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it "T "1
W atcnman.
Think just a moment! It may be greatly to your profit
Xo Buy Your
from one to whom you can sell your cotton, fcc. I have now ready aud am selling j
every uay lor cash, or on time to suit my customers,
On. Voyage frcm Wilmington, N. C,
Towards Tuesta, Austria, Dee. 18,
linn mm m ruii.i,
which is the best acid sold in the State beyond -doubt. Also, the
which stands so high in Georgia and South Carolina that they pay $1 p'-r ton more for
it than for other brands. But I will sell at a small profit to meet prices of other brands.
Also, I have the best
These Goods for Composting, &e., arc the very best that can be got anywhere. There
is none better. Call at once, get-prices and put in your orders.
If we? you had a showing for fine prices, it is in
the crop of Tobacco to be planted this year.
X j j j
I 3
1 1
We keep a store, and strive to have in that store everything a farmer would like
to buy, both for himself and his family. We want our customer to be a cheerful man,
ami if he has money in his purse he will be cheerful; but he can't be if, when he comes
to sell his' crop, it brings him little or nothing. Everybody knows that on the fertilizer
he uses, allowing the season to be at all favorable, depends the result of his crop, and
this being the case, he hafc-no riht to risk that crop On anything that has not been
tried aud proved. The following will show what has been "'tried and proyed," in the
fertilizer way, on tine tobacco, and Major Raolakd, of Halifax county, Ya., the great
'tobacco authority, aud grower of gedigree tobacco seed, js the man who tells about it.
If anybody ljioic$ what tobacco is he certainly does:
"There are several brands of fertilizer manufactured specially for tobacco, differing
in composition, price, and merit f and after repeated experiments with, most, if not all
the best, the author gives it as his decided opinion, that for fijic, bright, silky tobaccc
On a bright cold morning in De
cern ber when a keen Nor'wester
was causing the fortunate possessors
of topcoats to button them up more
closely, a jovial party was clustered
around the roaring, cherry stove in
the snug cabin of the "Minnehaha,"
These persons were not unreasona
ble pleasure seekers, but were voya
gers from Wilmington, to that sandy
city by the sea which bears the wild,
weird name of Smithville, and thence
to lands beyond the sea. The party
consisted of a stalwart, handsome
Norwegian captain and his pretty
Norwegian bride, destined to share
with him for the first time the tips
and downs (and they are distressing
ly lively sometimes) of a sailor's life,
a jovial little barrel-shaped German,
who looked the very personification
of the old adage "laugh and grow
fat," and last but not least several
rosy cheeked damsels of assorted na
tionalities, the daughters of various
captains whose ships lay at Smith
ville. These damsels, judging from
the multiplicity of their parcels, had
been indulging in that great feminine
luxury "shopping,"and were returning
to their vagrant homes. Besides the
cabin passengers there was a little
knot of deck passengers gathered to
gether forrard. These were for the
most part truant "Jacks" who had
run the risk of their captains' ire
and certain punishment for the sake
of a parting glass of grog with some
charming maid with an extensive
capacity for tarry lovers. These des
perately amorous mariners were un
der the convoy of their respective
"old men," and were consequently a
lugubrious looking party. In about
three hours after leaving Wilming
ton, the Ville de Smith hove in sight.
As we steam between the monstrous
vessels lying at and o there was n
; lusty hailing of ships by the passen
gers of the Minnehaha, and a simul
taneous dipping of fl:igs aboard ti e
j crafts whose commanders u"comman
i dertsses" were among our number.
! "Echo ahoy !" Rialto ahoy !" 'Tolan-
dra ahoy !" rent the air, aud by the
! time we reached the wharf a lively
' race was ensuing between the gi-is of
j the different ships, trying which
j should first reach us. After a good
j many ejaculations by the boat's crew,
induced by the specific gravity and
general unman getblenessof my Sara
toga, we pulled off' and in ten min
! utes were alongside the great black
hull of the Rialto. This vessel had
been ami was destined again to be
tor many months my home my pris
on, and "guiendube ?" my funeral
pyre, ore sepulchre, for as Bill Arp
says of womankind, with knowledge
gained by experience, ships "are va
riegated and peculiar" in their ac
! tious. My hand was srrasned in the
cordial but excruciatingly vigorous
welcome of "Min Herr Styrmoud"
Jargensen. This hearty "velkom
men om bord" assured me that I was
at home again. All morning we
worked hard endeavoring to get the
remainder of our stores on board be
fore ebb tide. In the afternoon a
strong south wester effectually termi
tinder the demonstration of feminine
rule, u rely it would not be daunted
by the absence of feminine apparel.
The young "Fro," after much per
suasion disappeared - into an inner
state room whence shortly emerged,
clad in glowing blushes and a hybrid
attire which seemingly added more
to her confusion than her comfort.
After the well being of the outer
man had been secured, a diminutive
tow headed cabin boy made his ap
pearance at the door and disgorged a
string of gutterals, "Versagod Fruen
og Herreu teen er fardig," (If you
please, ladies and gentlemen, tea is
ready.) We adjourned to the dining
salon to partake of a typical Scandi
navian repast, consisting of black
bread, white bread, Norwegian smok
ed salmon, preserved fish roes, a
mysterious and utterly undefinable
parcine preparation. Ost, a kind of
cheese which smells like Vesuvius in
eruption and compared with which
Cimburger is aromatic with other
dishes too numerous to mention and
too hard to spell. Scandinavians
never drink tea or coffee at their meals
but always after. At the conclusion
of the meal we all arose aud bowing
to our host, said "Tak fer mad"
(thanks for the food,) after which we
repaired again to the inner salon.
Capt. B. is a B. A. of the Royal
Christiana Institute, and the master
of eight modern and two ancient lan
guages. He is also an accomplished
musician, and favored us with a
charming selection from his "reper
toire." Now a gem from Strauss,
now a snatch from II Trovatare, or a
bit from I Puritani or La Somnam
bula, then the spirited strains of a
national anthem. Most strikingly
beautiful and characteristic are the
Folkgesang, and some pieces from
the Scandinavian lieber. One does
not require to be told that these
heart songs had their birth in the
land of the sea kings, the land of
Odin and Thor. The spirit of that
far away peninsular runs through the
whole. Now we hear the sullen Arc
tic waves as they break upon that
iron bound coast, now the rush and
scream of the circling sea gulls, again
the shriek of the wintry gale as it
sweeps with resistless fury over snow
ed by a long line of milky foam.
Clearly there was no chance for the
Rialto to unfurl her white wings that
day. We abandoned ourselves to
another day of weary waiting. The
next day was as gloriously bright as
the most exacting mariner could de
sire. All over the harbor was heard
the joyous songs of the sailors, and
the clank, clank, of the windlasses as
uie -outwaru hound" hastened to
take advantage of the favoring breeze.
Long ere the rosy fingers of the god
dess of the dawn had drawn aside
the sombre hangings of her couch,
the Rialto had spread her snowy
wings to the gen fie N. W. breeze,
and was speeding toward the land of
sunrise. On crossing the bar we
found ourselves in the midst of a
fleet of vessels. Some eager ones,
catching the first whisper of the long
ed for breeze, had gone out in the
early watches, "while stars their vi
gils kept," and were now towering
clouds of gleaming canvas. Others,
mistrustful of the propitious elements
had waited to see what came in Au
rora's train. From their decks came
the "ohantants" of the slothful mari
ners as they "sheeted home the top
sails," or shook out the folds of the
To be Continued.)
The Political Side Show Business.
The Liberal and Republican Stale ex
ecutive committees met at Raleigh the
sa me day last week and each issued a
call for its State convention to meet the
ltif May. The mode of procedure
already adopted shows that the pitiful
farce of two years ago is to be enacted
again this year. Under the direction of
Dr. Mott, his obedient servants will meet
in convention under ouc name, nomina
te candidates, adjourn, meet again un
der another name and endorse what they
did before. Republicans who are not
ashamed of being Republicans will call
themselves Republicans. They again,
with those who are ashamed of it, will
call themselves "Liberals." All will
I subscribe to the same platform and sup
port the same caudidatcs, State and
uational. We suppose these tactics are
not designed to fool any one. They are
adopted, no doubt, for the purpose of
giving those persons lately Democrats,
who are ashamed of their Republican
A. 1 . .
! associures, me onnominirv to co-onerate
with them without taking their name
outright. If this is the idea it is un
doubtedly a very neat paving of the way
Maternal reasoning: Old Mr. Plnggers
, . . IjOok liere, Mrs. Snas,
find . a....; i , c i
",l3 mice mat oov of
thrown rocks at me !
yours has
about time
you ought to know how he ia coinc on
Mrs Snnns Vo f.. Ill i .
. xi 1 '"Bgrrs, out you
know, Mr. Ploggers, there aie other boys
who in row rocks! It hurt my boy
alone !"
a week at home. $5 outfit tree. Pay ab
solutely sure. No risk. Capital not re
quired. Header. It you want business
at which uersons nf plrhfr bt- v.m,
or old, can make greatpay aU the Ume they work
with absolute certainty, write for particulars to
H. Uallett & Co., Portland, Maine.
Administrator's Notice!
All persons holding claims against the '
estate of D. S. Cowan, dee'd, are hereby I
notified to present said claims, duly au-'
nienucaiea, ro joscpli u. White, adm r, on
or before the 14th day of February. IS85,
or this notice will be plead in bar of re
covery. And those indebted to the estate 1
will be required to settle as carlv as prac
ticable. JOS. R. WHITE, Adm'r.
Febr'y 14, 1884. 6w:pd
i i i t 1 1 111 ' in ti i iii J I lit; "iij
capped lull and foam capped billow, j for them il)(o tlie Keil0iicau camp aIul
carrying death to the sturdy toilers
of the sea, aud destruction to the
hearts of those who in their sea girt
cottages watch for the coining of
their dear ones. At long intervals
a bright chord reminds one of a sud
den gleam of wintry sunshine reflect
ed from the glittering summits
snow capped mountains. This is
the true music of i attire and of na
ture's children. It is the influence
of these never forgotten strains that
fires the heart and courage of the
Scandinavian wanderer, which fans
the flame of home love, and strength
ens sturdy arms. It is the ever pres
ent memory of these songs of home
and Fatherland that gives to the
if they are willing to associate with the
Republicans upon this basis it is none of
our business what the old line Republi
cans think of their allies who are ashamed
of them. Xiws uv Observer.
At Harrisville, Ind., Friday night,
masked robbers entered the house of
0fj Carl Schultz, killed his son, beat him
auu Ins wile terribly, and stole !j,uuu in
gold. Near Rising Sun, Ind., Friday
night, maskes nieu entered the house of
John Smith and roasted him over a fire
to make him give up his money. He was
found next morning alive, but horribly
On March .'11, the United States treas
ury contained $21 1,000,000 of gold, and
$103,0M',000 of silver; a total of $374,
000,000 of precious metals. The assets
of the treasury were 841)6,000,000. The
bank of England held at the same time
Parties having claims against, or indebt
ed to the China Grove Co operative Asso
ciation, are notified that, by Power of At
torney, the time to settle is limited to Jan
uary 1st, 1885. J M. GRAY, Att'y.
14:tf 3
Total Assets, $710,745.2.
A Homo Company,
Seeking Home atronace.
Term Policies written on Dwcllinga
Premiums payable One halfcash and bal
ance in twelve months.
Salisbury, N. C.
And all Bilious Complaints
Kate to take, ln-in? purely veffetabte; noirriD-IiiK-
Pnctf a cU, AU OriisKists.
obiblron if flio Nurlh thfit
. i j i r ' ! about $rjj.000,000 of coin and bullion.
nHanaiuiinna inn iiniv nt It 1 i . V -
I lllll W 1 J I V IIVV Ulll xj . I - I -J I
and inspires respect for them "where
e'er their wandering footsteps turn.5
Tin.r nr. vor i-ooco tn Invo tlipir Itil'lil
' . i ...... I 11.,. ' , !,., .,...1 n nntiul 1 ..
place, and never abandon the hope j i f iVU""'"3 u,,,
Irtrtll i Jl I V 1 vl i IV VUiii:ica3 inmi Hit
Funny. Everybody knows that
the Internal Revenue influence de-
This Space Reserved
For tl be Sale of
Salisbury, JV. C.
And will completely change tba b!ood ia the entire system in three months. Any
person who will take 1 Fill eccU sunlit from 1 to 13 wceka, may be restored to sound
health, If such a thin be possible. Tcr rVtuilo Complaints these PUls have no equal.
Tbysicians use tbctn for tha urc of T.IVKii rnd KliJNEY diseases. Sold every v hero,
or sent by mail for 25c, in Gtatups. XivoaUrs fi-ec. I. S. Joilsso.S ti CO., Boston. M-ss.
,A ratiirninrr i t 4 h i f v no ; nilfl sfill'!!! i
o -
cursed land so dear to them.
We had ordered our boat for 10
P. M. While merriment and ood
nated our chances of departure for fellowship re.gmug within the J ,
Tobacm Fori ;i; or i.m.or,! i. fiw. 3.. iw...v ; i : ntr fnmnanv Rinhmnnri v lbot.l.. r .nn.ti.!i.n : JScptuoc alio liorcas were inarMiau-
a smx. a y v 1 ' J bllv UUUIIIVI S4 O. tlllllblllg VValS4Jt AttVlllllliU, A M Vl'Ut V I i ? s
And this opinion is based upon seventeen years' trial, and often in competition with the j better we
best of otl
amonor the dsnP, nf Virkii,r I creaking of t tie snip s timueis auu ; Knowixg, AS1) Teaching. Those
bold" and "Norsemen brave?" A I "t,,ud f t,l,e waves against her who first t to look solelyatthe
the neat little ew i 8 war,,c uo studies. They try "to pass an exami-
tlM wavAi elements naa uegun in earner. vr.o , if uccessful consider
It is a tried and proved fertilizer, which the plant- v oil
i . n i . . : , i i .1 i-i. . 4;. .i " - i . i " j .1 r t I .
vu use nuiinui uie risK oi gelling someiiimg unsuiieii 10 it is tiop; huh inercioru i
can recommed it with confidet ce."
Messrs. Mathews & Williamson, of Reid s ville, N. C, wrote the following to the
Company, and state that they have seen nothing since to change their judgment.
"From our own pctsonal experience, and it covers a long time, in watching the re
sults from the use of various brands of commercial fertilizers handled in this section, it
our mature judgment that the 'ANCHOR BZL2L2KD' stands at t he head of all
for the production of 'fine, tsfll-yjyeUott tobacco. The plant seems to receive more fitting
nourishment from the use of this article than from any other, and we arc of opinion
that if our farmers made it their stand-by, we would hear less of light chaffy tobacco,
having some color but no body, and tliat the farmer would realize the result he ought
to enjoy from his labor; for low-grade tobacco will not bring big money."
Now we want you to have '"big money" for your crop; because wc not only desire
you to make good" bills with us, but pay for them when they are made; hence wc han
fc the-'Anchor Brand,' ad will supply you, in quantities to suit, direct from the
factory. We don't want people to abuse us about their fertilizer; we, therefore, sell
0Iily what time has shown to be the best. So, make no arrangements in this Hue, until
J"hi see or confer with us. You certainlv can't afford to take any risk this vear.
. k w ill lieu 111 PUIIICllI I llii . i . . riM l I C
e went visiting. May I tell i . Jhr 1,,fmek f
r an afternoon J spent wind through the naked spars, the
' I Mr 1. a ntm I in allin'a lllll !llll
iStatesville District, and it really did
sound funny when Mr. York an
n ou need from his scat in the House
of Representatives, the other day,
that he was in fa' or of abolishing the
Internal Revenue. CItarlole Democrat.
of the men on the lookout announc-
their troubles over. This autumn a
I will have this Season in larger quantity than ever before, the old relia
Worii s pleasure to sell this brand because it pleases. And one fact
'thy of notice is, that it has increased in sales the last two years, which no other
rnu has done in this market. Also, I will have
which is one of the favorites of Cabarrus farmers.
suecfi'i111 stan any higher with them, and we all know that they are good and
lssiui tarmers, and especially raise fine large crops of Cotton.
And to accommodate my friends and customers, I will keep on hand a fullstock of
kt ll0Ur' rD' Mea1, atS' COttn SC -d Meal' Bran Ship Stuff' Dacon' Classes, Salt
jt,mt 1 wU1 sel1 for cash or barter very low. Ahso, will sell on time,
HTHave a small lot of prime CLOVER SEED. -
, ,ull J D GASKILL.
; luvr.i L'y.iv ci.i. jit i uuiio v areiiuubv in iojad ni'ur i.oijiu- w iuni
short pull in
which flew swiftly
inn. L ii ini 1 lit? ( I n 1 4 mm c-l i'i i I a i i
ticaio iiic y inu iipi atiutsro ui , .
w . I 1,, . - mm, 11 iM ft Ifr.CLftl t''IU
four sturdy "blue Jackets," brought Mi wilh 'wUiM ,ig,l!g. Upon hundred thousand persons will begin
us to the Norwegian barque 'jEeho, S hiformed us their teaching from this point of view.
oounu, iiKe t ie rt.auo, ror i r.esie. - - ur boat's crew was with them They have answered certain questions
We were cordially received. by Capt. I , , , ,-i .1 , , . c . J i .
H and his bride whom we nrevail- i and wou,d rema,n unhl liet 1 ,rn , ul m arithmetic, grammar, geographj,
H., and ins uride, whom we prevail- .d Abjut 12 t, invested with a cer-
ed upon to accompany us on our vis- , . . j . , eiL" inimvcu v
itorial round. The breeze had fresh- U8 a,m.08t 'ff tificate and the work begins. Now one
i 1 1 i 1 nnil th ' 'liifrrv f'i i'i iu cnt p1 '"S agdlllS ie I B , insf lc admitted : not all
" ' . . . :r . I liompward trio contained all lue ele- i' " ......
waves were beginning to roll threat- . rJ. r T.
, .i u j j- i ments of discomfort, it was pieic-
eningly across the bar and distrub . , , ., , ...
. &, i . -4. r i-..i ing cold, the waves ran nigh,
the placid waters within. Our little ! s ' a . . . .,
r utll..!. ... 1 . 1 .... flncsli.iirr tlir, null tll(
boat laden to the gunwales with hu-i l,,e" 7, W "
man freight began to indulge in some
surprising antics ; now dancing gaily
upon the milky crest, now making
an exploring dive into the dark
trough of. the waves th a manner far
who know a thin ran teach that thing.
True, it is the common opinion that
you can teach a thing if you know
that thing, but this is a mistake. To
know a thing is one thing; to possess
the art of teaching that thing is anoth
er iiffiiir Tf a man owns a boat it
E3 3 gjfiXn !T? KS: :: r : C-n. Ar.ltn. Bronchitis; Ncnral-
A r4 H fa Sa Sj H k! . ... -- t iiluiuiaoiim. Johnson s axo-
nlafii M D ;- s i-.k i.!M3:KNT(rerrrttri
-1mm 1 LI r- '1 . 2 rsX ' ' ,-' ? ' " W,H ,!l"!,:'t:,n-,,u,r rtiune n. t.. t.-mui
1 Sa K -tr tfVi I J ( -5 C t L 1 1 " - ' ' u'"1 PUvely care nine cues
j F3 r3 M H fe.1 M H Ti t - ' . - ' '..- " ' l"''ntwn tfial f.ivr maiiT
:i ia Letter than cure.
JOHNSON'S ANOOYHa l-5?a5b:ir;T rw-s. wmxz. ciwdint at the Uum own.
ness, llarkiur Coiiirh, Wiior(iir.T' t'hn.;.ie li.'i i ios!. lt'r-rr. ! ;!rra ?!'.irbu. Kldnrr IrouUc, aud
l)iseasc of Uie Spine. Sold everywhere. C irrttliirs fre-. I. S. 'oi; NSoN ,k Co.. Ucston, Mais.
It Is a w
Eorsc and
try is worthless
rowuer is aosi
pli-knnwn fact that nt fho m fTJ S'i F V rZ f-CJ
Cattle li.wilr S..I4 in this rmiii- LJ.j f' I 1.1 f. 3 $1
hless; that Sherldan s O.nnition S4"." J,', Lrf l gfl (Xg
Ta b sis
W n PI m-m mmW
Nothing on Earth will make hens
lay like snritian suonainon row.
Amr. Don. one teaanoonfnl to each Dint of
food. It will also positively prevent and care I D"? Cholera, &c. Sold everywhere, or sent hy mail trV. la
mmmj MBM fu mwm, m. i stamps, r uriusnea in isnre can,pnc. uy man. ai.JU.
VnlVIVbll Wil W mm nni I cucuurs tree, I. & juujj. s cu, outum.
Dec. J20, lss;. 10:ly
Oi l Kit
Gave to the eager, training eye
A wild and shifting light."
Our little egg shell ef a boat was
tossed about in a most unceremoni
ous manner. After two hours of does not follow that he can sail it; an
from assuring to nervous constitu- pHnpr:ite rowim? we reached the nrtnr hoonrv is not a phvsician. There
tious. She suddenly capped the cli- pace where we had left the "Echo." j trreat ce between knowing and
max oi tier iau oeiiaviour liy pre- Mirabile dictu! bhe was gone! Uia-gea j teachin(r.7V(,, 's Institute (X. Y.)
seiuing ner uroaosiue 10 a great green jier anchor? ana ariltea iar oui niio
monster which speedily rushed in, 1 tie durkuess ! Here was a nice state
thereby dampening the ardor and at- 1 0f affairs. A bride to go out for an
tire of the occupants. Fortunately ; afternoon call and find when she re
the unwelcome Neptunal salutation turned that her house had drifted
was made when we were near our oft'! When we did come up with
destination. In a few moments after : the vessel we had delicate manuver
the whole party was snugly enscous-' Jug to get alongside without being
ed in the warm cosy salon of the hurled against the ship. After safe
Tros. The hospitable commander J y disposing of our fair passenger we
was soon exploring his marine ward- joyfully laid our course for the Rial
robe in quest of suitable attire for to.
his bedraggled guests. Unfortunate- j Xhe first sound which greeted our
ly however the mystery of femine ears the next morning was the roar
drntu rv was one which (rood Cant. nf(l.a KnaL-r Turning our eves
. j o 1 VS. W I.Ij O . . .
t 1 l i it .1 . t-: ;..c,4- ..n n-Iwirtr is osirnoi '
JJ. iiau ue-.ei suiviu, uu w ueii grawaru we COUIU seo meiu uasmiig wacmiis. juoi, " o it ilOttOlli" PHC
his eve fell unon the driimioer bride anirrilv on the bar, piling up the aiomr bv the mighty under-current and 1
4 r , j B .
Pwrovat. TxFi.rEXCE. If vou hold
some perfumery within your hands and
clasp them ever so closely over it still
some will steal forth and be felt by all
about you, In like manner every per
son has a moral power within him
he cannot hej exerting. He cannot
shut this within him so tightly that it
will not escape. It is not what a person
tries to be that influences others; it is
what he really is. He influences by j
his character and not by his outward
1 Elias Howe Leather Machine, - - - $15.00.
2 18-inch arm for heavv Leather, (good as new,) 40.00.
Original cost $125.00.
4 New Family Singer Machines, - -'t $10 to $15.
3 American No. 1, - - Jt $10 to $15.
- - - $12.00.
some but" warranted to do good
2 Wheeler & Wilson.
2 Home Shuttles,
-1 Weed, - - -The
above have been used
We also sell the
New Davis,
his countenance lengthened visibly, gleaming froth, and casting the spray j8
As his bold spirit had never quailed high in the air. The bar was defin-
quailed high
but slightly influeaced by the sur-
ice flow.
American and
Hoyal St. John's
warranted for 5 years and guarrantced to give

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