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! proprietor and Editor.
Aociate Editor .
f)E YiUr, payables advance f 2.5ft
Six Months, " 7 150
5 t:i tu ou ddresa, I ........ . 10.00
f pESbKRa hi courpliuMnits to his friend
JL and the DtiCiic.and iu this method would
btinfl U their attention, his extended facilities
lor meeting demands In hi line of business.
II is now prepared to furnish all kiud of
(Irave Stoned, from the cheapest Head Stones,
to the costliest monument. Those prefefiug
strlea aid very costly work not on hand, can
Im accommodated on short time, strictly in ac
cordance with specifications!, draft, and the
term x( the contract. , Satisfaction puaran
teed. UteiWill not bo undersold, North or
Houth; Order xoVictcd. ilres,
I7:tf I JOHN II. ItjUIS. Saliburv.
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TTnTlnff ag-ain Organized for
JUL BUslNESS, have juatpentd a
rom the Baltimorean.
The moon a path ot light doih make
Across the calm and waveles sea,
A path angel feet might take,
A mtfassengera, O Lord, from thee !
I ' The following ia the text of final award
of the Geneva Arbitration :
I Whereaa, iq accordance with the spirit
and letter of the Treaty of Washington,
it ia preferable to adopt the form of adju
While every one i ipeaking of the pre
ient season as being remarkable in its
characteristics, a correspondent of the
I . ....
entirely new and fresh, in the room
formerly occupied as the Hardware Store,
and nc:;t door to Biirgtiain & Co., to
the iiifpiction of which they most cor
dially invite the public. Their
Entire Slock
was carefully selected by the senior ra?m-
The boats with snowy sails outspread,
Thywhite-wknged emissaries seem.
4. As up the shining path they tread,
! P8- And onward float as ia a dream.
Around, abore, 'tis bright and fair.
The Heavens, the silvered sea that
' sleeps.
y In solemn beauty no rnde air
Across its quiet beauty sweeps.
We know not what these waters bide.
What shades in deepest darkness lie, '
'Tis but the surface of the tide
That shines serenely 'neath the sky.
O Lord, these human hearts of ours
Iu deep recesses oft conceal '
Dread' thoughts jof darkness, evil powers.
We never to the world reveal,
What hidden griefs are buried there,
Far from the gaze of friend or foe.
And yet the face a smile can wear
Above the awful depths of woe.
0, Lord ! across the tide of grief,
Thy light descends in purest rays.
Like mooulight milk it brings relief,
- Too fierce ihe sun for our weak gaze.
And treading over this pathway bright
With feet that shine upon the sea.
The Saviour comes ! He is the Light
That leads us safely Home to Thee !
Baltimore, September 13, 1872.
Let the reader compare the vote of 1872
with the voting population as given by
me census ot ieu. to be louna in our
election table. He will there see that the
total voting power, of the State in 1870
was '214,142
Total vote in 1872, 196,264
Governor Gratz B0-Vjr. the Liberal
candidate lor Vice President, delivered a Boston Globe has gathered for the readers
powerful speech at Indianapolis a few of that paper some reliable facts of the
days ago. The Indianapolis Sentinel yrar 1S16, known as theyear without a
Seems to biiVA rn nrnfnnndlv iinnrua, aA nm mor Vaw nor.Ana now Caini, mr
dicatiou of a sum iq gross rather than re- bj iu That paper thus closes a notice of recollect it, but it was the coldest ever
fer the subject! of ctmpensauon for further tlie 8peech . knQwn throu b Euro ud America
tiaanaaiAn A dJSAAkAtiAit t St t It A W A 1"H m W m ... . - . W
uicvuHivu aim uciuqauuu tu iuo I "II inT VldPnri Win noHH Ih 1 Th fA nn n. . Kf .k.tM ,1
ThAgot Mrjr. Profetser Fars
day adopts Flourio's physiological tbeorr
Four Headless 2Ien Dance a Quadrille 1 that the are of man is one b indeed Tears,
1 be duration of life be believes to be
meajared frocs the lime &f growth. When
in a Bride's lied CltamUr.
The following grotesquely horrible
story ia translated from the Paris YigaTQ.
1 his day eight years a wedding was
celebrated at A . A merchant's clerk
named Marius Crampin married a young
girl of eighteen, called Anna R . An-
ua R was an orphan from childhood.
once the boot and epiphyses are uniteal
the body groa no more, and it is at
twenty years ibis aoioa ia effected ia
man. The uatral termination of lift la
five le moves front the everal poitts.
Man being twenty year in fro whig, live
i i . . I J iuliiv ncto unucu. IU1Q I x UO iuiiuwiue IS aV unci KOBiraCl oi me i ' I c . .
of Asscssora-provided in article 10 of the BDeeeh of fipirr ftwv fr,,;.h.. it w.t. Anr:2 ,u r .u- and bad been educated by an old priest 6re 5,.met Tenl7 JtAn "at ia to aay.
f viu:.i !.. T.;knnl nf t . . . 7 r I b " . - . (mabandml vcm ih ml Im mlwt
Vr?' ,l B.u,u6fcvf " mat ne is eminently qnalihed for the January waa mild eo much as to reu-
.u.l,uuu-1,a ug .uui u.,. hlu p08lUon ior WD,c5 he has been der fire aimoat needleeg in parlora. De-
ou its members by article 7 of the treaty
by a majority of four voices awarda to
the United States of America the sum of
fifteen millions five hundred thousand
dollars in gold; aa the indemnity to be
paid by Great Britain to the use of the A
merican government for satisfaction-of all
claims referred to the consideration of the
arbitrating tribunal.
Conformably! to the provisions contain-
named. He is a scholar, a thinker, and cember Drevioua waa verv cold.
" thoroughly eomprehtnds American poli- February was not very cold. With the
" tics, we mean it in the higher acceptation exception of a few days it was mild, like
"of the term, and he knows how to give its predecessor.
hU ideas expression." March was cold and boisterous during
W.e, too, have 'Tead this speech, and the fir t part of it; the remainder waa
have In the same manner been impressed mild. A great freshet on the Ohio aud
by its force and eloquence. One of its Kentucky rivers caused great loss of pro
moat striking passages is the the following perty.
in whlll (tnvurniir It Inwv ami A ireot . Anvil tiAvn vam V f mm
ed in article 7 of the treaty aud in ae- u u pre3idcnt 6mT responsibility the month advanced, and ended with
u v.o K.u..u. ix u for an tnp. yiiiaiuies 0f the carpet-bag offl
ine treaty, uie triDunal declares tnat all c:aia ire .
The conduct of affairs at the South has
been a syetem of elaborate spoliation, de
fended in the press and whitewashed by
the party of the President. With whom
did Governor Scott, of South Carolina,
concoct his surreptitious issues and sale of
bonds except with Radical confreres T
dcid bit months ico. ThrmrK ah u Hondred yeara ; tb camel la
verv attractive and had a dowrr of fiftr je" lnr. fiva
. ber of
low, f
to h rui in pcron,
hicli will enable them to
CASlfj as
and bought at
tell as
claims which have been referred to it for
adjudication are hereby fully, perfectly
aud finally settled.
I be Court furthermore declares that
each and every one of the said claims,
whether the same may or may not have
been presented to notice or laid before the
tribuual, shall henceforth be considered
and traeted aa settled and barred.
In testimony whereof the present decision
and award has been made in duplicate
and signed by the arbitrators, who
bave given assent thereto ; the whole
being in exact conformity with the
provisions of itho treaty ot Washington.
Made aud concluded at the Hotel de Yille,
; Geneva, bwitzerland, September the
j fourteenth, in the year of our Lord oue
; thousand eight hundred aud seventy-
i tWO.
If it be true, as alleged, that the claims
of British subjects against the United
Peraons failing io vote, '- 18.87S States Government will exceed in the
.Remember these figures are based upon amount above specified, President trrant
the voting population of 1 S70. It is reas and Secretary Fish will not have much
cause to congratulate themselves upon
their skill and success in diplomacy.
snow and ice and a temperature more like
winter lhan tpring.
May was more remarkable for frowns
than smiles, ttnds and fruits were frozen,
ice-formed half an inch thick, corn killed
and the fields again and again replanted
until deemed too late.
June was the coldest ever known in
this latitude. Frost, ice, and snow were
With whom waa Governor Bullock, of common. Almost every green thing
Georgia, closeted repeatedly at Washing- killed. I mil nearly all destroyed. Snow
ton save the trusted leaders of the Admin- it" " " aTlu OI len cues in ermoni,
- . . . T I 1 - f . t .., ... m
istration ? Whither did Governor Ilolden,
of North Carolina, floe from the arath to
come but to the sanctum of the Govern
ment organ and the bosom of the Preai
dent T And when the great hegira shall
take place, when those nondescripts, yclept
carpet baggers, shall return, webfooted,
as prep.ired for land or water, poutcred in
several in Maine, three in the interior of
2uw loik, aud also iu Massachusetts.
Considerable damage was done at New
Orleans in consequence of the rapid rise
of the river. The suburbs were covered
with water, and the roads were only passa
ble with boats.
July was accompanied by frost and ice.
the breast with their ill-eotten eains. to On the 5th ice was formed of the thick
what haven of rest, think you, they will ness of a common window glass through
hasten other than the While House, unless, out New England, New Yo'k and some
nerehance. it shall then be occiiuied bv parts of Pennsylvania. Indian corn was
r- : .
ig popul
sonable to suppose that in two years the
number of voters in the State has beeu
increased at least fifteen hundred. This
would make an increase of about eisht
in the City, for Good of same quality.
I heir Slock i general, tmUcmg
all the various branches of ""
Dry Goods,
per annum in-each county
r-stiuiainie the loss caused Dv neat lis
ana emigration,
ceitain, mat there will be a gain, per
annum, of one voter in each towushiu in
(it'uecrirs, Crockery ITtrc, Boots and
S titles Sole Lea I he r, Calf and
Binding Shins, Grain and
Grass, Scythes, Cap, Letter
What assertions will make one believe
it is almost absolutely tnat 'n 011C second of time, one beat of the
I ia r li i t .
penuuium or a ciock, a ray ot iigui -.ravels
over 152,000: miles, and would, there
fore perfornl the lonr of the world in about
the rame time that it requires to wink our
eyelids, and in much less time than a
swift runner occupies in taking a single
stride ! What mortal can be made to be-.
Tieve, without demonstration, that the sun
is almost a million miles larger than the
earth ? and tlitit, although so remote
and Xote Paper,
i '
and a beautiful assortment of
i -
They feel assured of their ability to
give, entire satifaction, and especially in
vile old friend aud cutouaen to call and
bring with 'them their acquaintances
They exjK-ct and intend to maintain the
reputation of the Old Murphy House,
which is well known throughout Western
North Carolina. All they ask is an ex
animation of their stock and the prices.
Ni trouble to "how goods, so come right
'ulongj ; 1 heir motto,
tiriiall profits, ready pay and
w trt. i ir e
tvuna gooa stocK, low prices, tair
the State, by youngK-rsoiis reaching the
age of twenty one years. This would
give us an increase of over fifteen hundred
iu every two years.
I herefore, we conclude that over twenty
thousand voters in North Carolina failed
to vote on the first day of August.
But the Radicals always vote, u here
youiind one who failes to do so, you will
iinu twenty Conservatives.
Of the eighty thousand negro voters in
North Carolina, how many do you sup
pose were absent on electiou day ? The
lame, the fufirm, the sick, were brought
to the poila, as if their eternal salvation
depended on the result of the election.
Vv e know of an instance tn xash County,
Liberty Township, where a colored man
who was dangerously ill was hauled to
the polls by his Radical friends, and when
he was borne to the ballot-box to deposit
his vote, he was too feebh to utter a sylla
ble, and seemed to be totally insensible.
He was taken away without voting. We
learn that he died two or three days after
The figures above set forth prove con
clusively that we could have elected
Judge Merrimon in spite of all the Radi
cal frauds aud intimidation, if our full
strength had been brought out. Raleigh
The Louisville Courier Journal has
ihe following in regard to Hon. Jefferson
Davis, -who is on a visit to that city on
dealing and prompt attention, they will I business relating to his insurance compa
endeavor to merit their share of the pub- I nies
lie patronage They are iu the market
.r all kinds of produce aud solicit calls
from both sellers and buyers.
:uR01jT. MlRl'HY,
Salisbury, March 23, 1872. f27:ly
A. M. St'LLIVAX. J. P. Gowav.
rPllE linderijrned having asoeiatod theii
-I; Helve in business under the lirm name of
UAVK opened in U. j. Holme' new build
ing, next d.Kr to the Hardware Store,
whn they will be pleaed to meet old and
new friend. They have a magnificent room
t ue urgent ana best in town and
iVXiarjyoOj Splondicl
ST6CR of goods,
lOju uim.Xi a general auHortment. llard
v wr rxcHpu-a, and w,u KUarrantee a
Khhi o-arjrain an can un noia by anv House in
the South. They will d,-l heavily in (irocerie
ituti rounirr rnxiuee, ouyin(!:aud eeltinp, and
invite all who wih cither to buy or 11 to call
on mem. a. ai. u LI A VAN L Co
Jun. Villi. a;tf
Mr. Davis looks younger than he did
ten years ago. we are told that he is
enjoying excellent health, and his appear
$uce ia the parlor of the Gait House last
night confirmed the report. He is in the
sixty-fifth year of his age. yet his step is
aa firm aa thaCof a young man, and bis
eye as bright. He had a cane in his
band, bat it did not seem to be carried in
the least degree for support. Uis hair is
considerably grayed a medium iron gray
in color aud his beard is also tolerably
white, though that on his jtemples is still
dark, and apparently but little touched
by time- He sears a full beard, with a
clo8ely 4rimed moustache, anJ this possi
bly aided to make his face, appear round
er and fuller than we have seen it in i
long time. He is not quite six feet in
height, of slender build, and his carriage
is erect and graceful, his manner kind
and grave, his countenance placid, and
his tone clear and round and resonant
His brow is broad aud deep, with the
phrenological location of the powers of
observation fairly developed, and hia
whole appearance, while not impressing
the casual ob.erver with the idea that he
is a man of extraordinary powers, still
bears the stamp of "Intellect and force of
iom us, a cannon balL shot directly to
ard it, and maintaining its lull spreed,
would be twenty years in reaching it, yet
t affects the earth by its attraction in an
appreciable instajnt of time ' Who would
not ask for demonstration when told that
a gnat's wing, in its ordinary flight, beats
many hundred tunes in a second ? or
that there exist j animated and regularly
organized beings many thousands of whose
bodies laid together would not extend an
inch ? But what are these to the astonish
ing truths which modern optical inquires
have disclosed, which ttachts that every
point of a medium thorugh which a ray of
light passes is affected with a succession
of periodical movemeuts ; regularly recur
ring at equal inteivals, no less than five
hundred minion of millions times in a sin
gle second ? That is by such movements
communicated to the nerves of the eye
that we see : nay, more, that is the difi'er-
erence between the frequency of their re
currence which affect us with the sense of
the diversity of colors? That, for in
stance, in acquiring the sensation of red
ness, our eyes are anvctr.d four hundred
ana eignty-two millions ot minions ot
times of yellowness, five, hundred and
forty -pqe million of millions times and
violet, seven hundrend and seven millions
of times per second ? Do not such things
sound more like the raving of madmen
than the sober conclusions of people in
their waking sense J They are, never
theless, to which: any one may most cer
taiuly arriye, who will only be at the
trouble of examining the claim of reason
jug by which they have-been obtaiued.
We cannot allude too often to the nec
essity of a thorough organization iu this
State. Without;it we are destined to be
defeated, nxt only iu November, but in
every State, coutoat hereafter.
The following sensible remarks on this
suhject,' although addressed to the Con
servative Executive Commit tee of Catawba
county, apply with equal force to every
one who has expressed hia own righteoua
indignation in the prediction that ''after.
the 4ih of March next their iniquity shall
be gainful and iusoleut no longer."
Of the encouragement given to official
knavery and theiving throughout the
country, Governor Bkovx thus spoke :
How cau the public service bs reformed
when every inducement to knavery and
thievery is thus held out by the head of
the government itself by converting the
whole officering into a retinue of partisans,
intent only on retailing place and curry
ing political favor That there will still
be found houest men in place whom no
inducement can tempt to be wrong, is
readily conceded ; but it cannot be denied
that the system is utterly demoralizing,
and that the demoralization has been
openly, as well as elaborately, encouraged
by the present Administration. To such
an extent has it gone that these creatures
who fatten on the spoils assume an air of
mastery over the people, threaten them in
their business, anuoy tbem with malicious
prosccuiious, disciiarflate in the service
betweeu friend ancNbe, as they choose to
classify the public. Iu New York city
testimony could only be gotten-by a com
mittee of Congress, when sitting with
closed doors, and under a quasi secrecy,
to secure the merchants who might give
evidence from ruiu and vexatious delays
involving great lotes at the hands of the
Custom-house ring. Iu Texas large uum
bers of citizens are said to have been sum
moned to Austin in November on spurious
charges, to defeat them of casting a vote.
Bills are lobbied in Congress with direct
reference to the political character of the
parties interested. No man of opposing
thought feels safe from the hostility of
the Government if it can touch him any
where. In short, the "reform" actually
vouchsafed amounts to a raid on the pub
lic Treasury, a campaign agaioet the
people generally, a war upon all the prin
ciples aud professions putforward in 1SGS
to entice the confidence of the nation.
nearly all destroyed ; som? lavorably
situated fields escaped. This was true of
some of the hill farms of Masiachusetts.
August was more chterles s, if possible,
than the summer months already passed.
Ice was formed half an inch thick. Indian
corn was so frozen that the great part was
cut down and dried for fodder. Almost
every green thing was destroyed both in
this country and in Europe. Papers re
ceived from England state "that it would
be remembered by the present generation
that the year 181C was a year in which
there was no summer." Very little corn
ripened iu the New England and Middle
States. Farmers supplied themselves
from the corn produced in 1S15 for the
seed of the spring of 1817. It sold at from
$4 to 6' 5 per bushel.
September furnished about two weeks
of the mildest weather of the season.
Soon after the middle it became very cold
and frosty ; ice formed a quarter of an
inch thick.
October produced more than its share
of cold weather, frost and ice in common.
November was cold and blustering.
Snow fell so as to make good sleighing.
December was mild and comfortable.
The above is a brief nummary of "the
cold summer of 1816," as it was called in
order to distinguish it from the cold sea
son. The winter was mild. Frost and
ice were common in every month f f 'he
year. Very little vegetation matured in
Eastern and Middle States. The eun's
raysseemed to bedestilutc of heat through
out summer; all nature was clad in a
sable hue, and men exhibited no little
anxiety concerning the future of this
The average wholesale price of flour
during that year in the Philadelphia
market was 13 per barrel. The average
price of wheat in England was ninety
three ehilings per quarter.
thousand francs a respectable torn for a
simple elcrk. Crampin was far fraea ja
bilant when he left the eburcb. Some of!
hia friends, in fact, on hearing of bis mar
riage, had sneered at the matter ia rather
a singular manner, without offering any
explanations, and bad declined to be
present at the wedding. Beaidea, wbea
the sacrifice waa conanmated, Crampin
Yelt tormented by suspiciona which before
marriage be repelled with cootrtnpt. In
order to dispel tbem be drank deep, and
towards midnight he waa pretty mellow.
It was now time to rest. The bride went
first and extinguihed the taper. Five
minutes after Crampin himself arrived.
"Hallo!" he exclaimed "my wife pretends
to be asleep. We mnst light the candle
again." But just as be waa about to
strike a light with a match he heard a
rustling of curtains, and a man appeared
a man of great heighth, wrapped in a
white shroud tha. waa spotted with blood
and without bead. He carried a red lan
tern. Crampin uttered a stifled exclama
tion, the bride rose hastily, and the two
remained spell-bonnd by horror at the
frightful spectacle before their eyea. For
from the comer cf the room emerged eth
er three headless persons, all clothed in
white but blood-bespattered winding
sheets, each with a red lauttrn in the one
hand and his head in the other. They
stationed themselves in front of the fire-
place aud saluted the young couple in a
ceremonious manner. Then, strange to
eight years, that ia to aay, forty years j
tba horse is five years ia growing. a&4
lives twenty-fiva years, and o vita
other animala. Tba toaa wba does tvot
die of slckneas Uvea aay wbera from
eighty to ona hundred years. Provider
baa given man a eeotwy to live, Vat a
does not attain it betas W taberita dis
eaae, eats oawbcleaome food, gives Ivet&M
to bis passions, and permits vxalMCo
disturb bis healthy eoaipciae; ! does
not die, ha kUla himself. Tha Proieaaot.
divides life into two eqaal halves, growtli
and d celiac, and tbeaa halves into infaa
cy, youth, virility and aga. Infaacy ex.
lends to the twentieth year, yootb to tba
fiftieth, because it la daring thia lime tba
tiatnea become firm ; virility from fifty to
seventy-five, daring which the oagAnlam
remains complete, and at seventy-five
obi sge commence.
Tn G rxrva. Tmbcjt l Cotdxmszt.
Los IX) X Sept. 17. The Tory jcarnals
condemn in nmeatared terms tha actior
of the Geneva tribunal. The Londo
Advertiser says: What a Care baa beta
played at Geneva, wbtie England baa
bren adjudged to pay a tribavo U a bally,
who repudiated bis on obligation 1
America ia not yet contented with acult-
ment of claims against England.
The Herald breathe defiance aod
hatred of America, and says that lb
breach between the two couotriea baa only
been wideoed. Of coarse, bad tba abitra-
say, they spoke. Crampin, iu his terror, I tors decided upon a larga iam of ioden
knew not whether the voice issued from I nitv, England would pay it. If tbey bad
the body or from the head. 'Good day
to you (jitizeu Crampin," said one of the
headless. beings ; "1 am Joseph Grigois a
client of your wife's great grandfather."
"Give me thy hand Crampin, " said the
other, sneetingly ; "Madame knowa me,
loo I lost my head in the year 1833 at
the bauds of 1 er grandfather" By thia
awarded nothinr. America could btat show
her teeth. What humiliation next await
The Standard comments upon tba
award in a similar manner. It says wa
went to Geneva for jastice and reconcilia
tion, but instead met with invective from
tne American counsel, and a paruauy aa
time Crampin was down on his knees, and verse award, dictated rather by a cetr
lus bride was inormnng in a state of dis- fof compromise than by equity. Tba "
traction from fear. But they were alone J whole proceedings in connection witb tb
in the house, which waa situated at the j arbitration arc entirely uatatii factory to
gates of the town, and nobody came near I England
them. 1 he third phantom then advanced.
Tsiimxo a Balkt Hoksl Id
India, when a horse becomes stubborn
and refutes to more, instead of whipping
him, as is our custom, or setting fire to
straw under the belly aa practiced ia
"Little one," he said, iu an amiable tone,
"thou cans', boast of having a grandfather
who did his work admirably. I, too,
passed through his hand. "Good God!"
groaned Crampin, in dispair, "the man
without a head speaks through his nose." England, a rope is attached to bis foreleg.
"Step out, children, called out the lourtli and one or two persons go ahead and pau
spectre, "the nuptial ball is about to be- (be rope. It ;s said this starts the mast
gin. Forward both!" And the four guil- refractory horse. Th-1 Michigan Farmer
lotincd persons, taking their places, broke ays a horse became balky in Detroit a
into a dance a supernatural cancan that ihort time since, and neither whipping
froze the blood iu the veins of the young nor coaxing could moke him stir. A rope
couple. They leaped up and down, waa fastened around bis neck, and be waa
backwards and forwards, spread wide dragged a short distance by another team,
their winding sheets like great while but this did not effect a care. The rope
wings, and played like jugglers with their waa then taken from bia neck, passed be
heads. It was frightful, and all the more twecn bis legs, and fastened firmly to his
when suddenly they bust out in chorus, tail. In thia mannar be waa dragged a
and sang some staves of a horrible gro- .hort distance, and when tb rope w;s
tesque song. Then, all at once, opening a taken off the hitherto unruly animal waa
door, thev disappeared in the dark lobby, perfectly obedient to tbe will of bia anas
after having deposited the four heads ou I ter. We have aeen this method trid,
with similar results. Farmer ami Jic-chanic.
The details of tho award of the Geneva
Commission bave been made through tho
enterprise of the New York journals. We
have those details in a special dispatch to
the New York Herald, from which wo
condense the following particulars : Tbe
aggregate award is fifteen and one-half
millions of dollars, of which the amount
awarded to individuals ia $11,500,000,
and to the United States about $4,000,000
for expenses incurred in the pursuit of
the Alabama, Shenandoah and Florada.
On all questions of international impor
tance the arbitrators were a unit. On tbe
money award Sir Alexander Cockburu
thought $15,000,000 too big a sum for
John Bull tn pay to allay the fiery patri
otism of the United States claimants; and,
therefore, did not sign the award, and
Count Sciopis virtually coincided with
the gallant admiral. This ends the ques
tion. John iiuu nays a small nne tor
That the President of the United
States received a bribe of $65,000 fmm A.
T. Stewart. The President in return ap
pointed A. T. Stewart Fecretary of the
Treasury, Hoar, of Massachusetts, was
appointed Attorney General in considera
tion of a gift of a library, valued at $10,
000. Borie presented him with a house
and lot worth $10,000, tor which he was
appointed Secretary of the Navy. I might,
if time woold permit, enumerate a long
list of such cases. Estimate of gifts r?-
S.B . S t m. i mm. mW
ceived oy ivrant to me amount oi siao,
000 have already been made.
Here, on the surface, appears to be a
the knees of the bride. "Merciful heav
ens !" gasped the latter, with horror, "the
clients of my family ?" What family,
i n i, : i : c - J :
madaine ! yeneii v rnmpin, nomuni 10
the roidt of his terror, by tbe exclama
tion. "Forgive me," suplicated the bride
throwing herself on her knees before him.
"Grandpapa was an executioner." The
wretch Cranpin sprang to hi feet, and
then fell senseless. As soon as be rcturn-
T)e Western Celt, published si St.
Louis, Mo , paya thia tribute to tbe Lib
eral candidate. When we threw wp Grant
we did so becanse we felt that Greeley
waa a belter friend to our country earn
than Grant. Nor shall we ever repent
the step re bave taken. We feel a pride
ed to himself, without taking time to pack jn being the conscientious champion of
his trunk, he prccipi'ately left the town,
and has not pcen agaiu seen. Tbe iuvea
tigation of the police into this mysterious
affair resulted in the discovery that the
four guillotined persons were none others
than the friends of Ciampin, who bad
learned, one knows not bow, the uufortu
nate connections of the bride. Their four
heads were four melons.
Fairs. We give below the times and
places for holding of Fairs :
North Carolina Agricultural Society,
very bitter and, possibly, to the mind of I Ilaleigb, October lih to l&tb.
the prejudiced, a very wild accusation I Farmers and Mechanics' Association of
against the honesty of General Grant I N. C, Guldsbore, October 22nd to 25th,
man w doc we know io nave aiooo ap tor
our country and our race. In tbe language
of a fellow countryman, we feci that llo
pice Greeley is, of all Americans, tbe beat
friend Ireland ever had. In 1854, when
Henry WUaon sat. in tbe city of P !a-
delphia, aa Chairman of a Koow-Jw
committee, whose ttcxt was, no
Germans, French, or other fore-
need apply, Horace ureeley waa t
ing the Irish emigrant on tbe sh :
America aith a "cend miUe failth'."
n rr t 0 I uuui V uuu villi ia j o uu& '
county .1, the State. We clip them from a,jcged want of dJ dfjignce in prevent
ISut, alter ail, trie airect testimony cx one
President for is eqnal to the direct tet;
mony of another President against. The
author of the above charge is Andrew
Johnson ex-President of the United States.
The accused is one U. S. Grant, actual
President of the United States. The po
sition of the accuser i, at least, equal to
that of the accused. Wash. Patriot.
Roanoke and Tar River
Society. Weldon, October
the Carolina Eagle;
We call upon the j chairman of the
County Executive Committee to organize
the jcounty at once. Organize every town
ship; iu the bounty. Organize the active,
intelligent and patriotic young men iu their
respective townships, into township com
mittees. Make it their duty to see that
ever Democrat and Conservative in their
hips register oeforo tbe
ing the escape of the Confederate cruisers,
of which the largest moiety goes to the
clamorous, and the smaller to the Gov
ernment. 4. he sum is payable in gold
within one'year from the date of the
, ri, V .1 .11
award. iws enaa tue -Aiauaina ques
in the right
respective, towns
He is not, probably, the man I dy bf elccthu. Make it their duty to
1 j
, . . . .
rj; i& j&l . EL S3 .
A desirable Brick IIouseJ with 7 rooms an4
all noesnary out houses ; situated in th
iifcwtiaesirable part of Town. Persona wishiflir.
1,1 np.litj ..... ... r . c
who would be selected by a stranger
from among a thousand others as tbe rep-1
resentative of the extraordinary life tnat
he has led." and the hero of so many and
such great vicisitudes ; the engineer of
the greatest revolution, rebellion call it
wiiteli you please in the annals ot bis
it .l.! .ij i a
see inat mi; oiu unu luuiui uicu me icgio'
tered and carried to the polls. Make it
their: duty to distribute public documents.
We must work if we win. Let us begin
mm. nVirk Wi Kra vri timt r f nam
Bt UUUC if 111 uu klUlVi , J uui v-
A correspondent of the Country Gen
tleman, writing from Virginia, saya :
"Here I find the Chester will not do
on account of the mange. I have given
them three years' trial, and am going
baik to black hogs, using either an L:
A ke.autiful woman, said Fontenelle,
is the purgatory of the purse, and the par-
neither hav$ we a single rote to lose, even sex. or Berkshire boar the first if I can
in Catala. Every man is expected to do get one. The black hogs do not mange
bis fiill duty in the present contest. The aud tbe white ones do ; this is the expeii-
nmeaa are full of hope and encouragement: ence of every ene near me, and all that I
but we mast relax no! effort or energy j bave the opportunity of consulting, and as I istration, which now fetter the mbs of
unti the contest is over and the enemy far as I can learn it is the case all through J 0Tg"r forljr ikmaaud tax payers of Arkan.
TnE heart of Arkansas is
spot. Here is what the Arkansas demo
cratic Executive Committee, after urging
people to supjort the Cincinnati and Bal
timore nominations, says, speaking of the
movement against the present corrupt
State government: "This is not an ordi
nary political contest, such as we used to
have in the 'better days' of the Republic.
It is not a question of national bank or
tariff, but a 'question of bread.' We are
not battling for an abstract idea, but for
freedom for equal rights for freedom
from the horrors of niariul law, and for
an honest administration of the Govern
ment, both State and Naiional ; and above
all, and beyond all other things, we winh
to burst asunder the 'iron bauds of reg-
2ith to No
vember 1st.
Fair of the Carnlinas, Charlotte, N
October 22ud. to 2oth.
Cape Fear Agricultural Association,
Willnjington, November 12lh. and 15lb.
State Agricultural Society of Richmond
Va., October 59:11 November 2nd.
Border Agricultural Society of Virgin
ia, and North Carolina, Danville, October
Maryland Institute, Baltimore, Octo
ber lot.
Cumberland County Agricultural So
ciety, Fayeeteville, N. C, November
19ih to 22nd.
New Gas den Agricultural Club Fair,
New Garden, N
C. October
I the South,"
Old C Jcb Cushipg, uow in hia seventy
third year, while iu Pari last May,
devoted three houra each day to the study
of French underan eminent teacher. Now,
when we reflect that he baa spoken and
written the French langnage fluently fW
over forty years, some iJ-a of bis devo
tion to study may be arrived at. If at
such au advanced age he desire to acquire,
as he says, "a greater felicity of exprea
eion," ia anybody justified iu considering
it too late" to undertake auytbing T
That Debt. It is a srsall ona to ba
sure, and apparei.'ly not wwi'.h a serious
thought. Why not tin ii pay it T Why
be com pell t-d to suffer the cf.iliCcitiwb cf
a dun T Why not take lUl lilll thorn
out of your finger at once 1 It will fester
if allowed to remain, and can ten tim
the' trouble. Why not relieve tbe con
science of that little had t Yoa will feel
better for it by so doing. Yea contracted
the debt knowingly and willingly. Did
you mean to pay it 1 Certainly yon did.
Then why not do it at once I Every
day 'a delay increase, morally, tba axnoaat
of your obligation, lirm tuber, too, tnai
. .i j ..i
yjur little debt, ana a Uioaaaua auur
m. m m . A
men a little debt, make a little tartan)
for your creditor the poor printer, for i
atance. CP" Of all the love affair in lb world,
says the Warren ton Gazette, noon Ca
. m a
surpass tbe true love o! a big boy lor Sua
mother. It U a love pure and noble,
honorable in the highest degree la both.
I do not mean merely a datiful e flection.
I mean a love which makes a boy gallant
and courteous to bu mother, aaylag to
everybody plainly tbt be is fairly la
love whb ber. Next to tbe lore of akna
baos, nothing fto crown a woman life
with honor, a this second love, ibu de
votion of the on to brr, and 1 never yet
knew a boy to 'tarn out' bad who begaa
by falling in love with hi mother.
o.(Jiaa of the eye.
! . i i

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