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proprietor and Editoi .
Associate Editor.
payablein advancfc. ....$2.(0
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Carolina Fertilizer.
$50 00 PER TON OF
2,000 POUNDS.
PER 2,000 lb. paya
ble Nov. 1.
Liberal and advanta
geous Terms for Large
Lots Given on Application.
in faror of tbia Company bv tbe Crown officers. The name "OUANAHANI !"
I m y n.t t ii 1 Tl 4 Tit' If A 1 T ' . . w - . a. . ...
. ncreu mtxirr, miviv at me unuea states 1'atent uffice, ana all persons are
warned from making use of the same in connection with fertilizers of any kind.
A Diver's Story..
I am a direr a diver from choice and
I am proud of my profession. Where is
such courage required aa is needed here ?
It is nothing lo be a soldier ; a diver,
ing it.
An appaline shipwreck occurred, not
long ago, upon the wildest part of the
coast of Newfoundland. .The tidings of
this calamity reached the ears of thou
sands; but, amid tbe crowd of accidents
which followed in quick succession, it was
soon forgotten. Not by us, however.
Examine the Analyses and Letters of Prof. P. B. WILSON, Balitimore : Prof. H. C.
WHITE, Professor of Chemistry, University of Georgia ; Prof. F. A. GENTH, Philadelphia,
Professor of Applied Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania.
no uce is piain.y visiwe, ana no voice is raise it; the round of tbe ladder broke
heard. I could not see his face plainly, beneath me, but the door was not raised ;
but his eyes, through bis beery mask, my tuba eame down through it and kept
glowed like coala of fire. it partly open, lor it was a strong tube
"I will go !" I exclaimed. I sprang sad kept strongly expanded by close
fro m bim. He clasped his hands together wound wire.
but dared not follow. I seined a bar of iron, and tried to prise
Good hrarcn ! I thought, what fearful it op; I raised it slightly, bat there was
thine is here? What urn un ho an no war to pet an inrt hr I ImU .
bowerer-but I forbear. 1 will tell my dreadful as to paralyse tbe soul of aprac- round, and found some blocks; with these
story, and leave others to judge concern- Uced direr. I will see for myself. I raised the beery door, little by little,
1 walked forward. I came to the cabin placing a block in, to keep what I had
door. I entered tbe forward saloon, bat gained. But tbe work was slow, snd
saw nothing. A feeliug of contempt laborious, and I had worked a long while
came to me. Rimmer shall' not come before I bod raised four inches,
with me again, I thought. Yet I was The sea rolled more and more. Tbe
awe-struck . Down in the depth of tbe submerged vessel felt its power, and rock
sea there is only silence oh, bow solemn 1 ed. Suddenly it wheeled over, and lay
I Daced the Ion? aalrvnn which hA unnn its 'wl
We found that the vessel had sunk upon echoed with the shrieks nf drowning n.. I ran round t ik
. i .i j i i : . . r . r i o
cFu wucic iue water . uiu wis uy no aengers. Ah ! there are thoughts which to try and lift up the door. Bai when I
means great ana iuai a uarmg man migui sometimes fill the soul, which ore only came to tbe other outlet, I knew it was
easily reach her. , ffct by those to whom scenes of sublimity impossible; for the tube would not permit
bhe was a steamer called the Marmion, are familiar. Thus thinking, I walked me to go so far, and then I would rather
and had been seen going suddenly down, to the after-cabin and entered. hare died a thousand deaths than hare
WltUOUt an instant S Warning, bV SOmC had lint mv hand rnrhpH ttiA Annr Ventured aman an noar tViA o.Kir,
with a crash which mortal terror bad I returned to the fallen door; I sat down
made convulsed, I should bare fallen to n despair and waited for death. I aaw
the floor. I stood nailed to tbe spot, no hope of escape. This, then, was to be
t or there before me stood a crowd of peo my end.
pie men and women caught in tbe last But tbe steamer gare a sudden lurch
struggle by tbe overwhelming waters, again acted upon by tbe power of tbe
and fastened to tbe spot, each in the posi
tion in which death bad found bim. Each
one had sprung from his chair at the
shock of the sinking shin, and, with one
common emotion, all had started for the
fishermen near by. She had, undoubted
ly, struck a hidden rosk, and thus been in
one moment destroyed.
I spoke to my associates of the plan,
and they approved it. No time was lost
in making the necessary preparations,
aud a short time beheld us embarking in
our small schooner for the sunken ship.
There were six of us, aud we anticipated
extraordinary success.
So deep' was the water that no vestige
In offering this FERTILIZER to the Agricultural Community a Second Season we do so
with the utmost Confidence, feeling satisfied that the high opinion, we formed, and expressed
last season based on its Chemical Constituents have been most satisfactorily borne out by the
iesi, oy wnicn an remmzers must be judged, that of the Plantation.
Last season, owing to the lateness at which we commenced importing we were forced to put
our Guano on the market at once, but now having continued oar importations during the sum
mer and fall, and having large and well ventilated Warehouses in this City and City Point, we
are enabled to put our Guano on the market, in a condition as to dryness, and freedom from
lumps, equal to any Manufactured Fertilizer.
We solicit a careful peraual of our Circular containing the certificates sent us, and which can
beliad on application at this OFFICE, or from any of oar AGENTS. Having nothing to con
ceal, we made an innovation on established usage, by publishing those letters received unfavora
ble to our Guano, but careful inquiry in many cases proves that the cause of its failure was not
owing to any fault in the Guano, but to those far beyond our control- We have frequently
heard the same complaints of its kindred Fertilizer, Peruvian Guano, but the concurrent testi
mony of well known Farmers and Planters from Maryland to the extreme Western counties of
North Carolina, justify us in claiming a place for our Fertilizer Superior to many, and Second
to iNone.
We confidently expect the continued patronasre of the Aarricultural Community and no exer
tion shall be spared on our part to make
T : a A.- J H
Local Agents at an
tilirj X 1 lllVJ-jyc ivjyuwi
DcttOSSET & CO.,
General Agents for North Caiolina and
Salisbury, N. 0.
Sit-1 . . .. v- s
and better ones than ever.
Come now and eet the BEST. Get the stove
called the
President, N. M. TANNOR, of Rowlett, Tannor & Co.
Vice President. ROBT. A. MARTIN, of Robt A. Martin & Co.
JOHN B. STEVENS, of Stevens Brother.
S. P. ARRINGTON, of John Arrington & Sons.
JOHN R. PATTERSON, of Petteraon, & Sons.
a R. BISHOP of Bishop & Branch.
or a suip s mast remained above the sur
face, to point out the resting place of the
Marmion. We were compelled, therefore,
to select the scene of our operation? ac
cording to the best of our ability. Down
went tbe sails of our schooner, and Rim
mer and I put on onr divine armor. We
fixed on our hemlets tightly and screwed
on the hose. One by one each clumsy
article was adjusted. The weights were
bung, and we were ready.
"It looks teiriblc blackish' said Rim
mer to me.
"Oh," I replied gayly, "it's only a lit
tle mist all right 1"
"Ah !" He nttercd a low exclamation,
which sounded hollow from bis car venous
"All ready," 1 cried in a lend voice,
which they, however, could not easily
distinguish. Then, making a proper
sign, I was swung over the side.
Down we went, I first, and Rimmer
close behind me. It did not take a long
time for us to reach tlio bottom. We
found ourselves upon what teemed a
broad plain, sloping downward, toward
the south, and raising slightly towards
thenorih. Looking torwaul then, a dim
black object arose, which our experienced
eyes knew to be a lofty rock.
As ye, we could not be certain that
this was the place where the Marmion
had struck. But soon a round, black
object became difrcernablc, as we glauced
at the rocky base.
door. But tbe water of the sea had been
too swift for 'them. Lo 1 then some
wildly grasping the table, others the
beams, others the sides of the cabin
there they all stood. Near tbe door was
a crowd of people heaped upon one anoth
er some on the floor, others rushing over
them all seeking madly to gain La est
let. There was one who sought to dim-
oer over tue taoie, auu aim was tbtre,
holding on to an iron post. So strong
was each convulsive grasp, so fierco the
struggle of each with death, that their
t!.. Z r
waves, one nan oeen nauueed upon a
rock, in such a way that a alight action
of the water was sufficient to tip bar
She creaked, and groaned, aud labored,
and then turned upon her side.
I rose; I clung to tbe Udder; I pressed
the trap door open, while tbe steamer lay
with her deck perpendicular to the ground.
I sprang out, aud touched the bottom of
tbe sea. It was in rood time : for a cm
the mass went over
Then, w ith a last effort, I twisted the
iron fastening of the weight which kept
me down; I jerked it. It wis loosed, it
broke, it fell. In a moment I began to
ascend, and in a few minutes I was float-
ing ou toe water tor the air winch is
Programme of the Mecklenburg
- -
The bdlowiur pro era name for the If tk.
lenbarg Centennial celebration at Char
lotte, on tbe 20th of May, baa been ar
ranged by tbe Executive Gosamittee, of
wnicb Dr. Joseph Graham is Chaii
and Thomas W. Dewey, Esq., is
ry :
Ooe hundred guns, si sunrise, and rfa
ging of city bells, under charge of tbe
Artillery Committee.
To march at 10 o'clock a. m.. Grand
Procession, through the principal streets
of the city, under charge of Chief Mas
eta W
snai and thirty Assistant Marshals, as fol
lows :
Military Companies.
Fire Companies.
Masnme Lodgea.
Odd Fellows.
Knights of Pvlbia.
Good Templars.
Patrons of Husbandry.
County Organisations.
Other Associations of City County,
State and Citiaeue.
Press Organisations.
Various Centennial Committees,
Accompanied by Various Bands of Maaia.
and their own Spe
cial Banners, Emblems
and Insignia.
The Procession will be formed in taa
-J following order :
Military Companies on both sides of
South Tryon street, right front resting bj
front of Central He tel.
Fire Companies on West Trade
snd on Church street, opposite Fu
Grand Lodges, Oasjrl
other city, count tail
and Chit-ens' and Press'
eeJEast Trade street.
Masonic Ledges. Odd FrIWwm.
of Pytbiaa and Good Templars, on North
1 ryon street, from the square to be fat
lowed by Bind of Music with Military
Company, lo be assigned by Ubief
State ilea riatis. a.
hold bad not vet been relaxed: but each
one stood aud looked frantically to the pressed dowu for the diver's consumption 'hsl as gunrd of honor or escort
door.' constitutes a buoyant mass, which raises I 1 carriages, the following i
. . . , . Ira ?J s.s it - i . ri
To the doorgood heaven 1 To me, to him up from the sea.
me they were looking ! They were glar- Thanks to heaven ! There was the
ing at me, all those dreadful, those terrible strong boat, with my bold brave meu !
eyes! Eyes in which the fire of life had They felt me rising; they aaw me, and
been displaced bv the chilline gleam of came and saved me.
death. Eyes which still glaied like the
eyes of the mauiac, with no expression.
They froze me with their cold aud icy
stare. They had no meaning; for the
soul had gone. And this made it still
more horrible than it could have been in
Hie; for the aopuling contortion of their
faces, expressing fear, horror, despair, aud
whatever else the hum m soul may feel,
contrasting with tbe cold and glassy eyes
made their vacancy not mure fearful, flo
upon the table seemed more fiendish than
the others, for his long black hair was
disheveled, and floated horribly down
and his beard aud monstache, all loosened
Rimmer had fled from the horrid seene
President of the United States, Got
of Tennessee snd staff, Governors of other
States, Governor of North Carolina and
suff, United Slates Senators and 8a pi esss
aud Supetior Court Judgee of North Cars
olira, Mayor of the city, and other iovi.
hen I entered the cabin, but remained ted guests, orators and reader, acebmaas
in tbe boat to lend his aid. He never I ied by committees.
went down again, but became a sea cap
tain.. As for me, I still go down, but
only to vessels whose crews have been
Rimmer struck my arm, and pointed, by the water, gave him the grimness of a
I signed assent, aud we moved ouward demon. Oh, what woe and torture! what
more quickly. unutterable agonies appeared iu the d s-
A lew moments elapsed; we had come pairing glances of those faces faces
nearer to the rock. The black object I twisted intu snssmodie contortions, while
now looked like the stern of a vessel the souls that lighted them were writhiusr
FRANK POTTS, General Agent.
f you want one that will outlast any other, and
Sit m made of all NEW IRON, and warranted
o give satisfaction &c. Various styles, of cook-
dk stoves at a small profit.
Skxxt Iron A Copper Ware made of the
bkst Materia i., on hand or made to order.
Merchants supplied at Low 1 'rices. Cash
run for all kinds of Copper, Brass dec. Ask for
Bbowm's Tin shop Main Street. Salisbury, N.
C- L. V. Brown.
I am well prejwred to cut good
for marking Tobacco, Flour Patent articles Ac.
"rjr permm doing any kind of work or bui-
should have a stencil to advertise his busi-
j" it is acknowledged to be the best snd
ctsapest way to let people know whst you are
One mark with stencil msy get s customer,
!r you, that will put Hundreds of Dollars
" your handB. Try it and you will get s cus-
u v J never bought of.
In offering this Fertiliser to the people of Rowan, snd surrounding counties we are satis
fied that we offer them ths best Guano for the leant money now on the market
throughly tried during the past season snd the result have been even better
for. Below we append two of the numerous certificates we have received.
whose hull lay there.
Suddenly Rimmer (truck me again,
and pointed upward. Following: the
direction of his hand, I looked up, and
saw tbe upper surface of the water all
fonray and in motion. TJiere was a mo
memary thrill through my heart, but it
passed over. e were in a dangerous
position. A storm was coming on !
But should we turn back uow, when
we were bo near the object of our search 1
Already it lay before us. We were close
beside it. No, I would not. I signalized
to Rimmer to go forward, and we still
k p: our course.
Now the rock roe up before os, black,
rugged, dismal. Its rough sides were
woru by the action of the water, aud some
places were covered by marine plants aud I weie-bU and rise
nameless ocean vegetation. We passed My weights could not
aud struggling (or life.
I heeded not the dangerous sea, which,
even wheu we touched the steamer slight
ly rolled. Down iu these awful depths,
the swell would not be very strong uulcss
it should increase ten-fold fury above.
But it had bceu incrcacing, though I had
not noticed it, and the motion of the water
began to be ftlt in tbe abysses. Sudden
ly the steamer was shakeu aud rocked by
the swell.
At i his the hideous forms were shaken
and fell. The heaps of people rolled
assunder. That d mnn on the table seem-
We take the following from the Brook
lyn Atgus.
Colonel Julian Allen in North
Colouel Julian Allen, an extensive to
bacco merchant of New York, has been
spending some weeks in the South. An
Atgus reporter, encountering him on his
return, entered into conversation with
him, In substantially the following man
iter :
"Uow did you like North Carolina ?'
. t a a i w .
"Alucii oeyoiiu my expectations. It is
a beuatitul section, and on this, ray first
visit since the war, to the South, I found
the people poor but honest, kiud and very
"flow about lb.eir political status and
opinions t"
" 1 be people, as a mass, nave been ru
correctly judged, throngb tbe deceptions
of adventures ; in other words, by the
"carpet-baggers" who misled the colored
Parade to be through the nrincinal
streets, to arrive at the Speaking Q rounds,
at 12 o clock m. After tbe varioae
panics and organisations, ice., have
arranged by tbe Chief Marshal aad As
sistants, the Centennial will be opeaed
itb prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. Robt.
Hall Morrison, I) U.afier which
of the Mecklenburg Declaration of
pendence bv follow
ed by address by Aits
the addresses, there will be, at 3 o
P. a Grand Barbecue. After wl
Military and Fire Company display.
At niRht, at 7 o'clock r. m., Oread
Torch Light Procession with
Lanterns, Emblems, Transparencies,
Alter which address will be delivered I
the Stand in Independence Square, am
tbe site of tbe original Declaration of Maw
20, 1775. corners of Trade and Ti
streets. There will be general ills
lions of the houea on principal sti
I he L lebratiun to Uoaclade with a
Grand Pyrotechnic Display cousistiug of
beautiful Kmhlems, Figures, Mottoes, fee ,
appropriate to tbe occasion, under charge
ot iho Artillery Committee.
Civil Rights and the Right or
SutTerage not of Federal Origin.
'u li 4,Mwb!!!l onward' we clmlrel oer a spur, which pulled at them with frautie exertions, but mere and gain deliverance from the "ear- suffrage upon any
than we hoped I jutted from the cliff, and there lay the could not loosen them. The iron fasten- pet baggers," wbeae rapacity knows no Enqyurtr remarks ,
Salisbury, N. C, October 10th, 1874.
Messrs Meroney & Bro.
that f have given
fart 1 1 1 un nnw in tu in onr entintrv
MY PRICES ARE LOW AS FOLLOWS .'it over my farm at the rste of 200 pounds to the sere under Cotton, and lOOpoundstotheacreon bedone must be done speedily.
'iNMourtii inch letters 5 cents per letter Jorn. jn me sin ox wiooer i. picaea irom un ruw ui vuiwu iw ivug, wsuvu nau uku
ne-half nA fi :i... A I friilirprt at the xhnvp ratf. 8 nonnds of ,etd cotton : from another immediately by the side of
Three -fourth A nn. ;ni. ittA. i thin one. of the same length, to which I had applied no fertilizer, I picked 11 ounces the same
, They roar be ent to anv part of the U. S. day showing's difference of over 8500 per cent, between land fertilised and not. I counted the
"J mail at .m.ii ... nnmhor nf unonpnptl no a in each, and maKinff calculation on mis uasiB. i nnu uiai uie iuiiu
a . . - "" wi. 1 1 r " . . . m , . .l
nend in v, : 1 .... ' wiitwmt th (xiianahani arould vie d ounces to tne row. u row or iou pounug to uie acre
' ' i i - kumic niw v a w w ; - . ,,ia 1 , .1
t -.V . - -
rw,and the Stencil will be
promptly forwarded
made neatly o t
eritreet Salisbury, N. C.
t (illftAS Arli.
!.. i ..tH it utf Snmnifr on an old neia wnicn womo nave himiuitu it iwh, miu.
V. Atteutiotns mvltSO " . . .u .i. ,u ..m tt ,,rOn.n.him yielded me a er- irood crou.
Improved Bracket, the aasy.iaiuuia mi , 1 3.?, rrrv hundred oer cent, in nWor of the
V.ilv,. which can be with- l naa one row .u """"
Improved CUCUM
tbe acknowledge Stand
ard of tbo market, by
popular verdict, the bent pump for
me least mone
Prop Check
drawn without diatnrbinir the ioints
id the copper chamber which never
orackg, scales or rusts and will last a
y tr,i l,mPi b caretul and Ree tnat it nas
te ij a above If yoi do not know
then ' de8cr'Ptin circ liars, t gether
Nill 1 18 &na address of t ie agent i earest
JJth hUe Promptly furnished by addiessing
5- BLATCHLEY, Manufacturer,
I8?,lnercs Si-, Philadelphia, Pa.
lb 111 ftp r. .t m m
k lecu5' i'y si nome. rerms iree
with Gusnshaai it will yield 12 pounds to the row, 80 rows or 960 pounds to the acre showing
a difference of over 600 per cent.
I have not had an opportunity to test the Corn yet, but from general observation, I feel war
mhiJ Sn raakin the statement that tiuanahani has benefited my Corn at least 100 per cent.
On one acre of ground, as a tert, I sowed 400 pounds of Ouanahani broadcast, subsoiiing at
the same timT5 inches deep. This acre, under ordinary circumstances, has average 700 pounds
of seed cotton ; this year the yield will be at least 1800 pounds- A. t-Jturai.
ftrjf' for tale by Dealers and the tr
Sat! Jn order to be sure thst you
J barf ' rop. be caretul and Ree that it
i : In replv to your inquirv as to the merits of the Gnanahani Guano, I will state . . ; , , , .
pven it a fair, and, as I think, a thorough test, and believe it to be one of the best warmngly in our ears, aud told us of a
w in ne in our country. In the month of February I bouaht two tons and applied swift-approaching danger. What was to
" m . - las a a ,
hurried forward. Rimmer rushed to the
cabin. 1 went forward to descend into
the hold. I descended the ladder. I
walked into the engineer's room. All
was empty here, all was water. The
waves of the ocean had entered, and were
sporting with the works of mau. I weut
into the freight-room. Suddenly I was
startled by au appalling noise upen the
deck. Tbe heavy footsteps of some oue
running, as though in mortal fear, or
most dreadful baste, sounded in my ears.
Then my heart throbbed wildly; for it
was a fearful thing to hear, far down in
the silent deptba of the ocean.
Pshaw ! it's only Itimmer.
I hurridly asscended tho deck by the
first outlet that appeared. When 1 speak
of hurry, I speak of the quickest move-
UUanO. ' - . . ' . ... ... . . j: ,x I , r ' . ; r
sm satisfied that it is a good r ertilizer ana isae pleasure in rfromuwiuiiig n io ever mr- rjoucu armor, out iuis moreiueni or mine
i . l:. Ulnn fulltr wuul if nrti anterior to anv limno on the I :u. T l 1 I - .
(ner WnO WlSnen W IUucinuu a was A. iuoulu uunwu, oiiiaug uuh
market. lriTmnna uurrD upon the deck.
JUAI A UlaO .1 llLiIjlV. T. r.
Xh was Aiumer.
lie stepped forward and clutched my
arm. He pressed it with a convulsive
Steamer. intra had trrown atiff. One of them I
The Marmion there she lay upright, wrestled off in mv convulsive efforts, but
with everything still stauding. Sue had the other still kept me down. The tube.
gone right down, a:.d had settled in such also, was lying down still iu my passage
a position, among the rocks, that she way through the machine ro-ms. 1 did
stood upright lure, just as though she lay not know this until I had exhausted my
at her wharf. We rushed eagerly along etrengtb, and almost my hope, in vain
and climbered up her sides. There was efforts to lcosen the weights, aud still tbe
a low moan in the water, which sounded horror of that scene in the cabin rested
ed to make a spring directly for mc, 1 people aa weir ae misrepresented the I u referring to tbe recent opinion of tk
fled, shrieking all were after me, I whites. All but their lauds having been Supreme Court in the case of Mrs. Miner.
tuougnt. l rusueci out, witu uo purpose awept away by tbe war, tbey need enter coniending for the privilege to vats
but to escape. 1 sought to throw oil my prise, capital and honest help from North the Fourteen Atuc-iidmcnt, in whisk the
ern enesry ; with that tbey could begin to Court decided that the "constitution of ths
be losened I build up a prosperity for their homes once I United States docs not eonb r the rirht of
the Cincinnati
"It is thus
by the Supreme Court of the Ui
Stau-s that the right of suffrage it
tbe control of the several States,
neither of the recent amendments
more iu relation to this right than la
bid discriminations on account of
color, or previous conditio at
This is all. No right Is conveyed
a State to the Federal (overasaaat
which it had not before the adoption of
these three amendments. Jadge Hughes,
of the United Slates Circuit Court la the
Davis Co., N. C.
Messrs Meroney & Bro. , ' . . T
f i vt . in r,ilv tn vnnr inniiirv as to the merits of diiananani Liuano, 1
Ufiniusaim . - tr J j"- - - -l j ... . .
Freight added.
Stintok & Co
He stamped his foot; and tried to hold
me back. He pointed to the boat and
implored me with frantic gestures, to go
It is appalling to witness the horror
struck soul trying to express itself by
eigue. It is awful to see these signs wheu
upon me.
Where was Rimmer ? The thought
flashed ac roses me. He was not here.
He had returned. Two weights lay near,
which aeemed thrown off iu terrible haste.
Yes, Rimmer had goue. i looked up ;
there lay the boat, tosiog aud rolling
among the waves.
1 rushed down into the machine-room,
to go back, so aa to loosen my tube. I
had goue through passages carelessly,
and this lay theie, for it was unrolled from
above as 1 weut on. 1 went back in haste
to extricate myself; I could stay here no
longer; for it all the gold in Lrolcouda was
in the vessel, I would not stay iu compa
ny with the dreadful dead I
Back fear lent wings to my feet. 1
burned down stairs, into the lowerhold
once mure, aud retraced my steps through
the passages below. I walked back to
the place into which I had first deacended.
It was dark; a new feeling of horror shot
through me; I looked up. The aperture
was closed !
Heaven I was it closed by mortal
hand? Had Rimmer, in his panic flight
blindly thrown down the trap-door,
which I remembered to have seen open
when I descended I or had some fearful
beine (rum the cabin that demon who
sprung toward me I
I started back in terror.
But I could not wait here; I must go;
I must escape from the deu of horrors. I
sprung up the ladder, and tried to laise
the door. It resisted my efforts; I put
my benmtcd head against it, and tried to
I . mmw US a a
limit. W illi such draw backs, bow can
the people improve their condition ?"
How about the social labor system T
"The uegro works, iu most eases, well
and at low rates, and kindly feeling exists
between the former owners and them
selves- With more ready capital and tbe
incentive of thrift, tbey could do better,
and avail themselves of great advan
Uow about loyalty T Do tbey feel
their defeat I ' I
"I think that the questions of the war 1 District of Virginia, recently
are definitely settled. 'I hey are thorough- decision which this finding of the 8a
ly loyal, and accept the situation ; though Court practically confirms. Aa
careless and misguided Congressional en- ment charged that the defendants aula
act men ts opus a painful reminder of the I fully prevented certain legally
past, yet even that is borne with resigns j voters, qualified according to la
lion. There is not a correct understanding rotiug si a municipal election iu P
between the people of tbe South aad the burg. Judge Hughes said that the
Administration. I al courts have no jurisdiction to
"Have yoa seen and talked with Presi- rights which accrue from the cttieensbip
dent Grant ou the subject of your visit I" of a Stale, bat only sack as items frees
''I called to ace bim ou my way. Our
conversation convinced me that the Pres
ident does not receive faithful reports,
and forms bis impressions from incorrect
statements. Every man in North Caro-
citiaenship of the United States,
the right to vote was among the rights
accruing from State citizenship. This
position was maintained by aa elaborate
argument. It was asserted thai "the
right lo vote, even of eilisens of the Uui-
liua who holds office advocates a 'third
term." The people themaelves are anxious ted Slates is left, even by the Fo
for honest officials, and care little who is A mend meu t itself, to be rernlated
elected. Their ouly cry is 'Give as boa- defined by the States, which have alwa
est men. never inuiu party
"Do tbey show s)oy aversion to North
ern men I"
"To none but 'carpet baggtra.' Polite
ness is predominant. Yoa will receive
kindness on all sides, and from good plain
Christian people, whose mode of life is
primitive, but houest in the extreme. I
was kindly and cordially received by
everyone to a degree that I shall remem
ber ; and it was universal on railro ids, io
hotels , every w here. I saw aad con versed
with leading men, aho Sena to a and
Governors, all of whom wire perfect
held thai power.' It is decided U
Stale has the power of regulstiug the right
of suffrage in both Slate or National slat
tious. Tbe Court that decided thus is not
likely to decide that tbe Federal Goveru
mem ban a right lo keep a hotel in Gen
town, Maasschusetis, or to dictate to taa
driver of a stage coach in Alabama as to
whom be shall carry, or what rates be
shall charge. If tbe tight even efa
of the Lotted States to vote
tbe pleasure of the State, most eertaioly
the right of a person lo conduct a theatre
or a hotel or a hack Is without taa i aria
diction of tbe Federal GoverasaaaL"
Jan. 19, 1875, Jy
Feb. 13th, lew, ifcaos.

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