North Carolina Newspapers

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Sine I Inxt wroto yen, ('(mere have paned some
II. Ilia ulnfli ctTBirmioI Willi tiiir a
AmmjriMKn jhh 7; ';t me env, reouesiing tncir mcuilier not to at-
CrtVretlyJlUr,d. This was . favorable I""" jUppryve the measure of the Exec,,.
.n.and creates the hoiie, at least, tlmt the inerea.
? imr and alarming extrava;janre ot una tiovernmciit
wil be niieTl nwitum in nnurv.
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Some 4iuie iinco, Ur. Hall, of North Carolina, mb-
miu.-d reitolution iin.triicUinf tile UiinmitUie of
and Meant to imiuire into Uie exixjdUsncy of reducing
the revenue. Jl produced 'at once a very deru wn
tjn. 8om trcd that another angry Tariff dibale
-ww at ImihA A (rciiUsina ftuw- I'suunylvaoia, then
fire, moved ti reject the renolution without dobot. It
wu ri'iecU'd by a lar majority. The Free Trado
imH Ktato Riirhta Party, who had contrihuted mainly
to Uie great CHnpruniiina Bill of Uie hut feiwiqn, voted
fir'the renolutioiu They wiehed to reduce tlie reve
nue, if it coiihl be done without vw!atiiir. in ny de..
free, that coniprutnine. Tlie New York tnembera vo-
'' ted atraioMt ctiiieidering'tM reunion I I notice thii
- silent hut aiitficnntvole, to iilu that the coiiiproHii
uf thr-Tarili; aiincdla!!t .iuteri-waa a beiu-r bill
than the South ever could bava gotten, under" other
cireuinctancca, or at the handa 0 the New York mem
ber The repn .enUtiorw, therefore, made by Foray th
and hi Van ln'ren Pricnda ja Die Houth, tliat if thia
veted queti had not been a;ttled lart winter, he
could, by tlie aid of hit New York friemK have obtain
ed a better bill thia winter, turna Out to be totally falla
cious and deceptive. Thny never did, and never would
have aifled the South in her struggle for Free Trade.
Their d'mtinjruuihed leader, in hulped t impm
our burtheH, but couU never find it exactly convenient
to aid in their removal.
Hut it b ridiciJou aeriouly to talk of reducing tlie
revenue at tlM-ttiite. Many fi;ar that we alialf be com
pidled to inofemte the "taxen, or make a loan to meet
Hie expenaea of the Goveriiinent Tlie expenditure,
hut year, amounted fa uearly twenty-two million of
dullnra eijrht milliona, at leant, over any ordinary ex
jiendituri, and twelve milliona more tlian thia ftive'rn
iiient ouijiit to eiwt But the revenue derived from im-p-M-U
tlie prewnt year esanit ential, by aeveral millions
ttte revemie't tlie laxt year. The removal of Uie De
piite, hile it haa dennped tlie market at home, baa
" atfrrteil Trry TrintrMjonr foreign eommwe. Many
ent'-niriaing rm-n-hant have aunk under the promntre
if Hi time; then have eMintermatided order previ-
. . diuj-ly acut out, while all have been narrow
their biiKineiw. We may, therefore, reamHialily eon
cIinmj tlmt the revenue derived from importa thi year
will fall Sir !rt of tlwtt of With great proprl-
-y, llier-fife, JmI the Kreaideut, in hi annual inejtwjje,
" fv1"nriW to aJintain from extravagant appropria
tiiMiK of tjie Mihlic money.
You have, no diajl, noticed a renolution MilmiHtnl
by (Sent. HiM-ighl, directing our Clerk to mrchne Sir
he nev. miMinVr, buokn hereloflire ordered Cr the old
iiieniln rii, eriibruring (ialea St Seatun'a Register of I)y
trite, w ith many oilier, and iuvolving an expenditure
f flirty or fitty tlioiiMiid dollam. The practice of buy
injf lAs 6 die iwe of mewhera, audiur any circu
Kt iiiri or to any amount, i tiiiprojuT. It i taking to
theiiwelve morn uf the nublic money tlian ia authori
sed by lw, and ia therefore a shameful poculation up
on the "Public Treiwurv. But thi i the fiM imitanee
iif ili.Tiij tfifi thihsr "m t-whofesnfelinT, arrt of" pnreha-
mix fiir new inemher ail Uuok iNirciiawa ai uie
iiirrese. The prtcedeut ia a dangeroua ohe. The
new memWr of the next Congrew, following the ex
ai'iile net theiu in thi resolution, mu1 have purchnned
for litem all boulu uurrltaned at Uii Congress which
of eourne will embrace thcWkaof the laat Congrew
tliu each wM ceediiitf Conirre, bceoininc more and
' more extrnvnpint, and appmprktinir to titemelva
more and. more of the public money. The people
oufht to hirfk- into thia matter, and correct it It must
h.ive atrurk vou with eome mtrnriae to see audi a re-
anlminn coming from Genl. Speight a gentleman who
ri'iulprnl liimunlf an nntnrurtiK. a fiW VCHfH aim. for hli
otioition to thin Hitme Regixter of DhImU by. OiJea St
Keiitnn ! Trmpbrn tnvtantur el uom mutamur. Timer
' bnve wrmderftiliy cfianged. A new Kjteafcer huwt Me
elected at thi eion, and the General, no doiibt, be
lieve mi man eould fill the chair with more "dignity
anil ability than fcrmnelf ; arid sixteen dnUaw day, aa
m-aker. iniirlit hot be. in hi estimation, an unworthy
1" return it aueb 'jaitmn&mtf -is hclntlf of . lUd W W
iiie.iiUit rt. . -. '
r'FtiuayVMr. CallMmftablrvwed the'"5eWP"hpo"ri
1f- T ,1.'j l.ill li. r. i hurl, r lln 1'dinlr llfl UmliH
JUIF, 1 KtWlrT M Hill VI ICI HHI W'.l- UK. IMIIIu "II"
with great nrce and efTeCt "lie reviewed the subject
-jueVuirticjr.jn-i .11104. inaxtc.tly. tyTe, Hi.a apeech
i rm)i'leril to be jiuixTior Ui any ever spoken bv him'
aelf, or othens on the floor of (wigre. He made one
Jut the jivyt i ffi f x jl t a n i ..abftnw, pibjec; ttir 3learet
. and viuwt cotupreJuanihlc,,,, h'm rhere was nu cott
ifjiinient lie encountered the difficulties of hi aub
1 r l 111 Lln Mtirit if a Jialriiit juid a atateiiuun. The cf-
f ft wmi' a inost triunirihant mie, am) wwne TroSu Cut
OHlerrrt ent'lllirti,tlie JiiglieM cncoiiiiuina, inahiieecn
'will lie nublished. and if 1 am not ireatlv deceived, you
will bv it deserve more tlian t have or can wy of it,
pora fur an e.tenion of the present Bank, with an
""WiTR'f Anient Vif "its fhiritafr He PhrJnfevt mch mettmre
insti'ml uf a Bank entirely new, from tlie necessities of
tli- tune. Hi argument 111 favour ol the constitution
ality of a Nat ioual Bank wag peculiarly able and atr
krng.' If it ftil. to convince far mind, I am aure it
canrwK lie rean ny you wtinmii leeung ius wcignu
"Tlit Kaieigh jvcgiMer, til April 1st, ajs: "The
Sujireuie Court will tMljourii Mlny, after a kmg ami
very riilirTMis fierinT'a "TnrKe"HuTfitKif'of'c9iiiiiBii'fRti-
vmg been rii5H!l of. Opinion have meft 'deliver1
iM in the following caw, hiiicc mr hist
March 25. Judge (jitKti.ii delivered the Opinion
ol the Court m the cane of Kerr t. Cowen At Lon
ner, from Iredell, directing that the Injunction ahull
be disdveil a to the sum of 41 'ith inter-
e-t, aceiiriTiiiii (Tie luvv (jTJwua, il (,h rnte'of
per centum trotu the 4th Slay, until paid,
nnl' iierpetiiiitou" to the reiluo of llie jinlgnietil
complained of.
Minch 20. Chjef.Jiuticft Ruffin delivered the
iulgnn'iit of the Court irt the two noil in J'-ipiitj
ol' Miller and M'ifu and other a. Cliiinilierii, from
r".vyu" tiic KXiiiui fa f5iT"irtlMaiu
er, Misiiiming aouw of UiC excuplum uiki ovcrru-
iiiy 1 ther
tnm hilMi'i llUi, ArrllKf M Mant L
Yesterday, Philadelphia exhibited a scene which
jii, Jl JH Kicratic ('itix-ns of tlie City aiid Coun
ty vvii "hII iitlicrs who are rewdvod to defend the
Coiistilmi-Mt ami I-hw aguiiwt Emciitivc Uura
tiori," hM'i4l!d iii Indecndc:!ico Sipure, at four
At noon, ahirge proportion of the Stores, both
wtiic-iile and retail, together with the work nIio
of uur iulidUut Muuuc and'iea prjtvatehau
-, were hut up, in evidence of tlie ch-cj feeling
with which this community has been imjiresMt-d by
the unconstitutional nets of Andrew' Jackson, cho
in on evil hour to prenido oyer a mice free and
Imppy people.
AH cliiHr8 were movt cmphatieslty rrpresented,
.thBTarkaw trades;, chizpns; irorchaiitSjitcrfre;;
prevuMis arnuigeinent, met at various point to
pn:eed la the place of meet ingTLnng liefore tlie
appointed hour, ImlepeiMU'we SipiaN wo thmngwd
bv tlni4iiMlH of patriots, w!k, ihsigli they had not
jmed anv f tlm'pr'esiii, were detej-n lined to
show that their heiirts were Jiue W their country's
I honor; and as the Jik kson nertv lmit posted hill all
!. . . - .1 . . . .1 . .
I ,,ve ,a are uelcrmiuuu such usurpations slmll
i "poeuiiy prm. a more numerous, rcejrrtulile, or
derly, aiu iiimiirinou tuw!iing,'was never held in
thi or any oilier city of tlie't'iiioii. .
Before three o'clock, the processions of difli rent
kinds begaa to enter the Suare, aa nearly an wc
caiul ascertain, in the Allowing order t .
"Kofin flag, mHcribod u above They formed a very
long eavalcade, compuaed of tlie boiie and aiuew uf
tha owmtry. They Were preceded by a golden Ea
gle, d rawed in black crape, aa an emblem of mourn
inir. ' r
luglily reapectuble body, ...
.. per or aeveral hundred, preceded by a flag with the
. inscription of Wiufimgton our (iuide atiiJ Monitor."
loom oui 01 gear, ana mouniea on a can, on wnicn
was legibly written, "No Work!" -On tlie banner,
"American Industry (he road to Independence."
About 41)0 in number. 1 -
ana umnty. 1 be number or una very respectable
bfxly in tlie proceaaion exceeded jfve humlrtd, and
certainly a rnor rwpectblebody never inade Uicir
apearance in our atreeta. AiiHHig tlien'i we recog
nized man; who had but lately been tlie IVaidcnl
warmest supporters j but who, on tlie prevent mo
mentous (fccaaion, were proud to aliow thcmelvce in
the ranks of tlie Free. Their motto was approriato
ly inscribed on a flag, u Supporting the Convtitution
and Ijws." . AH the shipping in the port liad their
flags at half maxt, so that tlie occaaion may be aaid to
ha ve bet1 aajictioned by the entire buly of our mer
chant. '
TAILORS AND CIXJTIIIERS, preceded by a mode
nag, but tin was attended by a large claaa or men
who are neve? miming when tue country ia in dancer.
THE FURNISHERS, with a flag containing Uie motto
" 1 ne UMiMiiuiion inviolate. .
two banners ; the rirtrt was an eteirant one, of blue
silk ;' liioUii, " Wd bind and preer've tlie literature of
the priwent age for tlie benclit of the future. TJieir
aecond bore the inscription, " Oiir Country and tlie
THE FWNTF.RS, with I banner hurribed, tur
country and it Constitution; truth 1 great, and mut
prevail. It w aeelareii, on good authority, that it
linn l.'cn aacertaincd irtii R-titihtkn of the twu latter
pmliKsioiiH are opwed to tlie removal of tlie depri
site. THE COAL DEAIF.RS, and other interested in the
.A IJ.KH, and other interested in the I fi. atured wc may nafely nay
hiiylkill This rep.cUble awl nun.e- j c pe to gf, tlWtand citiiMJllll wer
precei ed by a banner with a view of a :,,i' . ,.r ,1 . u-.... 1.
I , K 1 - mi 'be lie entire ot t he tv iwre. It
I coal cars drawn on t rail mad. Tbei. ; , - . ' ,. t .,
s forcible and rtriking, "(k. tell hmi 'kmll!m' '
trade of tlie Schuylkill.
ni body wa
canal lock, and
uwcription was lorcilile and atrikirur,
Freemen will not bow or accept the collar ! I " I'a
inn through the canal was the fine Ut IJoHnlitulum.
4iuli..baH!ertw itli a motto, " United we stand, divi
ded we full. A esenunib?of dealer, boat
men, ann omer, were in aiiemiance. - - -
THE HATTERS, displaying an appropriate banner,
surmounted by a cocked hat, inccribeil all round H. '
THE BUILDERS, to Uie number of aeveral hundred.
THE CORDWAiNERS, with a plain white banner,
mucribed with Uie name, Ac. of their profession.
THE MARBLE MASONS, with bright flag bearing
uie motto weaeiend me unistitution rrum present
and fiiture violence."
hearing a head c W bmt,-
etc. nag macrioen, " voai give up uie oiup. - iadot
i Wealtli." .
FARM ERS & MILLERS, in prat numbers, carrying
.;.WJfy'iHI . twfc-uwctipttP Ow UMialry ud uie
PEOIM DF GERMANTfJWNrhiarmwt truly re-
nitectalile and iiumeroua body was loudly eliered oh
I.eii toilul'tuWM.f
1 :.n.'. r; ri.-ii A....iw.itA. ..i rf irtthilaT
""'""' wihit! , uron ivgiiiriiaura T"c """'J
rwisr oppreuwiH," .ynuieirnag, " I he Coiwtitution
. Hill I -Uil"
- - ' 1' fl, ' .r.
SUCA REnNEXSMolto, " Support the Constitu
tion and I w.
THE TOaXXlNiSTSt r witlr; a suitable banner, re
- . pruseatiug WajJiiriiitoa receiving, a calumet of peace
from aa Indian. Motto, " Flourish the Plant,"
The oeatt Jnle-rcdjWasft veyiwyjffocsiiiittof:Q
tens (rum Uie township of Biuckley ami Kingsesmng,
headed by a banner inscribed, M We do not despair
of Uie Republic" And flillowcd by
, .,jTY.s-tnot .truly.inUestuig.)rQceiMun
hailed by all, as it pacd in, with loud acchunatiou.
There were at least 4000 of them.
But perhaps Uie rnost interesting incident of the day
wa.- Uie circumstance which occurred on Uiose young
men pajwing by the house of the firm and indepen
dent Secretary of the Treasury, WILLIAM J. I)U-
:ANEi- His person wadicorered at the windowtif
his liousn, overlooking Independence Square, ami no
sooner wahe aen vm a IovhI and universal shout
-roue from Uie enUiusiastic multitude, evincing .most
forcibly their apppbatipn of his course. M r. l)uane
bowed repeatedly to Uie crowd, and we saw his hand
kerchief more Uian once wiping a cwirsing tear from
liis cheek at this demonstration of their atrcction for
a man displaying independence in Uie cause of Uie
OyistiUjtton, which Uiey were now assembling to
avow thair intention to yindu; and kef n uitsuHi-
"ed from a Sjiot" Tlieyimng men also. 4ipl.yeI a
flag insoribed, ''Our country, not party- principles,'
nut men."
THE IRON WORKERS, with a picture representing
an anvil and a sledge-hammer, and the operation of
ri(r A-SWOR1X propcx. ..TUcrc. waa. no jnictar
Img tin at least
WORKERS, COPPERSMITHS, Sic, with a plain
white banner ; motto, " Our Country and Conrtitu-
THE COOPERS made a considerable turn out, but aa
rkr a we could see bore no banner.
BEHRY, were represented, but in the crowded etatc
of the yard it was irupoauble any longer to keep pace
with tfie enonnou influx of persons wlm proiid in
from all ipiartcr to witness tho resurrection of tlie
Constitution fmm it fallen estate.
. As the coinpimies filed into the yard, their lien
ner were displayed on the ample staging, wliere
wan assembled the committee of arningenamt under
the banners of the United State, which were dis
uloved fmm it, and from the steeple.
Alnvmt at the striking of the clock, the meeting
waa"nrnied, by T)piilrrHitgIhmTI tlwvrs; an -rnri-
gmiu Ja-kin mnus rrwwiiuir and r t!ie jiml
nunilier of Vice-Predeiils and Sex;r;(ark'. .
. Peter A. Rrowne, Esf.", addr;sed the nuiltitud-j
in a short lut very pertinent anil impressive spoech ;
at every point he made., and they weref not few, the:
tuif am rout with cnthuiiutic f appktue.
lie alluded to Ihe yt where tho nifing waa,
held, a that on which our fun-fit hem a'iiililed to
procluim their horror of fim-ign tj runny, and mi id
it wua the same where a werii now pn'-iiiji "oi a
veto on domestic usurpatiim. UeiteratcTl anil tut-
restrained approliition, Irv cheer and iluimihg of,
hiuida, n wardedIr. IJrowno forliU uofl-tiiiH-d uud
putriotio aildn-MH. .. ,r .
The coinHiny having ohtuiiied t glimpse of Hir
entinmble fellow citizen, John Serjreant, ICmj., gave
hi w three round of hearty apihiue. '
Sauaml Ruli, autcowood Mr, H row ne, and
in an iniMwioned addrcsa of great pith, kept tho
people in a contaitt good humor. :
, C. J. Jack, Eaq., followed. Mr; Browne, the
first named orator, having rend the resolution,
which were Maacd with this utinoat unanimity, this
iinnienw multitude began to disperoe pcuceahly to
their home before five o'cWk. .
-:.Oii having the y.ard, the wleral proce wiorw piled
:llwif..)nfteff RuicifuHy lx-fiire'Mi'. Duane'a dior,
and commenced giviuj him loudly vuciforalcd
cheers, at the rate of throe time, three."' This
brought Mr. D. to the window, and he addresed
them for t few momonl, eviilently deeply alfi-cted
by their enthiwiajim. The applause which follow,
ed we will not attempt to describe : it ho made an
impremion on all who heard it which death alone
can obliterate, and which should encourage states,
men" to pursue the honest dictatoa of their heart i
In a few minutes aftor the adjournmeut, the ata
ging wua all removed, and we taw but a ainglo in
stance of even an attempt to create disturbance,
in the case of a crazy tnaa who hoimed a hickory
broom. He was hastily and peaceably hunt led out,
without a shadow of any indication of supporting
Indeed the unanimity, the quiet of every part of
the arrangements, spoke volumes in favor of the
citizen of Philadelphia. They seemed to have
come together as with one heart and one hnnd to
A'fend what it wiD be observed vnur the prtmitfcnf
feature on every banner,
The hortiber of citizens opposed to the itMirpa
tions of Andnw Juckson, at the great .meeting,
held in IndejeiHk!iice 8iiure, yesterday aftennKin,
has Uwn vffrKiusly cuniputed. . We have lukeu eve.
ry nieoji to ascertain the aimaint' as iwurly a
possible, and, aidml hy the experience of umiiy in-
telhgc-nt gentlemen who have luid opportunity 0
wnm;uig inrge nsMemnuea 01 iieoiiie in tin qouii-
try, aa well as in Great Britain, Fra ice, &tc., we
feel ansured wc may safely nay that from forty-
re present, Milhm
wu tlie knt-U of
ill hardly rear it
trout ui tin city again.
ttmm to I'kwlMtw (Mrtat.
e Captain, crcw. anrl tjnwcrrc'ftf thhr Bftff,
recently wreckeil on AUvo, on her passage from
this port to New Orleans, and who were taken te
Nassau by the wreckers, hnveafW much sorter
ing, privation, and insult, reached their port uf do
atination. , :... . ,..
The New Orleans Bee, of tho 4th ultn contains
a statcnamt giving the- particulars of tho Ship
wreck, and detailing the ciraumaUnci;snf tlw trat.
ment of the passengers by the nmhonrjei acJJaiS
sau, of wjiicllth ftdlowingt tlie sulwlance 1
The EnijKirium was wreck-! on the 3d Fehrua
rji about midnight; 56 hours from this port, on Uie
North East part if" AlmoiK -Tiudiiely ifter
the" vessel struck, she filled, ami Ctsitimied fo (hiuiip
so ylolciitly on Ihe rveks, tlial it.wai' expucteiLei(c,
ry wave would dah her to pieces : two hours, oiler
8iicnrt srnrRrww ttwmrs over wrtee mch
n. v oluu.l ln,i C-. .f I ha ml o E.
I Vill Uiih lit A ualn t I. kWintaklnlt la all I Ian mum.
va niui iiivj n 1 a iviiuiwtvij ivt una iimiu
maM was-ininiediHtelv cut awuv, and fell athwart
ie Tncart.v1iith"iTTWt
royal mast. The Captain and crew succecdc-d,
with great difllculty, ia ecuriu jhjnaiiHnastjj aj,
ter it had ben ut .away, iu ch a nsuwer that
the passengers might lash themselves to it, and
aboanl anlitiputed a watery grave sooner or later ;
after remaining six hours on the wreck, eight ot
the persons einlmrkeifm tlie hmMv boat, (the oulv
auc. aUacliod.-ti. th-br ijf jwst Wrir vm,nd
reached tlie land, five miles distant, which proved
to lie Fish Key Island, which was inhabited by a
single family of fishermen, who proceeded to the
wrcclt, and succeeded iu saving all the paeuffers
and crew, aimHoliiig to sixty-nine sr)u!s.""Thy1
reuMuied -n r h Key fsip dyif sufwrstmg on
rice, which had been dreno.licd with salt-water, and
such fish air they were able to catch : they were
thou taken, by tl wrechers, to Green Turtle Kyr
and from thenc to JNaHsaiu
The treatment which they received at this place,
according to their statoinent publiHhed, was of tlie
most disgraceful chanteter, and call for the inter
ference of the Amnrican (iovenuuent, which, it is
beJieyed, will uot allow WTjwtytns to fce uwulte
aiid atsjsed by trie undirliiigs of any Tower, arid
more especially, tM, wbeu cast friendh ss and un
protected upon their shore, by the elements. It
is stated, that 011 arriving in the harbor at Nassau,
nt 3 o'clock, P. M., ou the 11th February, they
wenrtKarded "by the lioat fmm the horf ro
manded by the visiting health otficer, named Tho
mas Pindar ; 4ve was solicited Ur inform the ti
vcrnor of the situation of the passengers, and to
g t permission for them to land j he left, and soon
WW wmtliwr Uwt visiuid lliwin, having mi Isntrd
Alexander Macvey, His Majesty's seaTcher, who
seized the negro slaves, 45 in mimlier, in the name
of the King. He then departed, and Pindar re
turned, an(f stated that they would not be permitted
to land until next morning." On teing rcnViiuit ra
ted withA on the cruelty of this proceeding, lie
laughed at their distress, and used language othe
most insulting character toward tlierm : Stkiri af
teimluWr was rn
on bourd the vessel to have no communication with
the shore, on poirt of Iwing FI RED INTO I The
vessel was theu dia:ed iniincdiluly uiuler Ihe guns
of II. M. sloop of war l'ur:d ; after reinuitiiug there
for some liims, they olitmnud uerinissHMi to laml,
through the intercession of a fellow passenger, a
merchant of tho first rciectalMlity, who had years
ajjo reshh-d on Jhe Island. A friend of his called
upon the LienToruint Governor and obtahietf a per
mit for the pasietijfer and crew td land. ,
-The -net intmiing: the'lslaves were- lamled iand
coruhicti-d to the Chistom or Police Office, ami d.
dared to be free." a I a a day or tw, seventUST the
hlayes returned to (heir mn.iters, with Wars in tlieir
"ye-, craving ar.hin and soliciting in the nitt
humble rrwnner to return lo the 1'nited &nU- wii'i
them, fur they said they wuultl prefer rt-inuiuiiig
Muve in America limn freemen in Nmi. Their
imiiter then wuil'-doii Ihe Ainerit itii Consul and
dosin-d to know nhellw r they ct.uld li tnkeu luick
to the Sillies J tlie CoiimiI llmii'.lil il In
hiivs Uie Governor's opinion ui the subject, und ic
conlingly a(ldre.Hi d him a nlit note, iiiliiiuitiug
nun Koino 01 uie Muves vtero ettn-iuelv anxious to
return with their nuwier. B. T. lhilford. Lien.
uiian uovernor, r lun.(Hl an answer to tin elleci t
ti si.,. ft .r ...1. . , 1 a -
.. 1 .
tlieiKgroes,lHI. will be IlAN(ihD,aml all ac ,
cessnrie, will hee.msiuVreilwi.mllvjtiHdml. and I
iimm-i a sinillar Into ;" these are tlie exact words of '"'l""4' msuiri ientr aiyl declnnng, also, tlmt the - -the
riote, which is now in the hands of the.Amcrt. Prexidt-nl'a RMiihn t in rei!im to (hi matter i an ,
can Cornell." A imiwr similar to the uno from which unuuthoried ajsMiniption i f The first pa-
we have made the above extracts, was presented at
thn rifTll'D lif (111. li.ivul I'.uvnHa C.m Inuirlji lwi!
...,r... ... ..... ...v... ,,,, ...
t'HI tVHwIn . 111 llm rniiv Kfiix..! I., I I
Tho stnlcmetrt is signed by the followiinf gf ntle
nwn t " , '"' "'.'', ,'' ,""..
Henry Reiley, iif Oinr!esIwi7S;'C;"
Willium 1). Smith, of South Carolina. - -
L. Curl, of North Carolina.
Charles Allen, of Missouri. . '"
John Wadihdl, of North Carolina.
"John M. Neal.'uf Virgiuia.
Ilaynes Wadddl.of Nirrth Carolina. ,
A. Grdamie, of biew Orleans..
I Kheflield, Captain of brig Enf oinrum.
, Kiclianl T. Evhiw, Mate of said brig.
-Welioiie the circunwtawe above detaiM are
highly colored, a it can hardly be conceived tlmt
wretchiis, such as Pindar and Macvey are stated to
be, would be entrusted with authority by tUn Bri
tish Government, or tlmt they would dare so te
abuse it. That the British Government will dis
claim -their condiK-i and discharge them from its
service, um a projier representation uf the oJIiiir,
we cannot doubt.
Tun. Bank of .-Marybwid 4m stepped- payrrrerrt,
and the eflltcts of the Institution have l-en trans-lern-d
to a Trustee, for tlie equal benefit of the
creditors of Hie Bank. . -
The St.s khohler of the Girard Bunk, tlie He.
posile Bank at Pliiluih-lphiajiaveby a consideruMe
majority, dwiikl in fuvur f a rekration of tlie
Covcniinciit deH,iios to the Hank of tlie Uiiiied
r ai,ai 444......
(ttr There ha been ao alteration for tlie better in
Uie Markets which weumially quote.
I'.jctrucl of a hlltr. doled Uixrviml. Frbrunry 7 :
" The (hittim market is Jlat md jriiiping, and m fnr
llur iterlUt i$ very Mii ly In Mas plat, Oood fair I'p
Umdt barelw tiring Hid. TKmdervmd in Aiftser
fur gnotli and yursa kai Utiene.d ten mm h, end ik
priee ollahird fnr the latter will not remunerate pur-"
cutMtM of tw&m at Nlrf. :nder CirrMrufniryu,
the prire may Hirlute l em lmg.
In thi Couulu. on Ihe 274 ultimo, h tke Rett.
,tmwi Rnthrnrk. Mr. HAUL MILLER to Mu
In Ail Vuunly, on lie 276 ultimo, hu JitnTMV.
Walton, Een., Mr. SOLOMON SJtTORU to Miu
In thi (imutt), on the (Uh ultimo, Mr. ABXER
A DA V8 to MU$ JANE, daughter of Mr. Jome
McXetiy. - -
In RntkertWd (mntm Mr: JACOB UROOA'S to
Vr.: ai. hullesh. ' ::y
In MalctviUr, on the MtK ullinm, Mr. JAMES
WFJ.VII, of WUxon hmntu, 7V"., to Mm OMAY
rr . ornt'v r ..i.i. -..:i. w ri - -
iw ei y " it . y fnii'y, i. v. . . , . .
.. At Emt; JUtif, Spurtanhnrg- IhMrirl, S, (Xt Mr.
ASA rx nf llnekt rotmty, N. C to MUi MAN-
BROWX ariV tf Mr.. Pettr Ihown, inih S7(A jesr
f her are, ' ''
'21th ultimo, after m vnrtnuled illiun of nearly four
rr. Mt.ALEXA&DZR.UlLLEHr'lE, H tkeHtid
fWf lT fftt: .-Lr'W-. .t".5-
. I M 1 A .
rTIIE EiLditeeuth Anmial Convent'iisi of tlw Pro.
testaut EiHm-oiMtl ChuK-h, iH tlieDioress .of
North Carolina, will be hold in Ht. Peter's Church,
VahingtuMf oouutHUJCuig u lktrd)'cdnxJt)ji
in Mag next, that Is-iiig Ihe 7th day of tlie imsith.
April 5,1 H34.tdm - Seretutjf.
Cttrriagc-3Iakiiig Business.
, Hi?.?.I0 &
A iery Xni AiSortimenl of WorLj
1 COflSISTI,NS tif urn moji
lowrr than can f bought:
elsewhere in this section of country -:
TJieir work J jrnfiijiifncturel.of gs ijood..nintcri
als as can le prisiured in the Smitliern country. -
As they employ none but good workmen, they will
warrant their WURK.tabfi ttpegioriinisns tw Iw highly nsefnf trr thcranse if
i'i a vv iiTiii'H iu -ri 11-1 111 .!.. ' I : . 1 ' , - . .. . . .
both in nraiiwu and strength.
id IH)Nli BY (iKK)D
'Miq''oT,il)em Is ing the
-rB.V vfitsith of tlie Pobsusn.
f-REPAlRIVfl'wi lie done on short notice,
and very eheap,'at tlieirOLD STAND, cm Mar
ket-Slm-U one dr east of the lute Dr. Perniod'n
Balislsiry, April 5, lMt 3t .
... (F..yi;'T'j' n n '
I ttl.MlM V, tn'fir Agency I ip lite fimiMic turn til
Cliiiiiis.sii)ii r.usiiM:.-w geiwrnllv, the Collection
a"nd J ttleinent of Claim. Di-.Hiht und Rniewa
f NiAus at either of the IiHtiks, Pure haw if tlt k.
InvpstiiK-nt and Trsiffi r of Mmiev, ,Vc. A.c
" FuVcttcvillcrApril 5, 3t r ". "" -
f THE YOTH, TAKl-N ! In tl.s Senate of
the Uaitcd Suites, m lie 2nth ult. lbs question woa
.. . . .,
VV' imtl lM wroHw w
ed . ,, ,.f 2 i t m. t, . ,. nf .
. ir . --. ' -
.. , 20 iTwn nws l na Mem brra vera a ssmL
Mr. Mimguin yoted Ur ttch,of tho. Jtsolutions
. '
Mr. 'Brown against each; :'.V. "TT"'
Pcch Wcllford's Wage,-
(17 miles 8. of Lexingtisi,) , ; '. '' !
Will aoie arrive hi Fnwleri:klurg( Va.) at 0 A.
M. est Ihe FOURTH DAY from.Lexmtiio, in
. timn Cir the Steamboat to Washington;
aloepiiig, the SAM U M(i II T, iu BALTI MORE
making - '
03U 1 VYH OiliV,
From Lriiii(lon,(N.'.) lo Italllmoir.
" ID" (WiwroiIiiM with IFwioJ oT wiyothar
Line whatever. . , . -V
Proprietors of the old . W, ojr.Middle
'.' ' Urniie Line of Stages.
Fredericksburg, March 27.
- N.B.- Travellnr from any point ftmth'of 8mv"
Isiry, wishing lo take this Line, should be careful
to tuirr lo Suliabwrjf oy V - ";"."
P.& W.'s Stage leaves Salisbury tmnwKately--after
Ihe arrival d the Piexhrnxit Hrage front thi
Ssiih, via. every S U N D A Y, T U E 8 DAY, and
I'll I D AY evening. , ' ' ," . ,1
OT Fare as low as by ny otlrer route. TAWl
ft, 1:4.
liaiul to be Soldi
,"oe t muck
eiich as will satisfy the Tax rjue IhereouWILL
BE SOLD, at the Courthouse in fAilishury, ,
Oa Monday the 10 th oCMxy next.
Ka.MEI.T . '
?QQ Acres b-Iwigiiiita.liio.Eut of John F.
Fhimr. '. , ' 1 ; '
2 1 Lois iu the Tew bf Salisbury, given in by
Sumuul II. Pearson. , . ,.' .
-I Lot m tm Town of Sutisbory,-giveh 'in riiy
Farah Yarbrti"h.
BOS Acres belonging to fh Estu'leof the mdow
- . , u,.Ci!0ou, uWeased. . L - i.
2'JS Acres rrirerr in by Alloa Ci owillZT I
Acres Vhiugnrg-to- tho Estflte of Ednard '
. Shenpiird, dieaxf. . r "; r
tOOO "Acres lidonglug io tlie' Ltala cRi," (mrH" ' t
t-.-v v. ;. 'sParter. doniul.
l-y- hcluuatiur to-Thuniaa. Ktlt-a, given jn
UY 1'UUItl KIKW, , . . .
87 Jkcros bclniiging'lo Rebecca Cookr given in'
iwawfejfci33l.VMttttft jtrf QOifcsgjt a-twt -At. m Jtrorf-jt .wr'vjt ;r''ew"i--'
100 Aero belongii the Estate of .Elhrnbctli-r-i:.'.
11 Acres bging to Jail BoatW'of TreJi lI4
County. ' " .'.' " '"
I OAcrea UgTIthTP UibcSi"
ley, decease d. ' ' v i
125 Acres givfcrf in by Manchester Jolibstua. '
rift I 1 . . .
u Acres given 111 By iianiei Murpli. T 1
riOLAcrttutiiia bit William lla'ii'iv""
'it Acres belonging to tlie heirs of JuA Swink.'
i Atres given in by John lies. ;
30 Acres given in by John Elchison, Runrdinn
. of tlie heir of John F.tchison, decent d
IT'l'bw TpuA 0 Land lies iu the l4 f
4hft.ys1(Mi'-Hii rJjiM A -ali cf 1
iiiuol.guiith and others. . ,., ,
" t-I ? 7; FrSLATEIt , ' t '
faltshwrj, April 5, ti31.- Tt , '
In Stattvsville.
rT'IJE SubscribcrespectCdlv innmn V f j, ;, !i
A aujd the iul4ie Hurt he HAS KE,i tiVl'.I bis
valuable Stock of BOOKS from Ch.uluttr: To
HTATESVILLE. lie exMcfs lo receive, in tl,e
"'f"? ."f tbT "f f'r wwks,a lnr''f'-Mi1,!y , f
new and IntereiBtmg Books, from h.,'.,
dtlpliialt will btt lrt Uja la Lm
on haml a good assortment of s;u h liOOKS anil
STATIONERY article as are in denmnd In fin
section of our State.. ,
Believing that a well-cntnlurted B.h k'-ti
ism, or learninjr, and ol KeligMm, and N-ii".- will
ing to soil his B..ks at low r V for W. , r a
h-rt crtIU, hu fldllei hiiiiwdf thai hii slnill re
CfUAluifiuturatieutuul friH-a lightrW wmmrr
nity. Mo invites all vthu P el an interest, in hi -.
liihlihhmcta U cull and e;i!i,iin fl.r 1!,. o n-Ivi-s,
Flutosville, M.irrh 2!), . t ((
Tnlio Notice!,
ft R W V, m tin- i.'0th of Fo
C'i' V bruary, rnv i n M,in '
He is iili. .ui H.'i or "fl e,ts '.'
near II f ct l.I.Ji.ven l.l.o k nn.j N r.
ted hahi-h rliei k boiws.nml'
f!--t. He hud on,v.hea he I .) mo, a l;n-
alsiiit coat, copjK-ras-eoIiiii .I i.ver-all, ;
wind -hat. Any pei-son aim v .11 rvtum ,.
lo nve, at mv rcsidi ure, ol t!i i',U f mm
ed by (s. David Caldwell, in Iredell ('
(!., or coiilii'O him in any '. jnil no that I
iall Is? Sinply corniKMiNited fur h!I troii'.ii
"'itM. . ' '8. 'GLAC'OCK,
, M.U.I1 1531.
V I Vi!,.
! ; ... ' !

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