North Carolina Newspapers

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NO. 29. WHOLE NO. bll)
J. j. BPwUNEli,
Editor and Proprietor.
0X 1CA, piyW.ia .dv.uc... ....f.O" KDt,lho.ratic.CoDVKtivt, part?
t..- I.ITUI ' ...... I.iJVF i , . . .. ..
or siBrBiPHO"
Chamber of (he Central Executive Com
mittee of the Democratic Conaet ratine
Partg. . f " : -
BALCTojn. Fef. 3.!., 1872.
At a jireeent intiug f tlir Democrat io
Conservative mtfiuWral uf th Iu"ltnre,
Sit M()NTH8t
S Cpi? to utoe axlJrew.
gpprl1)nmeikt of tlita bndv i
Lir due IximJalure folio
b prctciibcd
i r
Alamance, 1,
Aliancl''', 1,
Arlie, It
Hlrt, 1,
Iter? ir, I,
lJuncotnbt, 2,
lUitkt, I,
Cabarrus, 1,
.C.4ell, I.
CanJen, 1,
Caswell, 2, j
tliatliam, 2,
Chfiokee 1,
Chowan, 1,
ClravcUnd. I,
Columbue, I,
Cravenj 2,
CuuibriUiiri, 2,
Currituck, 1,
Dare, 1,
Darijiwiu 2,
Duplin, 2,
Macomb, 2,
Koroythe, I,
Fraiikliu. l
Canton, 1,.
;trH, l,
(Jranyill.-, 2,
(irrcuo, 1,
(, 2,
UaUifax, 2, -lIuriK-lt,
JIajrwood, 1,
11 riHiertMU, I,
llrrlfr, I,
llyuf, I,
Iadrll, 2,
Jkcknon, 1,
; Joilitnuf 2,
Jonen, 1,
S Lr uir, 1 ,
i Lincoln, 1,
i Macon, lt
I Madison, 1,
Martin, 1,
! McDowell, 1,
Mecklenburg, 2,
3Iilcljel), 1,
i Montgomery, 1,
Moore, 1,
NhIi, 1,
New Hanover, 3,
Nortliatnptoii, 1,
Oualow, 1,
Orange, 2,
l'aaquotank, 1,
rciquinuuai 1,
IVriou, 1,
l'iit, 2,
l'olk, 1,
IUndofpIi, 2,
Kirhmond, 1,
Kobrpon, 2,
UockingliMiu, 2,
liowaw, 2,
Kutlu-rfoid. 1,
8arapon, 2,
SiMily, 1,
Stnkca, 1,
.Snrry, 1,
Saih, 1,
Traunylvjutia, 1,
Tyrrell, 1,
Union, 1,
Wake, 4,
by retMitii ion. C"Utinue4 until ih in-ting of
th tat Couveiitiou of jtlmt rty. aui Jlu
if. M. liMrringfr
lu late pov. nrajtg.
Trsterdav was a1 ditr of wild exeite-
iiK-nt iif VVall street, wliit-h his bad n
parallel sincfe th rneniorable Black Fri
day " in wbicli Jy Gould nd Pridvnt
Grant' brot her- in-law, Oorbin, were o
uuenvubly conpcuau, andaalill nearer
relative -rt the Pnidewt whs upprd to
be a t'cr-t accomplice. Eri Block told
piHttutd iu pUcof at one tiiot", yrftrday, a high a 59,
although, qn the first of tin , luouih. it
was Qtiotid at 32. The price of the
W. U. Travrrft. and Jay Guld. Atall ; HOW TO COMMENCE BUSINESS.
evenrp, ifte piumc woniu w pua io snow rfecre are nmnr yone men who are in
wnfinrr iniFe men re n ynirw m me tb batrit of xcusin( Xhrir idleness sod
diviaton of the Spoils, and mhetbyr thcV iucfScieucj with the plea tbat ther tan do
and j tit W asociat hare noi protted anolhiuj witkoot eaphaL Tle Ick nf
liecul-tioiirbytvh'ch they are rnTiclied . dhdi U tLa ready rmly th-y make i
to the ezDVnttt nf iher peopV. If a cosaf trerv antrl to anion Tl... i..
The Stat eouveutioq will be held io tb
towo of Greualx)re ou
day of Alay next.
bichdatlaln-thi eleltMB of a candidate ""pm-fig revidatum in the mauaKue..t
fur (Jovernoro. Attorneyj Geneita. Treasurer.
AudttoriSivretary of Smte, iperiiitetidetii
of Educttt. SnnitibfUt - f PuUie onr titu. and that Gin Grant him-lf i
W eUftewUy tb Urat -h..r t.Uil Lm0it doubl-d
Im i n a rtril with i., . .
w.-ta the ijinfrutnrut and the mask of une
lperiiitutidetit of the oWf gigantic fetock pecuUvimin of
Works, m In l-cMriug the rinci- an aCvOtnp
ice in the scheme and a vharer
Warm., 2,
Washington, 1,
Watauga, 1,
Waytn-, 2,
Wilson, 1,
Yadkin, 1,
Vauccy, 1.
Graham nt entitled to a ileprpn-
tatWr: Patulkt vote i,h lh-uutort lor
Mruibcr ot tlie Ilotute. . N .
pies artd poliey, both Sfiaitj and Federal, of J tl,U eViurtnoiif, the prodtgiaus profit of
the partj and provlJiMg fur JjfficWut party tWs ,,1 shrewd, enccespful, and most
urKautiaiwuM : j M j . r ' coiol18JIJ rno. At all events, there.
It is. tWrre. very des.rable and unpor- , . f u- lhc b.
tant. tludavery coauty in tba Stat shall be -. " r . , r . b. r
represent io that conven Jon ; and it is He on lis gard, and warning it against
cntideiiily hoin-d f hat (oar ..r.tic.l friends being taken in and bitten, so far a it is
will tak4 immediate Ud etbeieut steps to not yet too lata, we proceed to iai
socure eb repreentatuu. aome ot the grounds of our auspicion.
1 o that inu the Central txecutiTe eom- t Ins the first place, this euoroious rise,
mittee ate instructed t suggest that county w,tb has made the street erazv, and
popular lifting., unposeu .f all persons wi4jci, jM by telegrams from the other
..lipoid to HadicaUsmi misrule and Public . . r. !. ,: i ...i : v.a .
J1. ti ? . . , , side of the Atlantic, has noiu.wg solid to
hrtravadat'Ce, be called in each county of t i i r i . i c
peteit enmmifrer of tonfd1 that they ptseass in themselres all the
inquire Into "this" subject, e 2are ' say pen;mitsitrir to ueeess but the capital.
iheict wonM tw cnrious and astounding rif ther ulr had canital iu addi Lw. tn
tie State, a soon as
dflegateif to the conv-uti'
every ope wpo?i to d . : . . f.dhiwl l,v
this sV:rdei inflation and wild t-xcitcment.
practicable, u appoint r, st Fou bnt J,ie " Pea of the t la.fii
UtiMn aud devise ways tioti act by the Legitlature. iNuw, c
and mealis to tecure their attendance. suppose that no tuan wlio lias cut his ti-
In order to avoid failure if irepresutation. naiicixl eye-teeth believes thai if the
let each eoiiutyineeting appoint oaeormore- Cla?sificaiioii act had been siiunly repeul-
fro-rt'e,4Who will certainly attend the con- etj w,h()u the gn at blaze of accoinpa-
venuon. j rf ? r ' niments wjiich preceded and attended it,
HHtlical Miifrulv, w ithutit regard to past p
f. .t ' t.;.-..M...r U t,:,.,if All -Ihat the rental tiot b is to give the
1 U tiru ve i aiov 1119 v j nuu caui . i iuiovi a ' ii
t.i iiif..rlrl th ttnl.Iin iiiiul Hrid nnnar th stockholders au opportunity to elect a
ptfopltt tl stand together in the 'noble and new hoards f directors. Until the election
patrioticjstruggle to nj.hoM. maintain and i held, nod it is1 seen iuto whose bandi
adininir honestly and fai hfully jhej.riuci- ;"tic adiuintration of the road is to pas?,
pies of pjire Consututjoual Government. ! t. pnbic hare no means ol foiming an
ine in" enecuve means a illU.,Wlt jungmt as to the degree of
tanWherefore.thatitl.hallhe properly nd "Pvetnent likely to resu t trom tlia
ihoroughly directed-i WafttJl ihe'stniDge-t hange4 Jl he great Upera House coup,
assurance that those who conduct the Demo- o dramatic in lis circumstances, really
craic conservative Press will 1e nctive and accomplie(ied nothing beyond lacil tating,
faithful in placeiug before the people sueh r, if yo.f please, forcing, the rep"al of
arguments. And information as may be at t a Classification act, and providing for
their command, and we respectfully urge our au jy )ection Gf a ew board of direc
friendsto be active in exteuding thercula-; ,ordJ It jwa? f no im?or ance in any
tiou of our newspapers as a arand help to , . s r . . , ,r
i 1 1 t t o;her view. 1 he new president and di-
8UTheScommittee are instructed to submit ' rcctara made haste to inform the public
and suggi-st the auuexel plan of organiza- j that they regarded themselves merely as
tiou. i 1 temporary trust'ees, and that they only
A ropy 'of the proceedings of Conntymeet- ' held theiH places provisionally until the
ings apHjmtuig leiegate9 to the Mate urn- ; stockholders could have au opportunity
iSicv a2'oei.4 L -Disrwrrs -The follow
inir tix SuMioiial DistiicU as
ii ii-sed ly the jegiilature :
1st District. Currituck, ('atnden, IV-
4uotunk, Hertford, Gates, Chowan, Per--fuinun"
2nd, Tyrr-ll, WatlHutnt Martin, Dure
Ilaufort, Putilico and Hyde 2.
3rd. Norihainptof aud Bertie I.
4lh. Halifax 1.
4tli. Kdgecomibe I.
ih. Pitt-1.
?tlj. Wilson, ah and Franklin 2.
8:h. Ciavcn 1.
iitll. Jones, Onslow and Carteret I.'
I Oi,h. iWayncand Duplin 2.
f lib. feuioi' and Greene 1. "
1 2lb. Kw Hauorcr I. t
I.'jih. Brunswick and Bladen 1.
14th. Hrfuipnon 1.
? 5th. Col u tubus and Rolieaou I.
16th. Cumberland aud llanietl. 1,
17tll. JollMtOII I.
th. Wakel l
10th. Warren 1.
20th. Person, Caswell aud Oranzo-2.
"X. Granville I.
22id. t halhaui-l.
23rd. Uockinghani I.
24ih. AUasanoo and Guilford 2.
25th, ltanoljdi aud Moon t. t
2Giihi Uichtuond and Montgomery I.
,27th. Antoi and Uuiun 1.
. ;23ih. Cabarrus aud Stanly 1.
29ih. Mftklenburg I. ( !'
2f0thi Ho wan and Davie 1.
3L Davii'sonl. 1
32nd. itockes and Forsyth - I.
3rd Surry and Vadkiu - 1
34th. Iredell, U'ilkesand Alexander, 2.
S.'ith. Allfjliany, Ashe and Watauga, I.
34lh. Caldwell. Burke, Mcliowell,
Mitchell and Tancy, k.
3?th. Catawba and Lincoln, I
0$th. Gaston and Cleavelaud, 1.
30 tk Rutherford and Polkrl.
4Qlh. Buncouibe and Madison. 1.
4lst; Haywood, Ileudersou and Tran
sylvania I
I42ud. Jackson, Swain, Macon, C
kecClay and Graham, i.
veiition. shontd be Hrxit to thifs Committee.
By order f the committee.
tb replace them by a new board of their
own vhoice. The permanent management
j ot the jo
I bunds of
prut that
nation of
who! are
d is to be devolved into the
the new directors, of whose
no judgment can be formed
1 he enor-
aliou of the Kriu stock id an
wuich there is no sufficient
cause ; and we therefore sns-
Thr. ftiJlmriifi afiiitivil riJr.t arc
scribed fur Uic aoccrumeut of the Dk- ulri! afier ,h, y are chosen
cnJi n-t?ic rift iui it ssk.n i u-tiL I t(i,,Ct foil
them ih the State lof North Carolina :
. Shite Executive CowtwiVte,
There shall be an Executive committee for
the tatej at large, ousistni! 'of forty one
memlers Of theu. four s shall reside in
each congressional Ustnct, and nine, at or
it is brought about by a com hi
plotting, audacious speculators
making great fortunes at the
expense of the gullible people.
Our secoud itasoti for suspecting that
i. aim nine, ai or ,tw..i .,u. ..; ,- ... .
near the city of Raletgh, and the members 7 . V" L 66 V "1
residing at or nearjthe city of Raleigh, i hl J?' l1l,.wJ Je,r
shill be denominated- the Ceutral Executive ,ul,u ,u P,,e the m erests of Jay
cotnmittee. ! ' ' ! Gould, The ostensible object of lhc wou-
The Executive Coi'nmittee for the State at deriul . dramutic coup was tc oust and de
large, shall have general control, stipervis- j phsu him He was held foi l h to the public
ion and direction of the orgauSxation and its a8 the anquished, "humiliated party. Jay
practical working, uftder the eonvenUon Gould, we are .old; was overthrown by
i ue central executive committee sua i ne t- ' , ..i. . ,i i
, , - i . , . , , uis victorious tnemtts and made to bite
charted at all times, with the exercise of the , , i , . , .
powers cauferred on j the Extcutive commit-:lhe, dnl' hwaf represented as the
tee for lh State at large uales in any re- arc" wffV,er and victim of the most won
spect restrained by the last meutioned coin- deiful rnsfiiaiuvre. If Gould has any re
mittee. I j . I maiuing friends let them not be too hasty
A meeting of the Executive committee for ! in proffering their condolence! They
the State at large. mty he called by any four may; af)y reserve their tears till they
members thereof, as Nveli as by the ceutral ( ear v bother it is three million or five
revelations. Considering the three 'or fonr
million doHarswbicir this ingnlar"tna
liCPnvrifhas pht: Into the' pockets 'of Jay
Gould, some people will be tempted to
suspecj. tjtit be was one of the (iriioal
parties to (he f peculation, ad tha,ie
great show of opposition wliich ha made
was ;tll a sham to throw dust into the
eyes of j the public. Supposiig him to
iiavej been a secret accomplice from the
beginning, every part of this- extraordina
ry plot is consistent and intelligible. In
this view, the apparent despair of ic peal
ing the Classification actx wbich prcrailed
at the time of the Opera House coup, was
well calculated i depress the price of
Erie stock, aud enable the pari lea to this
mai ceuvre to purchase or contract for all
the shuns they could carry, at very low
rates. The Eiio stock could not vtry
well pe depressed to lower figures than it
was iuuder the apparently discouraging
prospects at Albany. And then, at the
very: lowest point of that depression, the
Opera House coup was flashed upou the
public all of a sudden. Gould, for one
day,;uiade a resolute show of resistance ;
but.ito the snrptise of everybody, he
timely iollapsed, and made an uncondi
tional capitulation. Why did he not fight
the thing out? Or, to ask a question
which goes more directly to the pith of
the matter, how was it possible that h
could have beeu so taken by surpiise, as
he was represented to h ive beeu at the
litnej? Was he all the w hile iu collusion
with1 his pretended enemies, but real al
lies, in a plot whose actual result, thus
far, ,has been to give biin $3,240,000,
wiihcorref ponding gains to Grant, Sickles
and (he oilier conspirators I The mere
repeal of the Classification act would not
have supplied gas enough to inflate this
enormous balloon. This gigantic stock
speculation is like fruit of the 0era Hons
comedy, which advertised to all the world
that there hu been a tremondom, aston
ishing, aud most advantageous revolution
in Erie. Everytliing which has been done,
Doth at Albany rtfid here, has contributed
to the success of iheGiant-Sicklcs Gould
' pool." The ati'ecled despair of repealing
the Classification act, by which the price
of the Erie stock was depressed and kept
down till the " i.k1 " had made their
purchases and contracts ; then the dra
malic and sensational scenes at the Opera
House tor advei l:sing to the world a great
and sudden revolution in the management
of the road ; and aflerwuras the repeal ol
I be Classification act as a result ot the
Opera House coup, were adroitly contriv
ed for " bulling " the stock and enriching
all the parties to the plot, including Jay
Gould and Gen. Grant.
We have slated our suspicions and the
grounds of them. Our columns are open
to any responsible member of th " pool"
w ho chooses, over his own signature, to
give the inside history of this surprising
their -other iiuajp'uad vi.taes. lhv would
da great things in ika wald, llvy wnwld.
hi n -i f
nrrj v unni ivnipii ut natives a the
boldness ami 'brilliancy of their enter
prise. They would grow immensely r'.cb,
and then ly fh wrfj under p-rpwuf
obligatious to their gratitude by th mag.
iiifieence of their b n-faclln . This is
the way they think aud talk, ai:d ihrj
mil the vain glorious idea uer in their
minds until the) oecnme to think tha', the
world it an unmeusa loser bf their pov
Theie persons forget one ioinorfant
fact that all capital is the urJucl of
abor. That uearly all rich men in this
country wert onee poor. That nearly ev
ery personal fortune they can enumer
ate is either the product of it owner's
toil and skill, or the representative of his
father's Tail and skill.
How did the makers of these fortunes'
get along without capital Uad tUry
spent the vigor of ibeir youth iu idle and
looluli lamentation over their pove, y,
they wouldhaveJived and died poor, auu
leti nothing but an inheritance nf honesty
behind them. Capital allied to labor aud
skill can work Wonders in the wav of
material enterprises, aud the man w ho
possesses tnouey finds it easy to make
But capital is not only indispensable to
young men of the right stuff for all tins
There are other kinds of capital besides
accumulated money: brains, muscle, in
dustry, honesty, diligence truth, fidelity.
till, I act, education all these are capi-
tal, and all ot them have a commercial
value, which the owner will be able soon
er or later, to command in the market.
Provided with these, any young man iif
ibis country may roaka more than he
faecds to spend every year, and lhu
have something at the end of each year
to invest as mwney capital. If he needs
money let him go to work and make it,
and thus give proof of his ability to use
it profitably aud judiciously. It w go
itfto any great city, or into any prosper
ous agricultural district, we find the -capitalists
are those who havt made their for
tunes without any outside aid. They did
not waste their time in repining iu their
poverty, and in silly dreams of what they
could do if they had the money to do it
with. 1 hey went bold I v aud resolutely
to woik; ihey toiled and thought and
thought and planned, and kept toiling
and iniiiKiutr ana piiiiiunt; paiientiy,
until at last they grasped the for'.tin-le
moment, and in nine cases out of ten
they succeeded.
From the I'eopler Press.
IxTinUTito Voters ix Newi
thFZvr - axkable exam- ! This good old doci.,ce . f o.r fVUrs
tdg ofptical vmue.ia the'Cep though Jog igi.ond and trodden aTder
. ,lhPfPr decUrea that, the foot, Ugio. to il. aigu of rvturfinc
enpennlendentof the Oswego etarch vitality, aud ia placea U..t .apwuad
factory casts three hundred vote at' u presence. Neatly tvtry l-.dy i the
every election as 6tich a ivstem Ofcs-' ulh, except Mr. Stephens, Lad" ceased
poinagcauad intimidation is employed i Xfn lo abiot it, ptrfcrring to re it
there that everv person employed' in i teal P,ave f"r Ma'U,Mured .f a
the factory it compelled to vote nrs. I g'oiioas resurrection talher than ell -'own
ciselyas th Superintendent direx-ts 0MT b.u.oird tbe vlSar
i iiaiu'i ai 1 1 va
hare alaavs lelievid
" wi mpenntendent direi-t. ' ,
The workman Is not even permitted tb rF ' u
akJ.. t "I o .r
pnvtiwre or staving a wav
r .I.. ill, . . -
i the polls,! but is required to re
thc time at which he deposited hia
matioeuvre, and show that there is no
reason for dil rusting the good faith of
these transactions, which have enabled
all the parties, Jay Gould among the rest,
to make sudden, colossal fortunes.
iV. T. Word, March 26.
A correspondent of the Detroit Tri
i -i i .1 r e i
Executive, committee! "TnlJi a . V .k. . ll- i .1 V" . " Z "eecnuen at some lengtu a teariui
The State conveiitiouj sl.all deienata M T .T, J . . V "c case of hydrophobia, where the man was
chairinaiifor the Executive committee for the " . FMC,wt:i . , ! I hi convulsions, barking like a dog,
c-... i ii! , . n io 111 e1 liim utiirc Hint it list. un v ntner I . .1 . .1 . 1. . 1 1. ; .
oiaie ai targe, auu nie sua 1 oe cnairinan ot 1 r T. . . J rroiiiing ai ine mauiu, aun maamg sireuu-
the central Executive committee
Congressional District Executive
! mittce.
The members of the Executive committee
for thj Sta.e at large in any eoneressional
individual. We are informed, 011 the au
thority which we have no reason to dis-
w - a a a
trust, tnat Jay uould is "long on
120,000 shares of Eric. The slock has
already advanced S27 a share, giving him
a clear ! profit of $3,240,000. This is
ous efforts to bite everything that came
near. The doctors dectdeded to place
the patient under the sama treatment
which had been successful in a former
ease, which for the aid it may be to others
i . -ir. i .j.. 1
DUtrw Ml, -II Mri;ii. f..m.MM..t I . . .. .. wuo suner irom iuia niaiauy, "cutro
"lr"'ui I ni lin ii. t Ii A mnar aiirro-idiiiir diiPAinti itrt I n rm ... ,
Fxeeutivtf committee nh n:strU 1 f"""" f-r." , , give as toiiows : i ne injection unaer me
txecutive committee . Wr such Uiftriet d , ...t , -. that ever occurred n t he . . , i r i.: j ....
in wnicn they reside, and Shall ex-T7. TI? ffr, . T sain 01 targe uwcb i uiorpuuie, mm iuc
erelsethejjM.wers in such District, of the , ?w WT" ,UHrT uay wmiu
Executive eomiuitte for the State at Urge J 18 deP?F "um e. presidency of the
subject to'tho eouttjoi aud directU.o f the Erie roajd, and makes between three and
latter and the ceutral Executive committee, j four ; million dollars by the operation.
uuless iu iuch respects as the latter may be The ' Sickles combination " dissembled
won Id
come to pafs, lhc South bad only to
silent for lhor Jm ji.'o'fd in ifs I urial tn
I t, tmnn ttit fii.l In im it.
vote, and the t)fcrson from whom he re-l b-dy and lvut.xe i; iack into lile. t)f
ceivexl his ticket, or run the risk of i lie the 11- imbbcan Goverrn-i rf J'mri
j:r. ' ti i n . . . J i ....
sylvania, Illinois, Mim.mii and L.iuiaua
have, each, been sunh-d by Federal en
croachments, made in molt Instance un
der the authority of law, and indirmn'lv
raised the staudaid of State Ri;lns 'i'lii
Supirme C-art, bad as il is, has nmi
than once intimated tbat laws of Con
gress bearing u oo the Sttrti would iit
be snstained if brought in review liefne
it. The Sara tribunal has reeentlvt
up the amnesty proclamation of Presi
dent Juhiistoti as a pio'trlioii o tho
citizen, d vs pile all rongrrsional hw ar.d
partisan constitutional oiendmrnt. At d
to-day we have a trlrjjraj.Lic announce
meiit tbat ihe Uepublirau J ndpe of the
Federal Couit In Kentucky, it h int ihe
b'ar of party ei. genre bi b-ic his fi .r
in his In ail, has announrid the doctiine
that Congnss has no iiu lo p4s a Lie
Cmjlliog a Slate Judge to diregtd
ihe laws of his Slate, even tl.nnli ihv
might militate agai-irt tlx- tivil ii-Itp en-
artiuenis ol t.oniefs. It ) a H:v Z
case, lhc U J( S'iou ha ln ai i-mi mil ol tl.e
refusal of a Slate Judgr to .nluw i. gii.
to testify io I is c iu t
e f4V, ;i r rxi i.ons
They "how thai be U i..- .i l. t 1- of ! !,
diwlurrxc. The Pro aava it haa lonr
desired to expose this disgraceful abuse,
but has been deferaJ from doinpso bv
the fact that the men were coerced to
vote the Republican ticket, which was
a good thing, ond that an exposure
would injure the Republican partv.
But now theiVcM ha? discovered
that the factory1 men do not vote the
Republican ticket unless the names on
it are personally agreeable to the m
perinteudent; that they did not vote
the Republican; ticket in 18G9 nor thin
spring; and so)t manfully appeal to
the Grand Jury to come to the rescue
of tlie starch factory emplovecs, and
by standing between them and their ty
rannical employer restore to them that
freeman's right of suffrage of which
they have so long lieen roblied. Tire
nnnActtwn rf t . r . i
"IT0111"" " n - re to bUCll a 8S-
tem of intimidation is highly commend
able, but it wotjld have appeared mre
diaintercsteil ifi't had devclojicd it-clf
a little earIier.-4-A' V Sun.
Were an emrjloycr in Virginia to
do anything of this kind lie would be
hauled up before Underwood 'a court
at once, and punished sevcrelv lv fine
and imprisonment under the provision.
of the enforcement act.-iticA. Enquirer.
. The 1'iltMton (I's.) GuttU pvea the following
Virtictilars of a niiaji dii reding can of hvdn
pholiia : About eleven wet kaaroa young" IIt
tMUied Lox, danglit-r of Milen ( ox, of Slod
danl.ville, wvut iplo the rard to kill wxue
ciiicken-i. The dg followed her, and fh-king
up (e oi me miCKen ran ort witli it. Sin
cb.Ked hiiu with a stick, to recover il. and com
'uigon with liini he turned tiion lier .md Kit her
in tli arm. Ia rating il fcarl.illv. H-r iiK.ilier
arid brother oomin loihe r-u, wer .-i- l.illv
bitten by lh infiiH.-iied Ih-iX. The wo.m l'
healed however, ani noihin? wa tl.o il.i
ol Hit niatfer. I lie Tonne woiuaii a emm-red
lo be married to a Joting in iii lixinj; a. doii-
boro, named Alfrud Kern. k. atnl tl.e
appointeil to eemm off at tliat plac-e Umt
two week ago. On ihe wtnlding morning, a
she ti about to perform lu-r ablution., the
sight of water sent a shiver through her w hole
vMeni ami triglitenfd her. At lb break fat table
the coffee had iier an effect upon ler thai .he
spO'ed it over tl laid. M.e thn complained
of feeling unweil, and her frierxla advied her
1 liee eius.
govern rat nt are rrvn ii g in tin- 1 . r i t
ihe ptople, aud what : r-' ill t - t : r . J it
they are strong enough to I nL i; u the
arbriers of prejudice and jurM olrin
lion. They ihow that Stale U :lii. Iia
never been dead, o ly sb-ering. That 't
reined lioiu lhc tild to iu the ctoini
ol pasfiou and patty c: t iip!i..n to pa
ovt r, lieu il would ieipp ur in m it
tnonphere puiiGid by the fornm ti'-n,
and fitted fwr a 1k1 u.e and vigir tin
existence. Il can nt vi i '. i- mi 1i g
the spiiit rf liberty and ..iff ida eov
i rnmeut shall annimate the heari at d
heads of the Atnricau people Sitarili
( Ga.J Jirjiublioin.
Jacob Siewcrs, confined in OHr county
jail, awaiting his trial on charges of break- I to remain at homej but he aid she did not
ing into and robbing Mr. Croslaud's Groc
rey iitorcand Wm. T. Vogler's Jewlry es
tablishment, effected his escape on San-
d iy morning last. Ho sawed through the
ceiling in the northeast, nr
cutting through a heavy scantling, about
4x6 inches, and an iron bar spiked to
he wood, m iking an opening about 10 x
12 inches, large enough to enable him to
pass up into the attic, where he broke
through ihe brick wall, and letting him
self to the ground, a distance of about
thirty feet, by" means of strips of bed
want to dinantriinr, A I, and accompanied bv a
simer, proceeded to Cioldlioro, where the wed
ding ceremony was errbrrued. Inirnediatily
alter tin Me m uihI with iaiu, Iwarinc
all the indication of livdrophobia. Iu one of
her Inctd intervals hc warned the comiunr
that she would bite them if theT did nH Vet n
away from her. ' J5ut,' said he to her hn.Wpn.1,
" AI, you need not be afraid. I won't Lite ion."
In one of her iamxvm ohe Lit a la. It Ik. wm
endeavoring to noothe her. It wa the wife of
Votz. Hoftuian, who drive the Mo from (iold-
boro to the Sand Out, on the iMaware, Larka-
wana and extern railroad. Nun after attir
ing her husband that flic wyul.l iHt bite him
she was mm red with convnlion-, and, Ijing
bark in his anus died. We have seldom been
Cut iosiiits of Hul'lr H'owrtf. At '1.0
Red River uwlilai v t x j.i : . ; i-.i, , at ti n
( lod ot the a, a t j a!:y r hid r , tbi ut
teiilr years ohl, in the i. r ! ,
wns tlii i t cleir tl.iouh ,.. I...!v .i
broad wo. d in the l.n d it a in niiil
eni fnv. 1 he won .(!..; i in lin t
Of the tliOtt libs of tin- l'' t l 'nie :.t 1
came out nppatite, ch- e to tl.e spit.t ;
and what w aa more t ir.atk 1 . ! ilc
rlared he di I not b-rl it (, but
when the fellow drew it rut it gjxehori
some pain. He aft cmnii' Ti ! moit.iiiV
if i
I 1 . - I
wouuued. lut neillier l lttO-ng i .r til ¬
ing, as the Hiigenti ( IHfi'(!, lie wat
transport' d lo a lompstjl . n New (l.!ai.,
where in a f i w u:r.n:h. be nn ptiftt!y
OUeHlon C.ilU-
tif surgeons bow
.1.. tl o
ti g I iu
OokoUessiokjI l Distiucxs. TUt fol
IowUg are the Congressional Districts as
laid off. by an act of the General Assem-
lit Lurrttuck, Camden, I'avquotank, I Kiiuted.
Perquimans, Gales, Chowan, Hertford, w
CphitErecutive Committee.
Each eoiiuty shall have a county Executive
ouiiiiitte,comHsed of members taken, two
from eaeJi township iu the eounty. and the
cttun.ittew8liall appoint or elect a chairman,
aud exercise the powers, iu their respeer
tivr counties. crferrel on the congressional
District !kecutive Committee for the State at
large aud Central Executive committee, un
less in siicn lespects as the latter may he re
stricted. The county Executive committee
sli ill be desiguated by a couutt convention iu
the county for which the same shall be ap-
Hyjde, Ueaufert, Pitt, Pamlico, Rcriie,
Maru'n. Washington. Tvrrell and Dare.
2il. Edgecombe, Wilson, Green, Way
ne, Lontir, Jones, Craven, Northampton,
arrcn and Halifax.
4&. Onslow, Dunlin. Sampson.
nett,! . Cumberland, Rladen, Columbus.
Urunswick, New Hanover, Carteret aud
M 6
4th. Johnston, Wake, Chatham. Orange.
Granville, Franklin and Nash.
i5th. Randolph, Davidson, Guilford,
Afamance, Parson, Caswell, Rockingham 1 powers
and Stokes,
Township Executive Committee.
There shall be !a Township Executive
committee in ex'eryjTownsip in each couuty in
the State, ctmsrstiug of four or mo re members,
ojbe appyiuted by a township convention.
Saideoii-ioittee shall elect or apboiut a chair-
mau, aod shall recive iu the township for
which the ame shall be appointed, all the
powers eotiferred on the Executive committee
toi the State at large, unless restrained in
any respect by ithe cunty,ougrfsioaal
ri. ti, t'j .:.. .. t
1'iMiich y i avc u.irtuu or cvurai execu
tive committees respectively, according to
ineir rtpptrcwv aupervisorj anu coniioimg
jCth.' Robeson, Montgomery, Richmond, Save your! Wheat & Oats.
Ansoa, Stanly, Cabarrus, LJ nion, j Meek- IMPORTANT NOTICE TO FARMERS.
lenburg, Gaston, L.incoln and Catawba. I
yth, I Forsythe, ourry, Yadkin, Davie,
Rowan; Iredell, Alexander, W ilkes, Al-
I LI 1 i i . .1 ll'
legbaey, Ashe and Watauga.
8tbi Caldwell, Burke. Cleveland,
Witfihell, Yancey, McDowell, Trans jl
vtnia UBancombe. Madison. Havwood.
Jickaan, Swain, Macon, Clay, Graham,
iusroKcc, ixuiuertoru, to lie and uender-
4n.. ' -
An important diiscovery to prevent RUST in
Wheat and Oats, iif the direztions are careful
ly followed and the crop U injured by rust, the
money will be cheerfully refunded. All I ak
is a trial. Prepared and lor sale onj at
! 1 j J. U. ENNISS'
t Salisbury.
jtr7 tf
BLANKS at this offi
administration of large doses of castor
which is a powerful anu spasmodic. About
one grain oi i ue suipnate oi raorpnine
was injeeted iuidr the skin once in foar
hours, aud a halt a drabtn of the powder
ed castor, mixed with syrup, given inter
tially. 1 he effect was to produce sleep
in about half au hour, which lasted about
an hour aud a half, when the convulsions
returned at intervals of an hour to an
hour and a half, until nine o'clock Siind iv
, . i f t
morning, wnen the last convulsion occur-
thetr love and made an ostentatious
show of" kicking liiui down' stairs," but
we surmise that the three or four millions
whichltey have put into Gould's pocket,
will j.rety well console him tor the sham
tYe wotttd not. willingly do anvbody
injustice ; but tu,e public is puzzled and red, after which he suffered severelv from
iucicdnlous when asked to exult over the obstinate vomiting unlil Monday at ten
downfall of Jay Gould under circnm- o'clock, when that also ceased, leaving
stances which he must regard as the the uatient comuarativelv easy, but ver?
greatest stroke of luck that ever befell much prostrated. Since that time he has
him. It is not Gould alone who has made gradually improved, and now is, to all
a colossal fortune by the camming ma- I appearances, quite well. In addition to
noeuvee which a credulous public are the above treatment, small quantities of
asked to admire as a supreme exhibition chloroform were inhaled at Mines, and on
of ai&lnterested virtue. Other great for- Sunday morning the patient was wrapped
.i . ... . . .i .
tunes have been suddenly acquired; aud
the -public be-ins to feci au excusable
curiosity as to the " ways that are dark
and the; " tricks that are not vain, by
which so much wealth has been trans
f erred I o hands that never earned it.
sheets tied together, which were found called upon lo record uad a as thi. For
suspended from the hole iu the wall on omen? a happy bride, and the victim of a
. ,i : I. I . i A A k Dorri'i ueatn. l li other mcmtieni el the lami v
Others seem to think he descended by I .;.,. i a.. I
. sal ,,v sw miuvii WT avlC ' t HW, til.
means ot the lightning rod. l ne wnoie di,ru?ed anv svmritomaotJie diae. but tk
operation exhibits remaraaoie ingenuity uv in hourly dread
in Us conception aud skill in execution,
and must have consumed considerable Tus State of Arkissh 'Soi.n rna
time, as the piece of ceiling was taken Taxes. Outrageous taxes imposed upon
out in such a manner that it could be re- ihe Deou i of Arkansas, at a time when
placed without attracting the attention of tteJ rccpTereJ froni ii,eimp..ver-
ot those who irequenuy exarainea tie effects of the war, worked the for
ce I. I hat a saw of some sort was used, .;.. cf ibe enormous ouantitv of about
.i r i. J
is eviaeut irom tue appearauce oi me 3f000,000 acres of land, or one .seventh
cms, but as to how tuc: prisoner became . ar, wf ,lt. w,c 8Utr through the non
possessea oi ine instrument is unacewmu- payraenl of taxes. Duriug the past lew
up :i 1 1.' t line
ic c M-.-pi .1 f . u.irncn-
loiiily. Scienti6c.il1 v cot i.
bowel? must l.ave I ci n cut llm
several places, and aitt iial I w i
ed by floztns. The la'et tl'frV w ;
this, vix , that neither iute.-ii 's r r
blood vessels acre wounded. 1 n a won
der, that rharp l.l.ide lid !: u-li ti e
luibular rail itl. .ul u j n g ;u'vthirg
but iiilegumeuls, fini ai d rr. and
piercing the lumber n.ucl s. W hen
a ii good
ten ruilioi.t cf
tiOt sneered a cam.
in a woolen blanket wrung out of a warm
solution of muriate of ammonia, eighteen
to twenty grains to the ounce. This was
the treatment which checked the fearful
malady and which ihe doctors, for the
sake of huruanitv. aro anxious should be
The i Republican journals claim that published to the world, and thoroughly
Gen. -Sickles is the arch contriver of this tested.
gigantic speculation. They say that the
chief object of his return to this couutiy The Danbnry (Ct.) News says : "A
was to engineer this wondeiful plot. voun lad v in a neighboring town ha
President Grant is understood to have taken up dentistry for a living. All the
been in the secret and nothing is m ire gentlemen patronize her. When she puts
probable, considering his close and iuti- h r arm around the neck of a patient.
mate relations with Sickles. Grant and nd caresses hi jaw for the offending
Sickles, as well as Jay Gould, have pro- member, the sensation is about as nice aa
bably l realized van out of this the v make em. One voone man has be-
cunning movement which was so suddenly 1 come hopelessly infatuated witk her.
exploded upon the public. The comma-1 Gonseauentlv he hasn't a tooth in his
nity begins to suspect that there was a head. She has pulled every blessed one
pool, and tbat among its members -f tem : and made two new seta and
were President Grant, Gen. Sickles, Jas. nulled tbetn. She is now at work on his
McHenry, W. Goldsmith, A- P. Archer, father's saw. He holds the saw."
able, as his person was frequently search
ed during his imprisonment
The walls ol the cell are full of sketch-
. Drnminent among which is a well
of a Kailroad train,
The cell previ
weeks the slate audiler has been engaged
iu selling these lands. Only about one-
third of these could find purchasers, and
.1. .- it -
mat, ou an average at ine small puce ot
the amount cf taxes imposed. The untold
lands arc now being re-offi-red for sale
.viiinirl (tr.wln
marked " L. V. R. R.
ously occupied by the prisoner, and from wj,n the prospect that the amount disposed
which he " let bimstlt out into me en- (,r .dded to tha sold at the original sale,
ft 11 a I T O
trance hall, sometime since, is also tun oi wii llnl exceed line half of the whole 3,
drawings, among which is a rood like- OOO.OOO aCrr. llThns the state will have
m aa 1 ' 1
ness of himself, and several female beads, j gotteu, after driting many of the people
into bankruptcy! because they could not
meet the onerous taxes levied by uneon
all artistically executed
was found iu the cell, of which the fol
lowing is a copy :
My Lhar Sker ijf :
Full of mortal ills, to which w all an! heir,
With this 1 bid adieu, without a tear;
Aa vou will not find me in the utrongest cell,
Send men, at once, to ring the Court-hoiuws bell
To get dor once, see, 1 ve gone up,
For I azain with you do not ex peel lb sup ;
Nor when this you see, don't ihink it strange,
If 1 do o'er the dUtant country range.
" Five hundred dollars," indeed might make me
To think how I with it mixht buy a hop ;
i. if vou decide to aive my the dollars.
I'll crawl, forthwith, from out the surrounding
Your auont Obedient Servant.
J. D. S.
March 22, 1872 Common Jail.
thoftt healed ihe patient
new. That llat n t rati 1
. " '
times might
"Here's Your Mule?-
yesterday that a box
We hesid on
J-JMed tbioiigh
here, the day previou, c taieii g a
small, but fiihkv specimen f tVi Jaikta
tribe, on his a ay to lie Wl ,, Hoi-e
at Washington, a a pusmt m hi Im
perial Magartr, 1 hoi I. Ve alo
learned thai the South rn S'lioiwr ho
sent him to our imn:arulate 1'it nt - -doubtless
n mt' neeiiy i yiil" man. k-
ering after tl.e flih ixi'.p il ! n thank-
fill enough to pre pay all expnss tliaigs
on the package. We do not know wht
use ill be made cf the nol le quadruped,
but think it not ii:.! k ly that I t r:iv be
kept as a war steed fr I'.i-o- Fiedt rk
Dent (jrant, upon l,i rctm.i ) me f, u
his European furlough. .'' .Vy.
ti e
rii ,
id ti.t.i.s.
scoiuable law mikcrs. about half the taxes
it demanded. TJie auditor's office is now
being flooded with petitions from all man
ner of persons, praying the donation to
them at the uuiold lands. Uudcr the la
as il stands, cvety man, woman and child, !
is entitled, upou proper application to 160
acres of land. little Iluck Gazette, Oth.
The Governor signed a requisition
on yesterdav, atjd the Public Treasurer
.--: s . .... t. i f
paid 810,000 to the Uledsoe iioara ot
Penitentiary Directors. ltal. Xevt,
March 26fA.
a well.
When they camej to ihe waler, the com-
Same soldiers !w ere
Al Dubuque, llo,
Bonn times ee r l ' '
The tale is told tJoi y :
.Uric 'f tin m, who aak'n, heird a
train in the diiectu f llt !"i cut iflw
1'ie city, and sappot. ng it to all r ;b',
awakemd his to coiupatiio" t j
pred l o meet it. 1 h- Man
around the curve and ikrougw tJ t tcrk
Cut, plainly peicep'il !e to ;ln-.r ee. nd
O-ie cf ihi-iu sayt that he h'-ard '.ne ry n't
of the engine just at plainly. Th t.n
came thutidering on un'.i! it lenciotl li e
hndee below Mom's loiil. l eu a!l
S3 -
ouee it disappeared fi"ra 'ght.
not the first lime ibis phantom
havs been seen ar.d h-aid. Ore perfon
who saw il says that i ght in frot t of ih
train he saw a man on the tiatk. wl.t-r,
just as the engine reached him, both tram
and man disappeared.
Tb:s ts
said tn
At a marriage lately in . Maine, the ? V" " "My fnend," said a needy individual :o
bride's voice faltered, and she paused in T m .. "El old acquaintance at tha lerrv ; "1 w,-h
the midst of the impressive ceremony, at the bottom of ibe j Jou ' f. WQa& ,oin rae two M;,4 tn cro,
Her little neice, a bright, little three fonVl?hrilbet -it all pind.T g-t a dollar in ,h.
years' old, .j&T klwlr bow tTi lln'g oght Io U,l.or
waa eomneinnc uuui iuhu w w-j - i - . j , te u . . ih rr-r.iw ,m rtirrei c n naaan
I ui a : h
thing, stampea aerutus T - C". " An tn dner will oat comine " .n who hasn't got
-A ;n inn of wnthontT. "AQntv. oou t i k" 1
.V. u tf f
oo thay it
in : -1
a 1 ur iu iud
orld what side the river he a on f

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