North Carolina Newspapers

    ! L
SALISBUHY,N.C....llTKSI)VY, MAttCIl 18, 1828.
VOL.' Vni.......NO
By ."Mlf) WHITE. S
r i III -m , M ' I II f If aT I III llt a 111 Ml 111 m V
The trrms of the Western Carolinian are, fcJ
per anmim-or ffl SO, tffnid in ' - hu.
payment In advance will be required from ail
,ferrtaditar, b ar unknown
the Editor, unlet soma reponibie person 01
fcis acquaintance guarantee! the payment. t
s No paper discontinued, (eicept at the option
' Advertisement will be Imerted a nftj '.C
per square j
" All tetter! addrewed w the Editor, mut
k.-Mrf, or the may not be attended to.
At the Sijrn of the Golden Ball.
sK't-irin II Beubtcrtber ha opened a boar.
Ot .1 .din house end house of enter--iJiitment,
at th eomer of Kiiuj and
BroadBtreets, opposite the eotirthouae.
He promise to afford, both to tli btrr
tnd twellf r, who wifl ftvor him with tticir p
. roMT undifMed eriont to ple, butb
Cam'ltn. 8, C. Ftb. 16M, 18'Jfl,
MrpHU eltxnt ei(blrhmn, n'uated
I at the north corner of the (lourt.
Moute,hubeen recently repaired ami
i In a new and auperior ylr, l" re.
.ceptwn'of Compmy. The reae Min- hv.
bee teken to pwkurt for tlti eMablMiment
flaw Ibrahim ti rerf de-iptMrt, itferiMry
,fv tlx eoJbrt of TrweiletM the rrxt ap.
. , umMi We brcn ackcted with rre
we I the tu Hocked with ehoice Hymn, and
' the aublei attended by obli(fin and attrntnre
JtMtlcrv The conrrnience ot mn attuanm
equal to any in the place. The home coaint
wmber of private euwua. and out bowers well
calculated fur tbaccommoditronTf -Traveller
and Boarder r -Attechd..tu, wbicji, .jWe U a
--Zt jjrf Cad and tttwk atotrz.rzr:
- To ttwe whe may pieaae ip emu " " "
Onirea ihem that no paina will He .pare : to
Mnder their atar confnrtable and pleaVmp.
Satinbury, Srfit 17 1837.
.It the Sign tlKt Mortar and I'ntle.J
HKXF. jut re-eivl from New
i orK, a large upply of
MeJicineti and
their present ao?fir1eic?'l ivl
valuable JUeiUano sola in our country. A tiiey
are determined to make thi eatahfahnvnt
Worthy of public patrna;et they now offer for
staler WboUaaW and BeJait,the abVve Meiidnrt,
Sc. on the moat reasonable ternw.
PhyticitMt in this section f tbe1rxHinrry, aa
well thoe to the westward, who, heretofore.
. have been in the habit ofupplying tlirmehet
-.. ith Medicines from the north, and elxewhere,
will And rr for their inttmt to encourage tle ef-
Cut of the present propnttor. in making this
uacful and permanent aUmb
' l N. B. Onhrt carefully and punetuaHy put up,
Hjrreeablv to directions i and on the sbortct no-
UlC . awwmry, .win, .
rpilE subscriber haini;
purcliaacd llii route
of Mr John llurpinir. Jim
artVi3r,3 respectfully-; infoi ma. ibe
vuhr" fliarno tiertions jn hie nower ahall be
wanting to rtmlcr it a -expediliouiC safe ind
rtomfoHubte a it ha bilherttben under the
tuperintendence of its former indefatigable and
worthy owner.
There will be no changes in the route. The
$taffe. at uual, ill continue to run from Raleigh
o Salisbury, vie Pitttlorough and Axbborougb,
once a week. It leave Italeigh every Friday
at 2 o'clock, r. m. and arrive at Salisbury on
Monday at 10 o'clock, a. w. Pricn of passage
from Kaleigh to Salisbury, 7 dollars, and at the
tame rate lor any distance on the route. AH
trunks and other baggage taken into the Stage,
ajhafl be delivered at the place to which they
re directed, on, the reiponuilny of the sub
cribrr. 1 tie subscriber iiapara nothing in
saying that this is the nearest, cheapest and
most agreeable route from Kaleigh to Salisbury ;
and he, therefore, with the greater confidence
aoltcits public patronage.
January 8, 1838. 3mtU
THE (iibscriber having qualified as executor
'of tbe Wit will and testament of .Ubert
f deeaed, late of the county of Burke,
3eire all persons indebted to the estate of tbe
said deceaied, to eome fbrwawl and make pay
ment without delay i and likewise all those who
have any elahntagafnst said ettnte,- to present
them, legally authenticated, within the time
UmiiedTiy' tawTWherwtietbit not ice will be pled
in bar of their recovery;
amrorv 31tf, 1828. 3mtl3
fWMl P. iibcriber wifte to inform the citizen
J. of Salisbury, and the nurrounding country,
that he has commenced the
Tailoring Busineit
Ih sa'id town, on Main rt;totiib of the couK
houe, a few doors above Mr. Slaughter's tav
. ern-i where b
kind of work in bis line of, bunnies. Ily hi
lm)('speriesic iij, tjjeyine, he fl'er him
aelf he will be able to give entire tUfctibn to
JI who may patronize bim
All orders for work from a distance, will be
punctually attended to, atrictly acctfrding to di
reetion. 1 he public are respectfully Invited to
try the aubacriber' JWt Shop,
mtmrf, rd.sth, i82. am
1 Hra3ZUUI
THE aubacriber renpeclfutlj hforma hii
friend ami the public, that be continue!
(he above line of bnarneM at hie old rtand on
Plmondton'l Wharf, wher he ii prepared to
attend to the tale of produce comrnittf d to hie
care, upon which liberal advance! will at all
time be made j or to ttlie treeutioi; of ordcra
agent f the rfW fkct$, loir pn IK. i owne,
Mill retjtive' ml forward, without delay, all
Cotton coni'rned to me by the way of Chera-ar.
end wil be prepared to make advancta on wich
Ckvlnlon, ,Vr. Ul. 1877.
EWII.1.F.Y & C O. have on hand of the
I above Powdf re, and ill continue to kerp,
a ennaUnt aupplv during tlic teotun, ) t!ie
gnu, dozen, nr ainnle bt
Xathbun,. Jan. 1H, lfi2rf. 93
N. II. laid piivder nrw put t'p arrordinjr to
the metltod preicriLrd by the London Pliarma.
THAT in puraiiancc of a Deed of Trutf, and
fur the purno'M thrrrin mi-ntionrd, wr will
eimxe to .yblic !?, at thf deMinT Imiumj of
William Mean, Monday, tlie'iV.h March
next, that large and valuable
Tract of Land
on which the aaM William Mmm now livra, rt A
taininr ttDwaivU of arvrn Uunlml acrei. 1'berc
no tract oflo.l m tb w..m tiart ol Xor
Carofina, of the raine quantity of acre, " ore
HiaUW. There i on the prenne a large un'
e'egant brick Dvrllinf Huinr and abo a brick
Ki'chcn, and all necrnsiu v out-liours.
On the same dav and at the tame place, we
will sell another-7'raef f lnL containing aoout
one bundre! acrvylyjjifr nnlhc jicw Hoad lel-
ink from Concord to Salnburv.
Ainu, on uie same: nir; irerwiii.:ii eignreen
women ami cniitirrn.
A credit of twelve months will be (riven, the
purchaser giving b md itb app'nvrd security.
Wtt.f ;AM V. MKA VX,
finrmr 30i. i:8. 60S
dnv of mile, and m nil iircnunt.
INKING determined upiii rf-movif.tothr we -
J tern country, the ruOTriDer ncr icr Mie
the wltole of hi tal'tiible ncuHtisi'iit. Iving on
the north iide of die Catawba Hiver, nd on
botli ides of thr main mad leading Iroin tatea
ville to Lincolnton, t the lUufalow Shoal rreek,
l' miles from Statesville. Iredell count v, N.
"CV. KU J& aen of Land, a good
portion of whtrh tirrfnra-t-Mintit r-mutry
On tin- preiuiiK-a there is a good new frameti
dwelling. Miu-e, sufficiently large, well fmiilied
off corn crib, stnbh, kitchen, mettt-hnune, and
Urge bam, lie. A auffkivnt rmantitv of land i
uder cultivation prolitably to employ 3 or 4
hand; itb a sufficient untity of excellent
meadow' grmirid, and Sllor 35 arrrs of tW rate
bottom laud in tbiseountry, for Cora ir tibiic'a.
Tbe lamli susceptiblu of being, ami will be, .
may suit purchaser, divided into two acttlc
mcnl. . - - .
N. II. I had like to forgot the probability of
a Yen cehWe Cir'M"rif, 6n Thif tand". " "
1'hesuWriher beiiuy determined to tVII the
above wiil be di-.povd of on tbe
imnt accommodating tt rms to the purchaser.
Person deairotis of purchasing, are invited to,
examine the premise,
TT7"ll.t. hr aoltl at the eooeMMMise, on Tue
f y dav, the 15th dnv i'f April m-xt, the ol-
lowing lots and house in the town of Salisburs-.
...i. ... . .. .. ;.'
or to much thereof a will be sufficient to i-atUfv
the Commissioner luxe, due thereon, from the
year 18J0. to the vear 18; to wit :
Toe 1iou?e nd lot formerly owned by Sally
auooi, r.euenvu, uuw dv norunam ,iacoo4.
Lot formrrtv owned by U. I'. Peanon, now
by John McCIclIamL
der's etute.
House and lot belonging to Trancis Coupee's
House and U nuw. owned nd occupied by
oaruo iaruruiiii.
n..... .,.-1 nrnmi.,! ir-w
Moue and lot fun
rmerly owned by Thomas
nuel Jones.
Holmes, now bv Sumu
llmne and lot owned by Kalpb Keller.
Ilmiae and lot fonnt-rly owned by Martha
late .Mr. Smethers. .
House and lot belonging to the estate of the
late Thorns Todd.
Also, lots numbers 23, 24, 31, 32, 35, and 57,
intheVVest Square, lot, number. 3fi k 39, 46.
and -4". in the Kant Smnre of said town. '
All of which will be actually struck mT1o the
last bidder on that dav, if the taxe due thereon
are not previously paid.
jilLLlASLUQWAitu. V. T. T.
March Ath, 182.
THE subscriber respectfully informs the cit
iien of Salisbury, and the surrounding
pounrry, that he ha established a Bank Bindery
in id town, on Main Street, a few doors south
of the Court-House i where he will be thankful
to receive any kind of Work in hi Krie of business.
From a number of vears exoerience. in Eurorte
and Americabe, feela jeonftdent of being able to
give entire satisfaction to all thbae who may fa.
Blank Ruokt made to order, after anv nattnrn
furnisheil on short notice, and at price which
no one o cnrnplairi in. .
Vtd liookf Rebmmd, either plain or ornamen
tal, on the mot moderte terms. All order
from a distance, faithfully attended to. The :pat
ronage of .the public is repcctfully aolicited, by
their obedient aen'ant,
ftry,fn728iS 1827. 61
Cafcir i,rtb. 724, 1828,,
flu i In Inokinr overth columni of your pa
per of the 19th nt, I i you hare put mia.
ronatructioni on the addr of the Adtunittra.
lion Convention of the p iple of tbia atale, by
amylrtjf it reiioninf it dec ptire.and fale. in ill
Jeductionl i you will muc obbre a aubacriber
by publiahinpf It in your pfcer, to five the peo.'
pie a fir opportunity of j"ljbr for themaeivc.
.mi" ml (iulitcrifier mifif ikeJdrfMftrnlitn,
w Hn. accordance .wf h the ipove rctjuecVof a
aubacriber, in Cabarrua CMihl"V"HibIih"lli!
aMrea of the ' admirrletratidj convention at
MalciKht It ffrMit .length irnVoae en ui the
neeeatity of tivlnr It in detlbed pwrta. In
'fiilbrriliifit thif addresn-tretlnW awent to it
propoaition, nor the ronciuibn it author ar
rive at t but we publish it in pikuance of our
drterininalton to arTfird the opinent of the
man of our choice. (Gen. Andre Jarkson) no
Jml room to complain of our not iving them
an opportunity or einr heard Uirou jh the
column! of the Wetern CaroiniaA
nddrrn of the Adminiitrtiont;onvent!on
held in the Capitol at Raleigh, DeC.TOth, 1H.7.
7 6 fA Frrrmnt A'trth Cart
The Treiidtnt i arraigned fonhavinr;
lost the Untith W. India trade, byWler
tjkin to arrange the subject by arbcablr
ntf option, instead of concurring t pro
posed enactrrents of Car(?rea, irhirh
wouM have secured to u our fair klufe
'of this rommerce. The charge ft not
true- The. protoed CTneressionil Tn-
J,t(t&i)tl, It is now kaoetl, would not
hjve oniaiuea tne ovj Lwnicn mer were
des'ned to invite. Nr ought it to have
been thus invited. Tie trade h a Wr
and proper subject of (jonvention between
the two Countries, t i "be fettled on the
hsofjnuijilj5h;fandjjciproc3l nv
terests. The honor otK Country for
not t!etgo to trtjt on
his subji ct. it was
not for us JO coax hei baoghty Ministers
into concessions by letilative comlescen
loS.r ... 1 he pljn wasTiot jnore in'onsis must be imparted to nnt tonal measures, by
tent with self respect, than repugns'iit to ,n'e ,ot,j change 'nflhe' men who-admin-thc
nature of the stiliecflo be arranircd. ;stfr tben' Can any consistent and
Ttrs lerfslsiiorf andiHinter leRialattotj XJ,CiaaJf. iinc of.policy be 'pursued, if from
t o rlisiiuct SoereigriieS neVer can com
nine tho views of both Governments on a
, matter of compact, ad as 44 to pra'ui'e a
harmonious reconciliation of those j-irring Lgency in farmiiifr them, and cannot be
purpohes and disrorjfint eJements whiou J presumed .to understand their scopo and
it is the business of-. gociattonto adjust ." j)f ndency. The friends of General Jack-Y-iur
jealousies ave been roused hv j ,nn are eloquent in praise of the patriot
beiuij reminded tin Mr. Adams is a isrn which he displayed in the defence of
Northern Mn, and rom a non slavehold , his Country of bis energv in controlling
-'irJi !te. Kemerr))er the farewell ni ,,,,,) dirertin the iregular valour of
iti; of he Father U bVi Couutry, In his i Militia of the severity with which he
invaluabb legacy to his Children. - " Be '''chastised the cruelty, and verwed the
ware of Keograpbical parties, of aectional . ferocity of the Indian anUoUlemai
faction. Arrav the Nrth rirainst !t;irT crnius and heroism which enabled
the South the Wett against the.; East ' -.him tu aclilcv.e the memorable victory of
ibi admonition which- ahbuld be pre - jOrleans, over a disciplined and powerful aH, it, w&ulJ be madness in u to1 fo Animated by the rccollrction of
rti,rcKard. Are we so moonstruck as to ,i,rsc eaploiis. they call on vou to besioiv
imagine, that if we combine tfry wjltmit on tim. as a reward, the office of Presi
uuiutt toe reject bcauseiheiudiduali4eW.4l
isnotofu,Ae not refuse every one zens this r(Tire were merely a reward,
w,io is not of them And why n this r
rav of States in hostile attitude shall he
ouce m4dc,now w-ool with whom is
the stieiitflhi ilull we not seaLthe ex
cl.iUan nU loreyec,ol aboutl
en.f?..l uo,n rresioency f--But wb :
has tUe-J edcial IioveruraeOt to. di w"tlil.rB,;4de, U m it frum ui lhat illiberal
the delicate, auhieci br rmtrrrrri ),.r:
- u , 'h " 'i lfi .'"''aT
And what are we to apprehend froo a i
lrem, who, moun nomine mtli,
las lr magnanimity to place a injjuiity
U.. ! ... I .1 r .a T i
i ol "'ouihern men In hi Cabinet"
I cllow tuizens. there it one charge
more against the President. It is a charge
which ought to have leen well weighed
jl) fore it was advanced which should be
fully proved before it is believed which, '
;it tiue, leaves a stain uon our ational
Character, hardly to bp effaced and I
"iu, ii iaic, .iiuuiv. uiw nu.n ncavy
...u:i. :i r.i.. ,i i i j j . '
, idij;ntion upon those who bad the base-
i ness to fabricate it, or the rashness to pre-
. .: .. ... i t a .l i
' for it, without a certainty of Its truth.
ou all know that we allude to the
1 -v"ms anu wr, v,iay, oy wnicn me laiicr
' was seduced to support the former, and
j to procure for him a sufficient number of
j subservient friends in Congreis, by whose
' to decide the election U. hisTuvdr:
I, . f , . ,
In the sincerity of our souls we declare,
that we (eel bumbled in noticing this ac
cusation. What must foreigners' think
of the state of moral! in our Country,
when charge like these are bandied
against the most distinguished . of our
Statesmen? What a malignant triumph
is afforded to the enemies o( freedom, by
such imputations, boldly made, fearlessly
circulated, against men of the highest rep
utation for pergonal integrity and long
Illustrious in these confederated States,
for their public service!, their talents, and
their stations! And what toast we our
selves think of the appetite for slander,
which can swallow theser accusations
tataSHHif ;-fir9qfimfol lhjbigoUrof parly,
which believes tbem againtt ' ftrooo( the
indifference with which those who disbe
lieve, witness and endure their circula
tion and of the rare display of that gen
erous sensibility which was to have been
expected from. tb.o honorable and high-
minded opponent of traduced and ilan
drredgernlemenf . If there were noother
motive to deter oi from hastily joining
the opposition, the Tear to encourage
calumny by success, a lolicltude to put
down rash and ruthless attacks on person
al reputation, determination not to jus
tify- 4nav.degradat!on of our character
abroad (for our character there is identi
fied with -that of or President, our Sec:
rress,) would all come in aid of the best
feelingi of the human;; heart, to Jbid u
keep aloqf. We shall not go through (he
evlilence'wlilch"" rfir9vr f hil"acllfarttorT
for strange to siy, contrary to every
tiloof ordinary juMice, i.l hae been rc
rjiiired to be dhfirovrd. Ve refer you
only to the statement of Mr. Buchanan,
the witness br who-n it was hoped or ex
pected to be established, and to the con
clusive refutation by Mr. Clav himself, in
his manly n;pr,il to the Community.
Those who yet believe it, mutt continue
to believe it. Conclusions formrd with
out evidence, ranoo' be shaken by argu
ment. Those who have not been reason
ed up, ru never be reasoned down.
Of the sVility of Mr. Adjms to dis
charge the hMh functions of his office
of his arquintatice with S:
duties of his pauent mil deroted atten
lion to its tabors, and of the general pros
neritu of the Country omiar bis Ad minis
trlon, there can be but little question
Wpv, then, are we to iiisc ird him and to
confide to iintrird hjrids, the momentous
interests of the NV.ion, rfhicti we know
to hs sife under his guardUnship ? Is
experience, the best of all teachers, of
no avail in political science : - is tnepriC
c. (uireljhv pur years ad
ministration of Hie V-
xecutive tthce.
to be
'thrown away without a muie f Ho we
hazard nothing from the instability which
a char ts of counsel, plans are broken
up, before thev run be matured or thiif
execution entrusted to those who had no
: , . trunt then indeed, tbe enquiry
be, who hs ihe strongest claims to
the premium.
If the services of Uen.
Jarksnu have not been urTn iemlv ac
ktmwledged if the Oovcnimcnt or the
pr0Ije have boe as vet niggard in their
..'. i i r...-it,
" 1 n
.uiKs i'1.u ,i,rvf. Hut we dis
claim this imputation of ingratitude and
parsimony of praise, as unjust. He
mean not to undervolue the services of
General Jar kon, though we would claim
some portion of praise for hi equally
patriotic and gallant associates in peril
4U ,,orv
tjnvjte to
nut whatever may Oe the cs
be pUced on those services, his
couutrvnieu have not been barkward to
acknowledge or reward them. The thank
. . . . . . r ,
0j rrie constituted auwonucs oi me lanu
tbe festive triumph the sacred thanks
Li vintr tbe ulaudita ol the People all
fnr ,h.-h hr men wish to live, or dare
,0 die, have been yielded to him with a
prf-iion which knew no stint. And
wc De deemed ungrateiul, Decause
we do not press upon him, an awful,
weighty, and highly responsible trust, for
which we have no reason to believe him
qualified in which he will probably lose
the glory he has acquired, and may in
jure that Country which it is his praise
to have defended f What would be
thought of the prudence of the individual
who, in the effervescence or gratitude
should reward his Physician by confiding
to him the management of an important
suit at the bar ; or should select his suc
cessful Advocate to navigate a ship over
the stormy Ocean I To be continued.
Lav The LegUlaiuie of Virginia has
passed a law providing that in all actions
" ti Don ' promissory notes bUU o.f . et-
xhange, draft or other writings, endorse
ments' or acceptances ihereot, wnere tne
declaration aUege fM !.! defendant or
otner. person, niauc, assigocu, nimi,
or accepted the same, upon it beif; offer
ed in evidence, the $iguature shall be
deemed genuine, unless affidavit, to be
filed with the pica, bo rrai?, drrying the
. from the Kentucky Argii, Feb. ll.
It is in vain (hit Ben. Hardin and tho
majority in the Senate endeavor to turn
themselves and ihrirown proceedings In
to ridicule. It ws in vain, that they re
fuierl to admit proper testimony and pro,
claim that Ihey would hear none hut
vtillinjr vtitntuii. By the evidence actu
ally riven in, the bargain between Adams
and Clay sUnJs, proved fa tbft itisfacUcna
f-Mtew nreidjfe rtis!
Z Whit iaIJTr.rJohnVoh f J. ireoTonTf
had the instructions of the Legislature,
but a parcel of letters Trom Kentucky H '
rerlintj him to r-o-0.7?ory
fwr ut, a we$tern Prttident whivri'eT fyott-
9.'.' ,y"eti he voted fof Mr. Adams. ' ;'s
What was his reason? " ' WrKmf
Clay made Secrrtary qf State. , flow did
he know that such would be the- result
unless Mr Adams had promised it f , ,
Whnt said Mr. Trimble I Before Ka
went on, he eaid, if he voted for Mr.
Adams he " would agree to Ar called a fed'
eratitt alt hit life " Yet, he voted for
him. What was his reason 1 " We dis
tinctly atcertained that Mr Adam vtoulJ
make Mr. Clay Secretary' of State, and
that Gen. Jack ton wuld not!" How could
they know what Mr. Adami would do,
unless he had told them what be would
do f
What says Grp. Metcalfe ? A month
before the election he says, "we Hand
uncommitted roe mutt know tomething
'jh(. how the cabinet t$ to bejilledm After
the elrcfion,- he says, fear- trr have
done too much or cur friend." How ?
Why, we have voted for Mr- Adairns, to
get Mr. Clay made Secretary, and I fear
i( willle an up hill business in Kentucky.1
" We mutt know tomething about how the -cabinet
it"" to ' be ' jittedr '"TElt apeak.""""
volumes. It was said before the election'
and after the election the members of
Congress sid they, toted for Mr. Adatna .
to get -Mr Clay Secretary of State. -: Theq ,
they did know how the Cabinet was to bo
filled, and voted accordingly. Could art
honest jury ask for more evidence f
But what says Mr. Clay in the fall tt
1824 ? 'aam uncommitted.' Henco
causes it to be inferred that he would vbta
for General Jackson if the voice' of ttW
country made it his duty. In January
1825, his friends in Frankfort say, that h
will be Secretary of State if Mr. Adams it
President. How did they know f Tho
report is traced to confidential letter
from Mr. Clay to Mr. Blair, the contenta
of which-the latter refuses to disclose " -
without the consent.of the former. . .
The ArUms men say, Mr. Bluir haa
notliug to tell. Let them put that to tit
trtt. There are two modea Ajrce bira . .
to testify or ijet Mr. Clay to rcleaae him
from the restraint of confidence. Tho
latter course l plain and easy. Let Mr..
world all he knows If he does not coma
out with facts of, importance, then mar
they charge him with duplicity Then
may they say, that his conduct before the
Senate was all a farce.
I . We trust the whole country with one) - '
voice will cU on the Secretary to release) ;
his friend and bring before the world all
tho facts. Until he does it, ra cloud' 6f V
dnrk suspicion will rest upon him' more
damning perhaps than the truth itself.
Mr. Clay must now bring out this evidence
or stand Ruilty before the worM. There
is no alternative. But we doubt whether
he will dare to say to Mr. Blair, come our,
tell "the truth, the whole truth and no
thing but the truth." We believe that
gentleman can a tale unfold which will
cause the tenants of ill gotten power at
Washington and their adherents in Ken
tucky, to 44 call on the rock i and moun
tains to fall upon and cover them."
Unitarian Zeal It has been customary
for Treaties to be made in the name of
the Holy and undivided Trinity. It ia
said Mr. Adams formally objected to
this; but, the trinitatian negotiator was -positive,
and the Unitarian yielded.
Camden Jo'xrnal,
Largt SkeletonA human skeleton h3i
been found in a mound of. earthi n.carl! 1"
Paris, Henry county, Tennessee j whic4 -"
measured 7 feet 2 inches in length, and)
tfte boms generally were- large in propor---tion-
On the 1 1th ult. a fire broke out at &
ta rta, outside the gates, which consumed
about 600 houses ; and it is stated that 1 1
lives were lost. On the 3d ins?, a fire)
500k place at New Or leant, which -dea-"
troyfd the Government House, and many
other. valuable buildings. ; '" '
The Hon. Thomas Ciay.tonf' ialeiT
Senatf-f - the Vt S has been; - ap -
pointeaXlti'ef Justice of the CcRlrff
Common Pleas ol the state of Dela
ware, in place of Judge Booth, decea
sed, who had seryed 29 j'eara it tftt,
stistior.. ' . ' '
v ,'
- s

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