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(tracts of bn rr.Wr,ofi i.
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h r,,M.i. it ppert ihM N.i,:0 Id. , drra mjf. Mr (hupi'ihen mbm.i to be nWd
Virji cK I ftruli;latt for re-tlcction i i.J . 'nl M,u!leJ, t;d g ,,)mt rscr) j
VI' C""1 lfnib'tflh st.i... jU'til frtlii... If, on ,,e ,an,
f J!jft John iii-ynoUi, a) iht !U tcui.J , ImiicJ mn tlioot . 1 1 i,v ! coiitrqurncrt,
TJj. lTiir, for Iht 0..brnitor1tl A-'lj! irmtul rnrcnf, (, ujhal
t'f i" ' eeP' julcl.;p, re. ., U, .wt ,r, i,1(.a. ik the put of S
fcfc.f, tlttl br iLt ptf,l. jcirly J..tMib ! UV t,ffrfrrei,,k ,(,;,
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.. r.V,. P.,. .1.1 U T.I. " nl ""C IBM u UU be
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' hii i if wowa Co to
tbe proteman, wr xhry to itop ktre. Tier
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liorr, lio m er (tece 4 to tlirtf retieei
H"J!i Drcgfii ltelv mur l r(' in Mrl j,,,fir uleoU nJ mr4l tiaIncaiion do not
Tit m p'r Wonr tp tint rarniib cf
fi nd went into oprmwn on the ?iib ult.
TV r ' P' nb I nited Sutei itoiei.
kr jtr'or Iim. nt been rrttid.
TN Smljfe eft tn f Itct, tt f.'hpmw, I
hiuch t tuHf'anlwl intaiiner m tu be b! tu
itw'. fl) ft'J or norm.
fivcii Nt bjf, gril ?5 vrir, iMli;trof 'he
Icrulutiitn. bo hull rscapej unharmed, an.idtt ',
Aovtri of bullcta, throiib that arduoui stn-j-fleaa
killed la fertjihiDaua eouniy, on ttc '
JU ult uy a kick from hi on hon. I
i... " j r.L "" Between lho The j.. .... .
...r .iki mote ntnu utt aholiiion In th. u : V. v" nmner, enon! upon thee apprJuZ. TkJ 1 0r." t fou
.' public deb,. 4j or 2f.e r ,br
1 7 " .. Army. ,h. It . .. j. ti .
' -r""K' !. are nra4aii .. I t. i . i
rontrrMi. Mr. aar VeTid MnVf I ' Cfid ,,,,C " b'
" ' IIS Ctiirilftlri ! In. a. 1 1 " Ib 1l WW iU ' I
.Vfllcr. ( JC
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I'hurch. L I ha lnn ,J .!.:- ' "
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vNVUktfiboro' .Icadcmy.
'I! it W rr MeM.KI of tl... i.i
3fl.a.Hl in thecuunir .i ( . . M "
per ,,n uf 6,. Womhl , . r-
t.:;.;:"hl"" ""u ,n 'ie .ue
. I : . . . .. ." '! UUUl
num cfjollar,. for the boa, .iT. I T . ! . , , ?' ibe L!rP''
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V, IMV uinar a ..if .
and afford M baf, .""T TMH,,4,H
in a he ih.
Cor t
three huii. i- ..t V . . "' ,w "
mrntj orb, reducing ,he enoun, 0f du. 0unl, E,. J 1 '
lesooe half. ,e two ,nim,l it h " 'JH t"-
inaoafiahat ih. j... .. I
.me:.t to Ii profci,mn , tiile the other Iw. ii 'lc,i n ' Hlif life- Henry Peeler to Miu .Sopt
- h any ,LIrf but in orn.nt. P" 'Cf PP-'He.ot 'r, P
Jat I
Thoa. U. Uarner, A. U.rklcy,
John B. Tod I,
Hei.jninin I'o.'on,
J.ilm H- nl, Jr.
AcUiti Koirman.
Ean till..,
Authur Morrow,
H'i'llim Allen,
Ocorre M x k,
Ilcnry 4lbntlit,
ophta freHer, .i: ofthia
llak . . a. I If) Uitta Uairau 1 .. . '
rii wnoe votei, are earned in . i , UJ'
pre.identt.1 elec-ion Mr. CAliSOS BhSpr i""."? eW'JU,,' ,rt in,t' bv Met-
.. , . ' ucnaiTC . J llie laillr, Ii i t u- ni h Ur U'.l
, ...... -t w. payiiiR in. tiUbllC lirOl " ' MUahrll, ., ,
ou aixjitnine the du'ir I
H t.. 11 ( pr:ei bay. U.n ateady'. td " fcih 'n,t; ' tU' uf 'hn K V"l
ttedeaiaud Koodi (he eiport during the muni h jf"' of Ihil atate, a LmtcJ Mtea Attorney
t MtrcH, am tinted to 13, ifij bales. Ii tltur,
tM trtotoctioita n eece ratijf rimiie J , htit
wrVm, J54 87. North Ctrolina Rank BilhL 2
'-tkfteti, 3 ti IHWKI WTwJii, Oto
, t1 Mill, I
.'..I...,, j, B.;r;;.' :::r;r ,nf flu-," eu.n- .. 1 1
ew. Mille,; NicboleXpT; j " " "f umf v' "pencf, urg 4 Vf;, ,
Aiaon the eppointn..-,... coofirmed by the r'r"m,,le mtLttw uhtr J.JMN Adh?h" frJ "!i"'; ,Hh
tie rriiiibUi r ,."..:: .
5... its ysiisis ssff
K I U A ft- Mr. - .
r.M w tl. Pnrfl- t. .... .
AletantkrW.II.'u .
Hrumhy V ffcf,fj -f 7 ".WN
4 u,e,i "f o. mtT ri .r-f ?..XoS
x:Zv:yr ter.'r-r
.... VBra ur(C , ihdp ' Ji:. YT . ",",e"" eitnen.
Barclay Mart
Bryauu F Kobert J
Byari Haahimnon
I. . 11 ... .
ufa.i nailer
Crew Jamre
Carrijrtn Jimeo
Caldwell P. tb.f
Caldwell Hinkne
t'lery Jobs
UuraJJ ThiHiiii
HuiiCan Alex.
Hcl.!l R U.I, ,
PPlil Cilbmtb
Cholaoi, itm
I'weket John
Wntt MarK,ret
"'ee 8 ephen
Qellion (tilliai Rev,
It rd lr(iret
" id Itufua
iee Di.
I The a.Tj lurnment the New-York LtgUia.
lire' W Wo iied," By rtao!jUou tJ UtU
TPhUuJtiphin W. An!ritene e7cite.
Kcna tu u4e
ftUtmn te the Duel between Midthipman Hun.
(ink of the lat'er. Keaolutioi.s bavebcen
id hy both brancbei of tbe Leg.slnture of
Pewtirlrania, piirwtiig the conduct of the
frswjrnt uf the U.. Hile.vnd Pecrrtarv th.
W.tertrilttfljTromtbe' rolr of theKarr-thoir
taan concerned in the Duel
lis lit. .LM
.JbeekcioWir,.e. ..rt.,lT hnrd wed ,hi tbx mituaj, defence of Wef- " 1' --5Urf.
y .tie, Jviudtt whole clrr Via! "fg-.
Si iwI'.k nmt J f ,Le' WuM to take wter Mentha; wJC - J 1 ft.rr.ArvlYiiaure, ,
ifcA, on the o iettwn. f-oonoi or union, 1. nther lor Irnclnv
1 . . .
Ihtjf .upon tbOfflrii.he for huhce
ucatn oj Aoram ffrundon.-- since we mong the itaie ; and for tbe lore- of
Coroner!' barton', was very
Oaeuf Crt page will be luund the act of Con
r for taking tbe Fiftb Censua uf the people
K I'mled States, Tbe IUIciifl. Star, ul the
inst. contaijia a L.t of the Aui.t.nt Ut.tealiaiil
,fwukdby (ia, Beacrly Daniel, tbe Mrhl
tbiiSiite, for taking- the enumeration in the
tral count'wa. From this list, we he e-
e Mow, those in the Western and Middle
wof the State:
Mr mioiij, James Calloway.
Adam Lockhart, Jamea Marsha!,
. " mrt - - 1 J'.. J w ill, my
f mmm uaaiel.
m. r Mantn.
Ci. ju, Mplionjo Aletanderr
Cimmiana, Duncan Uuie.
4m, Ambrose K. Kamsay.
James Wiseman.
Woodwn Daniel, James Deaslr.
"HK Wm. T. Shields.
w4 Kinian Edmonaton.
James L. Hill. i
tW. Betrerly J, ITiompson, and Peregrine
,MaJcom M'NeilL
fw, Thomas Love.
ttmetg, James- Allen, William II. LiJky.
5"", Wereditb Adams. Joseph Alluon.
"JaLua-ia-Daniai, 1 !
(Aint James L. Vaughn.
Gilbert Sfllers. r
'Aa.,.Mark Uardinff. . . .
Giles Pearson. ' "
Mer.rrf, J0hn Baoers, Walter Daniel, John
Thom'is flwieocki'tV!-Jrtn R;
sau, r-.-t .
';'r , ' B8nel F. Pattewn,
'-.tiiehsel CoCiiA""
". Wm. Cowan. .
wi,Tbeist T.ue& ' '
', ubvki umierwoud. - -
excellent one, and toe him great credit
.!.nUrwu ,ca to iciutA-iaxiu. fwat- id
the qoestion -of -BoIfs'unY ooneciaMre"
duiita is eonstan'.ly gaining friends, and
nasooiy to De luiiy and properly di&pla
ed to the people, to become the xatlnnsr
point, and aitisl of sictorjr, to tbe friends
01 economy and o( limited government 1
may add, to the friends of the rurmonv
of the Utiion ; for in the tuccess of tnt
meanure it cotrtsined the qxiietut of the
1 anil que&tion, which is now tbe creat
est dUiurbcr ol Iht harmonr of the
iktc seen iur. ttLiot, tne coroner
who held the innuet over the body:
from nNom-weierti that our ttitement
ol the tircuioktantes :teodinj the mel
ahcholy caauaity, was lubttanli.ily cor
reel. As we (ben slated, she old man and
his bortc (tbe latter beiog blind) fell into
a deep gully by the side of tbe road, alter
tught, .bout three miles beyond Mocks
vine ; by which, the neck ol the former-
was union unaiely broken; tbe borse es
caped apparently uninjured. Ji was late
in the forenoon ol the next day before
the corpse was discovered j wnen the
f!rnr,e hi . ... M... l in-E FROM EUROPE.
"'" Rtf ,h, .hin H-l- M..V..i. r
.1 ih. ..iHn,. l... .l-v . . ' - -' '" 'UlW i.oin
...v ' "i..'eiEi.T, Llv.niiril.lh .1. CL j L'
quiier hat received Liverpool papers to
tne 35th, and London to the 3th Feb.
T he political intelligence by these papers
possesses but little interest.
In the House ol" Commons, on the 23d
tebruary, Mr R. Grant presented pen
lion froTi 957 persons of the Jewish per
sussion, praying for the removjl of the
civil disabilities atTectina; them
disabilities, it" is saidTatfect 30,000 per
wnslhtfiitin '
very liberal and tolerant character, the
MAillinn it. a nrAmr. A m Um nrimA ' I
Lsq,- who, in tbe spun ji true luiuu.u
ptiiiaiithropy, had tendeied the use of not
onlj his house, but ol his servants, and
otter things needful on suchan occasion,
was very decently laid out, and buried
in the neighborhood.
11 to i centi, corn M to 33, beef 2 tu 3i. h.,i.
ter 8 to 10, flour 375 to 4 -cr barrel, wheat 40
to 65, lrih poutpet 40 to 50, iweet-du. 10 to 31.
-'i uuuicajjuii cum 13 to wiiukey all tu
'Aorlrtfirnr rfS. .Cotton 9 to i5 cents,
flour i a Jj, wfmity. .'6 a 27. bacon 7 tu 7$, hams
8 a i, best kind ol togging 20 to salt 40 to
ou. corn so a 4J, collet 1 1 to N. Carolina
Dane, bill. 1 j a 2 per cent, discount ( Georgia,
Chern, ,ifnl 7 ....Cotton 81 to 9. bi
ging 18 tti ii, cuflee 1 tu 10, auar tu II,
aalt 73, corn 4J to S, flour (Irum ttajroot) 4.3u
m. at 1J. u: ... . at a-(. i . . a
oaiiimore, pcacn oraiidy U to Mt, ap.
pie do. 31) to 35, whiikey 23 to 30. nulaMr. L
io natseed iO to W, oat JO, bacon 7 to 10,
iara a to iw, macserel 0 to T.iU.
BaUimre, A tint 9 Flour .(!. rtiltnn
8 to 9j, wiukey 2.'i to 23, bacon II to 9.
i.gncMitrg, tirf. .ipnl H. Tobacco 3 to 5
l-iour 3.3 io wheut 83 tu 65. hUk 25
l o '
Ctlumhia, 8 C. .ipnl 8,
A Washington correspondent of the
" our paper more than three months
are " barkd" to publish what ap.
to the appointment 'oTCmmodoFeopTirr'
as Consul ueneral at Algiers :
A more popular appointment than
that of the gallant Porter could not have
suit. The Commodore arrived here , on
Saturday, and in the course of Monday,
visited both Houses of Congress. He
looks as well as ever, with the exception
of -darker bo front, the burping sun ol
Mexico; and it was really a
.... . - . o - - - -.
stepping eagerly forward to shake bands
Jur ntiotiitlons of cotton -this week, are
newly 'honrtTial.' ery tiiffe Is coming
in, and the 'stock on haml unusually small
prolably less than 1000 bales.
Camden Jour,
f fie, precedirg column,' fur what we Hesse lias iued a I
to pubhsh m the teeth of Tom jre to b3 disgraced; atid imprUoned ten
, I years
Efloi ts are making in Europe to dis
countenance duelling. The elector of
aw by which duellists
Vo longer to be u nut off."
llfreKi.ri-.? 1'iirrenre. and
I nmr I
The following ie mi oSicul narazraph
ff spccjinjiae future tlovtrhorofCreece;
we hnd in tbe Liverpool Couriers! Feb
taary 24t!ir
As much contrariety of onioion as to
tbe ftiture destiny of Greece continues to
pre.wo hink it proper to slate,, at a
tact wiibin our own knowledge, that the
Auangtmeau e that iotrject are -utefiofr-
tively conipJeted and -ratified.- Tire str
ptenxt, . .pawejw i M bw-TtHtd' Hrnhe
bands of Jrrtflt t'pgonfVIIr) Jhtii,
we oeueve, ot sovereign rnnce.,
The Americarr 'Minister had kme
confeience on 23d Feb.1 with Mr. Hemes',
the President of 1 he Board of Trade, at
bis office in Wiutehall. Mr. Hemes af
terwards visited the Duke of Wellington
STILL LATER. ...By :he shipOIin
hestrr and Salem, from Liverpool ; and
the Formosa, from Havre fhe) Edi'ors
of tbe New-York Courier and Enquirer
have received Liverpool papers to 5:h,
XTorre7iceT& Co, sre placed in lh hand.
Lt U Lr Torrcnce, itrf etillrcrion , end I would
aovise tnose mterciled, to call on him btfirt ten
' o;or may ;ourt. A, J OKKKNCE.
17th, 18J0. 1
...nntlnn r 1ft.
a r . , . . .. .
nuur 3 o oj, wuiitey J to 7j, bacon to 10,
wheat 87A .o 100, corn 60 to 6ii, salt 70 to 7a.
Camden. Jlfiril ig.....Cotton 84 to 9. flour & a
to 5 j out of the wagons, that from Camden
milh 6 to 7i wheat 85 a 93. corn 55 to 56. oat. :Ji
aalt 75, whiskey 30 to 35, bacon 8 to 12.
on, N. C. on lb. lai day of AoriL 18J0
f-'nytTTironliT "
U,l,f Hiratn
MclbJI Joha
weirt Jo.eph
iladger tfrira 3
Burns Nicholas
tiuali iuhu '
Craty Thomas -
Dy.0.i William B.
Daniel Ltmard
Dursey Kndimmond
Guier fhilip
tioble John
Hall Jetaj
Hsmiltun William
liarrta Edmund
Ifioda Juna han
Johnsot Demote
Kelly James
31 17
fh'm Wllli.m fiX"
1'owcll Jesse
Prndley William
Pricherd Mary
Perkins Levi
Hider Ueorge
Stepp iohB
Thompson Abil...
Tipp Jacob
Winters John
Webb Thomas.
fttraj .Marc.
SI RAVED away from the sub
acriber, brinr Bear 8otith t.j.
!S!?r ridgfiJUuaa eauMytaw-ice-
ua7 nipnt. mn Marco, a so ml
MARK, f at 8 yean old. 141 l.a..l. I,l,.h . ..n
Mreak of white in her lace, tolerably" thin lis
Heal,, and nearly blind t It la nroh.KI- .h. .
have followed some wagon off. Jny persoa
who will return her. or . i,,f,.,i 1 K
slie may be had, either to the subscriber or to
the Editot of tbe Western Caroli ni.n .( II I...
satiified fur their trouble.
April 6th, 1830.
-"itcmovtil: r
RESPEC'tTULti" inform haacustomers. and
the public irenerally, that he has removed
hta isiiOP, to the buildine lormerlv oceuuied h
WIe IV. Hampton, a a Tailor'a bhop , on
Main treet. the weit aide, a few dnora from Ih.
Wia-prepared to erUMtl fleartipfiotis'oT
w.v.utv.i TJii'ijOimrttf""'' ' " "" "
after the neatest fashiont, tmr on the shortest
trtjTCr?t"aTttt is prrtwred' tome-ll-kMlfcH,
Ciotmnjf Tti the flmt rate style, haying in bis
wwptoy six m seven first rate -workmen, hteh
enables bun to lo work on the shorten notice.
- Alt kinds "of Vutllne Out of Garments will be
done on very'moderate terms.
All orders from a distance for work, will be
mo't fuithfully eiecuted, accordinif to directions,
and within the sUortest possible time. ' ,
P. S He has just received the lateffl fiuhiam
from Philadelphia and N w. York t which will
enable him to rniks fine Cons, &s, after the
most approved style. j
aawy, .f,ri ISth, 1835.
the bt of the 25th nit.
f V New fltliom beluKlnff
fjkfi the estate of the late m
.j rf . ..r';.':-lv named Gilfrtt
&i,Tl e,K''Tiie1SinIIrriy year
frr 1 ,,out bull,' quite black.
" i . about five feet, ten inches birth.
Said alam la a f. ... .-
trade, can read and write a litil. an ...........
tob. religion. He it a plausible teoundr-Unel
W.JiWJPy! lutvettrgpadaMMaw.. Wboawetwia
7""" or lodge turn in any tail ttf
.VliiJ.MR Rt.iivajijst?a fte'rtijbiii
warded,- It is verv hCnh.M. ih.t i.. l. ' -v
. . ..r -ww-uvm.y vm-- - .
FpO the Jiil of Purke ectinty, N. C. on the 5ti
.auat a ne boy, who will himself
about 35 year, old, saya be belong to Wm.
Boylan, of Raleigh, ln this State; he saya be b
a carpenter bv trade, and was on his way u
Alabama, to aee his wife, Who was taken from
"'" bout sit or seven weeks ainee, by her, Capt, Tlios. Turner. The owner is re.
quested to com forward, prove property, nay
cfwriffs, and take him away. rl
Jfrganm, JV. C 10(A Jfiit, 1S30. ' Stl7
' 1
v .1

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