North Carolina Newspapers

    4llMntMl M."'
).r--l r ; ,t 1. " ' -
-O Ikxtk t kw biltrr is lAe rrtotmhrvirfevflhrt la
pom thttUat uue in 4u pftfuibtu."
Tha rich bi4 W pmfip 1 1 mi gorged
'Viththag ' "
Bo that it pre4 no pi?wi forth to leek - (
A better wwld Ihii ' , ."; " -.,
There j in change
Awl In th ateeptea chamber of disease,
CartainM and nursed, and ffl content, la. -'
He hiut a waited an" an eager look,
AnJ wi tfteler'brow hetix'd t lwer-
Kara, yet loplurii. ' What, h greatly fUredY
T Ilttd eome upon hita. 80 he wiil h .Wij
The' way ef aQUU earth and Hit lands took
Aaothei's mimk " ,
"Why to Ui Cradle-si&J
CWat thoa, 0 Death changing to thine own hue
Of ghMt!y pile tht yotitlifUl inipi brow
.l AM fa her nightly watching leaving nought,
. ' la payment but a piece of Rtarble clay,"
Awl the lorn heart-string in the bleeding breast f '
Corne V the aged ; he hath sorely trod ,
Time's lugged Mail, Until his tn" is broke,
And hi feet palsied, and hit friend ill gone :
' Put thy cold finger on lifts' butt (hint apart,
And, K&rbely fwping, he ihall fillow thee.
Com to the aaint s for he will weekly take
Thy menage to hi soul, and welcome thee
. In jeaus name, and bios tlte haduwy gale
7hicb thou dost open. - k . '
Wait whikvO Death, '. ;
For those who kv this fleeting world too well.
' Wait till it fbree their heart to Ulrri away
: 7 YtfXi all It flirfeit prorniae, and loath .
Their deep hypocrisy, Oh wait fur tiione
Who havi not tailed yet W Uuavf n' high grace
Nor bring tht ni to thcii audil all unclothod
With I Ilodeemer'i Hjrhtwawrwal
' . ' IWOI'lMTf.'
Whix vcr hH iiinl
Iinii4 r:ii)!iiilMr Hi" HMHipkill nniiiliiiiix. Jhcy
ii-., 'ii-
an? iiiut,iiii'mi urnm n m ino ema a im-
cliiiin family, uuil are mmi way to ttin wont f tlm
ntrr, awi'iimg up to a rMifl noiguy asia mraing 11 :
ovt:r the urTouiHlui)r cuiiiry . Kiry chwigo of
m:aM, every change of weather, indeed, tvery!
hir ' tli )(iy jM' amoti We 4n llwi nu--(rii-ul
Iiiicm ami liHjmitif tlrftiaJ riioniiluinn, and tlu-y
tfo f tM by all the gwid wivph, dr and w-ar,
aa mri-rt tiurr!tr)etra; VV'hoii the weatlx-r in Cilr
and wlllml, they are clillii;J in blue and'mirttle,
and iriul thir bdd 'uuiliima.on' the clnar (wwing
ky i but' wiiiw tioM-it, wlirft tho rwt of the land.
arur1 cIihuII', tlwy. will ifiitlwr a hood of gray
ray of the i:ttui auit, will glow and light U liko
a crown of glory.
At the of tliuiw fnirv mountain, tlm voyager
rnny have dnw.ritTd tho li(it atnoke curling tin from
a v ilium', whoiw ahingle roofx ekmnt among tin
tn cn, j-wt whora tho blue tinta of tlie upland melt
away into the tr'nh green ot the nearer laiul:aH'.
It ia a little villuge of t're;4 antiuuilv, having
lawn fniiiiHliptf by wiiiie of the IKrtcli cimwiml iaa" (he
early tiinea of ho province, jumI alxnif tho begin
ning of the government of the good I'eler Hluyve
aant, (may he rpat ia peace I) araltWre were aome
of tho biaiitea of the orieiuat pttlor Mtatiding wiliw
in a few yearn, with lattice window, gable front
mirnMHint:d with weathercock a, aial txatt pi aiuall
yullow brick brought from Holland.
In that Name village, and in one of thete very
houtwa, (which, to toll the precise truth, wai aa'llv
time worn and weather boaten,) there livod, runny
vnar aince, while Ihe country waa yet a province
of U rent frriranT, :ihiple'io4-ttaiUieii.lldlujr4i
the name ol Kin van rvuiKte. tie waa a (nmcemi
ant of the Van Winkle alnt figured no gallantly in
the chivalrous rlayi of Peter tJtnjrvpnant, and ao
cianiiamed In in to the wge of hurt Chnniina. He
inherited, however, but little of the murti il cha
racter of hi ancetor. rl hare burned that he
wia a niniplfl jood nutiired man ; ho whu, ijiorpo-
in iiljcnc'i, and cvn took'"'! t'p'h Wdf with an
evil eye, a the cuuim of bU tiwuti r'a m ofleu go
ing astray.- True it w, in Kint of njiirit belitting
an houooraljle dog, he was as courageous an animal
as ever scoured the wood Ixit what cHirai can
voyage up tho !n.lm, withstand iljij rviT-during awl all-b-'tting 'jerror.
ot a woman s tongue ? I m inoiiamt oil entereo
the: house; his crest fi ll, his tail dropped to tho
groeuid, or curjed betwmm his bigs, he4iKiaked
alioiit with a gallows, air, casting many a sidelong
glance at Dame Van Winkle,' aw) at the least llou
rih f a hnsniMtU k or ladle, would fly to the door
wtth yelping pinripitiln
Times erew Worse am! worse with Rip Van
Winkle, as years of walriiiwmy-folled on a tat
teinier never lia-IIows with age, and a sharp. tongue
is the mdv edao' tsd that grows keener by constant
uw. For a Ions while lie ud to console himself,
wheri drii'n from home. .v freouentina a kiiid of
jsTis!tiial iclub of tho lages.'philosojiliers, and other
s'khis on a bench before a small inn, iksignated
1 rubicund portrait of Lis mujesty George tlie
bird. H:ro Jhcy used td lit in the shade, of a
ver, a kind neighbor and an obedient hoti-pecked
husband. Indeed, lo tho lulter circn.stvnee might
1st owing that meekness of spirit whiuli giiiuedhiin
suph universal popularity ! for. those men ar? nMMt
ait to be obsequimaj anf ccsiciliating abroad, who
are uraler the discipline of shrews at home T!"jir
tnmtiers, doubtless, are rendered tiliunt and rs tile
I able in the iV-ry (urnaceof domestic tnlmkuon ;
I and a curtain-lecture is worth all the senu'ioS
' '.' THL FRLNTWa CljMilLvDifENTa.1
' I, Thou alialt iutaribe for tfca newspaper piiiited in
2. Thou sii-ul nut take a newspaper without paying
the subscription BMitry poJicVAlly tbrftiot! as i
and to havi Uinir ptie flllod w ti tho rich of U lt world for teachmg the1 virtues of patn!We and
eartit..'..rthourn tliT ffiej eeHitlsjr.X ". . long aufTering A tennagant wife may, tireftre
k Thoo shalt --t tv-si aootlisT's arts: lea, and publish in ome respects, be considered a tolerable bless-
Uem aa thine o ft JL ' , ' .A iiat and tf bo, Rip Van Winkle was thrice blessed
4. Thou sUIt nt pemlrato maniac pe,or bw6 T j, m,uwr he was a great iavorito among
-... .,;,.. r'.k 1 - . "1 j all the gJod wive of the vdluge, who, as usual with
- & RiroiiwverueJ,iH4aad jHh wwbjf?. mi' t W all family squab-
er i.vmi wiu th"fi'lonsii thereof, . " ""h aim never mneu, wi.qnevpr mey niaea moso
.&.li?a aibiail not lirHt Vy .iHhilf!WP,'', .iwtttew over in their evening grossippiniMi, to lay
por any thing eU that is iua, hiit go to bini that hatli all the Mame on Dame Van Wiiikle. Tlie chit
to sell, and buy lorAhysl& .ay t Idren of the village, too, would shoiil with joy when-
7. 1 hou shall a 4 -fly MHo a pmasioa when thy milk- ever fa apprtsiehed. He assisted at the ir sports,
. 8.
tyea., , , vi ...... jifioul'tbii fitUt-h waa tairruundeil by (rdiip of.
:: 9. Remeiubcr tli Tadiea: m whenthoa rest thy llhemllangins cm his skirts, ciambcnhg on hn
brethrea tailing nu themselves helpweets ftom amomr j ,.c, and pith ing a thousand tricks on him with
Via lair Uautfhiora or to lano,- ukhi anare go ana oe ,n,tMin,ty. tnt m B d0 would bark at hnu through
,.. . . . . V u ... ,.. ...
ifivi wwniw.imiiwi vim asisf wiiwH w. mr- tt.ia (Knir n v thinrru fuiurht lhm in Hi ktaa n,A
tlw i!y eUiiapnrarieatU type and quill, T RT " 7 T -
.in a Wl wmtJU h&A il,v hromer'a witches, and Imhans. Y henever he weat dislging
ftiawiaai fot by ihil-fcituoilrli that the printcr-vuh-.
arriotfoa list uicftases." -. ...'.''- " - - -
JiawV AWUor,BMkUca l4)diaitouhhAed po .
-' ..... 1 " t . 1.
liuciana ana VSCUFHi-im'n, ,sr-Ttfiiui aim cuhiiikhi
wot the iMiigliltiKirhood.
Tlie treat error in Hio's composition was an in
"siiWrHhhi aversion (ra1Tl(nirs oTiVonaltirtilSur
. .. . . . ......... : .
It could not be tor tha want or asHMliiity'oyp?najt
vrrarMrrrfof hwwrtr
"U'si InJtpenJtm .Ifon. One whoean shave himself J rod $$. haig and heavy & i Tartar's laiice, and Jab
aiff lazy summer's dav, talking lisllessly over Vil
nge gossip, or telling endless sleepy stories about
nothing. Hut it would have Isien worth any atateav
man's money to have heard the 'profound diieius
aifMMi which sometime took place, tvben by chanco
an oia newspaper leu into tneir minus, irom some
miMJiiiir trnve er. How soleiimlv thev woo a list
en to the contents, as drawled out by l)crrick Van
Duminel, the schoolmaster, a dapper learned little
man, who waa not to be daunted by .the most gi
gantic word in the dictionary ; ami how sngely
thev Wisild deliberate upon public evcuts some
. ... i
months after they hod taken place 1
The opinions of thi junto were completely con-
trolled bv icholas Yediler, a patriarch ol the vil
lage, ami landlord of the inn, at the door of which
i took his seat, from morning till night, juxt mi
shailc of a large tree : so that tlie ueighliors touul
tell the hour by his movements, a accurately as , ed
vy a sun uiui. it in iroc, il" was iuiuiji ih-hiu iw
Kesk, lait smoked his iie incessantly. Ilis ad
herents, however, (for every great man bus his ail
herrifs,)'perf5ctly umlerslisid him, and know how
to gather his opinion. When any thing that was
read or related displeased him, ho was olwerved to
smoke his pipe vehemently, and send forth short,
frequent, and anry pulls ; hut when pleased, he
(Mild inhale the smoke slowly and tnimimllv, and
emit it in lijfut ami placid clouds, and sometimes
taking the pipe from his mouth, and letting the
lrngrant Vtirssir curl about his nose, would gravely
nod his lieail in token of perfect appfobatimu
From even this strong hold thrt unlucky Rip was
at length routed by his termagant wife, who
would suddenly break fn upon the tranquillity of the
assemblage, and call the members all to nought ;
uu waa that august, pcraonage, JSkhouu . Yeddur
himself, sacred from the daring tongue of this ter
rible virago, who charged him outright with en
couraging her husband in habits of idleness.
Poor Rip waa at last reduced almost to despair ;
and hia only alternative to escape from the labour
of the farm and the els moor of his wife, was to
take gun in hand, and Stroll away into the woods.
Here he would sometimes seat himself at the foot
of a tree, and share the' contents Of his wallet with
Wolf, with whom he sympathised aa a fellow suf
ferer in persecution. M Poor Wolf," he would sSyj
t thy. mistress Ivads thee a dog'a liej it but nc-.
ver mmind, my lud, while I live thou alialt never
want a friend to stand by thee !" Wolf would wag
hia tail, look wistfullyja. hi jnaster'a fu4e,.and if
dog can fed pitV; .1 venly believe he reciprocated
UbjB. eoliineQ&.w itb..dl hia, JeaitKo.-.... ,.u . .
In a Ions ramble of tho kind on a fine autumnal
rdaytRipThad1 BnfinttWifflrsfy smmWed to ne of the
nignnsi nanaoi me jvaaisaiu mountains, lie was
luc ted. lie iiaused H.r an iiistuut, isii snpsisiiig
it to I the' nmllering of one of those, transient
thunder shower which olien take place in mom
tain height, be proceeded. I'aung through the
ravine, they tamo to a Jioilow, like a small ainphi.
theatre, surrounded bv airpemlirular precipices,
.. . i -e .. I '. t. 1 im. a1..J1lii!r
over the bnims oi wiiiiu iiiii iii"g
ranches, so that yisj only taufiht glimnsim ol the
azuie sky, ana ine origin jevcmng '
the whole time, Rip and hi companion had labour
ed on in lilence Cf thcaigH tha mrmcr marvelled
greatly what could be the object of carry ing a keg
if nuor ud Una wUd mountain, yet mere was mw
thing strange and iiompn-nenfiuie aismi iw u.i
tnmin. that insnired awe. and checked fainiliarily.
efcts ----- ' . r
On enlering the ampluUiealre, new onjecu w
wMler prcwjuted themilves. un a level sjsa in
iho'ccntre waa a comtsuiv of odd- isikmg person
6P playing at nii)-pins. They were dressed in
a mmiiit. out andisn rasiiipn : amie wore soon
AWilriaylierr jeAlMsy itt..4kR
U IU, and most had enormous breectiea, ol aimiiar
style with that of the guide's. Their visages, too,
were uuculiar : one had a larue head, broad fuce,
and sinaU jiiggish eyes j tlie Ciee of another seemed
to consist entirely of ik, ami waa surmounted by
a white sugur-loa'f hat, set off with a little red cs;ks.
tail. Thev all had benrtk of various -shapes and
colour. There was one who acemcd to lie the
coniniaiulur: " Ho was "OlGut oWTpfmlwnanrwitli
a weathr-ls!iiten countemince : he wore a laced
doublet, broad belt and hunger, high tiowm:d hat
and feather, red stockings, and high heeled shis.-s
with rosea in them. The whole gnstp remindei;
Rip of the figures in an old Flemish (Minting, in
the isirlour of Dominie Van Hchaick, the village
(sirson, and which had been brought over from
HoIIiiimI at the time of the settlement.
What seemed particularly odd to Rip, was, that
though these folks were evidently amusing them
selves, yet they maintained the gravest faces, the
most mysterious silence, ami were, withul, the most
melancholy party of pleawtire W had4!VCt.:itncsS'
.Nothmi interrupted the stillness ol tlie scene
but the "in list: of the balls, which, whenever they
were rolled, echoed along the mountains like ruin
hlilig siils of thunder.
As Rio and hirf comnariion' apprrwehed them
thi-v Minl.l.Milv dfswted from their nlav. and stared
at him with such fixed statuc-like gaze, uud sui
strniiL'i!, uncouth, lack-lustre cisintenunees, that his
heurt tunnel within him, and Ins knees smote to
m thcr. Ilis companion now emptied the content
of the keg into largo flagons, and made signs to
him to wait iisn the coinwuiy. He ols-yed with
fear and trembling ( they quailed the liquor in pro
found silence", and thou returned to their game.
Bv degrees, Rip' awe and apprehension subsi
ded.' He even ventured, when no eye was fixed up
on him, to taste the beverage, which ho fouud had
much of the fluvisir of excellent Hollands. Ho waa
naturally a thirsty soul, and was soon tempted to
repeat the draught. Due taste provoked another,
and he reiterated hi visit to the flagon so often,
that at length his souses were overpowered, his
eyes swain in his head, hia head gradually declined,
and he full into a deep sleep.
To be concluded hext week.
travellers' Inn,
& ill
rTMlR Subscriber lake thia method or informing
1- Travidlera that' he keens a Housa of Km,..
laiiimeut in Lexington, (N.C.) ou Main Buect
Southwest of the Courthouao. "
I lit Table will alwayi be supplied with the
fare that t pleutiful neighborhood can aflbrd. Ilii
(louse being capacious, and atU'm.vd by irrvHiiti
who are industrious and zealous to lease, Tiuvi'l.
lers can alwayi be accommodated with U 00 D
B K 08 In room with hre-plaees. And last,lm(
nof tha hntst - TmrmrtMrt -s0tH I', IHJHf
tcill tthtayg rtccim tuck atltntiu i, in tht VuW '
of the Submriber, that they may Vnve k with ia.
creased ability to do tho aervice tf the road.
Tj An excellent Lhi of
AccommotkUoa Stagei
leaves" the House of the 8ubscilr, FOR 8A.
L I S II U R V , on (he eveningsof Mondu gt Th arik
day, and Hainrday, and return! to Lex in j too tn'
the succeeding evenings. f . '
CO" Passenger jfoing from South to North,by
entering their name a fur a Balinbury only.aud
there taking the Accomtnodatimi Line to Lex'wg,
ton, can have their choice, at the latter place; mj
tween the Piedmont Line aud the one which rum
by wav of Fredericksburg. "
Lexington, March H, 134. ly ) ". '
Iiiijstrters No, 88, Water St act,
fm mm m mm
mi md t4 m v.ih)
Art nmr rerririiig thrir Spring Pulrrrm of taf.
thinwure, China, and Fancy Vdvdh, "
in tery grrat rarit ty,
IMIEIR stoi k is very extensive, embracing evry
articlp sold in the line ; and, from their liiciti.
ties in England, they arc enabled to oiler every in
ducement lo their 'customers, in pattern, quality,"'
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it greatly lo their interest toieall, a the seloctiisi
Inch have been muile are with a view Uj (lie . ...
afolina snd Virginia markets, uud every article
ill I' put down to the lowest price which it via
ssibly be sold at. From the effort hitherto
made to give our customer satisfaction, we hope
tor a couliuuaiice of patronage from North Can
lina, TIIOS. J. ItAKKOW 6i CO. -
Importers, e8 Water St.
New York, Feb. 15, 134. ., lOt
Ct .Iftfh-.-. ft M. m'M
dahliaa tear U dtr, and gennmnta and ruUbe 2p hUl ,( 30w w ft ftuiwU
(JaareivW'r tiat'flaabi'bebVr' th4ler i ...i.r : -:.!.: 1Z. :r?rJ?
i wuu uiannim iitt wniiu ircvvr even nIUi3 W m-
aaiai MrMMHiM alnal M twIMllt. AlLI Km ttlliattkAVtl tn
iruiM;,nmovvir.M" r. , . .
kirruMir a thai vih.fc-hMi roiJ nnull Lnrr tJ.nV v
raighbour in the roughest toil, and was
LappiAeta ia that coltaga.? Lnwrtt Jourtud,
mtjm party, waa much annoyed by tlie luqwrtment con
venation of coxcomb who sat near ber; at length, be
tsomtng tired and vexed, she turUnd toward him with
an angry eonntenance, and aid,"1 Bo phsuwd, air, to
7 tease yOiik imvaidence." The fellow, was ashaiHihed it
.) :i liU a a rebuke. and could only reidy. "Pray, Miss,
.;A uu ' tla in 'mi fijLt. ilia- VrWii-tL "Ism
8 Jwsi".
t witilf
re, pact walking in a narrow
foremost man at nl cisiutry frolicks fir husking
Xtaliaa 4m, uc lnuld'mc alone fencoa. - The wouwa.,
of tlie village, too, used to employ him to run flieir
errands, ami to do such little mkf jobs ri thMr less
obliging husbands would not do for Atari ;-in n
word, Rip wa ready to attend to any btsly's Imimi.
ncsa but hi own ; 'but as to doing fiunily dutv, and
atx-ping ins l.iriu in ornur, ii was impossible.
in'fuci, lie docTured it was no use to work on his
- - - I . . . " ' - ' . ., .,iwit( iiib inTuuitiQ. nii ui miutiiTJi nnMnuiv; aim
: -i '--;i' ".7 it " f. 7 i... I.. :"1 7.7'... . .7 7. 1
ikA -
t i irr ' i ' Cm'
7 "it '" ' V "
mmmmmW0 0felVhlM9jjjjj
A pVfson wlio waa remarkably Ihin and J" . ' v , jwsiiwni nine jm-ceoi gnsma nmg Vot muQ limc R,p av mmag m
w treet, met a stag- " "' v " c'"ithi scene;
i ..." I.. .A I 1. 1 .... ! . i-, ,1- I
Vfninir tens frrnfhmtlv nHvaurMnrr th
WVlltir. Wftlllll 1ML. tt-Flkltfr 111 Hlul.i ..rtilm Iltu 1 . ' 1 .. . . . , t . - T-ri rl
.j- wsuiyss..!H?"?r" I mouniaira oogan 10 mrow ineir. long oiue siiaoows
f? cortt,n,IH,1y fuJlu,8 Jo Pi l" fover the Valleys, ho saW that It woiild lie'oafk long
would wther go astray, or get aiming the cabbages; j lfore he could reach the village; anJ ho heaved a
wela were sure to grow quicker in his fields thtin ! heavy sigh when he thought of encoWering the
any where else ; the nun always made a point of terrors of Panic Van i Winkle:
ltmg m just aa ho had some (Hit-door work o do; . . As ho was about t.t ile;end, he hear a voice
so that though tii patritiumiul estate had" dwindled fain a distance, hallooing, "Rip Van Winkle!
:V.t a vrtinr Wy in New York, wlw wore an ultra-la- wa7 wr " "r. ? y acre, Winkle!" Ho ls)kedartsmd, but could
....MUe f..;k and pmtafrttet, being on a visit to her " k'11 a mere jialch of In- tKi6 nothing but a crow winging its solitary flight
across the Mountain. He thought his taucy must
have deceived him. and turned auain to doscend.
His children, loo; were as ragged and wild as ifi when he heard the same cry again ring through
TtuTVaii WiuinoTRipv an
i'"'low,-wh wtritao mock ftltoioeated thai beoo
t wliola th.Tm- thui gimtlejnan made a
lie, "t, linking earnestly at the drunkard, said,
" f y vi y i I ir, I tbuik you have oron a Hub M
t-1- A." M U.ive 1 1" hiccuiied Die fellow--?' have I !
, 1 mlwl, my good sir, 1 thaik you iiuve tat much
l (."." - 1 v -
j i lihim It i itntiHl. in the lU-rkHhire Advocate,
TO C0NXX)RD, where heTiai opened a "Shop, inj
rious branches will be executed in the most fash
ionable, neat, and durable manner. He flatter
himself that hi skill in the business, and his con
sf'ahf "period
enable him to redeem all pledge made to those
who may favor him with their custom.
(Kr He receive the latest FASHIONS regu
larly both from New York and Philadelphia, and
work by the most approved systems. Cuttinc
tut, arid Order from a distance, will H prorttptiy
attended to ; and last, but not least, his term will
bt very accommodating.
Concord, March 29, 1334. " 6m
f in ,Vw Jersey; waritpprehemled and carried ""ian torn and potatoes, yet it was the worst condi
b '" ri? aUn,cl M,j;i'trateonaehargeof wearing men'i tiooed farm in the neighbourhood.
His children, loo; were as ragged and wild as if
. . ' nn ii a i k at . J 11 .1 . r
n-.jriil I . lliptioui nneu hit nve oouani aim man iot
t-rr, hi-i of ths ststute In'thatftrs-niade and -
:u -Tlf iriiTTiriiij are Jni TinTio t'riM'ii tree.
v. 1 t ! v w nit look for in the dry !...Oor "T 1" is
""of e,'-''.i"ii fitt if ynttntf Mh$ fare e badly fapirttmg
cn fiiat.i.'fffet.ther is no punishinenUshurtof t" F?a
nixh Inmr.wtiou severe enough fur thuso marrieuTjo-
' v!)oft:ft.irThc"fcrrrfftr."j 1 " 1 1
7'i y r A' thfM thine wj wll in Vnnce. The
'following advertisement, copied froia a Pari pusf,will
' allow t!;e ntsnner ofveHin;wive ainonir licit jslilied
- iij.i.'A ?ina of CDOQ..fpnca 2.1 U paid to any one
V. ho nfs-ty be Me t" arrange a union bvtwet-n a Frem-h
"""j.f.ntlijinnn, ied 4 i a bm-h"ls', and U'uriug the title
tf Jl&rquis W'th an English Isdy of aileipwta fiirtnne.
AdJrt M- le I5.irn 1). H., Poste ResUnte, a Paris."
. RmfJiHif RutUlloadtsTk'aj'on, in a
recent antic to rwrcdpnwJents, !, Truth on a Ruii
i:.d shall ixa appear.? A content j rsry rxpresse his
Eloanr to hear that the gallantry of tlie Virgimans
! indited funn to give the old lady so rapid a con
veyance. In omity pnrts of our country aha is yet com
- jelJed en trm el on font. -
A f frith M'li. -" Och, Patriek, aowl ! are
y- kilt in! ly t Ind luck to the stisie that Jins knx k
' r I t'i b'rth out iv ye!" '"No, Teddy Maloon, it is
Tit k it t'i't I amtile rurne of St. Patrick on the dir
ty tif.ipv but it haS knoi'ked me pachloss, ao it haa."
Ti" S'tt'iJnril. Jndire a man by hi actions, a poet
),v ii n eve. an' aller by bis f.i.gprH, i UmyeT by W leeT,
i 1 - '--r'ty b' sinews an Iru-linian by hia swajer, an
' J.imui liy hi rotundity, a justice by his frown, a
.' t v .ri by mi nsslety, an editor hy his Cfiat, and a
1 l.y lii'ir neaUiesa.
" l.v an SMi'rr-liol", wliffl lnsife too deep, like a
. t-ri lb causv, t iftcr-'ftuoriZi ,
begolton m hi own-likeness, promised to inherit ' Winkle Tn nt -"tho same time Wolf lirwtle.1 orchis
thcJhabits, with tlicold duJmofJiisiiiiUM
was generally seen trooping like a colt at his mo
ther' heels, equipped ill a pui of his Hither' cast-
off galllaskiiiH, w hicli he hail much ado 'to" hold up
with one hand, as a fine jady does her train in bad
Rip Van Winkle, however, wai one of those
.happy jniuirubs, wlMoolish wpll.uiled dispositionsv.
who t.tke liie world easy, ent white bread or brown,
whichever cau-be got with the least thought or
trouble, and would rather starve on a penny than
work for a ixaimKIf left to himself, lie would
hnve whistled life au m jHirfcct contentment ;
Isit his wifn kept coutinnallv dinning in hia ears
about his idlcwss, his carelessness, and tlie ruin ho
waa bringing ou his family. MiWning, nomi, and
night, her tongue was incessantly goihjaud every
master's side, looking fcarfully down into the glon.
Rip iiow felt a vagiio apprcliension stealing over
him ; he lisiked anxiously iu the same direction,
and perceived a strange figure slowly toiling up the
rock, and bending under the weight of something
he carried on his back . Ho was surprised to sea
Any human, being in, this louelV and unfrequented
piace, dui tiiHsmg u to oe some one ot the neigh
bourhood in need of hia assistance, he hastened
down to yield it
. On nearer approach, he was still more surprised
at the singularity of the st ranger's apS'arance. He
was a short sipinre Isiilt i olj fellow, with thick
Isishy hair, ami a grizzled beard. His dress w as
of the antique Hutch fashion a cloth jerkin strap
ped round the waist several pnir of breeches, the
-a 11 I a 1 it. rt I r MUl DxIUBCriWT IIIB IIIB 1'IU VWIiIIFif HIHI
i-y ill rmmwvi uirh iiuuitiruiil horluirrn thn rti-n-I . o . ..........
at I -mf mm fcaaasiiaaa-- ,mmmm mmm. mmmm- Mvsi ap.
sj ibwir.:ymAfmim' Frohv -aa upcm
ing between the trees, he could overlook all the
lower country tor nnuiy a niile of rich woodland. He
saw at a distance the lonily Hudson, far, far below
llhiyiwwngW'itf ik?nt but iwajestie cairser4lM
rcfltti(i of a lairple cloud, or the sail of a lagging
bark, hero and there sleeping on it glassy bosom,
ami at last losing itself in the blue highland.
On the other sido.he looked down inf o a- deep
niouiita'tn gli'it, wild, lonely, and shagged, the hot'
On Friday the first of ' Xorevihcr nexu
rTHE Subscribers, thankful for past patronage
- pledge themselves lo enter upon the exercise
of the iext aeiwion with renewed zeal.
Salisbury. .Oct. S, 1833. tf
JIENJAMIN FRALEYI having received the
laterf Tluhulelpliia, New York, London, and
Phra styh"? of r ASIIION, arid having m his cm
ploy a number of Workmen w no arcfirst-rnte, is
prepared to cut and make work in a style superior
to any done in this part of the country-, and ahvuy
warranted to fit.
Orders for Work in his line, from a distance,wil'
alf Turn I sof Tkuif c nsfoir i - wolwTfl Tc(Toncanlie
shortcut uutice and on reasonable terms.
Jle can lie found, at all timesj at his old stimdj a
tew doors above Mr. Slaughter Hotel, and nearly
opposite Mr. Jolm Alurphy a store.f
thing he said or did wa wire to prtskice '"a torrent I outer one of ample Volume", decorated with rows of
of h'Kiseliokl ehsjueiK'e. Rip hud one way tf,
replying to ail lecture ot the kind ; and that, by
frequent use, had grown intoa habit. Ho shrug
ged his shoulders, shook hi head, cast up bis eves,
but said nothing. This, however, aj way provoked
a fresh volley irora hi wU'( so that ha was faiu t
draw off his forces, and take to the outside of the
house the only side which, in truth, belongs to a
heiiieeked husband.
Rip' dole domestic" idherent was hi dogM'oIf,
wh' was as mm h henscke.d as his master ; for
laiu Van Winkle regarded fhcin as coirip.uiions
buttons down the side's, and bunches at the knees.
Ho bore on hi shoulders a stout keg, that seemed
full of liquor, "and mudi? sins for Rip' to approach
and assist him with the load. Though rather shy
and distrustful of this new acquaintance, Rip com
plied with, hi oMial alacrity, mutually relieving
each other, they clamliered up a narrow gully, ap
parently the dry bed of a mountain torrent! ' As
thev ascended. Rip every now and then heard bsig
rolling peals, like distnn't, ihiuwkr, which, seemwl to
issue out oTa deep ravine, or rather rl;f betwcou
lolly rocks, towaid which their ttgvi path coh-
Being Agent for. some of" the most Fashionable
Tailors in New York, the Subscrilier is prepared
to teacb- w--pt3aataidn7t
who may desire to be more perfJCt in their busi
ness ; and, from his belief that he is fiilly capnble
ot giving satisfaction, ho respectfully request al
who desire uKructioa to caU aJaai
Sali-bnryl34. lv ' B. FRALEYv
" NEV j66DS.
.O.r Bit 1 iMi,
A Large and Full Supply
. - or 7 ' .
pON Slg n.NG , of E V E R Y A R T! C L E
geHorally kept itt a Gomitry Retail Store V ail
oi which he i disjiosed to sell LOW for CASI
or to punctual customer on short credits.
, The public are requested to call, hear prices
ana juuge lor incmseivcs.
SalisLory, January 0, 131. tf .
rPIIE undersigned has ill is day qualified a F.I
7r ... ecu tor of the, JastW.ill and XestoniClAjpXlR...
persons having claim agnuist said Lstate, to pre
aerlt the41r pnVmoii wjIhllbliMMpresciU4
by Law ; and all those indebted are .hereby mr
quested to make patment. . -
J r-L,LI, t.xecmnr.
''"Ttovemberni. " " if
"TO" 51 E R C I f A NTjs -AND, PL' DJU4R3'
TlX VlVVia
Mado of good material nd rst fate workmtai
ship, consisting of the following article,
12Q dozea CiJFFLE i'OTS, assorted siz
40 doiien Open Bucket, ditto
3d doaou Covered ditto, ditto; .-
78 dozen Cream and Patly Pans, ditto)
40 dozen Light of Candle Moulds ;
12 dozen Milk Strainer ; .
68 diizcn PANS, assorted sizea
3i dozen Measures, ditto ; . .
24 toze'i Funnels ;
100 dozen TIN CUPS;
20 Milk ditto ; :
12 dozen WASH BASONS.
Cullenders, Stew Pans. Watering Pot,
. Card Stands, Oil stands, Itiiglss,
olow-ltorttSfiiaBtwotwpisif 4toX.
Graters, pippers, Dressers beoops,
05" Reeswdx, Feather, Tallow, Pewter, Ohl
Copper, Wool, and Iron, taken in exchange.
Sahsbury, January 6, 1834. tf M
Charleston nutl jOhcraw.1 '
Caw. J. C. Gk.vham, ,
RAVING bten engaged, last Summe, in n
ning between Charleston and Cheraw'all"1!
sume her Trips in the course of a few day
i intended to be continued in the trade the elU"
ing season.
Her exceeding light draft of water, (drawing
when loaded, only about four and a half feel)
enable rheFtOF 'cb-Clw-rVsaH--4tHie,T
on an uncommonly low river. when hor carS
be lightered, at the expense of the boat.
: J. B. CLOL'GIf.
Charleston, Sept. 26, l'?3l. tf
N.R. She ha comfortablu accommpdation ip
a few passengers.
J. D. C

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