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per cent, moi
jly flfeaa pen ! Nor gods nor men
(JPguem what next you'll cribble 1
four inky drain, like autumn rain,
Keep op an endlet dribble 1
Xowjm'n a mint, and ihen you aint
NssrBidiop Ives, then Murrcll I
Thie time, old scratch, we're bound to batch
A catechism quarrel I
blaze. ,
in New Yorl9"
ther didn't murrv JoIJHJl THWntfinn . rFTm
,. wasn't it r mS3S?S
You deal in exclamation pointa
Sheet-lighlntng, hall and thunder (
Crack loose old fogien' BtifTning joints
Majeatic march then blunder t
But do your duty, aplutter-acratch,
Gray gooae quill Irea and Murrcll I
Tis man's chief end just now to batch
A catechism quarrel !
You make of ev'ry place a Fair
In Shakespcar'a new edition
Put all the folka from cv'rywhere
Right up on exhibition 1 -You
offer for an honest soul
Your premiums by the barrel ;
And pull proud Pharisee's long wool,
In catechism quarrel I
What's Mimic ! Where she tends her goata
The swisa girl'a well-known ditty
The Alp swain's pi ye, with mellow notes
Imploring amorous ditty
The aonga of birds the tinkling bell
That lull the lonesome valley
Thai voice, which makes our bosom Bwell,
And all our pulse rally !
What's Kenrtty ? 'Tia the speaking eye
That answers speechless love, sir
The wavering tress the gentle sigh
The something, earth above, sir
The tench that soothes the tone that
Th blossom on IfopcN gmje, sir
The majestic cord, that binds at will
Our life as Beautv'a slave, sir !
What's Sunshine ? here soul glitters through
A leve-lit, beaming face, sir
The sheen that gives some forms to view
.With a celestial grace, sir
Her sunny smile, that warms and cheers
And makes our hearts grow stout, air
The ray reflected from her team
Her red lip's rosy ptut , sir !
What's Home? 'Tia where our true lore
Be that in cot or palace
By deep blue sea or mountain rills
Drinks she from cup or chalice-
Be she a widow or a maid
An heiress or poor devil
A jularky with peacock head,
4f a hand that's level 1
WiaVs Wealth ? 'Tia treasure of the brain
Not what old Money-Bags, sir,
Lugs' up and down, with woe and pain.
Gold rocks and greenbacked rags, sir 1
Ms tail is but a coiner's tool
His heart a bag of dollars !
To Mr. Belxebub's last school
kaifned just two hslf scholars !
hst do I hate ? An empty psts.
Wfcd np with vast conceit, sir
An ugly womsn s coquette
A nigger's wsys, which beat, sir,
The devil ; any blarsted man
Who woidT1rsVhe says, sir
The hyposaU WWf duly plan
To cheat 'em, while he praya, air !
What do I love ? The silent gro ve,
Where city fops don't enter
The honest rustic, whose above
All tricks to hit the center,
Whene'er I shoot at human ghouls
Thfejady nod and true, sir,
When bread and depth absorbs men's sou Is
Of which than precious few, sir t
WHm Bo I mMkli. ..J ' v
adore my friend, air I
the and hate my enemies,
Hd without hope or end, air !
ypcrU "forgives" but fell
Is secret hat 'em still, sir:
I'll tell the truth and shame the de'il
Marian Harlan was alone in the worl
dct mogher jot buried.
Nie W4 btattliful, brown-haired eir
with soft, eliy ej. of violet gray, an
rosy li tapre&)d to a firmness beyon
ber years. For afieiiHl she waa scarce!
seventeen, and so Desipon Gray was tel
ng her as she sat by the tire, spread!
bis huge hand over the tardv
and asked :
'But what are you goin' to do to
your bread and butter, child V
'I don't know V haven't thou eh
Mamma had an
e,yea I've heard
mad beeanse your mo
ust exactly to suit him
Marian was silent. Deacon Gray wai
ed a few miuutea. bpng she would ad
him into ber secret flgrdttatious : but s
did not, and1 Wt dthtjAi went away hoot
to tell his wife thai te Harlan gal
the very queerest creature he ever ha
come across.'
Iu tbe meanwhile Marian was basjQ
sLlsfll liAW fata atnntll iklnna m n III I
tie carpet-bag, by the weird, flickering . v.cry we,K
light of the dying wood fire. . nostiuate you
'I will go to Mew York, she
herself, setting her assail pearly
firmly together. My mother un
i ii a
uear my cause pleaded through my own
lips. Uh, 1 wish my heart would not
a a a
thmb so widly I I am not any
meek Marian Harlan, I am an orph
lone in the world, who most fight
battles with her owu single hands.'
Lower Broadway, at 7 o clock :n
eveuing ! What a Babel of crashing
wheels, burying humanity, and conglom
erate noises it was ! Marian Harlan tat
in the corner of an express office under
the Hare of gaslight, surromded by
boxes, and wondered whether people ever
went crazed in this perpetual din and
tumult. Her dress was very plain gray
poplin, with a shabby, old-fashioned little
straw bonnet tied with black ribbons, and
a blue veil, while her only article of bag
cage, the carpet-bag, lay in bar lap. She
had sal there two hours, and was very
very Hired.
'Poor little thing!' thought tlie dark-
Inured young clerk nearest her, who in"
habited a sort of wire cage under ajcirclut
of gaslights. And then he took np his
'Hush, mother; there is n young lady
o J -
Yes, mother ; expressed on from
fo Hjvring.toi,; Abe m ffiflhi rAshajt, bjs
Bailed for Earope thia morning and she is
felt entirely alone. Mother, she looks
ke poor Blanche, and I Knew you wouldn't
fuse her corner here until the could
nd something to do.' -, .u .'i-.'
Mrs. Avans went to tbe door and eall-
cberfully out A:
'Come up ataipra, jpj demr---you're na
! . a tft r a Wl l
t i welcome aa ue now era iu nay i rann,
JJJou did quite right ; yon always do,'
i lie uuyo auu wb paeacuou, auu
: 'and she mm. useful about
I don't know bow I ever
said tMLi
ly teetWT IeJ
tele sbaEaVs ,.
an. all
pen and plunged it into a perfect Atlantic
ocean ot accounts. t jj y'lQ j ),
Mr.j .b vans.
i liPijdark-liaired clerk emerged from
his cage with Ins pen behind hi ear, in
obedience to the beckoning finger of his
1 have noticed that young woman sit
ting here for eome time bow came she
here V
"Expressed on sir, from MUlington,
Iowa -arrived this afternoon.'
As though poor Harlan were a box or a
paper parcel.
Who for V
'Consigned to Walter Hirrington,
'And why hasn't she been called for?'
ami f rt t rt a rri nrrlnn a aII riua
M. i t 1 1 s m u aw Mm aauii iiigiwn kj uuui voo
to notify him some time ago ; I expect an
answer every moment.'
'Very odd,' said the gray-haired gen
tleman taking up hi newspaper.
'Yes sir, rather.'
9 Some three-quarters of an hour after
ward, Frank Evans came to the pale girl's
side with indescribable pity in his hazel
eyes. j- fSS
'Miss Harlan, we have sent to Itr
Harrington's residence ' '
Marian looked up with a feverish red
upon her cheek, and ber hands clasped
tightly on the handle of the faded carpet-
And we regret to inform yon that be
aailed for Europe at twelve o'clock this
ttle widow
e house.
iged without her.'
No"w, Harlan .ye anL net in earnest
ut leaving us to morrow 1
't must, dear Mrs. Evans. Only
think I have been here two months to
morrow, and the situation of governess la
very advantageous.
I shall ten Frank how
t - -
Dearest Mis. Evans,
lease keep my secret.'
What secret is that to be
religiously kept V asked Mr. Frank E vat s,
cooly walked into the midst of tbe discus
sion, with his dark hair tossed about by
the wind and his hazel brown eyea spark
ling archly.
'Secret !' repeated Mrs. Evans, ener
getically wiping her dim spectacle glasses.
'Why, Marian is determined to leave us
to-morrow !'
'Marian I'
'I most Frank ; I have no right further
to trespass on your kindness.'
'No right, eh J Marian, do you know
that the old house has been a difiesent
house, since you came to it ? Do yon
suppose we Want to lesb our little sun
beam. ifrT'
Macion emilled sacUyVb her hand fell
very cold and passive in Frank's warm
You'll stay, Marian V
I 'No.'
She shook her head determinedly.
Then you must be made to stay,' esid
Frank. 'I've missed something of great
value lately, and 1 hereby arrest you on
suspicion ot the thert ,
i.".is8ea someimug y - - -
Marian rose, turned red and white.
Oil, Frank, you can never suspect
I me !
'But I do suspect you. In fact, I am
quite sure the article is in your posses
sion. The article. !'
'My heart, Miss Marian. Now look
here I know I am very young and very
poor, but I love you Marian Harlan, and
I will be a good and a true huoband to
you. Stay and be my little wife !'
So Marian Harlan, instead of going out
to be a governess, at cording to the ro
grnmme, married the dark birred young
cleik, in Ellison's express office, New
They were quietly married, early in
the mot-iing, and Frank took Marian
homo to hi mother, and then went calmly
than the attempt on the pkri of the Radi
cal executive committeeof tl.h State, to
make the change of the "ge matter a
party Issue, and we tefgret to see the
Raleigh Hews inclined to,, play into their
hands. Mr. Keogh, wbo-lioobtless fath-
ered the gauge resolution in the Radical
address, is a shrewd lawyer, and attorney
for the Richmond and Danville Railroad,
and wants while saying a gooci word on
bis side of the gauge question, to make
political capital for ftia pasty . Mr. Moore,
who delivered alt atyta opinion against
the riazbt to change the flange, is an able
Democratic lawyer, and i attorney for a
rival and hostile Kajirofi company, and
wantage mabte sUhUe CfflRnl nflnkmt tbe
image of gauge. The inference to be
drawn from the argument of the Netos
is that tbe change of the gauge of the North
Carolina Railroad is part y issue, nod
rq at w w
opposition to It a Democratic measure
This is n grave injustice to the Greensboro
Patriot, Goldsboro Messenger, Salisbury
Watchman, the Observer, nod other
Democratic journals that have never been
fnnnd wanting in party fealty, though they
did see fit to differ with the majority of tbe
Legislature on the gange question. It to
a grave injustice, too, to Colonel Buford,
the President of the Richmond and Dan
ville Railroad, Captain Green and other
officials of that corporation, over half
Bv telegraph to the New York Tribune,
A Profitable Advertising Job.
WASHiWGTOlf, June 12 Tbe list of I
f From WindaST Time.
a he CouttoaUflm
Pans it along the Line.
1st. A new Const notion
New Advertise mehiaE
11. ar s- mm nc
oennquent taxes in tbe District of Col- tfortb Caroliainans fo? North Oarolmian. TI--pairfawk atalsa
-simple. fla bayaajav
umbia, published by tbe National Repub
liean for the first time yesterday, to prob
ably one of the most profitable advertis
ing jobs ever -given to a ring organ. Ik
occupies 480 columns, and is, by law, to
appear tour times, at the rate of twenty -five
cents a line for each insertion. Tbe
total amount of tbe bill will be more than
$90,000, of which more than $70,000 will
be clear profit. The. history mf this ad
vertising job to jost bow especially inter
esting. The act of Congress passed June
20, 1870, abolishing the Territorial Gov
ernment of the District and rtifltofl. fh
commission, directing the publication of
a complete list of all tbe taxes in arrears
on the 1st of March last, in a newspaper
of the District, eight timet. As soon as
this aet was passed, the influence of tbe
White House was solicited by a represen
tative of the Republican to secure tbe job
for that paper, and General Babcock,
either personally or by latter, requested
2nd. A homestead to feo-siapl
3nl. A governor fleeted evety two
years, with limited pep us.
4th. Lei every officer now appointed by
the Governor be elected by the people
through the Legislature.
6th. prohibit tbe payment of more fr
Special tax bonds than ws received.
6th No man to be eligible to onsen who
has collected money from the pes pin and
sailed to pay it over.
7th. Bribe takers tnbo8enicd the right
to hold office. yrkr-frtj)
8th. A liberal system of free
9th. TowusVip system to be
dome a wary snhfc isaw srnin as
coating two doUara m etn
nays attendance am lot
10th. Abolish boarlb of county Com.
an as toners. 1 his wiff gat rid of five fl
eea ia every eoonty-frr four hundred aaai
fifty in the State. C
11th. Abolish probata Judges This
will save five times the coat of the Con
veurien1 ia aba year.
12th. Let no asaa vou who shall be
convicted of being a common thie; that
II. I.
to riis
f HlCa, 2p &v 50 CTnV
am & h ....
ror sale at ..2US' Jia-:
lane z
Mr. Blow, who had iaat been appointed to makes a living by stealing.
one of the District Commissioners, to give
the contract to tbe third term organ. It
was understood to be tbe especial desire
of the President that the newsnaner which
r i
was accepted throughout the country as
his accredited representative should be in
thia way rewarded for iu fidelity. Mr.
Blow promised General Babcock the fob
for the Republican, and in accordance
nooro. irasji sru a an a w v
Jaae 17th. Ia7a.-4ta. aaTy "do 4
Prescription Depar tmeiid,
PrfacrifHtons Carefully rooipnuaoW da oe.-ij
nlirht hr rrprrieneH, six! U',f Drurfat,'
with noataasj and Ii Huh. To Mi-Uiet ef
laeuoapel 1 sit soil it eooaioerabtj batoa sav .
TKO. ft KKSI88. froggba.
Next to
whom are sound Domocrats. And again.
it is an injustice to the private stock
holders of the North Carolina Railroad,
since it is well kuow that nine-tenths of
the stock of that mad is owued by as true
Democrats as can be found in the State.
The Radicals are attempting to make made on tbe terms already given. Had
capital cut of the nsury law too ; so the not the law been chansred. the hill aeeor-
. . .. ... ll'.. - .
fouruais ot this Mate that lavoreu tins ding to that contract, would have amoun
aw might, with equal justice and propria i ted to nearly $200,000 of which at least
ty, intima'e that those of us who opposed $170,000 would bavn been prwfit. At
it, the Netcs among the number, bad the I set session of Congress, the aet of
switched off of the party track proper. June 20, 1874, was so amended as to
We really think the confessedly able provide for four publications instead of
and accomplished gentleman who conducts eight, and to poatpooe the advertisement
the editorial department of the Xeics, in from March to .June, thus reducing the
his capacity as editor of one of the lead- number of publications, and catting down
tnf and most influential Democratic uews- the expense one bait. Tho expense has
papers in the stale, puDlisnea at tue capi- been f nil further reduced by the selile-
u), too, ought, on nie eve ot an important men t 1 ;i gret number of delinquent
election, to lav ai-ide his prejudices as a Uaxu ni&liin the pait three months. But
citizen of Ilillsbnro and editor of a local tf sum of $70,000 is s; ill a handsome
paper. The usury law and gange ques , profit on the wuik, and i ample n mu
tion are no more pnrty issnes in this J nerat ion for tbe energy and devotion with
Slate than is the currency question a which the Republic in, for about a rear.
natioimi party issue. iiiiarume uoscrver advocated a third term for Gen. Grant
13th. Make the Judges ride different
circuits and not eonfinjo them to the same
circuit. By so doing we will add to ran
purity af the btaaa.
14th. Require all money eo) lee led from
the people to be paid over to tbe Treasu
rer in 20 days after it is collected.
15th Require county debt to be paid
in the order in which they are contracted.
16th. Prohibit special Legislation.
17 th. Provide for a call ot a Couveniion
Music Without Hands.
An Electrical Machine that Reads Notes
and Plays an Organ tcith Ttco
Hundred Fingers.
From au occasional correspondent of tbe Now
York Tribune.
Philadelphia, June 11 The acme
of machine music sppears to have been
attained iu an iugeuious inveution just
perfected by Messrs. Scbmocln of this
city, which was exhibited Iaat evening in
with this promise a contract was afterward I by a maiority of the people
18th. 1' roh ib t the so pension of tbe
writ of habeas corpus j This will prevent
aaother Kirk war; aid we will have uo
more exhausted judiciaries .
19. h. Prohibit mixed schools.
20th. Limit the pof er of tbe Governor
to the execut on otlaWs.
21st. Prohibit the Supreme Court front
interfering with politic. Confine it to a
simple interpretation af the laws.
22nd. rroluoit a ssae or mortrace or
postponement of the fjtate interest iu any
property or work of koprovemeut unless
sanctioned by a vote f the people
23rd. L-t taxation eon property be ad
24 :h. Let the public work be done by
25. h. Secure to the peop'e spetdy and
cheap justice.
?6th. Prohibit one ' man from holding
or'receiviog the profits directly or indi
rectly of more than ojue office or place of
honor trust or profit.
27th. Abolish bob-tail juries re jmicsof
six men.
28xh. Prohibit Inttr marriage between
the i aces.
29 h. Finally secure economy of the
w mwm VBtVIUUUO.
Thereta no east of Dr pepmia that Grew's
LUtnstflowar will sww cwee." Cav to tW '
Dk-naJHlor of Thro. F. kasttz
a boo l it. ITrou winer from ( (irtiM
neaoaesw. ecaw naoavarh. ftsrficeMion.
CoasplainL or a'srsani sera at u.e hr.m mm'
n. wo or in
k - ... r.
i wo or inrae Ooe U rrlievf too. .
oachWa Geraaaw 8yrp-i naw boM in ewery ' 11
t and city in the I'oMcd btaies. We aawa -a
haw than ive bandred letiwra fraaa Drswwwaa .
sayiag it la the beat asediriae thev tr aetd' ,J
for Cssisiiaaaaioa. TWwai or awn dwaaaal at
naaspl botde of either 10 crnla. Itcanaar ataa
A Great Farmer s Maxims.
abouHils business iu the wire cage, under Horticultural. Hall to a few invited guests.
the circlet of gaslights.
'Evans V
'Yes, sir.'
Frank, with his pen behind his ear as
of yore, quietly o bey ed" t he behests of the
gray headed official.
'Do you remember tho young woman
who waa expressed ou from Millington,
Iowa, two months since i
'Yes sir; I remember.'
A tall, silver haired gentleman here in
terposed with eager quickness.
'Where is she I I am ber uncle Walter
Harrington. I have just returned from
a ..,AA Ll.,- Mn r ,,'. runs, wuere me news 01 ner arrival
eves-she trembled like a leaf. In all reached me. I want her, she is the only
her ritlr.nlat ions aha had made no allow. I Imn8 relative left me.'
ance for an exigency like this.
'Can we do anything further for you V
The aparatus read notes and plays upon
an organ with abslouto correctness of
time and touch, the only assistance given
it by its operator being to feed in tbe end
of a roll ot music and start the machiner; .
Organs have Leen played by electricity
betoie, but the only part performed by
tbe electric fluid has been to transmit the
power from a distant bank of keys to open
tbe valves of the instrument. Such an
electrical organ has been exhibited in
London for some time past. In the
Schmoele instrument tbe electric current
is eudued with a seeming intelligence,
and distinguishes tbe notes in tbe same
way that a blind man does by feeling.
Marvelous as this appers at first thought,
A successful lifu of Mr. Jacob Straw.
the prince of American furmers, is attrib
uted to the close observances of the fol
lowing maxims, originated by h i in -aclf:
When you wake np do not roll over,
but roll out ; it will give you lime to ditch
jour sloughs, break them, harrow them,
and sow them.
Make your fencing high and strong and
Ugh', so that it will keep the cattle and
pigs out.
If you have brush, make your lot se
cure, and keep your hogs from the corn;
for if tbe corn i kept clean tbey will eat
it better than if not.
Be sure to gel your hands to bed by
seven o clock ; they wi
force of circumstances.
public m-mey, h nejfiy in pnbl.c office aud
justice to all mm
The N. O. University.
mejff Ii
Woofl LaM Academy:-
The nest term of W oodTjUMJ Aradvaav will
commence on the 1st Monday of Aujapa
to continue for ten nontKx. I rW ruction rjJtf
iu alt branches oaually taught in a :mHaWa
HiRh School. Y ounjr men prcMixo vr awarj. j
iwacotlece. Price of iiriti..ii a follows- lat
trade tl.Se. Sni f 29sd $. er asJiTBT'''
ltwrtl can be Hhtsjaialin reaeuble anwiseSs I
at $7.00 per mo. Foe further particular. d , I
dress GKO. B. laVNBl f.L .K B . Prbaofpnt'
Wood Jieaf, rtoaa Lb. S.U v on
June 24- w.
J Lis8
Lvlie whose eomi'lr x!on are .l-rvenedov
marred br ittsaol.aaniiai ,,r M--MtUM, rn ;
ditcc a beaoulul. clear afun H a rich.aati
color, oj inm ne ot
healthful, wife. anl deliuhtful rrenaralioai
for heantifving tUe face, neck, arm and bond. '
Re a iiifflr aoolu-Aiiim sll l I... 1 . . . I -
a r I . - J 1 . . " mm
of iw-nty can te ltriMt?tit twek to talA ofssrty s
r r lortT-brr ; lite ni-lic mrrv Uim lag
formed into Ihr chatmirt; c' v Itrllc bv UaS
of ihu fragrant coniHir. Thr fatrd
ion speedily raawa the fee-h I.Um of'
tinacr n neaittiiui ami n . wiUueoc , .-
For Sale by J do. II. EX XI St.
Jun 24, '75. Saltabwrv, . ?.
The Trustees met Raleigh last week
and elected the folloaftug gentlemen to fill
Professorships :
Mathematics Cltarlea Phillips, now of
a a B - . . .
riso early by Davidson Lullrce. an old professor at
Ptv a hand, ii nk..i mil
1 It. ' . . . I v"" in . ......
ne is a poor nana, an you promise mm ; Agriculture - Prof, John Kimberly, now
ii ur ia a uaou, pay mm a nine more
before the
e I at Aaliiville. and a nr.ifeaaor at the Hill
it will encourage him to do still bet- L. .t .u
0 . . ,uarrCUIU BO miis appers at urt muugui,
j 'Ab 1 but, sir,' said Frank, 'you can't Bmp)9 enough. 1 be score is written
questioned the young clerk, politely. 1 Te DLW 1 w " ao 7 mt
Xoihina- non... ...n An not Lino- now H anything happened I
Frank Evans had been turnine a war. 1 '- akf sasnethiof baa happened;
but something in the piteous tones of ber .M,,B Hrl" WM iMrrwa e -
voiee anneared to arouse everv man v in uh
ri - j 0
.of your
r .
I era with awtl'airl
the use of try ina, folk.
es to hide your nature' T
ymotiUt tide of lying choke
Prater ! How I hate her !
j5Vver common folks pretend
The angels to excel, sir,
Gadget too yood, their righteous end
I certain to beat hell, sir !
viil ), - E. P. H.
stinct within him.
'Shall I send to any other
friends V
'I have no friends.'
'Perhaps I can have your things sent
to some quiet family hotel v
Marian opened her little leather purse
and showed him two ten cent pieces, with
a smile that waa almost a tear.
This te all the money I have ti the
world iir V m .
So young , ao beautiful and so desolate !
Frank Evans had bean n New Yorker all
his life but he had never met with an ex
actly parallel case to this. He bit the
end of tbe pen in dire perplexity, but
w'hat aie you going to do !' I don't
know sir. lent there a work house, or
some such place I can go to until I could
find something-to do f "
Hardly, Frank Evans could scarcely
help smiling at poor Marian's simplicity.
Tbey are putting out i lie light and
preparing to close the office, said Marian
starting nervously to her feet.
'I must go somewhere.
' Harlan,' said Frank quietly, my
Walter Harrington started. rt 'r
Take me to her,' be said, hoarsely ;
'l can't be parted from my only living
relative for a mere whim.
on a long roll of stout paper by cutting ca.
' j notes through it in tbe form of squares or an() )aQ
parallelograms, ids instrument, which
is about as large as a sewing -machine, ia
provided with a multitude of small brass
fingers, each of which if connected by a
wire with the ptpe of the organ which it
operates. 1 be mil of music ts fed in
over a brass tube When tbe nngeta
Always feed your hands as well as you
do yourself, for tbe laboring men are tbe
bone and sinew of tbe laud, and ought to
be well treated.
1 am satisfied that eailv rising, indus
try, and regular habits are tbe best med
icine ever prescribed for health.
When rainy bad weather comes, so that
t work out of doors, cut, split,
your wood.
Engineering Rajph TT. Graves, Jr., 34
years of sge, son of 11 H Oravee of th
O raves and Uomer.School hi lliileboro.
Languagi $ J JJrB Hooper of Wilon,
N 0 pro feasor at Chapel Hill near forty
years ago.
School of Philosophy Rev A W Man
gam, pastor of Ed en ton Street Methodist
Church of Raleigh.;
Natural Sc tenet Rev A F Redd of
rind baa blown tbe side
patch tbe roof of your
real on the ainsr no electric current ta
I wonder if she oalls the marriage aec- transmitted, because paper is a non eon-
vice and wedding ring mere whims, duetoi: but whenever thev fall into the
thought honest Frank, but he obeyed In holes cot in it tbey touch tbe braas below,
silence. I th irrnt ia transmitted and the annnd
'Marian aaid the old man. in faltering I produced.
accents, 'you will come to me and be tbe The lenrth of the note is eoverned bv
daughter of my old age f I am rich, length of tbe slit in the neper. A
noiseiesa bellows machine, run by wind
conduct -d through a pipe from the organ,
works the feeding apparatus. To aid in
producing orchestral effects, drums, cym
bals, bells, ore, are added to the ordinary
all I have
- a- a .
Marian, ana you are
But Marian stole her baud through ber
husband s arm.
'Decreet uncle, he was kind to ma when
Make your racks, fix your gate that is Aiumrt mf,nr T.ilrratu.rt fleoi ae
off its hinges, or weatherboard year bare p Winston of Bertie county.
In annoaocing tlie stbove the Raleigh
Sentinel remarks : l
As to a President there is a diversity of
opinion anong tbe Trustor, but nearly
ail agreeing thai a president moat be bod
at so aae dav. The? desire more time to
look around and examine where tbe beet
man ean be bad: a when tbev rot htm
n w v
tbey mean to have ja live president that
not only North Carolina but all ber sis
ter Slates will rise hp and endorse as the
very man. The university will be
in full motion the first of September
where tbe
ings qfi, or
Study yoar interest closely, and do not
spend your time in electing Presidents,
Senators, and otber small ittcers, or talk
ing of bard times when speoding your
time whittling storeboxes, dec
Take your time and make calculations.
Don't do things in a b vry, but do them
at the right time, and keep your mind, an
well as yonr body, employed.
I was most desolate and alone, I cannot pipe.organ and operated by electricity in
leave my husband, Uncle Walter ; I lure fa Mme manner as the pipea. A greatly
Avoid bathing within two hours after a
meal. Avoid bathing when exhausted by
fatie-ae or from any other causa. Avoid
Asparagus roa Khbum atis A
ledical correspondent of an EngfUh jour
COAL in I'ln-wtrA Tn 1673 Pmaain
u O4.J47.D09 lona. 1 he mme r . . : ..,..,.,., ma
mg to the State produced about 4,- v'rt ,nu V Marian looked at
0.000 tons. F
produce of coal, ranks next to England
me united State. -
v "'Sk4l .i i ;. . J
mother will receive you under her roof
bathine when the body is cooiioc altar nal says that tan advantages ot apara
him!' , i , increased volume of sound and much perspiration; but bathe when the body is gna are not snftosently appreciated.
'Then vou must both of yoa come and I Ar liirmAni mm hinations ean b mads warm, provided no time is lost in gettinr Those w4w safer from rhooeaaue
be my children,' said the old man. dog- bv this instrument than it is possible tor ' into the water. Avoid chilling the body cured in a taw day by seeding on thi
geaiy ; -ana yon must come now, tor tne I a Biag9 performer to probuce upon an y snung or sianamg niam on tne snore aeiicioua rFiuiou, am aawo
ereat house is as lonely as a tomb.' I n,n t ,.m,.,,,p,,w of tha fact that the. 1 or in boats after having been in the water, ses are much relieved, especially if
. . l'iSJi. w - I H " w..., I . .. .. . . . . . I i, . . i t . . I
Frank Kv;insia an sinre.ii clerk no c i i ki, 01. AmM ' Avoid remauune t o lone in the waLer. oat ienl avoiQs all acm-. wu-iner in tra
- - - r i uri i irii r. mi iiiiiv 1113 ..'cuir.. n iiiiv. o o 1 ( a
leave me ier iiinuruiuit'ir wuen luere
is the slightest feeling of chilliness. A-
void bathing altogether in the open air, if,
longer, and pretty Marian moves in velvet
and diamonds ; out they are quite as hap
py as they were in old days, and that is
a Si
honie is a very poor one I am only a five I yn:f? eoJJ?5n
hundred dollar clerk but I am sure my 1 Ucle Walter Ha
kuk it a political doctor in Paris
- 'iTWfe
. . WW
l 2rann's,"l8Ku,l, u wlh slavery only
Bltmeenae Hi.a. ;.w i;u......
the electrical machine bas cvlv, and ean
strike as many notes at once as desired.
All tbe notes on the organ that can be
combined into a chord can be brought out
rrington grown older together. The overture to 'Semarimide"
. . . if - LUl 1 W . ...
and feebler every day, and Uf two child- 1 aud William Ttll" were preformed
reu are the sunsbina of his declining evening with pleasing effect. As the
lifji I I -. H . . m mprlninlisllv min
rust vou I mariaii iuuscu at was i . k .ii' muiui
1 'siu, therefore, in the J il,rnuil, v inlet eve o bscurcd in tears. Obi .aa I rate, and the score aorrecUy written,
sir. 1 bould bu so thankfuf I' 1 T1'4i there wer9t of eourse, nu false notes.
. . . n m. , a I mm a a m
t ..,i t li: ; i,rtta.i :ii : r I -ut .1.. i.;n lm..r best time tor sued u irotn two to three intercs'ed peoiMe "lor Uie gouO of
X id 11 V X i ll II CV 11 II ID UtlUCICCOt Y I I I I ll IjUU" I WHn II 1 11(1X3 1 V 1X1 U V. II l ww.v, uvnwvi. i . w
T . . r, 7 r , : w . mm . a. a . .
'How latdyon are, Frank ! Here- don. fifne bade farewell Wednesday to f but machine music of tho highest order, ho
. . ..ii ...a.a ' . ..."; i . . V. . 1 mitrkt mndilv Isavo been mistaken sut
give uie youi overcoat - a .o uw i ,ue wmmander ot ran,iQra which i T j , S. , ... , . . I
. aw m w. t i - . - a s . a a . m. m
reier tyranny to license ; i witu snow ana
But Frank mterru
li-rr V r hfiW lit tip
tin toe to take off ll
cr bevcrace. The Jerusalem artichoke
baa a similsr ejffect iu relieving tbeuma
lim. It may be well to rem irk that m st
after having been a short time in the wa- nlanO which grow naturally near the
ter. there is a sense of chilliness with seaeost eontaio more or lea iodme, and
numbness of tbe hands and feet. The 1 in ail rheumatic complaii.ts iedine ha
vigorous and strong may bathe early ia long been a favorite remedy. One who
the morning on an empty stomach. The has been in the drug business told the
young and those that are weak, bad bet- writer some years ago that many of the
. r m m. a S I
ter bathe throe hoars otter a meal j the popular patent nostrums wuisii soma ota
hour after breakfast. Those who are fellow erealnrea"-ta'd at two dollars a
i :L, ..A.i.r Knf... m;.rlrn aut lect to aitacKs ot gnuiinesa and tmt- Dottle. eoieisieu simpiv 01 a iw cents
aim ui'Kiiv itaunr - , j .. .. ,
s as with liberty it-
e. if (fan. an.... :.. u ... ..t;.. . .i. i.
m r-m . laKUl IU BOIICII US Hl( IIt.O U4 UID X I All 1
ptefl "liia ucsuing, j V' ;' v . . I nuwI
mmher. as she jtood e peuiiian sasaw Q naaar xpionug i tor hope
is outer wraormid. "Jas -v-r, . K'"""'-
for the nruformance of a well-drilled, bat
Dtritluss orchestra. 1 bo inven
. tioit and other sense of discomfort at the
worth of tolase in solution, lod
dangerous, however, in overdose,
soon to apnly their device to a heart. sliould not bathe wub.ot first con-, thip especially Ua eye.-.V'ewOnc Amer
tT- ' -r - " iolimsr their medical aalriscr. . a
Office of the B-iil'li:' '".imtni
Vin l-.tmc Ai hi
Morgaolon N. C J in 21st, lsTn. m
ftesled Propoaals will be received st this .
Offi.e on or hefore the Sih Jnlr, proa., for tbe
iijvlv of lnre Million Hard Hrik.Tob ,
I .L . .1
urnverri ai mc .ie 01 i: c n tHrrs sBWaaM
srlum of North Carotin, near the tow af
Morsanloo, on or liefnre the 1t day of OetoaaT
next. The Com niioiif t reaervc the riaM to
reject any or all Ula.
Btdorra will apeeifr aeiMnile the
id Brick, with or without the ue Of COOVSOt
labor in their r 1 on.
Pmpnaala stt '' inoSraed 'TropoaaJs tor
lbs aopply of Brak Car the Weatara Issawa .
aaylou) of North Carolina, and address to
Jona 24th. 2ws.
Tbs dtisans of Sali-bwrr Townahi
by notttwd that on Friday th law
11 o'clock, A. M, there will boa
ing at lh Con rt House for hr purpoae of
1m dcSaWaass to lb Cnanlv ConveotloO SB b
bela M Salatbarv on jbe Srd da of Joly, laTa,
to nominate candidate t tlir Suta Co I
tkaaal Coorenuoa. June 17th, 187S.
it jniy. as
wflsawEaawl aaunsVaW
Adixiiiiistrators Notice to
AU psrsaa bavtog claims a;inat the
of Dr. j. r. Howaion, deceaarci, are
notified to exhibit the aame to the nnrt
on or bessr tbe l lib daj of Jun. 187a.
awl poraoo indebted to aaid eatste ar
toaetti proas pile.
Black no rr 1 Henderaon, Attorney,
atelaaborw, N. C.
Jan 10. l875.-ws. pi.
a -
w .
an rsro Horse Warons ct.en for nth snrlr to
Jun 1st -A line.
-. j
Th ptwaslnra lia of Oaf SatkaVury
187?). nuw rcdy !or d ribuliQQ
be bad of Secretary It. r . Kngcea. Xss Jw
mitiiua f.flere-l i i I rartmel No. f aaaaff 1
Hall,; will be paid i.i to tf taUtwr PUSJ ;
ifde-irwH ii. F. RCrOEWC
T H " - --r fM tm, r i ...
Buat. - . . .an - .... - . . s m. ... . a . . as .

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