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We regard fotldcr. says Ihe Souih-
frjk Cultivator, ob most excellent food
for any kind of stock, milk cows in
cluded. Korthern dairymen consider
d "corn-fodder" made from sown
corn as one of the very best milk
w producing iced s tney can give their
cows. Most 'Southern farmers feed
, tooJittle fodder to milk cows, to reach
yerv accurate conclusions about it.
Apple Fritters. One pint of
sweet milk, six eggs, flour enough to
. -to form a stiff batter, piueh a of salt,
ilfalf a teaspoonful of saleratus, a tea
spoonful nf cream tartar j then slice
. some goodour apples rather thin and
mix fn the batter. Fry in hot lard,
browning hem nicely on both sides.
Saucea little cream and sugar
They are nice made of raisins orcur
l rants instead of apples. Delicious if
. ! piade of canned peaches, and the juice
"of the peaches Fell sweetened and
poured over them when served, for
IIo? Fattened Without Corn. J
- As I have made a jaaost successful
, expenment in fattening hogs this sca
on I feel it my duty, as well as my
pleasure, to -rive your readers the
jjeuefit of it. Early in April, I plant
ed an acre inmy extra early sweet
-potatoes, expressly to turn my hogs
on. I also planted two acres in chu
! P fks for the same purpose. The chufas
I plantedJu drills two feet apart,
v and about a foot apart in the drills;
they nearly covered the whole ground.
IPhe sweet potatoes were large enough
io eat on-the first of June, but I let
! ! hem grow on until the first ofAu-
' gust, wiicn the ground was litterally
1 full of them. , Then I turned on them
some forty hogs. After they had run
bri them some six Veeeks and began to
' -get full and lazy, I turned them on
the cbufas. I uevtr saw hogs improve
! j so as. As I had heard old -farmers
! say -bogs must have corn to harden
ihe flesh, I gave them about eight
bushels"; this is alLthe corn thahogs
-j jbave ever had. On tle 28th of Nor
vember J killed them, and J have the
finest meat that lever tasted. ! The
flesh is firm and has a sweetness that
j have never before tasted in pork,
-as fresh meat, it is moredesirable than
the teuderest turkey. The same land
that I had in tljese syeet potatoes
;and chufas would not iave brought
more than twenty bushels of corn in
all. I have lonjj contended that we
could not afford to raise corn on our
Joor, old sandy lands to feed stock,
nd when I can make such meat on
sweet potatoes and chufas, I would
;pot feed on corn -if I could make one
Jiundrcd bushels to the acre. Ciias.
JVI Peabody in Fani Jourtiaf.
Fruit Trees.
j, J find that lime, moo4 ashes and old
'ron put around the roots of declining
fruit trees, have a very beneficial ef
fect. These fertilizers restore the trees
to a healthy condition, and also great
Jy improve the fruit in quality and
Quantity. I made the application ear
' Jy last spring as an experiment on a
Wincsap and Never Fail; about half
p, bushel. of mixed lime and ashes to
each, and dug it iii with a hoe some
six feet around the trunk, and put the
pld iron immediately around the base
pf each.
: The trees put forth with renewed
ygor, bloomed abundantly, and yield
ed a good crop of fruit, An excel
lent wash for trees may be made thus:
leat au ouueeof salsodato redness in
fin iron pot, and dissolve it in one
ganon 01 water, ana while warm ap
ply it to the trunk. After one appli
cation tlie moss and old bark 1 will
drop off and the trunk will be quite
jjmoothf This wash has highly recu
lprative properties, making old trees
bear anew. j
v i 11 have i triqd soft soap as a wash
)iUl good results, and also a coating
, pf liuje in' the $pping seasoh, which is
tt fine specific for old trees. The ques
tion, is often asked if it is iljet to ma
nure trees in the fall or spring ? I
: lye found the summer season tobe a
good tinre;. have great faith in miilch
inS especial ly young trees, for sever
al seasons after they are planted. !Ap
pjercesjire said to liayo'two growths
"during f; thp season the secondary
gjrawth takes place after midsummer,
lience it is that a top-dressing of go(M
ppnure, and also coarse litter, facili
tates the late growth, and often nm-
duces very marked results iu the habit
" .: t .... .,. 1 r.i n ...
and fiirmntmn of the tree. ' 'r,Y
The ffood effect that hiulching has
to young trees is that it wards off the
intense Ticat of the sun from the, ten
tier roots, and also has a tendency to
hold moisture. A good top dressing
of stabje manure in the fall around
young trees with a good many corn
cobs cast over the surface of the soil
jjtyes satisfactory results. W. A. Lon
don, in Mural Messenger.
Sugared or Crystallized Pop
Corx. An exchange gives the follow
ing directions for preparing this Yan
kee bonbon: Put into an irou kettle
oue tablespoonful of butter, three ta
blespoonfals of
cupful of iwhite sugar; boil until ready
to candy j then throw iu three quarts
of corn, nicely pppjied ; stir lriskly
until the candy is evenly distributed
over the corn ; set the kettle from tne
fire, and stir until it is cookd'a little,
and you have each grain separate and
crystallized with the sugar. Care
should be taken not to have too hot a
fire, lest you scorch the corn wheu
crystallizing. Nuts of any kind pre
pared in this way are delicious.
. -1 Old BlamnierV Buttons.
i Old Blummer is tight-fisted. Sev
eral daysago he said to his wife, "Ma
ria, I want you to look over that
broadcloth vest of mine and put new
buttons on it, 'cause Fra going to a
card-party to-night."
; :But, Ely," answered Mrs. B., "I
havu't any buttons to match that vest,
and" I ' v ;
I "Thuuder!" broke in Blummer,
"the idea of a woman keeping house
as long as you have, an' pretendin' to
be out of buttons. By George J I be-
Jjeve you'll ask me for money to buy
'em with next."
That evening old Blummer hurried
through his supper and began array
ing himself for the card-party. Pres
ently he called for the broadcloth vest,
and Mrs. B., with marvelous prompt
itude, handed it to him. He took it,
hastily unfolded it, and then, as his
eyes took in its complete appearance,
he stood as one transfixed. It was a
six-button vest, and there were six
buttons on it, and the dazed optics of
Blummer (observed that the first, or
top one, was a tiny pearl shirt-button,
and that the next one was a brass army-overcoat
button, with U. S. gleam
ing upon it; and that number three
was an oxvdized silver affair, and that
number four was a horn button, evi
dently from tlie back of the Puritan
fathers' coats ; and then came a sus
pener button, and then, as the dazzled
eyes of old Blummer reached the bot
tom buttou a-poker chip, found in
Blunimer's pocket, with two holes
punced through it he gave a snort
that made the chandelier jingle.
There is, after all, a fine sense of hu
mor about Bluramerfc and he laughed
till 4 he cried. And there won't be
any button rnoney grudged 111 that
household hereafter.
A Robeson county negro died of
eatiug.too many half-cooked peas.'
WATERS' 'tagfSgra'
arc tlif moNi Itranliful
in M yjv orl--t in
lotio t'ver uiiitic.'l nej
h;i.vo t-t rclcbruied
Cuurbtto fttop lvbi U
Unman oU'c,ani Z
iM'tavetto'Uel' tuitr.l
t:i'"i ''4 perfect It rn: ny
with ihcrvi'i, li'tlkri:
t'fAi rflt-ct i tiis.slcal an t
mi-K clc irtfyin. WA-
iS3J??5 dim riHMi'iti ai.
COBIDICO rt.uiM l "i.J.l tr,
volnma of tuct suitable for PA.
ft ii flr t. fit
Superb Ilirror Top
Souvenir Organs
The' cases' of Uwm
beautiful O'rnns are
Ult'Il 1. VFI is: IED
it 80M1) llhACIi.'ip.
markab!o nliko for
nnrlfT of In . nnfl
or f?ASII or)iilr.. ll
tuenvi. WJU sell a better tnatrnmenC at a
m m . '"'y outer kOUKO I it. fi.
tmiuship and IMirability UtwarpiLwJ. YTar
ra:,a lor HIX VUA US. VII ICI-S Extreme.
Iy iJor tah. MentUJy InatRllnentS re.
erivcrt. A liberal disracuto Teache t,Miitert.
Owckrt &kwl i efc.AtSENTJ WANTED.
Special InliireBtrtit tthe Trale. Ill.wtrate.l
Dealers, 40 East 14tb Mreet, New York
! General Asenta for tbe State
$400 Pianos for - - - $125.00
$500 do - - - - -160 00
$600 do
$700 v do
"The very best only $80.
V Uf j
" Charlotte, X, C."
- the cenuins - j ; i--.. ;- gppy-.f TT) n,S;iyaafi.;"l.i;H,Eaac
liT PILLS, ! g ' 1 1 :
Hepatitis or Liver Compk
Symptoms of a Diseased Liver.
I)AIN in the right side, .under the
edge of the ribs, increases on pres
sure; sometimes the pain is in the left
side; He patient is rarely able to lie
on the left side ; sometimes the nairiiis
lelt under the shoulder blade, and
frequently extends to the top off
; u' 1 ; . . . .
snquiaer, anu is sometimes mistaken
Tor rheumatism m the arm. Tie
stomach is a fleeted with loss of ajpe
tite and sicV.ness; the bouels in ge
eral are costive, sometimes alternative
with lax; the head is troubled with
pain, accompanied with a dull, heaty
sensation in the back part. There is
generally a considerable loss of mem
ory, accompanied with a 'painful sen
sation of having left undone' some
thing which ought to have been donj?.
A slight, dry cough is sometimes 4n
. attendant.' The patient complains (jf,
weariness and debility; he is easijy
startled, his feet are cold or burning,
and he complains of a prickly sensa
tion of the skin; his spirits are lovf;
and although he is satisfied that exer
cise would be beneficial to him, ytt
he can scarcely summon up fortitude
enough to try it. In fact, he distrusts
every remedy. Several of the abov
symptoms attend the disease, but cass
have occurred where few of them ex
isted, yet examination of the bod)f,
after death, has shown the i.ivi:r tb
have been extensively deranged. j
Dr. ,C. McT.akk's Livkr Pills, in
cases of A(;;:k anu 1-Y.ver, whop,
taken with Quinine, are productive cif
the most happy results. No betttfr
cathartic can be used, preparatory tc,
or after taking Quinine. We would
advise all who are aAlictcd with this
disease to rive them a fair trial. I
For all bilious derangements, and as
a simple purgative, they are unequaleci
The genuine fir ' nover mi ;r.r roatetl.
Everv lxix .has a ri! v.-.-x sonl on the lid
with the i:njrcsio:i Jk. .Mc!..m:'s i.IVhk
TIjc '.-eniMie M I.ak's I.ivi x 1'it.i.s henjr
the signatures f C. Ml itul i'i.tMi.(;
, Ukos. . n the wrappers. j
Iiist u;.jn having the genuine Dr. (j.
McI.axk's I.ivkk 1'ii.i.s. prepaieil ly 1'lejnL
in;llros.,on,ittlur''h. I 'a., the market leln
ull f imitations of t lie name 2lfci,fllM?p
spellctl difiereiitlv'hu sann; ronuntiation.
Richmond, Indiana. -1
ijonntcd on Trucks or Frame of 6 810
12 14 and 25 Horgc Power.
"PEERLESS" Port Enpes
on frame of 4 and 6 Horse Power. These
engines have horizontal tubular boil
ers, made of No. J charcoal ham
mered iron inch thick and
of 50,000 bs. tensile strength.
They are the best small
engine iu the market,
FOR G, 8, 10 and 12 HOUSE POWEKSj
HORSE POWERS of all sizes
. . i
aw Mills.
. ..I i
FEED MILLS, &c, &c.
We offer special inducements to cash!
buyers, i
r Send for Catalogue and state what!
you vrisn to buy. ,.i ,
j Address, ROBINSON & Co.,
'14:- Riebmond; Iud.
fTTlPre Is !1 rlrr'tilap nf thlo ttono. r ' ..J
Harriware Store, SaUsbury, where information In re
wniwui cuurea may d oouuneu.
ii 11 iiiu in;
Thresmnfl; Machines
Hilt. . Sim IT U l ' 5 S
would call attention to their large and splendid
stock ol
Embracing' IRONS, and STEfcLS every Tartetr ot
sizes and shape best qualltj. .
Wagon and Baggy Materials,
comprLslng all the various kinds required Hprtngs,
axles, wneels, &c., ready to set up.
Telegraph$Straw Cutters,
all sizes, and unsurpassed in quality and durability
J Great American Lightning SAWS,
every kind and size, embracing MILL & CROSSCUT
j NAILS all sizes cut and wrought.
?The most popular and approved st vies Plow Cast
ings, all kinds, bolts, c IW1 So. 5 points for $1
Wl N DOW CLASS frorn 8 10 to 24 k Putty, oils.
Paints, Varnishes, Lightning Drier, &c.
I FAIRBANK SCALES Steelyards and Balances.
for Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Shoemakers, Farmers.
Champion Mowers and Reapers.
i Horse Rakes, Threshing Machines,
Horse-Powers, Pumps, t3OraIn Cradles,
! Grass Scythes, Planters Handled Hoes,
CUNS Pistols, Knives, and CUTLERY of all kinds,
f D"Our stock embraces e ervthlnur to he found in
a large and complete Hardware store, and all at low
prices for cash sA With thanks for oast favors we
hope to merit continued confidence and Increasing
patronage. March T, 1STS 20:ly
This importr.nt ori;:;n welrl'-s 1 tit rltont tlir -pounds,
r.iul liie biiJ i . a ii I. )i- :i a'.n tit
three g.-ilons; jnii cr. ti.runh it I - i once evtry
half hour, to ii .vu iho Li e .. .r. int; :iri:i--
straiuctl or fllttr-d fr tn it. h'.'s U H.e n:itr.r;tl
-f.' 1 I 1 i" .
Kipucsuuvcui i.: 2 Lu'.vtis. i i: : tc 4v r ix.. iii;N
jtorpid it is n t s.j r.ii-J dutn t'.w i !ot'l, 1 ul ..r
y I ricd throiigh t'.ia vciiti to ;.M ji. ris A tlio syst.r.i,
fz. and, i a trying to escape through t' . .: r .r-s u the
skin, c.uiscs it to tur;i ycl.ow nr a uily i.rown
color.' The stom tch b-jcomc .';t:c4. and l)ys-
peptis, ludigo'.i.'ii, ' stip:;tijn. I icavlaltc, Liii-
... . - t ... . . : : . t..t..:.t I.'. .. . t):l ...
TO aiclc and Soar Sii:i.i-h. atid I UJ i'tty lot-
A ! !OW. Jli'KK
L s H;.i AliN--
L J Idiscovciy ir i.jrpidi;v, tntiss t!i-.- I
vtr to Ihrou
olf liom one
to t .o o;ui
l.f lil- t:-.fh lint; t'.iff
IiIchkI pnesca through i;, rs I.
ns i- an c.v-
Cess L4 Li!c: and l'i3 tf. ct ifcv.-ii
upon yelio.v co.iipU.ija ct a I .row n t'i-iv U oUtttv
skin, Will ! nl! v::o tr. ii '..;; ;ti.
liist symptom to disip',)v;:r. J'iiC cur: i f ait
otts di.ier.scs and Livir cumpl."int i nia-'c ccrt.iiii
by taking H r. '"INC i t : ccordarc: vi iih I'iroctions.
Headache is guncntl ;.' ".:rjj i i: nv.-tiiy itii ititcs,
and no disease ih.'.t :.r:.-.ts iront tlie iivv.r t xi.-l
if a fair tria! i '
Piles 2q SIC'
ft- -mi
Hi htmMt U t
The fatnlit of Co::st'.mptin or Tl-.rrvat and
I.ting Distsses, which s-ccp to the grave at least
one-tliird of all da.w's vic;, nrtes frorn the
Opium or Mi r;;! tr-.-at:r.i.t, wliith simply slu
pefies as the vf ; k of dc.;:h f on. fio,--K will
be prft if Or:'"'a or Morphine, or any pr iaration
of CJt -111111, Murplti or Pruis:-.:e Acid, cn be fou::d
in tlie Gt-Oit i r'i atk C01..11 Svu; r, which ha
cured p- oplo v. ho nr; li vi:,- to-cL.y with but one
rem.1ini.14 It : f;reat.r w rong c.'m le done
than to s. y lli. t C ..siiii-iptii.n is ini:ur;o!c. Ths
GLor.B 1 tow: t "..i Svkf!vii:l cure it when
all titer means liavc f.i!cd.t A!- t 'o'iis. Cough,
Asthma, ilrouc', and sill of the t!u..U
and lunu. th to ;i:iio:ti..!-: nf the Hon.
Alexander H. :-f.phcns. tiov. Str.i;h and Lx-Oov.
Drjwn o '"-a., Hon. ti.o. l'et.!-ody, as well as
those of o:n--r rc!n:;rkn1.'c cure ill c .r Look free
o all at the c'.r .stores and be convinced th:.t if
you vi.-.h to be c.'.rcd you c.n be by taking the
Ci.ons Fi.ovi:k Cofoit
Tike no Troches or Ix7cngcs for Pore Throat,
when you can get Gt.or.ii Flower SvKtir at satae
price, ror saie Dy ail jjri'gista
g Price 25 Cents and $1.00
Graye mUj-kcs made i 1 the treatment of all
diseases th. t :.riso from pos.-i n in l!ic L'ooJ. Not
one case of Servii'u!a, J- p' ilis. White Swelling,
Ulcerous Sore and J-kiu I i ease, in a thousand,
i treated without the ti-.e of Mercury in some form.
Mercury rots the lxnes, and the discasts it pro
duces are worse than any o.her kiad of blood or
skin dis 'e :..n be.. D't. lVrntrr: ton's
gxa or Q vcn's Dui.h.iit is the only r.Ki.icine
upon mlii-.h a hope of recovery front icroiuia. Sy
philis and Mercurial disease in all stages, can be
reasonably founded, and that will cure t'inecr.
j;je.,oo i!I be pai-1 by the proprii-lors if Mercury,
or any ingredient not purely w-etatlc and harm
less c:m l-o found in it.
Price by i-.ll Drucrgisw Ji.oo.
Glout: Ki.ownn L'ot't;n Sykuj and Mfuffll's
Hr.r.vnNH fok thk Livtr for saie by all L'rug
gisu in S3 cent and $1.00 bottles.
A. P. MSEESLL & CO., Proprietors,
GEO, W. Y0PP, Propr.
(At Plyler's Old Stand.)
Are nneanalcd for the eur and prevention of
dlaoaaea lnHonet, Cattle, Koga, tb e e p. and f owia. '
i)AVIX XL OXJIiL Proo, Baltimore. Ud.
On and Off Slick as Grease !
URespectfally announces bis continuance at
hi old stand in his old line, oiy ilain Street,
opposite iinniss Drag Store. He is always
ready and anxious to accommodate customers
in his line in the best manner possible. lie is
prepared to do first class work and can com
pete with any northern Shop or Hand made
work, llis machines, last. c. are of the
latest ard best paterns. He works tbe very
best material and keeps on band ready made
work, and stock equal to any special order.
11 Repairing neatly and promptly done at rea
sonable prices. Satisfaction gnarantecd or Bo
coarse. -
Prices to Suit the Times.
Cash orders by mail promptly filled.
34.6mos. TV; M. EAGLE, i
' I ! o
3 sro o
O m 1
' o - jlj .
sww u
m 111 I f
4 r i
n i5 ' A i cz ! m
q ;h h
y -pn 1 1
to Cure!
or inonoy leluiuleU it duett ions are
strictly followed.
PRICE 25 CENTS, at i
2G:tf. EXXISS' Drug Storc.O
At Low Figures
Call on the midersigned at No. 2, Granite
Salisbury ,N. C, June S i.
reojdo K--tll'-' r.LHjUaiuttHl iiw.l tUutto who
aro 'iot ui.-lii t In willi tlio vonderful moritaof
tliatfc'mat A' riean llcmcily, tlio
Htistang Liniment,
This Hnliwnt very nat nral'.yorijrlnatetl In Ameri
ca, .-lierj Xaturi iirovuies i.i la-r Jalioratory such in i.-i i.ntidotes f.r the i;:al.u'.ics of licr cliil
iir: Il l:a.4 lk-Ki spreadins for Cj years
until ii...- i- ::t:ivk;i llic haUtablo cloitc.
Tlu r.I.'::::.-a:i ri:u :a::j Liniment a matclilesR
roiii .'ii f ' )i-:.".U :::iT::li:ilnioutsrir l.ian and beast
To . : r:: farmcra it 1 j lnvjiliir.blc.
A i':v ' 'ir-'. '3 rave? a human llfcorf
stor.-; l'. ; v.. rfu!r.?...t f an excellent LiirHe, ox
Co..-, r : "sr: v.
It l .:. ; fiiwl-r;;t, hoof ail. hollow horn, grub
rcrovr-v.-i: .".: : .oaMcr-rot, iiiantTt the Idtea fc:id
sil-.ij cf ; ' i reytaos r ail iascets, mid ever
soc'i urawlxic:: to s:oc'.c brccd!n atal lmsh life.
It cures every cxteru-l troitlil j cf horses such
as U:ncn:.t, r.cratchc.-., hv. luuy, sprains, founder,
wind su'.l, r.a j bo.: , etc., t'.c.
The 3Ie.-:cia "n. :r.:i,' I-lalaieut 13 the quickest
cure in tho world fr r.ccidcnts occurring in tha
family. In the absenco of a jdiyslcicn, htich as
turn3, scalds, sprains, cuts, etc., end for rheuma
tism, ar.d B'-lffncsr. cindered by exposure. Par
tlcalarly valaabla to ailner.
It li tho cheapest remcily in the world, for It
penetrates tho mnscle to the, 1one, and a single
.-pupation Is generally suCTcient to cure, j
Jleslcan JXastang Liniment Is put up In three
zes of Lotties the larger ones being proportion-
&j much the cheapesu Sold everywhere.
Subscribe for the Watchman only $2
U it l n t.i reprx-Mfd r.-t in rt'ny esppne, 1 pjHn f rript oharpes roth wnyn, Tliig wrt JiSykWlih?
Ii a r fii o:r r i i ut th very lwcf t flaruro thtt I positively will not deviate f ran thl prioc if 7
warranted far 6 year. I w auc this iuatt-u-;i ut mo frcnemlly introduced, htm a this unpliei,. JgLu'L
auuii iMtnln o .i fntnuf itarin?. i Order OMce, aa every 0;v ; wrn inti-tHMctiliua ntwlorliiA.,?
osiers, it l Mtmndlis lrcrt Iscme:: t. H.-ik-u I can thu siviyoa tH:?lnIM barenln by ttw JoSEf8'
. loatCJ .t. j l wl ia wc!l to aicf ,t taiifrr . at baroraiiu Over Scvt-uty 1 housed of Rratty' CcU?
PlaM and Orsnna arc now i i actu il usi tiirou::hoit tlie tvilix(l Kyi td, and 1 1 jik-i jrenny uacfoihSJSISf
dj.-Huti -vc jKv.ititiifac:;on. j K.-JJiow vcryl3rtTe.cou.-t-iinly inpremanst aXft ru:e. ThenSbZr'"
f .il lio.i ic in A::ierk-.i. W iro nnoltcUtV testimonial than any manufacturer. 1 have exti ndol niy xdt?rm
t ao entire woili Tie Sun aim nowuerc but It llsht laKtramenta. Eiliee my rwi ut lvturn fnTmr
t.-udod tour taromr-i t :..iU.n:;t ,t Karon. 1 a a moid i.?U;rmiit-d tlian ever, that no HtjF.ttrawwn
thnHirhu:t the culiiv cl v'llztal world tfiali lw u'ai-etjrewnted by niy celebrated instrumental Kew 1'laat aiS?
$135, tHi and uawarda. Beware f IinitaUons! i My tTent success hartrouiclit inf o existence hniHtrI?f l!?
;Kn4jlciuiit..U.r. i..rel Buy the ljst I But avoid tje iinoixili.-U and irrespoiinl houw-sr-itia2T
la tao vrry Until, u ul
Ut wnt o u yoii'i r, '."
n:id iiotliias can be ttaved in tai
r one ana m-ise J u Tr:-;:in
D.lNIIit. F. BE.1TTV)
Price from
IsrS tV
The Bsst Jiihiih
The 'NEV AMERICAN" i? easily learned, does not frt tr'jt o' cder and will 3a
more wck with ie.3 labor tha. :any othr machine. Illustrated Ci.oj'a' lum.s.iejj.on
application. ;-i ,
- J. S. D0VEY, Jlana-oK
MEROUEYS & ROGERS, Agents, Salisbury, N.C.
I do not hesitate to nav the American Machine surpasses all other machine?. Beside
ink all the work that oilier inacliinek can, it
from Swi Muslin to L5eaver cluiif. . 1 iiave
hnd the American is superior lo thein all.
I have used the Singer and other machines,
Meroney& Bro.. Asenls American Sewin?
SlKS: 1 have used the Howe, Singer, yiieeler ttVilson, Wilcox & Gibbs, Sewing Vh
chines, ami wouhl not give the American for;all of them. It will do all that is claimed forff
in the circular. I consider it superior to all others I have ever seen. ? f
Very respectfully, MRS. GEO, W. II ARRISOS. j
i . . j
Fee Sjmple Deeds, Deeds in Trust, Mortgage Deeds, Commissioners' Deeds,, Sberi
Deeds,, ('battle Mortgages, Farm Contracts, Marriage and Confirmation Certified
Distillers' Entries, and various other forms for sale at thcr !
Administrators, executors, commissioners,
call on us tor printed si
their property at pubh
ntiirpments or tlie law on th snlii'
often sacrificed from this cause when a
saved it and made it bring its value. Yc
Monthly Statement
CARDS, Posters, all kinds,
Reau ! Read ! ! R
EAD ! ! ! !
Try, and be convinced That it is much;
Cheaper, Better and morecoqvenieht louse,
''Barkley & Hasson's Enterprise Pure Roast
cd Coffee,"
. j
which thousands of families are riow uing ex-
clusively. Call on your Grocer, and try a!
package' of Barkley & Hasson's Enter-!
prise Boasted Coffee, where you swill get
satisfaction or your money refunded.
For sale by All Grocers, and Manufactured
2o.2m Baltimore Md.
To make Title to Land, and Laborer and j
Mecliauics- Licns,7br sale at this Office i
ior Gruj (wT.'f1
iyr.i,L.iiu!rt, j
ia.-tniiin.ut by-eorreniiondfnee. Ordt
n n.:i :iiitie rrcscui. . iu. is i
tnr r i-1 t-s , ,tr - 7
iWasIiinzton, New Jersey, u;' S. Am
prCH TO YOUR HE I CMC CHS. .43 il i
25 to 45.
Buy only the
I r is tub
vmy wew.ns i.lachino r
i .
' T.. v A t.. . . '
The S iirl xt, the Must Pur
a'jW, uiiJ ia L et y LeiCLt
( 1 N. ("i irle Stott. Hal tin
! -
over. - eamand wor! hutloii holes in any fabrie
u.-td tsingeris, lluwe and Weed Machine,
. (f
and would not exchange the Amerfc;fol
MRS. 11-.-N-. BKlMiU!..
i Sr lisbury, N. C, May 22d, 1872.
Machine : '
jslierifls, -eonstables, agents, &c, are adTiefl
j; i:- n-
itors, commissioners, slierins, constables, agents, xc, are sotiw
sale notices. I It is Certainly great injustice to vner-toDP
lie auction without- first giving ample notice of the sale. The: rt
v on the subject everv botlv knows are insufficient. Property
dollar or two spent in advertising might h"
furnish sale notices promptly anu cntap.
ASpecial Offer to the Headers
- this Paper.
$7.00 FOR 63 CENTS.
i s
The American Diamojid Wct,on-rMj-;
taining 30,(XX)words, orthography, pron.
ciatioft and deBnitions according to le.fla.
English and American Lexicographers,!"
trated with nearly 200 engravings;
the wants of the cholir and at theraaeUSV.
just wTmt a plain learned person
decidedlT Ihe best dictionary ever P""".
Contains' 700 double column pages. PD.
bound in cloth and gilt. Type dear anu n" .
some. Sent fre to any reader lM-JJJL
upon recept of 63eents, to pay actual P"T
and packing charges. This great offer w F
for thirty days only, and is made '.U.
purpose of introtluction. Bl,t i,?
nries will be sent to oue address. Thu f
but once. Order ov. Send silver, c0y
or 3 cent Ktag stamps. .Addre j, ;i.
National Book Oorupuny, HocUand, MjjJ,
Sheap Chattel Mortgages,;
his other blanks for sale her ji

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