 1? i
in :n ; j t o n' : ; J j tit.
f,'tr 13 l It, Cota'nM M'l
liitr; ,4 S3 l J, Tuk be Tl
a I) I lilli f , j estf af.i'
ioiMri.l 1 3t4tiriwLa 21 1 111
buVty 43i 43. , ..! cttltt
Co!oS 0 I tm, C t a I 1 1 )
bca, 1 1 to I J wnUalf , 4i to 10 1 trtn
df, tib 30 1 I J, 4 H I tit
U It I If flmr, MJ 19 fj. tU
tra2ufturrd tl r ll -
"JfiuJ attt wt. ,f .
Tbwa far, wkb aa, baa be rtiMr orpfopi-
dowt to Iimt. Tbe apWnf opeaed, la tbe
lrt of Manb, 7 tavwnbry aad bpea were
rMertalacdtaMbdaatbarTrata. Pvrt frpf tbf
wudJJe of Mirth to wukui a law tiara waca, we
bavi tiperUaced Cnle be rbaa coot vbvly
dart, and lhfy a'gbta, wltb but Ktti rain, a4
ibat rrry ccddfeoatetleM attaaded witb alaet.
Tbe coimtroeace ia, that every tpecM of rrr.
Ulwm b backward. ' TboWwbe plaAttd cere
earty; ewirrula Ccartraatarwd wUirot bi
im grwaad. It ia but a fw day alace our
fitraaera brM te plt much cottoa.. Ilore
fraiawUI be raiaed tibywUkM kat,
jeari roiaeea rpecuktiooa la. cotton, bare
opened tbe eye of tbe people te their true la
tercet, Tbe frowiag wheat prom'taea aauch
better tbM M did carry U tbe eprief if aetbiiif
bappcae to bCgbt it, tb!a yrarS Crop rill be
pretty good, . .'.
A bill baa been reported In tbe House
of Representatives, for the relief of Mr.
Mooroe, late President of tbe U. S. The
bill awards biro upwards of 1 5,000 dollars.
hub with interest from December 2d,
1 1 10, will at this time amount to. about
83000. " The - Items coroposiog tbe
sum a waraed,as principal, are as lol
1 Three months end twenty daea d.
tendon In France, after audience of leave,
at ihe rate of 9000 dollars a pear. : Zr
rsooo. . '. -v. .-. - .
5 CobtWerrt Vine nee I of that mliil.
on, from tbe 1st Aucruu, 1794, to the 1st
January aJ797a, being the average allow:.
ance to all American Minister iff France
the sum of 110 dollars previously, al
lowed, bebjf deducted, . - . M96 IS
3 Amount caidbrMr. Wonroeto J.
licla, for derourrsge, ke.' "'350 00
- 4 Contineent eipencet of the mission
to Great-Britain, la addition to tbe allow
ance made at tbe settlement of MrrMon
roe'a account, making the averape of
sums paid to government, ; : ' 437 68
5 Kemuneration for , extraordinary
ex pence s Incurred by Nr.. Won roe a de
tention in Enrland by direction of tbe
Government - for two -years and four
months, at 4,600 dollars per annumi
- ,rj:: 10,500 00
Making tbe Amount named In the bill.
six t--T : BI,S33 43
O TlKr,' mhim by W3mm,
ItaMa, M. nr. 11 LMrt to Um mm
Inn a, W-4 a tt cny .
AU, w4 tM aaiM day, Hi. Dual Cad.le U
If JaMltartaaa.
CWb, m TWaday erriwir 30tb ab.
bv CM M4 -LtMam, lw, f"d T. Call.
watt, to V lUrrkt tM'kkH diibtf cf
Yam Dri)a W). ' '
. la LiacV et, m tM Ji aJt b tbe
ftrv. immt If Ree, lH. Georfe ?. UU, tt
AtcavpUa V, Tew. to M atartU Am Uarta.
At bia Ml aear CU-kxte. m Tbwrwby eve.
aiag Wat, tUm. litt imhm, ared 64 lie
ww MrWa wkb jnit.'afj bewar tie lVrrtie
Art.nty tompvt, mmWit TajAf tU
t. r4 l an-l bit Ummni wv ttimUi by laga
eofwxKjr f LUf-!lowltia.
- Cra&ea wsa a revtitutlfay erlma,
aad was arthrty effd k tb4enic af bi
CowMry durinf ibe waoJe wf M(wer rW lade,
pewdewce.' CUM ,fcawaf. ..
, Aiv.uf i jsmin.
Mr. Wkktfe, of Kea. effered la ibe llow
of Repreaeatatirea, M tbe ??lb st S rrwrutioa,
UoiHAf f tba rreallrwt af ibtL'aed Eutea
whether Mr.reinxtt, carinVer to Steiioo,
ever pv. any tWyc to tbe'. iMUb-Aaserkaa
fovemmeau that tbe United Stars would take
aa active part aralnet say lalcHaftace af foreiga
awcra (ether tbaa Ipala) wie tbe Udepw.
deace er Lna'aT Covereocat tbote Rtpub-
tea. Tbe ravobrrioa was pawc Ji aad tbe frca
idea oa the 30th eh. seat a arwage la reply.
eccooi pealed by t report frees be tccretary of
State i la which it la stated that w plg Ibe
abore aatarebaabeeaivcate6t South laser.
kaae by oar fortraacat-thai i paaf la
tbe Ue Tre4deat1i (Mr. tloima) Ofaara to
Conrrcas 34 Dee. 18a, Ji aa tb has beta bid
by our evarame8t,tbat eouU be eensirued Sate
' Adeeultory and lengthy debate took place
oa tbe adoption of tbe resoktioa for this kfur
aaatioa, which eonaamed aearfy tbe whole day,
afl ;be orders of the day bsia poatpoaed to
take way for tbe duwoarioa r; r
t'' t ' n ' i
t) . '. at i. . h-.4
v.i,f mi i a , a-
! I ae I'
I' a
a ,a
Virtual A n Tovni Vruytrl.
'p IK iWi '. t.., f a,!i 4W la
a rae rl U tL ua U S- Jts-m
IX ia f .Mr rM ata a 1 1 tie mm.U 1 a
rM4 H im le im tar i e(r4 te IM
v aM tM UMiiafi are ir.iM'i a wil
aLft-Jt4(VefrAvM m apra aa ea.
uu, i, a e-rM be r-'
d4. 1m r.ini ilmrl im im'tt Ue e.
ttif t aS-.'wa, I '' bi la atf
9ttm M kl It, ax aarana e''b lb pr V
"A f ! tft. cM m bfcl M ymr.
(ke af tua yum. ' Aa IM W4 ia 3
krr llUM arrretrr i ') I PmS i
atri tfrfatefh, pri kU. ta pwnWe, 4
dvwVi( vWw l&f p9pry bt'jf taf
Urpa, Apy'y to IM awWtrfjet U lJWy.
Uan ev(ft
IXOX the axUcoWr, Ue ta Hxk(Mia
' CM?, M. C M IM Jifc dav Marc 14,
y aerw inw nrtr, tut (, ri ia to
lac Me atf aMwl H yvan !, af a yvaew eoa
tUtxm, eve wppev toot Mt, AVB (, et
dt, wlih lare wbee eyrai aUa, brre wtutb.
r. w ik boU look, a4 Kurten ry bed wbea
apekea Si Ma ekrtirif, Ma be Utl aae, waa
eoi'ea aid wb4e vara atalmae i aad
waialroat dVcHoa aot recJWc1a4. Any
peraoa apartkaoiiiOf amid efread daSveria
ka toaM,ee eeriM aim ta sf J seiMt I
fvt Ma araia, atafl M w.o rwa4 ay LM
auWiMr. BtLCL.1 UNOgT.
JtM JdllrM. ' 3t7
RMAtMVa la the rawU&W at SaC4Mtiy,
KvnUWvlM, lt April, A. D. It.
Jm tUka TWoaaaa Jones
Mi tta firaadoa Jaea Klacada
TMa, IVitWt juna IT.rk, KV S
VTJtiaai fiarber, , Pttef H. geni
Jaatea Btvm ..., Caawae Lanfte..
Hdaa tUtirrlnaaa Jbba IJiMly
D. CPvkdoa . IboevM bacsbart
Itrary Buck' ioaa IJpe .
Moor Brwa, 3 r Jaaare M. fjaeae "
Mary Baker Hkhard Lory
I. I
;' ? l-t b t
I l'
, J m aJ'44 Ira
Sttr.iul 1. r.
j'Jttn hi tntr.
ll ii -t a it.
7vuuu ut i:mttA mhte.y
4 II, rtruM'ULK ey iU f. tM ,
a. U (J-U t-i-a, U'X m df4
ia a,wfs i!i i it a l, '
dtf.vvpel atUHadsW lKi-.,l,ij,-i, aa -Z
eVlMiH af a Vjtf, tay JJ m S.- J ''
Cwvaryi A4a1 ln aM),! r.lM. U4 ' "
te a,4 tj .iiM aoa ffi , fun ( (
wUt, a4 atuae tWie awt. If 4i ae ep
pfwtdawH-iMatUMwrsareaMwe .--
to awuie ay lM tut iiiUriv.
VUUtc .M. Vinkhlon, eta.
AU prrwwa, UUUrd te tbe erfeic af IM Wm
Maaback fiakaeui, . U. are ftwOUd
to wake pywea4 aiiM4 dabyi aad aU per
aawt bavirf aWiaaa apiawt IM t , w3 pea
aeet iMaa tae iue awi4 by kw, ae
laWaotke willbepired la bar of tMwrrcevery,
TM esarwters are Vairowt af CMaef Ikeif ai
aiMairaiMi aa aoae aa tna3,li lUrrfuee ait
peraw na4 weald da wafl to pay bavaa
(bate BHewaow toiaia
Jrsr. rtKsTn-t,
MtfitAcx rgsrot,
fW. To,ikj. rj
AmoaBoedS. '
Dr. Ke. Car . .
Jacob CbrMRMUi
Joerpb CraM
KalLaa CbaAa
Wai. II. LYiaholm
MJorCara '
Joba Caaady """
Ilaary Caaper
Joha Caliway
Able Cowaa
WU&M) Crook
Uhinacl CaadcQ
Harvey Coaner .
Jaawe Cavradcr
WilUaja Caiort.
Naary liavia
Henry S. I)awoa, 3
Jew A. Dotal ide'
Jarara Danxl, tatj.
Daniel Davia
rrlL T. Drummood
fraae Darst
Rami Davia.
Phillip Krabart -Prtcr
Joha Kllcr
Mr. Dawkina la appoiatad comiioaer to ivtv rrnu
Panama, by the Enrbdi tirernmcnt,5FirAW."Ail r.nwwi
eianderCockbara,uc BrilWi aaioiiterto Colom. - Mrahae Gentry -bia,
saib he the aaase vessel with Mr, Dewkiner- ;tnKt Orabaas -
aey wiu ae landca at carrotaa.rr: . . Goes
. - ' ' - . ; VVm. Cuvaacock
Wr& B. Cilcf, of imaia, wbo waa a candid. . Jane Garriaoa
ate lor the (J. Saeaale Bat. winter t aa'alao JolinCamrr
(be a aeet la the tloue of lUinUtivearial1
both which i attempts be aU folbd in biAwbbuij form 2'
e i baa now ' offered hi eeniera to the ' TUn.. II. n
freeholder (aone but freeheldira vute la U Georfe lleara
iff : .
finia) of AmcCa county, aa a hembcr of the
next LeptUrure of rirrinia. 111 will, aa doubt,
beelected. ' ' ' r .
Krbeoca Hutaoa v.
Casper llotalrouaer
Colu. Joha Hoke
Joha Horg
John tfujrfies
Wealer Harris
David Hampton.
sonn iiounin
. Kdwerd UacbaQ
, M.. bel
H ittaaaM-by'
Bee. Dr. MctUe
Jacob Moore
- aophiM Mrtwde t
Tiarta Iftbour
Henry Myers
Porreat Monrow
Jaanee McKecly
Alka P. Mctcalf
' JooaMcNerly
Geeqre M. blarr
Sally MiHer
Heary C. Ovv&i '
- Aana Parks r .--
vViiruua Price 7 ' ","
. Dr. I. II. Pierce
' CathaKM riaatarA' j
"Akuader Powtl
Francis Pinkjtoa -Barab
.Mrs. Cbaabetb lohars
"-"aoa: -.rrr:-.::'-
Ccorre Rufty
' Joha Kenoldt
Denj. Ricbael
: Charles Stork
-Jamee Saaunoaa
A Ilea Stoke. -
VYeatbrup Sanoorif .
Joba Beuttecl ;
TtflwKy RpauLLng '
" 3. Beamana -1
7 Jacob Smith, taq,
"JaM !a!moo :
" lfirara Turner
BenJ. Tcnnesoa 3
, Jacob Trevie
Mary Winret '
juabus riinf, Eq.
- Wm, a. VYillianuoa
' DantTWobd '
. Vinsoa Wood
JohaWaltoa '
Peter Wahoa
JohaO. Wright
Mary Wall
aVftfiUOilt '
lUlLL stand tbe enwa'mf
If araaoavttMr.TManM
WmK'. ajaUa, to Itocka.
tJU, BwWm county, en Uoaw
and Wrdnralirai and at Mr.
gak(S. MTburmU) a. rU,H Snd law '""
Nntays, la each wtk, trwatfly j at Ibe very
reduced price of rf jfit dollar, tUe atawta f
duliars lb sutcie Irani and twaKe bBara to bv '
sure a awe ta be aiib 11, prwluVd the prop.
rrtj of tM aaarr a not ebnnfed. 1 Ve a
wiO comeMnce oa tbe 10th m Starr K, end cow
tiwe amd tbe fb tt Jnry, He-writl be lound
carwtanily at bia atanda, ciorpt a We a takea to ,
be etowa at public places f which due aotirw
will be ft re to awvannra. Hm prdirne aad
rcpuutvm will be iUuatiated la hand-btlia,
e4 iunx Banwft;
Cotton,' 10 'a .101 i flour, fine. scarce, 51,
superfine 7 wheat, 90 eta. a Rl whiskey,
40 to "44T i peach brandyrSO A 55rtTl do. 1
L. -ran its-fi rrrrt --1 " rt ; tf -, --4
jv coni, ov w jj oacun, 1 1 aaii, turu
Maud, 70 a 75 Der bush.tmobuses.35 40 isursr,'
mnaeevador-10 a 11 r eoUeer prima -peenV-174
71 1 24 ana Jd quality, 13 a 18 tea, hyaon,
fel 20 a 1 20; flaxaced, 75 1 tallow, 10a 11 1
beeswax, 30 a 32) rice 3 50 to 4 per 100 lbs. i
iron. 5 a,100 Ib.t tobacco, IcaC fa 6
manufactured, 5 A 20 fr. cwt . Ooanrer.
Cotton, 8. Island, 40 a 50 ; stained do. 18
The National Journal has received Vers Crus
papers to the 3d utt. ' - v : -
A letter Trom CarthSJen brought by tha;Joaiah Holmes
Colombian elooo of war General aUnrrimi. it,om,i n. Johnaon
which arrived at Vers Cras an the 2d but. after fieev. Jewish Bocictr 3 DuX Webb
a passage of. twelve days, contains tbe follow. John Johnston Jerry Tsrbrough,
ing,.-.K . .V, ... v.. St?-.: SAMUEL REKVKil, P. M. .
"Tha erpedkioa for tbe Ulead af Cuba kwA'm nr i.immr.n -
ceedinr here with great teal, so inucb sd that 113 A ur l-.c.lllino
the rovernmentbu ordered ten thousand men.lfEMAINI.VGlntbe Poat-Offiee at Concord
Iff be afffl'Med here ia all Marrh. mnA iK. ' 11, Nortb-Caruliiia April 1st, 1826.
VsJ force to be held ia readiness, enmnnvr! Joha Andrews" ." Jaroei Vartiit'
Dreaent af five frimtea. aeveral nrivateera. i ' John G. Allison
frigates which are every moment exnected from ! Charlea DlaxkwelJer
Qrttii Al-ATgaln.
T1IC vubacfiber baUf purcbaaed 8 tarsi l
, Iredell county, alters t sale the very
valuable 94 well known tract af LtU where)
be www Kvea, alsaoat Uiwardialvly betwaea
MockavQIe and HitwtsvUle, la the eoaaty of stew
an. called IM Coudprinf '. Grove, containing
500 acrea. af which about 2J0 www clred.
aad in eubivntioa. The land la aot Interior to.
any Uthweoantyt k produces corn, cotton, to
bacco, and ameU fraia ia abaadance t 50 ar 60
acres aaont excellent fev groondat there ht
aa it, a food Wtillerat, aa esceUcat dwelling
bowse juat larahed, and ether accessary out
bouses. There aid be" sold, should it suit the
purchaser, 300 acres more, adjoining tbe above'
about 50 acrea cleared, saost esxcllcal water oa
it, and equal to any land ia the'f orks. Bota
tracts re wed watered,. I WiO take, la part
pay, several likely Negro Girls, PoeKaaioa gir
aa next fall"-" - - - -
.If tbe above property It aot dlrpoeJ ofat
private sale, w ill be sold to the blr ambler.
w -she- lat day ef airtewber,-im tme---"-
snade te suit Mfehanrra, ll ia deemed unneoea-
aary ta give any fortber deacriptioa of the psop- -
eHy,urboe desirous of purchaser, win onubt
leas wbb to elaauM tbe prcaiaea before closing -
any contract.1. JUUN JL-ClUI'FUt. -
Jam. 23d, 1820. .u ! . HI
ALL persona inpebted to Ibe arm of Witt tt
Jlrswa, are Invited to coma forw ard and
snake settlement with them, as they wish to
close their books.: W EST k BROW
nff6ety. Mt 12, 1876. ., 94 -
Maine and Santee,?S A33 cts,f abort stapieVlO Vf stormy diacuraion In both; Howes of Congress.
a 12 its--a,tr1aVier"m M iH f Tiwiiii-
dee and Inverness, (42 inch,) 23 a 24 1 Coffee,
Prime, ,.Gm
Cttttnt-The. transactions In Uplands, have
not been large," as compared with the stock on
hand. The influence, which the late unfavora
ble accounU from Europe' may have upon our
market b not yet fully ascertained. W e quote
it from 10 to 12 cents, i i ,'
Fhur.Ayo improvement Jn prices or demand,
since our but.
? Cam. Continues steady at the quotations In
our but some cargoes bare been contracted
North America, and a Bwediab ahip and frigate,
now in the harbor, wbicb tbe roveniment talks
oi purcnssing-, - - ,
. " Hie military seem to be full of entlmalatm
Ali2 arixicm for the "expedition ta he c"timuimm: James Caehraw-
C10R01A viut th LYDUXS.
wWe are much gratified, And our readers will
be equally so, to understand that a supplemental
article to the treaty afoh the Creek Indians,
arst yesterday aenV to tnt Benate for-mnrma.
tion, which, it is expected, will entirely remove
the objections; which exist;; the treaty in Hi
onrinaj form. Tbe arrangement of this diffi
culty, which - threatened not only to produce a
but also to nrblract't tlessioa SlMadv" Bkelv to
Lbe. extended toefaaj we -are Wormed; ir 1a be
a . .... ... T
attributed in a great, degree to the exertions of
IJr.dCfenien, ot toe eenate. k "Jmu.Jow.
r-It is stated that -the prbprietofsW Theldrt t
im MaMcani," uioperi iaat rwvei, nave deter?
mined to publish a ttemtyp etftUu. ' v .
Tbe ministers from Peru, to the Congress of
ranama, ucsam aianuei viaajrre and Pando,
have been some time at the'. ' Ihe
plenipoterfliartes from Mexico, lve also arrived,
and those from Colombia were on tlie way to
that place, at our last account
Charles Dana
Danl. Boat
Andrew Boston
William C'rofford
' Charles M'Camoo
Charles M'Kioly
Thomu Mately
Francis Miller .
MCsmy W. Morgan
-llaxid-neesa . ,,
William Camiraia -- -r
Caorpe Conine Henry 8bae .
John Furf T - . . Alex. Scott.
Doct. Sidnr llarn'a
Archibald Houston"
Thompson Hunt
Moses lVili
Klizibeth llarria
ttobvrt E, Harris
Mary K. Hardy
Joha Spears'
Barnhart Safreit '"
Jacob Stirewah
Green 11. fiwerni(l
William Teter
Paut Waher
" James White :
-'Joseph Welch
a a am n.S i'I
New Leather t Nno Fathiont 1 1 '
EBENE7.EU DICKSON again tenders his on
fciirned thanka to those who have patron.
laed him, aad begs leave to inform them aad all
others concerned, that he baa just received, from
Philadelphia, a J '
j ..'...i ..iiC". krLm In.
ana new umii ami iwi wmv w,,,
bl hia own faithful attention to bis shop.
snd the employmi-nt of the best of workmen be
sides, to make and mend every description" of T '
BOOTS and SHOES, ; f
of as good materials, in aa fashionable A style.
And workmanlike nianner,-ai any in the United
States. He bas received a supply of first rat
Stal-Skini t from which he will be able to auk
most superb fight Boots and Pumps for gentle.
men: nemi-w"""
KkholaA Niceier-?r' Joha fi. W bitjS -
Christ oplier Xicn't ; John Wallace
ta-rWiTA'. ewa.--?: '4'- ,' ift'"
rp HB aubacriber having qualified aa adminia,
X tralor on the estate of the late John P.
Hodgen's, dee. desires all persons indebted to
said estate, to come forward and make ettllo.
ment and all iliose having ckima against said
estate, will present them for settlement, proper,
ly authenticated, otherwise this, notice wity be
plead la bar of their recovery. -
,Vr.21,1825. , V
AndOldtwt fa sfl if him,
CalTat flie of the Bld-BOOT opposite
Mr; blaughter'a house of -entertainment, Main
street, Salisbury, N. C. ' , .
Jh-e.UmS. - ' : 88 .
:Utjamenti ;Orittf ; ,
TnCFtcldV commissioned ynd nonommis.
sioned stafT, -and now nti ianrtl ewnpanW
fBcera, aUacbedtoahaiCad, KeN CMib,
tm.: inrtrther with the noncommissioned oflicera
ri4 -muslclanajof X'apt Lemly?a Aafisbary Xujllt.
Infantry Blues, Will sppear at tna bourwiou
In SafisbiiiyYoit Fr
iwt, s 10 VelockTAr Mrrrf(toed1n wmprt-u
uiuformrready to be drilled in the manual exer.
cise snd field evolutions. luketo will be fur.
nished in towir-Gcneral Court Martial wdl be
held in the evening of that day i and it U desi.
red of commandants of cortipawe, that they
then bring forward all business which ready
f By'wde? of Wm. H. Kf rrt Cob Comdt.
, PI11L0 WlliTt, -M
.VVlsMSCfl. , ' 5t
- I
V j

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