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    fl(R I IFO TITD W Ql'fe flTO "tfVlrV
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He (jarolina Watchman,
I frmcK, f 1-00 IN ADVANCE. ."J
Invalids, br6ki down in health and spir
iU oV ehronie dvspepsis, or suffering from
thT ternbl exhaustion that follows the
att&ks of acute disease, the testimony of
tbotssands who have been raised as by
miracle from a similar state of proa
trafion by Jfostctter's . Stomach Bitten,
is p sure 'guarantee that by the same
mpfns von. too, may be strengthened rand
restored. . f. : t -
ror saie
P JSSf8 and ,
I 1 1
orJr?5-All iV,r Fiistt lass seventeen iars Kx-
iM?rl''iGt. tAil Haieii.u 01 the Dt-st graUe, and work
do e the lat,rt .tvres
KfiiVsfy n ul wx always on hind- Kepalrinc
ne.iili nil proiilftT'y me
ora- r nv man nromp
lyTllim .
in. j3l tl.!. C
RJR. CravpDrr? nf fA Arm of
!e aie-ntiwj'prcpared to supply our
tomeis witli all kinds of
flu addition to the
Nest Selected Stock of
11 A K D V AJU'E in the
- . STATE. '
We also handle '
Hifl2 and Biasting Powderl
line of Mining Supplies.
f"l a lull
We will
Implicate Any Prices in
the State.
!-;f.!. - ! : '?S.
; 1 n
: -j - - .1 of
. -A Battle with
LIFE, - . , ! ! '
olous of Vie Attention Shown Three
Cuba, Juno Attach an Attendant
and Breaks Out of Her Qtre.
Philadelphia Time; '
v Ai monster I ioricss belong!
g to j;
the sensation of the yiar in the win
ter quarters of the show in Fmnkfbrd
on Monday evening. Peter Marvin.
an aniital trainer, was fright
ally in-
j u rea uy t he en raged j beast,
African, blauw Ix)k. one of a
air Mr.
Doris paid Si. 000 forJd ietl "o
durinethe Pundamonium. NLimoronM
ddditions hae4)eeu lately mail e to the
menagerie of the Inter-Ocean show
and the' animals occupy several build
ings on Harrison street. Tile tropi
cal animals are kept by themselves.
This apartment is fiftv-feet; touare.
j and; three of the walls are masked in
by heavy oak and iron cagoej There
are three tiers of these massive dens,
and behind the bars of each ;are from
one to three specimens of fare wild
animals. The lions, timers,; leopards.
panthers and hyenas are imprisoned
in the lower dens, while th4 smaller
animals and-tropica birds occupy the
upper tiers, iu uie center 01 ttie room
is an immense stove, which
red hot night a fid day.
is kejnV
A tame pelican, a flamingo,1 three
crested cockatoos, half a doien mon
keys and a family of perforrningdog3
formed a drowsy circle around the
glowing stove yesterday afternoon. A
row ofelqhantsalong tlieieast wall
btood up to their -knees in! fragrant
hay, and in stalls near by we're a score
of" j other herbivorous animals from
isoutli Afriai. High abovej the tiers
f cages are the sleeping bunks of the
attendants of the auimals. The doz
en lions in the collectiou are , as fine
specimens as have evef been seen in
captivity, and they Turin tne if jhe
most notable features of ti.e Inter
Ocean menagerie. Juno, the largest
Months of the lot, is live years old.
Until last summer she was1 regarded
its one of the best dispositioiicd beasts
of her sptH;ies. Jn June, 1882, anoth
er lioness in the menagerie became the
mother of three cubs. Juuo, who oc
cupied an adjoining cage during the
travels of the Inter-Ocean 6how, be
came greatly interested in tlie cubs and
was in the habit of watching them for
noursatatiuie. Last fall the mother of
lie cubs died and they were raised
by hand. Juno's interest in the lio
nine babies; increased aAer the death
of their mother, and fiiialjy she be
came so jealous that when any one ap-
I t i i a . !-; . .
proacneti tlie cubs sue would become
furious with rage. I
i. Iu -the animal houst Juiio occupies
a cane in tlie .lower tier against t he
wall. Tlie cubs,
wliieli now
weigh about HfUen iiouuds each, arc
ill 1. . i.
loagcu in 1 ne lower tier at the east
wall. This enables "Juno (to have an
unobstructed-view of their: cage. Jut
biefore dark on Monday eiening Mr.
Alavin was,feeding the animals. He
gave the cubs their share OfJiver aud
paused a nronient to foildle them.
This put Juuo in a frightful rave
Marvin turned to-quiet her, and as he
advanced toward tlie cagf he stum
bled a iid fell against the bars. .In au
instant she seized his right arm above
the elbow: In ordcrto protect his
head and body the man full, and with
his left jrasped the bottom of the cagej
Juno held his right arm with one paw
and struck through the bars at his
head with the other. A 1 lad named
Donahue crabbed an-i!on bar, and
tried to make Juno drop Marvin. The
boy s efforts only increased the rage
of the .beast. By this tinie every an-
imal in the placewas wi
f t . 1 F
dly excited,
and thtir roars and cries
were heard
squares away. To inorease the din.
the animals of O Brieii s circus 111 an
aiijoiuing UU1IU1112 added tlicir voices
to the chorus. Douahue ran out of
the building, shouting for help. j
As there is a small army of work
men about the place, thfe" lion house
vv'ici cnmi kii rrmi tifl tviflv man Tn
the meantime Juno had torn the flesh
from Marvin's arm, struck him sever
al wicked blows oiv the shoulder, and
then allowed him to drop to the
ground and crawl la way, j. Just as tlie
resetters reached the doors they heard
a soundof crushing timbers, accompa
nit d by a series of blood freezing roars.
Juuohad thrown her body against
the bars and broken through. The
approach of night made the interior
of the building dark and no one cared
to venture in. They heard Juuo
charging around the place and they
hesitated.. -1 hey supposed that M r.
Marvin was dead. He, however,
mauaged to f each the rack i n which
the heavy iron bars tised to clean the
cages are kept, and snatching "one
boldly: advanced on Juno, ; who
crouched in a corner. All this time
tlie oilier , animals weref making the
most frightful noise. AIhjvc the din
Jhe men at the doors, to their aston
ishment, heard Marvin ordering the
lioness back to her cage. This reas
sured them, and they started to enter.
anI .they started to enter.,
s opened, Juno sprang
as me uoors
over Marvin's head and to k refuge
8 stall near the blauw boks;
Marvin shonted t.i close the door and,
following t he now partial ly cowed li -onesM,
struck her twice with the Iron
bar. 1 hen lie poked her out, and
- with an angry roar she vaulted back
1 into her cage and the danger was over,
i New bars were quickly fitted in and
. the casre was made doublv secure liv
the addition of new iron braces. Mar
vin's in juries were attended to by a
physician, who says he will not lose
the use of his arm. After Juno was
caged it was noticed that one of the
blauw boks was trembling like a leaf,
and tears trickled down the frightened
beast's face. Ten minutes later it
was dead. 1
A Free Fight Against Chills.
There was loud applause in the ITuuse
when the item in the tariff bill placing a du
ty of ten per cent, on "sulphate and salts of
quinia and cinchonida" was struck out by
a vote of 108 to 57, and the applause out
side ; of the House, all over the United
StMes, will doubtless be greater when the
action of the Ilouae is heard of. The estir
mated consumption of quinine in the United
States is 2,000,000 ounces, and the vote of
j-esterdaj.ifthe Senate concur will savelhe
siek of the country, poor and rich the hand
some sum of $1,500,000. Mr McKenzic's
joke that a tax on quinine was doubt'eas
intended "to encourage the manufacture of
bonedust in graveyards" was rather raw
at still not far from the truth. The dis
gust with which the people begin to regard
the doings of high protectionists "for pro
tection only" is, in view of this effort to tux
drugs like quinine, not so difficult to un
derstand. - r
f JTiie value of the report of the Secretary of
the Nor: hCarolina Board of Health,just issti
ednnotbc too highly rated. It touches up
on topics of vital importance to every coin
unity he Adulteration of Food-substances
the Hclatlon of Nostrums to tho Public
Health; Yacci"ation; the Disjosal of Gar
bage and the Water Supply fur Towns and
Cities, for instance. These subjects have
been studied deeply by the officer who
makes the report, Dr. Thos F. Wood, of
Wilmington, and the board ha given them
that consideration which their importance
demands. The frequency of the adultera
tion of foo l substances and of drugs, and
the utter worthlessness or harm fulness of
most of the patent medicines ofl'erd to the
public, are pointed out, together with the
value, of vaccination and the manner in
which best to perform it. The duties of
county superintendents of health about pub
lic vaccination arc prescribed and caution
in the management of the vaccinated arm
is suggested. The sulyect 'of preventive!
medicine is treated with some fullness,
while these of the disposal of garbage and
the watersupp'y of towns and cities, than
which nojte can be of great moment to our
growing towns, are discussed at length.
We repeat that the document is one of great
value and should be as widely as possible
distributed through the State.
Wadesbore Intelligencer: Thursday even
ing Hast, Alf Caten, a. bi iDockcry man
from Davie county, who drives a whiskey
wagon, came to Wadesboro, swaggered
around town for a while as usual, and final
j wound up by curssing out" a big two
hundred and twenty pound Bennett man.
The result of it was the Dockery man got
knocked down and kicked about like a
foot-ball and pulled around by the hair.
Military petitions continue to pour in
by score and huudreds. Blair has charge
of the business." A. W. Calvin and fifty
citizens of Charlotte; Alfred C. Davis
and 46 citizens of Greensboro ; J. C. Price
and 75 other citizens of Salisbury ; aud
Duke Davis and 26 citizens of Wilming
ton are among the large number present
ed on Thursday. - -
Were I asked the hardest worikns? mem
ber in the legislature the answer would be
S.'Mc Dowell Tate, of Burke. As a public
servant he appears to think none of his
time is hisown, that it all belongs to the peo
ple, for he is ever at work; and this has
been the case every session I've known him.
A friend fresh from ajvisit to Burke
county says that the officers of the new
Western Insane- Asylum are at their posts
ready for duty, but the patients will not
arrive till the 1st of February.
Some men cannot stand prosperity.
Otheis never.get a chance to try.
The devil always comes himself or sends
some one when you tall for him.
These days arc lost in which we do no
good. ' Those Worse than lost in which we
do evil. !
A Ge rgfa couple waited over four
years for a good opportunity t elope,
and jfist as it cuma the gir's -father
took the young mau by the hand and
sa'ul: "Speak up fcto fhoinss! I
know she loves you and 1 d le tichlexl
to death to have you f r a ton-in-
law r
What ft si-lit was that! not noisy, bat
. r . ' ' ' ' a :
profoand uud eloquent; at otico of an old
grief and afresh perplexity, Bob Willi-
' r the: gentle
lfai-fl li. minnr lmdi linvA1 Hmt 5,riV
1 before the
:.i. i. s i! t
r - .
tllfl find 1immf ti1T trliioli nminnnl
wiiii mc iiu 01 jx-iuoviii" irom , 111s neau
. . , , ... .. . .
aimost coinpieiea uesucaiion 01 tne nata-
ral covering The eiief is therefore an
old one, but an element of perplexity has
mingled with this niahtly sicli latelr
namely, since having Swooed and won An-
cio McLaue in his wii. ho has been Rcrew-
imr nn his ronrnim. tn t hi rwi'int f ivh1.
lug to her that that if is a wig, as he feels
: r ' t . .' " v. .
in. uurness ne oajni to ao. 110 lias put
it off. and tint .t t.fT. !r.v,r finclln. i n.f
the rM.t nnrrUv!fnn rim tZJ
until now the wedding is but a month off
ww j a v aa VI1I VCOI If U
' - y
and tint fnak ntn- l,rW ,r-;miL
. , 1 .uw.w iiii.uooi-
ble, than ever.; He i at preseut spend-
iug n couple of days ht the house of the
w-wj Vil t 1V1I VI
getting acqnaiuted with the Aunily. For
tllM BlL'A Af All ?TT 1 tl H m rt 1 lavr as! 1. -
are of Angle's stwiety for the short time
he has compromised with his conscience
by resolving at ou leaving to write to her
:iim tii rim rvitrn nnn t.w tm n.nna
. i . 11 ii . .. .
- - - uuv. .J uv U1VHUO .VF
procrastinate further.
Meantime the process of getting .ac
quainted with the family does not get on
very prosperously. Bob is a poor match
.1... ' a-1 k' m .- -
irom me pareuiai point or view, ana a
bitter disappointment to the McLanes.
Nothing but Anjrie's resolute character
could have extorted the grudging consent
which their engagement had at
received. The faniilv consisted, beside
Ahgie, of her father ami mother, and two
brothers, John and George. Mr.MeLane
kept his room, being a confirmed invalid.
John, strong-willed iand arrogant intern-
ler, ruled the family with a rod of iron
George bei ii" kinder tempered, but of
much less strength of character. Aucie
was tlie onl V member of the faniilv wlioui
. I . ! .
John could not rule, and she carried the
ifoiut of her eiiLMiremeut ainiinst Ida bit-
ter opposition. Mrs. McLano was a mere
shuttlecock between John and Angie, re-
ceiving an impulse from one which last-
ed till the other got! hold of her. John
had accepted the engagement with an
exceedingly bad grace, and made scarce
ly a decent pretense of concealing from
Hob his contempt and hostility, aud his
desire to find any pretext for forcing a
quarrel. This was particularly unpleas
ant and demoralizing to Dob, because the
injury to his owu self-mspcct by the
sense of the tacit deceit he was guilty of
as to his wig, left him unable to meet
John's overlearing insolence with the
quiet dignity ho would have liked to as
After going to bed he lay awake a cou
ple of hours, thinking over these embar
rassing circumstances, and the delightful
f a i a ' . a .
laer- oi Angle s love io wincii tliey were
offsets. In the course of his tossiugs he
.became aware that his seal ring was not
ou his finger, and instantly lemeiuUred
that, after using it for a foifeit in a par
lor gahie that eveiiihg, he lffcd forgotten
to replace it. Vexation at his careless
ness instantly inane in in wide awake
The ling must be on the library table.
If not, then he knew not where; and, if
there, it might be filched by a servant in
the morning. Associations made it in
valuable, aud he found himself so uneasy
about its safety that he could not sleep.
Perhaps the best thing he could do was
.to quietly step dowu stairs iii hisv stock
ings without disturbing anybody, and
make sure about it. He knew that he
could even iu the dark, steer his way
straight to tho library. Iu this sleepless
excited state of his mind the slight tinge
of adventure iu his plan had an attrac
tion. t
Jumping cut of bed ho put on a part of
his clothes, and softly opening the ' door
of the room, went 'across the hall and
down the steps to the ground floor. It
was quite dark, but he found his way ea
sily having a good topographic instinct.
From the lower hull he entered the din
ing room, and from that the library. The.
sea-coal fire iu the grate was still flicker
ing brightly, illuminating the sumptuous
ly furnished room with a faint, soft glow
of peculiarly rich' effect
There oil the table his ring glittered in
tho fitful firelight, and, as he slipped it
on his finger, li6 felicitated, himself on
his successful eutefmiso. Tho room was
so charmingly cozy that he felt it would
be a 6iu not to linger awhile. So, throw
ing himself on a sofa before the grate, he
fell into a delightful reverie.
Just there, iu that chair, Angie had
sjit during the' evening, and there he pic
tured her agaiufiually going and leaning
over it in a enressiug attitude, fondly
rtliMtiriir himself. Over there had sat
Mrs. McLane, and the chair back at onco
trausfixed him with two critical eyes, till
he was faiu to look away' Tho brothers
were there, and there.
Bob chuckled with a cozy sense of snr
rcptitiousuess as he thought how tin y
would start could they see him now. Ti e
subtile I pleasure of clandestine things fs
doubtless partly : the exaggeration, of the
personality uikts jm.
pressure of other uiinds is withdrawn.
To persons of Bob's sensitive mental at
mosphere that pressure is painful when
such minds arc hostile, and often iiksome
even when they were friendly, if not $n
perfect accord. R ti..f . -s.i. FT
ITely volnptnoua sensation that his
.ij . ...
' iin
) personality expanded till it filled and felt
tho whoI room. I'
bnmed and bnsily flew; the
! shuttle of his faucr. vrenviiiir Ati nrrot
iTfio Kl.ntH- i.-.i- i;i 1-: :
. I 1 i t' ti 1 -
I UflVSi lor All tlie tri-ll llintt lut nniMit-.I.J
1 - 7-"".- .rewum 110 wa-
n.i ,,rnr. . .. ...
I wvijt ui, tmuugu n nu mignt
rnu golden thread of An&ies lute.
j rw rare,y did it li-lit np the fabric, lio-
I0re 80 da, a - - t
I . 1 l,e uronze niautei-lock aounded wth
a !llTf r tluk, the ,,oar ot two, but U
1 sonud fell apparently unheeded 011 tli
fthe dreamer. It was a fall niinito .
- I tuf.-ci tlm imtiMia.lni. 1.. ' 1
""""T ",v "r'oa' mo niniu.
There are times wueu the thou shta thrJ
so that ttcb new sensation Inu.totaUlita
Pla the cue and wait iU turn to get
attention. Then he stirred. and arbniuMl
I,"usSlf "e"giug reluctantly from the
voluptuous atmosphere of imagi-
nation, as one leaves au enervating h-etii.
I f O 3
Uo ,lsfa beeu win t,m a ful1 "onr aH it
I WAS hiirll time to retnrti to Iwd. TU ift
tl,e Hbraty and started across the dining-
roo,nwith a hasty step. ; f
I Pehapa long gazing at theflra had biz-
i itu ..I. . . . I.:, I . !.
is eyes, or perhaps his hastej to-
w m
getherwith an undue contidenee in! bis
,i.;it i , , , .1
skill in uavigatiouby dead-reckoning,
rendered him less careful than when lie
had c;ome down. However that may be,
a light-stand which he had eaaily avokled
theu J he now blundered fully upon, j
Everybody knows that when one stubs
the dark, instead of delivering
the blow when the totit is moving slowest,
at fcu oeginuing or the end of the stei. it
-always -happens bo that the toe tnkes
ith! tl,e maximum momentum." So it
Wtt'f" time. If Bob had been kickiug
IWtrl,V 116 u,a Uot ,,ave made a4iiicer
Crt-cf.ation of force, aud the shock eut
1110 8"luU completely over. (
I Itjwouhl have made noise enough any-
I list if' l.n. it- ......, 1.... .1. .i ill
V""t ,v uuo,' ".ppe" mat on inis
"auu t,,e ,ani,,y 8ilver was ,aid out fur
la .
aktast, and the clangor was similar to
that wf APyH0,- silver bow, that tiw? ho
1et 4 at the Grecian host before Troy.
stooa l'aialyzed with horror. Even
the inguish of a terrible-stubbed toe was
forgotten in an overpowering seuseof the
awttil nfess he had made, aud the uu im
aginable cousequeuce that would at vuce
ensue. As tlie hideous clan cor and clat
ter iailT til roil L'h the Iiuiika. Rlinr.rAriti.r It
f " -o I
made himself small, as if he could impart
a . sympathetic shrinkage to the noise.
- - - " 1 .aw M. ..... IW.V.HVI .UU
The racket to his own ears was splitting
enough, but he felt, iu addition, as jf he
heard it with the ears of all the family,
and he waited' bcfoie the conception of
the feelings that were at that moment
starting up in their minds towurd tlie uu-
kuown civHse of it.
His first rational idea was, to bolt for
his; room, and gain it before any one was
lairty rouseu. uu. me suock naa so seat-
tarnd hia ti'its thaf Ii a swmi 1 I Tif uf anA
w a vvt u 19 at a wo inuv ai vuuivi uwi Ckii tiv9 A
call his bearing and he realized, with in-
describable sensations, that he was lost.
He consumed nrecious moments bumnhi!?
himself all about the room before he found
the right door. ;
As he reached the foot of the staircase,
voices were andible above, and lights were
gleaming down. His retreat was cut off;
he; could not get back to his rxm without
being discovered. . He now distinguished
the voice of Mrs. McLane in an agitated
tpe entreating somebody tt be careful aad
not get shot, the gruff voices of the bro
thers responding, and then their steps rap
idly descending the stairs. Should lie go
up and take tke risk of a volley while an
nouncing himself? It would make a pretty
tableau. Presenting himself in such aguise
and under such circumstances, what sort
of1 a reception could he expect from John
who treated him with nudisguiseu eon-
tempt might have hesitated longer, but
at a disadvantage? He mi "lit have hes
itated lonfrer. but at this monieut the
voice of Angie, crying down to her broth
ers to be careful, decided him. lie could
not face her under such terribly: false
circumstances, without his wig. j
All this took place far quicker i than I
can write it. The glimmer ot tlie descend
iiig lamp already shone dimly in the hall
and Bob frantically looked about him for a
hiding place. But all the furniture stood
up too high from the floor, and the jeorners
were distressingly bare. He spraag into
the dinning-room, but in the dark he could
not see how the land lay, aad hurried
into the library. j
The dying fire still shed a dim. light
abound, and he eagerly canvassed the va
rios possibilities of concealment which the
room offered. Youthful experience in the
"am of hide-and-seek now stood ; him in
ood stead, and showed at a glance the inu
tility as refuges of half a dozen places would
hv r1i.1nih?d one less practised 'by the
specious but too-easily-guessed shejtcrthey
afforded. -
Vainly seeking a safe refuge,! he ran
aj-ound the apartmsnt like a rat in j a trap.
He already heard the brothers in t hf dining-
room picking up the silver and wondering
to find it all there, when, obeying a; sudden
j . . . . , i - f ti.
iiiionirfliian. he clambered upon a lotry
kca3(J tjat ran across one ena! ef the
wm, arching above the diningLrodm door,
and reaching within a few feet
of the
f ..." v.. 1.1 I.Tn.l l,a nar-orra
aid have
Ceiling, i ii uim iiwv v,
scaled it. Lying at full lenghth upon the
top of the bookcase with hi, barlr trTTl
.. . . e wun " uack to the !
a wan. tn im m r .
the further part of the rlm V T
... pari, 01 me room, in case it
should .occur to l.i '
hi-h. P
rsuers to look so
The latter now entered the in.!
. - . . "wrary, anu,
Lr. . ' enSe or!he 'kcase. Bob
.? . Dguiar sensatiens the two
gcniiemen with hnm h wi iv,.
nuvu ne uau oet'n QiiietlT
" ... .. I
-ov- ...BJL.iiiVr io me ercninz
(Concluded next wcel.)
Gkrman Kaixit asd Acid Phos
phate, F or these two articles apply to
tlie What, do PliM!,ate Cm .. ok
,e le8tn S. C. Sec advertiseinM.t. 4
mecta tn Ttki.,i , ,
???Bg in RIe,8-h n T,,Qy the 15th
"f matters aflVc
iiuu iiicir irrs in I nr inr rnnii...i r . .
ttmrm ...: C. 1 . . . .
tobebrontto.h Jl L i Z iZ l ' .
. " . " V .uenerai
V-XTA 1 A 11N J"
1 -
. I Jaie a full supply on hand and will
bvii lur liimer rnnn ir onttn
fll1 tfor it,,,e.r. c&tU ' cottn now or paya-
" Wl" W J011 than
J 'us juu tuu use.
Feb. 1st, '83. J. D. GASKIIX.
y '
All persons having claims against the t
tate of John L. Morriwm, deceased, are here-
V101'? ? Vrscnt the same to me on or
thU ce will be'Lad In tarreeSr'
' Also, persons indebted to said
estate are
advised to make immediate payment.
Daniel Pxaikoek, Ex'r.
Feb'y 7, 1883. 17:Gt-pd
VW In the matter of the estate of K. Sloan, dee'd.
Notice to CREDITORS!
All persons having claims against the es
tate oi it. j. bioan, dee'd, are herehy noti
...! . .. '
--u io present tne same to the iimleraiimprl
u" "r OCItre me 27th day of January, A. D.
I fA I thla nniA.. ....II I. ..I 1 a
'L : " " "tc P 1L oar
oi their recovery. W. F. LACKEY,
m Adm'r of It. J. Sloan, decd.
This 24th January, 1883. 15:Cm.
The One-Price Store!
u mm imuiiu a uiriumiii
Agtnts for Coats' Spool Cotton. Full Assortment of
150 T! ATTjV TJflTiTTTT'P.TT RTST'Tl-WYP A rTWTei T4 " t
av- v Th Tt -v
t pCxyRAcf iTlrinff- If! f f fMd1 Tt,U
I I T. ... I n T V J , e a
x ure i.aru, uorn, wats,
uricans .noiasses, dsc. Coflec if oast
3 lb Cans Tomatoes at 16 cts.
We mean to sell you Good Goods as cheap as anyone in town. We buy and sell all
kinds of Country Produce. Give us a trial. I W. W. Tatlor, ,
D. J. Bostiabt, ; ' -
. Salnmen. '
FAIR. NOTICE. - r, ;.. '
All persons indebted to us before Jan. 1, 1883, by note or account, are herehy notified
that they must call at once and settle. We do not want to add cost on oar customers,
but we must have our money. . ' i j j.j
reo. 14, ita.
Having determined to make our home in
Winston, N. C, we have concluded to sell
our House and Lot in the great West Ward
of Salisbury, N. C. House has 8 rooms, a
goed kitchen with 3 xeeuis; well of good
water in the yard. A good garden and sta
ble en the lot. In the best neighborhood
in the city, on the corner of Monroe and
Church streets, adjoining J. 21. Horah and
others. For further particulars see Messrs.
D. At Goodman, S. W. Cole or B. F. Fraley.
U. F. & M. C. GRAHAM.
Gives the value and correct ratings of over
8,000 Mining Companies and the
Including Dividends, Assessments, Lowest
and Highest Stock Sales for each week, up
to within 24 hours of publication, &c. .
For Sale by all He ws Dealers.
ScBsciurriox, $0 "per year.
Single Copy l- cents. Special detailed
reports upon any mine iurnisned. oee pa
per for terms. Address,
The Financial and Mining Pub. Co.,
287 Broadway, New York City.
12:tf I
WA V rV U n Omnn
Sets, at
ENNiss' Mi Store.
SUllUOL liUUllo at
I . .
POT if. ' 1
ENNiss Dm Store.
fluid. :
A' Household Article for Cnlreraal
For Soar let and
TPbold fovora.
Diphtheria, Sail,
ration. TJleeratod.
Sor Throat, SoaaU
Pox. Ueaalea. and
v VfWSK0 Dlaeaaea. Persom waiting on
the Sick should im it fredy. Scarlet FcWaa
aCTwr beta knova to spread where the Fluid waa
wed. Yellow Few has beca cured with it after
Ma omit had taken place. Th worn
ease, of Diphtheria yield to fe.
Fevered and Sick rr
and : '
FrrrrNo of sman
A member of tny fanv
By was taken with .
Small pox. I used the
Fkud ; the patient waa
apt delirious, waa sot i
pitted, and waa about '
the house agala la three i
weeks, end no others
had U.-J. W, PAa '
: aona refreshed and
Bed Sorea prevent
ed by bathing with
Darbrs Fluid.
Impmro Atr made
harmless and purified.
For Sore Throat it is a
- sure cure.
Coatarton destroyed.
For Fronted Feet,
Chilblains, Piles,
CUaSug-, etc.
Khenuiailam cured.
Soft White Complex-
Ions secured hr its me.
inaow, inuaoeiprita. .
Ship Fever prevented.
To purify the Itrcath,
Cleanse the Teeth;
' It caa't be surpassed.
Catarrh relieved aad
- cured.-
Eryslpelaa cured,
Scars preveated.
Iryseatery etued.
Wound healed rapidly.
Seurry cured.
Aa AaUdote for AauasJ
.or Vegetable Poisons,
M, Stings, etc
: I used the Fluid during
. eur present affliction with
Scarlet Fever with de
cided advantage. It Is
indispensable to the sick
- room. Wat. F. Samd
VOKD, Eyrie, Ala.
. The physicians here
use Darbya Fluid my
successfully in the treat
ment of Di phtheria.
A. StOAxaMwaacK,
Tetter dried ap. .
Cholera preveated.
Ulcere purified aad
In esses of Death k
should be used about
-the corpse- it will
prevent any unpleaa
ant smell. - .
- The eminent Fhy.
aiclan, J. MARIOX
SIMS, M. New
Fork, says: "I aai
convinced Prof. Darbyi
Prophylactic Fluid is a
valuaLle disiniecunt,
VsnderhUt UciversltT, KathvlUo, Tenn.
I testify to- the most excellent qualities of Prof.
Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and
detergent it is bo;h theoretically and practically
super.or to any preparation with which I am ac
quamud. N. T. Urros.Prof. Chemistry,
-parhya Fluid la Kocommended hy
Jion. Albx as dbn 1 1.' Strch kns, oi Georgia '
Rev. Chas. F. Daatss, CD., Church Sf
Strangers, N. Y.t y
Jos. IfCoNra. Columbia. Prof., University ,S.C
Rev. A. J. BATTLa, iW., Mercer Universityi
Rev. Cao. F. Piekcc, Bishop Id. E. Church,
Perfectly harmless.! Used internally or
externally for Man or Beast.
The Fluid has been thoreushly tested, and we
have abundant evidence that it has done everything
here claimed. For fuller information get of your
Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, -tw
J.U. Z EI LIN A CO., H- '
ManufcctanngChetnirts. PHILADELPHIA.
tTKMA4 X1A,. r..i. O. ntT J m . Tf-.
w -ww 1
. voueea, aeas, iuce,
-r ei . . .
uran, oyrups, and lour Kinoror x,ew
cd or Green at 10 cents per-pound.
Best 10 ct. Sugar. Try It.
;; dOiphtheria
: Prereatcfl
Scarlet Perer
CurecL. I
- ,
Wei ! Failed !!
The attention of Farmers and the gener
al public is culled to the fact that -
nas opened a First Class FAMILY GRO
CERY STORE, next door toBl&ckrW -&
Taylor's Hardware, where he will keep a'
full lineal fresh goods, such as Flour, Meal,
Bacon, Salt, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, fcc. ;
Also a fresh and complete stock of ' "T
and Fancy Groceriss. . 'C t
Will pay the highest cash priccsfor But
ter, Eggs, Chickens, and all saleable coun
try products. , -V . s
January 18, 1883 1 14:3m.
Wa gon-M aklng.
We are prepared to do any kind of
work at our Shop on Lee" Street, (W, jl.
if .. L-. M.i i 7.V i
t i a vim .iaxiti.
HORSE SHOEING- and all kinda
Blacksniithing donc promptlv and with ex
pedition. Repairing of Carrites. Butfiea
and Wagons done nromntlr and in fimt.
cIass 8tJr,p- Tainting and finUhingf fine
work will he done by W. M. Barker. '
All wc-isk is a triah
Jan. 10, 1883.
URKons OF voutii.
A ENTi.KMAx who suffrrt-d U'rjvnt
Nervw:K Df.ntL.irr. Pbiiatck 1,'n iv 1
?nd f 11 'K 4 J? -f '05,,.hfMl "M,,r '. will
1I ho need il, the recu and direction for
roakinS ih-iwpl'e'r4bsly br width he was
ucred. SuSVrcr wiil.tng la nrofit by the ad-
vertiMentexuericnctr cuii doau tv addreiBatnein ; '
Itrfwl tt.iiUJence. j'OIf R. OGDEX,
...... iisly.; . Cedar Kl-New York
- ! i
; I
y i

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