North Carolina Newspapers

    mhe Carolina Watchman.
HO 49
4-" - HZ i kill watchman, i view, Indeed this is Strange. Sam Jonee' Sayings- iw
. d mm 0 n n ii
H Excursion . from China Orcve to Aihe-, wiT '
viue, Ang. 2U, iocs.
Glad we, she enjoys her honored good
by z ell. t name ; -
u A I or tier goodness and gentleness aie nnk-
W Away to the mountains we swiftlv did co. ed with her fame. Y
As the mountains once around Jerusalem
3 3
9 B
Where the laurel and pines and chestnut
trees grow ;
Our great iron-horse did well keep the rail,
With a string of fine parlors tied to his
At six in the morning we left China Grove,
And up the railway we quickly did move,
With a ride of nine miles we plainly could
The noble old town of Salisbury.-
Here Westward we turned for the "Land
of t lie Skies ff
With the wings of the morning oar engiue
now flies,
O'er river and rill, o'er mountain and
As swift as a bird it went with the train.
The distance to Statesville, our engine
soon makes,
The home of the Robbing, and the nest of
the Drakes ;
And here dwell seme lords of the jug and
the flask
To fill up the kegs, and sit on the cask.
, I - - i m y
The sparkling Catawba we met on his way
From mountain's clear rill to ocean's blue
bay ;
As i ifli as Paetnlas, in Libia's fair land,
It quietly glides on its rich golden sand.
The great Hickory ciry seon came to our
View, y
And hit to westward, the mountains in
This city is built on a high table land,
V. inch makes the surrouudings impress
ive ant) grand.
Thei onward
By BtnkeV Morgatitou, and next MarUm. .
Like lightning and thunder we -harried-,
along, , ,
While Carolina's fair maids were singing
a song.
"Carolina ! Carolina ! the land of t he tree !
W hat Measures ol weal in and Oeanty in
thee !
From vour surf beaten beach to vour
UQ I mountains iu blue.
3 0 No land has more grandeur and glory than
r-4 yowl
, 4 i Xo volcanic thunder from Ball did we
S M hear;
2 f! No smoke did arise to kindle a fear
I lint ti ili.l rn AnliiliiinifflllllV 111 uloirt
Till some one who knew called out "Old
Fort !"
To hold the "Old Fort," we made bo de
tail : - .
For ail of ui "Tars" did stick to the rail,
W here all now sat as mute as a Quaker,
q Q I Till suddenly aroused by the first baby-
Our engine, its signal, for Round Knob
did give;
And soon at that station we safe did ar-
So may the Lord iu his kinduess be near
unto them !
And back to oar homes we safely did go.
And left the blue mountains for plains
far below.
With recollections pleasant our minds
will ever fill,
As we think of the people who dwell at
Our kiitd-haerted Captains did well fill
their place,
Did wait on their patrons with' Chester
field grace.
To go on an excursion for pleasure most
Take A, W. Wiuecoff and Matthew P.
- Cline.
A Jonesboko, Georgia, correspon
dent of the Atlanta "Constitution"
has recently been fumbling over a lot
of old papers that he found in a pine
box iu a lawyer's office, ami among
them he has discovert 1 a letter from
Z. B. Vance. It was written iu 1868
Indeed this is Strange.
A very strange race has been found
on Yukon river, in Alaska. The
men have three arms. An account
that appears in the Butte (M. T.) Lite-mountain
thus describes one of the
specimens who weighed 180 pounds,
was 35 years old and was five feet ten
inches' tall, and was dressed in a drab
colored business suit :
"But the most singular thing about
the man is the appearance of a third
arm, which, starting out from between
the lower points of the shoulder
blades, extends outward at least-three
feet from the body. The arm is of
extraordinary sise and strength, has
an easy working elbow and ends witii
a hand of unusa! proportions, provid
ed with a thumb and four fingers.
When not in use it is carried over the
right shoulder, the hand restin? over
the pit of the stomach,
"Jumping from the lower step to
the- ground with the ease and grace of
a well-trained athlete, the singular-
looking 8t ranger went to the baggage
Sam Jones' Sayings-
m . i - . i ,
car, irom wneiice mere was suoveti
out by the baggage master first a huge
trunk, weighing at least loU pounds,
then a
to the New York "World " and is so V
im. rv. rr,. , : , ... - nunc ro
ing the trunk by the back hand, the
go, and course with
Bet :jmarji.-im- mmk
tic Mixture.
And there we got dinner, and when
liad ate.
We rounded up circles aud made the fig
ure eight.
At Round Knob hotel a fountain displays
A scene of great beauty, with the suu's
shining rays.
With a loud crackling it loftily will rise,
Aud fall in great drops from its hight iu
the skies.
Dyspepsia and Indigestion
Prepared by Dr. W. W. GREGORY,
Charlotte, N, C
Charlotte, N. C, Nov. 29, 1884.
Dr. W. W. Gregorv : I hereby certify
thst I have recently used your Dyspeptic
Mixture with very great benefit to myself
sad cordially recommend it to others.
Member N. C. Legislature.
Here the telegraph wires will leave the
railway j -To
S wanna n oa tunnel now one mile away.
Eight miles with its circles, the the train
Will ascend,
And meet at the tuunel its electrical
. friend.
Quite slowly up the mountain wecreoked
did ste r,
like "Our Zeb," that we reproduce it:
Charlotte, N. C, 13 Oct., 1868
Editor of the "World; I see by the
public prints that Gen. KitpatiR'k
has decorated me with his disappro
bation before the people of Pennsyl
vania. He informs them, substantial
ly, that he tamed me by capturing
n if aud riding me two hundred miles
on a bare-back mule. I will do the
gf-ntleuiaii the justice to say (hat he
knew toat it was a lie when he titter- ,
ed-it. 1 surrendered to Gen Sciiofietd,
at Greeusb n, N. C, on the 3d of
May, 1865, who told me to go to my
heme ami remain there, saying if he
got any orders to arrest me he would
send there for me.
Accordingly, I was arrested on the
13(h ol May, at home, by a detach
ment ol 300 cavalry, under Maj.
Porter, of Harrisburg, of whom I re
ceived nothing but kindness aud cour
tesy. 1 came in a buggy to Salisbury,
where we took the cars. 1 saw no
mule on the trip, though I thought I
saw an ass at the general's headquar
ters. This impression has been since
The geueral, no doubt, remembers
among other incidents of the war the
dressim; up of a woman who assis
ted him iu putting down the rebel
lion in the uniform of an orderly
and introducing her into a respecta
ble family of ladies in a rertaiu vil
lage of .North .Carolina. 1 his and oth
er "feats of arms" and strategy so
creditable to the uniform he wore and
the flag under which he served would
no doubt, have been quite as amusing
as the m n la story to his hearers. 1
wotider if he forgot it.
Respectfully yours.
Z. B. Vance.
It is said that Kilpatrick was ef
fectually killed off as a Grant cam-
paign orator by tne publication oi
the above letter and never a her ward
Ifyou sow whiskey you reap drunk
ards. God will never quit drinking whisk
ey for a roan.
The devil enjoys the way many
preachers preach.
A pretty woman has ruined more
than one church.
This three mile an hour lick in re
ligion ain't no good.
"Uneasy lies the head that wears
crown'1 may came home to more than
one potentate in Europe. The Czar
is not the only man who totes an "an-
easy' bead. Just at this time A 1 hu
so is in trouble. He is litterally be
tween Scylla and Charybdis. If he
makes terms with Germay he renders
himself unpopular at home and fn-
! vitM a revolution that will nrolt.ihl v
A man who would swear before his I en" in ",8 overthow, and if he throws
! himself on the side of the war party
he arrays Germany, his friend, against
im and brings on a conflict of a ve
V serious character. It is believed
ii France that-a revolution will break
ut in Spain whatever King Alfonso
nay do. The fact that he is the friend
f Kaiser William will make him un
coeptable to the Spaniards, who are
I most as much given to revolutions
nd a change of rulers as Mexico.
WiL Star.
r --wi
t (.fpvtt1
children is a brute.
A man who gets drunk will stea'
if he is not afraid of the jail.
I have a contempt for a man win
has the lime to play cards.
You needn't turn up your nose at
God, for He knows you.
A good man is like a city set upon
a hill, you can't hide him.
Some of you men have sowed
enough seed to damn the world.
Ifyou don't like my style of preach
ing, you know the way out.
Christ and whiskey don't stay in
the same hide at the same time.
Grocery stores with barroom at
tachment are moral hell holes.
The cambler is invariablv the son
well 8111 valise, and lastly, a Uf a Christian family. Why is this?
ill of blankets and furs. Tak- Live so your children may put their
teet in
heard a mule "nyaw haw er haw er
haw!" with any pleasure whatever.
In fact, Judsou Kilpatrick was a very
ai ti. erownimr work of its great fresh "military man" Irom VV est foiut
nnin.r. urhoii the war beai). and his career
Ko mountain too high, no valley too low, wftg M rf as it was debauched.-Ex.
But engiue ana tram seen re i mj m
On the Mill Creek tunnel we make a half
Charlotte, N. (X
Tim ftr f a tumble the timid do feel
Dr.W. W. Gregory: I take great P,enre But on goes our engin quite slow with a
i adding my telimonr to the tahie of your j ll(1Hi.
Dynpeptic Remedy. I have used iVmth treat
relief, and cheerfully recommend it to any one
Dtferincr frnm dvfineDi. mdisreslson ana a
terpid condition of liver and bowel.
N. C. State Treasurer.
As if it did fear that something
Per sale by J H McAden and T C Smith &
ittz &
Co.Xharlotte. N. C and T. F. Klutta & Co-, Near the
Salisbury, N. C.
ies & Spring Wagons.
Bickford Huffman
warn and Guano Drills
Avery's Riding and Walking
Tlinuifl' niDDnnra .1
Telegraph Straw Cutters,
Avery n! Dixie PLOWS.
Dxtcr Corn Sliellcrs,
'Engines aud Boilers,
ffytos. Engine and Boiler Fittings Guns,
"Wots, Shells, Cartridges, Wads and Caps,
rowder and Shot, Dynimite Fuse and Pri
mereAxea, Shovels and Spades, Building
Hardware, Paints. Oils and Varnishes,
everything else usually kapt In First Class
re.and "nplemfcot Store. I have on hand
uiIh k 01 tne above, a offer them for the. next
R&lS5Pf tkan w ever
Bitter Fight between the Competing lines
in Tennessee Heavy Keauciton m
Bates All Southern Lines Becom
ing Involved.
Telegram to the Wilmington Star.
Chattanooga. Tenn., Sept. 9.
Tt.. i.ittprpst rate war that has ever
"".rr.r?"Snhet occurred between the Southern r.,1-
""' . ? . ha nor
ro:i s IS IIOW 111 iin'itieoo.
kLn iwn wppks airo bv the
Through six hundred yards of rock un- Wegtenl & Atlantic roal, which made
uer gi-ouim, . .. . a i r IhR n.r cent, in the eastern
Lim lUUIJOl I i V V va ww I
i s ri'i -
nut nf ( ; hflttanootra. mis cut
valise in the rural, ami the blankets
- T ; W
iu the left hand, this freak of nature
made his way to the nearest saloon
across the, street.
"Are three-armed men common in
your country?" inquired the listener.
uThey are not uncommon, sir re
plied Kainatiski. I know a great
many on the upper Yukon with three
arms, among them several females.
The extra hand comes in good play
with tii ! die; i.uiiXMllv i II OOIII l)i HIT
X ' - ' g " " J O
and r'ssiiig their back hair, and in
buttoning their dress-, s and other
things. A lady with three arms is
very much sought after by the Yukon
bea us, and they can generally have
their pick among the wealthiest dudes
of the laudi That extra arm and
hand are very handy about a house."
It all reads like a lie, but it may
be true.
The Caroline Island Affair.
Madrid, Sept. 11.
It is stated that the Spanish com
mander at Manilla telegraphs that
when it was found that the German
flair had heeu ! hoisted at Yap, the
Governor of the Carolines, benior
R:li rill ps visited the commander ut
the German gunboat and accused him
of breach of a international law. The
German commander replied that he
had simnlv obeyed orders; a hot ar
ffument ensued, ending in a scuffle,
when the German commander retired
to his ship. The Governor then board
ed the Spanish man of war, San
jQuentin, and requested the Captain
to fire into tne snip: tne uapisui re
used, the Governor of the Plullippi-
1. I I I. ! I A
nes naying oruereu nun t
conflict. Babn lies ordered the crew
to tire, whereupon the "Capiat ii drew
lis revolver, and threatened to snoot
the first mail who obeyed or repeated
the order, Babrilles again ordered tlie
men to fire when the Captain shot
Babrilles in the shoulder. Babrilles
was afterwards taken as prisoner to
Manilla, where his trial is proceeding.
The government lormally deny mat
there was an altercation on shore, but
ara silent in regard to what occurred
on the ship. They admit that UaU-
rilles ordered that the snip oe attacked.
Quite slowly up mud cut, we the steep did
And through the Ave tunnels our wj wo
AiA -ml ;
Then curving around our eagine-did blow
And dark as old
builder who lives in
But quickly again the sunlight we meet.
Aud darkness, you Know, mm? uunK..v
more sweet.
Near the center of tunnel a shaft will give
Behind aud before are shades of deep night
So damn and so com it iu
Lile walking in the "valley and shadow
of death."
What scenes of high graudeur now loom
in tint view A
vrti.r and southwest is the region
that's blue
Around and afar the peaks will ariae,
And point to their
the skies.
Here htm from the tunaels now fast gees
r,oagh!tSennr fertile fields of clover
nd raiu ;
r''C: "V; eitvTwe then heard
the gong.
Here kind-hearted people in happiness
.,,we,!.L..- ... f.-ipifthin their honest
Their cawu
a1 to the hotels the wayfaring comes.
To revive the friendship and freedom of
catcher Mountain we ha py did
your tracks and be honorable.
Most of yon don't care if your neigh
bor goes hungry so you have enough.
It so, rank me out one. 1 want to see
him powerful bad.
There's about forty men in this con
gregation who are going to hell on a
blooded horse.
How many men in this congrega
tion arc pay rug the rent for women
who are not their wive?
It you want to know what your
neighbors think of you disguise your
self and go among them.
luersoll does no harm. The real
nfidels are iu the churches. They
elieve but doti't practice.
The man who don't laugh needs a
liver medscine. The ruoper and growl
er never gets to heaven.
Show me the man who was a sol
dier in the late war who says he didn't
steal and I will show you a liar.
I never knew a first class billiard
player who was worth the powder and
lead it woul take to hill him.
The most beautiful sighs in this
world is to see a man leading his wife
aud children into the gates of heaven.
Preachers know a good deal more
about their flocks than they dare tell.
It might endanger their saleries.
'Whatsoever a man soweth he shall
reap,' is true both iu the Bible and
the almanac, whether God said it or
- ,
Your daughter may be beautiful
and lovely, but fiwt thing you know
the devil may pack off" a drunkeu
son-iu-law on you.
There are woiueu here who haveti't
struck a lick of work in years. They
do nothing but shop, shop, shop. Hell
is full oi such women.
Head The Cow This Way.
A simple-hearted and truly devout
-oantry preacher, who had tasted but lew
if the drinks of the world, took dinner
vith a hightoned family, where a ghtss
f milk punch was quietly set down by
ach plate. In silence aud happiness this
lew Vicar of Wakefield quaffed kis gob
let, and then added: ''Madame, yon
should daily thank God for such a good
Call on the undersigned at NO. 2. Granite
Row. D. A. ATWBLL.
Asreat for the "CardwellThresher,"
Salisbury, N. C, Jane 8th tf.
'AVIXG bought out the Grocery De
partment ot J, D. .MOeely, I intend
conducting a First Class
We advise persons having one and
two dollar bills not to pass them sb
that they will get out of circulation,
but keep them going among the peo
ple if they Can. It is said that the
sm all bills now command a premium
in New York, Newspaper men should
be particularly anxious to keep them
in circulation, for if they are permit
ted to fall back into the Treasury at
My stock will eonsist of SUGAR, CO
Butter, Chickens, Eggs,4rc. Also, Candies,
Fruits, Nuts, Crackers, &c. in fact, I in
tend keeping everything usually kept in
the Grocery aud Provision line; and by
close attention to business and selling low
for cash, I hope to merit at least a portion
of the trade. Come and see me at J. D.Mc
Neely's Store, J. M. 1 1 ADEN.
June 4, 1885. 2ms.
New & Fresh !
Will continue the business at the Old
Stand, having closed put all the old stock.
His preseut stock is Entirely New, and will
Washington there will-be but few. 3 he offered on reasonable terms for Cash.
any, remittances by letter for subscripr BaJjcr, or first-class Mortgages
tions to papers. Char. Democrat. 1 , 7 J
" i - (raws last vfiar mnv renew. iF niiners ara
satisfactory and appliance is made at once.
for a Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots
and Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Con
fectioneris, Crockery, Drugs, Bacon, Lard,
Corn, Flour, Feed and Provisions of all
kinds, with a full fine of
High G-rade Fertilizers,
as cheap as the cheapest. You will da
well to see him before pure Im sing else
where Salisbury, April 1st, 1885. 25:tf
Speech is certainly silver
telegraph office. Ten words
quarter. SomervtUe Journal.
It is hard to tell at what age a main
loses faith iu circus bills. Whitehall
The belles of Saratoga bave a sub
stitute for kissing;, and it consists in
rubbing cheeks. Daily Saratogian.
The story that the site of Chicago
was bought for a pair of boots is not
surprising when we consider the size of
the accepted boot in that locality. This
probably gave rise to the remark that
corporations have no soles.- Life.
"Did not the sight of the boundless
blue sea, bearing in its bosom the whitjp-
winged fleets of commerce, fill yu
with emotion?" "Yes," replied the
traveler, uf or a while it did, but after" a
while it didn't fill me with anything.
It sorter emptied me." Siftings.
If Senator Sherman would only stop
talking about the bloody shirt and tell
his audiencies in Ohio how he became
a millionaire upon a salary of 85.000 a
Carolina upon the booka owned by year he would have a much livelier top-
private individuals. This is to place and one that would not fail to wake
up the dullest of audiences to an inter-
.Yaukia Mineral Springs Acafiemy,
PALMER3VILLE,(Staalv Co.) N. C.
C. H. MARTIN, Princifal, :
Graduate of Wake Forest College, and also at
toe Lnlversny or Virginia.. .
tuition, is to $15 per session of r months.
The only echool In this section that teaches
the University of Va. methods. Vigorous ex
pensive, thorough. The cheapest school in the
iu. s. where tuese worm-rcnowea inetuoas are
I .taught. Good Board only fs per monlf.
ST lyj AO'iress, i; u. n aktin, ran.
True, Every Word.
It is not creditable to the
gence of legislators that from
year to
year a tax should be levied in North
' Trinity Colleere has onened its fall
..... 1 1. a vi volru
made on account ui t
fviKiuiir between mat mre
East Tennessee, Virginia oz ueorgia
roatls. The cut was not met, and
therefore the Western & Atlantic of
ficials announced that their low rates
would be permanent. At once tne
East Tennessee made a cut of 60 per
m pastern business out of At-
, . r il
lanta. and the .Richmond & Lttnviue
was brouzbt into the fight. It is now
ail that the officials ot the u estem
& Atlantic Railroad will pen a tick
et office in Knoxville ami uegin an
imlivriminate cut -to all owiiern
,oints. The Louisville & Nashvtlle
is beiug drawn into the fight, and
threatene to make the rate from Chat
tanooga to Memphis $2 instead of $8,
as now. In the blow against the
East Tenuessee system all Southern
lines are becoming involved.
fW IX H. HiU will deliver the an
nual address before the Virginia Divis-
inn of the Confederate Association ox
of Northern Virginia, at
Richmond on the 22d of next montn.
Eew Insects Fignrs.
Professor Riley states that "insects
probably but number in specses all
other animals comuineu, anu mai
some three hundred aud htty thou
sand siecies have already been de
scribed, and full as many more re
main to be characterized. it lias
often beeii nsserted by naturalists
that the proportion of sjwei-s of in
sects to plants is about five to one,
sndL as c(insiilerabl more than one
hundred thousand plants have been
described, it is quite probable that
Prdiessor Riley' estimate is not lar
utlf the way. It must not, hw
evei be sUpp'wetl that the insect
enemies of plants are equally distrib
uted, and that each has just five aud
no more, for Professor Litner, State
entouiologwt of New York, records
no less than one hundred and seven
ty-six different species of injects af
fect iog thei apple. Cultivated plants
useful to man appear to nave more
...w.i Momies thau those of little or
I l(7VV -
no economic value.
. . y i
an enibar&ro on knowledtre. V hen a
State is so hard up that it taxes old
clothes and the few books in the pri
vate families it is indeed exceedingly
hard up. If the proper laxables were
made to bear what they ought to bear
there would be plenty of money in
the State Treasury. Let the listing
of taxes become what it ought to be a
matter of honor, and let taxes be
equalised and there will be no short
terms in the common schools anu no
taxing of scant wardrobes and small
collections of books. It is a reproach
mid a shinne that this condition of
thiugs exists. A tax un books is a
wrong. It is a positive bid lor ig-
u trance. Wilmington Star.
est of the most thrilling character.-
rin Bean
ua Twrw both boondlets and i WiS gabiect will be "The Confederate
nicATHbp Mb. Geo. B. Guion.
Last night, at Salisbury, Mr. George
B. Guion: of New Berne, died on
u- .Uninff rar. on his wav Home
from Asheville. He was a victim of
.....mntion. The disease attacked
him about a year ago, and lie tried
it. mniinlaio .lunate as a cure, ois
l II V lunuutfi" "
hndv was taken to New Berne today
nn.l wu met here by relatives. Mr
Guion ' age was about 27. News &
caused by worms. The change from child
to manhood is not sufficient to nd the
system of this awful plague. Shriuer's
Indian Vermifuw will expel thein aud
restore health aud a bright complexion.
RftODn.8 BROWNE, I Wlfi C. COABT, 1
Frest. SeoKUiT
Twenty-sixth Annual Statement.
JiM'AKT I, 1885. ' '
Salisbury Woolen Hills
Cash Capital ,
Unadjusted Losses
Reserve for He-Insurance and all other j
Net Surplu--,
is nov in operation, and facilities for man
ufacturing Woolen Goods such as have. nev
er before been offered to our popfe. are
within the reach of the entire Wool grow
ing community.
We manufacture JEANS, CASSIMERS,
Soliciting a liberal patronage of our peo
ple, we are respectfully,
Salisbury woolek mills.
"Office at old Express Office.
Mav 28th. 1885. 32tf
Corner of Kerr Lee Streets,
with a fall line of DRY GOODS and
GROCERIES. Also keeps a First Class
BOARDING HOUSE. Call and see him.
28:ply. f
A High Grade Home School
William D. Howells has been engag- FOR Ulil L.
oA tn write exclusivelv for Harper's Best Climate, Surroundings, and Ad van
w I . - a ii. T i r i-a. c. l tt
Magazine hereafter, the consideration fgher Engrish, Music, Art, tnd Elocution
being $10,000 a year, it is said, and his Specialties. Two Teachers from the Royal
whidi is soon io hwrin in the Leipzig Conservatory. Complete new out-
ZTV nxTT T V" 7 . fit for physical training
t ' i . ! 1 ILamIam. I . r-. Kits Iflflt AAr- 1 - www 9 WW A
century, wui wciciuic uc uu- i wu-
trib ntion to that publication.
The Nation's Bird.
On Monday, before uoon, a large ea-
irl hovered hifirli in the air over the
town for several hours and attracteu
some attention, tie was aiienaeu in
his aerial reconnaissance by a buzzard
ami the eagle s bright plumage was
in sharp cootrast with the black ha-
. ... ...
bilinieuls ol his companion. .ueaoir
Sad Picture.
Near Rome, Ga., Capt. Can! kin,
Haw two of his children drowndeu in
the Coosa river and could not rescu?
them. He and tour of his children
were in a batteau. The eldest girl
fell into the river carrying with her
a little sister. The other two so clung
to the father as to render him power
less to rescue the others. Wil. Star,
Cash In National Bank S 7.904 o
Cash In hands of Agents 11.M 29
.300,000 M
. 255,3 II
f74L,3B U
United States Relred Bonds.
State and Municipal Bonds
National Bank stocks . . . .
Cotton Manufacturing stocks
other Local Stocks
Real Estate (unincumbered city property) ?JST H
Loans, secured by Brat mortgages........ S0,4il ti
-f U.SM n
. 17,SO0 00
. 11,097 '. C
. 158,460 t
. 114,735 00
$74 1,380 32
Salisbury, N. C, March 2, 1885. Cm
that will not hreak by heat, tor sals at
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