North Carolina Newspapers

    , A
rovi:miji:u 23, inn.
rrjiict, 'umhni'l m F jmt'Ul kanit.,.. .
Jaraaot, yur,thiirr, hni irlumfth'dVn' ll ttiiutl
, Uy lH li it!v ." ff ctivrd
rreat aod chreiingncws from thr
,orth ari'I Writ. decisive, w a
the Intelligence from . Nr;w-Y rk,
Ohi", K' ntuckv,' fee. In favor o thv
ctuie of Jackson and the people, th.t
lh? Adam folks hereabout were roou
vof ilIv cai down and chnp.fallenj puJ
'gave up the ship i they bit theii
'through hfcrr-diappommm i
Clirfd Jo. Galct t(?4Plcii0!yr dr.
ctivng t1 em with false hpea ( rir
MkltLJiltV thi- Peonle. and
t.-.rn;B Jlind.h 1 that rtrrnain.
ij UUf .1 . .
IT. I - -.11 l. - --
eu On ruuu'
pectfu! let m of Gen. Jacks-n! P .i
locn 1 , could notj for our life, but
.romDassiotiate them. 4Now, (said
the?) it i no " contend any I
p.f.,we tuppoie the Peoplr mut Iv
fight we give It up." Well, we'll
furtive thrm. We won t aggravuf
1heir grief by exulting over their W
len condition. We will try to learn
.majr.t-anim.ty and forbearanc from
their defeat j white we ill enjoy our
victory with temperabre and moder
ation. '- .
ftJ Editor of tS'u paper, ei.
fee.ttt'j " he abtcnt from home, -.fter
jhia wtek, for a ahort time, ban rn-i
gaged a (lentlrmn of literary nrquirr. j
tnentt to attend to the r.CUOrul depirt-
. ...:i k!. .... r t,u. k',.
IJirul Ulllll iviui viiviii iii.v'h-
noffiQptptiTmlf not eshibtf-qiftr
ma decided tfofiltcal cat aa ihfjtiitfthr
Editor were at home j bt our reader
-tjfiay expect an improvement tn its lit
ttary and niicnareouVrharacter.
. Duttfmg A a-cittv haa been
formed in Camdeo, S. C. fr tle tip
presaion of the mur Jerous practice of
dutMng; it ia called the-anti-dueli ng
atsoc'uti m. Now ia far. rable time
" to form auch a aocrety in S-libury,
while the atnaibilitiea of the citizen
ire alive on the subject.
JVrffipe Silk. akeio of beautiful
tjativr Saving Sitt, the product of
trorma reared thia auanmer, by Mra,
Ci Fuhert of this to'aro, ; has beeo pre
Rented to o and can be inspected at
- our, .office, by thoie wtw'may have "i
. curbsity to aee and hear to what per.
" lection the culture of the ailkworm
. may br-.broughtii this climite. Mrs.
- T. with a laudable 2eal, ha bv per
evering effrttf aucceeoVd in rearing
' consider ble number of worms the
' fast summer, on the coTnmo n Tn ulbri
jy j a dhas manufactured, from there
.'"'Jiro'dact;'" aorne- pouada.ol beautiful
-Sewing: Stlki - We r-4ope-- that Mra.
Fiaher'a eoterprise in an useful and
delightful a vocation, will be emulated
by other ladies-1 more especially, as it
van be done without any considerable
Snterlerence with their ordinary duties.
"rrr.--A-ki chen in the outskirts of
his town, was burnt ertirelv to the
ground, on Wednesday night last.
The dwelling to which it was an
upp'ndagrt wss trved, principally
hy the exertions of Mr. Van Eaton,
4 Revolutionary soldier, and a worthy
citiaen of Rowan. The loss wms tri
fling and wc hope it will be more
than counterbalanced, by the renewed
Vigilance it will induce among our cit
4 rf j t: '
" JzensTwhanrecreTlsTmrtb
their dormanr. inergirs; and y aketi
them to a sense of their insecurity
iVntbtrihgi!lt?menr. :
3!!!Jing.trt anrror in the man
ner of publishing some of the public
treaties, we have bee t obliged to re
publishrthem t they will so crowd rur
columns this and next " week, that .we
deem it necessary :.toaaavthejaduU
of our reaaerir for these twn
iM;tiJWiiiiiUii!S,i.,. - 7 T.'MriiMs':.7",Si"
tier our paper more tnteresung
Rcrtcd reader. The rancor of the
Prwidentiai discussion will, in a gov 4
decree, have passed bv: Jacks n -ti,;
w a
Rrejidsot i, the colerrtns of news -
ih ic or UfSifu
P 'liitCal dis'tuinlt'ions, and ptriia-ni
eased nf mu h Ulti in J harmony and
plenty will be restore to the people
and country. "
, hlectioS nnruriKs.
U'g have been f-tenrrd. by tr friend ami
ewfifwimlpiiu, with ttics following return of
tht I'l' Mtr Ortiott n thi ttr, J.rksoVt
majority In the t ate mil, in ail probability, be
apwa'u i (weary iMMmlto'rii
Rowan, . . . . . . 1'J7
r.brnj , . ... . . 4i8
Mecklenburg . . . . .1191
Davidson" . . . . "
Cidilf.l 544
, 376
(rariff ,.r,T--'7-ioji--;j:i4oa.
nunrombt ...... 76J
- I I j.
IMrVt . . . . . ., . M4
r. T:;'"
HlfcH'lHM - m . - .
I. ' - .-.x-t:
Mont imery
. 6 V
. m
. 5ft
. 90
. ".00
. .179
. 3?2
. 591
rii'ham .
Htnkrf .
It'iWwin . .
i'ral tin
fWenr .
t'.raen . .
Wayne. . .
Oilumbui . .
S . .
ff-rfol .
Johnson '
in i
Jarkon'i mjority
15,283, in thirty
ihr e counliri only, bu: liul more than half f1
i ae.
rrt i ftiikiW."' ' -
Ah I mtiat we. then, believe tbe doom
Whoae wbi.pered bo(ringoO we hear
1 hmijrh waiTI tMt r- eem to blQorn?
. The irrave't dirk angel hover near.
And thott art like the .hort.lired 8'ier.
That aprinfri in an'urnn' Irvarhrro'i rty,
While ehillinj; 'orm already lower,
To brifjh'enin; tin'a decay.
Twere vain to dmiht ilia tern'drcree
Which reain trlf nt mtiif he oothr
Thv dv'i, at' will never .c
Beyoi.d the earlint bound of youth.
That airy -moulded f irm ne'er
Fored'icmrd toilli iA lenplhefi'd ycr;
Nor long the ptrit lemiiif Hie.e
To linear in thi val-- of tear :
But thy pure omi vm lrt, hiV,
Tojrladnt with it tentlfr li;ht,
Then vni i 'ike tlu fl- tii,f milo
Of ntoon-hearn on n wi i'r) nigtit.
Still thou art j:i u a the lark,
-: That hi -:b 'ptr'4 mite the daTtt,. ...
Ntrdertni hirfre!t'the dein'.J mark
Of 're'ly drawn.
Smile n7, Jhert, -rrth thyfever'd eye, . .
- AmI Jdi check, ad p illiil brnvr,
Nor heed the coming aliau ; for why
' ShwiM one o inmcnt a tliuu? ...
The d'-w-drop uptrklm, thot;lt th beam
.That ligh a eihlm it In the 'kt'' :
Smile on, ttien. ti the la, nor r)reanr"-
-fTt.t nthrn with tearful eye.
(Ala! all hope are jjone.
i.wioi r AiTLr.iy.
We have been lucky enotiph to lv one
handt on the to'loWTncommnnicafi. m
tion to the nunitrfeitcri in . Montgomery eoun-, reapectahle cftiavu eI u'h. that Mr. Speigfct li..hreo clwaenKpeakcj
ty, wba:h jotmislal- setei-jt. n". feel, a f iui.nfthe Senate Mr. Macon b.e reined hi .t
among the wthlern of patera with which wu,.lnm. M .h.,M bi ih.t f shm .r-,?,t in the C S. Srnatei and Oov. Iredell I a can-
rffice i filled
and we now mot rrad lv pub.,
h.hoil it., .trow narti iitarfv at !hA tame mmtrr
(we think) lit publiohed a communication
the Joarnal- of th'. town, in which he i.quite
broail in hit iruintiatian: aod not vm fas' .. I. ut
in hi choice of term,
But here the piece.
ra TBI viitim caaLi.tia.
Mr. White: Vour 6aper l tne 30h
ultimo, contains a short notice of the
apprehension and examination of three
. . . .
persons, name y, Lewis.- U akeiy, and
, . 1 J
Griffin, in LawrcnceviUe, Montgomr-i
COUnty,. Some . ahort time past j
roed ith counterfeiting ; and
, . ' t
;ts, that "various implements for
-' C I . l
counterfeitinn were found on them :
but as thev hsd n i spurious money
a . . '
with them then, having prob.bly hid
it, they were very improperly dis
charged. ' From what source vou
derived your information, I know
o4 LnwrencevHle inow, mat tne. .aooye
statements are not facts, and I suspect
must have been communicated for
... . I V" r -
pMtcatton- tekh. view of re fleeting
censure improperly on the magistrates
before whom tbe trial and examination
were had. " The" writer of" these re
marks was present, and heard the
whole of the examination and testi
mony and avers, that the facta were
as follows t Those three persons were
LarcbceVille4 dporra ''waan"'-"chafi
vimr them -ei!4aaa,oJilaeevti
g'tH B'1" 11 f "nu v"u"i-i in.
ting., ..They ere searched and ex rn-
ined, ith the utmost Hcriii vn--( -nil
irrc tvas no testimony educed io yjp-
ptut cither charge. It wns not proved
that the ha,4 ever paMed. or had inthroujji the finger of ustiow, id too lon
their pnte5iu'a, a tl-t cT c-i'.;Tch "
money, thaihry bad berti cniagcd in "'".,,. 11 u n..t u,r imn
i .i t -i ii fTrP " 'aw my ! r ri ihc- In their, or lUt their cnda bad f.wtU anJ r.v prrr. ,4 ur.ty
been auth ,i could lubject tiem io to be .mrnunity.J ,
the opcraiton of the Ua fa.; . t
t,rnrv . " ur U' fiomtliii ititt.arr
5 ttl I if th I3thlrat. - Thr Nrw.Voik :.Mi.ilr if
Iherewai not found fn tlem any Mhat dte,ira authentic return of lb elation
ImplemenU for COUnierfclti"f' hieh ''r'"" lelioj Mcctora, wiibat;nwtchanct
Could berecgniard i auch. There! ' ', J iTm' 19 b'cn
, i . . . " lby "' r.l'etwal evill. ft, will nf . rwmr
were found in trunk belonging t certain, with a wbabiliiy fax Vm nurm l
Onf of them, by the cflicer hi arret-' eted im'r. If from to 25'iW majority
. , ... i
ted thero, a am all atrel puivh, twi
piece of ir- n or atcel of conic form.
without Ictteri or imnrclibfa, about i
three inches tc and abojt three-1'""? ? iht Jack wn party, t Mr.
r .r J ! . . Aii, a JrkHi man, wa elrcied. ?iJ. Nuah
fourths of jn, inch m diametr at the ? WM the ,w tvU ,h, eiU,c of Jtcbn In
large end a m all bottle of mk, and a that Halt and h battled with Ihenrmy moat
matt Catling tatrumeat, tome what i0tnr.fiHy.aml dnarvet tobt rewarled Now
v.. t ,r r.'"
I rn"nc tht co-ild be identified by . any ' 53'pmon breaent, -or bf the maoittratei,
591 m40tJroit.Pj'yg..Og" l)ct(c'' k lied
in the art of counterfeiting than the
,mw atraiea or anr other Deraon Dre. !
110 I w."f v " 1 "''i Jiw
a4 n.'tmce th-m implcmenta for ctso,
$'tet truing." With ill hlnumeo,be
i mi(ht bm'e is pr'iperly conaiderrd
599 ! 'htm intrumenta uied by a gun-mith
r any oiher artut, 4 bv a Counter-
Neither ai there aoy proof
7 r
c Jcul
vv il - a rrn mat inrta r
j. ailtKJt. ei ""T IFIVU'MBiailWVt iituiltvtl
r.7 f tr rrotluce auch a conviction f their
H7guilf, at would have justified their
ommjtmttiti urlctt.the roaglitrtei
24 ; had assumed powers hot given them
l!l 'bylaw, and which would have; been
pauitcd only for the exert i- of Span
' j ish court f ioquiatti'.ii lonsrque aly
the magittratea could not have done
otherwiae th4n dicharge them.
There wa no proof pf the existent r
of such an establishment in Mont-
1 R'W v, a it 'aya t p pc. l$
Uht 30th nit nenSeriaa it proved
on trt -1 that there hadtbeeti any more
than to auch bills pjjaed to theci un
ty i which, apperaH in. evidence,
htd bren passed bv Viliam-Hurl y,
1 'v bo bud previously i that time re-
' a w " I ia
moved, let, stranjsto ten, a gen-tli-m-n
of the bar, i ft w days after
this, in our superior lourt, on the
trul of (priflin, for art rsault, stated
ii his pLce, that IotJt mery county
wa. inundated with raunterfeit mo
ney? We back-wods-rnen of M ''t-
gomery, who seem sr. shsre so brgely wheat ha rien to gl a buhel ia
in the avmpathies of certain offiri us j Favetteiille Jackwrn got every vote m Flu
gentry, have no koosrlcdge of the ex- rrn' cwn'',vvi7,ni' "T ery
. . ,r . it in Hvwo wt, N. t ar,1 Sdamt hrt in
istence of such facts. On the contr. b hiv ,,rpr mo diatended... .
ry, we oelieve, and I is believed oy
gentlemen who are acquainted with
our circulating mediu n', and tht M
other ""coanHiea,""t'6oV'ihar' there ta as
! little cmi iterfrit passing in Montgom
lery a any .'ther Cotf tV.lQ the state,
j It is submitted to your; cnd". to
decide whether thi communication l
hou!d not receive publicity - through
, vir paper, and thereby do an ie f
iju i;."- J men whose conduct hs be-en
iroiarepi rented. r- P W, .
! .McnHromen, Oct. 10, 1828.
, 2M ,1,e above ve w ill remark, that tbe article
"r '"m .Mjii r of the 3JtkSritJeiaUvcJ!lhe
. . . . nj-. , - I
pt rm.i countrneitera, uvm, urimn, and'
p.. . . ... .T
. K ' ., ,
' ' T
I R. . . . .. ''.
that tomebmlfi btaid'S tbe Editor u the author
; ,,,. , writP ,. pifee frm ,,,eer
..A' .... . nm .nil th.t Ih.t mmwI-uIh
! l Aakuliie tTwnllarnan,ai fatt e rtianra
. uood interrcre Wlh h;t (Mr, ,s,me.
bedii'i) "devo'ed wiMie" m relation to the
Preaiileno, to doubt. Now to Uiaburthen the
mind of thia gentleman (who thinlet he ' poate.
et in a high degree" tbe confidence of the peo-
pie or the wptrwr which hang around it,
t i 1 L..I . J UI. ..,1
nc 9"a '"-r, ' '
' weighty matter, we will ataure him, that no
o brtt the Editor and hi workmen, raw
the article in quettion, till it publtthed in
A to the eprcion in our ancle, an much
compiined Df ; that the counterfeiter wrrei..
1 . ....
rAer.' dinhnrttd by the examining mafri
trate, we will repeat what we have before .aid,
1 tk.t la nt aw ma) m a k nlntitn atr that nf ma an.
lliail Ii IIWS. VUl lllttlilvit IWI llt v
formant, to catt centurt on the jutice for li
charging the villiana, fjr it wa the opinion of
most of those we convened with on the utjert.
that the evidence waa defective ; but o ' rong
and general were the Jtitpiciont abroad againtt
tbeae men. and ao well utisfied ia their own
"riimctrere-The pewple-of hnibborhQOuV
Yharther wer-counterfeitera andwindlers...
and 'aomS people had Suffered from thw vibunv':
of the rascal. tbat it waa the. opinion of
moat of the respectable citiaena in tht neigh
Krh66dTanrert ar of the Solieitor, and tht pre,
tiding Judge of the tope nor court, that it waa
unfortunate, for the end of justice, that thee
depredators on the boneat part -of community.
were let loose again or, which i the me
thing, that they were " improperly ditcharged."
It i notorious new, that, thtjr ,cre, and had
been tor tome time, en(pigtd in the nefarioui
buainea of counterfeiting bank notes on various
bank, particularly the U. Bank, and the
stat- ank of ?L C. With the exception of
paper on which they print tueir ,uriou T'ii.
was left behind : we' have teen .ve of it. n
well as manV of the bill . they '-nuinufact and
from it And we would here "again ratrro-i utr
f-!inw.r.itixtfn abroad, to' beware ( lUeta vil.
lain and awindlers: tiiev have too oikmlipped
rT3 cn O.r c-eJ-iX!!. Krzt 3 tiM
rr juugt i nornpaon. 11111 amxin vy triumph,
ant anccet tf ihr cauae of Jackaon anJ Reform,
in that irtate, we irrrt thl Mr, Au ihmiUI
bae been defeated fue MberilT of the it i ow
tTp,M, mn hop h wax Brenbei4. . ,
Me, c.i:. Cwbrt-lmi, . c. TeniUnci;.
a1"! . Ps White, h ben elected member of
.Vnr ha r WsjtfnViia by a eon.idera-
t?t hiajoTtrrrtTmmiw
trie anta oea by the AJi..n.triMn, ,
earrv thetr tteket. W aiw aorrr to hear it. Cor
we lud expected befer thiMjr of her. Hut h
will r-pent it and, w hope, do better neat
time. - '
.Maryland. Wt bate rmi i.if.irmation of
the ele.'ion oCt K!e,eton ki thiaatatei and
eipect ott or to more,
(hi, beyoml all dispute, bat friven ber
vote to the people' candidate. Frn the
Richmond Whir; ut: "From the nioM prob
able MMiice, we think the t'.ekaon ticket hut
pre ail' d t"t Otiio) by 4 WO majuril)." So tbe
e of ibat dale r rtild.
I.i k'rMiitkn, at Ur a beard from, the Jackton
gain over that Karry, the 4acknm candi
dale Hr (Avernor, receivrd, if. ao larf e, there
ia no longer any douht b'lt what f len. Jarkaon
will receive tbe electoral vol of that Male, by
about 5'XW majority. Httiden, the Kicbtuoiid
VVrnjf it up rAnf rta'r too.
Front thJia:a, we have only partiiil return,
which arc very favourable- there i but little
ueaiion ahotit ber vote : die will go aith ail
ihe r at of the western ttttta f.r Hie li!d Hero.
lAt.iinanit ha voted, but we have no intt Hi.
genre of the reault : we hope, and Ac ere, how
frr,4tM ktiWl keiugtvuiiitd. Lt Lt
him- 1t o, Jackaon will receive, 7 oi, tu
Deliverer, lv ftviir, Iter lectorai vgle to
AdaTl'l 8).
.1 Star in the Kail. Well done Maii.e! Mr.
('Itiireliii. the Jarkv ctmlidote tor laVqtor in
tlie l.'umbedanddt'strict.fiate .f Uior, hat bee
elrcte l over hi Adam opponent, by a major
of ITj vpte '. Tlii i poaehinp; on Ihe Ko-i
Manor it ii rebellion in king John own
hotitehold !
-ew HamptM'-r. Thi- vote of thit ttte, it a
very cloe one, antl yet doub'l'ul-. r'turnt from
1S4 tonhirt, give Aftimtabmit 20,000, and
Jackton 18 or 19,0O, l.-vinj Adan.i about l'KI
r. r Jee lio Ua been, bum; in Greet.
all within a few Uy paat !
Among the other pi' aaing Intellig nee which
readied us bv the U.1 mail, t the ermtrailietion
of the death of the Horf. Mm!: t InghanvT- he
hen paaard tb CriaU of bis diteate) nd i tlywly
,eP,i on th Zd mm Mr. stork welected
peaker f iKe testate i and . Mr.Jludwn, apeakrr
of the lower hoie. '
Ur. C'obb hit resigned bit seat In the U. S.
senate : O. II. Prince, has been rleeted to
Mtoply Mr. Cobb ui.rxpired term, till 'he 4lh
March neat i and We We Uw. Jw. at.
ha been elected for tin year from and after
I 4tli of March nest.
r0ST?CRjrT We I. am verbally from Ra
.it. rtl k mmi I I - I a
di'Jate to fill the vaeancrr We hav heard of no
opposition to fiov'r. Imnch't relecion to the
lT. S. Senate-, hia prt' e term axpiring on! the.
4th of March next .Mr. Dew it relioen one
of the F.ngro"ing CK-rk' in thr l.egilature.
ffferrP m
rayettninr, Av. 12. Cotton, SJ a 8 90 1
Oeef. fresh in market, 3a 3 centa ; llacoti. 7 to 8 j
peach brandy. 50 to 60; apple do. 36 to 40:
flour, 4 a 4i: whiakey, 30 a 35......X'iiited
Matt bank' note, 2 to 2 per cent, premium i
Ckurleitnn, Aon. 15. Upland cotton 9 a 10 1
whi'key, 6 to 27 . bagging. 42 inch. 22 to l24;
anpr, 8 to 9: molastra, 30 to 31 cents (
bacon, 6 to 7 ; apple hrandyj -27 to 28 r be
wx. 11 1 coffee, 13 to I") i hy arm tea, 100 to 105 ;
Jamaica rum, 110 lo 113 Wert India do. 73
to Hi) Nor'h Carolina bills, 3 to 4 per cent.
(lit. i f.eorgis !o. 1 to 1 per cent. do.
Hrmarh. Within three day past oiore than
4000 hales of Cotton have reached this market i
and the impression It that the price may be a
little depressed.
LiVkHpnot, Oct. 4 f.'off The import". hia
week h 19,504 bage, aod the sale 12,'T0 bags
at steady and improving price. vi. New Or.
Tcani'Cir a 8 t-?d7 "WO Armmai- 3a.63-4d
" -f VBirr.-:l'het-wa' qtute a bwMlein-iht New-
York Grain and rttur market on i tuiiy. Ii,h i t.,
8 a 10,000 bushel nf Virginia Wheat were tuld
at S1.14 a I.t7. Sale of Wettem' Canal Flour r
A nnr.i. f... nihuiikiii .l.i;.r,.
I" ao ' ' i
ew-Farit, AVw. 7 Cotton-, llplantt 9J to
11 j cotton bagging, hemp 20 to 21, cotton lfl a
14; hides, 11 to 17; North Carolina bank bill
10 per cent, discpunt r S. Carolina do, 3 Vir
ginia 1 : Georgia, 4....Darien, aame.
tint I iiiLsiuess '.of." the eiTte. Tb'Jte wwhitig to
uurchas.!, will do. veil to call it early " at con
ve-iient. F.ZltA M.K i, .10.
t nKlWa-;oi Vnlf ttWtk
the estate of Hiram t urner, d-e.d. k Co. Broad Kiver, partlv in Buncombe ami partly j-""'
.n ditbury, t now offered for sale at the one Haywood couniieM, on whn:h large and "rxfa
h jit of the cutomry rt ail price, eah, to close Hanks of hun re Uave riTchttw1 h. n l.Mw,:
In i('ikra eonn'r, nn t!i i ir.t. bv' t'iA
!te. Jolm Mmi'e, nf J li' rrwintr, Kri ufi
It. Dfirinf, f Rf kiit'tiim, t' R.ith)
M. B'vlrr tlai)cntnr of Hie Widow li"r
of Stiikr eotinty. .
In Ilia Fiirka, Wowin eounty, on thf lt inrt
bvl. R, Koc, Mr. Jm- Fr t. Oi Mi
Mary Co)k, datigbtrr vf Capt. John Ck.
fJird. on the eniit(r of ffnmlay, the 16 h ll'.
Mia M. Try, fi"J IS yrara ami 1 ,
m'vnth. IItrdieae at,eonitiijtlimi a-id !
anff'errd miirh during Ut three r f''
month of, her )if i liich rn'tuertf
with rat fitieiK ri d rtiunle. t ka r-
tnrwed, about .1 rmntb her death, from
PLIUltlpliM, wbere he had been ntiraninr hee
Mwlir; with rret tureet. fin the two pre ...
dinf year. Her irmiiremenf wart, wirh i4
are rarely attained at her asr. Dut neither ac'ine, the fTi-rion of parent,
nor the power nf twrdUiwr, m hw arrrr:"
f drain, fc tlteirtf t inWd jrfO(r tTerrt.":
Meliflon lot Can trtitmpH over death. It wilf ,
b f ratifying to all Iter tfienda to know t1.t tht
ejjpret a hop In tbe Banmir. and nfa wilu
ttooi ant rVoc"Mttrrinin"
ffl .. TFlj F.HPETTFt'
lA-V J-a acejiialntan
I5 m . ' i, hvinr
Va ' en IHctm'l
11 J.V In.rm KS
ancetaml the pub
arin; frurchatred Mf. .
Root and HhOW '
eMablialiment in the town of Palitburv. and era-
ployed tba' fentlnman a Foreman of the bop
he ii prepared to execife all order f r roakinp .
Hoot and .Shoo, ' j
of every deaciption, on bort riotice, and for rta
aona'jle priced.
He intemU con)ntly to keep a supply of llie ...
mot mtperior Northern Letter, and t" emploj
from 15 to 20 flrt rate workmen , which wi.l
enable him to make the moat elegant kind of -Bool
and hltoet for Idie nd Gentlemen, ami
of the very let material. )l alo keeps at
fcoriment of ftoola atid Shoe ennantly on
hid, manufaclurid at hi on chop, for th
ac modal ion of I hone who may with to be
auwplietl on a widdcn emtrjreney.
Owing lo ihe prertairc of the time, he wilt
allow a liberal Indulgence, lo those he feel afa
iureVutiinr 13' 54
Ilia ntmot rflTort aba'l he uaed u give etitirw
miafactiiiw w'U ka .ritvtrvard be. hflpt)...'
thereby lo aecurr their continued eonfidencst -
an! patronage .Va4a6wrnttv 18. 1828. ,
Mis)uri .MttWcfvV & Wrig "
MOkK .
TJI W1M,KV k iO. haLr.:
J ceived from New.VotV, a very
ii. ble addition to their furmew
ick in MF.DiriNF.S, which tbey
rfl'rr for sale, W holeaale and EeUiL
low lor ra h, or approvrd credit.
The follawing aie aome of the article jftflft '
received : ' '
Sit'fihatr Quint' t . J
thi Cxirfntt i "
" A'ulmrfi
' " Vli,
" It"tt,
" U intrrgt
" Criion , I'ruulf JnJ
ftutTl 1'nmn i Hnflrp'i tin. ,
Stftholm'i .MaraDv Vnw,.
Scttch .Vni'jf 'ft. i A.reenre J MiUtafJ f
jury ftmjf H;xt
.1 frrth ti'pplj SnOffn V W ;'rWt 9
, If intrr-ttruinrH h,mh '.', (ff. Ift.
ti. B. fiiote persor,!' whoti" aeoxint hav
been aorrre time taHiiff, will please to call and
ettle tlie ame. a aooit us may be convenient.-
aa-,.Vv.?2. Wn. 42
Couch MiV;r2 sg
lis in? formed a co-
prherFiip tn the " above
bua'uirts, r.ejpeCtfuJlyi m LZZZ
form ihe eitiaetia f tb . - -l
eattt i aV .'.l U aTJI
iota ri tf Salubttry anfl th
urroumling country, that
thev have removed thelp
fyWt""yeifa'ylis0yt hnTlding
formerly occupied by Jacob Knder, a a
f'fre. thret doraeat of the C.'ourt llmie, on
Main ptreet i where they are prepared lo ext--"""
cutt ail kinda of work in iTttlr .line tif biirtnew,-";
In a style eettl if nutupttior to aiiy.Kte donm::.
in tbe place. Toey have onjiardnowill eon
llliue ot maar.
Carriage, Gigt, and Sulirtji,
of all dnwnptiuns, to order i or aell on accotn
mo!ating term to any pirson wishing to pur.
From somewhat long experience in their Knew
and nSt' itrict attention to biiaineis, they latter
themelvea they wHI be enabled to give entirw
MHitftjction to those w ho may patronist them. -
HEPA1RS, of every description, will be dons"
on the shortest notice, and most rratonablo
Wtlvry, AW 17, 1828. 42
N. B. Wantetl, as an "apprentTc'e To the botft
businrts, a Boy that can come well recommen
ded, not under 16, nor exceeding 18 yesr lf
age. HltoWN & HARRIS.
THI i)R the balaoce of the vetr, f rmft't Stim
JL vani, beiween the agf of 12 and 15 year.
To one that can come wolf recommended, lib
eral price will be given. Apply to the K litor of
thit paper. .Vm. 24rA, 1828. 2t4J
K I K - 8AI.KIj.t
rys lV. ,hL- .ill
ail1 1 ' ' ",,,,Troer will sell two),,
il., . J . . mi iwrmr btcth
crer,rif LAND, lying in tht
sataaaw. 'ouius ,j; riiiucombe and Hay.
Ml, tne State. jf NohIi I' in iK J r
tera ot Fresieh Hoanl, Tu'Wgv
and Oconalnfty R,ver. The htallhi.iea nf i,ia I
arcnon 1.1 m.rtn Uarttlma is well known. - Th
Iautd is of -.ood quality, nd tor graaing, aiir
pawed by none, evenin the more weste-rtstateia.
It lies g-nerally in futge bmlits t but will be rokl
in quantities to suite tbe convenience of pur-j
td. I'eroi will be made ai c Wtji-tUting, jjw
the agent,-who may genm!l"he fowd in Ah
a.' ... , n !.j-

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