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,1 lit UTO.N CUAIGE.
" jnAlUhcd we a .trcek jit two dollar$ per
dolurt anJpjtf eenii, tfptud at any c'k.
ir time within the war. JVti 'ancr jriZ
ffmuhtcriji'h will be rtmtedfira len
1 X tt' re f o to i ifAe if tTo'ii1' " a inK
4xJiSfionSiauea3Jttdkbcfft tint frra-
Vot of a ymr, will be
at a
nc engagement. :
termer (f ts C.imH!jaa, ,a(. Aarc a
jreculh pnprr gratis.
Jvorlisiii at ihri unl' raton.
AJ if .Vers a Idrcitcd to the Eliior mtst
ji ? post paid or they will not be aitcrukd
dtT; 'rheso tcrme will be strictly adhcr-
From the DuiuHr of the Comiitulion.
"T k-lTIhis.Journul, of tho it
Ui IlV ny'i .-) r -y (uinuin,ij trry Ou.i ( 73
- of tw Tar..TUojventitn beld in New i ork
nt!ie 25th Oaoher, 1SU1 The incmo
jrial presented ia, CongreMS Juring its last
lessioii. on tho part of the same Convcn-
"!lllV.r,iiatkri repubTislierrand circulated
ih the July .Nuuibcroltho rtonh Amer
icu i Review occupying 49 pag-' I' is
...jiitand by Alexander Everett, Esi, and is
u ffriitoo whh ability, with excetlcut " tern
Ur, and with ereat frukne?, and, we
w.rti!.! say, sets Mrth.tnd lartcied Irlesjiq
eiut if viow as they: aro susceptiWo d",
airJ supports them powerful arpti
IH" il ss it ispmiilila te44u4e. Utrt-tt
Ceverlhek'w, replete with erroneous as-
umKios with fitlse coneliHKm and with
imjim.l doctrines, as will be apparent to
awp"4itrcai economist wta may peruse
it ; hut, these beinx put fir,h, as we cer-
- -tandy think-; wit t wacwc r liiest
iief in their correctness nrtH'xloxy,
caeyare entitle J to bo exairiAwi with can
ior sod courtesy. Our limits will not si
- Jew us toeittcr into minute wit ion
of ill the points io; which we dirl'er from
.the writer j and we shall, thnretore, cmiflne
ursolvestoa few of the most prominent,
'tm.ngst thenv . .
And first, it is obsemhlev that, to ono
rtpitat error of dK:triiies iny oe i ayibod
Jciptor of. econoTTiWl science, whir h" is dis--.
tbyed throughout rlho 1 Memorial It re-
ttiuU ono of steam poisoiied at its source,?
Trom which proceed oil tho deleterious cl
- jfoets that are etpertertced throughout the
imo dnetrine true, we admit, at Once, than
Ml rle concliisioiis drawn ffcom it would
li bu txua and honco wo cmsider it ot
parirawit inrportance that " its" unsound-
nil' h..jj. i ' i .
I t ire uuvmnc uu jbu 10 is, inai incro ex
of 'dprmana capital ijnd
laVw, which, "without tho stimuliis of
Protective Tariff, would remain totally
Idle and unproductive : and thut, conj.
,ieo uy mat stimulus are to muoh clnar
gain to tlie country, in addition to all that
eouu possibly gain mjer system of I
jitb iradc; If proposition were
true, there could not then be any doubt of
nJrroihing would be clearer, than that,
Ue tiirhtcr the restrict iil.'l. ami thn irrralnr
UieoxtBtit of tho articles t which it was
Pi-ibJ, the treuter the. benefit.
We hardly know how to go to work to
tf'H'MejwcU a; projwiiitioivilia- Ailhiey of
""wit appears u ui bo ss selfovidenl
at its soun tiioss appears to bit to
fbiltetj.' Jtut, let us ak, what
UUL tnore exstj.ttiat tt.vt tho Restrictive
-tettt not been tinrtKlitccd fnt'o fhis'iMun-
try, there would ksva been. iany dormant
Mjfltal .'Ojes.. nay body rucollect the
n? wlnn an-41 llsjikor cauOalisi wh lxxi
Jnuny to" lend, couTJ not baJ borrowers to
uie full am unit of their capital", at six per
pBm ll If . to it oulJ only hare been
laio --citictjwhere tho M jilueo of hi.
e'g capital w felt, in tho cont;etiton of
to maiicct.- In tho country, and'especial
JTJB tho oowitry, mull a ttiini as
a unemployed cipilni was never at tnv
tllTIO htinrit iS and it ia -
W no ptrio 1 havo tho wecrn roojilo fiMini
- ws3iryta solicit Coiiiisi'CalJ io;
;iiahle tlwtta spi ihaorJiiuryfruliUof
"thrpSrl.iJ'wlioVany coiisilorabie number
,.Hpp ewld nx obtain ;ompJ yntTOt, if
vuoj wero liiJastrioiuawtwillinj ta lab.r
-Ult Ic r.ilu ml. urUIW frsM 1 mi rt.Mi
-.iMuad in oinor onuen wm inter
o, at times, with tho resident laborers)
, p werlookiiis tho labor market, there
, wserV 4tlimr, a temporary - want of
T'iymenWllo.actioos from over tra
or overbankjng, also, in largo ati,
castooally dUurb the re jularity of env
"ymeof, nut, only
leave thCMrreat
upon tho vdy politic, la t$i tfitiea,
f into Dm interior, wlmn. a tis!tli
4 weft balance, J stato of eopety jjtt
It U even wist to abstain from lain, which howsver wiso anl
1 10 Wisdom nTlnvia U -S....Mu. .. : ; hi. . t
' - . '
nnJ tattling' is, or ever UM bofin,-there
licard of a want ofinploymeiit. Upon
thi' wiljcct; we pcSk with onn knuwl
w's?. lba ikcUJiVo Uavo. Iwico vtMted
tlit State of ()!io and re hae never mot
with a inaa who bm evor entertaim-d uhv
inner uiiiuuu iimu nun i;ie uumnnu lor Ih
alvray hat been, a most tuJimiK-A
alvray hat been, utmost Uidimitcd.. No
ono will certainly vetituro to nrt that
me uuiiLuiiy oi prot-unn cni)inynv)it, in
the W Klera cimutry, iuducej - htltabtlmrts
to Apply to CwgrDsi for rcstrielivo law.
StipKsitig, however, thone portion to le
diip'jted, thyre i, at oil eVeuti,.on.a goact-
principle, which musf Imj acknowledged
to bo sound an'l'indioputable by every one
who ciosciy examines it. It w.t hat there
can bp ho such thing as dormant capital.
Capital, according to the proportion whicTi
exists .between the supply and the ..demand,
may be dear or cheap, high or low, hut it
CiUmfct bo Jofiuiutl.- It mey be wortlrTcii
er centum, eight per fccntum,. six five,
Four, or three per centum,' but in iio coun
try has it ever yet VerwilSduTdihT;ind.
Ii'.t. ' t . it,,... . i
ii mo capiwi actually exwtinr in tliHeobo
iiv uumon oi ciortnanr. A lie eonn-
tj'jeimo mignt ue that i value Would be di
tnutisacd that i, t!mt tho ralo d interest
Uemmidvd lr its ue miiiht Iwlowercd lo
nr. mrnv rntipin i ii...
to such an abundance lliat any portion of it
should lie dormant that "is. oe without
. -, -v --r.-.-,.-, l..,,,,,
WW" ent ofcapittl asthat
tno lure 91 it should be worth nothin :
i .i .... . i n 1
aim uiose who uuiilt otherwise do so be
cause they think it-h6.sibIo thai' A's cap-
Ital WlfoTTonT!sm
employed at ten per cent.:, whereas the
ruin u inai tne it tiio two
lenders inmt have tlie eiT)Ct uTacttlio,! tlio
rate of iut'ret at jive pr centum, orme
oilier" iuterlnwliate miut. Nothing is
clearer Jhaii that there cannot bo t .vo rates
ofiutert upon the sumo s-cuiitv. at the
am ir... : uuinuiM lur ilia cniiiiiu, wuiirl v
i.. .- i '.. i :i . i
can get nothing; and it may be safely con
cluded, when we hear or a mail who says
he ...caanot .employ his capVtul, that lie
means to say thut he is not willing to len l
it at the market rate that is, St tlie rate
which a tlwr open coinpelilion betwoen
borrowers aad hn-lerg Would est4bfcli."r
.Having thus 'shown,-as wc think, tliat
tbofoomiot'ba"Rnr sue th1n2 as 1 uof-"
fnahl capital. It follows, of neccsry can
setfpaBSit o
operate as a stimulus upon capital. . It
would .be, very 'stranic.indi.Med if a lUmintu
tion of tho number of branches of industry
at any tima.iijoyed by tho -capital of
country, conld increase its productiveness.
' ""'P'""-1 rate at which vnmUl wu U
loaned, at any jriodf ' depends poa tho
greater or leasur.yaricty of -employ hwoU
io-nicn -ti can peapptier. rne m i nu
merous these are, tho roaterP(V) H !Ke
deiHAnd f r 'Wpttaf j "JaW"cOTW!iJaeniWt'
greater (ho rate of iutorest which can . be
nHdined f iritr V tideV av s v sfe irl" of ren
Trade; all the branches of business which
are connected with agriculture, f ireign wj"
domestic tommereo, as well as minufact
nrea; arrr Tpeom)"com
tals. Under the Restrictive System, somo
ol them must necessarily bo closed, la
the former case, thou, capital has a more
extended market than in t(:e latter; aad.
fap4it-mi ew be wiid to-be"dormnt,j
it cw nly be unlr thar system whrch
plHGes limits upon its cmploycwnt, by pro
hibiting it from being drawa into somo om
or more of (he channels into which it would
have fl iwed if left in a state of freedom.'
Thus, prior to tho ytiar 1813. when du
tics were imposed solely with rtforenco to
levontio, t!ie tapital of tiiO Unite ! Statos
was at liberty to go into any pursuit, ex
cepting thoso Which had been necessarily
closed bylho' rie
ProioctivfrTarirf was imposedr" The effect
of this was to. -lose soma of the then exist
ing avenues to eapyment io-oainore and
agricn!tamr A turthct cloBing tof)k-place
with tba subsequent Tarilfs of 1824 and
1823 ; and, by '-tho restricting tho "range
ofwptmttftilurirair markcTmTiJI
noressaril have boon diminished. Tims,
if a dormant state can ho predicted of cap-
Restrictive, and not under a Free Trade
lVhat is tnw in relation to tapital, is
ertualfy truo In relation to " The
the lo ltMtry of a puople can bo directed,
tuo monj. exlcasive. must bo tlie ent uid
for labor. If ariciiliure, oiniinsrce, anl
trUaiifliCtiiros, b alloluea to the competi
tion ot'tlw labor mtrkeUthe ten loncy to a
dorra wit Uta f must, bo less than if
some of these branches of business are
- w.
In lh!3 country to any great extent, except
temporality. U any largo number ot per
sons cannot, at any time, obtain employ,
ment in oar large cities, it is because they
am not willinjto live in the gauntry, where
a.boundlos9 fielLis open for them, in tho
shape of a thovviH millions of tcru of
ttteant (Old. .When all this land becomes
ocenpiod, and not before, it will b time
enough to talk of dor:imnt laboYt 1'
C3,tif iimntf bf tr, it can, frnhj H bs
g 1 -i tUemrWa 'hw tU
. '-',-4i ItaVO tdO'jliiicci of
.! . -r
cause iitB&L&rpiHg ( worin . at5d
thoso who, Iwve t'mt projwurity, have no
(miins to bo suitjwrtei uiwa tho '-public
WSItjty.- :-
, llut it is tyvfajt . that tfio Committee
JJi!h tea UB. IhCLJJeowrkl
H,;. . .. . '"nowiwige
this fact; Bud, liy tlieir cndor they have
uuiraywi a were, orrpnallv let out by Mr.
Rush, whik SecretarV of" the Treasury.
wh.cti is ofva4 cons -q,,,nc"0 trt be known.
no loiiowmg is their secret, which wht
to b wntteu in capitals and iKxrtod over the
door-W vry tavern, mill, and Wa,.k.
smith shop, m tho wWo Western coun-
" Tho last advantn? which vonr iwm
orinlisu prnnsie to mention, as resultih
win me ,ctubUhment of domontic miin
ufuctures, is tii'kik zyfsxv ;s
BI0R4TION F80H TU& JEirttuaos
t.vsKf ilkd pnr or ths cocsthv. It
U true, as a general principle, tliat mano
lac t una, add to tho wsalih and population
of a country (lie whole amount of the cap.
ilajjnd alKr;o which they cive Omnlov.
hiahII I...1 "..I .! . !
nura Elates, whero lur tracts ir itcvh
uaiccupiodkud OreoBtiwmllvfar irnf
low prices, it is probable, aa your irtemo-l
riaiiKi nave, already remarked-, that some
i .... . " ""
,n0 lW .. inaiiufiirfiiri irnl.t
- , , - , - ", 'J I tit of emplownent bad not beta antetl m
.L-... . . i.i . . . r- -
r.r now, nare emigrated to lomeof
j i,dmhe,ria,ul
anj beta
When Mr. Rush's suirirestion tmbii ir
fv'ct was firm inaduvit wasnnsidered Tath 1
cr nVihemr
aumod a c!i
a groat p,irty Jt has now
laracter which constitutes it
a tin ft iiltftirr'.l iif - a.- .
w-pii i titgfiii on iim JH"rf s'OVufcni
an I we now f:-p warranted in procfuimin"
that the Turiff 1'nrty has avowed its hoiC
tihty to the growth of tho . Western coun
try. Yes, let the Peojtle of the West be
tolJ that there exists a oriind comlmw.
tlio Eastern and Mid lie Slates, who open
ly avow their determination to uiscourairr
1 eniigiaiion to the JVolurd. ... Aud if.
wh such evidonce before them, they are
willing totlirow tliolr wuighl iuto tlw'srwlc
of a olrcv which is calculatod to retad
their wealth, p-pu!atiin.aad pidilicalpa.;
erT wa.iwpo they wiil nwet-withthe-ftra
now so uiirqoritedly .esperiencHd-. by-the
v J1 - ................ .... ti'.' uuuwiuutt, ui
titbom btatef pf being triri'ihry tof wants; cidlod tittatgiddrima
tnnir n'rti'o4Ar : ""' 1 -L- " -i a ... . . .
Cimmttoc,have aifrded usd remarkable
smj rf fiiem
oe.nymg tiint the olFict of restrictive laws
ts to divert capital from one pursuit t an
other, they are comtelled to conf that
in that instance, capital is drawn into man.
ufacttircsiTwhich' would
adinissiort, we ciwoive, t.'cy bavr given
up l&Q$yfa.ri&fa
hn mUicssod the progress of wealth iu the
:ttjnj.:ounmr tijwea-tliavl'
burious hubbahdinan looting himscli in the
woods, without any capital except a cow, a
hog, irfd a spado-wlio has boheld his
w!f8 -l!i,,n .Ly.!n..,0.r,!l!iM..'J-jahJrU.
and is child rocked io sleep Si a sugar
trough and who, in tc'rt years, has mieila
comHtrtable farm of eighty acres of la-td
paid for, conifortaWo buijdings, luxuriant
fwlds, aild a stock of cattlo and horses
Mweh a' ft.-wa itt
gress of this piorieor of the lorest with that
of the drudge in a factor) , an l say whethr
er capital and lalur, forced from ngricul
tdre to nianuf ictiires, havo not boon farced
from a mora profitable to a less profitable
pursuit. Upon thii miSjcct there canuot
a'Iruit or a dodbt ; and, when we add td
this truth the important consideration that,
in ono csiso, wo see ansa a nation of inde
pendent froemeri, each otw of whom poo
iog o farothr of children as fi-eo as hi0jf!'.'
and, in the otlior, 0 nation of slaves, depen
uV.ot, Cr their -dnily brend, upon the 'will
of a master, wouro at n loss to conceive
how any man, possessing the truo spirit ot
chooia. " For ourselves, wtf venerate the
character of our. hardy yeomauryofthe
West; onl, though they may m.t have
abit 1 them the wilmiiwive deaortinBht
which characterizes those who aro subj'tc't
bi thi daily discipliuo o a factory, yet
they have about them ths ntmly air of
lreodoin,na Jiowi!ist Huiy are in the en
bmtfihsjtm for
.L-Ll-J. .k: . IT .... ... a
Fron te GreennVje S. C. Jlrtniaineer
ThtJ tircurrhtances :ar briefly these.
William; ficXLi, a dtf sher by-oecuwUo,
married Mary Parkinion, of this district ;
. ,.,.,, ..... j . . ........ w i.ii.uinnti
some timv they separated she retaining
an I refusiitg to glvejiiin part of his Wear
ing apparel, with other articles which lie
deman Jod and which the more effectual.
ly to secure ffm him, she determined to
have earned -off and ertcrered.- For this
ptrpose her sister, Sarah Parkinson, a we
man of ift fame in ber own nWgbSofboVid,
aoplie'f in Jerry, a slavo sustaimni hlirh
character" for honesty, and btdougm to
one oi cur mmi sea ana. respocuibia
" - f - .
nwqlaIUy which fi'uJ no
XAIlri. AflilMM. e S.'A. - . . - ... .
H.rwiMueSi 1'iit not C4itrnt With m!ihiiir
P.f'r maniufIJi properly, it seen they
had forwarded the1 hellish dmvitt of detwi.
ll ,wu. r i . .
UAinsonr again applied toIMyfjwboin
shoprcVailed upon by repeated solicita
tions; sod a promise that be should lose
mittylC.ifijwlortHke the 'Ihocking
deed. After a forniaht's bililimfirtn ii
M XfykMy, hs prsparqd ft hickory rluh,
ana tixstt sunset, went froto ths AoM
which he was ploughing to the h-aiso of.
. no ijutkl riutda am t I.:.
uoor, enjoy tng his evening'! repast, grrct
ed him in tho most cordial and frifcndlv
, ... .... -"-a
manner, enquired after bis health, and was
invited by Mr. Fields to partake of a cut
""'"i "icn us rciused, and inquired
in a low voice if any njje was in the hotise.
Una toW there wn -irorr lum irlarJ tn
00 yo i, Mr. field's. I know whore vimr
clothes are, and have comb to tell ymi :
they are hid In t woods rliSebV. aaiJ If
jruu u. luiiiMv mo, i will show them to
you, and when wo arrive at the spot; will
.....a r ii . m .... . i
m-i puriecuy iriemuy WUn. and hav nrr e.
ety-eonfidenw m tttr rhgroiinto"0ll oflipfs"
wno anew mm, behoving him perfectly
h(ntt, tinm.sdity rose from his seat, ttnd
wilkHiirtnimiiiit toy liilijr,uHyupCct
iugly followm i him to atnle of rauVud
lo.'t, in a Very private sMit, at eoine dis
lance in the woods. llore the negro atop.
od,iid strrhmg witlt tho stick upon tho
rails aaid youcUUct are in hcrend
as Fields stoojwd to look under the roils,
he struck him with his club across the back
of hi? nead, which threwliim on liis knees;
tuaviriuaoii it4iWnis' and' ycpeativJly "cried
wr nwrcy ana nis lire ; but his rHpoutod
cries werotwly answered with repeated
he sink quivering ami sjwechloss uimii the
ground, and then writhing in the most in
tense agony, uscaibly crawled into a flat
about fitlccii fuct below them, whero he
grasp. Ahuut 11 o clock, however, bo ro
wed, and, to the utter astoUinlimiint if
everyone, was enabled mangled, gush
i and bleeding to find his way a milo
oiT, to Mr. 1'arkiwMi's, (the brotlie of the
JwliguloM of hi mii-Try,) who heard his
shrieks, as bo fainted and wink i.wo and
exhausted, near thoedire tjf hisyardv M.r
4iraion ran io nis assistance, conveyed
him inti -hi hon;:
theemi authoriiy- to whwrr Fpldi tleposfi
eaas.auoveGautns tlie artnirlnf-fcrton.
tioa in which he IcftJiis lablebishaUiinl
kibraj things about his house.whicli the
officer, niwn examination, touud corruri.
Jerry was iinmsjiatelv taken: hnflvo.
on Ins inmirencB ffit
tliraiice ol the
&ri'n' l5dgd. t stated that ha hadttuui'iri:
0 1 ftlj- nhU al.Jdu
tntrDrwd tid Jii hifpiotatooni .by thd bleed
ing of his mtse, bJl WdS unable to tell how
thOspfits ame;nvhi''tecf Umn
coiniDmed t i jail. nud coutmuod toavow
..- iiinivnTa uoiu unmiii im nivi convey,
ed alfiVMrt to the plice of trial; where he
mot throe or Tour jreiitlcnvu with FteA
cloak, Which tliy found in possession oi
mtiMo, aad oiaurjrticietfcuiid uuilr.Ui
fltKMr of his cabin, which xonfmiihlod him
mid elicited ft full confession of his guilt.
On his (rial he nlua.l rniiltv. kuid S .r,.l.
Porkiiwon, with Whom he Aad beim iit tho
hiliiti-of trainckinjj, nd , h"r siller, the
wulJ'oTlwHBJ' aViiw kivew of h"!s mwmirn
to murder him ; thut Surah, by rerouted
entreaties, and a promise only,- 4 that ho
sliould lose milling ly it," had called hint
much agaiiitt his will, toatbynpt tlie oiur
dor of ooefbr whom lie always; and now
had the-greatest friendships II said af
ter be sti-uck the first blow, and Fields
bogged lor Ufo, he would have girert the
worm, cuuiu nu nave rccauea it, but il was
too late to stop, and he hastened to end hi
ones, which went like daggers to hit hajtcfe.
inaijiigni, no sum w sjieut slwploss, and
ha4 '!lo.,i..Hioirtrinti.
ing lormoni. ; v line the Uourt
arningo tlie particulars of ihe eentenoe. lie
wiis iod into tho room where JFields-waa
ewrrieortiinr tutknd ayer't io AhuTn ar.
fjir with porfoct "compjsuro, and toe negro
asaed aoj received on forgiveness. Tho
Court, with a fiw very tMrtlrfent and sunn u
priato profaralory runarks, tjoiitanced biin
to be hung on the 10th of Aajurt, a near
tho door of Sarah Parkinson as ooasible.
lie howevqr eVidod tlie sentence of th
Court on tho next, day, by bvigiJ himself
who a suit tiaoaioronienrtftn the grald of
f Mrs FreWo Inrt tlowirely'-fecovererlv
tnongn many long scarf remaining up.n
hU headand whotlldem, will godowo with
him to the grave, as sad mementos of t Iris
tngk. Uaaaactioo. -Toa-fooch cannot lie
id in eommendatlori of the humane1" and
si whose house the unfortunate Fields was
confined, and those gentleinen who were
mterested in tho slave Nor can too mush
bo said in denunciation of the perfidious
conauci or tne woody slave, or of those
two inhumane irtoosters in Worrian's form,
who could bo to insensible of the ties ot
patriotism, of common philanthropy, of
Kinureo, ana ot marriage, to bribe hun e
rretly to murder the" brother of the one
ths husband of tho other 1 tull who, unable
. V .
I rni.m. k...-, i . .
J Tern
ii. u (l, wrmino county.
ctm"irT, to prra mat ix;aco aiiMMKT
ij2TrJ which they never could uniov At
UU111V. -
- Hacinj and running of tvery description
have becotfle so common 'it tlie prewnt
eriod, that it may well bo douUoJ,wiither
n raHwsiiua.Kir any ihmg new or woniler.
V,', M td bo brought o light)
'! o ww .Kiww.Uowevcr. tluit wahave
heard or read of any oefcurrpneo of a more
pnvsicai paturo . Itmo we shall prcLeblly
toll, I here, is to be sire, Ulo of a rnc
betfrrn Atlanta, and Hippomeneii, told by
soma ancient trdditioiiisL which h ii
thertnith, asthe musty myiliologians of
moom wona called it, the wise
men and learned; How l wTara'this
niuch reeuiallaiico to our nmtnt hininnr
both heroes ran lor a wife ami a simi
lar earne to. that Whiek gaidriKm)iiio':
oe 0 bride, nearly M one to our hero f
Paring with bank note. . ,
rrA lew weeks agont TcmrnTry- ttrtcinan,"
whom we shall hold nainles-, resident in
thecmiiity of Maury, and state of Tenncs.
io ono oi me uuiignters ol irjen, sot uut tldo
fine luoniiitg for Columbia, the chief place
in said county, whore the chirk nf ' auiil
county had his head qdaters, for the Hir
pose uf . procuriuiraa-lia xprssed it, a
jrtir of liceiwei This wedding Was a thing"
llo had arranged in his mind aixmt four
months - previoor oinl WoulJ linve lid it
n.lMMiWwl laft .k Ilhi. I. " 9
.....v.m .ni dm (jHiiiini lawgivers ot
our sti'ttt intended shortly ldeduce the
' . w, ,uaT",S yo to the
eoorMHnicaldtspoHition of his funds, he de
termined to tarry a little until the law
should be passed", calculating, and correct
by iifiUirty three and ono per ent.on
their costal tlmt time. Well,, indue
time, the law was made, and our frioiid as
we meutwued bWore, net ottt with t beilt:
ing heat a a.uihuj cyo, and a thousand bo
tttilic visioas of the Uessedoessof a mjrri.
d life dancing merrily throUgH hu briliii
ani m gooa season arrived at the Uestined
place.- Here, We'F'ooW'irittiTLilavVia
Irditleasly -ewlsaVatmzrtoy tradaseiiiiii
;.l . i- ' -"w- . -----
.ulll ... .' II ! . . . . .
s"miw w iwar tntairiLjttJiiijuuoiiV
triumpii wail hispiiier, a liich aulhoriiod
any tmulstef: tlaviiig the euif Inxliof to
any magistrate i Juymg ihiKaro of souls, to
solomuiw tlie rights of matrimony between
r lllil i He nud and-
reu(l Ihe procious documcut soein.a..'l
though ho- twildmeriliruaTot pumi;
."BV-.t-wwa-r 'wwtO)-ittqauhtt
invu is arouuui and actud as r h. i.n,i
burn yard fowl, wbicb ,E.p in hit book
ol laiiu!s.batij wrutea about; ho crowed; too
ooojbi bjasiiac - was miuiui anJ ia
the cud cW him pwtty tear.- S'ino half
unm wagwii lollcjws determined to show
their Wit a id smartness, uoon our ionni
cuiO-tttai iumU lika tfjjijuajjjcorituijtj
v -nu win jucugmmiiy occupied in
perusing the invaluablo paper, which united
twosuiglo folksaa ..tightly and aaxlosuly
togutiiorahui they made but one in the a v.
ol the la w-th)o M thim, oocosiod Uim
nu a proposition jo soil his hcaime. which
was backed with I pilcou tale i of his hav
ing bought twicor that ho had fortunatoly
lost both, tnd the chrk bavina soim-whal
mimiiy against him, ha refused to fufuiah
mm wunauy m ire, add wound up by oi-
wring utiii live dollars f r tlie " pair'' h
had put purchased. Our friend taken
With tho liberality of the ofltir, hesitated
but a short tiirto 'it was a good specula
tion, mid in an evil hour tor hi happiuess,
ho ckMaJ tbo lwrgain. v , ;5 ; y -(
Not being ablo to get married wHhout
lu saoettott, be trodtred ttai'k-t,rrT.i"7.rK;,i
lor tooro liwatt,a.Jisra a duBculty await"
Jk.l U ...I .LLI .. .
u uiui wiiiwn no naa not amieiimtod, lis
toi iw wM iM uw allowed no man to be
luriiishud- more- than onea tn m
wddiag41 was thuiidorstruLlL ,iJ
begged and' nraved. h lit alt in vrjin Ih
w ( f vwssva a iiv
r - - . w UVISI
heart, lie retmnod to find out ih f.,1!.
who had outwitted him. and tradud m
swappodhimoutofbis truo and lawful li-
con je, ro Bud him was an uasy nwttor,
tor thO roguish weirs who first 'nnuxiawt ilm
joke, omttiived to bo uiiobsorvaa wliliniii
WaJi tbaibtaJwii. jtieOliw fim
WWt- Ow'Oow-'appearadrto Wityiow,'
inaking meiry over tho can of his per
plexities. Accosting tlie man With whom
lie had bargained, and showing (ho.. five
dollar JJl'ho wformwl tim he WailtB.1 tA
lie wuuiu novr ao, not eveq of Juu times
that amount. Almost driven td madness
by this unwelcome news, and thojoket
they ha-l constantly passed upon him he
resnlvddon adesperato pnsh for ths recove
ry of his troasure. Placing iftn'tlie hands of
oiiO ol too company, bo loudly asserted it
wasa cour.tertuil, awl while all were busy
eiamiiiing it, be seized the liennso which
tormentor held carelessly mhis hand, and
commenced a race as if f u life, and death.
A. thairf puisait Vai'tmincdioiolf raised
t vol., xnr ,.:no
' ' f Tii'i- III ""lift ii.,
and laid hollo raided. ' John tlilpiii's
fjmotw race wus nothing coinpared so h!n-
' Now that ho had secured his .Ijcf rise, M '
tojipcd not to pt ril life and limb to gi.ia -his
destined. graiL-.rj!i,id !by anil hi
fences, while in thV ubitrbs i.f the f own
stnpid (jut bis career. The tartrlcd thick-
el and the brush neap of the foreKt st.i ci
not his coUrse-i-he Iitte bills be Jmnn4
ovrr ana ino ingii lulls Jie
creeks and , lirauchns: were crossed, fbo
Cries of Ms pursuers Coristantlv oundd jn
his ear till bo .baO''jl'.housioil! Iii
terror and fatigde. juck river at last sin. -'
PCarcd in sight, and immediately plunged. '
Ir., trosting'to the mctf jf of the wiyd and w
waVe" rather than those behind Him. ' ' '
Thie proved the Rubiean bevimd wklrb
his hunters dare not go, and being saMe"j
ith having sped hint thus fur on his iour.
ney tetho house of iiir beloved, thiy 'te "-T
turned, yelling and ihoUtintt at the ctoriaji
. ur hbto soon arrived at l!0 op
IMMMUI bailb:'aaii'tninu4 IWtM It.. t
, j ...... u ...l ,ttt .Hill
oui wuni a gin I Had lis been rtisem-
buliod spirit, iiist is scaned aftor suffi-rlh'i
have apiieared in i more pitiful conditio.
U. . -.. I J ' . . .
aiMi omHHng a Hewas, he wmMm oaj
uufil lie arrived at-the bouse "of hi fair
one's Culler; where fid nsrrateiallhU l8
fits Irid diSaferiilnVd himself outward' "
y by roasting fijf: mwardl by alum.
bterof hot puncli-ent Tr clefgyinMn
prwluctheliceiisci Which had been tho
procuring; cause dfilll liis trouWe"r ami
narried . to hit bride tho- same eweinc-
Peace, plenty,and happiness be round thee
my worthy frwnd, procporit'y 'and fruit fyl-.
no ine ponton i, my- a, ,re," aiur tna jf
Ikj WWrewHliriirtm4h0-''otWoTfM
round thy house. --; rranUih 'Rri""' " '
e New-York Mercautjlo iH' JUomiay
A uittll," bolleVta tii hate beeiilaiO-
oi tlie crew of tho sim p Ajax which wus
robbed aud sunk near Mobile settle tonitht -
iism: -won trrwea .te-ibit UfU.Fiwy'"
and w now in prwotu Tbo A jai, it mil .
1m recollected, was coiniuamied by v pti
TulHiw, of this port, and wueu pirated wii
Ott her jkissago i'roui Aioxico, fur M. uiib "
we ticlicvei , che had on board about -Odd
io Kpccie, and one or two paaMJOcio.
, mi nin wupiiui ana tlifl uuiki, u su
iisin u.Mta.1-. L-I.i.: I.' . T
'" iu turiua ana JUlut.
laliiWsri3wrte :,;
inly wave fond their, way: to this city, T ' '..
vmuuy-.'wee Tecopi,'","?-?!:' ,
nired at ft sailor!a bowrdwg boue iu Ware : '
streot. Oy twotoamcU WUd kiiOw if hn "'" ' '''
being ww ol tba crow ot the Ajaxi and it -
ia mrouu mcir miormatiou that me olica
IW.:PMI!, f h r Ja: hi jtuissLuoB
was a wafciu, wuh a cwrtttieate, as cleaned
forV;Tuterautt ft TfyasTlnme
io iao iicou ine pr..ja;riy id t;upt Th
W isoiief t about to t vtuia old..
ed Charles Mead, lie has b
moiithsatthe house where ho wa.i, j,
ml it is said has uniformly oxhKfa.4
for Id bo left alone in room. , lln ha
thus far declliwd to give any sfttisfictory
occcont to the police, and saw he nurr!,. .
At!iJc!liiUid tiwHi him t avaa-
Creat tiace.OM ol the rWt
on ti?ciml took placo on Saturday, on ttM"
Umoti lu l.)cvurse; when four boraea
were eutered for the eOlW purse, 4 mile
m-aia. s uean were uiach Marta, I rifie.
Relief, and Slim. They started I AIM 11. '
clock. The first heat Waa Intf.m ku 1:1 iasLi
Maria, who was closely nusiied bv Tr.n..
by whom he was beaten on a nrevuuis oe.
caaiotit and tbo knowing ones wera com-
pieieiy wwn in, as tucy betted freely five
tooiro on 'Irifler Blim iTid Lady Relief
merely saved their distances this boat, tbo
sniuw girin oi mo tatter- having - broke.;
i ua aouuuu u -was prorhHinced a di'tul
m lafly Trills ovortaking Ulack iiti
jus.uioiiuuug. poUln-.k
uown in tins heut. The third heat waw
lMutilully Conlesteo arWlai l.v I'U-
. ty-M length, b,la aba lourtb beat fcii?
l! the horses tooklhe lead alternately,-amf r- r
was won by Lady Relief by shout a loiigth " - '
m-y aguiu, sianeu lor trie tilth heat, w tl .
the1 tftird mile, and Blaclt Marift wod tlm
hent and race by about thrfio lengths j
thus coming orf in a coritest for
twenty-oiilcs," and sdstaliung the reputa-
mwi ii ma uiooa oi i.cupwo, lof OHlom M
weu .aa-apeoij-i rille, who was tho ravtos
ite from the beziirmriir and 'until fhefirth
Churtes." lidv lC'iIuf is an Uoliose eolh " ''
Nm York commercial Adeertutn, .1,
trom the Umiorahla Littleton WiTazis ell
SrSorjator of yirg' tho Congress ef
m-jwiiiwu siaws, resigning bis toatia-
that body. . -'" - . -
Tbo firm ond thorough Stoto Righto
principle! oMr.Twwell, his admtrabb
private character, am! his Hue tulouls,
which ranked him first in the body ef
which ho was a member, all conspire to
render his .is at this time, particularly ta
tie rrp'tted, wht-n firm unwavi ring juoif
ore w muta neodod. Virginia J.4 '--C

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