North Carolina Newspapers

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!?.l,d 1fn. w be wholoaea, I1jf UtM
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, had wot tjeewe.l l hefcr !
Purest" An"-"' ft1Ubarjr with hit pre.
bu efer remain'ntg among et t enum.
trnfdav. wif'hout mettlng'wrtlTeny encour
$n(tnj c;tc, he left ita MoWrved,
r it?! chareeWiainf our good people M a
elr,un''ty of 1'rirn.rl.hlfn ranariri t vVe thti.k
tjjmlbr his pinion Wt value Inftnitrljf higher
tbr fnr of tuch person, then their frmt.
"Tbc boe f thete wretche. i letter of r.
e)mrulalion to community.
father Mainfaciurri Aeottofi factory bat
Kcently been etsblmbcd near Athens, Ceorg it,
the principal pn of the tpcratiw in which fcrt
young !. bo 11 ' U,J Ju we" ,h:
hitr n North. The yaw ami clolh m!e
it ilmfn'-lorv, twtiid, by the Aibenitn, lo be
ofniprrior quality, lliut it the South, oo
Umtbt TlrilT r ber with prculitr
vpprttfttm, lrii-n to the fabricttum of hct own
loihingi by which Ihe c !idi of her oppret
ioon be rcnJered a (load htti on the
" iriuitbootc. -- ' ;
,M,rt Boikt 6urt'Tbt Dtkltertown and
' pulton (5nk, in MinNachmetta, are oroken. A
tport to ihc Ug'wlaliirc deelope rniclior
of nock jobbing enormity, appalling to the
Aonctt man, and icktninf to the moraHrt. At
tbt time of the fiulore of the Belchc'rtown Bank,
it bail the eoonnout turn of one ihlmtr tmtntyftve
Chit. nfiph f iaywarU, and John M. Goode..
now. (the Utttr a member of .Conjjrew) hae
bwn rlcctrd J'.idjjet of the Supreme Court of
ihio, to ill Ttcanciet 1 1 thejnire both (Um h'.eotl
f Urn. 4acko't Ali"i ration.
-.U-W, Steady Remand for Con
ton. ult ri'innj lait veek. 2700 balen Up.
jand at 8.75 o 10.50. Toffee, 11.50 to 12 1
Southern Floor. g -i rather dull,
J9o0 bnhelt North Carolina Com, t 39 centt.
in Sugar, not much doing ; brownt,7-50 to 8 J
5orth Carolina Tobacco, 3. to 3 Ttia, idtperial
3-2 'i gunpowder I 'iJ. hyn and young hyaon
X1Q, tuuc&ouff 7.a oone .
"' 'thmLDft. 31. Since tlie iiTh Mtt"'th
ut.ft if hfrirn cnttnd, etcept the finest
Vn, hai rinen quite 1 -8c per m. and tn the bert
ffjilttiet the wdaneo -it nearly i -per lb i new
Betlv'hoogb in anuwl jauuty cooviuMidtng
7d per lb. .
. : . -. .
from the V S. Telegrai.H Feb. C.
-Copy of i TttCfll.r-JMTpreflt bj he Chair -
cn the lubjecfof eVtatlutiniF B ranch 4
the United Statet, Mint in the Gold He
jion of North Ctrolina.
Houte of Krfircsentativf, V. S.
February . 1830.
fu I hio been instructed by tbo Sc
ect Committee, to which wai rtfered i
Ktolution on the subject of establishing
a Branch of the U- S Mint in the Uold
Region of Nqrth Carolina, to make the
following inquiries from Vuth gentlemen
ts were supposed to possess sufficient in
Jbrrnation on the subject
I respectfully request your answer to
them, and to state any fictt tending to
io ertsiing ponionoi our country.
1st. What, quantity or value of Gold
has been found at your Aline during the
past year? t ,
2d Do the improvements in machin
ery, the experience in the process of
'wJtnjftend tolltin5"With he -era end
light of sciencet kc. promise' an irerease
In the products of the present, year f
3. From tbe observations made on the
formation and geology of the. country,
itj n nn mm aiilaiiiBli'ilS ft ran ral ja m ai
"wvt WtY vTji3IrT v iCiWIt' tvlfr W ItlfW 9 Wr
the durability of the Mines f
4th. It it reasonable to calculate that
tbe products of the ' Mines will be in an
increased ratio during the past and. pre-
cnt, years?
. J -
Gov. Braticli.mX rnrrsnrr(!ent nf thn
- City;; dxrr' bT m Ve
tarks,in relation to the idle rumors of
change,,- n the Cabinet, tVai ' the laat
rek has furnished reports of a re ivoltition
t the iCabinetfby which Mr. Branch was
opposed to be materially affected. : I do
ot believe) there is any gentleman in the
fvernment more worthy than he if qf
V'ice of the peoptet and there
fcre'J do not believe that he is at all lia
We toany caprice or contingency adverse
n Ms '6"n w,,, and inclination. Mr.
' tranchs a most worthy man, a perfect
lemTeman, and possessed in a high de
8a ofthe-qnatifiiattons to command un
Ksptci,,; Ut is Brra, honest, end
csrsl'ci inJ rtry Hstla lulittf . ie f C.
ualtict (if public hie. Ai all evrnit, It
nut in ciriumtnri tq be iniimi !icd,
tf lempted by iht ecr.i lertiion whirh tc
iuie nvnt cltc-hril!ert ami lwi
fttlt l liertjr lo do M iju'f without
ftar, for, affection, or the hope ef re
ward. You may put down t! re port t ol
hit remottl or resignation wholly un-
vnrtn'ed and rramitoui. , Hii tenure of
ofTict it quite permanent at that of any
othrr member of the Cbinet M .
", At W&kingtun.ZmK Cotretponde of
the ThiUdt tphtn U, B, (itettte write
that there U much talk tt Waahingtoti ol
thatjirttherVtnethif Mr; Hraftch
it aV)Ui to rtfirt'from the Ny Oeptn
meat, nf Mr..'o3dburr J to .tuccced
wrttet that, great rortramrrwkln
iftrrt ifo 'induce the'iime txrliet-itli"! tbi
Mr. Branch lurjjo etittlhontequence, ff
pi Witt niiiindcrttndi Our Corret
DoP'Jtn'.Ttfota ,of jbelietf .ord ofk
He thinki " the I'midem bat Tod" rnutH
tact not in tee t"e object an l eluce it M
Wt cotifct we are in the iik on thlt
tubject. We fannot believe theie re
mouit aJ we thould much ret ret lhal
the rnuntrj ihould lote ihe tervicet of
Mr branch, but for the mott tubtintul
public rcttuni. Richmond Enqiurtr.
from ll'ttMntfion.... '..The eotlltion let
ter writrrt at Whinpon, and the cotli
lion editor every where are busy, in
fabricating and circuiting the mot' un
founded rrpnnt in relation to the pietcnt
adminu ration, tf we were to believe
tythc part, of what we hear and what we
tee in print, we inevitably should come (o
the ronclution, that crnfution wane
confounded" reigned in the I'retidant't
political familv, and that open hottilitiet
were on the eve of breaking out between
the difitrent membert of the cabinou cwit
party . rallying around Calhoun, and the
other espousing the cauie of Van Buren
Now thi iaiif ihe sheer invention
of these same coalition letter writer,
whote greatest happiness would be to
foment ill blood between, the frieridt of, the
President ; and it would be douul; grati
ding on their part to witness the V'ice
Preidc nt and Secretary of State engaged
irroprn and vindictive warfare. Buuhvte
mitchief m -iters will be sadly disappoint
ed. Mcstrt. Van Buren and Calhoun are
not such silly politicians, as to be enter
ing into a con'ett at this early day to the
rresidentixl chair. Thev know too well
the value of public favoi, for them to risk
l(s tsby prematur ely agitating the ques
tion of (he next r residency. Beside, the
people have manifested so much satisfac
tion at the course pursued by Gen. Jack
soli, Ihut far, lhal they will, in all human
probability," require him to Consent to a
re election, in order to enable him to
complete the various and important sys
terns of reform which ho has &n happily
laating benefits to jhe7enu!jlKr ...I ... "
, . XlltL Dominion . ...
JfnIiitrt iA:. A .xorrefpeadent of. the
N. York Courier and -Enquirer, writes from
Washington under date of 4th but. as follows:
on intnc-hnate, Mr. lir.wan thi dJv
mt "alongside '"of the MusTrtuetts""
Senator, and rowed him up salt river
in the Kentucky fashion; He showed
clearly that in firing a shot across the
Ohio, that Senator, lfte Col. Crock
ett's dog, had backed up he wrong
tree. Mr. President,' said he, set
ting his spectacles on his head, accor.
ding to the representation of the Sena
tor from Massachusetts, New Eugland
must be a perfect paradise, studded
with graves oFbrange, pomegranite,
citron and olive ; the very streams
roc"der..throu8h an cly'lum SWPA
pcrnaps on tte saooain.&na the in
f -ir n"Tl . . 1 - .- "
habitants stp nothing but nectar ; but,
when we come to analyse all these
beautiful pretensions, we find that the
nectar, at least, has marvelously , the
flavor of New England rum P' There's
z-itatcf f6rybuidmeihtn"g"tikft''a
Cut a home 8troke,"that "m!in,"
even of Mr, Webster's gusto, cannot
carry fuli-eaii tinder.- -But-, in-eober
mood, we love New England for her
sound morality for her schools for
her industry-F-for her. economy but
we cannot admire her politics, or love
her statesmen. ' v;
twtojty t-peaaw .
. The Tarijf.-mh letter from Washington,
to the editors of the New lot Journal oj
0tatt?rf ' vatittiTttiSil&fc'.
ityV- 1 Ufnot tKm'k Teriff to popirV
Isr as it waa ,1 Jnd rnany.New.fcngUbd.
men tpeak of it without mercy ; and the
Western people say it has done them no
good. Depend upon it, the manufactur
ers overshot their object . by crying out
Tariff, Revenue, Domestic Industry,
Woollens hd American System. They
overloaded their Artillery, which in re
coiling, has kicked them over." -
Mr. Peter Force has disposed of his
interest in the Motional Joumalt to Mr.
George M'aitcrtton, late Librarian to Con
gress, by whom it will be hereafter pub
lished, .:v"-K4 ;.' i -- . -
Lat tml'y bee-i aSrt'cJ r..rprnit i.f 'Wlne,
If a rone mma tj ibt lo of tt Ug'a.
Uture of tLt f(e,
A manufrtrify nf I tamt lt. Im Irrn e.
tibtiihed in rh,' i tbe t'fl.Ie can t
trtnpor.J on tli ctnal, ! tny driired katIon.
4 -.. II
CONOR KH 1,' ' ' ' '
In the Senate, Fel a, RoUrt II. Ad
tmt.from Mitsitttppi, appelated a Rrnator
ie the place of ibe ilon. Tbtmitn. Reed,
deeetted, appeared, was Qualified, and
took hit sett. , '
Mr, Uvingitert ofTared Mhe'fulJdwin'g
retolution i , ,
' Rflvttt Tbat the Cemt)'t!ee on Mil
Itliee yrff lWr yj fifrf1 viiing'.tVe laws
posing penalties lor military olitncei j and
tha t nJ6e..parikularly. eoniNr whw
it pedieney of abluliing tee ponithmtnt
of eia .Xor the crtrn'tf tle'tenion in
fimFof 'pVaceTand providing some btKi"
penalty for tbe oBeoce-
In Senate Feb, 9, a mettage was rt'
reived from the President ofihe United
S'atet, transmitting a report from the
Director of the V. S. Mint j Which states,
tha( the coinage affected at the Mint dur
ing the lst year, amounts to 8' 406,871,
compr ulng 8293,717 in Gold roint 8 1 .
994.87 in silver, and 816.580 in copper.
Tn nunibtr of piece of all klnda'it alet
ed to be 7.474.30I.J t
In the 5eMte, Feb. 9, Mr. Iredell, from
me Committee on the Cootic.n'ent Fund
ot ihe Senate, to which had been referred
resolution submitted by Mr. W'rdury,
in relation to tha printing and distribution
of ihe public dxumentt, repor!ed ihe
same'' with an amendment which was
read, and ordered to be printed.
to Senate, 10th Inst. Mr.'Barnartj pre
Muted four- meoriW from the inhabit
ants of the city andcoumy.uf Phnadel
phia, remonstrating agint tbe pattage
ol any law which migni ne c.. ulted to
interfere with the regular transmission
of the U. S. Mart on Sunday.
The To-The.U. Slates' Telegraph,
of the 9ih inst. remarks' : " The bill for
the reduction and modification of the du
ties on certain imported articles, in re
duced on 5th inst.. by Mr. McDurvit,
t ..r' '.. - i,tr .
irom inc vomminee oi ' ays and .ueans,
was, upon a division by yeas and navt,
laid opotr 'he table by a majority of 107
to 79. This disposition of this bill, we
are induced to believe, proceeded from an
un willingness to discuss the propriety of a
reduction of the duties at. this lime, on
tne part of many who are in favor of tuch
a measure unCer a belief that the public
mind is not now prepared to jjive it ap
probation ; and under a hope that the ap
proaching extinguishmeot.otxbenatiQnal
debt will produce fttcw era in the Iegis
lation of this country.
- -In ihe 'House of-Kepiceniiivet U.
States, oo 9 h inst.-a bill wat reponed
from the Commi'iee on iiaval Affair, for
the relief of the widuwt,cbildien, or other
relatives of tbe officers, teimen, and ihk
i iNfriiebrtv Jcaaaaiaaa.lbndiinotiUQnjillJie Lmuer
be feared, eff-Tampico - in -the Golf of
Mexico, during the tremendous galea on
that coast In bep'amber lAt. The pro
a..a-.i ....a .
visions onne Dili are, laat tnes snail re-
ceive the amount of six months pay in
addition to the pay which might be duejthem prisoners tbit the
he officers and crew respectively, on
the first el January 1830 It was made
the order of the day tm. .Wednesday the
17th instant, and diiettea to be printed-
JVrsr HamfiHhire.-m'Tti election of Gov
ernor jn New Hampshire takes place
early in March. Tbe cadidatet in nomin
ation lor the office are Gen. Timothy
UHham late Collector of PortsmoutH, who
will be supported by the anti Jackton
party ; and Hon- Matthew Harvey, who is
the candidate of the friends ol the national
Rhode Itland There are two candi-
dtt-Hn wrnmation inthisstate for the
office pf Go ve rnor, viz s Hia Excel Ie ney
Jamei Fenner, ni Dr. Ata Metier, late
PxctidcnLof JxowaUoiversiiy,
jpreme ". Court -of the Uinted
States has refused the petition of Tobias
Watkins, fpr a wiit o Ugbew Corjm$. j
Chureji iBurnt.'. Ori the morning of
the 1st instant, about I o'clock, the stone
Church of Jbe ReViWri PeecKefrln. Ilan:
over street, Boston, was discovered lobe
6 i5je.7irrOefore .i.fiar Him
'uiiheJi' aimoatlbehttle. Jier;o.r. tl Jhft
DUllutng anu iuo c-icjjau wi .-
RhiachuteUa.v. We learn thatlhe Ho0.
Marcos Mo.ato net been nominated as
the Democratic candidate for Governor,
by SEVENTY members of the Massachu
setts Legislature, avowedly the friends of
the present National Administration. ,
Cincinnati, OM; Jan. '9...Cotton !?, fea
tbert 23 cents, flaxseed 37 to 40tflor,5.75 to
Kenhawa aah 50 cents, peaCh brandy 62,
apple do. 37, whiskey. 2$ tallow to 7tobtc-
fS 0 to 1 eetoi fvtnhi : . 'i ' '
irr. hrr. Tifcn iku.
raptna Wuft r&kf, iin'lera 'r!ytu) airole,
i!el at Un reu.lenee on Snjir frees ( in '.
Irntiiii emniy, N, C. on t!m l.'ih uli in 0 .
verity Itlrf, rtr of Lit ape. Ha ti bxn In tl
ewiaff nf Ityvtn, and at at early are moved tt
ttit fiMtnty til Uer klrntiurg ind artited on
gar Creek, whert he lived ever n , tnl tw
thijftdy reperta!ile family, enany of wtiom art
now livmgi who, together with hi hIow an.1
numefuu other fnenJt ami aciuaiatancea.
deeply mourn hi hm.
.In h a mrsue relatione, he wtt a ami hut
hafht, affectionate parent and humai a marten
tt s citizen, he wit in oldljing neigbwiM-, be.
Int end kind Jajrptviy, nj took a deep in.
lere in the eduettioa nf poor chtUlrte and
In the dUpoiitiot t li'ia t- tatt tnadt tume pro
vitiod f.-r their Wnefit. ,
Cantain Parti wtt a patriot and a toldier of
the JU volution and alt hour Is ho bore we dittitv
guwied cm-naM, yet he evinced hit ! in the
nod r.bortf ef Yn ncoiHry, ay taeifvf
volwjtetr in thcraiavia. vlfcvu to the'.Foaw
Camp and battla of Hanging Rock in Bouth-Caro-
In hit depertment he-trat enoetenlalioue. pub.
Ufi a)initJ. alWecd.w.U44MkJltly iniai.
eat m all aswHer ewtoalated tt pewawta tne prne.-
perity of hi country. trticula1r vnM'x tdue.
t ion and internal improvement i Ihe firtt. of
ehich he had mneh at heat. Imieed, few reed
evinced more real far the prosperity anJ gener.
al welfare of their country than Captain Farkii
and the death of tuch men mry be Justly ecntid.
eeed a pjblib Ion. , ' . . Commumctil, ,
The Hannibal, at New Yo.k from Liv
erpool, brought the Fdttort of lbs York
Courier and Fnquircr Knglisb papers to
the 4th ult. .
F.ngland. T he Engl)vb--pipers are full
of oi-tiuisilions on ihe, liberty of the Press,
a topic growing 6ut ol the proseiutlent of
ihe Morning Journal-
The report ihat Beau Bruramel was Bp
pointed to a Consulship it flatly contra
dKied. .. ... .. . 4 - . :
. Thera seems to be a reneral attempt
on tbe freedom of the Press in Tngland,
France and the Netherlands Thit it a
sign of the times.
h it asserted thist eeveral reforms or
reductions in the Church patronage are
lo be attempted in the next Parliament.
A great meennr"wi recently teldin
Roscommon, Ireland, on tae atate of the
country. It was derJared necettary to
re-enact the Insurrection Act.
The Englifh monarchy completes this
year a duration of 1000, fiom the lime
Egbert ascended the throne of all Eng
land Voncr'. Political" excitement eontln
uet uriatated4n Franco.
ll ii affarmed lhal the Uberalt-wilt not
thake the confidence of the King in tbe
Polignac Ministry.
Several of the female descendants of
Joan of Arc, have been recently e noble d
by the Kjqg of France.
General Ljfayene hat arrived at Tarlt.
" rV.fw -iigr TrKiff -d
Queen ol Spain are enjoying their hdney
moon at Madrid in company with tbe
Ere woiksTandnlgh masses' tereper-
tormfng-every day - ,
""Ids saidlharforirhtf sons" had recent
ly left Oporto, to take refuge in France
and bngtand.
KiMjja.ihe winter had sev 4 at
oTKichoIaarH'stated -tOTbethIi f-Thd
Grand Duke Michael pulled the ears of a
Colonel, ordering hia men to lay down their
9 .
arms Nicholat ordered another reel-
ment ,0 mrround the mutineers snd take
Colonel refused
,n Aaarual. Nicholas.
went to reters
o '
burgh and got sick. A good story 00
Letters from Stl Petersbufgb meptlon
a tumour of General Daibialch having
met with so much mortification fromer
sons envious of .his glonr 1 that he has de
termined upon leaving the Russia arny
and retiring into oi'esta- rreparauons
are maklng io.the Russian capital uv re
ceive Hall Pacha, the Turkish EnvoyTwiifi
distinguished honors. He will be tre
ed as Ambassadors of the first rank, such
as Lord Heytesburyi the Duke de Morte
mart, etc. - -- , "
Turkey and yr. The insurrection
in thnerghberwiodl Suyrnrhaa4te
put- down-A iow heads were cut pff
and a few persons hanged. Nothing (ur.
the? say the ppeaT'w1irmac'r
It is positively asserted that in the last
battle'petwee '-he Turks and- Russians
near Eaeroum, the Russians weie beat.
General Paske witch hd arrived at Tiflis,
and given a dinneT and a feaVuion the
termination of the war. :
- Crreee.r-Jt appears Certain Ihat rrince:
Leopold of Saxe CoDourg will have the
suffrages oflhVareirowers who signed
t$$rrffif& lcton,forthw Royalty- of
CSeKlfW'W Ktf4cJoe'g
the choice to ranee, on account of licr
dence of N &feFr ai UUii'otjitoii-.
ishing that the pfeaent French Ministry
arrabmjKccive " fefbuf; ihe
Duke of Wellmgtoh'a candidate.'
vv''V-.';'-:.';'v Journal de Debate. .
Faveilcvilie, Feb. IO...Cotton 8 to 8j
bacon 5 to 6, peach brandy 40 to 33 apple do 3Q
butter 10 to 15, corn 40 to 45, flaxseed 95, flour
3 to 4, lard 7J, moltatet 28 a 29, tugar 9 to 0ft.
talt 75 to 80, tollow 8, wheat 60 a t?5, w bukey ti
to 27.-.-..U. notetl a 1 perce.nt.gre.
SBtttnv Op I eMtW, li 2,
VfiX I.
aY ...'M...tHjthi7s
1 1 to H fft., e.fn 'Jt i.TJ, Irt-t Jt3, b-it.
ter 10 to 12, flour 371 to 4 t rr brtel, fcticat i)
o ej, I'i.h pot.'dc 2J lo J, tweet AX to 21,'
krovq ir,r U to IS, e.rTr 7 to 22, a!t l.XPf'
to 1.2, hume-fHin cl rfh 1 J to 2S, wbukey 3J !'
2.1, hatnn to O.
,.,, Y'h. I Jtotton fi In 9, flmir 5 a
to St oit ijf tha wtg-ini, that rrunt Carmlffti
mi.U 6 lo 7 1 w het hi a v1, corn ii lo M, watt 3
tan , iiejr i t o jj, haeon lo l.i.
varieS rm. e.,w.Cotteis fl lo 91 rant.
flour 4 a 14, whik tr. 17 a 3 . bacon T io Hi. hamo
9 a 10, btt kind of b,-ipnj WIO ii tH )
ju,e;iin,WB.i,eoi;etlio 14 Caroline
hank bill twe Per aont. diUMtnt i litnraU. 14 ... .
. . ae w
JttteV - ....- .... .er-- -a
2 tawaW M . fri .....Crttw.ri m.
flour ft J to 6, whky i3 to 3U, Datum to U,
wheat 87 to yjtnor, 4J t SK 9t jq yi
mm Qui m mm i - ' -
Oardner, t. Mi. Jolm rd,, to Milt Men) ,
BaxltA. . in, i i
.1 - - - -
A'Tfear thts fowViii',;.- "if .i V.w
Mtnt, (Win It., infant laughter of H'iU, '
Km C'AaWa, Eaq. gl to'tniybrrt ssonlb. ,
repenfulfy w.hrm
' ?, r theif rhendt and ibt pub-(R.a-'lT
'f he, thai thev intend In car
hy sV' vi rat,
I -?!, i, :,'jrii Tuc 8, haml-a tarrts -
... mjipiyurtheoeaiTIMCtn
that th ptrt of the CMimry afluMa't sml will ,rt
a short ti'ne receive tho moM fahionabl finpp '
and other Material, from the North i whirb will
enable them to etecute their rrork In a aty
which hall not he lurpatsed by any in thit tetv
tion of Jhe ctuntry. 1 hey are now making
and will in future keep en hand, til kinds of
. Wiifxud, V
Ordeet for work front a diaiauee, wiS be thanV
fullv received knd punctnslly adepdrd .In. . Rt.
r AIU3 of aJJ kauday w ill bo done, on tUo ahoeto
ootke, and lowest poasibU terme. The
, Windsor Chair fcf Led Stead
Making Outinew will ilo be carried, on bv thw
tnbwnbert, Alt kinds of Vtnntry tf4nei, will
be received, at retoi;Me price, Ie ptymene
for work
The (tbacriber wilt lo be pre)iarel, in a feW
weekt, with Horset, Gigs, milkeyt. Hack, lie.
for the accommodaiion ol tho who arrive in
itages or otherwise, and may with convesancet
of thit kind ta any part of ihe country i it well -at
for the aeeomtrloilrion of. the eiihtens of
liabury, and others, who may with to bir llanet
and wheel'd vthictet.. thit earabnthment it
kepUt fyrut VT. We' old rand, aftw door
east of Mr. Slaughter' finue of I'.ntertinmeoU
StAiiuriWiilQ, 1SJ0, VT
WT ClTtUS K. WtST returns hi amcero
tbanka to hi friends and the publics fur the lib.
era! Share of pMrftnlge he baa received f v lha
laat aevea yetm tnd lopet, that by a faithful
attention to bmine, 4 eontinttnce of. the uroe''
will be ettended to the above rmH ft, 9,
1,111 "
ON the 27th day of Nhre h nexv St tbt houtt
of Ptirr Tir, in the eouny of Datrdaon,
EM?MMr eT Daott ut TriiaCLi mc e ie'r 11 ii-UrT
the aaid Tice, for the purpose! therein mention
ed, 1 hU proceed to eXpoe to publia tale. lit. ..
srkhrablt tract of land belonging to the taiij
Tice, eonteining two hundred, and thirty threa .
acres more or let lying on Abbott'a creek,
adjoining Jacob Mack, Charlea Tice, and bth.
ertt wbtch land eoiHaint a -valdable Grnt andi'
mbTiey:iheTi(rct)ierjn haveTcreajLliy a-iW .
a oooa, piyaue me upeFewr iianavalea4
with aprrVed aeeuritlet 1 balance, cash, of a id
credit at on the day of tale thoae eoricemedj
may be willing to give, further eonditione to
be made known on the dar of tale. .
JAMES (l9CdAN, Tmttet.
Itnviihn entity, . 13, 18iU Jt'll
VJentto dcou
THE tubtcriber bavin; eommencee a Sahnol
at Centre Church, IredtM County, reaped- .
fully inform the public, tbat s few boy wilt be)
received, who can be well recommended. The
rates of tuition will bet for Utin and Greek,
ten dollari vd for English Qnimmar Snd Gv
ographr, tit 4ollae pa ttatioayofaal asontha,
Board rtn be bad with respectable families,
at one dollar per wk.
ryfSwiffi2th;im. r. : mr?"-
Estate ot Henry eMets.
r10 all neraona indebted to the ettate of tha
X brte Henry slyer, dee'd. by book tcc-mnb
or otherwise 1 also, thoo who have demand
agamat said estate, are requested to present
thetrr trr ihe-, Pxecutorf-h?gallr-aittherittcatettV:
within the ume trctc,ribed by Jaw, or thit no
tice will be plead tn btrof their recovery. "
-V rSRMaJLXJEnem,:
Wth. 1828.
HE tubwiber claims tt be tbe inventor of
the Improved Lever, Cower Gold Wattl
ing Machine and fpr bid all peraona from nuw
king or . using the saine, at be la lends applviwfj
for a patent. A model of the .machine pan bet
seen at tfrindlewn, Bural conntv, N. C. - '
; TW. A. ' " jto--- '
TPp UKW A fr lew t smth tee prwdedV - -JL
the undert'tgned give notice, ihat he i .
ready to receive, at ..hia office, at eflyreaaonable
hotifSritnd wiUoont'wi ttM teeceira, ntil
Friday, the 5th of March nextaf-er which day.
the taw requiring" that "T mora " auihm'aWmouai ''
of procedure be retorted to) the Returns of
Poll and ItVat Estate subject to a Corporuoni
Tax in tbe Town of Salisbury. ,-V
. AH tenements. Lots and Land, withinr the)
limit of the Townj and all free male persons ,
between the ages of 21 and 5,-and.all slave
male and femahj, ver 12 and under" 50 years or
age, resident ta the town oh tht lit day of
Feb'y. inU re required to be returned.:
, , StOS i ( :- v FMLLO AVHITE, - - '
, : ktttpg
:''fertlatyrlw'A's;; ;, ; ;
. I
f '
i 1 ....

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