North Carolina Newspapers

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-A '. ti it a rtrcrt with a 50" fire in it.
-Ti tin aavJ8LM '' hour
ifc-rrvW-.' tr rrii tiwn whieh Lb UiJ waa to
--w-r?a: -Sr frw't xr- prmwo-i, whit-h hr denwred
' v ft. weter, showing strong p
&! wliwiiiu"',' - 1-
r.-jm tfi S.m Orleans Bri.
Tii i j.toUKa f piautrrs in raw their own
tWaasCtsi a &ofbe ukJicui fur the South.
LiiKi Ia nua that it 1 extremely hurtful
fc rotieir l. be dt-pendeitr n ethwr Sutes fur
eawe-rfwry fktiii supplies, aud should the south
asm sfescfsfaeraili iopt lb practice uf raising
at. wiwt.iMt improvement in the CooditioJiW will oog be regretted by their friend and
ct i&e tmmrf w jMia tc place. Ky oevoting a t . .
fut-m f it aoj to the production of grain fori ' reported that the' Imted State Dragoons
awe cBiutltk, there would U a m-c.-s.ary di-1 ,wv called to the scene U rtwrder. - - '
a--i w ibjr atti f atapW prwJ.iced, which I inteKOurafl with the white, and Cherokee
. i rmeot tU market from being glutted ; and P'g f'. h" D0 Xet be'D ";ruPlecl
1 -.-,wl ,p m nr,l,ir. U'erioii bavinc bumriesa tn the nation and at the
a t-uM n ih erica of luTeii:TKfWltr
... i i. t r F -u :. i !
VamblriuaMot to the vbulttl.y
tref ttniaa brawn)! by thia meaua, would aell
fof m mmit a a Uirr crop, with as over aupplied
aui4. aa4 alt thai iba plauter would tare in pro-
Akx earn, twld ta ao much clear gam. .
Itauabeoa anl, tfl mora truth, tnan would
, atiti a Miy tttt:ul Sib-r mt th,tt a eouLtry
bm t aJ me, nod mii all it raise, cau never
grz rxi. Il aruua certainly a great want 'of
fmmgi&; 1 arfAbcf'iar W ofpunatnr ofr ottteTa,
ttt actCMirtira a cat ke prodded uptm bi
fTrJrjft. ;" .. "' . -
i m hit tkit Kan walth ia in proportion to
tint MfU tt pnufuca tent to market, ia a too
' ' aikAu u:tacy. Ia' rural eeooomy, wealth, may
- " aaareM.'! Us anui to be, an iuilependeiice' of ei
- trrai pv,i Thti punter will attain wealth,
. ! km t t purehana ia conducting hia aHiiira.
- TEtw muty be cciHtal eatoi when the land
&xti tt rMeuft were
va-'J ;( aiunev
Ibp euruvaied in alaplea,
than th gram would lmt,
. , , ,1..- mMrJ
icm wemm n twrptioas to. the general
- f I
1 k9 br-a ft the babtt of growing Ihetr own
MJ-Ji-?,Jt,ir owi Bieat, very te of
tutta Imi btnett ractwettbt the- recerit" rn-'
bvrrMSitnmi, hiUi mnf o(her who shipped a
ft f rtmrut anKiunt of stapfea to market, have
Un-i i&-4 t want. The imtneiute yield of the
r.'4 mufis wouul intiuctt a DeUef that cotton
taHKcbat on earth. -Such,
vrt, B'j the Cvci. The wtileri) farnitr7
wa mti rwwxiratint'ly little to market, a a clana,
r Tyifr ina ifc euM'..alm. reiiua.,iilal..
trx-,. .j7; , ,' ,7 " j r ;.r;
ttua nj Ihk. prcfiu of a pLuiter : (t his supplies
as t curt fci ar-i than the return of his crop
' 'T ' ! t tw loiirira f cootuutaUy fluctaaluu in
, ilt elanver has the rsdt of his own erop to
. .. c4MaM,'sju4 tHa aUo of tbe western pmducer. -J
It wmdd aw aMtrd h ay that the. Southern
fuwsrjnaul taWra fut tewa wony than it can
- ftp Vwj-at KltlW M 6r, ami boated to the giMjtb,
a4 wtnri l tW plisoiatiuii.' Beside, the w?s-
, - Ufi st" witiWT7Rorf, and 'ilwgfimi
trrsrwkiy siiiis Befurti tt reaihe il deiMiim-
tKMk. rasscxwiiiaaaVHl ipsuw would be
avwird bj grawiog grii4 ihi h pluntations. te-
am, V auc tnw planter Myitis to grow hi
it. ail 6iia4 iit otMt axpnnei
mu-A be : It is a ijtapt'Xrt of economy,
' -, waeu otM (V taksa a good bold on the
. EiMkm arvl.-t, wilt base a uiagia t fleet in re-
cjj-fr?s kt fi-wiwrn. ' ; ." .'j
Geicta TluUWigenee."
- TW f&4 tetter publiabect in the St.
K"ya.-ira is.-Hnhur, ilMfc.jiMKjs) r tieuTa'r jicoount
sraioiry ft tHW1 rottswa wati-atw settled m
Issfssask etAbmMimti'
.$ CotHTf.'Mn., June aJ, 19C.
Vf,m- lioir ji: A tdoudy tragedy has just
V sk4 &rt i stile hue in the Lhcrokee na
bru-.4y,aWa.be4iara dtupclil Jllt dL,,,ay.hicb
Irssa a kast ... ..'-'
Ow i"t ?Xi issttanl about xty half and full biond
CVr.jiws I can to lha bmnci of John
tlj a JwiNig'juihcl Cherokee,' and jnsi
j.t f iht entered the chart, br of Mr." Ridge
i'j-nl i sty of the faioily, and borted a
is Ui hf which awoke him, who then saw
ai i 'X bis impe-Wu.g fcie, no d"u't, ami called
c.i k- aailuli f.r merry. Findmi th mat ni-
fc ttf of aVwis wbtcis thev bud prssaoled failed in
its fttat pirise, thr j tok him out of his bed from
Iww&r sit wi, esrrmd bnw into the yard, and
" l!ft !.. I lunv u a nvwt ravage, brutal man
kvr, H thlHf btia ia ttui tdy some twenty.
. wivo itrohs. I uy thea thw him up in the air
- a Ut a t.'fj cm! J, snj wln his dying body
iv-Ktii tn 'jfmifsl achus stamped npon the
;t";y MthTriiwrid of a m swijlo. file, uutil
IV kstt of tV-tn bid prforin-d his fiendish
pu.-posr. Tbk tr iply wat executcdiinht
Tlie ' sae ( ai if.; hi; trr.i, an servanta.
SniiXy-rO R wi-iwir lhaw -w aiwiUUwna tnajiwiically with some sail set. - : ,
T frryafier l.Hinj Mr. Jolm RLIge took up
"tWtasrtsf m'trel -pf-of Mjiir KHlgfylhe
U:mt f J. Ekl, who bad the day before started
wit! H.H Mraot t- vi-t simim fruMwf in n Ud-
.'. eu, Af,t'iWk. Rpi)rt reaches us that the pirtv
- ' awifSt, Mi. Riff m t!ia evening of the 2'2.i,
. v .vt km ww. W hutM bv shoot ui j him. The
tryrt m diubV trtMs tt is also rep-rl-d ihui j
m t ie wU krwa E'lrt Boudinot and Col. Belt, sndj
""- V Vt proV'IpttTnwnf tha- Rtdyj party, bnre
'"' ',r'1 w'w Va f the uohmuiMla) John
' - Kjpawl hi fjilwr. I nti'riin aoma duubls ss
1 ' t ilk sVwthis nf tri.e list named persons ; but it
h 1 -jftwtbrf peobabl''. "-rr rtTf- """T '
' Ts cwi whtcl M tV this nwliioelioly fvent
. - Ltri gnwn out of th JisatI.N'ai:tioa of prrhsps a
' mxty of tb old CVrwk nation, in oppositinn
Mit ireafv fei:i!iar!jr called the Ridge Tres-
it ajuJ t?s) ether persons said to lie killed are
' Meof tit rn pfoininsmt men, who with the
Rfv and sHhrs enncSuJod the trvatr with Mr,
1 Stharosef bora at Governor Carroll, a f-w year Biatorr f whicb 1 well knowa to our
T-' rreftit tirgtiia of tha whole nalim,
, : kia ensd.ed alivsh thew old feuds, ind they
fc.- fiw cucisuianntad th threaia of killing
Ki';-, C mm time past and. " v
Tb IV afsda of Majo Riitga and hi n John
' ' "-'R'f, ta' I am mSwm"d sworn etetmsl ven
r.e ;? in of lh hend wo of ll na.
to of tb otlyr pnrtvV"Whera thoow tragcdii
wilrd tiM atmie can enfold and def rmii'e.
-' J-jDtt Ujiije lias, a gi-'ritleihan of Kia hlv "culti'vated
f wmd, kjvu-f received a liberal education at one of
t c&lt'-zrw in I onnecticul, where n rnarricd. 1
most respectable lady, i Mis, Northrop oflbat
Siate. Major Ridjje and his wm cn both con
sidered weailhv. ami were cstciiiivtlv e!ii;d in
mercantile buswess-
" -
" Major Ridge was formerly one f ih? principal
cUxrfu i.f the nation, and cooiiiia:w!eil a battalion
of ln countrymen under General J.wkio against
ih Creek during tl, Ju4 war ; and although un
lettered was altogether 11 mill of at rung and dis- ,
criminating amid. Hi intercourse with the intol- ,
ligent and weallliy gave him tho. .appearance of a
nalthyotillierrifcr. lie wax kind and hospitable
was about sixty-five, years of ago. . v .'
John Ridge was about 37 year tf sge-r he left
wile and HI children. I he death tlie 10
at ureneiit maiiireaten.
we, 1 will again write you; lour irimiu.
I P. 8. I mw a gentleman to-day who confirma
the rrort of the death of Major Kidife." H waa
killed' near the reiduce of Mrr-Evana, at the loot
of Buaton Mountain, about 33 miles from Van Itu
ren. Arkuona. Ho wa way laid, and shot from
Bi florae. No further account aa to JJouditKit and -4
Col. Uell. ,; - rr: " ' j r
A foktcript. ia the. l)zaik Staadard;jf tba. Jlh
ayi: v .
We have mat learned by a gentleman Irotn r ay
etteville, ArkT
il.i Ii.b tti.le mul Rtm nartinssra
iiKretiiig, and that already each party Dumber
" - . 1
Irom two to three, thouaaud warrior.
Tim Kidie party are represented as the most
nunru, and a determined to revenue tle death
of their chief. ,
We learn, also, that Gen, Arhuckle had sent
" l" d8'w,' nn
who was murdered with.., the li.n.ta ol Ih.s
Slate. , Alw that he had onlered home the Creeks
t!"" b.b4iie4 the two hostile parv
. .i... - .:. a.. L... .J.aiai1 hid ttntf.
tlis hour yeJteruay, ai which i wa ainiounceu ,
tliat 'tlie inti.h Stoatn Ships would leave their
moorings at the wharf, on their return voyage, our
ot 1 ia river were hlera v iwarniinir WttD Itiemu -
tilude. Oil the New York side, the vessels at the
jmsirves were crowded frotiv. their dec Ihetr
iiiaiu'tiips,' every spot froin ythich a' sight of Ihe" '
J' y ' 1 1 J...(ti..w, t,. mn
d and the Battery in particular, tne great resource
on ocli occasions aeemed teeming with human
beings. .Nur was the Urooklyu shor less a place
ot resort. f roiu Ute vy lard to Ued llook, -
the Heights were linen with spectators, all auxlous, .
if Jiot to gratily their curiosity, at leat to be able
to say thai ihey bad seen the steam ahips depart. -iVhup
si) expectation thai there would be somo
(lung like a trial of speed between the jtwo com
iitiuirs forrheli'aiors of Attanttcrttavigation, tuk.
ded to lbs general curiosity exhibited. ' If it were '
o, SliiMiiuiutnieiil in this respect could not be
inure complete, lor we are happy to say that the
commanders ol each vessel, and all concerned in
ttieu,. repudiate tbe, j4H of Utaiwng any advaidi-J.c
go to public umaiiou, by tho uungeruus expedi.
mil of tailing to their, aid, more than (he usual
quantum of the mighty power which impels them.
.... . I . .1 . . .. I . L. .1 I.- . II ...
wii rrjjaroing me scene, wincn ine r.aaiiviver
nd its sIioks yesterday presented, the thought that
wuuld probably . lirst suggest iisotf to-a-reflecting
mind would be, How tusigmdcant are the objects
iwWit-b--&UiuCl L'hpinon Aghl boat of two oars,
I . .MM.jJl.-. ,T 'HT.If ..M. . 11U..J --IJ.1I
the'ne objects aronlw work of huumu iu'xlligejice.
111 one ot its highest ellurts compared wall tho
imiiosiiiif itiiectscle of such a concetttratioo of hu
4hnwtvaf otaattttetbattd aeea m thirwid
paof.aaiefjiijii'bicli cquipeS; slongfts shores
even wiion liie steam shit Iheinselves, entered ontfMhe trwl.-ln a fcwHiuiies!rfd iiia
1 ' I ...1 , .... :. I u 1 ... , 1 .... i
11 ie ene we involuntarily called to mind a pas
sage ia one of Waller Scott'a novels where he
ttrg'e- wiwWy-awyiaile", iiitttt-'ntgSriiMa 'vlti
Scot land. ;
But a truce to philosophising. Our task is to
lell of th departure of the Steam Ships. At about
twenty uiiniitcsust one, tho firing of a gun from
the 6'rriil WeiUrm announced her departure Irom
Iho wharf tnd sh procinnle.l, occasionally nriug as
shw went, along the usttai chauuel lo sea. The
British (Jure lell her moorings at ten minutes
past two, made a slight cuive up to the Navy Yard,.
and then stood on her eouraev - As sha passed the
V. H. Ship North lrolma, the Band paid her
the same compliment lheyhad 011 her arrival, of
of playing "Uod save the tineen," She too oc-
castiMislly saluted tho city, hieh was answered
from the guns at CsMle Uarden At the Narrows
she wssuetaiiied half an hour, impiitttngm board
tho sieaia packet Neptune, a boat load of (he
triends of the passcngcra, and then pursued her-
war. hen last aeeu at about IS mites distant
frvn the city, the Great Western w about 15
mlea ahead of the Queen, the latter then C"iu2
coles, and Arhiw accompanied the British steam
era to set. - They were crowded wi.h pasonirurs.
bodocked with. Uas and provided .with band of
music, ' . '..'' ." ' - ,. ' ..
.The packet ship Ontari? frf Lonilnn, Orpheus,
for Liverpool, aud Baltimore ft Hvre, and the -transient
ship Adromedta for Liverpool, also went
to sea at alkMit the same time.
f he British Um
liooJrs J 1
and three passengers, exclusive of children and
servants, reaj,WfisJgraitbout sixy.
Amongst-the passnmra nre (tan. Hsnnlioa of
Sonth Carolina, Mr. Vmcmt -Nolle of New Or 1
leans, Mr Papineauand family of Lower Canada :
aoil btst, notloastTlia ILxwiJtCauibiekoirw-.
.vt w lark Lourter and Lnquirer, ' '
fWsi the Houston (Texas) Telegraph.
"' W have seen a couplet from some wsg jn the
United Slates, which gtyos rather a ludicrous ety
mology of the name of our republic, by deriving
it from Taket w." Ho introduce the Jbllowing
lines : , . . ' , . ;'.. ; . , , , '.
-i " When every other land rejwta us, ' u
. IIer'i a had which freely take ," .
v It is 1 very od hiu and if all who attempt to
ridicule our country which would show a much
wit, we should never be otlooJod at ihtuu. Cut it-
reminds US of a legend of the Cdlninariches, reta-
led by Isowscany, the principal chief of that na
(ion, when 00 a visit lo San Antonia, last winmior,
.The I'-offltimnches claim to lie the lineal descen-
dannrt tbe-eiuptra-of Montetums, and thetmly-1 not be swprised indeed ifime fifih of what Virgin
legitimate owners pf tho wholo Mexican country. ,7 i has creilit for, were the products of this State.
uw iu-.-i -an., mil whim v.utv iqiiuca IO MCXI.
co, he found lite country torn to piece by 'internal
factious, and wu enabled, by employing til" d'.if
fccted chielu, t raise a force to iifr? i"
'-.rtrtl. . ThlW l l-,ll.i4 lu-IieVO.I. if lilt could
itrovtbe ouwerol' Motittztima. they Could easily
; ii.;.,paicli the Si,niiard, and have the control ol iho
I couiitry in their own hands. Uul loo luto'th) an-
certained lliai they had introduced a hnfuer mau
ler, and that uucondtioiiai acrvitude waa all thev
hail to tXM;ct. They were rr-jired to change
iheir ancient rt-ligiou, and thousand of them were
;tit off 10 work in the mine, from which' they
rarely made ihetr eacaj. A great proportion of
them bound their neck to the conqueror, and be
came aerui and, alavea to the .Spaniards : but a few,
the bei and uobleal' part, preferred exile to aervi
tude, aud et out pn a pilgrimage to the North, in
hojtea to find a land where they could enjoy their
ancieiit iimiitutiona ia peace. ' ' " '
'I bey travelled for many weeks, and at last came
to the great river of the North, (the Rio Grande,)
where thev encamped, and sent out twenty choseu
crossed ll great river and ascended one of the
nigliebl peak 01 tne mountain wuicu ucnuu
adjoiuing plain. The prairie was-eovered with
butlalo, deer, and antelopes, and they'thoughl Ihey
had reached the happy hunting ground, and the
woniTeha! Telia! Thal burst fratn every
tongue. It was decided unaniuioubly that it should
be their futuie home, and that the country should
go by4heuanie apparently furoisM theitf by the
great spirit.-v-""- '-':s'-J-; . r.
Telia ts the Comrnanche name for the residence
of tho haiiny spirit in the other world, where they
hall enjoy an eternal felicity) and have plenty, of
lilfrr ndJluHalo always at hand. By taking the
. : 1 - .feM Mi.....
souiiu as iney pronounce h.uiri giving 11 me upan
mh orthoirraBtiv. it civeu the word rexos,
which is the " Happy Hunting Ground? or the
" Elysium," of the Comrnanche. This is a true
hiotury of the uame, ai derived from Isowacany
himself. - . ": "v- '
A a occurrence of most thrilling interest took
places! Niagara Fail yesterday alternoon, attond
ed with immiiwirt peril to the livea'or two individ
ual, but resulting 111 a iiiout happy and providen
tial deliverance'.
Jl rwwvroruIgelrisslaTitt isrpiairiftfl m a j
-' '
frighlul rapid where the current is Irom ol) to M
miles an hour, and is only ubout 1UU to 10U yards
above the great precipice or-perpendicular fall.
carpenter Dy ti.e narne ot vtBp.i. was engaged
" '""" ' vu'Mjt . ""-s-t """
worU upon a staging about one hundred, feet from
Iris inland, accid .ntly lost, bi looting and was pre
ijrtted Hrtotrapidndri tiietwrakliBggweD;
away toward the greatxaUiract. Bieedy aud m
eTTiauTeiSnicTToii'se un
fortunately we was uninjured by the full, and even
in the most bofrttless condition, retained the most
perfect self possession Turning bis eye towards
the only point or hope above the fearful precipice
he succeedd by great dexterity hr swimming," in
trteeiiiig a lauding upou a small island some twen
ty icet in width and length, the outermost of the
group of little cedar islands situated some thirty
or forty yards above the falls, and about equally dis
tant Irom Uoat Islantlaud the Aiiiefwan shore. .
There he stood tor an hour, lookiuir calmly and
beseechingly back upon tbe numerous spectators
who lined the bridge and sjiores but with whom he
could bold id conversation on , account of tbe dis
tance and the rottr of the raptdsT
There is a man at the Falls by tlie name of Rob
inson, of extraordinary muscular powers, great iu
trepididy, bnd withal an admirable boatmau and
he was probably the only one that could have been
lound within hlty miles who generously voluu-
leered hts services, to attempt reaching tlie island
boats, was sion procured, and eftibarked
He proceeded with great deliberation and con-
suinate skill, darting his little boat across the ra-
up Id ' Jttu'a'UpD. aiHT.HWITll- 8irengtntiu:be. named iheiir.l aiid; wWfiwv en
isiaiiu, mil a rapiu enanupi sun iiiienoueu, sweep
ing close lu the island, and rendering the attempt
to laud vert difficult. Ho paused lor a moment,
awl jhen-. with all. his. a'f"gth. darted., acrusa .aud
sprang Irom his boat his toot slipped, and he lell
backwards into the rapid cureut. With the spec
tators it waif a moment of thrilling interest and
breathless silence; hi bout seemed inevitably lost,
anil niiuseil 111 ivariui pniparuy. tietuiuing now ev
er, his grap on the boat he sprang in, and again
siexitig his oars brought up under the lee ol the
hill island. All again Kit a momentary relief,
but still the great labor aiid hazard of the enter
pAe remained to be overcome. A cool head and
stouK arnr could only elii-cl it Robinsou proved
equal to Ihe tank. Taking his companion 011 hlard
the same careful and deliberate manner, though
at infinitely greater hazard and labor, they eliected
a sale landing on Cost island.
1 here th spectators assembled to give then, a
cordial greeting. A scene of great excitement en
suedthe boat was drawn up tho bank, and it was
moved and tarried by acclamation that a collec
tion be taken up on the spot forChspin and his no-
bio hearted deiiveier Kobinson. It was a gener
ous one and was llisukl'utlv received : but ihe re-
BcWinnyf Robinson that m hs rescued a rellotr1
being uo3eTsucGirM'ins
erous heart a much richer one. After the collec
tion, Robinson and Crispin took their seats in the
boat, aud were carried in triumph oh the shoulders
of their neighbors to the vilUgn.
Ihe intense interest of the wholo scene was
heightened by th presence of Crispin's wife Md
children, who stood on the shore watching with
unsvanitig nwror ano agonv whal seemrd his n.
avitable.and fearful fate,
ith what devout and
heartlelt gratitude must ihryjiava thanked God.
wheO the hrptrrmrandpsroiit once inuie stod4y4
toeir sine aie
XhsJtohaccp .crop of the United Statw, will
smount this year it is estimated to 115,000 II iids.
Lost year it only reached 7,000 Hhds., i;
27,1 KK)
Msryl&ud '
Marylsnd .
OF 1S39.
. 4.WI0
The fports to foreign countries is usually about
four fifths of the entire crop. Wc tea no mention
of Ihe Toliacco prcuced in North Carolina, which
is very considersble. .Much of it, we ara aware,
goes to swell the r.xport of V irjinia. Wa should
IHimitglOH IJirOHiClt. .
Well, Lew iaSieeorod, Mborougli-going sttpport
er of tlie Aduiinisiratioii, has been eleru-d toCoii-
gr.ess.froJB.thi3 tJiitrict. "And many a tonkin1 will
now le'bu-iy in accouufiiij for so unliiked (ot and
utihojiej for an eveuti -' JSoouj will My his opponent
was Liot I ne right mail Iid did not do hi duty in
fectioiierit) was not well enough known oth
ers that all the Whig party did not Tote, or that
they did not manage right, or the newspapers were
too bitter in their denunciations, or that they were
not excited enough, or that they were too confi.
dent or not tuflieiently o, or that the moba is
cheese, or come to some, other equally sage con
clusion. We, however, difler from all of theiti
in our estimate of the cauae of this defeat, we lie-
Iteve the principal reason to have been that Steen
rod had the most votes, and the Whig party are,
aa they have been for some years, about eight
hundred less in number than, their opponents, in
this District. We are impelled to this wise con.
elusion by the force of circumstances, and the sol
They have raised one story on as, about this
oktter that js not true. We lave heard it was
currently reported that we went to bed on Saturday,
as aoon as we beard the news. . This is not a fact.
We did feel a little sick fur the balance of tho day,
bad a very bad headache, and a pressure of the
chest, and during the night an incubus or night
mare troubled us exceedingly, but we attributed it
to the fact of bavins eaten a slice of excellent
beef for dinnef. We have no idea
We have no idea that it was
citttsed by, the liuastroua. news of. the election ud .
neither our friends or our enemies cau say it was.
Vestcrday we peruned " Fox' Book of MarUm"
about two hours, derived a great consolation (here
Iron), ana uui equanimity nas not sine oecn pis.
turbed except by the barber, who charged us two
bit fur a siiave in consequence of , an elongation
of phiz, and thought he did not get paid for his labor.
We have finally come to tbe conclusion, that as the
election is over, and, Othello's political occupation
-one, we will turn our attention to poetry and
raising Morus Multicaulis, until next spring 1 year,
when perhaps we will take the field ourself as the
Whig candidate for Cong ress. tr hetlwg
It in said that the Postmaster General has sent
an' rvnntTIi lnrluril b sii-At rn tltA triaA (twlailsa
tai BVin viii;',,a im boiuu ass i iw twiin
rate of poStaVelaTely adopled
npled there,"Tvftb t-iit
to its introduction here. - We hope something of
the kind may be effected. 1 he rates are too high.
A largo reduction would, we have no doubt, in
c"raw tfiPece -rjr
uniform rate that is bat one charge for any dis
tance, however great and payment in advance. justified in;J)?rding an,opinion, ;
though the operation in hnubtnd ha been accord-
irig to'tfie Tdlesr wctitnns
burg Arena. -
Riite of Interest in Ila!land.tq the reicn of
i. In
Henry VJII, the rate was fixed by ict of Parlia-
ment at iu per cent. In too J, an act.wss passetl
prohibiting the taking of any interest abatevrr, ,
but it was soon after repealed. In 1625, "the rate
was reduced to 8 per cent. In 1751, to 8 per cent.,
and in 1?I4, to5 per cent. Since that time, the
Bank of England has been allowed to charge & peF
cent., until within a lew years it has been allowed,
under certain circumstances, to charge 6 per cent..
It will thus be seen that the Bank of England
js now charging a.higher rale than at any lime for
tlie jast l25 years. 'jyii'iriiMdfV' "1f VttBWftjsT.7'
Appointment by the Prendtnt. II. L Houses,
ei- North Garolm 4o- be- Attorney -of the- Uited
Mates for the District or North Carolina, in the
place of Thomas P. Dcvereux, resigned. Globe. .
Hri'Jran-rfJIKe is jTated "
Hi a hitter from. iudunuLJhlN e woraTXJuv"
mercial, that tlie Great Western steam shin Com
pany "'te preparing tdbuild en iron steamer, to
wes of one ikaiuaiul korte power. Halt. Patript. ,
TAf Springs. The Saratoga Sentinel any:
"The number of strangers now in the village ia
not loss-Th'arr25Kf of 9imf Every bousVia
and were it not for tho couslant departure, it would
be impossible to find lodging for the hundreds who
am vo-daily. More accommodation must be pro
vided against another season-"
A Caution The Richmond WJiig contain the
following caution from James M. Garnett, Esq., to
his "fellow aorTerer in the Moru Multicauli
speculation." Writing under date of. the lbtb
Ju'y 'r- Csrnett says : If it be not too late, I
1 caution all such against diguing up those parts
of their grounds wherein they have supposed their
cuttings lo be dead. Thts caution 1 take the lib
erty to otttr, because, so Isle as yesterday, while "
some of my n-gror-s were hissing tbe plant alrea
dy growing, I lound my cutting just gulling oat'
uoin rwis ana ouo aunoogh, to joUe by the
surface i4 the land, all were dead that did But an-
pear bdotb grouno. -'
A letter from flfT U6rrftsTl; NpirbeTit,"1o-
John S. Skinner, of Baltimore, contradict the
assertion that the Multicaulis waa introduced into
America after it discovery, by M. 8. Perrottrt, at
Manilla, in 1821, and it introduction by him into
r ranee at that period. : MrvWll0 sy: -
11 r.-nsnce can ue placed on iho positive awer.
lions of two or three credible witnesses, the mong
uiwhn, miirr lain JI'S rorf Since ! A man
named Fonrielte soma fitly or sixty year ago,v
ewtgrated-f from- Franea ?) tnto CtaveoaouMyV ial
this Stale, and brought with him mulbcrrieai and : ,
tnerggs ot 1110 bnmbu, m onler In make sulk. -11a
aooo-aJier thia Jied From- 4ve rematna of
thoso mulberries, Daw'd Lfiri. of this place, baa'
one mot, and a number of the cuttings, growing of
the moras multicaulis. About this matter there 1
is no mistake." I have seen and examined those ;
cutting, and so hate many others, where tbey are
oowjjrowrng. , . : v. ;- - ... ..... ir,'
t Wafffr Aorf. A German undertook to awim
the Potomac the other dny, says the Alleghanian,
on a bet of two dollars, which he lost, just as he '
was making the opposite shore, by losing bis life. -He
sank and was drowned. r
Respect and Sympathy." I .hould be very "
happy," says OA. Pee, the Teiiao Envoy to Mex
ico, in his letter to the Mexican Minister," if ou
would have thn kindness to make known Wlw jlw
Lxecllewy (Santa Anns) Ihe President of the Re-
public,' the fact of my arrival here, awarinz him of
the titgh tyHisideratiori m which. I bold bm, and "
of the pairt, I kare fdl at harnirrgthe 10 of hit
l-g. lynch.- Tirghian ' '
p iiP'
FiiDaT MoKxixa,-' AtccsT 18, 1839 ,
Returns received from only two Counties. Tlieelir
tioa of lUynef-n cnhsiaeredture.
: ' "- r
Halifax,' .
Bertie, 4 ,
. 121 maj. ;
. yj -
'Mb Bynum's tusjorUy.
T . 1H '
IVsufort, ' '
llj'de. t
" OOt
151 Stanly's present majority,
Tyrrell yet to beheard from.
- : ni '
- M4 r
" 609 Fheparii's nisjority."
llAWKlm. Illl.LIUtB.
. 3"l7L 471)
.Nasli, .
Stjl -
5W7 ,
Ihwkins mtjwity 4 both AJwioistrilioo. -'
Wc base no otbcial, oor say aslufctocy yetnra U
the vote in tins DsrtricL Ttiere I no doubt of the t-
two of Dttberry by a Urge majonty.
,2 ' , MowrooMxaT.
Peraoo -Wake,
nomijorny. .
ij9 uj.
70 BWjnfitjT.
21 - '
863 MootrjooierT -majority
NINTH Ds rRicT-rr. :
Rockinfhimrr- -.- KW
Stokes, v .- . -
- - 47Z msjotity. .
II ill elected by k okijurn of 47r
.- Fisau.
Raw-an, . . . tr4
4ate- - -.-..-4JU-1.?i
Davulaon, a . . , 877
Kandolpti. . . . . (M
ChaUitui, ..,&)
s-' .' X3J
741) t
b "
Fisher's majority 1"S3. , .
4 '
' 250i
Cabarrus. ,
5d5 maj'ori'y for Connor. v
Lewi WiUiama has been re-elected ui tii
district by a soajority as we learn verbally, of l1,
Mr. iljrvhuoo. ,"., '
Jimes Graham, baa been re-elected wiLhoot ff
tion, ia tlie OMMUitsios it '.,.,-' A
in this Sute oavere
ted in the election, of the following gen!
,iur rentlemea: ...
1L WGioiiM.J.IldL WAIonUfomery. M-
kins, Jaasee Bynum, aDd Jas. McKsy,-0. Vso
men., y . - .'7 - - . .-, i
rr.-4 Feaml Whi.
Kenneth Rayaer,'a professed State-Rights tuss, W
fmtiKthj, a Feswi Vet
f-, i. v-i .j ... 1 r' 1... Ki.rikR ''
w.miii oiR-piu, aim vusriu A 3
R .-public ns, trr'f"rm, retrencimcat,sDd con .' s
JctmKX'TT Tt:-:''
lTir.ELFCT10NJTJISlth:rtC !
Wa bar tbj gratification1" ta anoonnce w
friends abroad, tbe full accomplishment ol
publican Victory, which we anticipated ia our h-v
Notwithstanding the boastful confidence en
by the Federal Caucusites arid the extraor? ,
toeana, and desperate exertions employed ;
care it. . Tby have been gnemisly disspi"1" ' " ;
and defeated. - r- . - - - A
So v er'ecrtain wertr they of success thai A '
chief organ, " the dirty sheet" of Ashboro re
claimed that tliey would elect their cswh'!'" '
more than a thousand" t oie majority I (
Editor of the Watchman", in bis farewell
broke out in hysterical rapture on ihe P'iA
before thero. " Dattn, beaten, beaten,'-'
the triumphant snnf , with which he he.',''1 -calculation
to show wbat a terrible fcfcM
lUtj. i
m - 1
" 571
- - 37 -
the Republica.... the thing hJ

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