North Carolina Newspapers

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Itjsevea wise abstain frwn hw, wbijH hlwpver -wise anl goo I in theuWelvds, la l tho sotnblanco of fawfiality which fyil no lespttusj id tb heart I tlM Citizen, arid whicd) will 1m etyle t with littla remorser '
,V. I UomJ.Au of IflTiHhtinKefjemllwoi in grafting law ort Conscience. . ;. - -';""' "l1!.,. r- -r; ;.- :s ,;T , , , . - ,' - Dri Chaining.. - "
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"Woa".. Vm Dollar per . lu all oibor eu
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Ur"timt w'Wrt ike yat. Tfo faprf will
iliwnmnnued 'vnttl all Arrraraernrt
MeM.inlrn at the filitdr'i dim-rttwn.
X bicrttion wilt be rccciced for a h$$
ttfit than - . . - ' .-.
v A fulhirt to noti fy the hiiitor oj a imJl
Ii ditcontinuf, one'moiilfi before the ijipi,
dtiutofaiKif, will bn oonu&trtd at a
tuv fgagr mtnl. . r '
Ami virion procuring ti iolcenttuh.
icribrrf to the Carolinian, skull Kate a
tcurnth pnprr gruti.
AiUtrimng at the uml mtr.
Alt Utter aMrrri to the Editor
fnvi bf porf paid of' they will not bv'at.
fyniul to.
T TIicjo tcrnw will bo slrictly aJ
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JBK 1 II... - '
proved by hnt anfl' rinrtinncd "1nrCrt
passfit at the ftnrfmwn of the
Tumty-ticcpnd. Congress .
If ACV (r lterii, time of tiotdlnjf thf
iMTict Court of the United State! for t1t
C.iiii.l of Indiana. ...
.llZhe'U. .tmcted .htf lh Stnnie and
Ilnuscaf Representatives oj the I lu
ted $tati of America in Congress
' tntmUid, Thut the District Court u the
United StutM for the District of Inlianif
Jl!wlLl.hcaflt holdon tn Hie Im Moo;
iivi of May aiiJ Nmremlwr, j eah
year, instead of tins firet Munduys of ai4
pKHitlis, u ii uow required by law.
' llmt a!! frreedinis of a Civil or wiaiiiml
la'iin-; now nding in, or returiiablo to,
laid Court, ahull U proeewUsd in by eaid
Court n the mme manner as if no aliera
tjoo of thft llme.A for Bujdiug said Court
bad taken place.
Speaker of tne TTotie uf Kerrnt niniivea.
VittJresidcj.ti fi' s taitrd Sia;tand
' frfii.I:i' i fihf Sfnale., '
AVprowiU.'9. 4li
4t ACT ftif (ftvii- j effect to a eo.nmercial ar
"ra: nirnt between the t'uitVd Stttf and t'"
' (tei tiLl.c Colombia I
l!ou.x ol Reijreseixi alms ttf the
ivcmbUil. 1 lint vessels ol tin Republic ot
AN ACTbir tl iii(rtiimrnt of -ItefTacff.
lativtr Bijoux (lie aevcral Haiel, Iceorduy
to ttie fillii cri, ... .
lie'U' enacted '"hifVieSenrtie ami
hut.-, o f heitrcscnt itices of the Un
itrd states of America, in Conri sx
aewmw-d, lliltlfroiii ond after ilm tliird
day of March, one tliomand fiylit hundred
mid tlfirty tli-R0, tlm IJ.u-") ol Kt-prem-n
l itives hIiuII be compound of mcmljrf,
elect''d iircL'iib'y to n ralm ototio rt-prc
aefitalivo for every forty .iteven lliousaud
mul seven htiiulred persons in each Stare,
couiputod according to tho rill" pr;feribcd
hv the CoriHtiliiiMin (, the '(Inilfid ritafs,
(hut is to anv, wilhii tlio Stnlo of Maine,
ei''hl : within die Slato of New llamn
liire, five ; h illiin tli(? Statp of .MaMsarhu-
wttn, twdve ; within the Slate of Connec
ticiit,si ; -within the Stato of Vermont,
five : within the Slutit of Nsw York, forty;
within the htiilf; ( cw, Jc&y, w ; with
in th Stale f Peiinsylvaiiia, twenty oiphl;
within the St;ile (.f D-deware, one; within
the State of Maryland, fiijht ; within the
Slato of Virginia, twenty one j within the
Slate of ortli ('arirfiiiu thirteen ;i within
tho Stafo of S.iiilh Carolina, uino ; Within
tho 8tje ( Hn'orgia, nine; within the
Slato of Kentucky, thirteen; within tho
Staid of Tcnnc&we, thirteen; within tho
Stale iff Ohio, niueteen whIhiv- the State
of Indiana, sevenT; within the State of
Minsinsippi, two; within tho state of Illi
iinin, tlireo ; within the State of LouUian,
three j withiu tliitStuto of Miuri, two
ifii withiu tJie, .Sluic-ot AUlama five- - -
Airotd, May 22, 1812.
eighl1ii1riiJrTaSnTMrly-onf, by which
timiwn ((riinied to imT rerrilory for the
pnrpiwte of ruiainit a juhJ fir the emcfion
'43. Wfnr. wuldmi at Littln. Rm k, 4
eat of Ujvejiiment ofaaid TcrrjffiyLL
Pec. 2. ilid be irfuririer ewtM,
That hofliln herein, coutuioed ahull bn so
the part of (tie Lniteil States for aeUfettng
nid lurid, or bnildiiie said houne'. other
than the nfjrewid grunt often sections of
the unappropriated public lumlv
Ai'pronl J ' 4.
tiijn, nnd ty bun paivnl to tlio proper . Be-
AM ACT lo fpf litiaift and pi"K
ei-rlirf e'aifit id tlir ttnte bf Virginia.
Be it enacted by the Semite and llounr
of ReprriHitta'ivtt of th' Unitvd States of
America tn Lougrttti auemblcl, I hut the
proper aacountii!; officer of the Traasitry
do liquidate and pay the acconnts of the
Commonwealth of Virginia against the
United 8tatentor payments to t lie office n
commiindin;' in the Virginia line in the
war of tlio revolution, on account of hall
pay for life promised the officers aforeim
by that Commonwealth, the sum of oim
hundred au! thirty nine thounn 1 five
hmidred and forty threo dollars and sixty
nit rent!).
Sec 2 ,1iid be it farther cnJcd,
rhutthe SeCrelaryoJ the .Treasury bo
aii'IUe Iherbv,;feqiiired and directed U
pay to tho State of V trginia tho amount of
th6 judgment wJuch havo been rendereil
against the said State, f r and on account
of liu. .promiso contained in an art panwd
by the Oaueril Assembly ol the State ol
v irgioia in inc monin oi .nay, ah no ioin
ini one tnousanrl seven hundred and seven
tv-ninc, and in favour of the othc'Uj s or re
C4tM&o? ouwftsof tlwf-TintirylHfwftMiit
Rr aettwmeHl! andill letters iiul packa
ires Ki ami rmm tho saul eomiiiiwuoiier,
t'Kichiug l WmC9 of bis oifictf, shall be
frea of hostage ' Z:X"
$t.c : Jinn bill farther rnftcrm.
That nl ardent apirita sliall bo hereafter
inaian country. - ,
5. Tid he it further enacted,
rhat th Secretary of Var shall, nnditr th'
direction el the President, causo to bn ilia-
continued, tho services of such agents, sub-
agents, mlorprcleri', and mechanics, a
may, from lime to timci Bei'oiiio rtnnerei-
srtry. in cohsequenco of tho emigration of
the Indian, or other rnuje.i.
AS ACT to ulttr the lime of holding the Die
tritt Court of lla- United Statu for the wt
Ifrndiit icl ol Loutaiana.
-UcU tnm'k-d-by-ikt- Scwtt nnd
House e kvprctcntatitet Of the Vni
ted q States of Jnurica in Congress
assembled. That the District Cuua;V . ot tlo
rt-: ". . i- . .
i niiuii states ior tlio weiero uwirici i
Loiliniann. shall bo hereafter holden on
thesecoiul Mondiy of Jl'ne, in each year,
instead of the third Monday of August, a
unow required by law.
Sec. u. And be it farther enacted
That all proceedings of a civil or criminal
nature now pending in, or returnable to,
said Court, shall bo proceeded in by the
said Lou rl. in the same manner as it no
alteration . pf tho. Jimo for holding said
Court had; taken place.- r
A.N ACt' w illiorismiKr rewt' rt tus t.-
rfllce from Mount Sahlt In the' 6u V of M-
I'irtpi, and to remove the taal ORkr from
1 Funklin to Fivette, in State of Miw niri.
df'RcDnsentcttives of the Iniled
m"2iJ!'Z. : ' V.':'-""-rr of America, in - Congress ns
ar,u,h,a, anTflieir :'"r Mr-UaA -ffietml -Mount
y$.VM-and he aaSplacit in Iho TSSi tHhd
lpnyuQ greater dut.rsM importtio. , fiA of tha United
V.C. 1. 'A id be if fitrth'rr tnnete-l. I Secrolary of .thn Treasury the Wiemrt
TlMtho"Trrtary of War te7fitrrhir U 1 cmtertrreTiap 'Ifrnwrw-rWeiiulf-o'TrTr?
AN ACT t( eiiaWe ,Jt frctilcii( to es:iin;.iwi'
Induii liltc within tl '8''r of InJiaiii,
l oii, and Teiriloiy f Michij: hi.
He it enrirted by the Scnnicni
Ihnxeof Representative of the Uni
ted shies of .'hnertca in Cunreux
ant-mbltd, That the. s'im of twenty thou
sand' dollars be, and the Mine is herebv
opp' priated, for tho "purpose oi holding
Indian treaties, and of li.t t'ly extiih-iiiHlniig
Indian title, within tho Slate oflmliuna,
and so much oftho lands of the IVtuwali
tniea as lie in tho State oflilmoi and i'or-
ritory of Michigan.
Approve,), July 9, .
AN AC T to extend the period'' wini.ii th
charter of the ProviJjut Aiociailoa of
("""Clerki am limited.
He it tn-'Cted btHhe Senate an -l
FfoHie of Represent! tires if the t'ni
ted st ilia if America in Conxrcss
hereby, aiithorizoiJ and directed to caUwe ;
any un-titisfied r liutiis of J Jin if.- Flow,
er, Nithalas I,Uer,.Vilhaif Drew, and
Josoh " U.xlgcra, ClKiMkeo- Iailiana. for
ocHot by themV rcf"clTvly, by iiHlia
,,i"ilt!l!llil'l!.,''LXXitias oX JlialLitc4 ,
S(aiei, iii tho yuan one thousartd eigltjl
hmidred and twoutv eiht. and otie thou
snl eight iniiidred aiui twonlyoiine, in the
1 erntory ttv Arkarwas, coded .to tho United
Mate by iheCherokcejnlic pi Indian, In
tho month of Mayk one thousand eight
hundred and twenty eight, to bo settled
ami paid in the name manner as ir such
filiation had been commitlod before- the
cesiiai 'f the said Territory, on the prin
ciples iT tle act ol L'jngrew, approved
March tliirtielli, one thoiund eight hun
(I red and two, entitled " An act to regulate
tmdo and inlernour.te with tbo Indian
Irinen, anil to prenervo peace on tho fron
tier ;" and that the Secretary of War
bo di reeled to eiil;uVor to uncertain the
names of the persona who commilted tho
depredations upon the property of said In
di.lns, mid take suitable steps for tho pro
secutioti atod punishment of tiieli person ;
nntlal.o. fir tho recovery of the vahw of
Hie property plundered or uttitroyed by
Sec. 3. Ai l be it fattier enacted, That
tliu .iid sains l) paid out of any money in
tho 1 rcasury iK't otherwiM appropriated.
Appiovcd, July U,
MJ .i... -.t r
nrpMil!ittpii ill (iMhrpr ni tlu T4.triuiAihll . i--- r. .
i.. . " , . i Co on the fill cent h Jav of ruhrnarv. eiah-
t-'en h-jiidred and nineteen, entitled " An
act to inc-orporate- the Provident : AssVfcia.
tion ot Clei Its in tho Civil Department ol
tho United States, in tho Dibtrict of Col
umbia,'" and.." Anttctaiiviidatoryff the
act sntitlod An act to incorjVfrato the
Provident Association of Clerks iu the Civ
il Department of tho Government .oL jlje
biu.'t approved the third day of March,
eighteen, hundred and twenty-five, idiall
continue ill force until Cougresp, shall a
mend, alter, or annul the same.
nproviJ, Jul' 9 iK3
and corps herein.iflor recited, and not ex
ceeding, in the wholo, the sum of two hun
dred and forty.ooe thousand three haadred
nd forty five dollars, to wit :
t irst. I o the officers, or their legal re-
prrsentftteves, -of the regiment comniunded
by tho lato Colonel Ueorje titbsonl the a-
mount of the judgments which thev have
obtained,' and which are no unsatisfied,
oecuiio. i o inc uiu' tis, or uicir tuui
representatives, oftho regiineut denomin
ated the second State regiment, command
ed, at times, by Colmiel H rent and Dab-
ney, the amount of the iu.lgnvNits which
they havo obtained, and which aro now
Third. To the officep, or their legal
representatives, ol the regiment of til
ouel Clark and Crocket;, and Captain
Cviiers's troop of cavalry, who were era-
ployed ia the Illinois service, the- amount
ofihepdgmfirrrTwhich they bavii lobtaiue
and which are now unsatisfcw.
Fourth. To the officers, or their legal
representatives, rvuig ia ilia gioHffi
State artillery commanded by the late Col
otiel Marshall, auJ those serving in the
State "-arrison reginvwit coinniandej by
CokiieliIuifir:.ani.atr ingjn. ihc-JJiaifi-fhq-Tn-tjf tww -todwHhTwaaittl ihllars
C.( inaking ppr; ior a cu.ioi
huau in the city of New Yviik, and for other
Be it exacted bj the Sentte and
Kn AO " eiieiutnif; tu'iticr I lie right of d ben
lure to the port of. Key We, ad wlterin
the limits of Ihf tlirict of K'V Went.
lie it enacted by, the Senate and
fed ' States of A.nerica in Congress
assembled, T a', all tihip or vessels
4 anrl -rnerchandnP', arriving in the Liiited
Slates; from and after the first day -f Au
gust nett, from, the Capo of Good Hope",
or lYem anv place ley net lsmfrlraH
be admitted to mak? entry u! the port of
entry of Key West.
. Fee..;,?. Jlad- bs d, farther enacted
That, liereafter, all the port, harbors,
shores, and waters, of 1' at part of Florida
extending from India ru'"r Tumpa liny
and of the isl.lnds oppoiito and ' neardut
thereto, be, and the samo ore hereby, an
ncxed to, and shall forma part ot, the col
lection district of Key West.
Sfc 3. And be it f miner enacted
Thnt the proviso of the third section of the
act of tho seventh offllayione thousaiHt
mployea arauthonara yy tm eirjpjo.ven i r -the
purpoana oi the rcVeuueahwiUl'-b
wlficient. joiid jo.llie eaecuttta J tha
nnarsntine and health laws of any ptaia, of t.
tne regulations made rmnuant thereto, tha
widticcratary aay-wias4 be mplye4 --
mtrh additional revenue boats and revenue
ojnVeraas ho may deem necessary foxlhat j .
pUrtioM, the said revenue boats to do ei
aiicn sizo and description- he may ae
proper. This act to con t nine in I'frce ui
til the. fourth of March, one thousand uijrs
hundred and tbirty-tbiee.
Vprovt-d.Jaiv 13. t
An ACT to eiiend tb nine ol ulns; 'nvf
Land V arraii to fii jers and soldiers of tba
R-volu ioiar A' if...
tie it enacted by the Senate and
Hwie of Reprcscnt'tticft of the t'ni
ted S ntes of Ainericn iu Consrett
aniKmbled, That tho time allowed for is
suing military land warrants to the olfieer)
and soldiers of (he revolutionary army
shall bo extended to the first day of Janu
ry eighteen hundred ami tlti-ly five,
Kaoi 2. And be tifurlfifr ' tiflrBt -That
the further quantity of tbfPirlratT
dred thousaml acre of laud -be,' and lh
same is hereby appropria.ted, la addition
to the quantity heretofore appropriated, by
tho a:t entitled ' An act tor the relief T
certain officers and soidiers of ihe Virginia
line and navy and of t he cMitmenlal army
during the revolutionary war," approved
the thirtieth of May, eighteen hundred and
and thirty, which said appropriation shall
be applied in the mannner provided by tha
said act to the itnsatiHhed warrant wnicn
barn beer) or mav be "issued as therein
reeled to the ouJcera and ; aoluWa and- -
others as descriM in tho first, filth, and
BwVenth socliont of said act 1
fr eV 3 And be it further enacted,
That the last paragraph of the first sec
tion of the said act which authontes tna
issuing of. warrants upon an affiJavit thai
tho original was bst, and upoti the pre-
duction of an ofliei..! copy thercot, snail ;
be, and Ihe same is hereby, njfiW.....,;,,.
Api-ruvrd. July U-.iaJ3..
struct''.! thereon to bo ud as a custom
htuv in the port of New York ; and that
anchorage, tonnage, or any other kind,
than are now, or here niter may be, levied
iia the vessels of tho United States. "
Sec a. And be it further enicte t,
:-TUat the restridiori of coming ttirel-t Iro-tn
" a port in Coronibia", cbntalncsl in thepro
reding section, shall be tnkoji olr, as soon
ailJie President hal receive aatwfactory
tviJcpce, that alike-restriction is, takeu nff
" from vessels of the Uiiited- Stares in tlio
'ports ol tlio .ltepublie of Colombia, and
atia'f muta known the sHiiieiy hiprocla
Oatii) declaring the fact.
,. Ere 3. And be it further enacted.
That if thft President ottho United State
shall at any time rcccjvo satisfactory in
formation that the privileges allowed or
lliich may bo allowed to tAmoricnn ves
i! and their carsoes in the ports of Co-
. Imtibia, corjesponding with those, exten-
nod, or tii .be estenduj by this act, to l-o.
.Tiimhinn vessels and flicir cargoes in tho
. Purts of tlio United States,-hava been re- J
edaiinuTIc'iiT-Jie .hereby juitbor
- lvl. by prorinmnrirm, tn intpin ;
- strwrof enhcr or vXb of ttio prdvlglis of!
this act. as the case mat be, and Id with.
hold any or all the privilege allowed, or
-t bo aUowed, to VoVnubian vesslOT
their cargoes.
Arpnnd, May 19; 1S.12.
- 1 1 f .
f C? MM Oft' td eftrMwa
of iVit rtiles and regulniuas of the Sv
.service. A ,
lie it enacted hj the Senate and
House of RinresentativJS of tke Uni
,,f4Tnrt1hefretlerir ofthe Cut
ted States be, and he is hereby, autltoriaed
teeonttitate a board bf Naval ofjicera' to
boj coBtposed of the Naval Commissioners
il two rW Csntains la meet nt the Seat
f Government, whose duty it shall be,
with the aid and assistance of' the Attor-
cy General, carefully "to revise ana en
State may in hi opinion any ro
inuvtil be iieeussary and that the Land
Olfico at Franklin, in the county of How
aru, Slate f -MtsTart;-8luill -be" removetf
to.aiKl locateil in, the town of Favette in
said cotmtrv : and it shall be the duty of
y;e.JlegilervSJid tho lloccivers ot puw.
inoncy fr said Laud Oificea within sixty
days, frorh'nnJ after r "fhe 'jssagav,SriRis'
act, to remove Ihe books, records, and
whatever ehr Wongs to said offices, to
their respective places of location a here
in provided for., .
Approved. May ?2, 1S32.
AN ACT autlnwisisc-h Seere'ary of ihe
Treaaury to permit a wharf to b built uer
the tite of the tight bouse, on Stratford point.
In Ihe State of Connecticut,
Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of ItcpmenlaiiM oflhe tTtil-
ted States of America in.jiicas
msmbleJrTfttfiw Secretary of the
Treasury ia herebv authorized to permit a
wharlla ha bOut-near the UW the light
house, on Stratford point in the Stato of
Connecticut, and to grant the use of such
land tclonnini! to the United States ai
-may boTequired for that purpose V Pro
tided. The use ol Mien wnart enoit con
tiiuie only, so Jong as, in tha opinion of tha
Swretiv of the TreasurTi it does not in
terfero with Iheiuterrste of the United
Stales :: " -
Approved. June 35, 18W.
cavalry commanded bv Major Nelson, the
amount of th- juguvnts which they have
Joined, and which are now unwMibfwiv
'Fifth. To the oificers, or their legal
reffeseotarveiv, who enrveif in the navy if j
Virginia durinj? the w'lr of tHsTrevolutioit, ,
ho uniwut of thy J i L'ineiil which tney
,iavo ,'jtumed, a:U ivlucu ait) uovv uiumu-
fied. . . -
See. 3. And be it further ennctedttin
the Secretary of the Treasury Ijc, ahrl he
is hereby directed and required, to adjust
and sctlle thoso claims for half pay of the
officer. f..-thAafoweiM4 .fegtrftlrrti vnd
corps, which have not been paid or prose-j
rtTteTto'3j of
Virginia, and for Which" sahl Wtate would
bo bound on the principles of tho half pay
cases already decided in tno iiiprouie
Court of Apeulsof said Stale; which se
veral sums of money herein directed to be
settled orpoid shall be paid out erf any mo
ney iu tho Treasury not otherwise appro
priated by law.
Approve", July S, lJJ.
. . ..... .....i
Ihuse of Representatives oflhe Uni- f.3py
as-ienbled, Tliat the Secretary of the Trea
sury ahull be, and he i hereby authorized
and slireuted, with the approbation "f tjte
ffCTt'iilof the Uuited SIhIps, to purchase
a site, and to a building to boon-
the port of Key West,- together with a:
such.othcr parts of said act a aro incim
siatent with the provisions of Jlw presout
act. '
i a
he, aiiJ t!ie same 1 hereby appropriated,
V if a iv money in tUeTreasurv not oth-
rriS3 npwrripriatea, n tie appuoa loine
j)urwse aforesaid.---i. .
Sfc '2 : And be-it further tntctcU
That fortheiinprovement ofCustorrt hnu.'e
squares at the port of New Haven, in Hid
State of Connecticut, nine hundred dol
lars be, and the mime is liercby'nppropriut-
od to be extended rmder the direction of
the Secretary of thoTreasury, provided the
same ahull by him be deemed exjiedient
to be nuid out of any money in the 't rei
"iiryTMit otherwise appropriated.
-srtc, 3. Ani be ft fmhef enacted
Tliat the following "sums bo appropriated,
out of any moneys iii the Treasury not
otherwise appropriated,, lor ,tti nirpose
hereiiiafter nientioood, via I lor the erec
tion or Durcliase of a Custom house and
public store at the- port of Middleton, five
thousand dollars for the erection or pur
clnise of a custom-house and public store
at the port of New London, five thousand
dollars; for the purchase of a lotj and tins
erection of a cttstoni-honse and puUie stnre-1
at the-por 'srf .NwlWfor4i-iteei thfn
saad dd ersr-and -for: the purchase ot a
custom house at tha port of Kerinebuna
sixte;R'buielred sIollHrs for own
An ACT authorising H.e entry ..i ..
merchandise arriving from tlie Cipe i-f tiod
"TTope7oT lryrTiil tlir ssitifPaTTLc purrol
- Bdnrlowfl, ia Mitwhosfs.-
lie it- enacted by the fennfc and
An ACT anth.insmg the Secretary vf r ta
' pny to the Seneca iribe of Indiana, h bai
nee ol an annuity, of I ttinii.inid doliaifc,
ii'iul'y pa.d to said liMia'ia, and rmMties;
tiTtpaid the yi-aron tboutabd i'gh: hua.
dr d and twenty nine.
Ve it enacted by the Senate and
Houteof. RmeicnlafuHlqfttertii
teil States !"qf 'America in ( ongms at
tembled, That the Secretary of War ba
authorixed to pay to 'tla, Srijoca., .
Indiahf. lhe siim. of Iwji JhotLsahd six liua-
dred and frtrP'f
out bf any money in the Treasury not oth
erwise appropriated, that feeing the lailancft
due on th annuity payable to said Indians
for the vear one thousand eight hundrhd
and iwentjineV1
A;!pruv.d, J .iy 13.-1831 ''
-ih VrHr '
-Be UnatUA to'-lAFSaiale audi
House of renirscvtat'vet of thelfff
- m t A 71: l"h -'?';" -,.".1' "T.l
oca tn. unless
Mapiftr., That from and ;MlLnl
Xt lirijailx3 IF. I' irvll lis Xliv IW4" meiw
of August next, all teasel or mrehandis,
arriving in the United rtates from the
Cape of Good Hope, or from any fdaee
beyond the nme rnnT-he-CTtercrt arthe
- m. m, .' -I
port of hdgnrtnwn, in ifla&saouusetts.
. Auprwtsu, July 1.1. iXJi..
.... . , i . .
AN ACT 'to authorise ihe Governor of ihe tt r
riW' vi m saaiiBMsj nu wwmw .
land, crn,ted to faitt Territory for the pur
few of boildlTiltegtaTaitiv i bouse" for a 3
Tcrriory, and for other purpese.
Be it enacted by the Senate end ltou
of Ucpresentah rrv of tht UmlQ State
of Anuriearin Congee atntmblcd. That
-.. .1 -. - . i i. i i...
&j urn aumoruy ana power nensoy ?
. , . i ' .1.1 i nc .1..
hirae the rtile end reffulations fforeruinff lied in, nd given to the Governor" of the
" h naval servye, with thjfr view fe adapt Territory "6r-AljT"ar vested
"them to the.rM-senl and Ctture exigencies -in, and given ta,the Legislature of theTer
: f thisinano'rtnnt arm of national defence. torvb4 Arkansas, by a:aef Congress
'talea ajii rejukuiuraa .'t'-t'af,t.togod $ ftfarcb, no thousand
IN ACT to provide for the appointment Jf a
, rjnrnrniMiouerf lndiaa Aflir, and for. ethsr.
nirrpoiet. -
lie tt entered f ii the' Senate and House
t nrnrfmtnfntinn nf the ifjuidd JStaU ofl
PreVuTeiit 8hairaj.pinTrb
vice and consent of the Senate, a CommJe-L AuPf?vta, jmy tJ,
siooerof Indian AlTsirs, who thall, under
the; direction of the Secretary of War, ami
aoreeably to such regulations astha Pres
ident may, from time to timr jrrescribe,
have tho direction and management of all
out ol Indian relations, and shall receive a
salary of three thousand dollars per an-
- ccr 2. And be it farther tnaeted.
or appoint to the said oflice tho number
of c crks necessarv theretor, so a notour
crease the numbcr ftow employed and
such sum as is necessary to pay the salary
of said commissioner for the year one
thousand eight t hundred and- thirty two,
sliall be, and the same hereby is appro
priated out of any mtMiey in the Treasury.
' -j?tc. -i-jAd'ibe. $!itfet:tycle&
ThatltllTaccounts and vouchers f ir "claims
and disbursements connoted with" twliaa
aSatrs, sliall be transmitted to the said
commissioner for admiuutraUve cjQUVt.
ted Stntes on vessels owned wholly by suo-
jectsofflain,fiirilrlfr fn-tn a port iri Spain,
tlian shalh by tlt Sfrfttary'Tif the Trpt
sury be ascertaiiied to have been pn'id oh
AmeHcan Vessels in the ports of Spain
previous to the twentieth October, or
thousand einht hundred and octenteett. --7
That vessels owned wholly by Spainish
ll . r.n,,l,f.V r(A f Fnt.suuieriifi coiiiuik ""J
ll(ftlr, bi .rj;iri m'mii J vj ,.n. k- I , ..,..1. 1 i. i
ipA.StiM nf America' in Cnhftrns 01 JPI"1,'e"Mru -or..,oucn"
An ACf eonerf oiiif; lUc kauing of patients te
a'ier. f(riicfuyicoveies aodinveslioifa. j
at anythct port or place, shall pay, in
the ports of the United States, the aamo
rate of duty en tonnage that shall be lev
ied on American yessols In the Spanish
colonial jjort" from ' whence such 8ranUh
vessel shall have hurt departed; the said
amount to be ascertained by the SecratarV
of the Treasury, who iaherebyauthorized,
from time to time, to rirodirectioiw to th
'qm&ttt tli custom of the United Statesi
AN ACT to carry lot 5' effect eertaia Indian
.' ' treaties.
Btiii enacted by th'. $aiie and
House of Rentesentativet of the Uni
ted SlnieB of"AncJierU Ciingrtt
That th suns of one hundred
and fifty-seven thousand huitdreaand
rtinety four dollars be, and tha samo is he.
r. by, arrprtipriatedj in addition to the bal
nce remirimng nnCTpended in the Tfeasuv
rv, already apriropriated to defray the ea
.)!j4raaspotSjg;aaia subsisUng autll
portions of tha various tritfcs oi inuiam as
Irave herotofore emigrated wesri oftho Mit-.
jiiippi',.oras may emigrate during tha pre
sent year, in conformity with tha provie
inns of various treaties entered into with
(hem j For the payment of the accounr of
Joha urew,aWBereo aaiaut urOT iiiuu
sand four hundred and thirty -five dollars
and thirteen cents. - For the paymeut of
Jidin W. Flowers, Chcrokca Indian," live
, huudrod doUartv -
atnembled, That the privileges granted to
tho aliens described in the first section of
the act, to extend the privilege of obtain
ing pafenti for uscfdLdiscoverjcs and, in
veutions to certain persons therein men
tioned, and id enlarge and define the pen
alties for violating the rights of patentees,'
approved April setenteeifthaigh'een hun
dred "t be extended, in" like lnanW "15'
- t rrtiK!iS;Si 'OniCOT'M me Ctwomt m i w
I- -- . . wjoti, ygJH!Pg" V ' Am.nciot
izeo tuerajt t reooia, a un wry
timt granted by,tirttM m this set and the
privileges thereto appertaining, shall cease
anil deferrable and becorrio absoluroly void
without resort to any legal process to an.
nit! or cancel tljo same la case of a failure
9te. i. And be it further enactiat
That whenever tha President ehallHeeat
tufted thai (h discriminating or counter.'
vailing duti of tonnage levied by anj
forenm nation on the snips or tesneia ot
r- ...... . .
on the" uarl ofinv patentee for the Strtco of tba United States, shall have been fboliso-
Oflineiranui. i K t - I . . the tonnri datw
irom Hie lS-SUllllI iuei o imiu im uqiiiaj,
dW imo pifbliduse in tlie United Stales
th invention or improvement tt which
ih ient shall be issued ; or in case, the
same (at any period of ait mon'hs after
suCh- irtrniluotioft sMti not csinue- io-e
pnbHcly used and applied m the United
Htntm' or in cas of fuiidrr trr becoffiff t
tfitiwri oth UnrWHJ States, agreeably to
on fb vesMtls of such nation i nhall cease td
bo levied in the ports of the Unite States;
and cause any duties ol thai may
havo been levied en the tessela of such
foreign nartwmbser
of its diseriminating dujios of tonnage to b
reftrndedr ! ,
" ... - . .."".i " alii . ' -T ""V--' Ja-i'.;
'Pre ::And be 11 fmvw-tnamtt.
notice eiven at th earliest period within j fhnt the' second and third sections of this
. .i.:.i-J - l t. . .- j t . j .
whioh he shall be erititlod to become a
citizen of tho United States.
Anproved, July 13. l3?. -. - . ;'; ; '
An ACT- toenfntre Quarantine tga'!i0.
Bef etfnctM by"UeSendie and
tlouie offjlepresentatives of ike Uni
ted St afa of America inSonprrss
atxmhlci, That U ia. ih opiaioa tf the
act shall bd in fbrce and takeelTeet fruta
and after the first day of January next, f
Approved. Ju'tr UtM, 131 ' -
' " ' '-J : v'V '"-. '
'4.- I
' 1
.V '
4 -:

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