North Carolina Newspapers

    Vi vsicvtt Carolinian.
a 1 1 ...
THE aUMMkR ftTE. ,
I witk Svj B I no. Moose, E..
n needle tn spetk Ir praise "of the toft'
tasVs of this work, Mr. Mutat character as
' Fact bel.g loo well kn to need My savor
'TH-frWiii rr,;"ac-'wrire.viiTT
- g fro tt, which iuii, that our read
ers ) judga fur themselves,
.... HOSQ,. ...
, ,f T.1"! sey Ibee" lorey
In sU lb bewt array theei
Hit tun's bilow th moon's eboro,
, And Wight and Bliss obey thee.
Put on tbc .! that's bright stid rsre,
"1 be ' thj wreath, Ike gem.
Vol m esuch gracing charms so lair,
a. AstuMfowliig graoeifomtneiw,
Arrsy thee, love, artsy lljue, love,
. la sll that bright srrsy ihcej
r The tun's below th moon's above;
A..U NigLi and Uliti obey ibee.
, Nt on tbc plume thy low gsve.
The plunsc, tbt protidty dancing-, "
Frociatta to all, where'er tbey wave,
Victorious eye sdvshcing.
Snug lortb the rube, boe hue of nctvea
r"um i hee derive tutb light.
Thai lri woukl give all bcr (even
Tj but but tut to brigm,
Arra thte,lovr, array (lice, love,
, w. kc. kc, ,
Host bit thee, love, now hie ibi-e, love, v
Thro ficasura's circle hie thie,
And heart, where'er thy looietcp move,
w ill, b hca tiicy come mKb ibe.
Jby every wo d liU be aiptl),
I by every lock a rt),
fal truck of wondering eye that) tell
The glory of tby way.
Now bte tbe, love, now hit thee, ke,'
..:'rhT!P?!' W.'jJei Wiiheev--.- -'
o heart, where'er thy footstep move,
! beat when rbc come wgVib.
" Tllfc BRIDE."" '
ftlflmf, r(r tg Churltl Jrftf
1)1 I 'k ber, but b, fwithfU! Hill,
Ant! miv the biidil vnw
Be crd htld in a"trr yean,
i And warmlv breathed now,
ftem-mber, tii n.i eommou tie "
t th't bind her you'hW heart,
Tht one tt only irutb b nild wnvp
j w.m van jirt.
The Jt, of childhood hippy hour,
The home or riper yeRii,
The mattireri icenet oTeaHy youllu
In aonahine and in teart.
The purest hop r her botom knew.
When ber young heart wa free,
- H Hewe intf mora t row timmiir:
Tobrave tfte world with tbee.
Jler lot in lire ia fli-iTit. ,1.1-.
7 'wi
Ha good ad itj to ahare,
1"o aootb eacir aw fow'tltireT -
Theii uk bea, ! wiy fleetig time -
'b ni) .": "
.uL'imji yWa g4te twtetly on"
I" happiut and ptare.
pu- 4 o'tlotk, t. fcim a Ftn.aie Ji
li . H -tit ty, My I t liope that the
I. )H be completely L led, nj
i at thcac of you -h tannut pcrauti
liy attend, wilt tend their oamct with
their cmtributiontf
- I)' tr Ltdie. it it only i the BtlU
hat life and immort hty are brought
to light, for tnco ai well at for women
and it u therefore the bua- den duty
' f rwcry man a d every woman, to do
.!'! ... " I 1.- . .. ..
Bur, 1f poiiihle, Mlie obligation it
ttrooger tin you than t o ua, became
'tnr owe tvt- etv iwof Hhtva. jtV,.
In'Chris'ian Undi aline do you occu
ny the atitittn and en j y the privilcrn
o which jrou are. jutiy en iiied. In
fartin countries, woman Si the alave
of her brutal hubn'i, compelled to
perform the moit acrvue and labori
out office! vrttiln he it rrp ning in in.
rltJiftice ' r revrlhng to low ctiquity.
Even in China, the civilized ol
heathen naiinni, the wife drug the
light plough ued in their agriculture,
Mhtlat the husband performs the cast
tr tatk of aowins; the seed. lit th te
rtginnt which are blighted by the crti.
el auperitition of the Arakian fmpoe.
tor, the understanding of your ti
tera whither frum want of culiiv ttion,
and with the forma of lovely women,
they poaaeta the mindt of children.
Their afT.;tl -ni, equally disregarded,
are paUird bv tagh-ct, or if acnaibili.
ty t-xitt at nil, it is only to etiug them
to t.e soul. '
IJut in lhn&tian lnu, woman ta
an intellectual, a refined nod v'ntuotts
brini the instruction of man m hi
infancy hi wise counsellor, the
crown of his J H i, and the solace of
his tares In manho- d j the .stay and
comfort of hi detlinii g ytun f in
health, fis intelligent cmp-mion, in
sickness, his tet drr nurse j at h!I
times, and uodtr all circumsianVc
his iffcctii. Date and faithful friend ,
is his prid t'u d you hiindr. Tdiir.
jure or insult you,-would forever dis
grace his manho-J. A a son,' a h
band, a fat crVbrother, a fritnd, hi
firs, earthlv care ii to promote your
happiness ;
III .L , I, t
aii tnis rnr ri ana intellectual rtr
vatioo you owe to thj Biole.
y'U not endtavur to extend these
blessincs t t !- f.ivored n-irttons v
your ati f Will not tri nn.tive,
addition to the vet hier one of love
to mr pcnsning souls : y. or leltow
creatures, mdure vou, by active txer
tioo in yotir Favinnr's ratinr, to des
erve the high comtncnd ttiidv jjiven b
n m to one or your own rxf ushe
h;th done whai ahe could!" You
se have always proved that they love
tne. jj weT and hi Rviimr. to.. m hom
the Hhle wiinTr."" Whilst men" were
crying crucify him," the danghurs
of Jerusalem wept over his suturing
ilrs of tht
itronge r .sex,:foyaooi in hisliuu?
? ,r?a'i the womeri who had followed
will illor te the spiritof tVtt produc
tii-n. P tys indeed ire" sob gone
they anrpti'te us that they cme ao
s .on, aod drp rt so quickly. Bat h
weatjlv do thev cmc, and h' w pain,
fully do they depart, when the spoil
is in suspenses wbea Hope and far
have their conflict in the mind, each
alternately and in rapid movement
presenting its pictures to the int gins
tion f M'T Fai'hf d fre moye and
more-frtble- S descended more
and more rapidly .s she approached
the lat itrps which lead isto ihe vat.
lemf thrrrat'4 f'dt'airrr" Eeeent
ly, d tys had dune the work, of months j
and nw hours were doing the work
of days f r there was a change eve
ryjiour. ... Vheo,Jc day dawned, ji
was doubtful whifher she should see
its close I-and when the shadows t f
evening fell upon them, , they feared
for her, -that her eyes would not open
on the light of another day, Why
should they dread ne placid parting
of a pure spirit from .the feeble prison
.fan exhausted Inmcf How is it,
that when familv i ni . Q lion, and
when hone baclf Rrnw d m amontr
them, they should grieve to part with
any ot their number f I it thai sor
r w grows more intense by solitude?
'ainful m it ta o say Farewell to a
iving friend, it ia yet mote painful
Spring U Summer ..
f( ... rtclviof Omb New Vrk k I'hiW'
JB. pin, a irg axt tsueawtvw aswirtmcai w-
f ii-U SnJ r il.' "!; . ,
Rrleettd wbb great ears and limight at the
lowest cash prices N of which, he is drier.
nUwd lo II al a vary small auAi lor 0 A SIX.
ATCo'df rjrif lUWmM f,tlt HH TrntirinwdeWrfIW ro-ir con
tis of ery vrtet etlly found la blurts in
ttii eoin ufetiiititrt. vifi - ' 1
-IQarwtoarf, avmtltirCmlzvv,
. ISonnttt, tet.
Ferson wbhing la imeeh,-wiH do wtt lo
ell st'd rawoJiino his tiock t tot he thinks Iroat
the lowm-M of his prion lo Irxlnc purchaser
tn buy. 1'be imusI kim!s of produce taken in
pat mem, . . i ... ifw .
Woeury. May 1, 1833.
rot n ni d w or ji lv, tgix
VKJ rtilf parade at the
Court II uic, t-i eJat.s
bury, on Thursday the 4ih
i f July nest, at nii-e
o'clock, A. M. equipped at
the law directs. ,
Toosc who do not appear
properly armed and accou
tred, as reo'iirid by law will
certainly be fined. . . ,
diatcty after tlie iimissdof the com
pany lor the trial of delmqaentl.
By Oder of the Captan,'
CiZO.M.MVllL O. 5..
Man 13 11 VI 4 79
ti'j iff;...
UUNAIV4T from ih wlncnler w 8us ls)
trenint Jhe'lHl AM last, without .y
..i.nct'K)i, a bourul boy, by Ih Dams of Ni
I HAN asm II, lie lebeiwfLii smeen and ev.
rnteeat year old, I Iwwaro all erua tritm
rui. ir wiMi, barbnunng, rniploving, laeding,
or clothing of laid boy, as I slis1' certainly pm
the la inlurct axaiott any so offending. Any
person who will rciaru said boy to me at at)
bouse 'shall be reasonably paid for ao doing.
f'trtt if iht Yadkin, Uiwan (' 3 gy-
v. v. Mill- rn ln. Junt hi iniiv
raiUKtu'iSi tilier rnpVluMv il lrrn., p'i
S he WA h fast al pt tmui tu.M , l,.
sSM.rtloes.1 .f , '"l?
csr?n-i VTZ1.T..1
0F U.I. is aTF.V-ALSi oy
tx? ' "
wdeof 1hebeim.!rrUI, .wl (r f "h
workmcn, (), j,r j l,WHe4 lu ,, '
Cs8H, or mi a Uort cr.s t t0 punctoii ,
loirrri. . , . I
O d Copper, t, wtr, r g hrr,'Besii L. '
rliow taken iut tUivr, " .
.V'iMicw. ,faw IS tail ' -. - liitj
issj av aw W
NOT fillC
1:. niCK&QX
a i.l bis nca v, k e. i (.w
k.-l. of st tK -or ,
.. ftt g ,
Dili1 ami Fi.n.. I,.. . ,H
nen.-.hkb be m. .'ZT, k-
beaieaifriU.lma ubt.Mt. ...d f.b,, . j! '
niM.r,and whiob he will L4J,
bo.iks are now open, and wil cont). tie
o(iea forkia week ,t the store ol Thorn-
owsii to SkliaWt' 1 tt the wore J
Ui:MtrsClrnH'nt (f Kellt Mocktvil)e and al
Juaenh M.rus, l w, Fulton, for ubacrip'iutii to
IbeSouih ItUkiil Bettler.
.Uuv, 1813 6H'
that the seper.dion should liave"t,keu.r1'lB
place "ithout it. S exhausted was l"
. . 1 . 1 ... k l t-i
me sun. rer, a a so sicnuer was me
hreab on which the remains of her
ife were suspended, il it the ly
fe ired to be long a ay lnm her bed.
side, lest in the interval she should
pan. And now, when ihe coi Hkt
was nearly over.if c nDict it might be
called wi h her who sirocrled not -
g;iinst desth's .pprotche, and dread
(I i..i ll niv t t rlirkiif,, hi il
..v. t v. T ... - -.. . , - - ...
toth ; around-er, l-iatlvyc.(litimtf HILI.IAM MTWiSrnPvr".
v, Dear, dear Iriend, lahr m J i uppcai;ng u tW attlaction .ol
ther sister-the dream ol ule.- ,il the-Lottrt that VVtiair-Mrt4n the
n sf over,"ud now IHai it is fjt Val;.: defendant is notau inhabitant of this
shmg, I feel it indeed to have beeni&ate, 11 is therefore ordered by the
but a dream. 1. I nave a fainiTtcoHcc-' thirt th it he appear at tne next Court
ilTlLL b positively sohl, at publio otttcry.
It in too lowa or ttiUeJitvill. . 00 lln
i uav of July west, the followin- Lotsi
Lot AV. 1031 Uih oVi-nef, In .
tate o Vtnf-iJAroVuia,
I.ISCOI.N i:ut.
Cocst or Hlsas ad 4cTa Skhioki,
J,ftil 'lerm 18JJ.
BL'BTON k CLWrONl fneiW ..:-ai
I ru.i4 n rN
Treasury Drjmttmr.nt, .
ApriU2lQ 1643 j
I tc ougt n t of its hltsiings as they , tbe la,.e conflagrati tne T.ea.
ps&ed, ! s.o..d t .o near the wprk to i ,ury """ding, nearly all the . ui.
are its beauty: l litht la tt uun.i-1 " r "v"-v " v7'
isherl. tuertfore I uw it imnerleetli- Ti'casury, Irom the establishmci.t ol
Lfr-fa ' now finlshVdSfid 1 i 6 "ace 1 r" PP'mnt W hr3lt - March
ifl Rood It I. It IS paStiflS Rone " royeu, mtiuumg, as
1 wcu .iic or guiai letters ana ccxnmu
him from Gilileef nd ministered to
a-1 urn ic l tltl WUIg J imiS.
JSLMm society,
W c crave paido t.l the est.m-Me au
.Ihor JorihcJibeityne uke jft givi,)g
general publicity to the following Ad
dress, which was intended merely for
loci circulation. But in our view
it is a tompoaUioo, W meritorious in
Hsell, and treats of a subject far too
important o tbe human t..mily, to be
confined to IbSmits of ibis to r..
- of tUa State,-. Jppejils to the fair,
er pnion of cVeation,w iu beh.lf ol
the best of causes' to mothers'
wives, sister,, to gv, their a.d to the
f rculation of the Ilobj Srri
.that Bo,, wbicn not the Itgbyiert.
wis al. ne, nor the- EpicopJiaI1,t Dor
MahodwM,r,tr Baptists, exclusively,
h ive ui.dcrukeu ' to distribute but
wnun inrtSftans t every name, all
iea in fcaotvitrg- ?,!! be erven
in rhi uik.J. u...l,l l nr.
".-"u. wnO SVJII hot
cry, Cod qxed to tkejeork f And
wno w 111 iay, that m so good, so pi
. " pmriiMlc. f nofl
li tt, demandintr rhf mmn.. . tr r
Bmanaina, remain shell be denied
P .riicipauap r woman alone ,
M,t ,he with iraltrous Itia her SivUr atatngl
-N -t she dvoied him with unholy tongue 1
.V,whil Apottle shrankouM d,;.
'Lf at bis erosa, and earlkst at his grave
She, in fiae, whose hand is ever
Open aa day , i meltinp; charity"
1 !.T, ? .celebrated Tuvelter. Lktt.
jAaDdepicts-oethe same benevolent
"t'f5a w r-arm reprotii of Raaia,
bncl amidst the sultry dcr,, of Afrj.
ta in the more civilized c untries
fr.-n, a work so grand-irj coreenfiW
A Ettiiaa...t ! 1 . '
saw Vin"-U-
To the Ijidiet of Peterslurg and the
- nrishlmhooft. "- - " -DtisimH
ii;ttmt ,.
1 5u a.e reaj.r.t.'uily ard pflVftion.
-iy uuu tlrlO ..eA-b(e t tl
iiwt Church thja liernooi
cross, till he had dismissed his tipirit I
1 rry attendcdjts b.rdy.-M lift graveT
an ihry- wrre'the "first witnesses of
his its rctjOTimlhat Aiyi vour
sex Dave petn jaremosf in exertion to
spread the saviour of hi name a-l
to Wi'fcjod..aave: .thtfir iXeUawcii
Even now, ttir tadica in ur aiswr
City. Uichnuindr have ahxiavn.ihiU ihe
spirit which animated lh .se Galile-ui
females, now dwells in the bosoms ol
the fair daughters of Virqini.
' I thark hem for i ! hooor ' them
f"r it! I doubt n t lie who permits
not even a tup of cold water given,.! ,
his aker to he ttnrcwanh d. -wiH bless
tthcnr for r t But shall J be r ompetted,
j (oound as my heart is to the intere st
ai:a tne hoor t.l mis town, by the
strongest and m st endcr ties") when
I pass'tliroogh ether portions of our
sl-te, torkler lo the- ladies of Itich
MAnrl . I . . 1
uiuuu vi iv .is aaious stuu geuetous
supporters t the tff rt to smd. the
Bible to the Heathen ? Sball'l be ob
liged to hai.R mv he id in silence when
1 a ikt'd what yew hve fforre- f
no I you will not ao deeply humble
one, who desire to are y. u f rrmos
iu hatever is go d and lovely . 'au
will (will yu not?) allow me wih tofn
" a a a
10'i ol smiles ' u ters. ol a p ssion.
te interest in life, of h-pes and fears
of a s .id revulsion of spirit, in which
the heart seemed to break when we
were taken from our own old home.
B iti ow that all is put, I look upon
j T arid sorrow a onef and 1 hitpe I
pe.ik it n i presumpttiosly or prolane
tne light are bot!i alike to me lor .i
the past I see beautif ul picture drawn
by the E ernal artist. On, how bean
tiful and trood has life been to me!
of Pleas and Quarter Hcssions, to be
held for the Co mty of Lincoln, at the
Courull nise in L'uitolnt -n, on the
third M-nd.y injulvntxtj Replevy
ana plead to issue or Judg-nent by de
fault will be entered up affainat him
Ordered by the Court that publication
hcrc-jl be made six weeks successive
Iv in the Wi.Stcrn farnli -,in.
o-a y. istK, c.e.c.
8 $
12 A
11 h
4iA- wV-- 3f
1 i
' si
da. '
dt. AVer
dt. Atrtk,
dt. krinf Derm-
- ' lm a.crje.
.Ia the above liit. are compri-i Hie uum
vslu.bW Mint, both for vein and lieuowte, ia
the whole Ctn-f kee cuoHtry. 1 bey sr. tboke4
winch have been purtl.a 1 during the Lotte-1
vwe Wtiuted.
Of bih lexes. Por sut h, the C.iMl
will be paid by makint? idh!!,.,,:.
either persoflajly or by letter, fc Legf
ug-n, Davidjon Courjtv, N, to
Mag Uih 1833. 77,f.
IjV order cf the Cenrt of
i) i the Clcrl aod Matter wilf
'.sell on the K.h day of J,y
Ot X., -a the pieiMtts Several T
of Land lying on Buffalv Cre k sl
County, belonging to the lleir at L.w
of FrarCIS tJbsvn.JecM. One -,f
IU seres adjomiug tbcianda of J hr"
BakCi nd o her I' Tr ct tf i .
acres, and one oi a oot 2J acus ad."
omidg the land 6f Gcorae Gibsfin:' tid"
othera. The sale "Will thke ."i)lice 7ii ''
the largest iret t A credit ,,f ia'
f7j and see s fof the purpowe ot wulrmerrt I lu-iuha for am htsif tmd of 18 month. -smoiig
tbe compsnie. Capitalut ae awured. I for the other h.W will be allowed ami
.t the sale will be positive and will.oul lh-nur,haatr. -! t . . ',,"t
erre, The te.,rowill be one third, c.-hd .wa. ,n.e Purtnftr requirtd to give b lid
wiuig ou security tor the puihai
money on the day of le,
SAML KILLLMAN. r. m .e :..
June &h, 1833. 5i83
" ,t j-y and aorr.iwa and selfish j .
feelinRS t bu'f v an t s t eh t a s bav e beeii c,c-"'
UslIoOtward and :,iisible formg. iVs,' ne
n addressed lo Ihe " Secretary
anirit-nd us ivl4l auUuuwe ar
mv hearr mn; o nf eofrla.rincr ov him.rWttn ft view to-repair the
Bab I.IIL.L.J!. - . . . I . MiAaa I V . IT. . . ,1 UTb
tr-enda and sisters in Petersburg thr
language t.f the wisest of mens Ma-
t y daughura have done Virtuously,
bur ( hese -xcel them all."
Your affetli naie friend,
Ard fellow townsman.
Gtn. Aireni V . B.i i cS.c.
Petersburg June nth 1833.
and ihere wmx. reolvW ihP he.rr. ''"cera, 0.1 the Ut-itcd States arc. re.
of imrsertmiid JucMertflisafull ,riltfrf:'-" P to b prepar.
sneak r but she knew bv the (Wi- w! ed nBl auiht nticated by them, of a.
alteoatrTiitarf "of ihcir hdnTy "' ef ?til"fi Ihos bWwii.
ner's. that thev heart Sf,d hKi,A . ",j wmt-u mey ui.r .n.
wiat she s .id. and thouch her sitht l,m" ' h"Ve wriln ' i or leceivrd
but i nrterfertlv tiisrrrn their rnn,-'Jn& ibaie who hive been in Office.
Ba'MEr h culduM dlst4ng
their eyes wtre glutrrimr with unshed "nitetl Slates, abd elsewi.cte, are in.
tears. She resumed. 4Vhv should v,,ea ltlc 1'hat this c r-
vou weep t unless it be tht tears are 'espoadeni.e may be arranged into
a holier and deeper mtr-ifeatation of 'appropriate books, it is requested thai
rratimdetnansmilesand placid looks. be copied on folio foolscap paper,
We re not forsaken whv should we i Wlt1 a "ufCcient margin on all ' aides
be Caar downf The world has fotsa.' "dmit fllbiidsng, and that bo more
ken us t'T show us-that God has not.tnan orre tetter be contained on a leaf.
The world .is a veil that hide;h the '1 ii also requested, that the copies be
Creator fmm his creatures. From j a P1 ,,n H,J distinct or en-
our eyes thpt veil huth been .with.! r5ro9,,,n hand. Where the original
drawn, and we see our Miker's Bood. c 'n ne apared, it wouR be preferred. ,
ness and bis pi eseuce .lOo., Then I -The re tsonable axpensc .incurred in
pt rdinand F ithful f und strength ( Copying the papers now requested,
not exceeding tne rate ot ten cents
for every hundred words will be dc
fraved by the Department.
The-' COTrepn!eiiee whtcH '-hf
been sved, and of which - therefore,
no c . pie are dr aird, are the rtcoi J.i
ol the letters written bv the hecrctary
of the Treasury to President ar.d
Geshtevs'f B an kw,1 fr om " the 11 I st 1 J
one third, in two months and Ihe remainine
01110, in lour nionib from the date l pjrcl.s.
Nuies, with ai.Droved security lor the MVD.en
at 'he intlmet they baoorae due, will be
rtairtu. The title will be ttmloubted.
lirnu ting
V l UO'LOf K
ItoHfHi 8. PArrOM,
flEKMf t i:I.AY
JMUedjtUllc, C loy 6, 1833. . 8 81
r J The Teleweooe: ui.f CtowMb-toitrk'
CsroliO'S IS Uourwr, nf Ch iettotn: Smllb
Uamrtna, tn . Iliner1 Journal, of Fbarlote
N'rt! Pariiipsstid the 9'tr.of Sleigh,Norh
'HIIE Subscriber l.avmo ouaiTfitil
"", pnMi. rt riw-rXi. .. 'ir if ; j
" vi,. wm v,, ub , .l
exantler H, CaUcleugh, deceased,
mauds agiiest saiU .fisuii-tWeBV
the ni for p-y m en t wi i hin the tioiej)re
scribed by act f Assemblv.otherwise,
i hey .will be barred of rccovci y by the
oper.tiou f said act. AU persons in
debted to said estate, are requested to
Come forw. rd and pay, or secure their
debts without del. v.
E. 8 CALpClEUfJII, Rrr'x
Davidson ( 'n . ,i i i h t 1
fPIIE Cci..fii4c lo .k'irteem'Jvfu
ol the Capital orJ itni Hr"ckfcf!T"
the State Bank i f N fth C-rolin I..
Sued in t; e name of Yt eta Tekr
Ule of. U . wan Count) N. Cf) ded.
wf."5 ioai or misiata, '
is hereTiv g-vrn to ail persons ewer
oed, that I .j! apply f th- IVesi
dent of said B4 k. either
in ti Twt n
w.i:..' MiL..t.i.L .a . t . .- .7 i-l ' a' ' ' . 1- u-;. ..r
lia iMtwi'am niv Kirovc uh wr amw ot 1 or n
Wgiw r.itn lb Hawnce, of Nashville, Tewrvev
see, sivl the Advocate, of Huntsville. AlsU.aa.
tiiVil Ihe 5'h Julv nf st. and forward their ae
eounts to me, In MiHrderville, fnnhwiib for
piysnirr-- n rrtKui tr -tcitR
Satitf'ury. MayiH. 1833
tAPI. J. C. CPA.
--l1'M.trt lt ...... ...
av . - r , t
to apeak, and he said Mv dear child,
it Is indeed a joy 10 our neara to aee
vou thus cheerfully resigned, vet ev.
r'nfo-tmrj yQft ycrur tiatfWeTliive
sorrow on oiir own. 1 couli have
wished thai you shuold h ive watched
my departing breath, and ' cV.aet my
wte.ry eyes ' I leve befiind me'
. L . 'I ' I A . ... . .
nwleiherep!ted. t "ewhti "will 'ptrfarftl
that duty Jo- u. In death feel
that it is not the dying who is ' t be
pitied.' Thf re was silence again,
which none dared or wished 10 break.
I hey looked :t the patent and atone
another, and almost suspended their
own breathirtp, th it thev mieht listen
to hers. Life parted ao gradually wnd
so quietly, mat thev who sat .wsueh.
Utt bfr kew not that it wone
tne s,iterer waa at rest, and- they
Vii7tor bad fored brr throogh life,"vept
VT have ofteo had occasion ft.
maik the various talent of this, cleser
writer and the ". lume now before
ua are in q.,.te a different atvte from
J r.f. w previous works. The Pu A Mr h
rr7Be Craiw iii..u.' , It.. ' . . "" ,M - l7 'r.
... , ....v . ry 01 pcise- wmcn he disposed r.f at a victual.
,..., , jMucstc-an.ncring made 1 mg ten r for one
lO'.r'wjntJv. The vrrv ml
I" $ft9P. ,.n: is . th? . surest
prompter ot human te r.
Literary Gazette.
... . . 'L ....
nine mrouen i.ith-i ,1 :i
lustrati n ot the motto lo the title
T'"! "e perfect roan, nd be
ron. oe U
loos. . -:J lit"4 cee;!na.ortPR arontatka.-Ajr.
Jooa, at .teaching oow C-iiwia caad.el . -. . . .
one dollar, and entraced
. i...:-e ..... " . . oo-
m uinner.rmro ir lor iwc, Shiniogs. a"
which he ate up the whol turkey, and
made off, lcavi the mart of the CeHer
bf sides cooking,
ther,"1Blr, to th 50 h February,
1833 1 all the correspondence, relating
tn the revuiuthnary claims under lie
art of 15th May, 1828, and ty claims
of Virginia r fficers t ( alf pay, under 1 832, and to ap
plications fr the brnefi.s of the acts
of the 2nd M irch, 18.11, and 14th Jur
ly, 1833, for the relief of certain in
solvent dsbtori pf the United! States.
C.inifs of some circular, Jcttera nd
instructions written bv tKe Seer? tajyt
hive iilso been preserved : 8d it is
requested that, before" any copy be
made dj anv tircutaf, Iciut or !u-'
ttruction, written by the. Secretary
of the Treasury, the date -and object
nt the Circular be first stated to the
Department, and its ' wishes - on the
subject ascertained. ' .
74-311 $metnnt of thr Trerttury
SES.S Jivt DtSPATi ut
rTUIE rrrtifi. ate for Four ahsrriof
the Capital or J int Stork of the
State Bank t.f N irtn Carolia.j sub
scribed for i the uame of J Vs. Lot ke
and tr.tnsfcrived' lo Philip Ilanes late
of Bowsd c-uuty, N. C. dee'd, beinjr
lost or mislaid, Niic is herrbv piv.
eu 10 all persons concerned that I shall
apply to the President of taut Bank;
either in person or by agent to issue a
duplicate thereof. f T 3m
CEOUQE fUftrX r.xW.
... Xjfiwru, May 2A4 .1833,
Mr Theoiihilus M. Simpson
T.TQST respectfully informs his
IV X iriends, d the public at large,
t ;tt he is bow c irryiog on the Tailoring
Business, in Jill its various branches
bthe aosv.,t4LcKingtons; f, C, jn
the shop East -of ' the- Court Jlouse,
fb'r'rherly ocenmedy ,p."Ft1i-rTr""
lie regularJn receives the latest
N?w York fVUdctpbi jTitsbinat
which will euabhr him to mate any
getfrteman .. .
.1 faihlomlte suit, of CIotfiesl ,
on short nptice, and iu.a superior atvte
f woikmant-hip, II". hours by assid
uous attention to business t merit a
share ot public pst renege,
.Inrilii 183.1. 71if- s
iu l uitMKKOs.ircn Charleston and Mit-rr C.e1Tvw n..her w no,...
nd down, will return her Trii, in ll."
course of a Tow day and iv intended iv Le'
continued in the trade the ensuing scl
son. 4
Her exceedinp; 1ihf Ursft 'bf Water 7
rawiap; whenlnade;! only about four und
half feet water will eitahle her tn rrarh
Charaw at all timek escent: an unrnm.i
j mon low titer, when her t-wriro wtilb
! lighlCPCd: ! the Expcnre ol Boat.
J. K. CLU011.
Vharlttton Sffil 26.1831.
K. B- Siie has comfort able a;ctjnio,,
dations for a few paiisepgsrsi 91
J . I : C .
" Notice. 'v ;
CTBAYED, from the tubscrib-r on .
0 the lid. inst., a sorrrl IlOltE
having a white streak in his lur e-iv!
aHu "tflul oh his "rTiinsi ring; solhat he
movea- in that Irj -; hiis abotitj
14 13 bunds high and is miirkvd on
hi left shoulder by ihe ci liar, he i'i
also be noticed sucking wind-JUy..
person boding said' II ,ie and givi'Jff
the subscriber "nonce at" BJiring 'itt'
P. Oilice in V'rk !)(. ti. C. h U bal
liberally rewurdttf. -
June Wh f833, , 3 83 '
V every - description, neatly Priced, anil
kepicauitaody fut t ti.lll.(
WITH a vie to the more tlTicUflS
prosetu ion of ir-eir butinesst'ttif
Su iictibd's t.Hve established a J
HostSi,i f fi,rrritnii,ii,ii,iiriiii'i)f iiimwwitrniiHiiiiia I'liiiiiiiniiiiiiiniin'iiiimni "iti'wiiiimiiDiiiMiiii'niiiiiiiii.'WiiliiiBlllliH
Havfrjrptocured the besl Matetili fro( .
ihe North, and employta a' WrtkWa
who CojiltYecwmtrrettft t -.
prepared to c iec'iiteon mot)prl lei mm
all.nrders-in ihbt lne "
Acconni Books, Hepords, fce. role
and nudi to outer I and itery kir.d of;
Binciiiiy prnrop'Iy .entcuUd In 'l!C b-Jr
aad neatest manntr.on irantabl 'etnHit
:r :3. f: ; Jgales k n.-
Vicfv rritit. d on hne lap
f r
Ic. I'.
' ili
J:. C
t i
t id
- I I'm
: t
rf -v
I nr
1 s-
1 1 f
j -,v
ll '.r
t Iv
I s
Xt t
' I'S fl!
I " In,
. I...
t , ,

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