North Carolina Newspapers

    i; : ., . - .. ., .!'. . "'
tly, to iul,l .U a l t of the csci denied at l!.t
term in c-'ir neat. -
fh F-sccutlve Council met in lUlrich lt
Wedneula, to Consult with the tiov, on the ap
pointment' of Attorney General, in place of
James F. Taylor, dee'd. We have not heard
the result. , : : i
D'. Jmlnv fliiM, of Btokea county, he,
at Lit cm renuest, been withdrawn' a the
dmt Electoral candidate fur the 5 ill district
tad James T. Morehead of Rockingham County,
substituted in Mi place. "lists flee from
(inking bin." Dr. Bowmen, recommend Mr.
Morebesd, a more eocustoroedlo public pea
king, end eonaequently better Calculated to
" electioneer for their inkinjj cause.
T-'Tbe Eietee (MaataxlwSetU) Bank, was 1ae1
robbed of R.OOO-l :,000 in specie; end 1 8,000
la bill. Home of tbe robber are in custody. -
"y CWer. -We have been, made acquainted
with a number of eases of curee of tmuers , pro.
, dueed by iiffiplj rubbing tbe part effected with
MM turnip. Tbe turnip should be boiled to
a buln I the cancer to be nibbed with the
ouon A the -plpy vaibetanee. bound on "the
caorerrTbU- application trill, ht.-tSjt)rt? timST
Lafredesall tbet part of the Het atlected by the
cancer, which can be easily taken out, when the
part will heal directly. Curee have been effec
ted in thie way.irteaae tliafemiaent pbyaiciani
bad pronounced incurable. .
We perceive in the papers, that Mr, Tyr
rell of Missouri, ha been cured of a cancer on
tiia note, by applying strong-potash, made of
the ebe of red oak bark, with a planter of tar
over the whole i cautery and the knife, had been
previoutly uted in vain."
At muster of Capt. David Linn's
company, in this county, on the ltlih Ju
ly, a vote on the Presidency waa taken,
and resulted in 36 for Jackson, 7 for Ad
ams, and 31 declined voting.
At a muster of Capt. Hugh
company, on 35th ult. tbe vote
Presidency stood
Adams . . -On
the fence. - - -. - .
on the
Jl'a jnuterJof . CapUlCeorj5eFilc's
company oLKilvmCBJttthia comity, on
effilrntrnrt oxroffih Treslde'ncyre"
aultedm giving Jackson 'about - 63
Adams - - 00
At a muster of Cafathanfrnir
company, in tbe fork, in this county, on
the ?6ih p
Jackson received - - - .68
, Adams . - 16
At jhe company mustef in Huntsville,
Surry county, same day, the men were
desirous of taking the vote ; but the cap
tain, being an Adams man, and knowing
the company were strong for Old Hickory,
would not soffcr them to indicate their
preference at that lime, and in that way;
but tb3 Idea of November win bring con
fusion to those who would thus suppress
tbe voice of the people.
At a muster of Capt. Ratledge's com
pany, on Hunting creek, in the Forks, on
tbe l9th ult. a vote was taken of not ouJy
the musterablea, but of all tbe bystanders,
mounting to more than a, hundred peo
ple 4 Charles Anderson, q. a Soldier
of joe" Revolution, stepped : out for his
compatriot in those times that tried
'men's souls V and another gentleman
-walked but for the Administration t the
'.Whole, issentblageisave a. few who did not
woter gsthered' round the veteran of the
Old War, leaving the Adms man M all
alone by himself." '
- - The Cheraw Spectator baa been diacontlmK K
for want of aupport. About three years ince,
eansot Kve.-Tbe New-Vorkr-Teh-graph ia also
HaconttnUed, for lack ajf-franag.r-'srsea'a
It is surprising that people will have so
-tittle forecast, as heedlessly to engage la the.
newspaper buaines, when there ia so little
prospect of their realising any profit from it
In towna that, like Cberaw, cannot decently
aupport nu paper, you will find two and three
establishments, hanging on to a losing concern,
like death to mortality. And too often, there
purblind folks are the dupes of designing parti
sans: warn them a you may, they wtn'i aee
the snake, till they are bitten,
A Jackson Electoral ticket has been formed
in Vermont i every inch of ground will be con
tested with the coalition. ,
' JWwTtrfc. All accounts concur in represen
ting the cbangea in favor of Jackson, in the state
of Ne w.York, as being greater than the most
sanguine frienda of tbe Hero anticipated: two
thirds of the electoral votes of that state, are
now very confidently counted for the people's
candidate. In the papers from there, are whole
columns of sgiuin our favors itia impossible
to give, in our paper of thia week, even a sum
mary of them i it ia sufficient, however, for us
to state the result, in these general terms. We
: ue tafei-NevYork wM 6idhe conteat.
even should Kentucky go against us which, we
lu 1 l 111 " . J. , . -..
-w .hi waurcot aae win nui ai
We have bad several fine, showers
within a few days past ; which seem to
have greatly , revived . roois and cent:
there will be most abundant crops ; some
persons have; already contracted to deli
ver corn In i the fallt 20 eta. per bushel
.heaL is selling at iO centa per bushel,
oat is, beef 3, (as will be seen oi refer
ence to Messrs. Krider & Bowers" ad ver-
tisement,ln another column of thia week'a
- Carolinian) bacon to 10 cemSr and 111
other things in otoDortion... all the neces
::" of :H.fO6theap and AuniIant.;r.T.i
txccpi atOKKT I We regret to learn,
however, that some damage waa done by
the atorm of Saturdav niirht. the S6lh ult :
from eight to twelve miles south west of
i; us t ,u, I.e. If .it it
the wind, or rmher hurricane i ectuti was
also somewhat injurrd. Hut this d-ima.e
is confined to a snull extent of country.
Py the arrival gf the ship New. York',
at the port of New-York, Engl'uh papers
td the 16th June have, been received. . ..
The CathoTic question has been lost
irt the House of Lords., , The tone of
the debate is however;-conciliatory,
and the question, is likely again to
come up this session. ; , ,
London, June 11, '
The,Mlnit'era of the Allied Powers
will meet speedily; at Corfu. The
French Minister has already taken hie
dfpfnOTe;r:aoi Mrr. S;. Caoning'will
soon joiohimi ,
... It U saldi tbstsaiiafaetofyiplsnatlons
have been made tohe Duke of Welling
on by. :thx RustUn. covtmmentf r espeer-
ta ncciess-OA -1 -urkef r
at i 4. Jv 'Jim
' The following is a list of the new min
isters appointed to fill the vacancies oe
cstioned by the Ute resignations t
Lord Aberdeen, Foreign Secretary, in
place of Earl Dudley.
Sir H Hrdinge, Secretsry at War, in
place of Lord Palmerston.
Sir G. Murray, Colonial Secretary, in
jjj.iml a. jh a hjhii ui i . , :.:
. m. u m mm m- im m m . . .
Plactftf JJ r Jluikiison
Lord Lowther, First Commissioner of
Woods and Forests, in lieu of Mr. Arbuth
not. Mr. Arbuthnot,Chsncetlor of tbe Duchy
of Lancaster, vice Lord Aberdeen.
Mr. Coortenay, Vice President of the
Board of Trade, in lieu of Mr. F. Lewis.
Mr. Horace Twiss, Under Secretary of
State for the Colonies, vice Lord F. L.
Mr. G. TJirjkei, Secretary of the-Board
of Con rtl vice Mr. Courteney.- -
'Lortf ETretihoro
Prr5cU'h'e Irish Sacrelaryabipiva-
cant by the resignstion of Mr. Lamb, is
not yet filled j end tbe office of Mr. Grant,
President of the Board of Trade, is still
jktcoU IdXowrtfv
Mr. Coortenav, and Sir II. Uardinge, have
The Right Hon. Vescy Fitzgerald is
spoken of as President of-ine lioard of
Trade, but nothing is yet settled. Mr.
Lamb's successor i not yet named.
The Duke of Wellington made a hand
some speech in the House of Lords, in
support of the bill for granting a pension
to Mr. Canning's family.
British Ministry. The Liverpool
MVrcury, of the 30.h May, aaya : The
course pursued by the liberal part of
the ministry seems to have met with
general approbation. The appoint
ment of Sir. G. Murray to the aitua.
tion of Colonial Secretary has met
with general disapprobation, even from
tbe high Tories. . It seems to bei the
general opinion that the Duke of Wel
lington's new administration : cannot
last long more especially as he has not
n single member, of his . government
who is fit to lead in the House of
Commons MrPxcl it is; universally
ticknowledged has failed as leader.
From the. weakness of the ministry
in the House of Commons, it is
thought that there-will br-4mme-diate
dissolution of the Parliament.
CohlrttsZ'T'hc following is ih.e nc4or-"
ous Wm. Cobbetl's account of the late
changes in tbe British ministry i " The
truth is, that the concern is bad ; it is in
a bad state ; it is full of difficulties. There
is a necessity of raising sixty millions of
taxes in gold every year, or of proclaim
ing the nation a bankrupt, or of coming
to tbe equitable adjustment prayed for in
the' Norfolk petition, which Mr.
son knows would him for evet,
" But why should Lord Dudley and
Lord Palmerston, and the rest retire also 1
Whr, because they are, in all probability,
afraid to remain in without Huskisson.
When the old rat gives a squeak of alarm
and begins to scamper off, the younger
ones stay not long behind.. " Cav aw f"
cries the old rook, and darts off out of the
pea-field. Tbe . rest do not atop to cow,
but after him they go, with every pinion
on the stretch."
WeTtave received a copy ofibe Afintitel
terian Church in the U. States for Msy,
1838. bv which It sDoears that this body
consists of IS Synods, 90 Presbyteries,
1,283 ministers, 194 licentiates, 342 can
didates, 1,968 churches, and U6i308
communicants. Tbe whole number of
adults baptized 3,389 ; infanta baptized,
0,T2O. Missionary funds raised, 8r
993 39 ( Commissioners funds, S?83t
36 PrvabyteHslfndsVSSt& tS rThe
gkil Seminary funds, 88,353 69 1 Educa
Uon funds, 8,033 33 . Jikhmand. Fuitot
:5Th American Bible L5ipIety1iaye:how
In operation four power presses driven by
steam, besides twenty common presses.
They expect to add, we understand)
shortly, four more power presses.
4 ,
t:j cf tr.-- ij ftw-York
Efpears depresscJ. Larg failures
are said to have happened here. A
great Tea House has f illed. The new
Tariff Duties are so hih tlat several
cargoes will be rcahipped. The peo
ple of New York, nod tie: United
States generally, are likely b reap the
harvest; of over trade, Camltn Jour,
It is said that Thomas E., Smith
the! great Tea dealer in N:w York.
has failed for upwards of tv$ million
r at a. . ' . ..
oi , uouars j the heaviest lulure that
ever occurred in thia country. It is
alv said that he owes the overntnent: ;
w, umici un ca uuwaiu vi tne
million of dollars. Whst 'part olthis
amount is secured we have not learseX
'A ." Fdyltt.Ubserv
.-r..W(B, are Informed from the Jbest aoun
that an additional Naval fores is to be it
Thr cominoaL:irSresUofts.r.npon
commerce, on
measure necesssrv
Hudson is now undergoing a preparation
for sea at he Naval Depot, and is to Se
sent out with all convenient despatch. '
A Y. Advocate.
The crop of wheat and rye b Pennsyl
vania, this season, is calculatsd to be
double that of ordinary years. '
-Accoonts-from- all -parts -of Tirgmis,
represent the prospect for crops as being
remarkably promising. J
It is sssertcd in the Albany Daily Ad
vertiser (but denied by the Nrw York
Enquirer) that Mri Van Burei has con
sented to run as the Jacksofk candidate
for Governor of that Suie.
General Scotch ia repartd, says the
Providence Cadet, that Gen. Sbotl baa be
come convinced of tbe impropriety of bit
conduct .'towards the Eiecstive of tbe
United States, and will repair to his bead
rvaers :it h tiipirtitioii of litfarhmghr
We-bope this report may prors correttr!
Punctuality. Vfe understand that, the
bank of Darien, punctual to It own volun
tary proposition, baa, durit the; pyt
"WcekTfedeemeif from the tremiry of the
S? a tea.. rvcntyjijc, Jh tiuaiJiUtri of it s
bills. It wil( be recollected mat thia piy
ment was not due until the 1st of July.
This promptness is the more gratifying,
as the enemies of the Institution had flat
tered themselves thatuthe bank would
not be able to make these large and fre
quent advances CeorgiAtafifrJunt.
The Charleston Courier gives a dis
tressing sccount of the prevalence in that
ritv, of a new disease, called the Dengue
lever. The disease is said not to be
fatsl, but it completely prostrates its vie
tims, and the pain. while it lasts is very
acute. Its duration is from su hours to
three days. It is (rested mildly t a little
salts, and snake root, and warm lemonade
to produce perspiration, appears to be the
most common prescription, though in
some cases ft U permitted lb come and go
without sny .ihing being taken to bet k
or relieve the pain. ' -
The Charleston City Gazette, of the
24th ult.; say thut t dengue .ftvet. - is
still raging with all its violence. Stores
are shot up, with endorsements on the
doors, all sick' The Bank of the S.ate
of South CarolioarbaS'but .10" officers
capable of attending to the duties of the
institution, and both of these have been
down, hot are convalescent. - Families go
without their dinners, or get them at a
late houTt from thejsudderl alt acks of serl
vants and cooks. It would seem, that
not one Individual in the city, is to be ex
empted from its visitation. We regret to
learn that it is making US way into the
Central Jmerica. Dates from Guate
mala ioT the 2lh April,, have been re
ceived at Providence, at 1 which, lime
was said, the San Salvador party had
made overtures of peace, though the city
still heldout against the forces of Oua
temala. ' ( :.rr
Silk CVoi.-According to the latest ac
counts from the southern countries of
Europe, where silk is a principal object
of trade, all the silk worms are Irt a thrr
vinz condition, and promise an. abundant
crop. In Smyrna, Broussa, and other
parts of Asia Minor, no fears are enter
tained for this year's supply. r 1
; Silk fforma A patent has been taken
out for feeding silk worms on the leaves
of an indigenous French plant, the; name
of which ts not mentioned
The landed-estate WIrr ln4tVe-leavesr-overv-theaa garo-4o-the ( j
eluding Moirticellor is advertised-tor. sale
by his executor. It appeara that bis debts
amounted to g I0WO. Thesura of.
79 fYr remains unnald.
James Barbour, the new minister to England,
took hia passage for that country .in the abip
Pacific, which sailed from New-Vork on Wed
ftesday tut, the SOtb ult.
There had been a counter revolution in
Fugal-ine inQdu'aeilin Boil;
Miguel had been frustrated; aPi4i"!
thought tbat ha would- Jiave i(4at;tbe
country. He ought to be shot.
It i reported in the Montreal GazeUe,
that the i som of five millions has been ap
proprialed by the British government to
be expended on the fortifications and
public works in Canada within the next
eight yews. J.T. tyrcrtfor.
An tr.Uv, r:-rr,&rur. tjfclouJtu!, &cvt:.t
be. the "first cf the Rusa
rmy giving detailed sccounts of battles
between the Kusslan and Turkish forces,
has found its way into the hews market,
and appeared in sundry npers, but turns
out to be entirely fictitious. The latest
dates from that quarter bring no accounts
of any battles or bloodshed, although such
tldinga may be aoon expected.
Connecticut Journal.
' Lower Canada. The Quebec Mer
cury of the 6th; states that it is now
certain that Lieut. General Sir James
Kempt succeeds the Earl of Dalhousiei
as " Governor-tn-Chief, and thst Sir
rraucia uunoD. wm loitow hit wames
Kempt, ia the Government of Nova
Scot i a
Gov. Cus, - sod CoLi Menard.. 6f
fll?-! l . i
auuHHSg-nave wem apnointea vommis
wiiZ-, fw a:;Ai?.
njag country Upon Fever River, and
also to a tract of land south of the St.
Joteph of Michigan, and to another,
to connett the settlements of Indians;
Miss Frances Wright has taken
charge f the New Harmony Gizeue j
and in fhe brat paper issued under her
superitjtendence, quotes with approba
tion tn argument to prove that mar
riages are invalid, where the disposi
tions of the contracting parties turn
out to be uncongenial.
Effects cf .'Wifninp. Persons spnsr-
ently desd from the ctTects of lightning
have been restored by repeatedly throw
ing cold water over the whole body. .......
Teas, eVwrdTna
papersi siold trrtbat-ertv orr the 17th May
last for three guineas the quart ; cherries
snd strawberries were equally high.
Mtssiitihfit and Ohit rivers An i spftro-
ptiaiioa otjity thousand dollr has been
made by Congress, at the late session,
for the purpose of improving the nsvt-
gstion of tbe Mississippi and Ohio riv
Donation..,. A donation of lands bas been
granted to the state of Ohio, by the Uni
ted States, to the amount of bout-rfA
hundred thousand acres, to aid in the con
struction of her canals. At the govern
ment price 25 per sere, the sales
would amount to 1,000,000 of dollars,
which will irreatlv relieve the people of
Ohio from the present burdensome canal
Tbe following Insolent toast waa drank'
by a party of gentlemen in Vermont, who
assembled to celebrate tbe 4th of July,
We challenge party: rancor to ..produce
any thing more infamous- Let us hesr
no more of the Adams party boasting of
their decency. ' A. Y. Eve. Post.
By Capt. Prescott. The Jackson party s
Composed of disappointed desperadoes of
America, and runaway filthy Irishmen I
Important Medical Discovery,
" Dr. Ncalc, physician to the British
forces has just published TTWryMm
portant work, in syhich he demon
strates the extraordinary efficucy of thei-
r-r. . -p-n - -:rT"'n r
ergot or spur oi itye, in assisting ana
removing difficult labor. Hundreds
of valuable females who are now an
nually aacrificed, will, it ia presumed,
by thia valuable discovery, be aaved to
their families. No discovery since
vaccination, claims more general re-
spect and attention
, This discovery is American. It is
twenty years since this quality of Ergot
was stated in the mfdiCatJournals of
this cpuniry. Dr. Chapman made
particuhy mcntioo of it In his, .excellent
Therapeutics, of which the first edition
waepr"d some ten or twelve j'eara
ago.' ' pr." De wees has also' regularly
recorded it, in his valuable writings on
Obstetrics. 1 "
To ma frfne Fotatoe a
reoch and place your potatoes in it,
thes ' cover them with wk lesves,
owniscuously -cathered,-instead r of
earth aaaoon as tbe vines get through
l,ame manner, and-your will have fine
poUt0St . t
A ind ia . Mradoxt the
mete there is put into it, the .more
room there is. .
, JmonJi Thousands of dollars are
senirom the Uolted Statea,.forlthe
porthaseof the lofwhelled-Almonds,
the Mediteftineflfir
an( Georgia is found to be
well adapted to the culture of the iottl
shelled almonds j and were the peo
ple of that state to devote a little at
tention to the cultivation of that dcli-
ttur:! tl.2 v.Loli
demanJ Jn the United States.
, , .
Ulemsn in ' Shippensburg, Pennsylva
nia, planted, in the spring of 1827,
20 or 30 seeds.. ,.13 of which came
up, 12 lived through the winter, are
now four or five feet high, and are
as likely to stand the climate as peech
trees. We should like to see the tx
perimeot to raise the almond, made
n' WciTtkH C a roli A. There is
a duty on the importation, of foreign
almonda every anti-tari(T man ought,
therefore, to encourage the cultivation
of them I for to eat the taxed fruit, is
to countenance the tariff' thst subjects
tt to the payment of a duty.
yr. ZU -SVUtlttn.
"TaysttevittitJuiu 24. .Cottory-lfl tw 10 0
Beef, tVrab in market, 3 center .Baeow 7 to Wf.b'ii
(each brndy JO W 60 ripple doc 33 to "37 i"" ""; ""
our,- 4-aV4l i-wWskey,-24 -tls.Vaite4
States bank notes, to 7 per cent premium
Bill on the North, 60 days 4 to J per cX pre.
Camden. July 34v Cotton, middling to fair
84 to 9 1 fair to good, 9 to 19 1 for very prime, '
lot c
1 rt, h.- (..Jin ,A.
' . , . -
CArtWerfvn, Juts Upland cotton 10 a 1!j
whUkav, 3Mrtgi 42 inch; WW44
sugsr, 8 to 9 1 molatsea, 33 to 33 : eenti i '
bacon, 6 to 7 j apple brandy, 23 to 28 1 bees.
wax. ti i coffee, 13 to 17 1 hyaon tea, 1U0 to 105 1
Jamaica ran, 110 to 115 Wert India do. TJ
to 80...,.North Carolina bUU, 8 to 9 per cent
dis. i Georgia do. 1 to 1 per cent, ditto.
Ctttm. There are so few nurchaaera in msf
ket, that buaineM in tbta articU la almoat ausV
pended. Borne few Uplands hsve been sold du '
ring the week, ranging ia price from Hj to llf
cents. . - - j.-
Pnenbftrf, Jul 23. Cotton, 9 to 11 t' to
bacco., 82 50 a 7J-refueei, I , a gU ,
i( a ftjt bacon, o a Bi UM, 0 a 7 apple
brandy 34 a Hff peach 74WU-3ilruV
Carolina bank huJu 8 to. SI per ot. diaccunt I
qeonna bills 2t a 3 1 South Carohu billa,
to 2
per cent, discount.
- CVfwir-Rfa IsUnds bad declined jd to Id. -Sskt.oCJbejmk
have ammwtedJto about 1204 .
balra compr.tin(r about 600 Uplands at 10
11) centai 200 Alabama at 10 a 12 and 400
New Or Warn at 11 a 14, a few bales only at the
latter price.
LvroI Miirktt The sales of Cot tow fur
the week ending June 13th, amounted to 9900
bars, including 3! 50 Uplands, at 6 tt) 7d. with
20baleeat71-8d., . , , v-
On the 19th June, Mr. Angus Carter. to.Mlu
Jane Martin, both of Cabarrus county.
' ' vntoT , ;.v
In this county, on the 28th ult Mr. Tkmas
Chttn, sen. aired about 70 years. He waa an oM
inhabitant of Rowan, an enterprUlag Citizen, and "
an induitriouf man,
fxy.Ji . ojvii a iii . ; v ,4
OFFERS his professional service,
in Medicine and Surrery, to the
citiiens of Salisbtfry and it vicinity
He expects very non th receive js
supply of fresh MEDICIXR3. care-
fully selected by bimtelfi and hopes, by attee
tent ion, to merit s share st pubho patronjifrew-
J-l;.iJC ' eal -TBO -----1 B.ta ...
-1-. ti!
RtTiElt fcUQWEBS VetpectiiSr
' fullr Inforrrt the citizens of
Saloburysml rWviClnity.lhat they
nave oommeneed tne -
Butchering Business r; , t
andwiU ofTer BF.LF at ihe Marke-ltowae ia . . ;
BaCibury, oa Tuetdaf. Thursday, and HdtuftUji
mominfs m each week, tbe balance of the sea
son i thei Beef is a good as can be' procured ; t
from the snoutkUintt ami will be sold ft-tbe foe'
lowing bricesi - , frtmW1
, 3 cents pr : for fore.iUrter i ...
3,eeot forhinduarteriW'
r 4 cents ) "rl for choice pfcJ WiQiout
neck or sliaak, ,4 : tj 1 t'
We fmrlte the public 16 calTarvd see for them
selves i and if they 'find the Beef ast'ufactory, ' i
we solicit their patronage, and pledge our beti -j
exertioM to deserve it; KtltDER 8t BO WEBS. "
, SouAairy, rmt 4, 1B28. 2fl l ' ' ,
N, B. A first rata yoke of steers for sale i uw
..tu ' ' rid..
I , ... 1 " -t;
. . i 's r , . it i
GOURT of Equity, spring Mlnau 182&. In pur
suance of a decree of the ourt of equity, I
will expose to pubfi sale, at the court4wuseiar
Concord, on jbe tiurd Monday of October nest,- -a
Tract if ZJaayMlelonging to tbe heirs of Jamea ,
Neit cWAWwontbewatersof Coddle crtti&ri
atiioiranr sne weoajat-onir ncirrnouwx neiv
... .. i . tir ... m.
Walter licit, waraw weir, anu incra.t said,
tract of land is siippoied to contain one hundred
and tbirt v acres, and is of eicellent quality , A ,
credit of 12 and 18 montha will be given i bewd
with sufficient security, will be required of tb .
purchaser ,r 1 ' ' - ' .
, . , ALEX. II. McREE. ..,.
. hkxtim;.:, ;tlM,v, , 3t28.v.. ,
H A VINO q"l''fld at 19venibr court, last. I
aa almiuitrator on. the eUte of Capt.'
Daid CraJff. Ute f Rowaa coontf, dee'd. we. '
desire all persons iudebtetj to said deceaseti, to
make payment with aa little delay as possible -and
all persons having claim against the eUU,
io: prwe 'lhemVTe
time prescribed by act of astenibly, otherwise
this notice will plead In bar of their recovery.
3oit37 THOS. CRAIGE '
. irOBT. N. CRA1GE,
July 15, 1828. JtilfinistrattTs.
I- :i'W"W':fa I
- .-
ibis, much corn wesiroken down, torn
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