North Carolina Newspapers

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ladtkualu ikicwiniN rwpeainjttjr Mti
Or taat aaJ tkoa MclaiawaUaliba4 00 fttUctlnO to recclie 1 bullet In l?e
IM coMcara, 3I M trttlH riih kr UvinriM
ftccantftf to tbnr irnnl eontrctt and
JiMfi waltm """Mprudenet and lnftnultt ftf tbh get off.
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' jtUMiMCMtlLR MUSLEU win,r Tbol-ieTrEiJatHTbViInf m,deltthe
S rr4 - k' ijl"r?" dutf of the of Internal Imprott
Uuntantta h Uaimairtoej 1 M takva the pre ' r j ,.
. rtnr-rft'lb-rTt.cfultht ! ment to ermine the Clubfoot and H.r
takafnrftaaaadtii public, for tbevrrr liker-llo trerli Cm I, and at the-baud re
aJaaxmi-aaaftHM lata 4m- aaaauadt ndj.jd!et and ibt ok cinnol proftreta unit!
- laitm baMV that kia areealued seriMW. U , th etaminatioti la made. Governor Do
rfXimm to h-bwtkrr
immm labelL at bamaatoa, will be web ta to
erita eoMimwhce of their patrwxfa.
- ".eMail fctftge,
T UnPHR bacriber is wow
il ' VTfl A ruaninf a Stare ree-
burr Liucolton evarr Mondajr
tod amm ia SaKtbwr at 10 o'clock aeit dav 1
And returmat;, learee Aalitbury at I o'clock P.
II. and arrivea ia Lincolnton on Vteooeda
trentngt Fare,Beenu per mile. IKa ttare i
A tubetantial, eomfbrtable vehicle 1 and hia
boraet atrong and gentle. All ho wUhapav
age oa Una route, may reat aaaura that every
thing ahall be done by the aubtcriber to render
their atuation at eomfortable and pleaaant aa
noaubk. The public are 'invited to try the
tare. R. II. BBTNOLDS.
irwery4,1827. .49, .
h Gold .Mine.
TTTAMTED to birr, a number of able hand
IT to work ftt the GM Mm on Bearer-Dam
Crtakv kloatgomery county, formerly knojro u.
Chiabolm'a Mine, to which the Stearo-Englne
A attached, liberal wagee will be given, and
the eats pud monthly. 1
t tAriwuy 12. 1827.
lVuiUOTifH .VtCTO.
NOTICE ' hereby given, that a certain fte
; gro girl, calling herself Eliza, u been ta
ken up and confined in the gaol of thia county,
oo the 34th of February but 1 aayi abe belong to
Mr. Otorge.tlarria, of Georgia, A negro trader,
ow owtgM nora-tfodolavya. at a tale of too
oatate of John Johnaton. and eaeaped from him
ell made and fi anukenv The-owner of
prov nropert .and Py chargev orotberwiajt
the will be dealt with accrding to law.
- . j Cntkr at Rutherford county, JV. C.
jUarekM lgg-. JL...::a;, 3t5d- : ::
ArtA-Cnraimi, Surry ctunty .
COURT Of plea andquarter aewibna,- NoVem.
ber term, 1826 s Thomaa Dougbas vt. Ed.
ward Beeaon 1 original attachment. It appear,
ifig to the court, that the defendant hvea in
another state, it it therefore ordered, that ad--tertkement
be made for three montfi" in the
. Western Carolinian, that unleai the defendant
appear to the aaid auit, and replevy, judgment
fro confeaao will be entered against him, -gjat67
. ; IQi WIUJAM3, Cfh
arlMe HnMMfirivH L MMrl - WlltnMiewisk'T-N aiatisff -I m ; . . 'a
v, laaonui 40 or pn!.iwMwn ihtn, atable for.
completion, wirai j icci .ni: jntaca hieik. M. k..
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m4mIM t4ftfWM, lfrfrJ
J. C. M UtltT.
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(MM till ft M Wr
W 'mmid 4 m At tr. U l
cM, i HQ )-4 Ut mU U t0
kf TW nJ m iWjii pM
k M lk Torfc rMjwIrtt) rttairll
Bffrt'f lilkM" of It.
im( any ttoi kf l oo U tU
U(dkUbt. 1 tUiwrijlcct
it tcfv bfitf 'h! rfrUMtU. . But
tmnk Mr. Iff gU U MT4r,,U ipit of
kit ntitif. Orn Sjoivki kJr
dUjutJlaa, od l the mr timf
him plcct of utf lmpt I U6r
U a Mr. Archer. ITfctr lt boerr,
'tomklnv likf fntnct U ikK 'r
,,14 ogrtcltc't (U lo ir (it t rkl
Th Mr W. bfar.. Ifk. O.o i ,h.
pdiil phrt tbt M no:e ' u of tir
iMicr thai rcuirt t nrr.' Hert
I IRk ba , wrong i fit lb wniil bjrti
tDkt oul plain! r and .ot:ilelf. Mr
i VVflM.hofer,l)M!.ieicuwWi, auJ
i tart that (h effKiflit oM ilVJpMmg
1 1 fl( M to fur,) bit Koin out 10 ba
1 ll rou had atkea me oviiiy, I thouIJ br
hhorai, but I bate no notion of being
1 ruffled and then riddled." VVt admil the
k;eft lhj, olaceTor-F.r.tliW.
where he will be detained one or two dayt
on btitiocu of the Cape Fear Niciioo
(!ompnr from thence he will proceed
to "Viloiin(fion, fur the purpose of vie
intr the operation of the Dredging M
chine t end frora thence, at expeditiously
in the county of Cmerer "Snoulfffherr
be Eierutito butineu, of an Important
character, which raquirat immediate at
tention, an expreit will M despatched by
Mr. Campbell, the Private Secretary. It
U eipecfedi however, that the Governor
will not bo absent more than two weeks
Raleigh Star.
The Nantucket Inquirer nyi that infor
muiion has lately boen received of the
ship Lady AiLirna, Captain Tobey, which
sailed from Nantucket about nx yean
since, and had not been heard of. It ap
pear! from information recently obtained
from an Enriish whaler, that the -Lady
Adams was destroyed by fire on the coast
oUapaA4a-4S2j Sba-bad-J.crew.ot46
persons, and at the time of the accident,
hid on board 1000 barrels of oil.
Capital at rTaMnrfn.Ot the 2M uh. the
Rouae of Repreaentativea pabed a bin appro,
priating R83.279 for completing the work about
the capitol, the capitol. quar, &c. Thli mag
niflcent palace haa coat the nation near two
milliont of oflara, and it ia yet far from being
finished. The appropriation includes ft 10.000
lor engine' house, keeper's
bonra, lie. H appears that
etfrptnvs font1 luewnrera wlin keen
everr:hore and .canii2ct.tnd that raWr
mn coKiy Mtrn ts to ee ouiit etthe nnbliC ev
. Jneieht fwTbere is' now ttanding
In tho. ancient Park of Bowtborpetioer
Bourne, an oak tree, which wa very
fruitful during the lait summer, although
the trunk 1$ hollow, and haa been used
a summer house, for upwards of 400
years ; it measures 48 feet in circumfer
ence, ia neatly fitted up with table and
seats, and will tontain Y tea drinkini;
party of 10 persons. There is sufficient
pace Xor SI persona ia ftAadingMsi
uoa. , , .. - .
l ir"srf J, tk kff Wft
m Wi rtf U. M k. r
kit M .'
If U kit cfigtff M M4
ftt kflaj -m werUM Ur
Plil'k. li,k tU'M k4 U
m IM IMtMW tv nl lf Mi Is
' Tat tfik air J tnfMtl rotas M Vt
II.. i, ti Vf Dr. CUmuhc4 Htw
A W:l in Uff tl4aniT
trftnia, rt PI rtl w
M ff Mrv RM!p. M cJr mi tliUf
Ika HpUfWHI f
ftJ. m purr
fit tmmA aa Uttlr brtacftt
T.tirltt. it Miho i pIud, oo Im
4? ?i fUftr. Ii kfni4t Mtrl
frfnl!ii,kl U kfKl ckjU if
(, taflUf. XjrWr f Trww Af
ll V iM lba Is Ik part of franca
krt tn' mtdi. on 9111 c'
tat UuntK,m,j9,4 a4 Ikat kfl tkit
MMrv l r tArrkt Udkttttif
UbftM (Ml TpiU4ftU M Mary
Ian4 ptottlfel'lra tMt f fiatr4
Tk iftU f UtMi C0ttM)r. VUf bU.
atdrirotf4yrool n
trro 6mit Ik onlf prionr. it aij
to htrt 6'i4 lj biUlnf U loccodW
On the Ud oil. IM Imq9 of RtepM
Rihiof. of Sillibory, Ct a detroye1
bf fire, and too of hie children, aged
im 9 veara, r buret lo death. A per
ton it in j tt, wMii tuppoaed lo hare Mt
it on bio.
The Boeo-Medical Intelligencer It
eattrd br D'. Cofno. Thit it an ominout
nme tot prtkiao j but Doctor CoflFi
it man of taitott and IrMOMrr, and
thoueh rt4(vi to bit paiieou hltn
rotncnt that ftit poitfote obould tvmt lo
a .-offin. VIA Miirftl a e!l remark, en
or "wet.' tbl "prbprlrrofef Dndma
IiJind. A. f. NonJng Ckrtnkk.
"The ftylf'Cwaithecommrjt language
of Rrtb b lore the intaakxi of tko Bar
cent; ii t mixtgre of the old Egyp
tian and the Grck. Into tbit language
the Krtpiuret appear to have been lrnie
irrl at a trrf 'earlf period -probably be
tween the third and fifth ccnturict
A young Wj baling ;g1eft getotU
mn lK wat noj very remartable for hi
ttoifr In d'MH plful Iap on, the Jicei
he rtlcd-outi-Tcnj hm eye
tmirt." - Indeed I" laid he. Well.
am happy in ban been the ctoie of ma
king tometbing amort about you.
The Quebeck (Canada) papers state
that there is much distress among the
poor of that city. 'The wares of ship car
Latt year the wages wert 10 shillings.
J-aif. .Such was the scarcity of Sea
men at Baltimote 00 the 5tb ult. that as
high ss from RM to Sit fer month.was
ofTered, and rnaly vessels bound 00 for
rign voyages were detained for want of
men to navigate them. Several ahip
owners had sent to Philadelphia and olh
er parts for aisiatsnce.
Kentucky, again I On the evening of the
3;'i ult. Mr Adair, a respectable eititen
of Elizabeth-town, Hardin county, Ky. was
stabbed by a Mf Stockman, and died in
about twenty minute's. Thelf difference
was about the next Presidential election.
Boiton klozart Society. -Thi society
gave a concert on Sunday evening to
ve ry nu menus aud ieoce, at M r . St reefer's
Mr e ling II iuso.- The performances ire
highly spok.n of by all who were pre
sent. Thrra were above one. hundred
vocal and Instrumental performers. It is
not improbable tbatthe performance w1U
bo repeated. ; ?r -nvnst Btttm SUuttaman
They " hive had a Siberian Winter In
EhglithdrTlC; of January
waauTi(mmBnjrioia. 1 no roans were
blocked upby snow near Calais in France.
Distressing accounts of the state of the
roads in Various Parts of the counti
very greatit was several feet deep.
The Edinburgh mail had sixteen horses
to drag it below Doncsstef . The fall of
snow in the north, was greater than for
sviafiw aiaiaM x
ifsiaj w wjtaii 9,
The PhilsdelDhia -Aurora aaya, Mr S. L.
Fairfield (the poet) haa commenced a paper in
New-York, under, tpe title of the an. (It
tHk: to bare heejt ceiled the Mm
ft tk U iv l k.fU. rf'-
l-.n.t...U.i a Mr -U II
uki. f kw im uak"i iiK"
Wm. iM M lk Bt M '!.
itk f ik ! ir r
fl ua V ri'f4 ,k
aA MN9. Tk ttMM k4i A, at
!c M4 M lUtlW
uk Ji.L fi ikatrrMlMtint
itr tMHif tog.U ia pim
n .l.u artf tMf dir. Axr lt
prvMaMM roowtflls: lf UUf 4ipd4
la Cr. kkl H piiMI t4 CifllUali
IM MN ft-lMftHXt M Vaipai n
1 im. ti 1 . . r.l l.r. TTkot
- r .
.k. aakee smttl toed. TM msckj
ii aaade keavyimif t4 drsUe. kul'io
to M smd by Mgroes-HM Cmldvijof
eetiely of f Ir hk
tia be rtfteoad -
CWf iff-0t f em lie Waders,
wM are cflapwe4 10 pmtict i JaU do
ismik wrowomvf.wlil lol IM Mowing
fsparstlow irf CeAof Votef e wry
cMip uMilteA U IM CologM Water
alike sbotH,fcf ohkhlbtf Pf -font
kondrvd per cent f
of ikii TM prlexlpal hgrvdleM ll ly
worth one dJUf per cli l re'U by
IM dnttflvu i lk perfumrry
tew little. Toone plot of .lroV add W
daaHI.UModri IWfgimot, 0
riMMt o4 kftnoti. avoo. wan tee '
To I Ktnoo of aUobol put 10 drts of
each of the Mffereei, Co
10aTih.l2i vlt. if Sf OrlflB tM
Aarfi ateA foe t 009, KelweealM po
nies OwawoVr "ryiowo'd h thai Iiy,
tod Jk a CM, from Kew Jersey. wt
woo bt ibe Jic w-Orkins m on trrt
on rntirta below town l the winning horse
ot La harness, ibe other under tM 4
die. Dlatance, I miU time, nbotes
41 sscoods
(1 It stated ia ibe Kew Tork Commer
.1.1 is. 1 ncrsonel attKk was
mmmlliad at Paris, oa Ibe 30tkofJ.nua
r.. ainoA Prlnca Talleyrand, by Count
Maubrcwll, while leivlng church, al the
rlou of tM service. The PHnce witfrl.
Ud to the groond bt iW blow, and si
ainnned. Ha bad been twice
klrf. and waa recoverinr. . The Count
U .tibreulL bad beta employrd by Tslley
isMirvminsT nr crown Jewrls, which
had been liken bf Jerome B.-maparte's
wife t and some dispute ousted In regard
to bh tervtcei.-
Two men. Barrage Smith and John
VV'hitnrv, residents of Rochester, who
were supposed lo bo of the party thai
murdered Marfan have led, ami sailed
for Mexico." Thtv "tre followed lo A!
biny, and from thence lo New York,
where they chartered a pilot boat to take
them to the Hook about 10 mile f) . for
which jfcey palf JJffTJouars, where they
wore put on board the brii: Brown, which
sailed Smmedialely. - - - " - . -Z
Strange PartnerhiftChtrft Rhes
and Samuel Atkiaon. have recently asso
ciated themselves as Editors of the Week
lv Messenger, a paper published in Ros
selville, Ky. and to satisfy their patrons
Jjrene rally, in the present state of the Pre I
a frie rd of General Jackson, and the. oth
er of Mr. Adam Xnoxville Enaidrer.
Sit hundred thousand dollars of Ken
tuckv Commonwealth's Bank paper, were
consigned 10 the flames at Frankfort
the I5'h ult- in pursuance of a Resolve
of the Legislature. This makes in all
SI, 473,000. There yet remain on hand
K500.00O lesvW about 8100,000 in
circulation unredeemed.
By late information from the Indians,
e apprehend that the Agent will meet
ith but little difficulty in negotiating for
the balance of land to which Ueorgla may
be entitled, beyond the limits of the
New Treaty. tWcHgevUlt Patftir.
Bad 7tfrf. An unfaithful servant, a
moky house, a stumbling horse, a scold
iog wile, an aching tooth, an empty
purse, ao undutiful child, an incessant
talker, bogs that .break . through'1 en
closures, a dull raxor, and a pimpled face,
a long story muiketoes, bed bugs, and
The Hon. Mat tin Van Buren.of the
Senate toCiH'ru
Yorkf and the rionr Messrs. Uray ton and
Wamilton,ol the Houie ot Kepresenta-
lives, from this State, arrived here last
evening in Uie Northern Stag
Ckarletm Courier 1 1 2th ttlt.
The editor of; an evening paper has
expressed bis belief, that Philadelphia
will contain at tbe close of this century.
between three-and four hundred thousand
souls." ' Wetloubtlt ; IVut being solicit-
pus to avoid any jJiscus&ion, wej are per-
cc.tij viiiiog to vt aqc ace toe issue.;
AfMit, 2. U-T,
Itr.MllVAU ..,
mj tVa r&w atf iW ra C i
.fOt Til iVa UAf VW 1 Iwawa,
y a Si ti iWt u '
M tM aw IM tn fM;
m tWf fp fVa 1 lr-
W aktf U Uiii d fiMMMa,
J Ua rwt$fWwTtT' , " -
i ' i.k
A tWr" "a rW Uart
a Oifcrl. U IM) IM aW A Mr. Mmaa ,
iifku! iM kllf( U Nfidk ft ) ftf
f.axW, tKaf ax, a4 Ia4 fmtifa
C. fiakkta it
M V3ajUf,
ywm ms-mmw,mm mmmM wm wwmmm w
fMMM fevailkal ia1rktk ta kM Bart k!
k , . r .1 1 .
WW M O J have pow'iaw, or awt
TM WfWLf.vftM rial al,'
asyt lUro as aawk Urn akiryf ks tkat fmt
the oawal, ot Ckia aaawaw'at'tM yaw.. , , t,
wBaaaw f I
Um md Pw4rf t4 late ai awao e
tM ktiiankaisv WrUatMT, M act waa saa
rd yew Lfif Mart M tMiMtrwtteytb
Wnltot ataia. trif tM awadetkey of fM k4,
kefare tM Wwlf, a Saoowa was atade I'
Utke awAlM ada, "Utia sad Uvk k
fafvt," wkieh was dx.'id bf tM MpUHi
thwa WUg tM dWrvMaatMO wf tM UpJ
bare to aatee tbea aVwad Isafwagto UM tM
UadseftMwywtrtU. V. , t .'!
ejswassawB ..
rXl'inJCABawBtwaYalV 0f,,- Wt v0Hf
9tt as tftal fi ft Ttar, ao Mowiay, CM
At tM reeewt teraa of tM CoH a GewersJ
tsaa-s.fco Yak attatrtct, I. CWav. la
m Ia4 tkraspsey Keewf vrrv tried ee a er trgw
maW akMl iktw by C4. CUrtr M. Har
f kavw-f rouWd bias wfs awiiirible aaadoat
wf yM sawawyi ad were vtty sawprjT"
acjmtted. tM Advwaato sayt t - -
M After the testimony wat closed orj
the part of Ihe defeadaats, the. Soiicito
wis ao deeply impretacd with the er
whelming ba'.are of ibe evidence, which
wtet to prove that oo the morning. tM
robbery was. aaid to have bete ceeamitu 4
tM defendants were twelve toilet from
the place where the affair happened, that
be deemed It hi, duty ft) franknen'ld
state to Ihe Court, that fort ber effort to
rebwt il would M epavtUlng.t .
The Advocate fuxtker rv marts 1 ; '
We dec sn it proper to state, that li
Judge marked ia substance, that, from
tM evidence, tkeve coutd M no ckmH
but t'aptrjliri had, been robbed at al-...
legtd. He stated that there, was PO
ground to oetleve the bsinuatlon thrown
out In the ir'ul, that he had robbed bior
himself.r: . t...:
... . , - - p -t '
Tbe northern papers received about A weiX
tiaca. gsjrc cmtTwacy t a resrt, fVixo CngWad,
that Mf. Cil!atn,'Mir Awlater at Loodow, had
Micceedcd ia compromising the dSfficsltieees
briiiig between Ihe. U. I. and the Brkbh gee.
erwment,1e reittjoe'To the eoaameioe betweee
the two OOMWrita. 'Owe Lat pf4r,kaear,--ky
Fhdsrt eaaJI.'ghnet COttttrrrrrf 'go fiat .
the Interdict, contsioed la the rrraklewt'i bre.
clamation, win, ilhour doubt, ro into opera
tioa r-the tftru of which, the will aoo
be ssade to fed " ' ' "
The CreensbW Patriot, of tbe 24iS !C
says that a njarble tomb-atoaw wis, a abort Uae
James Cunningham, U tbesrd beJoagwig to
Buffalo church, near that pbxe A
w a queer article to trial and we aupect the
roguea who carried keA; did ao more from a
miKhievoua thaa a tiicvimg propewaity.
The Patriot of the aame date,,aflbrdi as
another item of new 1 it ia thit 1 M The Don. Joba
Wiinaroa, awaMirr of the United gtatea to the
Government of Guatemala, and tbe Hon. Levi
Williams, member of congress from this state,
paaaed through thia place on -Thursday tut,
from Washington City." Thla Is the first lati
mation we have seen of any one'a having been
appointed minuter4 from tbe U. 6. to Cuate.
mala,-kfr. Wiinamt has hteTy repreaented the
8. at Guatemala, la Chart detJitdrrti bt
he returned home from there four or five roontii
since, and resigned tbe situation, and a suecet.
sor hu been appointed. And from tbe routh
manner in which Mr.1 Adams has been haridlei
the course he hu pursued in relation 1 tfl !.vjij
Bepubfics of Soutli.America, we had not ex
pected to hear of hia taking it . upon hjf
(for .the senate, has .confirmed no web appoint.
to tend a Minister", to ,Cuatema,
it appears that i saarge dttaatret Ut ff : ; .
competent' to represent us therav-and Ibe
much at the fbrmetv-'-Kow-ho President -must ;
efther have conferred this mug appointment on f
birinend " kirF William-;" (entitBng ihinf
S B'kB S.OOO per annum as tadary)
after Congreat adjourned, and thus bidden ee .
fiance to the M fkctiaui enate,'-Ha; the
Gteensborw Patriot must, in its fondness for ns I
jreol tnen,' have " mistaken plain' Mr.
Williams, of Temeisee, 'for.' if" Eicelr
the United States kliniiter joGuatemsIs!"'
lrioiwohl do" well
. .-.-A . ..... - ,;.
The rank is bat the guinea" tamp f-l
The moVi the goloV fi?r B tbaj.' '
a u
- lal
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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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