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i - - - - . ' , ! ... .. - , ,
8AU&UBY. II. C. H4BCH 2ft 1885.
i r 3 - - - 11 m ii i - i - -
PRY'S , i!
Li and Indigestion-
M.i Ji-lit l r , -
An Awful Heresy.
It seems to be the opinion of the
curious nev President that govern
raent employees cannot earn their sal
eries; with their heels on their desks,
and the introduction into ashington
Sooth Carolina Presentation.
A Suaaatio to Which the President Made . injud
a Hetponse. i
Washington, March 14. -T. Stobo Far
row, clerk of the Sooth Carolina Senate,
a . ad 4
lit firecorv : i mreuy w. ij
of the novel idea thfat a man must by special appointment called on Preti
work id order to draw a salary will dent Cleveland this afternoon, and, in
much distress
i . . ... Ut hnnefit to inrself k
StS Oiiniend it to other, fly good day's
Vte Wrking until ni
I Member N. C. Legislature. &
:1 r i 1 A farmer 8 hired
Ij-; s -i
tlli.L.Xn- tn the talae of Jtoot
tlL I have used it with West
&W recommend it to an one
nSflyifyepsia, indigefitnon and a
Siib of lim and bowels, i
ifif . D. A. JENKINS,
N. C. State .Treasurer.
McAden and T O Smith &
and J JI Enni?, Sal-
. . ;
Ruuwii - :
doubtless occassion
among the unfortunate idlers in the
government departments. Chicago
A merchant's clerk or -book -keeper
is expected and required to do a fair-
Avork many of themj
ne o'clock at night,
man works from sun
to sun, with an hour's interval at noon.
If the new ion with tbes
facts brfore ttTem:viU require all clerks
and hirelings in government ofiSees to
comply with similar blerk's rules, they
will not have a chance to set their heels
on tops of desks, lean back and smoke
i cigars.
I would prompt even ; mbre strenuous
hostility to this i I lad vised step of his
. iniudieions friends. For, sir, is it not
an imputation upon the honor of the
leading soldier of the I victorious side
to infer that he would take a service
pension (and, say what yon will, it is
not hint- more or less while one is re
fused even to ft meritorious drummer
boy, whose rat-a-tat sounded charge
or checked retreat in the great armies
Perhaps had my lot been cast on
this side of the Potomac instead of
the other I might add that few have
illustrated in their own person the
force of the antithetical aphorism,
"Gratitude is the danger, the curse of
Better the Oatra of Athens or the
Tarpeia of Koine to curb the uudue
and dangerous popularity of a favor
ite than the eratitude which would
the name of Governor Thompson, presen-
KtS ich hele.dT AVhattter right the prompt a freestate to 'establish a per.
eral Assembly of Soatb Carolina in favor first man t,an tneasiaa a ser- mcious preceaeni ,n n,s oenait.
f T f , ti.-. P..wnt vice pension ? And I repeat, disguise Mr. Speaker, I believe I am with-
rewncu m. ... ... j , -- .
extended to him a cordial welcome. He
said he had already heard of the Sonth
TU AVaektown & ClSCiSN ATI
t BicKFyiti) & Huffman
Gram and Guano Drills.
rJivv's Kiding aud Walking
elefoipli Straw, Cutters,
I itiM
Carolina civil service resolutions aud was
exceedingly gratified to receive tbeiu.
He said they bad particularly attracted
S his attention because, they were adopted
by the Legislature about the same time
his' civil service letter was given publici
ty. Continuing, he said he fully appre
ciated and would treasure them because
he had already learned that South Caro
linians aro an active and progressive
It may be out of fashion, bnt J JPe witb Weaa fallj abreast of the
J - I timaa fv 'P-irnvw VAlitlirpfl tll remark
1 JP v r
men urawing irom wic w Uiiat true
i i 1 1 ,
saim aouars. a Jear "UUIU
comniensurate service.
Civil-Service Heform in the South.
civil service in South Carolina
meant the removal of the incumbents of
nearly all the Federal officers in the
State. The President replied, that he
hoped to remedy the evil at the proper
time The interview was brief but very
satisfactory to the bearer of these resu
lt were invidious to Kve to the ception of two or three of his retiring
first and withhold from the second, Presidential predecessors, so far from
and so on to the last. Carried out their being men of wealth, there was
to its legitimate conclusion, and so far not one of them that could be called
from being cursed with a redundant moderately well off. The list in-
ii.'fnii anil nvMv hlethoric treastirv. eludes the Saere of Monticello. author
aa we now are, unless wacyrtai led our I of the Declaration of Independence,
prohibitory tariff ott rnanyv;artic)e9, 1 aiid coadjutor of the bill of rights,
there would soon be a4 lamentable de- land by , co nmon consent the wisest
ficieucy. Therr is nothing like a fat political thinker of the New World
nension-roll to nake a lean treasury. I if not of the world. He died almost
Good soldiers in war, synonym in in penury and left his family desti-
ti me of peace for good citizens, are, 1 1 tute.
am sure, onuosed to such a wholesale! And there was his neighbor, Madi
bankrupting spoliation bill as one for son, deep, learned, tfidatic, and ab
general service pensions imports. struse, whose counsels had almost
Again, Mr. Speaker, the passage of contributed to shape that inspired in-
.1 I I ? A !HU.J.AJH miliArtta M.tB4 I . n n ! wfr
tills Dili, ay, lis liliruiiuviiuU ou ujevto buuiuuui, icvcrcu uy win ones iica
the recipient of its benefits to the im- to the Bible, the Constitution of oui
nutation of avarice, the besetting sin country. He, too, died a poor man
of senility and littleness, from which They both had a neighbor, who was
true greatness has ever been supposeu leaned to tue tame exalted post wnicu
to be exempt. Of a surety, Mr. Speak- they had filled. He it was who dared
er, it is not the soldier vice. On the to flaunt in the faces of -the potentates
contrary, quite the reverse." For near of the Old World his "doctrine,"
Baltimore Sun.
That President Cleveland has a cor- lutious.
rect appreciation of the evils from
which thfrneonleof many ot theCMitn- SPEECH OF; HON. W. J. GK12EN
ern States have been . sune
years, in the wholesale" corru
the civil service in the interest
cenary place hunters and spoilsmen, j i with ereed
is shown in his answer to the comrais- r g.)eaer. At the risk of bein e er ce the great Marlborough, "lit- ot all his successors.
.1 ." -a a I . . I 1. .1 I T
ring ior - mil ln Authorzs Additional two hundred years we read ot no greai wnicu, consioenng tne urae, woum
ptionof App0intmeni8 on the Retired List of English speaking soldier who has tar- be thought impudent if it were not
of mer-1 tu p a rmu uished his epauleta or his escutcheon sublime, and made by force of public
of gain. Ay, Mr. Speak- sentiment the recognized "doctrine
sioners entrusted with the presenta- tilrtilt ' i1Iiri:ail ftr ntmmnns nr of tie Jack Cbnrchill," bartered a sister s stn
tion of an engrossed -copy of the Sonth :mnutation Gf motive. I am im- honor, not to speak of his owu, for for
,i ; i.. ... i a l l a t i i . a
iteines and Boilers,
uw: and grist hills,
'"' t i ... . . w . . i . . . - n II
?hgine!anl JJoimr Jittinga wuub, the dismissal ot all,
artrid-e , Wads and Cap j M officc h()1(,er
nhitShbt, Dynamite Fuse and In- ,
AT 1 , W ' 1 A
Carolina jesrisiaiure couiiueuuiii ms ji i u.. r A mv i nounas. oence ana
. ., . ,. mi' " pencil uy a ecuac wi uij w r ; .
civil service policy, xhe assertion Joice and enter protest agaiut the er, with "an itch
of South Carolina s representative that ftp.iIA hill n.ulpr onnshleration. the scoff aud scorn
promotion, a sol
ing palm" has been
of soldiers. There
He died among
strangers, and there too he was buried,
reason why, he left not the wuere-
the application of civil service princi
ples in South Carolina would involve
. ... a. am
or nearly all ot
erS in that fetaie
elicited from the President the decla-
rationnhat he was fully aware of the
Abuses from which outh Carolina, in
company witn oiner oouiiiern oiaie,
bad suffered, and that a remedy would
be provided at an early day. litis is
V. SMlTHDEAL. civil service reform of a practical kind,
which will be hitMiiv annreciated in
' O ij .
the South, but jt is hot the sort of
"reform" which federal office holders
are anxious to have adopted by the
new administration.;
with to pay hearse-hire back to his
loved Virginia. Virginia brought him
home and gave him a cubit ot earth.
j4icil Shjovcls and Spades, Biiildin
htrmihM else usually leapt, in irsi viass
mpJemt-nt Stores. Lnave on hand
tlf nf t)OVP. oner UiriU ior iuc
vWiAor less money than thej have ever
UsuW in bls country
I but anticipate the charge of section- has been, there may be, there will be, And after a pause, stalks on and off
al hostility which such opposition is free lances and soldiers of fortune, who the Presidential stage that sturdy,
sure to engender. Full well I know are willing to pit blood 'gainst boun- self-poised, self-reliant and ;benling
ih. .istf. of v hailincr from ty. and who demand equivalent after, nature, most aptly called "Old Htcko-
i tt i. u: :
ry, wuu iuil ins luiincso uu ms ec
IUV UliaUCI Ul WUJ tuimuun t , i ...... .-I'll I i .1
. .i i i f i i I .wKnn.,l I id timnlv n n iims1 irn I nnrt the ntri RllfCCOtlltltr and the aeS
who dare oppose tins anu Kiuareu cuuaiigwwi pirrv - -- -o t o
I i t . . i I r KUfn.' viU Pf nnmilri TloUltn auond as tew have done in the
measures, are name to misconsiruci-1 wiwi " rr? "t, i -
ion aud certain of vituperation. getty. liut while barter may oe par- (Uonciuaea on xnapage.j
But, sir, no man is worthy to oc- douable m a fclnlock,; where even a - g
cupy a seat on this floor who permits pound of living humin flesh ts in- fi permission of Bishop Baltes, of
himsel! to be tongue-tied Dy sucn pu- vuivcu, .u . vB,uS, Alton the old bell belonging to the
erile, personal considerations. God ig ma nation idovhere he con- - at Kaskaskia, Bh, cast
knows I am actuated by no latent. en- s.derauon is uu, o u, . --... . . 1711 , , . .
It was the
whether the first was spilt or simply
S-tibbury,Oct. 23, "$4.
1111 01 T
r " It".: 1 l - I.
' . How Vilas is Besiegred.
The worst besieged man in Mr. Cleve
land's cabinet is Mr.I Vilas. He is one
of the newest in public life and he is
l Fancy him to whom yon prouu pue
bau.w... -n .-n . - . i -..I...J I xt ri "C1 r,:i: ; T-
this and kindred measures. JNeither was but yesteraay couipieieu, siuuu- new wneaus iaapuBiwmu "
do I believe that others like situated ing like suppliant or mendicant in first bell west of the Alleghany
are so actuated. yonder aisie, eimer m person ur uy
Brave inen bear no malice after a proxy, hat m hand ; and begging re-
fair fight, an honest hand shake, and cognition for service rendered, iiaa
a genuine make-up. The opposite is the abject picture ever been present-
on im v certain. Ihe sku ker and the ed to a couuiry s swih wc ouau
" ; . . 1 I C! srtTiu lta
.1 AM KA hniintu nimnoi onl ttia I UPVPr Iieen flCULCll. : UUWII was wiv
tains, and has been in use in the parish
of Kaskaskia for the past 140 years.
i i : ? i wi. liiu w mt aaa j mja, u mAj l uu M - i.ii r iiiiiiiilv a ii mi liic aaw4
4fOR CASH (ft OH TIME, thrown right into the thickest of the contractor, the home guardthe back-, claim of Scylla, "the man slayer" who
' I . ... . i it I I ..I... M.1IH thni tulnoli hA mm
rises in the morning until he goes to whom, fke tne war-noiss in noiy wui- m. -
J C I . .V . . 1 . I I . . 1 i f I.I A. . Mill I
aiar ucsncu.
twenty Aurelius, the grandest figure in an-
To 13 m classes ot purchasers, we have made
baitments to Sell these celebrated Wagons elth-
f er asittroa lonj ttw. So all who need wagons
-wetCiUaadsceussoon; I s
jonN A. BOYbE Agent,
i ' - i-
bed at night he is pursued. He is oblig- Wri.M s"ufff, l,.,e b1ult,e irom
urn imn amll P 111 llMtP. PVPI1
ed to steal into the department after V 'a-a a 1 oIphi Rtorv. did not. he could not have
- . years .tliei guiia n.c gluui.ucu aim oa- v. -f r
six o clock to get time to sign his oft- : sheathed. Every side in every done it. Anstides was a citizen ot
mi . . I - t -. - I 11
Ihere are two ante-rooms to ef p,,,,Ip turns ont thpse va mouth-
cial mail.
his main office. They are kept filled ers and strutters ; harmless as doves
all day long. If Mr. Vilas were tore- in war, but mischievous as serpents in
rivp PVPrvhodv that came without cards peace, or, as John Fhceuix has it,
Athens, and had rendered some ser
vice to the State, j He died the purse
bearer of the State!. He lived in
John Phceuix has it, penury and died a pauper, and was
Borr money than at anything else by taking phis room would be packed to suffocation.
m mitsv. lur lur ursv acuiuxvuua. wui. xrr- t l lit." " "J
nz l
ifi xee4 erandlr. None fall. Terms free.
. I IIallitt Book Co,, Portland, Maine.
.n.1t-ly i
t " I! .
3 jo til klads of watches, clocks, - ft c, and at
;vUrlePrtce9- Leave and get your watches at
Keudlenran's Store. Salisbury ; and try I he
county. k. l.. buow n
by ;the chief clerk.j The next room
beyond this is the main ante-room,
THE-BEST SMITH 1 HI where two colored messengers are sta
tioned to receive general visitors. In Mr
Vilas' room the Senators and members
are permitted to go without any intro
duction or form. As a necessary con
sequence this room is also crowded with
members of Congress, ; who are sitting
around with as anxious faces as the
AT THE HEAD! people in the most distant ante, room.
I sat beside the chief clerk this morn
ing and watched him open his mail for
several moments. Nearly sit pr seven
hundred are received every day for offi
ce. ,J3ome of these applicants are very
funny. Every now. and then an appli
cant incloses his photograph us the
proof positive of -his virtues. Every
one of these applications is uput on file."
I asked the chief clerk his object in fil
inc allthese applications. He said:
"We dare not put one of them in the
waste-basket. We file every application
under classified heads, so that when the
question of deciding the appointment
of a postmaster for a certain "place
comes upwe take up every . applicant
who has put in a claim for that posi
tion. If we did not we would get into
a great deaTof trouble. W ashington
Cor. X. Y:World:
"soldiers in peace, citizens in war.
But take "the soldiers in our terrihc
strife, and I venture to say that since
the first recorded battle between bro-
hers in the purlieus of Paradise,
never was there such deadly hate in
1 m-
'Vi !-
acknowledged Leader
eLt ftunninjr.1 )
MffIst Beautiful Wood Work,
' itinqs ot work.
.4 Z
wti warfil i cev fespect,
rekn P" territory.
i'W'lfrnT-.- j Richmond;
oaiubury, N. C.
buried by charity, autl yet no priiice
of recorded time has had his epitaph,
and but few deserved it the briefest,
proudest, grandest ever chiseled by
Apposite to the bill, Mr. Speaker,
Col. Wharton J. Green did a proper
and manly thing when he opposed by
speech and vote the retiring of Grant
upon a big salary. His constituents
ought to remember that. Col. Bennett,
our able Representative, also did his
duty and voted no. Morning Star.
Little drops of printer's ink,
And little typo "displayed,"
Make our merchants princes,
With all their big parade.
Little bits of stinginess i
Discarding printer's ink-j-
"Bnsts" th mau of business,
Aud aces his credit. j
Stanly Observer.
fl 1 ffl I "9 9" Send six cents for postage, and
II I II I aW receive tree, a cosily box ot goods
14 II I Cm mm which will help you to more mon-
accepted the dread arbitrament of bat
tle with more composure and less com
plaint than tue losing side, of which
I was but an humble component, de
rided as rebels and belied as traitor.-,.
by ;1ieroic "implacable, of genus
Having purchased U. E. IU-id's interest
tho firm of Harris & Rcid, I will contin
ue business at my old stand on Main street.
Thanking my friends and the public for
their liberal patronajje heretofore given, I
shall endeavor to ensure their continued fa
vor by keeping for the trade a coniflete
and full stock of Fresh, First-class
Fine Cigars and Tobacco;
and everything usually kept in my line.
Call and sec me. Respectfully,
Jan. 21, lS35.--3m
Gen. Gordon did not fix his heart's
affections upon earth and its fortunes.
He lookedf beyonxL On the 11th of
September, 1877, when in the Soudan
aud on a perilous expedition, he
wrote thi?: t -
.'God knows what my nnxiety is I
Not for my life, for I died years ago
to all ties in this world and to all its
comforts, houors and glories."
' . Noblo hero! A Christian of the
highest type. A man of faith I Wil.
Star. I -
battle or such mutual rubbing of eyes candor compels the confession that 1 SSStiiSi
and genuine forgivness after the smoke last session did tax my constitutional tortuno opens "S
of baule was dispelled. conscience to its jutmost tension to SSMX
It is an English attribute, and we vote ior a Kinoreti oun iuiuk iuwu
are English. The sword-wearers and more meritorious measure.
the cuu-bearers on the victor side 10 give u ciiiu iu unci.
. B . . . . . . I O i .
held out the right hand ot lellowsliip oouie iwv; yer agu .
and said, "Let us be brothers again." called for an army to uphold the hon-
After such a pass at arms nouc but or ox nis country, xuecan
1 wered. honor was uuhekl. and more
imbued with the spirit of Treedom than an empire added. Ihe rolbol
a 1 ll'l:l :1 1 3 JW kv
could say it. And may I not be par- heroes wno aid ii naa awinuieu uowa
doned tor adding that none have ever to a iracuon. uorne uowu, w hu
wounds, and poyeny, anu age, mis
band . of superannuated heroes did
venture ask aa oboltis of their coun
try. I tried to say f'No," but it was
not in me to do it.
A Democratic House with singular
unanimity accorded it. A Bepubli-
Ti.otf tUrA onrlnrAfl nnrl fr nnin. Can S.'Uate . tllOUirllt prODCr tO Kill 11
ion suffered as no mailed host has ev- with a rider. Now, sir, if these o d
er done as long as the clash of armsl veterans who had given usa lootnoio
nniilinniHl. But when "orimvisa(red
ma f bail mrvrf hnrl wrinlrlArl Trnnf n from ocean to ocean, worn down with
...nt h-w.L- tn thii rl.Miai Ivears. and tottering ou the brink of
hearth stones ; .bearing little of this the grave, are uot entitled to the poor
world's gear, and leaving even their pittauce asked for, upon what pnnci
hate behind! ie ot equity or proprietjrsan young-
As one of that ' fold, realizing full er soldiers in later -Xrs expect a
well that the cherished convictions of recognition ot theijr service in the
earlier years are dead and buried, but manner suggested in this bill ? Judg-
as an American citizen, and as a Iaw ed Irom the auccessiui standpoint, no
maker, too, still wedded to the free man can overrate tne magnitude 01
traditions of my forbears, I venture the work be accomplished,
to raise ray voice, unattuued to elo- But, I repeat, let; us not for his own
quence, in honest and earnest protest sake as well as purs insult him with
against this unprecedented proposi- a pecuniary recompense. Ay, let lis
llOn. it is nut uuuc in uie spirit Ol nut wuig M,M"i" "j
malediction of a confederate soldier, standard. Merit so measured is apt
but of an American; legislator. It is to dwindle in public esteem; to grow
llarorl !n llO r!iriillT Sttirit ff rati r!oi -lim install of bricrhter with advan-
or ; reveuKe lur uiasivu uupes ana i viug jwk -
wanted for The Uvea
of all the Presidents
of the U.S. Thelarg-Mt-
handsotuest. best
But when "grim-visagel on the Pacific and emended our sway 1-
to arrcnts. All Intelligent peopit wantii. aoj
Uaixktt Book Co.
Portland, Maine
dreams dispelled- by the would-be publica are ungrateful ;" but of all , tho undersigned at NO. 2, Granite
Kanaiiniipv rrk i.-ir imin it n i r mpn wnn nivn i iivm ut uicvi. uvu i un
er. that were I his bosom
gard fyr his fair fame and good
friend, re- j has less right tc complain of the in- j Agent for the "CaxdweUThrehr:
jood name gratitude of republics than be; 1 Salisbury, N. C, Jane 8th tf.
II II II f i ;
XJLJLJLiLCLljJLJLo -l; -ii ii'
' - ; . -. ' ; : ,Vil j-ii-fi K I
; - t . ' " , ; , , ' 1 , ; - 'i'--ytw ;
l ' t i ' . ! - - i f - - J ! ik- '
. ? r - . r . no 23
Tou WAjra aoop ; r I '
If illinl I II ifii li II ---i mfl
uuu & u ii u u I
i ii ii ii ii ? -1 j i
III i i
r j .!,(
' " fllVI, RRHNH ' i il
! ill Pin If. 1 ; :; M
; ' , ' f: m-;:-;
s . - ' - I. . i f
and FOR m : : r
i: i - '' :
- 9 J- r
' ' ' : ' ii 1 '
"1.. IS
Tl fj hicb sre the very beat Acids made. j J r.l 1
I v sa ji I u v ' i
L l the coming crop of this couctry ff l
YV " but to make H j ' l
t Toili, Kiel, ail waiy, - f
. I ' (which"it" mutt" be to bringthe best l V. - ll
rZS Jj prices), you must use the old stand by NXTj 1
; MGHOR B8AHD, (f :
Or itbc New and Farorite ' j 1
MT MP 11 J ! 1
U 1 "Look to ytur own intcrett.and
1 buy your Gaanot where you can tell-
r I you Cotton, fcc.. and remember that j
all of above named Gaanot are told U . J ,
J 0ASXLL ; l
i . : s - . ;
: 1 i ' ! -' . - -it' . i ' i'i' 1
: . J.
i it i

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