North Carolina Newspapers

Friday, Jane 10, 1849.
Democratic Republican Xominationt
roa OOVMNOl,
h OU 18 D. llCIVKY,
Of Cumberland. (
Resolutions of the Democratic Convention
The Resolution of the Democratic Convention,
- . .1 - . ft
which mot in tni place on me xwn oi way, are
nublwhed in to-day paper. Wo call the attention
of our reader to them pot only ai faithful exponent
f Democratic ptinciplci on the leading question
of the day, but as presenting in a brief and pointed
manner the most important issue now in contest
between the (wo parties that divide this country
the Federal Whigs, and Democratic Republicans,
The Address which we shall bo able to lay
Wore the public in our next paper, presents theso
jMticl more in defiiil, and forcibly brings forward
uch facts and arguments as will enable the candid
reader to render a just verdict between the Federal
Whig "nd Democratic Republicans.
Xermont.K large Democratic Convention was
lately held at Montpelier in this State, and Domi
nions made for Governor' and Statt officer.
The indomitable spirit of Democracy is biasing
oit in this old strong hold of .Federalism, as well
m every where else. The beacon fires are lighted
Maine to Louisiana. The M delusion n of
Whiggery has even already passed away. ,
lias been practiced now fur yoars tPm, ,t,r , i ,
..iunB ipom ; mm mstenj of be in- u ? - i ' ,1
u 1 ' 1 s l ' t i s - 1 1 iiiiitiii ..l i rrP4 n It?'
at an occasional outbrA-ilt frA. u i i.. I . .., .1. .. ' ..
passing strange that no more have occurred. It fine pieco of music. No public ation or it. kind in
shows the reluctance of the peoplo in our Republi- the country better sust'uin a dcsevedlv hioh ri.t,.
lian r.niinlrv In Man-, i i . I i - . m
j . ,v.Uii iu Tiuieot measures, evcniuon
under flagrant wrong and outrage.
saving Governor. Soma time ero
the Federal paper of the Bute were claiming
great "credit and renown'' to His Excellency,
Governor Morehcad, for a saving which be made,
Rhode Island. M the date of our last, the ao,
counts from this State were such as to promise a
speedy adjutrtment'ol all the difficulties existing in
, , . , . , - - j . 'VII iU IIIUUUl
' concession ana,ybul tho they declared with admiring wonder, of 1600
King s Charter parly flushed with triumph at the dollars to, the Treasury of North Carolina, in
division and disbanding of the Suffrage party alter having spent only something over 1100 doltara ot
I-- vUa u, vorr, Kom (o nave oe. . monev annronrmtnrl hv !;.! .,.
. f i I """" g'omiui V uii iuv
come more insolent and overbearing than ever. It
is said that the cessation of hostilities" and the
" retirement " of Dorr from the scene of action was
under a compromise and solemn assurance from
tho Charter party to the other that their demand
should be peaceably conceded. However, the first
act of the Charier authorities afterwards was to
search the houses and disarm tho " insurgents " as
they call their opponents to which if the Suffrage
men quietly submitted, they deserve to be made
slaves by right ol subjugation, the balance of their
days and next, Gov. King proceeded to make
formal requisition on the Governors of Connecticut,
" Palace "Wrl Raleigh. Now it turns out, accord
ing to k statement in the Standard, that Uis Ex
cellency instead of having tho - repairs " made
for the which the 3,000 was appropriated by tho
Legislature, and which M repair " it is estimated
will cost that sum, has not had one foot of tho
prescribed work done, but baa notwithstanding
spent mors than $1100 of tho money in buying
furniture, buildit.g an" Ice House, Chicken-coop,
dtc, and all ' the work for which the appropriation
was made, estimated by workmen at a cost of
93,000, yet remains to be begun. So this' h tho
,.r in. ..
Massachusetts, end New York for tho delivery of T 7, L . An T ' . '.? F .
rrl ... ' U''""J Ice House and Chickca coop build ng. We wit
Tkomat W. Jorrytq answer treasonable resist- - . ,K. ,..,.,. r .1 i '
The Raleigh Register of the 3d instant, attempts
to relieve 4he Whig of the responsibility of this
odious and unpopular repudiation act, by a partial
unfair and quibbling staJement. Wo lately gave a
,hort account of its progress and passage in fact
from the Journal, and .will now repeat it io brief
at contra proof " aniost tho record of Jho Regis
ter, which thai print advise its friends to preserve.
1 he Bill passed tho Houst by a vofeo IJt jeas,
to 103 nays. . Every, yea a Vbig, jscepthree,
Roosevelt, Wood, lod Dawson, Uoroocrats. -
la the Senate tho bill passed by a vote oi 22
vess to 19 nsj.' Kvery yei a Whig except four,
Moot n of Louisiana, Williams of Maine; Young
(,f liitMaud Walker o Mississippi. -
Mr. M wton was" opposed . to .ill passage, but
tuied tor it m obedieoce'toxexprefs instructions
(com the Jl'aif Legislature rf his CtsteMr.
w'ilhanii, and Mr.Ypung were also opposed to it
ssi ave their voirs mi its fvor from the p9ru?iion
HA a msjority of their constituents dsmred ru
: , 1 v Iks Aniu I lam iif r T
..i..r-A IOIYIItr dir. .1 IIKVI -1 -J win. 'vimw...
.1.0 vutca for the bill willingly. . .
TirmtlrWtho Wkf at tbo-Extra session
pu,tt tl.e act. NowXtlflihi juapuslUoo
v.teir repeal waa.l'j7 yeas, toO'J nays; only 3
. -v a la. a .
IHsowcrsU, Iloosevclt, Djwjou, ana jiooo, voting
MMtwi repeal. I ttte Snuitoj only 3 Dcrnocrats
Mr. Williams vote! contrary to his opinion tn
mpfiance with what believed to be the wishes
. . ' i
m otiwl oupjiiion to the expressed wishes of owe
kancb tf the Legislator and an undoubted ma- j
. I'. Ci.i. 1.1 a M sVifWMwa at ! An.ftjl(l rvr '
j If 11 J ! l CBC iH0 Pinuj,"" ww vwivu !
of th bill at tho Extra Session and
5int it repesl, in opposition 40 tuc sentiments overwhelming majority of the people1 of North
t'arolins. For no unpopulsr i I he, law in ibis
Su'n that the .Whig are altemptuiglo dodgo the
reponibility oi its passaged , - ,
Now lot any honest man look at the. record and
lo4lr it is a Whig niiasure or not r
ktber the Whigs did nofirst pass it, and, then
re opt i, repeal by their votes, io opposition Jo
: almost unanimous Democrstio vote again.! the
abmfmable act under all circumstances.
J. Smith, tbo'Morrnpn rrophet.'i not.dcad a
his Wen wickedly reporttv4 at ,at th6 latest
. ctSkjuu was, himself and Chief Councillors, about
In Hnnkrunt IW i
Mwtwaw swwsa wa WtRvO UUfl SW W UM I t .4 r .. . . .
issued b. proclamation also, declaring that be not L "v"! """r
Ataltj niA nv aninaaaraiot ai alaiiJ.nA.J.1 kaMl I r miuhiwih yti tiro
but i now ready and determined to maintain tho Pr,nc,P,a doPlcd h th SenRt "
cmso of tho 8utTragfe party a atronclr a ever. M00"1 n1' ch State whose fraction may
II says that tho KinaVpartT made nromisos of Mceed mo,e,y r,he rttl,
compromise aud concession which they have base- The following table shows the apportionment to
Iv violated. What will be lha Um.di.1. rouilt at ecn Blaw na lhB unrepresented fractious 1
w -' - a - .i.
all these things it is hard to conjecture, fcut ulyj
mately the Quango party must gain what they
demand. Their" imprudence has made it inore
difficult to accomplish this no doubt, yet ii must
be accomplished before tho contest is ended. ' A
. free people once aroused id this Republican country
'; cannot bo kept in subjection, and deprived of their
vjut rights byan aristocratic-minority under
Koypi quarter. 11 is tne very tollishness of folly;
to expect it. . if
anco to the authorities of Rhode Island. This
will do for a very pretty littlo display of Executive
bluster, pro forma, but we apprehend that if his
demand were by any chance complied with, oi
which there seem to be no tort of danger, Uis
Excellency would probably contrive Mr. Dorr's
rrl i rap v strain aa anentilu nna'.U Kni
however lobe behind-hand with buTrival for tho Hrt.ji,n
A f 'fat ftro Las lately raged in Norfolk, Va.,
dpstrjg before it was arrested somo tweuty or
moro valuubla buildings and much oilier property.
- Gov. Fairfield of Maim has been nominated by
tho Democratic party of that State as ibeir candi
date for re election.
Honest avowal. A writer in tho New Orleans
Roe, a leading Whig paper, says that " tho issue
, i fairly made up between Henry Clay and a
. Protective. Tarif, and Locofoeoism and Frre
This very issue ha Icon made in North Carolina
by tho Whig party. Let the peoplo mark it and
remember it. " I 1 "
VA.iii.i.ro5, May 31, lSli.
The Secretary read a letter from Hon. Samuel
L. Southard, resigning, on account of ill health,
tho office of President pro tern of the Senate.
Oil motion of Mr. Rerrien, the Senate proceeded
to tho election of a President pro tern, and on tho
second trial Mr. Manguni was declared to be
elected. Tho following was the result f( the
ballot : '
give the Standard's statement of the maftcr next
week. . 7.
-y "
1 The Ratio, of Representation.
AAer a debate of some length in the Senate on
tho Apportionment Dill, an amend nn-nt was adopt
ed substituting the number 70, GS0 as the ratio of
Executive honors of the Statei Gov. Dorr has
on by the House. This will give a House "bf817
Msioe, '
New Hampshire,
Rhode Island,
New York,
7 "'
- .10
1 ,
New Jersey,
Mi-sou ri,
. 30,t
: 140W"
' 10,6.10
6,36:1 ,
- 227
'A, good one. Mr. Poindexter, vulgarly called
Old Poins," has lately put forth an addreak
'Mo the people of the United States," which
pprra thus 1 Under circumstance tbe most
v'peculiar and urgent, of which I will not per I
Sail mytolf to1 speak at this time, 1 was induced
to yield my assent to the pressing solicitation of
the Executive to become one of the agent of the
Secretary of the Treasury to repair to the City of
7tw lorK, ana enter upon the most unpleasant
and thankless duty ,of investigating tho affairs
Mpast ami presoia " of the New York Custom
It has been whispered beforo that most "press
ins solicitations. mgn passed, but it is not exactly
an ascertained fuct that they came from tho aide
tho old 'gentleman mentions here; There is no
dispute jliough that bis agency is liko to turn out
a tolerably u thankless one, and not particularly
pleasant any way, unless it be in tho pay received.
. . - 1 .rz :
"(O-UliTnMilier'or'cFvatmn'i Fed
eral Whig presses upon occasions of any popular
excitement or violence provoked by'the swindling! 30th ultimo, 011 presenting a petition asking for
" practices or tho plundering Dank erstem, are al- t,0 repeal of tho Raukrupt Law that he bad
way prompt. and fierce in their denunciations of jnforma'.ion cn which he could rely, that the
the " mob spirit," but not a word have tfisy to say question of the constitutionality of this law wou'J
.,UU 1
by tho Democratic Republican Convention held io
Sulisbury on theSOth May, 1812.
Wkereas, the Government of the United State
wai established by1 the patriots of thn Revolution
on tbe principle ot fustics and equality q cvory
free American citizen, and to all parti of tho
Confederacy i (lierclorsv '"' s
Resolved. That any attempt of Congress to con.
for, bf legislation, on any citizen Ji clnss of citizens.
or on any 'particular section of country', txcWre
privileges, 1 not only contrary to the Constitution,
but is subversive of tho very end of free Govern
tpent. ... V. '"". "
Resoleed, "I the repeated attempt of the
Whig party, at tho. Extra Session of Copgress tn
charter a United States Rank conferring' on
certain individual tho exclusive custody of the
public money, wiih the exepisite right to discount,
and load U out" for .their pwn private benefiff and
the4 cxcuire right to make a paper "currency
receivable in all dues to the (iovcrnroent. are
wholly incompatible gilh the principles of the
Constitution, and , dangerous to the rights, and
liberties or tne people
Resolved, That wo view with the deepest eon
cern tho introduction into Congress by the Whig
party .of a new Tariff Rill; a measure which
most grossly violates the Compromise act of 1 33,
and which double the taxes on (ho people. and
bring back on the country the protective policy
of 1424, and '29, in all it form oi ' abomination."
While wo admit the power ol Congress to lav and
collect duties for revenue, and wilt never murmur
at a (air, nd just exercise of this power. We cienv
1... .1.-. iv.:- : i.a 1 t 1 . "
has any right whatever to impose' a Tariff for
protection j we deny that they have any right to
tax the farmers and laborers of the countrVto swell
the profits of tho manulactiirers51Wft;.hold 4hat
all such partial legislation is unconstitutional, and
that it is unequal and unjust in it operations on
the peopW every where, and more especially on the
people of the Southern States. . We, therefore, call
on the farmers and laboring classes generally, with
out regard to party distinctions heretofore existing,
to unite "with, ns it the polls to arrest the threatening
evil before it becomes too late, on evil which not
only- take the hard earning of the people, " to
mako the rich' richer, and the poor poorer," but
will tiring dissensions, and may bring troubles and
eivrt war on the country. '
Resolved, That we consider the act passed by
the Whig majority at tho late Extra Session ot
Congress fo dividing out, and giving away the
money arising from the sales of the public land,
amounting to at least three millions of dollars annu
allyas a men sura not only contrary to the spirit
r .1 r . .... S - . !
Mr. Mangum, ,
Mr. King,
Mr. Bayard, .
On motion of Mr. Linn a vote ol tlianks was
passed to Mr. Southard, for tho courtesy and
bility with which he had presided over the do-
liberations of the body.
In this Town, on Wednesday evenintr, the 8lh fn
Unt, by tho Rev John D. Bcbeck, Mr. It arncr Clarhs
to mm hint! Wuliamton.
In this Countv. on lha 2nd instant, by the Rev. John,
D. Scheck, Jonathan Armjkld, Knq., of Greensboro',
to Mis Saras Jane, daughter of the late Moses Brown,
of this County. ' . - t' "
in csbsxrus County, on Hie uUi ultimo, oy me ucv.
Daniel A. PonicK. Itolxrt W. . Allison. Esq.. Mdrchant
of Concord, to Miss, Sarah Ann, dsugliier of Joliu -
'hiter, Csq
I11 Jonesborouch. Tennessee, on the 20th ultimo, by
the Rev. Wnj. (j. Brownlow, Mr. Ruffin M. Dishop,
(Printer,) formerly of this place, to tins Rebteea A.
pdlwortk. i , ,
First. .
a vote ol tlianks
In this Countv.' on the 27th ulL. Mrii 7 Margaret
Smitt, consort of Mr. Drew Smith, sired about !M years,
lesvinf a busbanil, five cliildron the youngest an in
fant only 7 days old sm) a large, number of relatives
sod friends o bemoso their loss. Comm.
, Candidatra for Shtrifl.
OtrCol. R. w. IjOsu is a candidate for re-election
to the oflico of Sheriff of Rowan County. '
OOIIkzexuh Tikkcs, Eq., is a candidate for the
office 5f Sheriff of Row4n County. ,
j 1 .. a - i"- - - r v
03" We Ire requested to announce Mr. It. 0. Res
cbts, as a Candidate for (Sheriff of Davidson Counryat
the next election. -
To YisUto mvst )0 ScUcA.
VLL persons indebted to tlio Entste of Andrew Hoi,
houscr Ht doe'd., are notified to mako immediate
pavmcnt, Uiose that fail may find their notes and ac
counts in iho hands of an officer for collection ; snd
those having claims sgainst ssid Estate to present
mom legally autbenticsted witnio the tme prcscruioa
by 4sw, or-tltis notice wilt bo plcsd is a bar to their
recovery. A. ROSEMAN, Adtq'r.
RowsnCo.,NC, My. 27, 18 3t
Tirginiai -North
South Carolina,
03 Mr. Renton said in tho Senate on the
of tho conduct of tbe dishonest Institution thai
directly cause it by 6pea wholesale robbery. Let
the violation of law and good order bo alway re.
bukfd, but let tho Rank who provoke tlio viola.
lion by fraud and oppression come in for their
stiare of condemnation as well aa the helpless vic
tims "ho are maddened to. unlawful excess by
continual oppression and wjurj,
be carried up to tho Supreme Court., In this event
if the decision of that tnbunnl was adverse to its
constitutionality, of course all tbo proceedings tuat
had been had under it would be void. What a
beautiful state of confusion confoiindod would follow
then !
Vhturb wit in AVw Orleans. Some sertous r
Itnrbaiice have lately taken place in New Or
1 111 .consequence of lho auddoo depreciation of,
ist Municikiliiy shin plaster issues which eonsti-!
'vol the principal clinngo currency of the city.
ucntho tnnk rosumcd sjtocie payments these,
11 "'es verv unnxoectedlf full down at once from par !
i ' '.! 50 per cent dico'lnt, and being principally
ln' l by tim mict il i8, tin burdmnf the lo, as
i' nUis tho cac, was heaviest on them, the labo-f-i,
and market people of different kinds, who were
1 i"n udilinly deprived of lho hoarded fruit of their
-irl enrrung.. l ho consequonca was that an out-
"ttik with violence followed, which howover, wn
I f-mptly supprcaied by an immediate turn out of
''' citt.?r, and .military, and at the last accounts,
I'"if:cf q-iict hid Iwen restored without much loss
'I prnja-rty.
I. very citirn mint always condemn and
'' ','!"re sui!li occurrences at any time and under
: 'iicumtt iuce.,but In frowning upon the violation
' ' Ui :ui. onlor let it lo borne in mind that indig
'''inn alioull be felt not so much against the
'i iMened and ileoperale victims ol vilhiny and
MiDilling who are goaded on by outrage to the
f -nissinn of unpremeditated crime, against the
,l"r"nous .yntpn, f bert that has been the first
fw of nil, N0 popi,, on ln0 r,co 0f ,h, earih
'l'l have Imrnc so patiently and so long, ns the
ii-nean people Imve, the nefarious plundering thit
In alluding to tlto Isst Federal meeting held
here, for nominating W'Rig candidates, the Meek
Imiburg Jeflcrsonian says : ?
Wo discover that Mr. Solicitor ., C. Jones
was in the Convention that made this nomination
" No interference of office holdors in elections,'
was the Whig motto under which Mr. Jones fought
in 1940."
Ah, but Mr. Jones was only an oflico hunter
then, not an office-loMer , circumstances alter
cases besides the motto mentioned by the Jeffer
sonisn " no interference "&c., was intendod to
apply to Democratic office holders not to the
iri"gentry of course. ;
The iemocrat of Stokes County must feel
t'urtn-wlvf vastly indebted for the compliances of
the Sa.ern (iazctto with thoir request to pub proceedings of public meetings, (there is no
03" Let us "keep it beforo the pcoploM that
Mr. Clay m bis Hsnover speech said H tho fact
of Gen. Harrison's election, will of 'itself restore
confidence, revive credit, mnke money plenty, and
raise' the prices of Inhnr and produce."
Mind" !lio fact of Gen. Harrison's election"
wns to do thi'. lint it done it ? If not, Mr. Clay
ha proved a f;i!ne prophet. No Judging behind
Capt. Tyler lien-. Mr. Clay pledged his word to
lho American pcoplu for this result. He became
unconditional surety, mid 111: must answer for it.
ness unexampled in tbe annals of American legis
lation, the more so. since the money intended to
be divided i not only JiotJakenJromnJulLTreas4
Dry, buf from a Treasury known to bo empty,
THE patrons of this work are respectfully informed,
that the undersigned haw purchased the entire -stock
and right ot Mr. SusosaLSNn, in this work, and
will continue its publication every lorloizht till com
pleted. Editors will please notice the cbangeln the
advertisements. The terms will be adhered to in sit .
respects ss advertised. Flesse address the stKbsetiber.V
post-paid, I). APPLETO St CO., 1
200, Broadway, N. Y.
or THE .
HjlllE Subscribers propose to ji
publisbtt .t!e urn ol
Aswspaper, to b called
miUlicatkm will not be superfluous. 1ts pIaii wUT be
i1ifu.rt.llt fmm thai nt IIia nannr. .IroBlt. njt.klil.t
wssmnj-ion. it will not cive the debates st length,
but nreseui a comprehensive and satut.etorv rumaiarv
of the proceeding in both Houses of Congress, with
fuel) coiiiment or remarks ss will conlritvite to their
elucid&tion. Striking or interesting speeches will alio
be iuscrtod, front time to time, or such extacts there-
1 ram aa may oc inosi Woriujr or sneiiuon.
and since it gises a pretext to the party in power
to increase the burthens on the people.
iVsorfdVTbat this Convention cannot injustice
to it principles-withhold an expression of its un
nu&htied condemnation of the Rsnkrunt law nsHiwil
13711J.. .4,,. aVajorttr at the-Extras
Congress, a aw which v 0 ates a the obligations ! ' Z ', k"'. . !?"" -. n..n
r . . 1 . n u. . """Hal"J"' , ner which, it i. hoped, wi prove acecpub e to lha
of contract between Debtor and Cred.lor, and , maitt Uste A fsmiliarity with domestic politic
which i Iraught wiih the most demoralizing con- Ccuired by a residence st the capital, and the sojourn
sequence to the community. We pledge ourselves j of ono of them abroad, ol siinilsr dursiion, at sn inter
never to cease our opposition to It, until the odious ' eating period ol European history, have given them some
act shall be repealed, and expunged from the Statute '''ff1'1 sdvantages for the task proposed. Coinmunics
Rook of the country. I l'"n8 'roin intelligent sources will also be furnished, ami
Resolved, That this Convention looks on the L" :. 1' 'nrra,,,11.,,. vtnm na no. eai.lin,, in .h, ;ilfcl I """V wiwii.wnB .mimMWrUiuiiop.c.
, . . . .. srespi 10 pan upon tlio public mind. Invents are constaul-
Sate as 0:10 of the principal causes of all the dH ly occurring at borne dtskroid, beyond thesplicse of mere
iroo, a 00 iiaro iimcs ao generally compiainca 01 : , crsoitii and psrty politics, sttcntion to which cannot
Hemocrntio paper in the District) as lho Gazette
never, we believe, complies without some exceed
ing witty, and very respectful elision to the same,
whenever printed.
As tho Whig enndidates for the next Lo
piflature aro now leforo tho pre pie In this Stato,
wo hope they will let us know when we are to
have tho (ulflllincnl of Whig promise. IVf
tihull we see the abun lance of money, tho high
prices, and better lime T How much longer are
tho people to watt and wait in vain for what ibey
wero solemnly promised should immediately follow
tho W hig accession to power t -
fO It seems Congress, or tho majority in that
body, has no idea of riving any time for adjourn
ment. On the 23rd of May Mr. King naked tho
Senate to take up the resolution offered by him
Corn i now worth 7 cents a Uisliel in the North
Western State.
The rTniisc of Representatives has been engaged
for some time on the Army and Navy Appropriation
Bills, and wo arc glad to see that they 'have set
about reducing both somewhat in carnost.
We sco from the Republican that a 11 Literary
and Scientific Association " ha lately been formed
in Washington, (N. C.) This is well. Nothing
can have a more excellent tendency than audi
societies properly constituted and conducted, to
rcline the tiMo and elevate tho character of a
community. '
and, we do hereby most solemnly pledge our
selves nover to ceaso our opposition to it until we
shall, by such Constitutional and legal means as
may be within our power, expel it altogether from
the country, or so thoroughly reform it, as that it
will no longer be dangerous to the rights and liber
ties of the peoplo. j
And H'Acreas, This Convention believe that
tho Constitution of the United States is the most
perfect instrument of fundamental law ever framed
by human sagacity, the oflspring of profound
wisdom, and devoted patriotism; and believing
that the integrity of the I'mon, and the continu
ance of American Liberty greatly dceud on pre
serving that Constitution pure, and undefilcd, ns it
came from the hands of Washington, and his co
patriots ---therefore,
Rtsolred, That wo deprecate in the most un
qualified manner the attempt now making by the
Federal Whig leaders, with Henry Clay at their
liead to abolish a most vital part of the Constitu
tion, thereby to chsnge the character of our
(lovcrnmcnt, and destroy ono of our grcatent
safeguards against uowiso and unconstitutional
tail to elucidate political questions, and promote nation-
si interest. Judicious selections irom foreign journals,
winch are m accessible in Washington, continental ss
well ss English, (popular attention in this country be
ing directed too exclusively lo the latter,) cannot but
interest the enquiring rcador, whose liberal Curiosity
and expansive sympathies extend berond rjio confines,
however smp'e, of his own country. Nor will litera
ture asjjjencral criticism be neglected, though kept
subordinate to the paramount ends ot a political journal.
In a word, it Is the design of the subscribers to f'urnili
s spirited paper, for winch, they sre pemuaded, pecu
liar facilities sre found st the seat ot Government.
Without appealing t0 their past position snd exer
tions they will content themselves here with declaring
that their opinions are thoroughly aud unchangeably
Democratic, yet, they would fun hope, not illiberal or
uncharitable. 1'hey will dixcuu question and juJgu
men with freedom, yet with that moderation which
jived additional .trcngth to fi rmncss, snd that canvlor
which is the best proof and pledge ot sincor'iyi
They are fully sensible of the doubts and difiicul'ici
which must ever atlr.ud a novel undertaking ot this
nM urc. But one man may tuccced, where another Imh
tailed; and when one effort has proved abortive, a se
cond may triumph over every obstacle. It has been
said, by a wis and a great man, that no human enter-
tc itislation. In the name of the Democratic party r . . .!uemP cu " ever' 0DJecl'0" "1U1 "rl
r axT . L. aO- .....M sl...
Ul llVllll vsas uiiua -n-w "uiii aiibov UbHIOBI 1 IB II ! I ltl.i a . "
TininM Wimnrhlhi. s;,CreiUogWy ol nui luiu- y,ft oi their UM and fVlle steps. They venture,
lumirs. a DO. to ex ores a hone llml KJiturn. nomnnnllv nr nn.
Strange. Nearly abnut one year ago the barn
of Mr. Philip Mock, ot JXividson County was j
struck with lightning, and one or two horses killed; j
a few d.iya since tho snmo Uiru was nc.un struck
and another valuable Iiorso killed.
Resolved, That this Convention believes, that lineally I'riondlv, will cive thn brief prcctu. an m-
instead of imposing new taxes on the people as the ! vertion ; s favor which they will bu happy to scknmvl
Whig in Congress are now doing, in order to raise 'g0 m a u'aWe manner. J. I. MARTIN,
largo sums to meet extravagant sppropriations, J ra J- HEART,
the true policy of tho (ovcriimont is, for Congress TERMS,
forthwith to repeal tlio act for distributing the The Spectator will be published weekly, at Three
proceeds of the Public Lands; and at nee, t0 irl,llar per annum, snd prvporiioosbly tlr 'shorter p--bring
down the expenditures of the Government to i "1.'s u''0 ,,,v,ribl '" advance ; or Five Hollars
ita ordinary income, thereby to do .way lho ne- uZT 1 T' '
, ., . . r J , ' "i",,u lnc llrt number early 111 June,
cessity and remove the pretext for borrowing plwlinMlcM ro .u,lorixcJ to ronllt ...bKr.pi.j.i,
money on usurious terms, snd for imposing ad. Letters and commmieatioiis to the Editei iuu,t bu
ditionnl burthens on tho country. p.-st pud or tree. Addiess
Tho f.invininiT lieKnltllion. wero nninim.nil.. ! MARTIN I'l.Alvl.
e. ' o ; j
Yes or -Yd 'We should liko to hear whether
lho Register or any of tho Whig leaders will un
dertake to deny jliat the Dutilutipt Law is n Whig
measure f Was it not priginated by.the Wtua
four monlh. ago propping to fix a day for adjourn- pal & W higand continued 4o force l,v
ment, but the vote being taken, the Senate refused tbe Whigs I 1 he people will require on-e,.
to Ink them up yon 17, nay .0.
(his Summer.
n.lmiteH hv lho l;iiffivi.iilifin. ntwl nr.lern1 t lu. !
publisliod. II... W. CONNOR. lWIent.
Ciias. F. Fishkh, 8Wne.
"IIHRRE or four families to work st the Salisbury
a factory none but those who can come well re
commended fur industry, snd sobriety, need anpl. -J.
Pa'isbur", Jane 3, lJtL. if
.June 3, 112.
Washington, l. C.
J laborers 1 1 anted.
VJTnulCll, a number of binds to wotl.
" tho mining business at Conrad's Hill,
It ; I . V ri.. I ... i
I'aviu.wn vooiuv. i ne usual waes will te e
en, and "tho bunds will be paid off weekly, m
monthly, as tlioy may wish. Good bnard may bo tbo mine on reasonable terms.
t. ali.i:n.

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