North Carolina Newspapers

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FEBRUARY 2, 1882.
HO 16
(e Carolina Watchman,
' PRICE, $1.50 IN ADVANCE. 1
Tfie Two Workers
I ;5 H
, I ca U . CD -r
f '22 --Hi; :W
S . , t M-) 2
S Si -j - ; .
Two workers in one field j
Toiled on from day to day j
Both had the same hard labor, .
Both had the sanm small pay.
With the same blue" sky above, -
The same green earth below,
One heart was full of joy, !
The other full of woe. 1
One leaped up withtlrc ljghtv f -
With the soaiing bf the lark j
One felt it ever night, 4 j
For his soul was eTer dark. 2
One heart was bardas stone,' -
One heart was blftbe and gay,
One worked with many a. groan,
One whistled all .the day t i
One had a flower-clad cot j
Beside a merry mill ; :
-Wife and children at the sppt ; deawr sweeter stiU.
One a wretched hovel had, j
Full of discord dirt and din ;
Ko wonder he seeued.juad ; j
Wife aud children starved, within.
' : j -, ' ' 2-
Siill tlicy worked in the same field,
Toiled on from day to da ;
Both had the same hard labor,
Both had the same hard pay.
But they -worked not with one will
The. reason let ine tell :
Lo! the one drank at the still,
But the other at the well.
The Church and
A Census of Trees. v
A lay member of the Church of -Eng-t
land writes as follows : "Itls to the pul
pit I wish Ton speak. You, the ministers
of the Church established in this land,
' ' i. .1.1
lead your people to pray for unity, peace
I and concord among all natious; how is it
that you never exhort them to practice
for this desirable object, but often the
reverse 1 "For fifty jears II have been a
hearer of sermons from Church of Eng-
' land pulpits, and have never, except on
one solitary occassion, heard a word from
v May the Pres. ,SeU , its Tlients.
a intprntin' featnfo of the cdminff' .in ban .Jb ran Cisco, a juuiciai acci-
census report will be : a" catalogue '""of sion has just been, rencherecl whichis'
American forest trees. Prof. Sargent of . 0f interest j alike, to newspapers and
Harvard College who is the speqialagent tir reagry fhe case was that one
ting preliminary catalogues with blank , i r: .!. . - .
pages to be filled np with any raluable ; V 7 T J
information that those who are interested pitb having sold their influence and
ii trees may be able to give f The -cata support to the Centra . Pacific :RaiI.
lbgue containVa list of over three 1 road company j for; thirtjr. thousand
dred and forty, native American j trees d0narg. . : The I'accused owners sued
with desenpuons ot tbooa ana, eco - e ruIes that
uomic uses. : Our forests are rich in val- . f? 1 ' jv , i . j ; 2
uable as well ar beautiful tiees, and seme y are noi cnuueu to .any ; mat, as this s needed. They have wnetner tne charge were true or; lalso,
been too much neglect tl, and have suf
fered in consequence. 1 2 I 1 c i
-Better and more widespread know ledge
of the forest trees of this fcounEry "would
have saved seven millions ; of djollars
worth of black walnut and other precious
wood which have been: recklessly destroy
ed because their real value was not known.
Vith. too many persons a tree is ojily a
tree, and the distinction of species s dis
regarded. Comparatively few in the for
est districts understand the best uses' of
the trees they live among. This j ignor
ance is directly injurious to the national
prosperity Even in the long settled re
gions of the Eastern states farmers often
chop down for firewood, bak.a, pines rind
Hickories, when less val uable trees grow
ing on the same land would i answer the
purpose just as well.
iny pulpit'agaiust the practice f of war,
and I find this to be the j experience i of
others ; you preach against all kinds of
evil, except the mousterjevil of war,
against which yon have Hot a word ; to
say: one act of which violates all the
TS TOMBS, ! comniandnieuts of the Decalogue, and as
1 read it, all the teachings of the New!
Military tactics havC long taught that
the soldier has but one dirty to perform
and that is lo obey orders. The soldier
is not supposed to have any idea of mor
al right or wrong. It is enough for him
to know that his superiors in authority
have ordered him to do this or that ; but
a newspaper, having: ai right to make
sale of its talents, the same as a law
yer, caunot Lef dainagediijP.a state
ment that it has done so. The court
is reported thus:
"Talent is as much the .capital of
the advocate, the lawyer and the edi
tor, as merchandise is of the merchant;
he has as. much right to (sell his tal-
ents as the merchant his merchandise.
1 j 1 i j
The lawyer, the minister, the .parlia
mentary advocate, the
author; sells his talent;
the less respected for so
greater liis learning
queijce, aiid the esteem i
held, the greater his pecuniary com
pensation.1 It seems tofme that it is
no more libelous to accuse oue of sel
liug for gain the support and advoca
cy of his newspaper, than it would
lecturer, the
and he is not
doing. The
ndustry, elo
n which he is
Jnam1M'.rtt. T Ll.- T v. WB iUtl
- ? a Agncultnral College, gives a local
The "Moses Malioues."
The Science of. Wood Decay.
F , n journal, the Ames Intelligencer, en
laving finally ; been made to see that r " ; , .
A 6i - HX?i" tertaimng account of the philosophy
hat party was not Jikelj to ever call nf t:mhpP . :
iipon . either of them to fill an office
within its gift, liave concluded to try
"If we carefully examine' anjrrde-
4f,AT1t. l: Tk--; 1 we nuu a iotoi Willie
LJf t aVuI J! s.-VtJiy 2: ix i. t threads look
Faets for the Carious.,
l-A. good climber can ascend "only
9,000 feet in nine hours ; that is, raise)
his own weight 1,000 feet an hour.
;A million of dollars in our gold! &
coin veigh 3,685.71 pounds ayoirdu
ppis, and one million standard silver
j dollars in our silver coin weight 58,- :
insr like a mass ofvSDideri8-5' pounds. , : vD
ition to sell out what little plunder W hread i, a string of road from tbe top of ono mountain to 2: ::
they had In the way of political pnn- Lj .l' - . . - , f r , 2 . vl-,:..;!';- "
. , - v-f . - t inu inese are seen to De true plant
ciples for a jcliance at an office apiece. n - , , , A - ,t,.
r rA . t! - !: r, i'koelU, pf a. degraded type. These
gain his merchandise."!
This, doubtless, is good law.
beyond this he lias no right to, inquire J newspaper is private property, and
He has no more to do with ; the question ,as the legal right to sell its voice.
of right or wrong than the gun wlych he kU the same time, such' is the public
iiituuica ui i lie iuii iiii.ii no Bcnvia uii lis i . , . r 1 i i i i
i rri -v 1.1 estimation ot a journal which is known
But if this is true, how can a man surren-
to make merchandise o)
its views, that
ljust ruled on
der his manhood, his right to judge of a charge of the sort
the right or wrong of his actiousj espe- would, if credited, do a substantial
cially when his own life is at stake, and
the lives of his fellow-man, without being
Testament. If peace be so desirabtej in m f , , u , ve aQ mu
ii. .1 .1 .. 1 . t t r ' 19 ,
the reading desk, why is it excluded from
! the pulpit T If the embassadors of the
arbleonitments and Grave-Stones of Prince of Peacein all lauds and all de-
1 Evsry Description i j uominations would, in the, pulpit, in Cop-
J ... . ! ' . . V .:- ! retort 0 a 111 nffii'nnA A n rl k ni W a n
1 1 cordially invito the public -generally - 111 "",re,,luvii " V08
toan ii&pt'ctibn of my Stock and Vrk. nuike peace part of their teaching, it
Xftcl jifstiiu?il in asserting' that my past ; would be attained the sooner. Surely
cxpenencp niMigr nrst-crass worumen i" this is not too much to expect, if peace 5s
their Master's cause. But while -f they
give au account, to his Creator for the
ueeu uone wane in tue oouy, aim no
king, or president, or genera', or colonel,
or captain, or whatever his title may be
can stand between the com in 011 soldier
11 A i2 CI rwl rtrt f li n rrfno f tl rss iV i f I
.I j ..fx ii; cd on the side of the public interests!
iv h 111 fjiu i -ii 11 11 11111. k iif iv iii!ir 11 1 in w. 1
be, and in a qualified sjenseis acccept
ed as being, an advocate always retain
hi 1 lllt vat il
ance God may make for those who are
brought up iu iguorance and taught from
vnd modem styles, and '
tlififr. thh wnlL-j'iiiiiisliin is i'nualto anv of
tli3 iH-st .111 ti.e counrry. 1 uo not m . uul,uu .u.uuu infanCv that men ought to kill each oUier
, "' l l,,c t i the b idd insr f kiiiira and wnmk
4ni reasonable, will not exnggeruie ju m-- rv callinir. it will come laterr-. ' H I . . .?.-. 0 . 7
w kiow tunc a ieartul responsibility
(o nleiilo and crive each customer tho.val-
ae of etery dollar they leave with me. ni
PRICES 35 to 50 Per Cent CHEAPEE ' iho partial, ultimately, it is hoped, : the
I thauiever offered in this town beibre. 'entire uprooting of the present barbarous
Vail 411 I'lltu ui rTliu iui iii.h-o now aim uv- . lucillUU Ul SCtlllllU III Ul3 II UUSUUUS.WIIICIl
signs, fcatisfaction guaraut a or uo cuacge, wiU arise between nations as between in
uiviuuaus. as yet most or tne ministers
of the gospel of alF denominations with
hold their help and countenance. Surely
Here shall the Press the People's right
Unawed by influence, and un bribed by gain,'
and these are seen to be true plant An ancient' and remarkaile clock " '
bake in interesting and profitable to ' 6 "2 f V naS l-V ?een sct agoing Jri the
took at thenv d r Vresp
record, -i V - , 4 ue 9afu inac P,anis are g11 WIM,e It was constructed in 1782, and asin.
Capt. Price was a member of the "l686 ar whlt? Il is true tha most ge winding keeps it runhinglfrteetf
Legislature of 1876-77 and through V1 Kreen- 411 ll?at Saiu thiir months and some odd days. " i
k'split between the friends of Messrs. !velhood in an honest way, by work- -j. ' --, ; ,,, ' : .vC:j
Staples, of Guilford, and Richardson, ,n& for ,,f are green in color, but I The occupation of . dressmaking is j
of Columbus, was elected Speaker of among plants, as among men, there are by nomeans so innocuous as is gen-r --
ih HnSp. s;ntW t;mphAhd dishonest ones, thieves and robbers of erally supposed. A dressmaker just '
no idea that was not associated with a lI?,dead who Uar; arjes of admitted into; the Leeds dispensary
seat in Congress. Preposterous as the wlCKeooess uPon "r ooaies. it is a , England, was found to have a dis-
L i ' . - . ' . I fjipfc that nil tbneo i1nnta tliat liva ni I . M.. l: .-'i.: : .f..
idea is, he has nursed it until it has 7 " " v - "I",-Pfuw -1UC "uc wu Mt Bu,ua h
become a passion. Timber, however, r -- - ......wu, ..uu OUwi m ui
is not scarce in this district as to or ?ead' are of a wh,to or PIe color, red tongue, inflamation of the lips,
have ever caused the Democratic eye r"""4 "r. , U Pl'earau ana general acomty-ail signs ioint-,
to roll in the direction of the expec- ww " ,s a ,aw OI l"e worm luai W t0 l,ie Probability ot poisoning by
tant face of Charlie Price. Once he thing, whether plant or animal, lead. The doctor in itlendance on
was heard to remark that he would . , ","JOC111 '"r"! "ves ner Ior sometime laueu to.uiscover
rail in.t!ie dirt from Stateaville to Tay- wlthout work, which lives at the ex- the source, and was beginning to
blue line had been caused -
other yay, when he accident-"
because of its bad habits becomes de- lv learned from a merchant that I
graded. There are no exceptions to 1 Bilken thread, being sold j by weight
this rule. The man who lives at the not by length, is sometimes adul-.
expense of others is made by the same terated with sujrar of lead He then
iron law as the louse and the mite questioned the patient, and she in
which prey upon animals, or the fun- formed him that it had beeuja com
gus wliich steals its food from the mon practice with her, when at work,
body of some higher plant, and the to hold silk, as well ai jothtr kinds '
certain degredation of the latter is no of thread, in her mouth, and that she
more inevitable than that of the for- had done this more readily flith silk, ; .
mer. Now all this applies to our inasmuch as it often had! a sweetly -
white threads in rotten wood. They taste. This characteristic is a sure in- j f-
are low plants which absorb their dication of the presehec-of lead, and g
nourishment from the wood. This all thread posseting it should eithfr j ' "
habit has doubtless brought upon be rejected or used with caution. It it ;
them much of degraded structure, de- wiU be found that the silk thread of i
priving them of the appearauce of u,e best makers is tasteless, whereas I f ;
P'anta I seme inferior threads are sweet.
"Let it be understood then that the
essential part of the difficulty in the The testimony before the. Coroner's
cy ot ins newspaper, than it would , . ' pense of some other, which is in fact think the
be to accuse the merchant of selling for fwaville (and this wan upgrade, too.) lm
,ain hi. merehandii & to Congress, but his preten- l ?e
sions have. never even called for ridi
cule. Whenever they have been heard
of the voters have rather smiled ap
proval of his ambition, even as the
parent beams on the small boy who
says he wants to grow up to be a big
man like Gearge Washington. Char
les, however, was in serious, earnest,
d. ,i i i i uub iiuut; uciciicu uiiuiiy luuue ins
amnge to the newspaper accused. r. , .. , . .
iieart xu uis uesueruuou lie
Thfr is. in fart. n. nrinoiidfi at tlin
7 ' l 1 ! ii i.t i.. I
t ii ,rl - 1 1 . 1 . iuuu"ui wi vwc iauv iviiiv.ii mixua in
bottom ot the whole thins: not recojr-i - . .. ..
a i i r it ' i.i J all deserter, divides the " swag with
nixed hv thft (.'llilorni.i rrmrt nn(l tlns I r :
t .i . .i j r .j them and seats them in chief places
is simnlv that thr nrpss urofrssps to 1 . -X. r
of iesif'Ct which we pay to the memory
of deplu tcll fiienuls. '
Salisbury, N. C, Kov. 1, Ibdl.
rests Rnniewhere. and Hnil will know
" w where to place it, whether we do or not.
Messenger of Peace.
' . ,
i ' j
Ail Efficient Young Woman.
at its council board, and so he has
taken up his little baggage and gone
over. After his defeat for Congress
next summer he will likely be ap
pointed a store-keeper.
William Johnston! "Sweet Wil-
declared-Judge Story in the famous wmi j Ah , h n ,
mono oi ins oaiem iveg.sier, aim maJe secession speeches in which you
when he' put the declaration in verse nrnm-to wina nn with vonr no,w.
f -i- i j k
he did but formulate what had been
asseverated in prose of less compact
ness and smoothness by uewspapered-
et-hankerchief all of the blood that
would be spilled in the war between
the Stales. Instead of wiping up blood
case of rotting wood is a plaut which inquest on the Spuytin-Duyvil rail- j
grows and thrives by taking nourish road disaster shows that it was the
ment from the wood. This plant pro4 result of a drunken frolic among
duces little spores (which answer tol members of the Legislature and tfieir ;
seeds), countless millions of them, aniji cronies who ride, up and down jthe
that wherever one of tlicm falls a new railroads on free passes, and were
W. N. C. Railroad.
Blaciner. aiif Heniersoii,
Attomevsi Counselors
? -
Culpepper, Fa., Correapoiuient Bait. Sun. 1
One day last week Airs. Douglass
the object is one that should commend Vass, a bride of two weeks, by her
itselt to your approval. i coolness and courage, saved the life
Encouraging fruit has appeared,! inter- nrnuhl, nf I,.bnd A l.c-lf Western North Carolina Railroad Governor in 18G2 and was buried out
- ; J I .
as well as their team. The iains and
lL . . i . .. i . I
uors ever since me press occran 10 , ...... 4 ,u mMm
j . w uuwctci, juu niuw in mc iwi wu i . . ,, i . . ., ..... .
lin.lV ni.IT Cl. ... 11. . nO.I1 C'1nin3 nrillliriir I11V 1 .1 Klllllll i.ii i.wii
, .i iiiuiiii mar' ihiii iii. aiivciv ouuie9 i vvuhhi, w v.. -, v
fmn. lha flnni. rt I 1 01 1 ,1.
11 W 11 1 1.11b IIVUI W I .
have a definite existence.
wiped up molasses
Jeff. Davis's commissary department.
The people have heard of this deceas-
T!ip Chntfnnnna-n Tim?s snvsi The ed person, lie ran against Vance tor;
and Solicitors
Janany22 1879 tt. y
; : Salisbury, N. C. "
:.. tSOflic o i Count; i.l Sljct l, oppopite the ,
Court Iloustf. I " o7:Giu
national disputes have been settled with
out sheddin? the t blood of thousands of
innocent men, who had ilo iuteresUu the snows of the last few days have made
ofttiiues trivial, quarrel, f Then, look at many of the river and creek fords ve-
the different results follpwing from; the ry dangerous crossings. Mr. "Vsass
two systems. Franco and Germany and his wifo, who was a Miss James,
, J" : , :3 ZrSLfS ZZjJJ: C ere attempting ; to cross
nirland and America ouarreLd n.l VvA Rappahannock at Beverly's ford running- fprty miles . further west,
bitrated, leaving a legacy of mutual lote in w two-horse wagon, and when near through the celebrated Warm Springs,
anu goou-wiii. u, will you longer with- the middle ot the river they were o a connection witn tne n.ast lennes-
hold your valuable help ! Let it not be washed by the current from the ford see Road at Morristowri. The Pi-
. . i ... i i . i f ! I ; I !-;--!. i . . .:: ! '
has now a force of betVeen two and
i i
three thousand men working on tlieir
Pigeon' River division. This road.
W : . . . I
was recently completed to Ashevillie,
an old town in Westeni North Caro
lina, and has the Wolf Creek branch
of sight. ' He next turns up as presi
dent of the Charlotte, ColumbiA &
Augusta Railroad, but resigned when
advised that his resignation would be
accepted. Then as president of the
Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio Railroad
and was turned out. He ran for the
presidency of the Chester & Lenoir
Narrow Gauge Railroad aud was
beat. In 1875 he ran for mayor of
will n;ot grow upin tarry wood, they I or three days for which the Legisla
do not like whitewashed wood, and ture had adjourned. In their stupidi- r
creosote, blue vitrol, copperas and ty they meddled with the machinery,; j
many other substances are sure death compelling the stoppage of .the train.,"
t. them. It we bear these things in iNine lives ana a large amount oi i
mind we can readily plan pricticable itoperty were thus sacrificed j to the ,
ways of heading offthese troublesome detestable habit of drinking. Among:
little wceils (fir buch they may be the dead the fate of the bride and
called). All it require is to paint bridegroom of a day was specially 2 ?
over, or soak the timber in some ma- sad. She might have been saved
terial which will kill or iniure the but that she clunsr to her husband '
Z B.
I W. H-.Tailey.
said, as has been said of some other and down the dangerous stream. The eon River division being built alonT I Charlotte and was elected. In the
inovcmeuts-thf anti-s aveiy, to wit- nr ,i aA f Knf. nd ihn Frpnoh Rrnnd rivpm.l summer of that year he ran for the
.1 . . I 1 il a-. . . a -ml UUU UllllO UCI.U1U1U1: UUIUSLCUCU. LliCV 1 - " - - I . .- . ,i
iuat me ciergy reiusea ip put tueir nana .. . . ' ' . , j. , M ., ., A:. , Al u :.,i;,1nt,;AnV.m1 wkA!.
I to the plow, but came id when L the jhaV- were 111 a perilous situation, and the s uesigneu 10 oe extenueu uiroug.. .i--u.,......v........,
vcl- T..11 ll.J . . 1 .. il... a. ij. i. I inllimnn lncinn l..o nf I RmnL'P AT fill tltl .! t ft !i WPStPFt. I and 1878 ran for mayor and was beat.
l ll ipCillCU. 1CI1 Lilt UCUU1B L11ML. II, IS I HCU blCUItllla 1 WC1 IJ LI ItlO UIC3CULC Ul I .- " . . ... -. . ...
righteousness, aud not Jig guns, that ex- mind, endeavored to leap into the riv- outlet at Cleveland, Tennessee, throM In the summer of that year he ran
.Ii. il. lr.-li;. i. I I -. . :lo .1! 1 Z 1 : .1
-Practice .in. Snnmucrciiri k.f lite United i UKlu il uiiuues oi gopa ei. s ,e lsUx 0Q i,,s overcoat, he Murphy, JN; C, and the Janmus cop- ior me congressional uuhuuuihm. uu
&tcui.rviu:CoHri of-2?irll Carolina, Christian people only need their atten-1 hnt.a .. nU' .... ..i. i.L.. ntv m;p t: nnr,1cinrn.L The -road was beat: in 1880 he ran for it again
1 cuvirt. y v ' iiiAMtuuu, mn arnu'U TO t 16 6U lieCt tO hernnift flia- I . " . I . - I 1 . T t . JA f
C-War .UnSonGaMon, How)., and David- . , , Td" j. . f- IT drowned, but the lady caught him will be noted for the grandeur of its ana was ; ueai, anu lasi year ran ir
... 1 . 1 -i . ti m ml n.wi ... 1 . 1 n . . . I o rn ir I tui ri riii i'l I itifiriii i.fvv I . j A. unui u m .. v. ww..
.1 11.1 V.11V. Iiui 1 v. uul n 1111 1 l.v, Ul IJVl i.www..v- o ..-w - v . . v . . 1 w
dunce uarei 33:tf surely a solemn mockery
unless we use
the mean a in our hands to nromuta iwii. I o-niilpd flip Imrspa in n nninf nnnr fliolpr. beinf as fine as anv on the Am cr
eek In ntnrnwn town f5 Outfit f iw. . . -i ' . r- b-.- rr-. . ",P - T " ' . .!
risicx Everything new.! capital oipt re- l nmK wnac a mouniaiu 01 wickedness is shore where the waon huricr nn .
i ' o ?o r.
quiretnr.- c irm nirmsa you eTeryunnK. jm any are nvnirf,4i oren ftn nri?ntfiniliinn.M
maklnif fdrttrnta. Ladles make as muc h as men. m01VCU 111 CVU one unjuscanuunneces-
anq Doya ana gtris make great pay,
am a ousiuess at wuieu you
all tue Uine you work,! vnlte forjartlculars to
. (G) 1 1 ' U- UAU.Kit & Co., Portland, Mol
3ia : rtoiiie w. r. co.
Pate No. 20, !8i
Lt KichmoBd
xv: Belle foteU
s hv Butkevflle.
I Ar N. Danville
J Ar. DanVlUe
I Ar. Greensboro
I LT. r.-K ; - i,
f. Ar Silllsiinr
Lt. ,- 1-. I
Ar. A-L' Junction
Ar. Cbarlette
9 10 44
15 "
10 49 "
10 54
12 IS a.m
iean continent; will prove a valuable
rn.,-. imu(mn An !., Kxm I..,. .. .1 I nniiiinnlinn rf (ho Pinmnnnh SnntliPril
oaV. Header. If ion - .1 1 a-.v.i, v.. viuMhuu uu ;wwi.... w. .
STJlDTP I y ri ... ri s.i.l- iJ- J . lookiiiff after the horses, she leaned and be a line of considerable impor-
11 IS UllCU llll iULUUlSIIIUT Lll I II LT LO Illf' I ; o t i. I
into the stream, swam ashorandTvent I tance lo Chattanooga. It will traverse
the arronv of. death nakincr. can snekk a rrille to Mr. Cunningham's, the I a fine timbered country, rich with
and act in the callousioftenglorjfying est house for assistance, which iu an many varieties of minerals
iu.uiier.iuey uo, nen janion uejun or Qr t wag procureil 4and the
rn... i i ,i ! half drowned and frozeu man, with
lutiu iuuy . ue stveeiness, loveliness, I 1 . ' i '
sacrcdness, in the face of death, When s ieam were fescueu.
the hed is snrrounded by loving relatives
NO. 50
No. 52
10 35a.m.: 11 25 PM
i2 59p.m t " as a k rai,d flie"1 hut death on the battlefield
knows nothing of these.'
14 40 . - 8 Ul
A?,0 " ' ! T 00 "
4 5S " i 7T
5 00 ' M J 9
6 60 ij 83 -
7 i5 " ! 9 30
9 00 1114 "
9 08 " jj 1115
10 85 " Ji 12 41 D.m
12;25 a.ui; ,10 45 ) I 12 50
Date Xot. 20,81 S Ko. 55 1 :No. Rl No. 53
- f 4, Dally 1 Daily DaUy
I ur..curl0te r IS 10 A Hj-j 40 AM 5 45 P M
p Lt A. Li JaneUon j,3 19 " 1 4 47 1 :5 il P M
1 AriGreensborft
Ly 2-'-., j.
Ar Danville .
Lt - ...... .-. ':,
6 80 I"
la it "
Ar NdrtU Danville i : 3
Ar Burkerille . : 2 k i m
.Lt. l'-.iUTTT- .ii
Ar lU5 umml T 4 '
i S 41 "
W55 "
7 24 Y M
7 27 PM
I 9 15 P M
S 35 P M
I t 29 P M
:11 31 P M
I 111 35 P M
6 01 A M
. : 5 06AM
i 7 4A M
w A M
popular favorite, he is the enly origi
nal. All others arc base imitations.
As a store-keeper, he will be a bril-
J At
liant success. He has talents (and
tastes) which .will enable him to
adorn that station.
This man is cursed with an insane
preed of office. It has been the mor-
There on every
countenance hangs the distortion of rage,
every hand wields a murderous weapon
to slay his hrother, and, anon, the' j field
is strewn with lacerated and mangled
men. If you should think that arbitra
tion would bo a; better way ofsettling
international quarrels, and thus pnt . an
end to this devilish carnage, 'Com
and ihfclp us "Ilerald of Peace. 4
It is worth remembering that nobody en
joys'the nicest surr&undihgs if in bad health.
There are inserable people about . to-day
Kvith one foot in the graVe, when a bottle of
Parker s uiucr 1 omc would do themimore
iniAl than all the doctors and medicines
There is a bill before Congress to
pension Mrs. Garfield, Some tilings
can be carried a little too far, and
bad precedents set. ; The government
foots the doctor, bills, gives her the
year's salary 50,000 of her husband,
besides a fund of nearly 500,000
has been raised for her by the people
of the United States. 1 In monarchal
governments it is a custom. to pension
members of the royal family, but such
Credulous persons who imagine tification of his friends and the sport
that the Mormons are going to be of his enemies. With each new anu
suddenly exterminated because num- linsifccessful venture he has lowered
nrona hills havft"' hpon" introduced in himself in the rpsnect of his fellow-
Cn ncrrpsa to pxterminate them, are citizens'- He has run and run until
n - , . -
probably: doomed to disappointniejit.
In view of the faet that existing laws
are not enforced, no new law likely
to be enacted! will strike terror to the
Mormon heart. Cm. Times-Star.
. Our tcrtvn authopities have ; passed
sin ordinance compelling every person
within the corporate limits to be vac
cinated. Those unabledt to pay far
a custom should not find a foot hold Mmfx w:il be vaccinated I at the
expense. of i the town. The xenalty
here. 11 'inston Sentinel.
It is wrongj and ought not to be f0r not complying, with the same is
he has run clear out. The Durham
Tobacco Plant puts it very aptly and
very strongly wheu it says of him
that he "is chiefly remarkable for the
untiring persistency with which he
runs for office, and the unfailing uni
formity with which he is defeated."
Price and Johnston ! These are-.tlie
men who are to disrupt the party of
Vancay Ransoni, Jarvis, Worth, Saun
ders, Davis, Scales, Reid, Robbins
and Armfield. Jury. look. upon them !
Do you like them? Statesville Land-
. i
spores or prevent their growing.'
who Avas wedged in by the broken
pieces of the car, and s0onthe flames
came to claim them as victims.
li "
History is philosophy teaching bv
Avninivls Wlinn tia noAi 1. 1
nnrnint hv luxnrv. urofliVacv and ex- Prof. Edward S. Morse, of Salem i
-I J " O " 1.. . :. . . !
travagance they loose those sterling xMassacliusetts, at present curator oi
virtues of probity and moral worth the-Museum,ias invented a device ;
and that high estimation of tlieir for heating houses by the sun, thatfy ,
rights and liberty which are essential whn luminary is above the ho-
to their capacity jte maintain their rizon and shining. It is a blackened,
freedom. Moral training, a high slate surface under glass, fixed to the -
sense of the public faith and honor, sunny side of a house, with , vents in
and the iutegrity of their institutions the walls for the cold air of the room
are essential to qualify a people for to at the bottom of the slaTe, ,
a free government. When they be- and to be forced in again at the top. by
come corrupt and their elections can the ascending heated column between-
i ..... . . 1 1 1 ' d . :
be carrietl bv money and fraud, when "e slate ana tne glass, wut-uoorair
iu his cottage.
voters can be bought at the elections can also be admitted, if desired;! Prof.
like sheep iu the shambles, the. capac- rse neats ins siuay
itv for free covernment is cone. But a oa,era ltt way.
0 O -
we do not deSpair of the capacity of
our people to perpetuate their liberties
in this great country, and before our
institutions can be overthrown there
will be such manly and desperate
struggles as the world has never wit
nessed before. American Register
.A slander case was tried in Brook
lyn on Friday between Mrs. Matilda
A passenger train on the ; Virginia',
Midland railroad ran into a lantj slide
last Sunday, night j near Fabcr's
mill, killing the engineer, John Mi
ton .of Alexandria, and badly wound
ing the fireman, and doing considera
ble damage to the engine, Th'e. pas
sengers all escaped unhurt.- - :k '
The Richmond
& Danville Rail- J
Duff and Mrs. Katriua Ganzi. Ver- road company aresiirveying a route-
diet of $2,000 in favor of Mrs. Duff, fora road from High Point to Rau-
well, what of that?! you will ask. d leman's Factory via Tri ni ty Col lege.
Why this : that two ! witnesses testi- Winston Sentinel ' 51
fied, yet the trial occupied but nine . . . - r. .
. 3 . . . . . , -L Virginia has 172 tobacco fabtunca aud
minulesllhis is just about as long-as North Cal.oUna- Uai jrgiHiajfnRCa
it ought to have taken to try Gui- 86,000,00U poundn of leaf and XortlrCaro
; i2
they have ever tried. See adv.
Ocl3 Novl3, .;
?)en. Pas. Age it,
mcamoiKj, a,
I five dollars. IFtnsfon Sentinel.)
teau, 'linaover 7)00,000. '
12!!',.: J

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