North Carolina Newspapers

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Carolina Watchman.
tuOksOay, fei&iuarv in,
High watera in Virginia have stopped
ume tf the mills and factories about IV-.tersbujj-g.
. - -
A telegram to the, Xetcs-Obscrrer .say a
that Jddse Say moor lurs beep nominated
.to ! tbi vacant seat of the late Judge
Ji rooks.' . ' . 1
.i . y : .
crease of in expense T c do not , GnfcAT IUxl Sale ix Texas. fhien-
Staid therai.ny treather continue are, " , 'V' . nU , n" 12. J tbr"7 A ,"'",enso K
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bnt that srocd for nothmsr. The American rruv nv "v
iv keencrs was pay lor me erection of a new state honse
Jikeiv to la na important llieiiio tvitii
those wlin d( tempt ro travel then, And
in vicvf theif preseni deplorable, sou
ditit;ii we trnst it may liot be whoUjiidL
I The Mississippi Honse Um passed a bill
";to prevent the sale of tobacco to minors
j vritboat the consent of parent or gaardian
' A lirge part ofi Bald Mountain, N. C.t
baa slid off intothe rallej below a piece
half a- roile in width. Jt startled the na-tirea-'by
the thundering crash. ;
), AD oruiuiirjr uaj b uusmito vu
In Cliicago is the salo of abont?i 0,000,000
bashls of grain. GnSnfnrday the sales
amounted to nearly y0,00,),000 bethels.
'! - j rr- , !
Gen. Gordon, who resigned his seat in
the -U. S. Senate, and afterward wcut in
to railroading, it is said has- since made a
quarter of a million of dollars by his
Yen tares. .
"'' John W. GuiteauJs quoted as saying
thaf the assassin has about made up his
mind thartho people want htm hanged,
and that there is no hone for him. He
f Jliasjlet goof the pardon strawjnnd thinks
j HT Scoville will give up irr despair of obtain
1 !. iuga new trial. . , a" -
i -1 Mr. JCH. Bonbright, ora young ' gen
tleman bearing this name, watj committed
at Charlotte i yesterday, on the ebargcLof
forgery. He was passing in the capacity
of 4 commercial traveler, arstl foi-ged the
nathe of a Charlotte merchant on which
f he Jlrew tliemoner ' j
1. ':.
, . A new mineral from Scran tonrpc., has
' ben given the name of phytoeallite. It
wa$ found near the bottom 'of a bog; is
j in eliy form, soon hardens on? being ex
; posed, burns with a flame, and, breaks
! likfe coal.; It is belieyed-this discovery
; illlstrates the first ' step in the transfor-
i motion of peat into coal.
j'l rt. - -'. - 1
to talk of their improvement. We havo
frequently heard persona wjio, daring the
war, travelled over fife Macadamized roa
to the salt works in Virginia, speak in
clowins terms of that work, and wo were
tirorniftMl bv flicEr renresentatious to
Write to the Postmaster at WythvilIe,7Va.
requesting hini toTTnnd onrletter to some
one capable of giving the lnlorjnatioa de
sired in respect to the .cost of the road
the annual repairs,; &ci and have receir
ed the n'.thjoin'd letter, which will be fund
of interest: -i i i
WrxuKviiLE, VaI, Feb. 10. 182.
.7. J. firuner, Esq.: I i
Dear Sir Your postal of the 3rd in at.
has been Landed to me by the Postmaster
ei this place for reply. M J
The cost of the Macadamized road,
passing irooi vames liiver, at isucuanan,
through this town to Seven Mile Ford,
33 nviies wc&t of this place, and about J3U
miles long in alj, with ft width lof grading
21; feet and a wtth or broken stoue jot i?2
leet, was about $3,500 per mile average,
lucludihg.eost 6t biidgos tho number of
bridges not kuowo. ijia cost of aauual
repairs i cannot state";) bat it would be
comparatively small if the metah or stone.
covering it, is ofgood jthickness say JO
inches in the middle and b inches on the
edges. In this, part oil the country, the
items entering into th cost! woiiju be
about as follow s, viz j Excavations of
XI. I? 1? AA JL a . 1 J 1:
eai hi, iiuiu id uj u cents per cuuic yarn
and ?f solid rock trom 80 cents to dl per
tcapic yard, i he graae of the roau shouHt
be! sneli that the cuts and fills would
equalize iich other, j The stone taken
from the grade can be nsed for the Mac
adamising. - The breaking of the stone
no piece larger than frill -pass throiiffii
a two inch ring 13-worth from 18 to Q
cents per cubic yard. .JA road-i with 20 ft
width of grading and & ft. width of bro-i
ken stone would offer) 'ample room for
passing of wagons, y If tlw stone for
Macadamising is'not fdrnished from grad
iuqr the road bed, thenjthe expense of ex
tra hauliog must be added.
V7ery ' Respectfully t T1103. J Botd.
Thei a is no one roa4 leading into Salis
bury which h more inj need of improve
ment tiianthe Stokes Ferry. , Three and
a half miles out on that road take us to
Dana's. mountain, whero any quantity of
the very bes stone may be obtained. By
making this the iuitial point f hu im
provement system, all the -.advantages'
ueireu could be obtained.
We believe the Commissioners
be sustained by the people of the county
111 an enterprise began vth reference to
a permanent improvement on this road
Guiteau is coming to his senses. Ho is
as! docile as a lamb. -Warden Crocker
aaa; 4I do not thiuk that any man nn-
i jj , v. -..aef sentence of detttti ever more appreciat
ed his condition than (iuitean. He has
.betome greatly depressed inUpirits, and . with the iwiderstaudiiU ihnr cimiio,. ..,.t-
HI- 'wa Hfnd thej:e is not a Mgn of insan-. should be uliiuiatcly done ou others.
1 ;f irl io his conversjation or actions; iofact, Ths Coniiiiis&lcuer trf the towu o'fSal
! fpnduct is enfirely different since he isbuiy comprise several members who
flK:!3'?f8:feit?e1,: Pe phops that some- have Urn daring to atiempt something of
I If .r;-;:ilng ' iriajr be done jiff the court in baric,." value -Mi' the leliefj of our mikerable
I f Hi tally 'mnti liej is faat! losing Lope' rstieets, and it is hopd they Will give no
rest to the timfd until sometiu" is asi-e-
f I -. j . TL' - 1 "--
j tf peterring to the strong and long strug-
- fiTo over the collectorship n
District, the WasSrinpton cor
t !
-1 ..f
. -1-
the Mott
correspondent i
the Ikiltimoro 6'a says:
Tli C!v4l. fr.i..l 1 r..'- II- ,
ojorHi Larolina is a .well-known raoon
aiine district, where there J is a ouairtitv
of iHtcit distilling! As p. conseqneiice the
Collector has a perfect army of spies, in
flraeivi ilttcctives, depv.tyjnar.shals, &lc,
nd iis ..contingent expensesa re enormons.
tfhis accouuts for the struggle to get io.
sssion of the oflice."
A-niagujfkent side wheel steamer has
jhst been completed I by the Harleu and
llotliugsworth Com piuiy , J Wiliujjjgtou,
Delaware, for service on Long Island
$ound between New York and New Lou
don Water lino length 325 feet over
il 340 feet, beam 1G. feet,! with a tocago
Rapacity of 2,485. She is 'finished up in
jthe best) bossible style for freightvaud
assengey service, and is unexcelled in
magnificence, as a whole; or in the bean
jty and perfection of her details.
ed upon.
An article from tile Zauesvillei fDliio
says, rliHt ,lte pay of thw stoivkeepcrs wa
.Ui to May it. was $4.
The American claims that it! gave the
da fa from which desire information could
have been gained; but it evident the
NeKs-Obserrcr did not see it in that light.
We hope the mystery may yet jbe solved
The New Scientific American
I Offices. ' t
We are glad to announce thai the Scien
tific Amerimncame ont of the late fire in
New York, like the fabled Ph ap nix, with
renewed life, i TIio subacriptioa lists, ac
count books, patent records, patent drawl
ing, and correspondence were preserved
in massive fire-proof safes! The print
ing of the Scientific American and Supple
ment was done in another building; con
seqnently the types; plates' presses, pa
per, etc., were unharmed, and no inter'
ruption of business was occassioned.
,The new Scientific American offices are
located at 261 Broadway, corner of War
ren street, a very central ' and excellent
situation. The new building fronts to
wards the City Hall, the-Court House,
and the New4 Ijtost-pfnce-a, magnificent
structure, which cost eight millions to
build. Nearly opposite, and a few hun
dred feet distant from the Scientific Amcr
ican offices, is the entrance to the great
Suspension Bridgeoycr the East River,be
tween-Jfew York and Brooklyn, which re
quired teu years to cou struct and twenty
millions of dollars to pay .for. In front,
aso, of the.&ieufiie American h the City
Hall Park and Priuting House Square,
with its statue of Benjamin Frauklin,
and the homes of eminent editors and
newspapers,. such as; the New Tribune,
New York -Times, New York Sun. New
York World, New York Herald, Mail and
J2jrpre$8, Zeitung, and others.
Travelling: the Customary Road.
, , W o are not for doing any man any in
justice. To avoid the appearance of this
we published lastVeek Col. Wm. John
ston's half-handed card. If Capt. Chas.
Price will write one We will, publish it.
But meantime, notwithstanding the de
nial of Col. Johnston of certain specific
augnage alleged to have been uttered by
him, we shall continue to believe that
the statements made concerning these
two persons are substantially correct.
Otherwise why have they both not said
over, their names, long ago, as Alfred M.
Waddtll did, that they had not only not
deserted tho Democratic party but do
not iuteud to t That part of Col. John
ston's card where the assurance might so
well have been given, waft devoted after
the true "independent" custom to a bill
of indictment agaiust the part v. which
ie says in effect, ha ceased to be good
euonjrli tor him.
It is against the programme for these
Courier, on the wibjett of stoue roiidsaucrr6180113 to avnr t thi time, their He-
has been tfiutsferred by the State duri
the pa$t two days to A bwer -Taylor, Jloja;
C, B. Farwell, and John V. Farwell, 'of
Chicago, and !A; C. Bubcock, of Canton,
Illinois,' who will furnish the necessary
funds forj erecting the building. This
domain is larger than the State of Con
necticut,' and five times larger than Rhode
Island.- :It is the Northwest corner of the
State, and! the survey extends South 97
miles, with au average width of. twenty-
seven miles. J Two railways are already
prujecieu 1 uirougn mis section el the
State. iThe i transfer of these" lands; is
probably ihe'largest sale ever made' to
private individuals awd- the purchasers
are the largest land owners iii the 'Wo
A Washington corresxiondent writes:
"When a lyoung la wyer unknown to faliift,
Chester Arthur happened to attend the
service at the, old church of St, John's1, in
this eity. I There he heard for the first
time the ficl soprano voice of Ella Ilera
dou, as the : notes of the Venite'i rang
through tjhe sh iibbyxld church. Hhe was
the daughter of a naval officer, who won
distinction by his services in the Mexican
war and commanded an exploi iog expe
dition up the Amazon. Buthiscrownini:
deed of valor was upon the ill-starred
steamer Central Americathat foundered
near Hauua with several hundred passen
gers and! more than a million ia gold.
By his hfroic efforts about half the pas-
weie saved, and, faithful to! his
trust, the gallaut captain went down jt ith
which he refused to desert. jThe
le sweet voice still lingered with
ar anu soon alter her great sor
row he sought the acquaintance of the"
fatherless girl and she became his wife.
Now, every Suuday, on foot and unat
tended, president Arthur finds his way
to the dingy little chnrch and sits in, the
pew where the beautiful Lady Miidisou
worshipped so long ago. Perhaps nmid
the 'Veijite' to-da v he hears Hhc soupd of
a voice that is still' th
"v v uuv
wuose portrait hangs 111 this chamber.
Amid the pressure of State duties, it is
said, the President never forgets the dai
ly tribute of this lady, who, hadihe lived.
. . . .i ..
would have graced the White IJou
his ship,
echo of t
Mr. Arth
.4.. t T T A . : m .
!ri' iocK, auk., x eu. 14. A spe
qal from Helena,' dated yesterday, says
tha i-iver at this point baa risen higher.
Advisees from Madison and Walnut Bend
indicate a rapid rise during the past 24
hours. The levee at Walnut Hill is bro-
eti in several places. Not three acres of
land are to bo seen in any direction.
Telegrams have been sent to - Memphis
asking that boats! be sent! down to take
out the cattle, horses and mules. The
SL Frnnria rivfr fa mnnrtmA n l. vt.lni.
- , , ,i , .? 8Uaanonu uvv -o of this Standard Fertilizer on hand and ready for delivery
indeed alirming, but the citizens of Hele- has maintained the same high standard and given universal satisfaction for 20 vears
na are determined to leave nothiug un- 1 18 admitted to fce best in use. Persons wishing to use it will please forward us thir
- - 1 . . .. m i - 1 1 . . -
done to keep out the water.' iuer uy man or omcrwisc so mat we can place their nameson our Books which will
I; -. --i - 1 u ucuvery wuen cauea ior. oaiisoury, if eb. 15, 1833.
English steel rails, except for our tariflff-- . v ilcCTJBBINS & BEALtl
For Cotton, &a
f f r
D. R. Julian is actin? as At
attention. "
of abominations, could be placed on the
wharves qf our 'Atlantic seaboard cities
at something like $40 per ton, but our
duties are so high and so nearly prohibi
tory that the government fails to get '
much revenue from this -source, and the
American manufacturer gets $00 per ton
for aii inferior grade. In thia one item
of burdensome exaction our people are
niaue to pay monopolists $20 per ton on
,uuu,aj oi cons ot rails. We are at a
loss to uiiderstand how any jmlitical econ- j n every town in the State.
pmit cau justify such a policy. Haiti-1
inore Gazette, Dem.
Orders to him or j ourselves -will have prorant -i-
AO. 11
l-U j?or ine &a,e 01 isns
'W&jg&i stiles-NEW and S
1 & CO.
flfiiftniinu ii
saLiaBURTjiM. u., ;
gines and Boileraof all tizet A
Bx.UUiU ifAWD. Alo-
Wmi Saw Mills andllachinerv ffmfcrallr.
-. "Correspondence solicited. 1 Sub-Agents wahted!
ISif - "Mention where yohi saw this notice. f
MM) MMM AS USuth !
. Reports from all sections of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama
sustain ourctaiin that the ' j ;4:jrj' '
Is the BEST and Most Reliable and CHEAPEST thahe
which we put out for the first time last season; has proved unexcelled bv anv ArM
pKH. Cungman ;is reported to have
Md that the Democratic party in this
State under the leadership of Vance, Rau-
jiom and Jarvis is as coi rapt as any polit
ical organization thatover existed, and
Uat ue ready and willing to co-operate
u a moT combine in au iudepeudent
3party all those who with ihim sincerely
, ieaire the Wi throw of these gen tlcmen.
imuch ability, and he is now upwards of
seventy years, of age, but a new party
sitb him .at- the head woud be like put
ting new wine into old bottlesTarfcoro
yipoutherncr. 7, j.
he should have accompanied his assertion
TTith the evidence of corruption. As a
i general thing those who make railing ac
cusations against other., nrethema,l res
J more corrupt than the acjused.
j U An oldfellow inrgSa just pulled
f to market four bales of cotton which have
It" h5 g5a -ioce 16G0.
if In I860 he was oflVred iU eents a pound
I for it, but refund to sel h . L
Sjected to paying the three per cent, cot
I ton tax, and since then he has Wn
I ing it for higher jn ices, j -
Greensboro c:. We learn tlat eight
bandied parMidgcs wero kUa
v I v.ucr i me authorities of DanvilU Va
I pue day lat week, se" birds are said
I to have Wen the property of a Preeusboro
i dealer, who did not know that the Vir-
giuia game law expired sooner than ouri
I i ftom? to Pfwlt Pavjs was
II filled Saturday ni-ht by the freight
; traiu on theorth Caroliua Ralroad, at
the water tank Jthia suleof texington
ji lie was terriblykiutilated. and supposed
j po have been drunk at the 'time.
." Saleni J'rcsi: Oiufriday last the ope
jrativeg. ip the weaving-room at Messrs l
&. 11, Fries woolen mills discovered a
if box of olot waste hu fltej caused by spon-
tiiccost ot constructing tjieni ia to hand
this morning; but to4 Lite for thisjjap5r.
We iiigive-it iiu our next. !
' ' " CaVGafc" -t"
Not Quite Satisfactory.
News and Olserver. j
Dr. Jiots expenditures last year, run
ning from June), lpSO, to June 0. 1681,
and coveting the period.. the election
can v a ss , -w ere $G;i,Si I greater lhau they
were the year before Ve have ofiered
to ptict any explauhtion .that either the
DoctoV or the Statesville American can
make of this fact. 1 : ' ! - !
In reply to this the Ameriean harrowa
its soul with the stkrtliiig query, 'Can
the -Hew end Observer be honest in its
statements-?'. ' - i H ' j
We answer' that independent of every
other consideration, newspaper haviug
such intelligent readers as the Xews-aad
Observer cau not allprd to j be otherwise
than accurate. Occasional typographical
errors will occur j occasionally the best
source of information opened to an editor
are themselves only meagre and imper
fect ; but what apearT in a newspaper
must be as ti ne and as perfect and as rV
liable as diligence can make it. Mistakes,
however, will sometimes joccurj but' no
willful misstatement can be tollerated in
a newspaiKT. ! :
Such figures as tile -lienca' indulges
in would kill a newspaper outright among
intelligent readersV that the American
survives is by no means in conflict. with
this doctriue.-V'. j i ;
The American isf altogether correct in
supposing that t wV bad! Commissioner
Ranmi report before us when we prepar
ed the atatistics of Dr Mott's I district
and the statements !to -which it objects
are Commissioner Raum', not jours. It
is nouo of our business to teach the editor
pi the American arithmetic; and! we shall
not try. But his figuring only! puts Dr.
Mott in a worse fi than before.1 2
Ruuu says that jlhere were 13,033 gal
Ions of spirits made last year and deios
ited in the warehouses on wli) ta
had been, paid; according to the) figures of
the American we tjbserye that die amount
is 7ii) gallons, jmakiog a diflerence of
6,702 gallons, represeu t i ng a tax of $6,031 .
Now, how aiMu that t Was that $6 -031
paid or was it; not? Mr. Ranm says
that the G,702 of spirits ire not on hand,
and he doerliot jicconntl for the $G,031
tax that it represents. In Tvy to the
question, why should the expenses of the
aismct nave increased $03,551. them
tcan gives a list of the distilleries operat
ea quring each month. ( That does not
explain it. It is not the number of dia
t'..!enes, but the number of distillerv
warehouses that einke tjQ cost
.unmibHtonepRiam says on page 63?
'The n amber of distillery warehouses in-
rC,aioAl 1,1 tl,at 'Hstrict from 229 on julv
lulvfil JuUe;f)',88?"adiff"-
Why should art incieise of 24 distill
ery WrfrehouseR have' occasioned an in-
puolieauism. It is clear that they have
entered j n to a dicker, by the terms which
they are to parade themselves as 'inde
pendents" and undemhis pretence seek
to draw off strength from tl(e Democratic
party. If they avowed their uew affilia
tions at oce, tiey could not hope this
year or hereafter when theyr first become
uiuiuiics ior oiijee, 10 cany anv more
votes thau the Republican! party alone
could give them. Iu other words they
have started by the usual ;road for that
destination which the "independent" can
didate almost invariably j reaches, even
wheu he has become such without a pre
vious bargain. So that yon! will see Price
and Johnston, reader, when they rioxt
come before the public as candidates,
claiming to bo "independent" of any ex
isting party, and after that in full and
undented fellowship with the. Republican
party. , : . .;. ,
We are for tcaribg the mask from the
faces ofHill such political impostors, with
out any ceremony whatever. Honest
Democrats have a great, deal more respect
for flat-footed Republicans who make no
false pretences " about their politics.
Statesville Landmark V -
Wilmington star. !" " i
- , ... .. ' f '
New Mexico is asking to be admitted
as a btate. It has J 10,505 population.
Of these 9,772 are Indiana. We agree
with the able and influential New York
Times thai the Congress "should make of the attempt to admit" tliis
new candidate for Statehood. The fol
lowing gives information by which to
guide one to af safe conclusion. The
Times says :
"The majority of the population is of
the mongrel breed known as "greasers."
Thia mixture is of His'pauo Mexican, ne
gro, and Indian stopk, A correspondent
of the Times describes the compound race
as made up of the blood f of the Apache,
negro, Navajo, wjhite horse thief? Pueblo
Indian, and old jtime frontiersman with
the original Mexican stock. There is a
great gulf fixed between thia mixed race
and the American settlers. In language,
religion, traditions, and mental charac
teristics, these two elements of popula
tion are wholly dissimilar.
The bare suggestion of a proposition so
palpably absuKtl ought to coiurince Con-
gresa that somewjicre in the scheme lurks
a disreputable job." j -
Let New Mexico wait for a more con
venient season.' ; .Too much mongrel is
not healthy. v- ? .
Incuasixg Bkcf SuirMEXT.-lFivJ
years ago, when the shipments of Ameri-j
can beef to England began twenty (jnar-f
tei-8 a week could not be sold in Uiver-i
pHd. Now Liverpool alone takes be-!
tween three thousand and four thousand
quarter a veek, aud the whole trade
amounts to from ten thousand to twelve
thousand Quarters a week, wlih h nt f A
mndied pounds to the 'quarter, would
make say 2,200,000 pounds of beef sold
each wfek in great Britain, or 'l 14,400,1
00 pounds a year. In an article referl
ring to this huge shipment of beef from
this countrv into the KnyJish mnri. jf n.k
Mannfactiirerk' Gazette notes that ai enrir
ous facjt iii foniieriion wit'i ti: tr.jde ik
that even with the eost of transportation
American; beet' retails
much lower fi
might be obtained from our agents, or ourselves, cover the whole subject, and will am
ply repay perusal. We will have a moderate supply of each, whicfen be obtaiaet
If there is-no Agest- v$ yoitr Railrobd
from our Agents, parable in Cotton noxt Fall.
! Depot, get your merchant to order it.
That veterau Washington correspond?
ent, L. Q. Washington, aaya Beck's au4
Uoke's speecJiea on the tariff-are the two
ablest on 1 that? subiect sinrA t !. war
There is no proopect of a reduction of the
tariff during the present Congress not
before J3S4, ir then J In the meantime
the war tariff monstrosity flourishes at the
expeuse of fo'rty-ninc million people.-
ii a. mar. i r
in Ln-'laud at a,
ure than it th-es on i,L
side of the water. The Gazette explains
that the secret lies iu the dhTcreice ill
catting. In Luglaad a side of .beeff is cit
into pieces of from ten to twenty pounds
weight), and ueithei bone nor tit is ror
moved!. (Englishmen, when they buy
meat, do hot ask for a piece of tlie ruil
or sirloinj as Americans do, but for so
many pounds of meat, aud are indifferent
from which part of the animal it comcsj
GoldJ Hill Letter.
Gold Hill, Feb. Cth, 82.
Mr. Editor : The most nainful accident
jit has ever been our lot to record happen
ed here 6u the evening of the 2nd inst.
i he wife of W. F. McDauieis was so
badly burned at 6 P. M., that shei died
auouc Hi i. m;, same evening. Her hns
oauu had just left her sitting by the
stove, with an infant about 3 months old
in her arms, in unusual good health and
Stunts, tit rtl ftvr a Knnlrn- nf 4
wellabont 300 v;tids Hi Stnnf frnrn I P tile i larKfct
house, j Just as he filled his bucket he !!ot necessjV"y lor us to saJ anything about thcse;Fertilizersi as
her the cry of Fire." He ran to find
not a building on hre as he supposed but
hjs wife burned in the most shocking
manner. How; she could have taken fire
from the stove the only fire in the house
which was closed up, and the fire gain such
uemtway in so short time are matters
winch must ever remaiu a mysterv.
the deceased was born. in Mississippi,
reared in Philadelphia. Pa., went with
her parents to Misouri. where about .10
years ago she married Mr. M. who is a
native ot this place. They were here on
a visit expecting to return to Missouri in
the spring. She was a member of the
United Baptist church, and bore her ex
treme, suffering with the greatest forti
tude I liave ever witnessed, praviug the
while for grace to bear. C. P.
: For tlie Watchman.
Flagrgtfowii Letter.
Editor )Vatchman :
Our little town has presented quite a
lively appearance for the last five or six
mouths, aud if that ever good and true
providence wilj kindly permit it to con
tinue who knows how many whispered
paayers will ascend to Him who rules
to thei giver of every good and perfect
gift. !
James D. Harris, the newly appointed'
Justice for this township, has been called
upon quite frequently of late to arrest the
thieving propensities born iu some men ;
to settle matters of fact and law involved
m ae nous ot
the reports which
: 1
med f
. , ' .... ' ' l . I 'J- . 1 . j " "I;' '
. I StM " j J
ARE RECEIVING . ji t : " -: P
ii" - 1 1 H
I .1 IK';-..
: I ' : t 1
fi i; r
"Uf l3 ooas, motion ana Ulotlnng Departments have ali4cen supplied; in the;
last week or two; and we offer them -very ioy. '. ij
New Stock of Shirts and Undorware: i
i : I . s : ' ! r
iNiw LUI Of It LB BE liS. SHOES AND ROOTS AST cilEiP it ivv tv-iW
Winston SenUnel.
uo. Vance last week in the Senate
tried to get up his resolution to iii venfji
gate the Sixth Collection district. We
copy he following from the Senate pro
ceedings i
on m
VANCE. On the 17th of January,
motionthe Senate passed a resb-
lutionj requiring certain information from
the Secretary of the Treasury. To that
resolution there has been no response, j I
ask leave new to introduce the followipg
resolution, and I ask for its immediate
consideration: j
EeJolved, Tlfat the Secretary) of the
Treasury be again directed to transinit
to the Senate copies of all charge, com
plaints, or other information concerning
any roiscondnct or irregularities lof ojfiS-
ciala charged .with the collection of inter
nal reveuge in the sixth collection dis
trict of North Carolina which m,-(y lnive
been jreceived or be ou file -in anly office
ii! hia department ; and also copies of anv
order or orders isaed by the collector of
said district forbidding the arrest of 'of
fenders against the rereune laws, or the
issuing of warrants against such per
sons,' ' j j
'Mr. Hoar objected on the ground that
it was not respectful to the Secretary! of
the treasury. If the Republicans Were
not afraid of the investigation ijt would
pot be so disrespectful.
possession of neisona nmn- " " "Jta" l" ,tcu Juu j t
erty ; and to perform that most agreeable Bat FlcttT, Heats, EtUaTS. TwsiCeffeeC, Svms ' i t
luty of uniliag loViuir hearts and true lr r i - . v . i
the knot that-migu tS know ,m iMeali. Buckwheat PioTir, Eotaxsy nd Com Starchj 1
xuc cCr iam uoid Mine, situated ?nLnCS." TcmatOeSi' P6t
at this nlace hus Imon i
ration for many months TrZLV " are W Ue "a1' V e luve ns Fl is N
utS run stocic ot Corn. Mp.iI. Rhnrts nnrl Riv.n ! etiw
for the holidays and the meeting of th
compahy, at which the annual election of
ouicers took- : place, and matters of vital
importance were discussed. It is believ
ed that a healthy programme for future
operations was mapped out; that addi
tional appliances will he put up, aud that
work will be resumed in earnest iu a fw
days. i
Heavy rains, snow and severe freezes
have place the roads in this vicinity in a
wretched coudition. Tuov Maux.
cures irregniar,
painfui, or difficult menstruation.
I j At Theo. F. Klutiz'R.
-r. ....
r-scapea convicts are thick around Old
Fort, and are selling cheap. B.jB. Free
man and Esq. Sullivan bought riue Sun
day jfor $3.00. One of the Old iFort ne
grocs found one taking shelter in a shuck
pen ; he had n clothes at all, and! the
Old Fort pegro offered to furhiah jiim
with a coat and pants, and deliver Lira
for $3.00, which Messrs. F. and S. accent-
ed.,1 Tvb other convicts wei4 comine
through, one white and one eoiored j the
white one acting as guard and p "tending
tp Jiave the other under arrit, bt a
Uiey were marching down this way' some
suapipion was . aroused, anJi both were
arretted, aud proved to be escaped jcon-
Tj ' "w v"v as me veritable
Drake who was convicted at thia court
some two years ago for break Ins info n
C, Salislniry's Old Fort; is.ap nu
lucfcy pape for him. Marion-Lamppost.
Haying qualified as executor of the last
will and testament of Jsvcob Lingle, deed
I will sell the personal property belonin"
to his estate, at hia late residence, on SaW
dsy the 4th day of March, 1832. I will sell
a buggy and harness, household and kitch
en furniture, blacksmith tools, farmintobls
and ther articles not enumerated
TERMS of sale Cash.
All persons indebted to the estate are re
quested to make early settlement, and all
those who have claims againts the estate
are notified that they 'must present them to
rfIb?fore .t,1e da' f February,
1883, or this notice will be plead in bar if
their recovery.
J Michael Bostian, Executor
Feb. 11, 1882. of Jacob Lingle.
t . 18:3t
H03TH CAROLINA?1 th7e.
C'5j?riier Adm'r of Rosanna S. Cartner,
Plaintiff, '
Fredrick Cartner and others, Heirs at Law,
Defendants. '
PfiTrrrox to Sell Lakd for Assets.
It kppcarins to the Court thnt tt:-
Ut law of Mary Felker, dee'd. (their names
o """"""" m mo piainnn), the heirs
at law of Catharine Boston, (their names
being unknown to the plaiqtiff), the" heirs
at law of Margaret Mock, dee'd, (their names
being unknown to. the plaintiff); and Hen
ry Cartner Sarah Emberson, John Ember
son David Davault and wife Susan, Wash
ington Cartner, John Hartmanand wifeSallv
defendants in this cause, reside beyond tlie
limits of the State, It is therefore ordered
that publication be made for six successive
weeks m the -Carolina Watchman," Sf?.
I?le Xt "I dcfcndtn8' and a heirs
at law of Rosanna S Cartner whose names
maybe unknown to the plaintiff to anoear
Court oflS0f theCk f ihe SuK
Court of Rowan county, at the'Court House
in Salisbury on or before Mondav the 27tli
plaint of the plauitift a copy pf Whkb ia
clerk forsa,4 county, and that ifthey fail to
answer the said compraintr the plaintiff win
apply to the Court for the relief demanded
le t b e complaint. .
iiis za aay of February, t82.
r 4.
atoes, ix.
United States.
iti r uH stock of Corn, Meal. Shorts and Bran. ;:
o?vv supply ofGlar. ami 0aTIq Ware.
See us before you buy, as wc have a thousand things . not incr.twmeli j Come
r i
and see
E. F. TATUM, Salesmen.
January llth.1882.
. . if'- ' i
-i From to-day we wilt commence reducing our!
Will be sold regardless of cost. Just received a lU of
In Black and Colors. If you. want a I
XT n. . . .. i , -1 i ;
5 u,u l,me co S't. We have a large line of Fresh Samples Super
and Thrce-Ply to select from. -M
' ' - ' ! : .?
- rui
. . ' i If
, ! I I F
- - '. ; ' rj
, " - 5
" ' . - t a
; , , . ; ; .:
BT3 H II PB. flinnn e i --------j
o very rnan's door. ! If our
.SEEDS era not sold Irt your
tovn, drop usa Postal Card for
Kan d so mo tilts m-r fi n i tnia
anu rncea. Address D.LflrjnDCTUf. eMft -J.l
: "- m iwi0i rniiaae
t ..... 4 r i
- 'iL-T
Founded N0sJSete5Si
Thorough-bred Plymouth Rocks verr
ir?fn ,aJ er3, an? tn others! Thev
are m all respects the farmers fowl
Eggs, .$1.00 per thirteen
Address Lock Bos No. 250,
. ' ' Salisbisry, C.
J-;M. HORAH, Clerk J V oaw, iNUTICES
SupV Court Rowan Count,. FOR SALE AT THIS OFPICE
A Spring Oats, aqol
" Wonderfully prolific! - Will yield as hijk
as from 75 to loOlljbihels to thi acre, d
one pound has nrVahided fis mkh
4ushels. Tlirs- nhtuU., tm i in 5 tea
u height. In faci-ibey are said to bcff
X nr s:tlfat
fclSS' d
rrt: btore,
fi i
I S . I r f ? ' 1 I . 1

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